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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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controversy around the mayor in the shaft continues after thirteen years now quite a bizarre traffic stop involving the portsmouth mayor kenny writes he is facing formal charges today the update expected a big ruling expected today that could affect virginia voters how donald trump is tied to a lawsuit involving the commonwealth gop loyalty oath. it's five o'clock on the thank you so much joining us on this thursday for thirteen years now and they break at the top this half hour ago ashley's watching grocery trouble spots and craggy here and check the forecast before you head out the door a little warmer so that we think the guy is going to be a little warmer and really have got some pretty good news today and for much of the day tomorrow now we will deal with rain tomorrow night it's a certainty into early saturday
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through. i don't think the weekend's gonna be terrible though i think we're going to see some bright spots here and then some big changes with our temperatures for early next week right now it's pretty peaceful around town point park as you can see visibility is good. had a couple of light flurries pass by a prior richmond yesterday you can see that that was around eleven o'clock last night jeff was talking a little bit about that didn't amount to much of anything at all there but we do keep an eye the radar all the time thirty degrees right now and the skies partly cloudy we're going to see clearing skies day unfolds with lots of sunshine right now though chilly out there temps in the twenties and low to mid thirties with wind chills feeling like their the twenty for most areas they go temperatures warming up load mid fifties today with that sunshine come and i had the full forecast will talk about the rain for tomorrow night and look at you we can just feel it's right now ashley is going to look ahead to that ride from virginia beach at practice keeping an
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four so we headed out about in virginia beach will give you a live look now around rosemont road here's a westbound traffic that traffic will eventually be handed out maybe to sixty four out of norfolk and his trap of making its way eastbound in the direction of the oceanfront we are very calm on the road right now no major issues and all the traffic network maps i was tracking an issue out and sussex county and ninety five south at mile marker thirty two but i just got word that that has cleared we don't have to worry about that anymore everything should be moving nicely on ninety five. so coming up in the next few minutes to get the abridged list for today and will check traffic on five sixty four making its way into naval station norfolk. breaking news involving the murder of american in italy prosecutors have now identified a suspect they say american ashley olsen suffered two fractures to her skull before she was strangled authorities have detained a suspect following analysis of dna that was found at the scene his twenty five year old. dun wan da an immigrant from senegal who
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ago illegally. witnesses reported seeing olson and won leaving a disco early friday morning and going into her florence apartment investigators say that he had taken her cell phone and put his own sin code on it and used it for much more on this story coming up ahead on good morning america you're bored all the love they also scoff when plainclothes and not just to have my badge display charges will officially be filed today against portsmouth mayor kenny writes for an expired inspection sticker. the mayor has already charged with felony eluding it all stems from a chase a you have seen only on thirteen years now sheriff bill watson going after the mayor the men have had a strained relationship for years mayor wright turned himself in yesterday and got all the people of portsmouth say that city leaders need to put the city first and their
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looks like incompetence. it's unfortunate because smith is sitting in an area that has potential for growth. i'd tell a horrible title that i was very chatty and very over fresno see what they're talking about you can watch the raw video of wednesday's confrontation in thirteen years now dot com as we can also find stories on the past conflicts between mayor and sheriff watson of course we're going to continue to follow developments with the mayor's upcoming court appearances as well. and later today a judge is expected to rule on a push to block the so called loyalty oath for virginia voters last month gop leaders persuaded the virginia state board of elections to require voters in the march first primary to sign a statement affirming that they are in fact republicans downtime criticized the requirement saying that he would scare off new gop voters from supporters filed the lawsuit against the state board a week ago saying that such an oath violates civil rights but on the survival for the first republican presidential debate of the year is tonight in south
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are not waiting for the face off to take shots at each other. now while many consider it a non starter donald trump is still insisting ted cruz may not be able to run because he was born in canada to american mother. supposing he runs and everybody is banking on him and then the courts rule that can run. that's not so good when you can see the election to hillary clinton a crazy party you'll see donald trump ted cruz marco rubio ben carson chris christie jeb bush and john casey on the mainstage you can look for highlight some thirteen years now eleven but after this newscast seven o'clock jamie will have more on what you should watch for as primaries creep up. helton elementary school in newport news will reopen today. on monday the cruise there found lead based paint while they were working on the school officials closed the building for two days that the crews could clean the test of the building for toxins and the test came back clear school leaders say the crews
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. or i were to take a look at the voting for cason we have a small craft advisory in place from ten a m the waist a little choppy there on the lower part of a car running about two three feet the seas to three people she typically expect the sea state a little bit rougher than in the bay so i get a small craft advisory at this morning for the lower part of the chesapeake let's take a look right now it's in temperatures around the chesapeake bay on the eastern shore we have low to mid thirties widespread although a little bit milder denny's phil and cape charles on the west side of the bay around the northern neck in the middle peninsula very
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there for the pencil of many locations reporting thirty four degrees. it is thirty seven e yorktown thirty six ten of the east end of newport news. you go down to the south side only of low to mid thirties for much of virginia beach of the thalia at twenty nine right now it is twenty eight deep creek thirty a great range thirty three around downtown suffolk and in northeast north carolina twenties for seven when there's like a husky quarter peak mid thirties and even some spots around the outer banks in the low forties temperatures today are going to be milder than yesterday we're going to see clearing skies are some clouds out there this morning but the afternoon temperatures and lower to mid fifties in general the steps maybe a little bit warm this day some one of our models here that you see but we will enjoy a lot of sunshine so look for an official height the airport closed fifty three. little bit milder and lend them our chances for showers late in the day and tomorrow night and into saturday morning a few
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cloudy later on saturday we'll check in on naval station norfolk right now i see the base traffic slowing down a bit there ash already graded ten minutes after five and we have pretty decent our back up here around naval station norfolk on five sixty four west we had a busy around the base for a few days now and this morning is no different. this live look is just past terminal boulevard whittier delays are beginning at terminal and with it being this early they are only going to growth will stay with us or give you the latest for now will head back to the traffic network maps a reminder that the gilbert and bridge opens at six thirty this morning that the military in chesapeake and the high rise bridge opens at ten will have the latest around the basin just a few minutes and will check traffic norfolk hampton at the hr bt rite. well it's finally over guys the powerball pandemonium coming down together said parker's following all the developments believe it or not these are people that are supporting the store with
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. the fbi is now investigating the ambush shooting of a philadelphia police officer as a terrorist
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comey says that the islamic state has been crowd sourcing terrorism police say the suspect edward archer told in the act in the name of islam when he opened fire on the officer's cruiser january seven. that officer survived but it is a time a story tell you about a constable shot and killed a twelve year old girl in perry county pennsylvania near harrisburg. it happened while serving an eviction in her family's apartment. pleasee constable clark steele was met at the door by the girl's father they see the father pointed a rifle it steals chess. the constable grabbed his gun and shot the father of the bullet passed through the man's arm and hit the child killing her the commonwealth constables association says steele is well respected and that he has decided to suspend work on the investigation is complete. new this morning one of the two afghan airmen missing from the air force base in georgia has been found the source of homeland security did not provide
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found him but the agency is still searching for the other airmen now the pair failed to show up for training exercises at the base last month officials believe that the men do not pose a risk to the public and want to avoid returning to afghanistan if you owe back taxes to the irs you might soon get a call from a private debt collector congress voted to outsource the work against irs recommendations. it's part of a new highway funding bill that took effect last month critics are concerned scammers could more easily poses irs tax collectors to fraudulently do people out of their money. there's been a lot of chatter on twitter about the dress that first lady michelle obama was wearing to the state of the union address the washington post reports that someone found a dress for sale at neiman marcus. it had been marked down to six hundred and twenty eight dollars from two thousand and ninety five the dress sold out within minutes of
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wears she is always stylish overseer per session hall style is fantastic. all right turning to weather now it's a little bit warmer than it was yesterday in the thirties yesterday morning mountain given to the fifties people walking there was the better it will get better guys hang in there temperatures today will be warming up. we're starting off with temps in the lower thirties we have twenties for some inland areas so this is what we have skies partly cloudy but you know what this guy's going to clear out little breezy and a few spots as well later this morning i suspect by mid day it'll be mostly sunny and temperatures in the upper forties and then lower to mid fifties through the afternoon officially the high close fifty three many in when there is a b in the mid fifties so a little bit warmer than that and the senators are back above normal swimming most folks to be happy with that down to the south going to be watching some moisture with this system developing over the gulf of mexico this is going to stream to the northeast and eventually
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around our area as we take a look you're our temperatures again in the mid fifties are the coast in the downtown area right around fifty six point one for that official high near fifty three chapters of an eastern shore close to fifty from alpha and shake eighteen fifty four of cape charles made fifty for hampton newport news losses gloucester so not a bad day temperatures certainly milder than they have been and you can see the temperatures in the upper fifties for even ten and her deferred temperatures also mid to upper fifties around the outer banks so this is what we're looking at over the next few days we are going to find the temperatures are really tapping out i expect close to normal for today and as we go into tomorrow we get above normal temperatures staying warm through saturday and then cooler sunday forty five there there's a chance for a few coastal showers is an
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will be tracking early as we go through sunday into monday that it should be far enough offshore that i don't think it has major impacts it is something we'll be watching on this decoder for mark luther king day. let's check in now with ashleigh. all right greg let's take a look now at traffic leaving norfolk making its way to hampton sixty four westbound at the hr bt so here's a live look now at rest about three miles or so away from the hr bt on the norfolk side so this is your traffic just passed forth you headed up to the tunnel and moving very well. eastbound traffic headed into norfolk also in fine shape for the big issue in the morning as we head back to the traffic network maps is traffic headed to naval station norfolk where again a berry jams this morning all of five sixty four west is now backed up to the sixty four split the drop down to eleven miles an hour there that stop and go to the base delays are actually beginning and sixty four west in the hov lanes at tidewater so about a mile away from the entrance to five sixty
5:19 am
delays to build so stay with us. i'll keep you posted when i went to camp the boulevard as an alternate route but do expect that to be a bit backed up as well so is going to be another slow ride into the basement you leave one home early to get to work on time this morning and again we'll keep you posted income of the next few minutes looks like a prettier i don't run sixty four the monitor merrimack but will check that together to give you a live look and it is just being this early and then i read on the map and alas it's been like this last few days and would like that before. i think that when traffic started to build up earlier this week everyone said okay tomorrow to leave home early. yeah i'm thinking and that could definitely be the case. you know so we do have a lot of traffic making its way to the baseball again this morning is true but not wanting that the twenty ninth as you see ashley's you kill him but i try to have more in the morning line already been to ohio and even though you did not win the powerball you
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is a steep investment imagine walking into my place in sealed bags these are investments in us what they are on a good reminder for you thirty news that want to help you get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen and will be giving away a special prize to do it everyday this week today we're giving you five hundred dollars to spend at kroger today to the six o'clock hour of daybreak to learn today's special keyword then thirteen years now dot com and click on the features tab enter the keyword here during the six on power and that's how you enter for chance to win our fight twenty six the temperature swings over the past few days not over yet. now many are sick because craig is tracking another ten degree drop. if you want to watch
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on this boy i'm not breaking news as several people are dead after a brazen attack in indonesia and in hampton roads a home invasion turns violent landing a woman in the hospital we are live with more on the search for the people who did this this is thirteen years now at the break at five thirty i am on three sr and lucy bustamante meteorologist greg muller is tracking a warming trend right now that's a pretty good use a startling fact that we may not have hit the powerball but at least we can feel like winners with the warmer forecast how am i alone in this i actually feel a measure of relief now that somebody won the jackpot so i don't feel like i'm obligated to go on to keep spending more money on the stick. anyway today we will focus on a warmer day and it gets even warmer tomorrow and into saturday's well we've had some clouds this morning driving in this morning it was mostly cloudy but it is actually thinning out pretty quickly here and scott is going to become
5:27 am
partly cloudy with southwest winds at eleven mph to be a little breezy today with southwest winds occasionally gusting twenty maybe even twenty five mph air temperatures pretty cold this morning twenty for sin and when there is like suffolk and husky emporia low to mid thirties near the coast has been taken to the day the temperatures will warm up to about fifty three officially many inland areas in the mid fifties enjoyed today he gets a little warmer tomorrow but we'll see rain moving in tomorrow night cache id that with our future cast coming up. time now for a look at the ride in around naval station norfolk in ashley has covered all craig has been a busy morning around the bay since about five o'clock the last half hour we're really seeing traffic pick up one five sixty four and use the very latest are now pretty jammed on sixty four as we give you a live look around chesapeake boulevard. that's two miles away from the entrance to five sixty four and you can see the outside to the blaine jamming up headed to tidewater and that sixty or
5:28 am
i should say no in the insides of lanes moving a little bit better and the vehicle to the tidewater and then it's like stopping all traffic to get all the way into the bay flocking to watch this for now they would take him to boulevard or another route the coming of the next few minutes i do have some more traffic trouble to report on sixty four. i'll tell you where coming up. now the breaking news three people in three states waking up multimillionaire is lottery officials confirming winning tickets were sold in california tennessee and florida the first reported winning ticket was sold to the seven eleven in chino hills california the crowds are so excited this is right outside of los angeles. we just learned that the winning ticket in tennessee that was sold him on for now that's north of memphis. no word on the location of that florida winning ticket just yet i just want to check your ticket here are those numbers four eight nineteen twenty seven thirty four and the powerball and the jackpot is estimated at nearly one point six billion that means each winner could walk away
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twenty eight million dollars before taxes will be sure to update your blog at any other winners announced. of course stick around for continuing coverage on good morning america. ok thank you sandra and now on to a crime alerts in portsmouth a woman was critically injured after someone shot her during home invasion. officers responded to queen street near the london oaks apartments around eight thirty last night or lisa brown is live on the scene in portsmouth with more please. lucy andre detectives here at the department are working constantly around the clock to try to get that woman justice in our getting trying to get information from people now police say three unknown suspects were seen getting into a car after the shooting when officers got queen street they say they went along they found a woman shot in the torso she was taken to the hospital we're told she's in critical condition. officers had the area blocked off. it can be seen walking around walk around the street shining
5:30 am
suspects took off in an unknown vehicle we don't have that description but we are working to learn more information from police. if you have any information call the crime line live in portsmouth police brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you and now to a crime alert in newport news where a teenage boy is in the hospital with serious injuries after getting shot in his lower back police say they received a call about nine o'clock last night about shots fired in the area of eighteenth street and ivy avenue that's where officers found a wounded seventeen year old. there are two things still unclear at this hour where the victim was shot and whether police identified a suspect who bring you updates as we learn more new information about a delay in the trial for a mother accused of hiding her son's dead body. the judge continued tanya slings case yesterday at the request of her attorney slate and is now set for preliminary hearing on february sixteen in earlier this week the medical examiner declared the cause of death for sleeping son
5:31 am
undetermined. no one had seen quincy since two thousand and four state trooper found the boy's body in strange tongues last year in him this morning the twenty two years that's how long a hampton man will spend in prison for conspiring to distribute drugs and causing an overdose back in october benjamin garrett pleaded guilty to felony drug charges in newport news. court documents reveal a forty seven year old was the leader of a heroin drug trafficking ring on the peninsula in june forty nine year old robert chad died of an overdose documents a bear its old shed the drugs right now suffolk police need your help to find a wanted man. this is twenty year old k shaun robinson his warrants on file for felonious assault and domestic assault. police say robinson is also wanted for questioning in a commercial armed robbery a few of them. anyone who knows where to find robinson should call the crime line immediately. still to come the us is refusing to apologize for an incident involving u s sailors who
5:32 am
but this morning new video shows the sailors may have already done just that and breaking news out of indonesia were several people are dead after attacker set
5:33 am
. our lives take a look at you ride into work and the ride home it is partly cloudy this morning temperatures starting off in the twenties and thirties most theories upper twenties to low thirties and as we go to the day the temperatures will turn much milder the afternoon highs back up above normal high should be in the lower to mid fifties with mostly sunny skies so obviously good weather conditions for both the ride into work and the ride home. let's keep this more information here's the big picture cold up in the northeast cold across north central and northern tier of the us we have a system go down over the gulf of mexico it's going to come together and it's going to bring some moisture with it tomorrow late today and tomorrow night we'll look for rain around here as you can see if you're traveling up to new york city you may encounter a few snowflakes up that way cold around chicago thirty nine fifty nine in saint louis sixty seven and alice liddell what better on
5:34 am
sixty eight and along the west coast a little wet for san francisco as well we'll take a look at our region and temperatures are going to be mild around richmond fifty four forty nine in d c fifty seven trolley and fifty nine down in charlotte lowe please imagine temperatures in the mid fifties for many locations. officially the airport after probably down a little bit lower than these numbers you're seeing i expect an official high close to fifty three degrees coming up we'll have the spot on forecast recap they let you know if we're still going strong or whether we stumbled and look ahead to that we can begin a time out for you with our future cast in a few minutes here's ashley. all right craig sounds good right now to take a look at traffic at the monitor merrimack six sixty four to northbound headed to newport news and southbound making its way to supper not seeing a traffic trouble there but as we head back to the traffic network maps we are still very heavy around naval station norfolk so we'll take a look at that again all of five sixty four west is jammed into the base
5:35 am
sixty four west in the outside lanes at northview avenue and is going to be that slow crawl and you get the five sixty four and has the crawling to get into the bay so again you might wanna take him to boulevard as another route but i expect this morning will probably be really backed up there as well flocking to watch that i don't forget the helmet and bridge opens at six thirty and as we zoom out you can see traffic in the rest of the area moving well we'll check the downtown tunnel when i come back. are they somewhat testy ten s five forty one it's one of the most commonly eaten foods the potatoes when you study may raise concerns for expectant mothers and their
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breaking news out of indonesia at least seven people are dead after attacker set off explosions and opened fire at a starbucks cafe in downtown jakarta jakarta police chief is reportedly now saying islamic state definitely is behind this attack. we know the five attackers and two civilians were killed in in response to these attacks malaysia's national police just raise the security alert in that country to its highest level. this comes weeks after police issued several warnings that islamic militants were planning something the u s embassy in jakarta warning all americans to shelter in place and monitor me until the situation becomes more clear. we keep following
5:39 am
you as we learn more gma also have much more on the story at seven right after daybreak thank you sandra with developing right now iranian state tv is airing a video of the american sailors apologizing after two navy boats drifted into iranian waters was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for mystic dream behavior was fantastic. well here we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance for the us as it is not apologizing for the incense. centcom says that the iranians staged a video to humiliate american soldiers sailors early yesterday the iranians released the ten sailors back into us custody. the video shows the sailors kneeling with her hands on their heads moments after their capture by forty five the time a new this morning president obama has approved an unprecedented increase of refugee aid yesterday mr obama authorized seventy million dollars from a special fund set up by
5:40 am
refugees in the west there are no geographical restrictions meaning aid money could be spent on refugees worldwide in both size and scope the presidential declaration is the largest expansion of the program and at least two decades this morning before making changes the commissary benefit advocates want lawmakers to consider the effects on military families. this comes from our partners at the military times they have asked lawmakers yesterday at a hearing to evaluate the impacts on military families before they raise those prices at the commissary or introducing a commissary private label lawmakers want to reduce the commissary system's dependence on taxpayer dollars. well new this morning to nervous investors will be watching the markets today for any signs of rebound after another d yeah the dow jones industrial average opens at three hundred and sixty five points down this morning. the snp last forty eight points. it's the worst start of the year
5:41 am
about china's economy and falling falling oil prices are driving the decline to check out these numbers from the federal bureau of transportation in nineteen ninety the industry lost four point one billion dollars for losses grew to more than twenty eight billion by two thousand and eight but for the first nine months of twenty fifteen u s airlines raked in almost eighteen billion dollars. they benefited last year from low oil prices full planes and growing fees according to bureau statistics wolf as watching the seahawks panthers game at bank of america stadium this sunday in charlotte will be able to stuff themselves with the new man with creation check out this sandwich there on your screen inside of it you'll find a six ounce beef patty buried by huge helping of pulled pork and to top it off the sandwich is covered in
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i like to call this a heart stopping it to lucy. oh all right they're seniors now and snobby get a jumpstart and twenty six teams are going to give you some free groceries everyday this week to be to have a giveaway today is five hundred dollars to kroger to tune in to the six o'clock hour of daybreak to learn today's special keyword to answer than you can go over to thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab and put becky were to take about a third of that day gift certificate and put it towards making that sandwich you gotta work on tackling the big thing at least i don't know i guess is a lot of protein in it trying to find something vases for the big workout person you are a gamble on love living in our temperatures today may have you want to workout outside temperature is low to mid fifties to the aftermath is going to be nice and we're going to talk about our spot on the street because you know what we've been hot and on a roll like a zero sum right hat on a roll anyway here's ollie and tori
5:43 am
today warmer than yesterday yesterday's afternoon temperature was thirty eight the official high yesterday was forty two but that came right around midnight yesterday morning so we're talking about caffeine high close to thirty eight after we topped off so the spas three double digits were ten will keep that run in today with temperatures expected to max out in the low to mid fifties now some of the models hinting we could get up around fifty five or fifty six were going to stay with what we said last night fifty three and i still feel good about that because of the emmaus a little bit cooler so we'll have to wait and see but it is one that will be watching super gay send the street to a lead over the next twelve hours here's a general trend you'll see temperatures coming up to the upper thirty s to near forty around nine or nine thirty up to fifty by midday and afternoon temperatures right around fifty three maybe fifty four degrees at the airport taking a look at the radar sleeping clear right now. no worries out there we had some cloud cover
5:44 am
of spinning out and as we take it to the day you'll definitely want your sunglasses plenty of sunshine in the forecast said snow back up from the great lakes in the northeast us and snow along the northern tier of the us but for the mid atlantic things are pretty quiet today i stand over here because downer on louisiana and pulling up the mississippi alabama into georgia we see our next storm system dry here through the early to middle part of the afternoon but by late afternoon evening is possible we could see the rain developing certainly rain will move through tomorrow night you can see a stop here to midnight saturday morning series of heavy rain looking at a half an inch to an inch of rain coming through with this system then it pulls away we may get another cool solo swing at the southeast coast could throw a few showers bacteria on sunday that would be mainly around the outer banks high and we are talking about just running with that temperatures will be what
5:45 am
twenty s to low and mid thirties and the winds not too bad right now but we could see some higher gusts a little later when chills are in the twenties low thirties at the airport thirty degrees highs today around fifty three it will be a little warmer tomorrow and saturday temperatures in the mid to upper fifties in cooler sunday a big cooldown for martin luther king day upper thirties and partly sunny there's an accident out there and we're going to hear from ashley hate to see these but i guess you know the source pick up well especially around traffic that's really starting taking jess we start to see traffic trouble kind of build up out there so well we have a big trap in trouble this morning take a look at it this is headed toward naval station norfolk. and now it's off to the shoulder the accident itself initially was blocking one lane and the backups in the hov lanes on sixty four but now you see right here just boulevard have moved off to the shoulder of the lanes are open but the congestion is just a mess out there so in the insides of the blame
5:46 am
little bit past their limit the portion of the boulevard in the outside to blame for the laser beginning at northview avenue and in both sets of plaintiffs will continue to grow until you get basically to naval station norfolk. speaking about will give you a quick live look at five sixty four so what to get to all those delays going on five sixteen four. now you're dealing with this not much better than you had on sixty four so again i expect to be extremely slow this morning. give yourself enough time to get to work on time maybe take another route you can but i'm expecting a lot of our alternate routes as well a pretty heavy into the baseball so we are not attracted trouble on the peninsula. what about that when i come back new and health is a new study finds a drug used to treat dementia may help people with parkinson's disease. that's right the drug is being very proven to be very powerful the test showing that patients receive the demented robbed a forty five percent less likely to fall and were steady or when walking parkinson's affects
5:47 am
people worldwide experts say that seventy percent will fall at least once a year leading to broken bones and expensive hospital stays on the spot in the two new this morning researchers at john hopkins university have created an online test can help people with chronic kidney disease figure out the risk of kidney failure the aim is to help people mentally prepare for dialysis or transplant and other patients not risk peace of mind and new this morning new data showing in more potatoes may slightly increase a woman's risk of developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy experts say that replacing just two servings of spuds a week with other vegetables like beans or whole grains could reduce the risk by about ten percent while the cast of friends is coming back to even tell you where and when you can catch the six s these making their long awaited curtain call plus krispy kreme wants you
5:48 am
we are. new this morning the weather nominations are out celebrating the worst films of twenty fifteen and so the nominations may really surprise you all check it out wolf if he stays a great fantastic four ball large mall cop to dead pixels are leading the pack mules salsa has not been able to support
5:49 am
next month the night before the oscars i listed over me yet and then as we just mentioned how he was preparing to roll out the red carpet for the oscars. you can watch the nominations this morning on good morning america at eight thirty comedian chris rock is hosting the oscars this year as last time right hilarious last time he hosted it was back in two thousand five to catch the oscars next month february twenty eight right here on abc thirteen. it's been ten years yet i can't believe it's just ice a cake is at a seattle man was given sir mix a lot all to the disgrace for now i get the wrappers old text messages on the phone owners is that he gets all kinds of weird messages including random links to youtube in three styles bikini pictures from when they go search through it all. it's just like the sentiment is from business was sir mix a lot actually heard about this and said he feels bad for the guy rappers advice do not check your messages around your
5:50 am
for double up there a hole in the first time since the show ended twelve years ago the cast of friends is reuniting the six member cast will appear as part of a two hour special on nbc next month. it's to honor legendary sitcom director director james burrows he directed one thousand tv episodes including fifteen episodes of friends the special set is set to air february twenty first and will also feature cast members from other shows including will and grace ann chambers very cool tile of a hot new hair trend for twenty sixteen is a rainbow glow in the dark hair will only get that coming to an anchor here in the people are obsessed with manic panic school in the dark die if you're interested in the look you can check out the instagram photos of people like rainbow mags last forever so you didn't win the powerball was okay. krispy kreme want everyone to feel like a winner today we go the chain
5:51 am
you can get a dozen of the original glazed doughnuts are just for ninety nine all store locations lucy was just telling me she is loving relationship with krispy kreme going on to get a deal today. today is the only day that the specials running you heard of dogs or even pigs flying on planes how bout a turkey yesterday seated on a delta plane was posted on reddit apparently was a therapy pet according to the air carrier access act passengers with disabilities are lots of trouble with service animals which are not defined as any specific animal though he got star treatment wheelchair probably first class who knows what you know this makes the lane you and do in turkey that the other way that's the next movie. now there are snakes on the way that that those stories are trendy right now
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