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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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yesterday when the official high was only forty five today will be back up lower to mid fifties now there is a little something going on out to the west is seeing this right here we had snow showing up on the radar across west virginia ohio kentucky indiana parts of illinois. it's all rolling to the user's action area of low pressure that spinning back up around the great lakes region this is a quick moving clipper system is going to drag the front will push to our area and coolest when the front comes through here should be warm enough that if we see thing just a couple of sprinkles i think although a slight chance for flurries from the northern neck later this evening. not looking for anything significant visibility is good you can see the winds right now south if i will look for the winds to increase and the temperatures again warming ahead of that system but behind the system is going to turn a lot cooler right now somebody in when there is very chilly along i ninety five when mid twenties so it is colder out
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going pretty good around town center in virginia beach temperatures warming up into the upper forties during the early afternoon and then low fifties for a daytime high is sprinkle possible this evening temperatures falling off after that that's going to check on the road there's some road work out their nasty going to give us enough to bolster the good news craig so between four thirty and five our overnight project started to clear up we still had one that was lingering out there in norfolk and sixty four. what can you live look at that scene now not much working at this point everything has wrapped up his sixty four eastbound here in these lanes are your new ford few street that's with the construction was but again all the lanes are now open in traffic is moving well and if you're headed westbound with ehr bt no delays reported there either to battle the traffic network maps reminder of the abridged list for later today the berkeley bridge opening at nine o'clock this morning the high rise bridge in chesapeake opening at eleven o'clock tonight. not this morning but tonight it just make note of that you'll
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tonight across the high rise bridge and coming up in just a few minutes we'll have the five sixty four will see traffic started to pick up headed to naval station norfolk. and now the breaking news and we've just got an update on that explosion is temple the governor's office they're now saying at least ten are dead and fifteen others injured in that blast though the news agency says the explosion happened in the city's historic tenement district right there in the square this is an area that is popular with western tourists in right now because of the explosion still unknown we're gonna continue to follow the story will update you as soon as we learn more things after timeouts by both related to the potentially poisonous problem means hilton elementary in newport news will be closed to students and staff today until crews were stripping paint when they discovered lead based paint inside the school clean up again last night and is expected to continue through today. officials say the school will remain closed until the air quality is tested. they hope to reopen
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working to find out whether the college of the album on campus in cartel will open later today at cass leak forced the school to cancel evening classes yesterday the school's facebook page says the leak is under control we'll let you know when we get word on their plans today thirteen years now investigation parents mean to say as a teacher now facing sex crime charges could have tutored children while under investigation in north carolina grand jury indicted ryan garrett last week. turns out even after the school system found out about these allegations. it's still listed gary as an approved tutor dare county schools put out a tune or directory. each year it was teachers available to tutor children outside of school hours. an online tutor directory lists in garrett's until we call the superintendent's if people didn't know about it and somebody is here and decided oh my kid needs some
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they could be detrimental for a trial for another girl adair county superintendent says that she did not know that garrett was on line in that directory until we told her that directory has been taken down in garrett's teaching license revoked and to see much more of our investigation on this go to thirteen years now dot com there you will also find large dealers report and find garrett a license relocation documents as well well new this morning brian lowe is free comes a year and a half after authorities say he tried to abduct a baby at gunpoint in virginia beach this is the scene there according to partners of the virginian pilot integrated low unconditional release yesterday after he spent a year in a state mental hospital and another six months as an outpatient in march of last year court found low not guilty of the abduction by reason of insanity well served twenty four years active duty in the army and this morning congress is launching an investigation into a private facility in virginia they
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fighters and weapons and explosives the old era group is based just two hours but when half hours from norfolk in mont ross. it seems to be wide open. we first told you about the facility in december the miami abc affiliate simply walked into that facility. no locks nothing. residents say that trainees have been seen just walking off deserving the program. it's part of the state department's anti terrorism assistance program the owner bill guerin says it's safe because explosives are locked up in very fake atf certified states that members of congress say it's just that does not seem to be enough. well it's five o six this morning. that's right they're calling it an extra set of ice to keep officers safe. it's almost like something out of the movie minority report remember that movie. police are now analyzing the threat you pose to them before coming to your door. also a very somber
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. downtown norfolk looking really good right now visibility is excellent as we take a look at the temperatures were going to focus on that for a moment here and we just want to talk about the commuting forecasts given the green light for both the ride in the ride home. the difference is though partly cloudy this morning temperatures in the twenties and thirties. it will be mild this afternoon with temperatures up in the lower to mid fifties but it's going to be increasingly windy with party cloudy skies a chance for a few evening showers but i think that will largely be after the evening commute around seven seven thirty so we may see a few showers especially to the north and west as you can see this morning talk about the north of the northern neck over the eastern shore very chilly many areas in the twenties this morning we had temperatures in the lower thirties around seafood co said langley and thirty five thirty seven right now around men chillin rush me or come south side and you have temperatures in the low to mid thirties for virginia
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twenty nine our great region temperatures pretty cool across parts of suffolk especially down run the dismal swamp and in northeast north carolina temperatures twenties and thirties near the coast and forty two right now reported from the dock the radar is clear for now i do think we could see a sprinkler to this evening. aside from that things will clear and the big news the drop in temperatures for tomorrow we'll go from fifty three today to thirty seven for a high tomorrow potential rebound thursday into friday. let's take another look at naval station norfolk in the ride there well craig you know its deployment day and i think traffic is already heavy around naval station norfolk on five sixty four. for those headed to the base trying to get there early to see folks are going to be on the uss barry headed out to japan today so we can see your traffic at five eleven already jammed out five sixty four west this past the runway tunnel but notice that traffic headed really title also starting to build will be keeping an eye on traffic on five sixty four i'll keep you posted if
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early this morning as well and battled the traffic network mask the rest of the area seems to be doing well which a few other spots coming up in just a few minutes basting q will the college football season is over yet but it ended with
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. by for tea time there's a new way police could be monitoring you collecting information about you to calculate how much you are a threat to them according to the washington post police departments around the country developing software that analyzes view it looks at your rest reports property records and even social media postings the goal is to know how dangerous someone is before officers get to a scene but critics argue all that monitoring could be infringing on privacy rights here this morning modern day slaves authorities say that they could be in the restaurant and in the bars that you go to the nail salon even in your own neighborhood investigators of immigration and customs enforcement or ice as they're called see that the rescued four hundred human trafficking victims last year in one of those cases a military official from carter and his wife argues that taking passports
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did not work for free he would arrest them. after being rescued some of the victims ended up at catholic charities and most people require council today will mark one year since smoke filled the dc metro train killed in alexandria woman and injured eighty other people maker's new ceo paul whitfield released a statement yesterday about the ways he's redirecting metro's safety changes include more inspections repairs the ventilation systems and better communication between metro and the city's fire department. roll tide the university of alabama celebrating the sweet sixteen this morning. it's the sixteenth time according to the university that the crimson tide has won a national football title last night bama knocked off clemson in a hard fought championship game in arizona heisman trophy winner derek henry scored three touchdowns including the winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter clemson was seeking
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eighty one that i won forty five to forty man says he was a great game a miss because the sleep he missed a game good morning america will break it down for it. play by play. that's right after daybreak it's seven o'clock i will tell you guys. i love the shifter cam a morning guy and i'm so happy you know i get my afternoons and early evenings. andrea over the years i've missed you have read all my guys in primetime anything. my son came a one on him instead of watching as my guiding this is what i was icing the game was like the mr go was the sec's last may and the first people to feel cool yes they are the morning yeah inheritance is looking to keep telling myself no and no traffic in the mortuary outlet that will come back to losing four in the cold. boy oh boy away and we get to find that extra early that ye it is cold out there this morning or anytime even colder temps tomorrow. let's talk spot on forecasts
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forecasts calling for ayah forty four actual was forty five so the streak extends the eight days where honor roll tide roll tide have a role for cash rolls on like that i spun on forecasts for today fifty three. love that morgan believe that their fifty three the high today some spots like virginia beach park in chesapeake may hit fifty five maybe fifty six but i think in general low to mid fifties a really good forecast radar sweeping clear but we do some clouds out there and we are going to see i think partly cloudy skies this morning then mostly sunny later this morning into the early afternoon with increasing clouds late. now let me show you what's going on here to draw this on very quickly and now we have an area of low pressure that is right appear around the great lakes is a little clipper system the same race down from canada and is flying off to the east there's a frontal boundary that extends out from this and this cold front is going to drag through our area later this evening so
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this year here very cold and this is what will come and for tomorrow so today we'll see temperatures warming a little bit with the south and southwest wind and head of that system temperatures will climb as we go through nine in ten o'clock you jump up into the forties by levin you're looking at forty six for norfolk skies here mostly sunny and as we get into your afternoon temperatures climb up in the lower to mid fifties so that they had one forty five you look at fifty three virginia beach the steps a little bit above normal as i mentioned norfolk should reach about fifty three degrees officially now we turn our attention out to the west and on the future cassie see a few sprinkles approaching richmond and our area west point northern neck parts the little peninsula a few stray showers possible during the early evening should be warm enough that we are looking at rain showers or light sprinkles here but the air aloft is really cold
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to the north but again the sprinkles moving through this evening and then clearing overnight. we will see temperatures alot chilli or tomorrow. right now when he's ill and thirties near the coast and as we take a look at the twenty four hour temperature change we are down so does a cooler start to the day at the airport windsor south five it will become breezy or later today is southwest and west winds pick up gusting twenty five to thirty five mph breezy again tomorrow and a warm up for thursday low to mid fifties and weaken the chances for rain friday night and early sat. here's asher through the hr bt there are a great day is going to take a look now in traffic and into norfolk making its way to the bridge and the town will give you that live look now she can see for yourself a lot prettier than the shot i sewed a few minutes ago trapped around naval station norfolk the sixty four westbound at settlers landing road a mile away from the hr bt and hear the cars making their way toward mallory street. maybe eventually out to the hr bt
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right now and have been no major delays to report but as we head back the traffic network maps again the big issue this morning is going to be getting to the base a lot of folks headed there early for the departure of the uss barry and so we do have very heavy traffic even before we hit five thirty this morning so at this point we're almost back to sixty four not just yet but we're creeping back there on five sixty four west traffic dropping down from fifty five and sixty four down to fourteen miles an hour it can be very slow go to the base this morning i expect him to boulevard to be jammed as well so if you need to report out just to work in general i want to leave home substantially early enough to get there on time because a lot of folks getting their picture they have their spot off the departure of the berries that will continue to fall that now peoples of the base traffic around and thinking last night i started to get anything new like gadgets for the new year be careful throwing away your old
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. have a big warning for you this morning the fbi is
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growing scam called virtual kidnapping. here's how this works criminals call using an un traceable number they claim that they've abducted a loved one and then demand a ransom the perpetrators are using social media to research their potential victims. if you ever receive a phone call like this good morning america is going to have a lot more information on how to tell if you are getting scammed. that is at seven o'clock this morning new this morning at five twenty for those new electronics he got over graveyard of what was once the latest and greatest but the disposing of those old most people just throw those old electronics into their household recycling bin and then forget all about that old personal data stored on those devices even your printer stores information about you. they all contain important to get wiped and not get in the hands of the wrong folks for underneath of the best way to
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that way your dad is white and those electronics are recycled properly. i'll also keep them from taking up space in a landfill the city of norfolk even has a free e cycling service for your small stuffed with lots of information about that also this morning thirteen is now wants to help you get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen will be giving away a special prize every day this week today re teaming up with the opus group to tor for two hours of free financial planning to increase the dollar value tune in at six o'clock during that hour to watch the entire hour of daybreak to learn to be special keyword ago to thirteen is now the comment click on the features tab to enter to win. that's one of those ones each with a fake name and so we can answer yes i want to get everything together finally. i then talked about this yesterday such a great precedents are all looking at temperatures in the fifties but you're going to want to hear cracks forecasts raise in pay about a big drop is coming our way yes plus we're just a day away from the powerball
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than a billion dollars in telling about for days now but there are few things you still won't be able to buy with all that cash into the one and a guided missile destroyer set to leave norfolk today for a very
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i ate one today we live in naval station norfolk for local sailors on the uss barry are saying goodbye to their loved ones. plus president obama is preparing for save the union address tonight as the white house promises a very different kind of speech is tuesday morning this is thirteen years died a break and was suppose to muslim under a senior it's five thirty on the dot right now good morning to thank you so much for joining us to let you know they gotta grab the jacket before you head out the door. it is so chilly outside me on his colors tracking a bitter cold start to the day of mourning craggy morning when there is in the mid forties to upper twenties for a few spots we have thirties near the coast but it's obviously a pretty cool start today i want you know it's gonna warm up a little bit don't they use to that as we have another blast
5:25 am
for tomorrow right now. skies are partly cloudy we do have a little bit of cloud cover out there at the airport thirty four degrees. windsor south at five areas far inland are mainly clear in as we go through the morning we are going to see some more sunshine but the clouds kind of hanging near the coast down to the south. this is where we're seeing temperatures in the mid thirties think about those clouds kind of way across syria out like a blanket and insulating the earth a little bit where we had the clearing up the last emporia petersburg richmond knew for days even its cooler with upper twenty s to near thirty degrees right now virginia beach to give some cloud cover and as we take it to the day you can see part because the skies becoming partly to mostly sunny by midday early afternoon temperatures up right around forty seven forty eight degrees afternoon highs near fifty three falling off during the evening and a sprinkle or two possible temperatures will fall overnight and much colder air
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ashley is snow excited about the big drop in times of polio as a bat with the new thing out called sarcasm when they corrected fact that i'm looking forward to the pickup in a little bit of activity in terms of temperatures hopefully things arise sooner you can see i can really talk this morning and have a nose and throat head ache all over the place so bear with me this morning as we get through traffic conditions right now want to start with a positive look at traffic where things are moving very well run the midtown tunnel eastbound toward god toward norfolk i should say and westbound into portsmouth looks just not the same at this point in the morning no big issues in terms of traffic volumes were fine but as we head to our second camera certainly going to be the slowdown of the morning traffic headed to naval station norfolk and this is on sixty four west in the insides of the blame at chesapeake boulevard two miles away from the entrance to five sixty four and all of five sixty four west is jm says he mentioned today's deployment days ago lot of
5:27 am
the base will continue to watch that and i'll give you an update coming up here just a few minutes and breaking news we're just getting in new information on that explosion in istanbul that killed at least ten injured fifteen others report on the scene with your own use as german tourists are among those dead. take a look at a picture we just got in from the scene you can see police trying to secure the area around the city's historic soul tenement district that is where the explosion happened on this area is popular to western tourists the cause of the explosion though still unknown at this point all the one tv report is claiming it was a suicide bomber were to continue to follow the story will update you as soon as we learn more the magazine to tell us five thirty three and later today the guided missile destroyer the uss barry is set to deploy from naval station norfolk. yes sellers will almost certainly be holding her family's tight before heading out to japan there is tension in that region following north korea's latest nuclear test. i lisa brown is live at naval station norfolk with much more on the upcoming deployment elise lucy andre
5:28 am
two hundred and thirty sailors will no longer be stationed here that because this morning when the ship leaves it will join a forward deployed naval forces in japan it's a partnership swap the berry is replacing the guided missile destroyer uss lassen which has been based in japan for nearly ten years. alas will not come to norfolk but will be in style home ported in a may port florida. it is a part of the navy's pivot to the pacific the navy stresses that this is not in reaction to any recent north korean hydrogen bomb test i did they say just happens to be a coincidence but military experts say that these types of events underscore why the u s teens more presence in this part of the world not just because north korea but also because of china's increasing military advances in the region i will be at the deployment this morning and will have more at thirty
5:29 am
norfolk at least brown thirteen years now. thankyou least i'm now five thirty four later today the white house says this year's state of the union address is going to be unlike any other the public has seen before try to parry president obama is not expected to present a wish list of policies to congress is that the white house released a preview video of the president's speech yesterday in its mr obama says that the address will focus on the achievements of his presidency and will lay out a sweeping vision for the future. south carolina governor nikki haley will give the republican response you can look for much more ahead on good morning america later today you're invited to weigh in on construction project that's designed to make it easier to get to the port five sixty for intermodal connector will link the existing interstate to norfolk international terminals the new roads will go through naval station norfolk. its goal is to cut down on traffic near the port bead are scheduled to hold a public meeting at salt point
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o'clock tonight this morning your household budget may kneel over revamping soon last month the federal reserve announced it would gradually raise interest rates during twenty sixteen a senior analyst at bankrate dot com says that you can see the higher rate reflected especially on consumers with adjustable mortgage loans scheduled to reset this year carlos l r gonna get hit that may help keep the sales continue at the record pace that the hits in twenty fifteen new developments in the so called affluent the case of a mother of the team at the center of the case now one step closer to leaving jail ahead the conducive to what most likely agree to before getting a farce a deadly
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5:34 am
south carolina also in new bern. if you have to waltz time staying near fifty and forty six f and d c note the snow showers around lexington kentucky and charleston west virginia will see a chance for a few sprinkles around here during the evening off to the north very isolated coming through early evening and then clearing overnight with another blast of cold air moving and temperatures today will top out in the low to mid fifties i think part of chesapeake virginia beach may reach fifty four maybe fifty five degrees or so downtown norfolk about the same at the airport to stay close to fifty three also fifty three for hampton newport news up to matthew's little cooler and alf and for northeast north carolina. temperatures there also in the low to mid fifties widespread as you can see tomorrow much colder thirty seven the hive but don't worry we'll be back up close to normal on thursday i didn't tax enough the mc and some slow moving traffic of your shoulder ashley was at all of this traffic rank
5:35 am
headed down to naval station norfolk trying to get there early with deployment day in mind but in the midst of all of that heavy traffic we now have an accident report. you can see here in the hov lane sixty four westbound just pass chesapeake boulevard it's more up to the left shoulder than anything else but it is partially blocking the left lane and right now traffic is backed up to before the point of view even get into chesapeake boulevard and it's going to be a flow go all the way into the bay so expect major delays if you have to report to work this morning. give yourself and well more than enough time because you'll be sitting in a big mass quick look at our photographer would do a low shot that you actually headed away from the back up because you can see the heavy traffic there on the westbound side of the sixty four eastbound was so he's right around or view avenue because the looks of the delays are starting to pan out but i'm telling you a little bit later this morning traffic will be backing up and very quickly stick with this latest in a base traffic coming up we'll check in with
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new this morning a house
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four people in ohio. it happened around eight thirty last night in northfield that's about thirty minutes away from cleveland fire officials say the bodies of a man a woman and their two young girls were all found inside the house. authorities have not released who they are just yet. emergency responders arrived on the scene and say that they saw huge flames shooting from the roof of the house neighbor say that they heard the explosion and that even shook their homes nearby the sea boy are they close that big award entire house thirty three i was like wow so far it's unclear what caused the explosion authorities say the investigation though is still ongoing and that's why forty five a new this morning the latest on the group occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon. the group's leader and a smaller say they're going through government documents stored inside a building on that land in buddy told reporters the documents will be used to
5:40 am
ranchers. bundy also said it will help secure the prison release of steven and the white hammond hammond case triggered the occupation two weeks ago of the men say they are not part of the protests new information in the case of the so called affluent a teenager in texas a judge has reduced bond for even couches mom tanya from a million dollars to only seventy five thousand but there are several conditions that she has to meet apparently she has lived with her other son check in weekly with the police just to get tested for drugs not drink and cannot own a gun tanya is accused of helping her son ethan is k probation after he pleaded guilty in a deadly drunk driving accident now authorities caught the mother and son in mexico you can look for much more on this ongoing story on good morning america. well new this morning powerball pandemonium is taking over ahead of tomorrow's drawing the largest jackpot is its largest ever in the history of the game its one point four billion dollars to put the money in perspective
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seize right there. yeah looking forward to seeing in the lot say what i don't know for liam ford tudor napoli gets more changes coming up to the weather some of the good some of the babies are nine fireplace. we will see cooler conditions returning. that's tomorrow today a little warm ups are not too bad. yesterday's high was forty five degrees that was a little bit on the chilly side of normal we typically average forty eight and we were dry at the airport yesterday. so for the year were a little bit more than an inch below normal here we are just what two weeks into january and were already about an inch or so below normal so we can actually use a little bit of free said there's a chance we could see a couple of sprinkles during the evening you look here at this twelve hour forecast we're not seeing many clouds showing up with the symbols but we did some cloud cover up this morning it's very bleak cloudy i do expected to become mostly sunny for the middle part of the day and then by late afternoon and into the evening will
5:44 am
to come back and initially out to the west norfolk may remain mainly clear three six but here is up from the middle peninsula northern neck an apt words and ninety five there will see clouds and eventually a little later during the evening a chance for a couple of passing sprinkles will show you that right now the radar is clear there is no precipitation worry about in this cause they mention very oblique lighting we give some cloud cover here but there are some areas where there's clearing especially out to the last the temperatures really chilly out shea that moment very low pressures tracking through the great lakes this is a clipper system in alberta clippers its wings out of canada will race along to the east. it's good to drive with a front through our area this evening and that's going to drop the temperatures significantly for tomorrow today we're starting off low thirties near the coast twenties in london as we take you through the day you'll see the temperatures warming up as imagine a little more sunshine around the little part of the day but by late afternoon evening will be watching a little more cloud
5:45 am
today around fifty three in norfolk and then as we head into the evening hours to see the chance for a few sprinkles around richmond and eventually a few showers around here as well say seven thirty eight o'clock and then as we go to the overnight that will slide off to the east knows a little bit of its priests it may be a flurry or two around the middle peninsula is a possibility. our temperatures over the coming days you're going to see them dropping significantly tomorrow behind that the persistent highs tomorrow mid to upper thirties upper forties by thursday and back in the fifties for the weekend another chance for rain friday night into early saturday morning have an update on that accident out there we have ash book read we now know that the accident i'm watching and this is impacting your ride to naval station norfolk. it's on sixty four west just passed sb boulevard. we know it's a multi vehicle crash now and one lane is fully blocked roads give you a live look you can see for yourself the last time we saw this accident scene. it looks like
5:46 am
blocked the partial blockage to the left lane but now you can see crews have blocked off that left lane entirely in the hov lanes and traffic is inching along getting past the accident scene. notice the jam in the outside to blame as well. we are back up to military highway which is four miles away from the hi fi sixty four sixty four interchange and a quick live look at our second camera once again on five sixty four it is not much better a whole lot of stopping going to get to the base of his deployment day a lot of traffic at naval station norfolk. i'll be back at six o'clock with the very latest for you right to the base are in ash thank you some new information in health news u s health officials have released new recommendations for breast cancer screenings now the u s preventive services task force finds mammograms offered the greatest benefit for women age fifty with screenings every other year women can get mammograms in their forties if they have a family history or risk factors if not the task force says that waiting for
5:47 am
lower the risk for false positives. new this morning you can always judge a supplement bites label or bikes price in the study tested dozens of multi vitamin multi mineral supplement and found problems with thirty two percent of those tested. researchers say some supplements provide far more are far less ingredients than clean for more on this exclusive new study ahead of good morning america jimmy sitting down with the experts to discuss the findings that's at seven o'clock right after daybreak and now to new research on sugar and fat will do more research for you researchers followed a small group of middle aged adults for six full years and those people who consumed at least one sugary drink a day showed the biggest increase in fat around their abdomen now back kind of fats can increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes the study looked at caffeinated tea caffeinated soda carbonated and non
5:48 am
sugar including fruit chips can scratch off my list in unnatural additives that help not yet ready to rise by fifty three still to come on daybreak remembering the life and legacy of the famous and one and only david bowie ahead see how friends and fans are paying tribute to (vo) your love is purely thoughtful, purely natural, purely fancy feast. new delicious entr\es, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes
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what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. and everything had fewer calories. truvia.
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this morning fans worldwide are still reeling from the unexpected death of david bowie. yet the multimedia superstar has been waging a secret battle against cancer he had just turned sixty nine had just released what he knew would be his last album celebrities are taking the social media to share their thoughts and grieving admirers have left memorials at beaulieu at locations around the world is amazing he wasn't afraid to day things people didn't live the present boundaries is an inspiration to all of us stick around for good morning america for more on how fans are reacting to this sudden tragedy at a live report seven o'clock after daybreak singer natalie cole was laid to rest yesterday in los angeles. cole died on new year's eve from congestive heart failure. she was sixty five the daughter of the legendary performer nat king cole enjoyed years of health issues stemming from a two thousand and nine kidney transplant. cole was buried
5:51 am
sister and her brother r and d star shaka khan saying if you are turning to another bizarre story not feel like snakes. this one will probably make a single yes well it's reading a line if even organs that are risky and unusual step to steal a python surveillance cameras in the pet store or when caught the man taking the statewide are right there on the cage. i think it does pants news stories this week is about two feet. yeah watch all the trees all right there can you believe it will the services the snake is about to be long and was being sold for two hundred dollars who cares and all this and next fall out when the figure was lucky with the pythons typical feeding day deserves to be it's typical that does listen to this and the snakes are up against the glass looking for
5:52 am
by saturday so he know he made in the nick of time as the other day. oh i get the phrase every gig. greg usually stock has been busy like this in that swing years she's been in the biz is the news log every scene that police will track down the burger i see people stuff like puppies down the pipe up preserve the win in every state in hand with the risk that there are so many inappropriate jokes we can run with the guy who you are the ones like the one that really how stories are trending now with more news weather traffic right now since they are back on the street a man accused of trying to steal a baby at gunpoint is a free man this morning why brian lowe was
5:53 am
terror right here in virginia the latest on investigation into people training foreigners with explosives the sister tonight a break at the top of his half hour ashley is watching the roads for any trouble spots in the naval base there is already packed and greg is here he's talking about the chilly start to the day but it's not going to stay the week with no temperatures will be warming up today and still laugh the way and stick in the python down his pants walking out who does that all i know we are going to focus on the weather right now you want to stay warm. certainly whether you're cold blooded like a snake or not we are going to find temperatures today warming up a little bit but another blast is set to move and the reason for that there's a front that is going to push in the area off to the north we have a clipper system moving through the snow on the great lakes region pushing through ohio indiana down to kentucky and west virginia ski resorts are loving this opportunity for more snow they've been
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