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tv   13 News 6  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in the shipyards are a clear signal that new day has come a reckoning in our county local economist peter shaw says the solution lies in building up the private sector. we had a lot of resources here to diversify into a lot of areas we going to advance manufacturing and and and also in high technology and plus remember we have courts that have access to ninety five or so the world's population but that means local business leaders and public leaders will have to come together to develop a strategic plan i know the governor is promoting go virginia has a piece of legislation that would hopefully great incentive for the region like ours to do that. in norse take jenny me thirteen years now. the virginia general assembly session begins tomorrow with in the sixty day sprint lawmakers will consider a wide range of topics including transportation eric caine has been looking into some possible changes for tunnel
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our legislators from portsmouth are asking the state to take another look at the tolls of the downtown and midtown tunnels and see if there's a way to ease the burden on those driving through the tolls at the downtown or midtown tunnels be reduced or eliminated. it's one of the bills to portsmouth lawmakers will take up when the general assembly convenes tomorrow. delegate elect steve heretic tells thirteen years now. he also pushed for legislation that would limit tolling agencies from collecting fees more than five times their face value also dominating the transportation agenda gas price on notice that bottle is officially desmond with the price of crude oil crashing to record lows the state's wholesale taxes on gas and diesel aren't bringing in as much as expected potentially threatening infrastructure projects. senator frank wagner is seeking to make changes to the regional gas tax. one bill would tack on a flexible tax that would rise and fall along with the price
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could help prevent holes that propose projects like the new high rise bridge in the hampton roads bridge tunnel expansion but that does the other two. well some drivers we talked to supported a tax change others seemed interested in saving money now rather than later weird as they are both deathly would rather it be now than later and there are several other transportation related items up for discussion including raising the penalty for texting and driving up to two hundred and fifty dollars for the first offense. erik ainge thirteen is now thirteen is now is also tracking some other possible bills in this new session including top of a casino. back in november the city of portsmouth included a casino bill to its legislative wish list the bill is sponsored by state senator louise lucas who says the legislation ties casino revenue to transportation funding for the city over the years the idea has gotten mixed reviews some people think a casino would help the economy
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attract crime and a state senator from central virginia is taking on same sex marriage sen charles reed show is pushing a bill that would create so called consensus clause the law would allow virginia clerks or deputy clerks to opt out of issuing gay marriage licenses if they have a personal ethical moral or religious objection under the proposal gay couples could still be issued a marriage license at their local dmv as the general assembly session starts we will be at the capitol building thirteen news now reporter eric ainge will cobble all of the action in richmond. look for live reports throughout the day the city of course mum wants to get people more involved in making budget decisions and a few ways forces will hold budget meetings for the public city manager lydia perez patton and superintendent. eli gracie will lead the meetings the first meeting is saturday january thirtieth at nine a m at woodrow wilson high and the other two meetings are in
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discuss plans for the two thousand seventeen budget while students at a newport news elementary school will be out of class for a second day tomorrow. the problem lead based paint workers stripping paint off a door frame at hilton elementary school monday uncover the hazard. crews began the cleanup last night and were back at it again today but school officials won a second day of cleaning to ensure good results with air samples another day of no school is creating problems for some working parents. she wouldn't of come with me and her now because i don't have anybody that i can just call um spontaneously to watch are the newborn is parks and rec to use program will operate from eight thirty in the morning to five thirty in the afternoon at midtown community center for current participants in need of childcare. police say they tracked the serial robbery suspect to a motel but it took a swat team to take them down now that suspect is in the hospital. we have
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happen. plus a crew of three hundred sailors leave hampton roads for good. more on the unusual deployment for the uss perry track and a couple of white light showers
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i we've learned the man is
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a teen worker at a motel in elizabeth city police ellis twenty two year old aaron after it's checked into the con a la john hughes boulevard last night once in his rome he called the front desk clerk to bring him so and we say he attacked the girl when she got to his room were towed after it was just released from jail in november but police are not alice's previous cry a serial robbery suspect is in the hospital tonight police say he shot himself suffolk officers were searching for kevin hawkins at the super eight motel. detectives believe he's responsible for at least two recent robberies and police got there they say hawkins started shooting marcella roberson has the details of its walk surrounded this super eight motel tuesday we saw a lot of police officers our way around this a break and they had their guns on which i like chili's where they're looking for this man kevin cornell hawkins they say he's the suspect in a robbery of a
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week. police believe hawkins is the man seen here in this surveillance video they also believe hawkins robbed a family dollar. last week when police got to the super eight motel they were hawkins caulking a gun inside the motel room. that's when swat was called for backup around the bed they had to dash with a gun down on this lady was other violence came minutes later detectives heard gunshots coming from the suspects room and hawkins crawled out. he shot himself and was taken to the hospital with serious injuries suffered as well have been an increase mint and their primary recently so i really don't know what's going on kind of fight in because he knows a lot going on recently according to police hawkins has a long list of outstanding warrants including attempted malicious wounding several counts of robbery and even kidnapping suffolk police say he's also a suspect in several other business robberies and a lot of activity goes on in
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surprising at this hotel but you know just stuff a period of a lot going on. this is kind of scary in suffolk marcella robertson thirteen years now for the final time president obama will step up to the podium for his state of the union address next we have a look at what to expect during the speech and our chilly temperatures will stick around for too long
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. for the eighth and final time prison obama will take center stage tonight he'll deliver the last state of the union speech of his presidency by cutting tells us virginia's two u s senators have high hopes for tonight. the letters right david and janet fellow democrats mark warner and tim can hope the president keeps the focus on the accomplishments of his tenure. one local political analysts we talked to thinks the president will also try to frame his legacy for the history writers i think as much as anything obama has been concern about his legacy for a long time thirty year political science associate professor jesse richmond says obama will do his best to convince historians and voters that his presidency has been a success. it's so it's still an opportunity for
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large national audience and try to make his case for the way people ought to interpret the last seven years of his term and he's hoping to influence the twenty sixteen presidential race. it's expected the president will highlight what he sees as his major accomplishments saving the auto industry enacting health care reform foreign policy working to curb gun violence and overseeing legalization of same sex marriage. virginia's two senators have high hopes for the speech what i hope the president will do tonight is a cut against some of the negativity that i see coming in as part of these presidential elections one of the candidates are saying make america great again suggesting that were not great now i frankly think we are great. my hope is that we reflect on the fact that over the last seven years we have seen our economy come back it's not back to where we want and clearly avoiding sci quest ration for the next two years is great news for
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particular i think there is a moment to say how do we regain some of that optimism that i think people have had has been missing and of course we'll be able to watch the speech live it's nine o'clock right here on abc thirteen by getting thirteen years now and abc news will have complete coverage of the state of the union address that for more on world news tonight starting at six thirty and get analysis on thirty news now that he left us as very less stable station norfolk today and it's not coming back to the guided missile destroyer is headed to its new home port in japan. the plan to move the berry was put in place more than a year ago and is not related to the tensions with north korea the change is a big sacrifice for the families left behind. we have anywhere from twenty seven to thirty families go without a lot of anything interesting in it absolutely is but we love
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proud of our sailors that it makes it all worthwhile the uss perry has about three hundred crew members the guided missile destroyer takes over for the uss lassen which will now be home ported the powerball jackpot is worth a record one point five billion dollars. here's some info to give you a little less sure of all winners seventy percent rely on the computer to pick the numbers the most common numbers are twenty six forty one twenty two and sixteen experts say don't limit yourself by picking a birthday the thirty one days there but sixty nine numbers to choose from among the big dry will air right here on abc thirteen we are your local lottery station. tune in at eleven pm to see if you aren't the billion and a half dollar winner. fairly mild
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into the mid fifties now are looking at really cold there and show you a map in a manner that will give you an idea of that ahead of the cold front over seeing little bit of precipitation being kicked off actually the line several hours ago was a lot more solid and you can see it broke up as it began to move here out of sort of the mountains and some parts of virginia toward the east so right now there's really not much out there however if you're watching us extreme southern areas they're back to back northern areas of the northampton probably see at least a little bit of a light shower may be up here in the northern neck couple of very brief light showers but for most of us there just isn't much out there other than mild temperatures again up right now compared to yesterday around nine ten eleven twelve degrees even more than that in williamsburg of thirty but here's the cold air i talked about look at west virginia twenties thirty in charleston thirties here in western virginia in richmond is still well down in the mid forties
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degree range so here with a northwest wind comes our air a little bit later tonight why will it be turning colder well high pressure is moving and forcing that from now and that northerly wind again is going to bring air straight from canada so one of the colder days we've seen so far this winter we haven't had a lot of those that this will be one of the chapters then as we go through the overnight hours dropping back down through the thirty degree mark and in many areas when she get in and it'll be more like the twenties and that's the air temperature will feel quite a bit colder than that teens for most areas in terms of the wind chill tomorrow by afternoon to actual temperatures rising up in the upper thirties but it will feel like the twenties much of the day tomorrow night a very weak system comes through you can see sort of a hint of that right in here with some of these clouds as that comes through ten percent chance if that of a stray flurry and then noticed the wind direction once we get into the daylight hours on thursday. that's going to
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cold start in that place cause tonight the still cold start and then by afternoon we're talking back up into the fifties once again to go along with some sunshine satellite and radar shows the system spinning around bringing just a smattering of moisture here across the eastern seaboard. tonight a shower possible early slight slight chance of a stray flurry later tonight just windy and cold that's the big news are mostly sunny breezy and very cold westerly winds gusting up to the point for most of today then fifty one on thursdays and three degrees above normal fried even mater fifty six fifty seven saturday in the front comes through and drops this on sunday monday tuesday back in the forties but as we get into friday saturday the big news will be the fact that we have quite a few showers we think come in and later saturday saturday night and then we'll see if they get out here by early sunday alright goodnight the saturday early said gotcha. if you tire myself all the great game last night
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did look good they did look good it would go away. there was a good guess how good the game was that the championship game i think the hype was huge in the game lived up to the hype. alabama comes in for the national championship and when derek andrew scored three touchdowns and then i took this one fifty yards with a frown thinking oh here we go well here we go on a great game because it was back and forth to shawn watson was all that quarterback for clemson four hundred five yards passing four touchdown passes jake coker found the man in the night is tight end o j howard who seem to come from out of nowhere couple of blown coverages he had two hundred yard receiving touchdown special teams maven the difference. alabama recovered an onside kick and then went to a field goal and then this kick return for a touchdown and alabama was on the way to a forty five to forty win their fourth national championship in seven years for nick saban his championship is the head coach the game a few hours to think about how to keep
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remember all the lessons that you learned in terms of developing a process that works for young people have a chance to be successful on a team dynamic that is your chance to be successful and you know right now is loaned them to continue to do this i want to keep things in perspective and look forward not backward. we say farewell to the college football season that looking backward
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norfolk state who it is good enough that things are going to get better. i think but they're struggling right now last night on their home court they lost a bit overcooked but there was no powerhouse seventy to seventy i say the good stuff that's
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the fast break made a foul shot alex long a big first half of this came as a sports website. eight the first half they actually came at me when they fell behind big came from behind a time and them losing for the eighth time in k ten games they are still two and one though in the bx to get into a well know me i have on hand did last night against florida and am at the convocation center the pirates now for knowing me act play that's when she has seen a double double reginald johnson had twenty one including that runner the pirates won seventy one sixty five over pam you in overtime it's their fourth overtime win this season were just going to get started the season. ron johnson the tides is the back with his entire staff tides of dots of course the man to the norfolk tides. i just dealt with the coldest weather the year coming in tomorrow. we use in baseball some days are warm things up
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tonight, breaking news here. the u.s. naval vessels with nearly a dozen sailors held by iran. we have late details coming in as we come on the air. martha raddatz standing by. also tonight, the pileups on america's highways. the chain reaction collisions on icy roads. drivers caught in whiteout conditions as a major arctic blast now moves east tonight. the deadly new terror attack. authorities say isis targeting westerners. the race for president tonight. and new numbers this evening, is hillary clinton in trouble in iowa and new hampshire?
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ted cruz, and then, the hecklers.
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