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tv   13 News 530  ABC  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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conducting rocket tests today this may be at least in part iran coming to the aid of united states again iran is promising it will release this ten sailors. of course continue to follow the story live in the newsroom right carol thirteen years now more bad news for chesapeake square mall first macy's announced its closing. now more stores are doing the same christina's for j co was live near the mall that the shoppers here in notice a lots of changes in the next couple months we told you about macy's not see a clerk tells me that american eagle that's inside the mall will be closing later this month and just across the st michaels also closing the now gone for good in february the chesapeake location of my goals is closing up shop and going to sell think a lot of people so shot here you can tell by the monkeys are actually still in the story is this a
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the local businesses that with some shoppers who we caught up with today say it's an even bigger blow to the area after me sees announce that they're closing their chesapeake square mall location. it's nine and now i think everything's going out in another direction that means that other businesses because they're larger anchor stores in the smaller businesses are to be able to probably make it even smaller stores both mom and pop in a retail chains according to clerks who work at the american eagle store inside the mall their store is next to go will be close by january twenty fourth it's gonna be another om mississippi go back that far but it's sad to see that the buildings vacated the people believe in this area we reached out to chesapeake square mall in management team asking them what their plans to fill the empty store friends inside the mall as they did
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they issued this statement basically told us that they will continue to be a popular shopping spot things to stores like jc penney and target are reporting live in chesapeake christine's retake of thirteen years now. two of pembroke mall in virginia beach is getting a new store fresh market signed a lease for a location inside the mall on virginia beach blvd no opening date is set were told at this point but we are told the store will open in early twenty sixteen this will be the grocers seventy store in virginia fresh market opened an office back in twenty fourteen virginia beach based hardware retailer taylor's do it is also expanding the company announced this morning that it bought seven pleasant hardware stores in richmond the ownership will switch over next month but taylor says not much will change in fact the hardware stores in richmond will still be called pleasant hardware say goodbye the farm bureau live and hello to veterans united home
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beach officials announced the amphitheatre name change this morning a spokesperson for veterans united home loans says acquiring the name for the amphitheatre will help veterans find loan opportunities is difficult for us to get our and our name out. com on a daily basis. his name and title sponsorship should let everybody in hampton roads know what we do and that is being close with the experts and people can overcome to get that service. this is the fascinating change for the amphitheatre since nineteen ninety six and veterans united home loans is a va approved lender that started in two thousand to also announce today jimmy buffett will perform at the veterans united home loans amphitheatre for one night only april sixty virginia beach police are looking for a thief who likes to party. police say last month this man walked into an abc store on thirtieth street near the oceanfront stock up one and a half gallon bottle of vodka in his pants and let
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before that police believe the same man stole two bottles of vodka from the same store in the race for the white house republican presidential hopeful ben carson is getting attention for criticizing president obama's choice of guests for tonight's state of the union address the president is along a muslim civic group to attend carson says the group the council on american islamic relations is quote not pro american and he called for an investigation into the groove. president obama is accusing donald trump of campaigning by scapegoating during an interview on national television this morning president obama said trump is appealing to people's fears and uncertainty about the future when ask out seriously trump should be taken. the president said quote. talk to me if he wins the democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders now has an endorsement from move on dot org a grassroots organization that has been at the forefront of liberal causes. move on says nearly seventy nine percent of its membership supports
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lists eight million members and says it plans to mobilize nearly seventy five thousand of its members in iowa and new hampshire on sanders behalf. u s military officials say cuba will attend the annual caribbean nation's security conference for the first time the sign of normal relations between nations that have long held hostility is. officials say cuba has accepted an invitation to send a delegate conference focuses on cooperation against drug trafficking and other crimes the three day event will be this month in jamaica a notice posted in the bathroom of a north carolina restaurant is going viral online. why the pizza place odor is getting so much positive feedback on the note plus feet of snow in just a matter of hours in new york and more winter weather. wow look at that is on the way and we're talking about cold air rushing in the area
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the tragedy in
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a house explosion in the town of northfield we broke the story during thirteen years now at daybreak this morning. neighbors say they heard a huge class last night flames already took over the house by the time firefighters arrived the cause of the explosion is still under investigation the suspect is in custody after allegedly driving his car through a north carolina cemetery damaging dozens of headstones at happen at the maine municipal cemetery damage to the property includes tire tracks and overturned or damaged headstones. the driver also destroyed a war memorial flagpole the town's chief of police says the man arrested for the incident faces charges including dwi nearly a month after space x launched its falcon nine rocket and returned it safely to earth space taxes starting a new mission with they say they're going to return the rocket onto a barge floating in the ocean if the private aerospace company can pull it off they can retrieve the rocket for reuse previous tests have come close but suffered crash
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rescue dogs in maryland some of the sixty six dogs saved from a montgomery county home are ready for adoption. about half of the dogs will head to regional shelters and local rescues. sadly three of the seized dogs were beyond saving and had to be euthanized. so far there are no charges against the homeowner who kept the dogs allowed rivalry forces a store clerk to fight for his life. now we have a video of the bold assault in here from the man who fought the thief off the new developments about the boy discovered dead in the trunk of his mother's car more on what we know about the death of quincy davis and coming up in six more hampton roads
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i developing now more information about the boy whose body was found in his mother's car trunk the medical examiner says the cause of quincy davis' death is undetermined. this comes one day before his mother tanya slate is due in court last june a state trooper found davis' body and sleet and strong during a traffic stop in hampton were told no one had seen the boy since two thousand for when he was a middle school student in virginia beach. an autopsy did not show would kill davis slate is only charged with concealing a dead body she is a preliminary hearing set for
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now faces federal charges police say anthony williams junior college dr davis jackson and monta lightfoot car jack someone in november police say the suspects are also connected to a richmond robbery yesterday investigators filed federal armed carjacking charges the suspects also had an arraignment today on state charges newport news police arrested a suspected thief who ended up shot while allegedly robbing a store forty eight year old sylvester live scone is charged with robbing a metro pcs yes on j clyde morris boulevard and police say at the store twice or toe lipscomb held up the store on december twenty thirty got away. investigators say he tried to rob the store again five days later and that's when a clerk shot lips go hm police say he's also connected to robberies in hampton and he's currently behind bars in newport news but from khan to chaos inside a massachusetts convenience store when a robber attacked a clerk with
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video right here. the robber run straight in jumps on the counter and demands money from the clerk swinging the knife with a fistful of cash in one hand the clerk evens the playing field by grabbing his own knife from under the counter and fighting back the two fiercely swinging at each other coming dangerously close but incredibly neither gets caught acting he wanted me to sell the family so last night i was making the skin while the attacker ends up losing his knife and knocks over a display the fight continues and eventually moves out of the camera's view. the robber then flees leaving his bicycle behind police are investigating but no arrests have been made army sergeant beau berg all was back in a military courtroom today for a pre trial hearing held at fort bragg military officials did
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trial will be held during a two week period starting august eight dollars held by the taliban for five years in afghanistan and fried in a prisoner exchange for five guantanamo bay detainees. he faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. if convicted he faces a life sentence. a coast guard commander was temporarily relieved of duty yesterday reportedly because of loss of confidence in his ability to command. that's from a press release delivered today as as captain sean murray top commander of sector north carolina in wilmington was temporarily relieved by the fifth district commander coast guard says the change will not affect current operations i have been a blast is slamming the nation from the northeast to the midwest cold air is causing trouble for millions of people some places have lots of snow you see right there several feet in his own and others are dealing with freezing
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people are living through the frigid conditions from ohio to new york drivers fighting against a white out condition. this scene along the ohio indiana border shows one of several crashes this morning involving dozens of vehicles shutting down interstate highways. you can see the street in western new york. some towns already buried in as much as thirty four inches of snow and our policing for more snow potentially bringing the total snowfall to syria to three to four feet in just three games behind the snow freezing temperatures. i slid down this hill actually going around the corner actually everywhere everywhere i go out slack turning everything into ice from the boat's two benches and shrubs even cars the incredible images leading some scratching their head i can't really think anything is this covered in ice covered water the scene system sending temperatures
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below zero and remove snow from kentucky up through new england preparations underway for the first snow of the season in the northeast cities like new york and boston but forecasters say they will be spared this round with boston getting maybe an inch of snow but it is winter after all and forecasters say more snow is possible in the midwest the northeast this weekend into next week. it was with her abc news new york right here at home there's a slight chance that the cold air will turn to some rain showers and those rain showers will lead to some light flurries jeff is tracking all the forests weather certainly a chance i'd say the odds are very much against it on the order probably ten percent or so but i mean one of out of every ten times that we say this it would end up happening right now we certainly just have some rain showers out there and if you've been watching him for the past half hour so you know this looks a lot
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little while ago couple of hours ago we had a solid line son to put emotion just over the past hour or even an hour ago we were starting to see some breaks and now it's really again falling apart quite a bit sky view shows the low clouds out there but as you can see there are some breaks in the clouds there's a nice one right in there so it's no longer that solid line for this evening and a shower is possible in a very few spots. otherwise just windy and chilly temperatures dropping this evening to forty seven continuing to fall how much let's talk more about the wind chills how cold it will feel than the actual air temperature because actual air temp will be mid twenties to near thirty. let's give you a breakdown specifically when you're out later this evening will be falling through the twenties are near freezing in terms of how cold it feels to expose scan and then in the morning. most everybody will be in the team's seen the spots that are to be right near twenty and i mean you have to bundle up in the morning is are waiting at the bus stop heading off to work not a
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fact at nine o'clock either by the time the afternoon rolls around we're going to be looking at actual air temperatures in the upper thirties but would not as much wind as tonight or early tomorrow it will still be breezy enough that will feel like around freezing probably at best. tomorrow during the overnight hours will see cold air again not quite as cold as tonight but it will feel still like that when these verses the teens which will see tonight and then during the day thursday that's when things will start to improve dramatically during the afternoon as we see about a fifteen degree rise or more. here are some showers of snow that came across the mountains now turning into some shrinking in diminishing rain showers so shower possible early tonight. otherwise the big news when ian cole thirty officially mid twenties for the inlet very inland areas tomorrow thirty eight lot of sunshine breezy and very cold wind gusting as high as twenty five mph is why it's going to feel like
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very low risk again of a flurry as the warm front begins to move and that warm front is what gives this temperatures then during the day on thursday back up to fifty one percent is that slight risk of a flurry early in the morning fifty six in fifty seven for friday saturday or sunday at forty nine but the big news friday saturday will be the rain that moves in late today friday continues hopefully out here early saturday when a lot more on that as we did a little bit closer just in virginia beach police looking for a man who they believe exposed himself to kids at least twice this first incident were told happen in november at the barnes and noble on virginia beach boulevard man in the dark suit blue sit there and pants approached a child and were told exposed himself then over the weekend. a similar incident happened at the dollar tree on independence boulevard. this time were told the man allegedly exposed himself to two kids in the toy aisle police believe the same man
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anyone with information that might help identify the man should call the crime line i also learned tonight perez check your medicine cabinets there's a recall for popular store brand cold medicine prego company makes children's grape and cherry liquid cold medicine is sold at places like cvs rite aid kroger dollar general the problem is the dosing cup it's not marked correctly and could lead to an overdose if you have the product throwaway lot of attention for a noted a restaurant bathroom. it doesn't ask people to wash their hands are clean him up after themselves but instead to be understanding. check out the note at a charlotte north carolina pizza parlor the post explains the bathroom is unisex because gender specific bathrooms can make some people uncomfortable. that includes moms taking sons to the bathroom and caretakers helping disabled people online many people are praising the effort to make everyone comfortable. another
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shipyard workers nba are bracing themselves for layoffs. we have more on what's behind the move and lead paint on the walls of a newport news elementary school students at home here with district administrators are doing to get kids back in class trying to piece together how a possible robbery suspect was shot here at the super eight on
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the studio a virginia medical examiner is trying to identify people found dead in the state and they want your help the medical examiner's office is recreated the faces of several people based on skeletal remains. this one is from james city county his body was found in nineteen seventy six along the york
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or hispanic descent and this sculpture represents a woman found in york county in nineteen seventy two investigators say she was an african american woman the medical examiner hope someone can help id these people you can also see more unsolved cases some thirteen years now but calm in leagues in the news there's a plan for improvements for the chica take national wildlife refuge u s fish and wildlife service published a fifteen year plan calls for shifting the public beach space a mile and a half north with a new visitor station at the beach the new guidelines will also ask for more work to protect the beach from shore erosion and the sugar did pony herd would remain the same size federal highway administration along with the dow will host a pardon our dust meeting tonight will update people on five sixty for intermodal connector project in office that runs from six until eight at schools point elementary school project's
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answer any questions on the project the construction schedule and efforts to deal with any traffic issues as all thirteen is now five thirty thirteen is now in six starts with breaking news involving the navy. it's the breaking news we followed for the last hour or so iran is holding two us navy boats in the persian gulf the pentagon saying ten sailors are on those but a pentagon spokesperson says the boat had mechanical problems while moving between kuwait and bahrain. the boats drifted into iranian waters and a wren picked up the sailors now the sailors were in custody and farsi island at least for some time but it's not certain where they are now told iranian leaders are promising to return the crew and the vessels safely and promptly were watching that part of the story right now we will update you as any new developments on the story come into the newsroom developing now more shipyard layoffs the a e systems warn
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hundred possible layoffs in march last year the company eliminated four hundred jobs the job cuts could have a major impact on our economy really has more on the effects well this is something that's going to hurt the company made employees and local businesses and merchants. so in order to recover from something like this will economists say the answer is to diversify a rainy day job many were another wave of layoffs for bau systems the company told its employees today at five hundred and thirty people may be gone by margie change things change myself to do is pray the best. this means the company will be losing sixty three percent of its workforce and other companies are suffering too. in december. newport news shipbuilding announced it is laying off more than seven hundred workers in the area of hampton roads clearly has got to diversify its economy away from defense spending
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