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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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know what it's not gonna warm up much today we're going to see sunshine that will be nice but we step out you better have a heavy coat or like andres layered up with that vest against and toes to warm today you're going to want it. we did this at clipper system passed by the north front pushes through overnight and now the skies are clear that we are going to see more sunshine through the day beautiful thirty six degrees at the airport right now northwest winds ten mph we've been watching some gusty conditions near the coast gossip around twenty to twenty five mph early this morning i think today were generally looking at west windsor northwest winds ten to twenty mph temperatures currently are in the low thirties in the leaves have a couple upper twenties and around richmond and petersburg milder the coast mid to upper thirties right now these temperatures are going to drop a little bit of the next couple of hours so i will bottom out this morning around thirty to maybe thirty three degrees officially windchill this morning in
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especially close to the coast up to now for twenty two. it feels like twenty two in newport news. right now the current windchill hampton twenty five and it feels like twenty eight in virginia beach and portsmouth. so as we take you through the day again a lot of sunshine but temperatures not warming up a lot highs today in the upper thirties. i'll be back full forecast does get warmer tomorrow. chances for rain on friday emma look at your weekend in just a little bit let's check in now on newport news ashley will say good morning to her and see which is watching up there good morning craig morning to you as well watching a couple of overnight construction projects in newport news will start on sixty four eastbound passing for use this baking away in the direction of jefferson avenue right now the left lane is blocked and give you a quick live look at that you can see for yourself you can see there the construction cones the flashing lights are urging folks to over to the right hand side you do still have that one lane open traffic a little bit slow passing the scene there so expect some slight delays knowledge knowing that wraps
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the traffic network map to make our way to another spot in newport news seventeen south out of the jr be as you transition into isle of wight county the left lane also block they're not seeing major delays for something to watch out for until that clears and coming up at four forty one had a sixty four traffic and into norfolk at the hr bt got breaking news so media reports south korea has fired twenty mm machine gun warning shots after north korean drone briefly crossed into its border into the south overnight no tensions in that region remain high after north korea's claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test last week of those claims have yet to be confirmed but south korea the united states and others are pushing for hard to impose fresh sanctions and other punitive measures on the north where that possible bomb test. we are working to get more information on this morning's instant free updates as we learn more in the mission center park or thirteen years now i can't thank you and only on thirty news now a fiery confrontation between
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intense car chase through the streets. the sheriff in pursuit of the marriage started which are bill watson try to issue a citation to mckinney right for expired inspection sticker with the mayor refused to stop and took off our lethal round of live at city hall with much more on this dramatic incident to say the least that you're going to see only on thirteen years now only wild country is safe to say things got pretty heated out here the mayor and a share clearly did not see eye to eye after the city council meeting sheriff watson waited for the mayor in the parking lot. sheriff watson was at city hall to hear about councilmember bill moody being fined fifteen hundred dollars for speaking about council happenings outside of a closed door meeting as you mentioned want to try to give mayor write a ticket for an expired inspection take us sick or were told it was seven months past due the share of try to talk to
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was brushed off so eventually the sheriff in portsmouth police officers chased the mayor through portsmouth the mayor ended up stopping stopping and was given a citation for the expired ticket take a listen to what the sheriff had to say he's not above the law is just a mayor and the marathon bug or five city council will have the authority to fine any body. it's the city's gone down the tubes. yeay yeay the mayor is scheduled to be in court february twenty four in portsmouth. elise brown thirteen years now heartily thankful say much more on that story later hour. a guilty plea is expected on the docket today from virginia beach teacher accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the student george brown is set to appear in court for trial this afternoon a grand jury indicted brown in november. mccallum high school teacher is charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor police
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the school system suspended him without pay. look for an update after today's scheduled hearing on us for thirty five know a crime alert in virginia beach police are looking for a flasher who appears to be targeting children princes to this. police say he exposed himself into stores and months apart the first incident happened in november at the barnes and noble in town center the second occurred over the weekend at the dollar tree in the hague that shopping center authorities hope someone will recognize him from this video from the november incident if you do call the crime one later today preliminary hearing is set for tanya slate and a trooper found her son's body in the trunk of her car last june during a traffic stop in hampton the medical examiner said the cause of quincy davis' death still undetermined we're told that no one had seen the boy since two thousand and four when he was just a student at a middle school in virginia beach clayton is only charged with concealing a dead body
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affairs played by yet another scandal ahead what a new audit reveals about millions of dollars left on available for patient care first lotto fever is taking over yet again with a one point five
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. all right good morning you take a look at our low temperatures through the day the temperatures are going to be warming up into the upper thirties that's about it you see the computer they are resetting that secular skyview feed so let's go to the satellite and the radar images and across the area now the skies and clear that it's gonna be a beautiful day when you look outside you can see plenty of sunshine but when you step outside you better have your coat and
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a temperatures will stay cooler i just mention that the cold air's come and we had the front passed through last evening and really not a lot of fanfare a few sprinkles and that was it that's really what we had the forecast and now the clearing in the breezy conditions you can see full sunshine across the region down through north carolina south carolina off to the north certainly virginia and maryland areas north that maybe a few more clouds and around charleston west virginia thirty two and mostly sunny richmond thirty six will take a look at our local highs today and across syria. i expect highs in the upper thirties maybe forty degrees in a spider to which you can see from virginia beach a suffix with you and we feel we're anticipating about thirty nine degrees forty one in williamsburg temperatures lower to mid thirties on the eastern shore thirty eight and matthew's little warmer there cape charles come down in north carolina forty eight k level hills and around him to know the next
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rebounding pretty quickly fifty two friday tomorrow and then rain chances on friday during the afternoon evening i'll talk more about that and she is the week in just couple moments a spectacle and rangers after all right sounds good craig headed to the coleman bridge now because i do have an alert for you there. the us has issued a high wind advisory at the coleman bridge so that means for you in the lanes are closed or anything like that but we ask you to be extra cautious as you cross the bridge was getting a live look now at the coleman bridge is you can see couples make out the camera shifting back and forth a little bit due to the heavy winds out there there's traffic headed south or a car i probably should say headed south and northbound lanes are open to moving well to traffic not the big issue just take your time as you cross the bridge and then coming up next that live with the traffic around the car bt california that they so much ashley time thus for forty one another round of cuts at a local shipyard workers at ge systems are bracing themselves for more
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another day and the powerball jackpot keeps jumping out of another one hundred million de ferry and ninety the largest lottery prize in the world. now fans at one half billion dollars in
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forget to get to get just one person has the lucky winning ticket they could take a one time payment of nine hundred and thirty million dollars before taxes lottery officials think that there's a pretty good chance that someone's going to strike it rich this time around so they are estimating eighty five percent of all possible number combinations will have been played for the drawing act thirteen years now photojournalist are going to listen to this rick gallo is hoping to get the powerball action going for a lot of people that the seven eleven on south plaza trail right now. this is his camera that is life you can hear her eyes and he is buying a ticket right now we will post a facebook later today and he is promising once again to share the win with you if you like our posts so make sure to like the post once it is up we will let you know when
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that. what a nice guy is great yet but i like the pics because i'm not going to be left out of this so you know the odds of winning the powerball jackpot are one in two hundred and ninety two million. here are some reminders about how to get most of your team's first we told you this before but the computer pick the number seventy percent of past winners have relied on the computer then hope the computer picks the right numbers yes computer do it for us the most common main draw numbers are ready for this twenty six forty one twenty two in sixteen weeks replay those numbers if you do pick the numbers do not pick a date when people use dates they usually choose numbers thirty one or below and given the fact that there are sixty nine numbered balls you're ignoring thirty eight other possibilities. yap that's going to get to know i remember abc thirteen is your official lottery station you can walk to powerball jackpot drawing tonight during thirteen years now and live coverage of the powerball pandemonium continues on good morning america that's coming up at seven o'clock right after
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would help you gamble buy all new this morning the veterans health administration failed to spend nearly half of its designated four point eight billion dollar budgets half of that budget for non va care in twenty thirteen that is according to a new report from the va inspector general's office the audit also discovered medical center administrators over estimated funds needed to pay for veterans outside care by nearly five hundred and fifty million these are huge mistakes. the finding follows several reports that the va mis handled disciplinary actions against administrators involved in scandals four forty seven is your time developing now more than five hundred local shipyard workers could be without a job within a few months. these systems announced yesterday it could be laying off as many as five hundred and thirty employees at its norfolk shipyard in march the company sent warning letters to employees yesterday. this is the third wave of layoffs recently for
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hundred jobs this past november and december. he says there aren't enough navy ships home ported in the area for maintenance i will be fifteen cold a warning about what is going to be chilly out they are singing about rick taylor lautner this morning little windy little cold to us and get them out at second. i feel how they swim back all that is the nice me know i would notice if he hits the big one once things got like five thousand people like that okay. it's a bit when that's what this was five bucks to the rank it like a half and half to set this up or give it a lot that will now like i guess is that having unhindered way a lot of bean shell. no really they're making it rain with pennies anyway i hear though we have temperatures today are gonna be cold or a lot colder than yesterday fifty four was a high typically were around forty eight so you can see we're above normally yesterday we're going to be below normal today with upper thirties and for the year we are about one point two
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the official reading at the airport it's fun and heard from and farmers haven't just been to a craggy know we're in great shape as matter fact the fields and some of the drainage ditches in the year is there to what right now so i'm not missing many places in fine shape as far as precinct as temperatures are going to stay in the thirty three the afternoon i expect highs right around thirty seven maybe thirty eight degrees officially something like that radar sweeping clear and as we go through the day you have to worry about any rain today is going to remain dry it'll be dry tonight tomorrow and tomorrow night to getting in the friday things change up and you can see that with our future cast is really an expanded view here because the cia storm system develop and move in from the southwest notice some snow back across ohio and eastern great lakes that misses us to the north were still in good shape to the day tomorrow but here comes that moisture from the southwest and you can see is that system gets its act
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move in during the day on friday and by late friday afternoon friday evening rain chances go up and go up significantly i expect rain overnight friday into early saturday morning and you can see by one o'clock the area of low pressure tracking across our area the rain comes through steady and heavier overnight into early saturday morning and then during the day early saturday it'll pull off to the northeast will see things trying out for later saturday so the weekend doesn't look bad and push him on luther king day on monday. so an extended weekend looks pretty good but there will be good chances for rain late friday into early saturday a little breezy near the coast who are talking about that at the top of the show wind chills right now are in the twenty for most areas you take a look here. norfolk and newport news chest because i feel like the twenties franklin twenty four the current windchill so it is very cold out there make sure you get your jacket with
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six right now temperatures will dip into the low thirties and then climb back to about thirty eight or so so that's it clear tonight not as breezy colder inland and fifty two tomorrow temperatures back above normal as we look ahead over the weekend to see that chance for showers late friday into early saturday and then as we go into sunday skies become partly sunny and it's a pretty good for martin luther king day ashley shaking her head she doesn't like the thirties. let's focus on those fifty for the week and then it's going to rain cell like the warmest days are going to be wet like we just can't win can liao eventually we'll get back to warmer temperatures so i'll stick it out now deal with that right now we'll take a look at traffic that's not too bad over the tar bt was going to live with now sixty four eastbound right around mallory street a half mile from the hr bt not much working out their traffic flowing freely to the south side on the traffic network maps you need to watch out for the coleman bridge still under the dot issued high
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just proceed with caution across the bridge in newport news sixty four east past four uses the left lane is blocked due to overnight construction and also in newport news seventeen southbound of the jr be as you head to isle of wight county the left lane also block selection on those projects wrap up coming up at five o'clock had the five sixty four were taken traffic into naval station norfolk are attached thank you okay to live in two weeks into the new year and already people are falling off their diet. many people are what
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thirteen years now wants to help you get a jumpstart on twenty six teams oregon to be giving away a very special prize every single day this week so today we are teaming up with an organizer. it's called harmony at home organizing or given away to one lucky viewer three hours of personalized home organization at the four hundred dollars value. tune in to the six o'clock hour of daybreak clinton a special keyword and go over to a website that can use the com click on the features tab and enter the keyword to watch out for that time now for fifty five you this morning blue cross blue shield customers in north carolina you might be getting money back money was wrongly drafted from customers' accounts the company ceo now
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refund any money twenty five thousand customers were put into wrong health plans. when the affordable care act went into effect on january first the ceo says they have decided or add more customer service representatives and are working to get all issues resolved now new and health news contrary to what people often hear british researchers are now saying the january may not be the best time to start a healthy diet they say that humans have an evolutionary urge to maintain body fact when it's cold when all animals to different food and sources are scarce. that is when you think the most because food these days are full of sugar the temptation to eat is stronger than our new year's resolution not to fall. there you go yeah excuse letter. add the creamer. thank you is that the fatness four fifty six temperatures won't get out of the thirties today but here is greg muller said that we will see a very big swing in temperatures over the next few days so hang tight and tense incident is testing international relations ahead
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detain several american sailors and when they're expected to be released and still to come for the tolls at the downtown or midtown tunnels be reduced or even eliminated at the question of the general assembly will likely have to answer today
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i do. and for this final one minute run metal short end it was short it was just under an hour president obama delivered his last state of the union address focusing on the future and we're watching an international incident this morning american sailors who drifted into iranian waters are being detained in that country right now have an update on that this is thirteen years now it's five o'clock of the dot at the top of this half hour. ashley's watching the base traffic still have that moment greg if you are the check of your forecast before you head out the door you told us yesterday. pack an extra
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you took my advise to dublin
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