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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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starts right now. classes to be canceled for a second straight day at hilton elementary school in newport news crew stripping paint at the school un cover de hacer they found lead based paint cleanup started last night they picked up again today and we learned this afternoon the work will continue tomorrow. some escape is live from hilton elementary and velma parents want to know when my students return goodness it's looking like it could be thursday before things get back to normal because school is going to be close for a second day no school again tomorrow as one official says they need more time to do more cleaning there was activity today at hilton elementary but it didn't include students who spent last night and a good part of the day cleaning and taking air samples in the building yesterday while scraping paint off of door frames in a hallway the plant services staff discovered lead based paint i think it's middle school
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so i think it's pretty common and decide that they found it for the safety of students and staff hilton elementary was closed today and will be closed again tomorrow for cleanup of anaheim and caring way nick took off from work today to stay home with her second grader in exchange for this unexpected day off she'll be working saturday and it should be excited to have a nap and then i was just wondering how many of the day off to watch earned while they played and did housework at their home in hilton village certified industrial hygienist were at the school supervising the cleanup in taking air samples the whole school was given a wipe down including the books and whether they're doing and i guess at another continent day she was right they couldn't get it done in a day coming up on thirty news now why school officials say they need this extra day of cleaning live in newport news fell escape thirteen years now. another economic
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confirmed as many as five hundred and thirty more layoffs could happen in march this is just the latest round of layoffs at the company last month being laid off four hundred and sixty workers and in november a hundred eighty five workers receive pink slips ba blames the cuts on a shrinking work load from the navy we went to bau for more about the layoffs and will have reaction to the news of thirteen news now at five police are investigating a shooting inside a super eight motel in suffolk swat responded to the motel on main street just before ten this morning. officers originally came to the motel to investigate a robbery when they got to the super eight they heard a gunshot from inside a room according to police the male robbery suspect came out of the room with a gunshot wound witnesses say they are not surprise because they have seen a lot of police activity
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lot of things going on around this area to make enough money the hotel usually a lot of junk dealers may be is in the area. i had to be those on the hotel so it's not really surprising at this hotel but you know just in suffolk areas lot going on medics took the suspect to the hospital were told yes serious injuries police are not saying how the man that shot or if anyone is in custody. turning our attention now to the weather we reached the mid fifties today but a cold front is moving in and bringing some changes night you're tracking some showers and a very very slight chance of some flurries perfect that set sum it up for me right here. yeah i did the odds of a snowflake or two tonight are very very low but it's not out of the question. meanwhile you can see as we look off to the easter story. e se there doesn't appear to be in any clouding this at all out there but turning to the west there certainly is you can see la see a line of showers some of this not reaching
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few areas that least some of the darker colors that is limp and over show you exactly what's going on and you'll notice here are some of the snow flurries on the backside of that on the front side we have warmer air and hence just some of these isolated sprinkles or rain showers. obviously that's going to continue to move over as we will certainly in the next few hours be tracking here locally some action on radar a few spots will see a couple sprinkles or brief rain showers three four hours after that a slight slight chance of a flurry but not enough to worry about so the big news to be the falling temperatures we've gone from the fifties next hour down in the forties and continuing rapidly down in the thirties by later this evening some twenties by morning. remember these are actual air temp does not wind chill effect will be even colder than that much colder when you factor in the wind then tomorrow only thirties for a high so don't worry about any chance of any kind of snow worry about the cold
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and tomorrow and then a warm up in store after that i'll have more on that coming up i think you are learning more about the death of a boy whose remains police found inside his mother's trunk the medical examiner's office reports quincy davis is manner of death is still undetermined. troopers found his decomposing body in forty four year old tanya slate and struck last june after stopping her in hampton slade is charged with one felony count of concealing a dead body. police in virginia beach are asking for help in finding the man who stole alcohol from an abc store not once but twice. here's a surveillance photo right there in your screen from the abc store on thirtieth street near lassen road on december twenty second police believe this man put a large bottle of vodka in his pants and left police think he's the same and in this picture from november ten at the same store that day police say he left with two bottles of vodka if you know this is call the crime line newport
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s robbery suspect who employ a shot during the crime forty eight year old sylvester lipscomb is charged with two robberies of a metro pcs yes on j clyde morris boulevard the first robbery happened december twenty third the second just five days later. lipscomb is also allegedly connected to other business robberies in hampton he's in custody at the newport news sheriff's office said goodbye today to sales on the uss barry left naval station norfolk this morning for good on the way to japan and for many families it's not easy. his thirteen years now reporter elise brown families here tell me we're going to miss their loved ones in the navy sailors and the calming to protect their country and usually very proud of him commander jennifer even consoling kids before the uss barry. it's more than three hundred sailors push off
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japan. the ship's new home port area today are you ready to have anywhere from twenty seven to thirty families go without a lot of family the cafe in norfolk the guided missile destroyer is taking over for the uss lassen which will now be home ported in florida. the navy says this isn't in reaction to the recent north korean hydrogen bomb test various preparing the hand for the last year and a half of the families knew the time to go was coming they say it never gets easier. it's very difficult. it absolutely is but we love our country and we're also proud of our sailors that it makes it all worthwhile in for kids it's also especially difficult but they are very proud of their parents can know the steelers also take pride in what they do and say in
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not to fear but another country well and smiled through my front door for elise brown thirteen years now i want the old and in with the new the virginia beach amphitheater is no longer farm bureau live is getting a new name is now called veterans united home loans amphitheatre veterans united home loans has entered into a four year deal with the city of virginia beach the company offers loans to current and former service members live nation operates the twenty thousand seat venue and hosts about twenty seven concerts a year. what's the name anyways apparently a lot because lots of locals chimed in on social media today to express their opinion on the name change to collect some have said they miss the days in the name of the venue was an advertising others have criticized the length of the name and a handful even criticize who pick the name in the first place will be posted this story on the thirty new se the page had over there he'd like to join that conversation back to the desk
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the powerball jackpot keeps climbing. we'll break down exactly how much money you'll take all if your numbers are in the shan right in the middle of cold season of cough syrup recall what you need to know to keep kids safe at first it says final
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. president obama is final state of the union speech tonight at nine o'clock is expected to be unlike all others will not be a laundry list of proposals but rather look back at what the president has accomplished over the past seven years abc's by isaac and annie has more on what you should expect from both the president and republicans tonight the president's mind today at his desk in the oval office working on his final state of the union address new videos released by the white house demonstrate the uplifting tone the president is expected to
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the score to say we couldn't think of anything else we can try the president says he will not deliver a long list of legislative goals instead of focusing on just three or four big ideas. the speech it will undoubtedly include another type of list the president will tout his successes on the economy healthcare education and the environment. he will try to counter what he feels is an avalanche of negativity from the republican candidates are trying to replace him a lot of what we can do is to change the political environment can change people's attitudes a message and not expected to be well received by republicans. there's one thing that we hope to hear from the president and that is a comprehensive plan to defeat isis. house speaker paul ryan blames the president's policies for the spread of terrorism and what he considers a weak economy. we're less safe and that is why the anxiety in america is so palpable
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state of the union address expected to be less aimed at swaying lawmakers that american voters already focusing on the race for their next president. bostic a nani abc news washington the father of a university effort in a graduate who died of an opioid overdose will attend president obama his final state of the union address. john slattery whose son kevin died in two thousand fourteen will be the guest of senator tim kaine that tonight's address cain calls flattery a powerful advocate because the story shows the dangers of drug addiction problem he says is impacting families from all walks of life thirteen is now recently aired a documentary about opie awaited heroin addiction is called hooked on heroin virginia's growing killer and you can catch a rebroadcast sunday at four p m right here on abc thirty five people still lining up to buy tickets for tomorrow's big powerball drawing steady
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the latest jackpot to a record billion and a half dollars that's nine hundred and thirty million dollars after taxes if the winner decides on a one time check instead of a thirty year annuity but the record breaking powerball jackpot could grow even more before tomorrow's drawing if ticket sales continue to exceed expectations. remember we are your official lottery station you can watch the drawings each night during thirty news now eleven including tomorrow night for that huge powerball jackpot. oil slid to within pennies of thirty dollars a barrel today extending a sell off that is white doubles twenty percent off prices this year. this comes amid concerns about fragile chinese demand with prices dropping another four percent for a seventh day of losses traders have all but given up on trying to predict where the new year will end some analysts warned of a twenty dollar a barrel but standard chartered said fund selling
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ten dollars united airlines is adding two new routes to the east coast from its denver hub beginning on april fifth you can now catch flights to richmond and to hartford connecticut right now richmond is denver's largest un served domestic market with about sixty five thousand travelers flying between the cities a year and for richmond international airport the route is the longest nonstop flight snowstorm pounding the midwest is making things treacherous for drivers you can see several people right there slid off the interstate in lansing michigan. this weather has kept police officers and tow truck drivers busy dealing with this all day. drivers in the storm's path are warned to slow down and watch for black ice on the roads meanwhile that storm system is heading toward us with some really cool their highs far only in the thirties for
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bit warmer today up almost ten degrees above yesterday but that's also triggering a little bit of rain shower activity out west of us. now some of this is not reaching the ground and as it comes down the mountains sinking air is drying hair so this is going to tend to dry out even a little bit more as it approaches us so we don't expect a solid line of rain to move through the broken or scattered line of showers out there right now in norfolk fifty three degrees. newport news. pretty similar fifty one right in between that fifty two across parts of north carolina specifically elizabeth city and color on the eastern shore while asylum right now at forty nine countries out there and some other spots fifty two hartford fifty one surrey fifty two over in gloucester some forties there on the eastern shore including forty nine and watch a parade fifty two n hampton fifty two delegates also not a big spread we had a lot lately i mention how it was almost ten degrees warmer right now compared to yesterday. it is
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eight or nine degrees above what we were exactly twenty four hours ago here seven p m notice how that day and will have continued to shrink and it might look in fact it probably will look a little worse than this on radar but this is how much i think we'll get down to the ground just isolated or scattered area of light shower activity that moves offshore look at that wind howling in later tonight. cold cold readings down in the mid twenties inland most of us near the coastline will be around thirty to maybe the low thirties but it will feel more like the teams with the windchill few spots may be lurking out in your twenty but by afternoon. only in the upper thirties and with the windchill. it'll feel again like the upper twenty s to near thirty. so really make sure you're a careful out there c'mon that your bundle up if you have to spend any extended time out and then wednesday night a slight slight chance again of a flurry as some warmer air starts moving and not so much
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the front that sets things up for some milder air again during the afternoon on thursdays we go right back a little bit above normal and into the fifties so here's the storm and again things will be shrinking in terms of the coverage once it comes down east of the mountain spot forecast for tomorrow calling for thirty eight the high today we predicted would be fifty three so far were fifty four that makes nine in a row after our streak of twenty one and did all by little over a week ago thirty eight and a mile fifty one thursday and friday fifty six fifty seven saturday so warmed and the weekend going to the weekend but pretty good chance of some rain little bit friday evening better chance friday overnight and then a lower chance again in the saturday morning. that's latest from the weather authority rhs thank you up next the power of a terrific teacher janet
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how much of a pos
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may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details,
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well that everybody loves to show teachers making a positive impact it's cold and today we are proud to say how miss marie matthews is inspiring her students at windsor elementary school first and seven inspired to learn reading math arithmetic and a rhythm to take on bullying. she's making a mark and they love or for looking at that special moment. are you crying. maybe when a teacher now she's making an impact to wait for her bliss when it comes to ms marie matthews a windsor elementary school stands are bending over backwards not going to spread her important message to ms matthews watchful eye they all came together to
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video . they're proud of the work was and what kind of can't see it because his will in no way should be blue. ms matthews tries to instill in these dunes to grow up with kindness and compassion are learning their lesson we all come together and teach people to be nice to each other we need to accept people for who they are everyone deserves to be treated with respect ms matthews helped to run a program called sports heroes my job is really neat because i helped them to be good humans we don't need a bully bully bully me. even the principle here is down with the message the they're champions in their community for taking a stand against bullying and showing other students that they too can say no the bar has ms matthews making her mark from school everyday and i love the best of the world. all this was as wonderful. it was great on that school and there are many other teachers out there just like a i think they're going to premiere the video to a special committee this week and hope it might be used as a
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to encourage kids to take up kindness and compassion and discourage bullying bowling ball in the u n the principle i don't have the rhythm of the moves but i've got the message came back with macy's moving out what's in store for chesapeake square mall. some stores leaving some stories moving there a lots of changes on the way here chesapeake square mile
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. i right uh cold in clear weather today and have a rose take a look at the north tower cam chief meteorologist geoff lawson has more on tonight's windy forecast jeff actually why you were talking i was swinging the camera around to look to the west a few minutes ago we looked nice was not a cloud in the sky looking west though you can see that banda low clouds and
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some rain showers right now nothing here but again look at the solid line out to the west around areas from richmond back on the south boston. now all of that isn't reaching the ground probably because the air is very dry so it's going to tend to evaporate some of this and the entire area is also slowly going to be drying out as it comes down the mountains and that's why even though it looks pretty ominous like we're about to get some heavy rain the next couple of hours i think it's going to be fairly quick moving and just a few lighter showers that we see in spots around the region in fact were because many areas will not see any precipitation we capped off our evening forecast just be aware a few spots will see some wet weather most of us will not and the temps will be dropping back through the forties and eventually into the thirties and buy much later tonight like porn warning it will be in the twenties and it will feel like the team so some cold air rushing in and again before that happens a little
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will have more coming up in just few minutes i hear shopping venture in and around chesapeake square mall is starting to look bleak just about a week since macy's decided to cut its chesapeake square location another mall store is planning to shut its doors receiver a j cole has a story of what smaller chain retail stores are closing or relocating leaving empty mall space behind and she's live in chesapeake square mall one that's right a store clerk at american eagle told me today that their last eight opener will be january twenty fourth just down the street here michael's they're moving in at mid february shoppers in this area i talked to today i mean they're worried that this is setting the pace for even more empty store fronts were stores closing mean more concerns for those who frequent the chesapeake square mall area. let stand for the area and for all of local businesses that we we
4:28 pm
owner as she was shopping at michael's a story that will be closing its chesapeake location in february. love comes that means that other businesses because they're larger anchor stores in the smaller businesses are to be able to probably make it even while michaels will be moving to a new location in southlake other stores nearby like the recently announced macy's and american eagle inside chesapeake square mall will be gone for good. it's one of them of their own mississippi go back that far but it's sad to see that the builders fake av in the people believe in this area leaving the future of this once bustling shopping area uncertain there's always have to verify the well we reached out to chesapeake square mall management today about their plans to fill the empty store fronts hear what they told us coming up in about an hour reporting live in chesapeake received her j co thirteen years now
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the pentagon says the crew of two small navy boats are being held by iran in the middle of the persian gulf iranian authorities have allegedly promised to return the crew and boat safely and promptly. a pentagon spokesman says the boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain. when the us lost contact with them the spokesman also says they are in contact with iran the incident happened after one of the boat said some type of mechanical trouble and ran aground the troops were reportedly picked up by iran and will continue to monitor the situation. all right the american red cross as an urgent need for blood and platelet donors donations are needed now to help prevent a shortage were told the hectic holiday schedules that we all had contributed to fewer blood drives in fewer donations to talk more about the shortages christian hatfield from the american red cross christian welcome back to me. we always talked we have use a gentle reminder to people to keep up the blood donations but we're here today because this is urgent. this is that we have
4:30 pm
to ask you to come out and replied to prevent a shortage of it is a very crucial time january's to be really difficult month for us how low our supplies right now right now we're down fifty thousand pints of blood across the country in the month of november and december we had less the seventeen hundred fewer blood drives. then we had held the previous two months september and october so that's a big impact in so many things factor in their seasonal illness bad weather the holidays hectic schedules up to twenty percent of the donor base is made of high school college student and summer stock options are so hungry by one of the drives that are coming up where people can help the search and jess we have guys coming up after rocky can go to red cross blood at work you can go call one eight hundred red cross and you can download the red cross flood app you type in your zip code and we will will cover the whole list of drives you to make an
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welcome. quickly how many plates we down locally at local what we have to click between five hundred six hundred pints every day but were down fifty thousand across the country. i don't know how many exactly does here but i'm definitely down but they need a certain it's all right christian county to the american red cross thanks for the reminder especially about the urchin think it's okay hate is president obama seventh and last state of the union address the address will have a unique online and social media presence and elise abraham g has more about that. the white house is doing something to help everyone tune in tonight will be streaming the president's message will live on youtube and on its website additionally about his address will for the first time also be available via amazon video about his use twitter facebook tumblr instagram all these tools youtube and snap chat to promote his state of union address is and this one will be no different so hashtag as o t u has been trending all
4:32 pm
tonight's event. here's a look at what some people are saying online about people that are very excited thing i cannot wait for part is hashtag so to address that a lot of people sharing that same sentiment. i'm so thrilled this is the final soda by the current occupant of the white house. we got up as a base by vice president biden has also chimed in on the concept at the dems tell you that he's that he's just made that such and feed for the first time but we have others who are echoing a different sentiment saying the fact that tonight as soto is his last one is something worth selling select a different conversation here it's gonna be interesting to see how everything unfolds back to the right well earlier today i spoke to abc news political analyst cookie roberts about president obama state of the union address she expects the speech will be less about policy and more about bd telling his accomplishments including a much improved economy at a time when polls show most people see the country going in the wrong direction. how important is it that he say something about national
4:33 pm
that's one of the issues that have some people that has some people not feeling so good about what's going on right eye is terribly important to talk about national security in and you're quite right as throughout his presidency most of the time people have cited the economy as the number one issue that concerns them. now they're telling pollsters that terrorism is the number one issue and that the president absolutely has to address that tonight the republican leaders have spent a lot of time today saying that that's the thing they want to hear is how he's planning to defeat isis as can be hard for him to do i don't think the administration really has a plan for defeating isis i think they have sort of complicated long term strategies for trying to hold down terrorism that kind of thing going and and and just
4:34 pm
something this administration sees is realistic and robert says expect other hot topics to come up tonight including gun control and possibly immigration reform a water crisis taught us a look at the headlines for you right now in usa today dot com take a look at this it's own bed in flint michigan state officials went door to door handing out bottled water and water filters use the problem their friends drinking water was contaminated with lead when a state appointed emergency manager switched the city's water supply source from lake huron to the flint river which is more polluted and corrosive an unknown number of children got lead poisoning how many rocket launchers can expect this year down in florida when a lot of folks that a special meeting in florida are trying to figure out today. early projections are seventeen that would beat last year's total in florida which is sixteen. these launches are by private companies like space x and united launch alliance and all change could be coming to the nfl of sports fans
4:35 pm
team owners are huddling to determine if the same louis rams san diego chargers oakland raiders should be allowed to move to los angeles ballet is the second largest market in the country but has been without a team for twenty one years now. all three teams are not happy with the current stadiums in their cities. it takes twenty four of the thirty two team owners to vote yes and i was just in the newsroom checking out the latest on this and espn is reporting that sources are telling them it looks like ohh and the nfl is in favor of the raiders and the chargers movie because it was a bit in carson california that they seem to like but that's just what espn is reporting. we'll keep watching. ok i am a slow ride up next the u s response to the explosion in turkey that killed ten people how the state department says it
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recall is out of children's cough syrup and nine retailers are recalling two flavors of store branded children's cold medicine because of a potential overdose risk those retailers include dollar general cvs rite aid and kroger for eagle company medicine sold nationally under a number of brand names contains a dose cop with incorrect markings the recall covers batches of children's grape and cherry liquid cough medicine sold in four ounce bottles on the couch mother of the so called affluent a teen posted bond this morning and was released from a texas jail this as her son ethan remains in mexico. that's where the pair are accused of running off to last month abc's lauren lister has more to hold after the ones a mom tonya couch leaving jail today i see nothing to reporters posting bond after
4:39 pm
from one million dollars to seventy five thousand would top the top of the name and see me on the judge pointing out on your couch is accused of a non violent crime hindering the apprehension of the fugitive her eighteen year old son ethan the mother son pair disappearing last month after this video was posted online appearing to show ethan at a party where others were seen playing beer pong. he's been accused of violating his probation for killing four people in this twenty thirty drunk driving crash. his attorneys arguing the teen suffered from after when's that baby was too spoiled to know right from wrong the mother's arrest warrant says the duo drove to mexico after tanya took thirty thousand dollars out of her bank account couches older son evan's half brother telling the judge yesterday authorities have frozen his
4:40 pm
has no access to other assets to my aunt is not the judge's order it on the couch to follow conditions like wearing a gps bracelet. as for ethan couch is still in mexico fighting extradition to the us there will be a hearing in texas next week to decide if the case will be moved from juvenile to adult court the u s condemns a deadly suicide bomb attack in its tin bowls historic district from earlier today and says it is committed to working with turkey to combat the islamic state group the u s state department spokesman extended washington's condolences to the families of the ten victims of the blast and wished a quick and full recovery to around fifteen people who were injured. the people who died were foreign nationals including eight german tourists a big turnout at a family owned store in california opening its doors for the first time since the owner's son was wounded in the san bernardino terror
4:41 pm
story the way for five years high desert pastry lovers have lined up it in cupcake in pastries in victorville the but today they're not just here for the delicious treats but to show support you see one of the workers here twenty eight year old larry benoit was a victim in the san bernardino massacre he was shot in the way the wheelchair for doyle's father and store owners says even though his son survived the shooting the past month has been excruciating the decision was made to close the store to concentrate on helping his son the spirits of this just doesn't know the date it was time to reopen. not only did countless sweet tooth is
4:42 pm
well as the city's needs moms muni that we stick together when when tragedy hits and it brings us closer. luckily their sons doing ok he's going to start therapy but feel bad for them someone to come support the so this is the first time in texas and show support i wanted to come out in and there's just one problem. what happens if a run out of stuff to sell because so many people showed up on the receiving end it's over with us for this disaster there is a lot of good people too stupid even in victorville bra but no one abc seven eyewitness news a few light rain shower showing up on radar as i mentioned earlier but in case you're just tuning and it looks actually worse than it is in terms of the amount of coverage. some of this is not
4:43 pm
certainly the darker colors are up here just west of happy handing out here on the sort of southwest side of richmond little bit down here between blackstone in south hill put it all into motion knowing you'll notice is moving fairly quickly to the east so if you're watching us from parts of the northern neck even the middle peninsula. you'll see a few of these light rain showers moved through here shortly but again take away some of those lightest colors in these really are a little more of the isolated writing are also attending to dry out as they come down the lower elevations of the mountains so here's another batch of looks like at least some of that reaching the ground out near south hill reports south boston looking to guess this is the west you can see that line of clouds just starting to infringe upon the picture for this evening then a shower possible for a few of us windy and chilly temperatures by morning will be very cold but even this evening will be dropping back down through the forties and with the wind it'll feel chilly or than that. highs today at fifty five williamsburg fifty five
4:44 pm
fifty four in norfolk up to fifty two whose wakefield over to hampton some forties on the eastern shore dropping back down through the forties notice these couple of isolated showers moving through the region this evening as temperatures drop and once they move offshore in the air starts to get even colder especially aloft there's a slight chance we could see a few very isolated snowflakes but i highly doubt it especially because being the middle the night. i doubt you'll see those that but by morning this will be the big news temperatures in the mid twenties to near thirty and it will feel even colder than that because of a pretty significant wind and a cold day tomorrow lot of sunshine but it doesn't help much captures only struggle through the upper thirties couple of areas might hit forty if you're lucky but it will feel more like the twenties most of the day that quick passage of clouds coming through wednesday night. another very very slight risk of a shower is some warmer air starts to
4:45 pm
thursday that little weak disturbance that brings us the warmer air that also brings us a few clouds again the slight slight chance of a stray flurry the big news by afternoon temperatures warming back up into the fifties here is the system moving to the east you'll notice it started out a snow showers. now that crossing the mountains were seeing a few of these sprinkles in light rain showers and colder air moving in behind that that my morning will give us temperatures around thirty degrees with a shower possible it will be windy and cold wind chills down in the teens car mostly sunny breezy very cold high of only thirty eight minus twenty eight low low risk of a flurry late at night and finally the seven day forecasts fifty one on thursday so we're seeing some really significant swings both up and down and now back up again in the weather pattern by thursday as i sit in the fifties and then way up into the fifties by friday looks like the next system could bring us a pretty decent soaking at times
4:46 pm
friday evening a likelihood overnight if i'd put a number on that i'd say about sixty percent for the overnight period but down to thirty five percent again saturday morning and then tempers behind that front cool off and chilly but the sun look and mlk day coming up on monday. that's latest from the weather authority just nice light on the home of the ever left a big tip for your waiter or waitress militias here with a tip that's trending now we've all heard the feel good stories the wait staff receiving really generous tips training they know coming on throughout the years will take a look at this seventeen year old gary dwayne from kansas he wasn't so lucky that way then went to collect what he thought was a tip from his customers table that is what i look like a twenty dollar bill underneath to catch up all the networks. oh when he went to go collect it he realized the money was fake so instead of money underneath the ketchup bottle he found a religious pamphlet disguised to look like money with the recommendation that he seek after jesus christ
4:47 pm
when dental tech insider this and the seventeen year old seven thousand dollars in debt because they had buy myself a car juggling a full time job and working seven days a week getting a twenty dollar tip at the restaurant i work at is very very rare so as you can imagine this post has gone viral. lots of people weighing in even some people on social media saying send me your address and i'll send you twenty dollars really interesting story there are eight so by now we all know that the crimson tide to come the big win last night beating the tigers by forty forty five to forty sorry but you may not have caught this lane kiffin alabama's offensive coordinator he left behind at the stadium he got caught up talking to reporters and by the time he got done finishing up those interviews all the busses for god to hear some of those tweets there at alabama team buses rolled out without him wink even rolled back into the stadium some people are saying hey all this pain over this is a tweet from lincoln
4:48 pm
out knocks the hashtag left by bus but he posts on social media today and he made it in a way to explain the comelec over the lake that are and how many alarms do set every night and how many times do you press the snooze in the morning if the answer is more than one either of these questions a new product is about to hit the market and it's perfect for you. social media can not stop talking about rugby is a different kind of alarm clock sleepy and to love to push news every morning will physically have to get out of bed and step on the map to turn the alarm off so that's kind of like actual work the class can tell you motivational speech is just to get you out and moving on time and get your day was fine the goal is that so the projects on it's already surpassed its goal by sixty thousand dollars and they're going to be about eighty dollars when they hit the mark they dollars in just put your
4:49 pm
of the room they go cf to get up at the same money that's one way to thank all right coming up tonight on abc fresh off the boat at eight o'clock followed by the muppets at eight thirty minute nine o'clock and abc news special president obama stated the union address then a ten thirty the goldberg's and join thirteen news now again at eleven coming up the shelving collapses into party city store details of what the fire and rescue squad feared when responding to the scene then thirteen is now at five p e is warning of even more layoffs was
4:50 pm
. oil producer bp plans to slash more than four thousand jobs in the next two years as oil prices plummet. bp will reduce its global upstream staffed by at least four thousand by the end of twenty seventeen the company says bp
4:51 pm
its u s staff three people suffered minor injuries when several shelves collapsed at a party city in florida the incident drew a massive response from firefighters who feared the shells had landed on customers' photos provided by palm beach county fire rescue show shelves and store items piled on the floor. that's all we have for you today at four thirty news now it five stars with more on ba e layoffs the workers bracing for more bad news another round of possible cuts looming over the shipyard lead based paint is causing a newport news small to be closed for a second day a robbery investigation and a separate note our ends with gunfire and that breaking news to us navy boats are being held by iran right now in the persian gulf the pentagon says since sailors are on those boats
4:52 pm
are promising to return the crew when the vessels safely and properly a pentagon spokesperson says the boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the us lost contact with them one boat had mechanical trouble causing it to run aground. cnn is quoting a senior defense official who says the boats were in iranian territorial waters the same official says the boats did not make a distress call and we'll keep following this breaking situation the jobs of more than five hundred b a t workers are in danger a shipyard tell the employees today they can be laid off come march. this comes after four hundred employees were laid off this past november and december generally is live outside the shipyard in germany is blaming a lack of war yet the company is saying that they may be just doesn't have enough work for it to keep all of these employees so this is gonna be the third wave of layoffs since november and i had a big impact. economists say
4:53 pm
the people who are losing their jobs it's going to hurt our economy today right in a fit of people the jobs they lived in that fancy care if cheney doesn't give me a t systems more work from now until march five hundred and thirty people could be lead off everybody got bills to pay the money to put food on to work is like newborns and all that stuff back in november the company laid off one hundred and eighty five employees in a month later one hundred and sixty people lost their jobs and if all the layoffs in march go through the company will be down to approximately five hundred and fifty employees sixty three percent cut in the labor force that is pretty devastating not only for the company but clearly for the employees working there. mii says the cuts are necessary because there just aren't enough navy ships home ported in the area as scary i mean even be a sub continent still scare
4:54 pm
ripple effect that can take
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