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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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game a fiery confrontation between city leaders in portsmouth you'll see only on thirty news now we're trying to find the person they believe exposed himself to children at popular shopping destinations months apart. we have a look and new details in a police involved shooting in office the man who killed a police k nine has died the news starts now and rob enforcement tonight and only we were there a wild car chase through the streets the sheriff in pursuit of the mayor happen just moments after the city council meeting and sheriff bill
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americana right for an expired inspection sticker but the mayor refused to stop and took off their new bows more this unusual confrontation that you'll see only on thirty news now as i dated this was a bizarre encounter it all started because that city council tonight councilman bill moody was being fined for speaking about council issue outside the closed door meeting tonight. he ended up shelling out fifteen hundred dollars for his actions he gave that money to the mayor but has no idea where it is going now consequently shad watson came down to city hall because of that issue he said council has no right or power to issue any type of fine but he ended up coming across the mayor's car and the past do inspection sticker the lives we are sure bill watson tried to issue mayor can you write a ticket for driving with an expired inspection sticker
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past due to start the game on whole world like the t mobile all twenty sure when to stop them and the mayor took off down the street he the he or several times refusing to stock of life with boys. we may get away from them really don't enjoy eventually the sheriff tells me the mayor called the chief of police in ashland several police officers showed up down the street to help resolve the situation and
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to look too much of the debate any issue and issue that ticket and he says he goes to show that no one is above the law here in the style you polled all the love that stuff i've been charged with evasion chose not to do that for a spot inspection started as i would any other citizen. he'll fall in the same law is in the other for the next match for that ticket issued now sally cows in a moody is out fifteen hundred dollars the way he says was just informing the public about counts the happenings he plans to hire an attorney and contact the aclu to fight against the fine reporting i mean you both thirteen years now. the think city councilman is calling for a review of practices in the culture of city hall after the indictment of city treasurer at the neighbor for our partners at the virginian pilot's a councilman and he put his euro made the remarks
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the hero who is running for mayor seemed to have the support of other council members including mayor paul fray last week for foot was arrested on federal political corruption charges the former vice mayor is accused of accepting almost a half million dollars in bribes and kickbacks while serving on council for the hero told the pilot he wants to review city practices and the culture of city hall as well as the city's housing authority wants to see if any of those could have contributed to perform its situation. new information tonight a man who killed a police k nine during a barricade situation in office has died a police officer shot keith richardson after a standoff on lan street yesterday police say richardson barricaded himself in a home after a call for a domestic dispute. negotiators tried for hours to get richardson to surrender police say richardson walked out with the gun and shot the k nine police tell us richardson passed away today neighbors told us they wish
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could have done for their friends to people or judgment it was a really good to listen. the officer who shot richardson is on administrative leave which is standard procedure. also new tonight a man shot and wounded an officer that happened just before nine o'clock tonight on alexander street near north view avenue and schools point wrote an emergency dispatcher tells the man was taken to the hospital. one resident who heard the gunshots tells us there has been more crime in this area recently we heard a couple shots and wonder what was going on and didn't think anything of it because there's so many shots out here it's just a bad neighborhood and then we saw the blue lights and came outside and realize that some i got shot. there's no word yet on the victim's condition or whether police are looking for any suspects. we're continuing to follow developments in a situation involving the capture of u s sailors ten navy sailors picked up by iran near
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transferred to an american ship tomorrow morning the pentagon says the sailors were onto river in boats similar to those that you see right there in this video boats drifted into iranian waters in the persian gulf after one of them had mechanical problems earlier today pentagon officials say they have been in contact with iran and iran says it will return the sailors and the boats promptly parents and business owners alerting the virginia beach community about a flasher who appears to be targeting children police say he exposed himself into stores and months apart they're hoping someone recognizes him from video they gave us today is primed for perusing the children's section cruising for kids that's what beach police believe the person seen in surveillance footage was doing at barnes and noble a town center black friday evening officers just releasing the video tuesday they say it shows a man who exposed himself to a child
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parent initial reaction is absolute rage. we bike or a parent and a regular at barnes and noble if i see the guy at the store to put it nicely he won't be going anywhere until the police arrive s'pore to this month this past weekend in fact the police believe the same person may have been at it again. minutes away from town center where two children became victims that incident in the toy section of the dollar tree and hated shopping center two in the afternoon saturday many families making their way in and out of business is then it's a very uncomfortable feeling for starters because we are unaware of it. we had no idea that anything like this was going on. gail theory old owns u s taekwondo center were many children train one job at it to her work tuesday. it's sad that the scary things are happening in but i think awareness is very important for parents not make an effort tonight to send out a letter or e mail to all of them said that they are aware that this is happening in virginia beach brian feral
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a house fire in virginia beach fire officials say it started in an outdoor grill firefighters were called to a town home on old hickory road two people were home at the time they're staying with family because all of the smoke and fire damage the good news here no one was hurt. also new tonight state police investigating a deadly crash involving a pedestrian that happen on i ninety five near route fifty eight in greenville county police say forty nine year old christopher moore of emporia was walking on the highway when a tractor trailer hit him. moore died at the scene the driver of the tractor trailer was not charged a man wanted in connection with two robberies in suffolk is in the hospital after police say he shot himself. officers arrested twenty three wrote kevin hawkins today they found him hiding out at the super eight motel on north main street. hawkins is accused of robbing a seven eleven and a family dollar in the last week when officers arrived at the super eight they heard what sounded like hawkins caulking a gun inside a room. swat teams were called for backup. according
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came out of the room with what appeared to be a self inflicted gunshot wound in his chin area. witnesses say they weren't surprised to see police at the motel a lot of things going on around this area to make enough money the know this hotel usually a lot of junk dealers may be is in the area. i had to be those on the hotel so it's not really surprising at this hotel but you know just the four periods a lot going on. they say hawkins is a suspect in several other robberies he is still in the hospital tonight. within five hundred local shipyard workers could be without a job within a very few short months b a e systems announced today it could be laying off as many as five hundred and thirty employees at its norfolk shipyard in march it would be the third wave of layoffs recently for the company four hundred job cuts were this past november and december. the ap says there aren't enough navy
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for maintenance. it sent warning letters to employees today sixty three percent cut in the labor force that is pretty devastating not only for the company but clearly for the employees working there. it's clearly a signal to hampton roads diversified and do so quickly. if all the layoffs in march go through the company will be down to approximately five hundred and fifty employees compared to nearly fifteen hundred workers last year hilton elementary in newport news will be closed for a second day tomorrow as we first reported last night at eleven crew stripping paint discovered the paint was lead based. they spent last night and most of today cleaning up school officials say they want a second day of cleaning to make sure the air quality is safe so it's looking more like thursday before the school reopens but another day off from school is creating a problem for some working parents to a
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out because i don't have anybody that i can just call um spontaneously to watch or the newport news parks and rec youth program will operate from eight in the morning until five thirty in the afternoon at the midtown community center for current participants in need of childcare. president obama is final state of the union address tonight will tell you who his message was directed at him what he said about the next presidential election and getting ready for the next general assembly session in richmond will tell you some
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president obama taking on his critics in his final state of the union address tonight he did not shy away from addressing the candidates seeking to succeed him focusing less on his policy goals for the year and more on long term missions abc's boss economic is in washington with the latest the making his way up the house see ryo for his last scene of the union address president obama called for more civility in politics. how can we make our politics reflect what's best and it's not what's worse place by his vice president and for the first time my new house speaker paul ryan president obama focused his message on the future saying the country must figure out
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economy to tackle climate change and that to fight terrorism and keep the world safe without it being the world's policeman and we sure don't need to push away vital allies in this fight by echoing the live i saw is somehow representative of one of the world's largest religions. we just need to call them what they are killers and fanatics who have to be rooted out hunted down and destroyed president referenced the heated rhetoric in the campaign for his successor and called for lawmakers to carry his vision forward and that's what we need to reject any politics any politics that targets people because of race or religion. this is not a matter of political correctness. the president joked that he would keep this the sort because there were presidential candidate in
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back to iowa tomorrow he kicks off his post state of union to work with stops in nebraska and louisiana on capitol hill. bostic nini abc news in richmond the general assembly session begins tomorrow lawmakers are expected to consider a wide range of topics including many related to transportation to lawmakers from portsmouth are asking the state to take another look at the tolls of the downtown and midtown tunnels also big on the transportation agenda gas prices with those prices dropping the state's gas taxes and bringing in as much as expected which means less money for infrastructure projects. other lawmakers are looking at a flexible tax that would change depending on the price at the pump your gas either be regardless of death we would rather it be now or later like instantly and the tastings leader of the time there are several other transportation items up for discussion during the session including raising the penalty for texting and
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fifty dollars first offense thirty news now will be in richmond tomorrow for the start of the general assembly before i report starting on thirteen news now at noon the u s house overwhelmingly approved a bill to sanction north korea following its recent nuclear test. both republicans and democrats approved the legislation that denies north korea the cash it needs to develop nuclear warheads and long range missiles there were only two people who voted against the bill lawmakers say that cutting off north korea's access to cash also makes it difficult for the nation to pay its army and police forces the director of national intelligence has been hacked u s intelligence official confirms a breach involving james clapper is online personal accounts. this comes just months after reports that someone hacked c i a director john brennan's personal email. all right if you're watching during the energy to dinner. however
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couple light showers across northern areas are actually some decent showers come across interesting that weekend as they move to the east and those are gone i didn't even see any reporting stations ever show up any rain but are probably couple spots where we had a sprinkler too and right now we're looking at what is possibly one or two isolated snowflakes making it down to the ground but i doubt any of that really is causing any kind of issue around richmond stripping the e so again we mentioned earlier five percent maybe ten percent chance that the most. it's a couple of snowflakes literally just a couple in the middle of the night right now forty four degrees winds out of the west and the dew point a team that's why it's so dry and that's why the lid the rain we did see on radar evaporated before could make it all way to the ground temperatures out there to cool down the farther north and west you go you see thirties back in when we're going to continue to watch those thirties moving in here over the next several hours it feels already like the thirties feels like
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twenty eight out in richmond it's not only cold but the wind still little stronger closer to where that in push important push of cold air is located in seattle when sean hampton thirty five thirty eight in virginia beach. so here we go with air temperatures first then on the do the half feels like temperature or the wind chill and you can see were anywhere from the twenties to around freezing in the morning. actual temperatures and then will see temperatures slowly rising up in the upper twenties upper lower thirties here by about nine o'clock by three thirty in the afternoon we should be already thirty seven or thirty eight that's about as high as we're going to get and then tomorrow evening we'll drop back into the twenties not as far into the twenties is what we're looking at tonight we will drop back into the twenties and then for a high temperature during the day on thursday will see it rising up through the thirties forties and ending up in the lower fifties which is a lot better than tomorrow so we literally almost every
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big swings up and down and then into the thirties by the evening that night you can see that little bit of moisture that passed through earlier in the form of some of those light sprinkles moving offshore. now the clearing skies the blustery conditions moving in spite of forecasts from our calls for thirty eight degrees the temperature today we called for forty x's me fifty three and the actual ended up fifty four degrees are spot on streaks up to nine after that twenty one day street that we have a little bit earlier about a week week and half ago when shells look at these numbers down into the teens and then starting by tomorrow to get back up only about freezing at the highest that's for the feels like temperature tonight thirty degrees blustery and cold tomorrow thirty eight that will feel much of the day like the twenties with a lot of sunshine the best i can help on thursday the twenty five percent chance of rain during
11:28 pm
friday night same thing and early saturday so most of the rain hope will come from the nighttime hours and not friday evening when you're out heading out to dinner or movie or saturday morning errands. all right jeff thanks so much right uva back on the basketball court trying to break out of a mini slump scott has the details
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. oh the uva tonight trying to pray out of a mini slump with the islam i ask you before i worry if i've ever been in was probably half of its when you have lost too many games in a row that's not right i guess that's me. yet for the first time in two years uva last two games in a row that the many slow to get back in the win column and have to beat number eight in the country miami tonight the canes won eight straight you may drop to number thirteen in the country first half they left it up to the big man anthony gill inside them to yell and toby had nineteen of the team's twenty seven first half
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a long jumper and uva led by for half and they went back and forth in the beginning the second half. love this play from adam brock and coming down the lane gets knocked in the left field made the basket game uva the lead miami came back to regain lead in london for answers at all thirteen of his points in the second half including that three pointer that gave uva the lead for good. there is time for washing away the ball here and then run the baseline for the alley oop uva won it sixty six to fifty eight it's about that time new year we step up our high school basketball coverage. we thought the woodside heritage matchup that would be a good one and we were right and how to be the wolverines head coach happy to have divine take order and crystal in a trance running back to woodside this year to transfer away. orlando with the ball here eventually this quarter and year for leah he's a scoring machine at twenty eight tonight when the best players in the state looking at right there and then it's jordan for her big
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the first half for woodside they were before the break that habit is going pretty good team. lila in the trenches and drive the lane. yes found makes the bucket and they have the type of device will be seen again and score a lot to jermaine marrow in a game high twenty five tonight the game was tied at sixty two o one side for the last six points in the game for the win sixty eight to sixty two when we come back big news big news from the nfl and football fans in los angeles and will also hear from okay. so right now, everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios." but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a greatdeal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available.
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