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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 14, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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i and the breaking news is on the finance were shooting at the intersection of fourteenth street and wickham avenue together details for you right now when italian police we know are on the scene at this point no word what has led to the shooting or the number of just wait out this picture this is from the scene is a very fluid situation going on there right now are still gathering details on this these are the things we do know at this point. three
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achievable dream academy that some sixty three. mcgregor elementary on chestnut avenue also marshall early learning center that's located on twenty fourth st. again a very fluid situation we know that shots may have been fire we've got a crew that are heading to the scene we're going to gather more details we'll bring you the very latest as soon as we get that information for now reporting modernism sandra parker thirteen is now ours said very fluid situation with the tracking for you are also tracking tropical trouble this afternoon the atlantic has been quite for awhile now but now that's all changed hurricane alex has formed and a group of islands are already on alert here are just regular tracking the storm's path this afternoon. so craig what makes so you mean this is crazy guys jeff was talking about the extra tropical system it was not truly troubles is some kind of a hybrid storm last evening we were watching this the water temperatures so cold and i talk about what makes is saying so unique your name only and thus it is in
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moving right now to the north northeast of some of these islands are going to be watching this very carefully really an interesting system here as it transitioned this morning to a hurricane said this thing has really got its that is north northeast at twenty maximum winds eighty five mph and it is not a threat to us at all no idea what to talk about what makes is saying so unique first of all this is the second earliest atlantic hurricane on record to go back to nineteen thirty eight storm one formed on january third this one it became a hurricane on january fourth this one becoming a hurricane today the second earliest atlantic hurricane on record and intensified over water sixty degrees typically far hurricane you need water temperatures around eighty so the water and not all that warm but it was very very cold aloft and that allowed for the system to better organize it won't last very long as it's moving northward as an ancient water
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moves into the north atlantic i will tell you we've got our own system that will be watching down the gulf of mexico not a tropical system but a rain maker as we get into the weekend i'll talk more about that. just think so much great on you this noon we are hearing from residents who live in a neighborhood that became the scene of violent acts. a woman was shot during a home invasion and there is a search underway right now for those involved in this crime that took place on queen street last night as louise brown reports crime in the city seems to be taking a toll on some residents there are people in portsmouth tell me they are tired of all in the violent men it seems like they just can't catch a break the sooner he is someone who knew the neighbors are once again left asking why people resort to violence around eight thirty wednesday night police say a person or people forced their way into my home on queen street at some point someone started shooting
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old woman was struck by a bullet in the torso. she was seeking isn't here in norfolk general hospital in critical the most edible after the shots were fired police say three suspects were seen running into a vehicle and taking off. police are on the scene for a couple of hours searching for evidence to put the whole way in the one that has to do some crazy some people say the community needs to come together to fight crime with this neighbor argues how can people be expected to do that when the mayor and sheriff are at odds with his breathing and serve the people in portsmouth elise brown thirteen years now. powerball fever continues in virginia while no one in the commonwealth won the one point five billion dollar jackpot two tickets including one in virginia beach matched five of those numbers that means that a million dollar payday
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ticket will happen in the winner bought the ticket at the seven eleven on lynn haven parkway another person bought a winning ticket in salem that's in the southwestern part of the state the stores that sold the winning one million dollar tickets will also a win money. coming up in seven minutes more on where the tickets for the three big winners morsels congratulations once again someone in virginia beach virginia lottery officials confirmed that a winning powerball ticket from last nights trying was purchased there once again it was on lynn haven the seven eleven there they are your numbers if you wanna check your tickets for eight nineteen twenty seven thirty four and of course the power box being tagged three big winners in california tennessee and florida all three shootings in three separate cities incident happened within an hour one another last night most recent shooting happened in hampton police say someone shot a man on martha lee
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the newport news city line medics rushed the victim to the hospital it appears he will recover from his injuries a fall from grace for the olympic gold medalist the coast range was hauled away to jail what he's accused of doing that landed him behind bars. then after the break why these lottery losers are celebrating outside a store in southern california and were following breaking news out of newport
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit i it's a record breaking jackpot of this afternoon three people walk up a lot richer. that's right nearly one point six billion dollars in the jackpot and it was reached after twenty drawings without a winner. well now there are three winners in florida tennessee and in chino hills california photo that few minutes ago that's where we find abc lord lester
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these chino hills seven eleven where the winning ticket was sold ground running in after the news came last night the store in the los angeles area sold a winning powerball ticket in the nearly one point six billion dollar jackpot the store room and the crown jewel. other jackpot winning tickets were sold one in a melbourne beach florida grocery store we were informed this morning about five thirty that this location to sell when the winning ticket. i have often think of incredible and one was sold in month for tennessee a city of just six thousand hopefully they're out there getting the best legal and financial advice they can find before they come in incline that wonderful prize the winners have their advice for success getting basically one serving the community and church and saving this single mom retiring is trying to stretch a two hundred twenty
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jackpot won with coworkers on the availability and i'm disappointed millions of other powerball players to day living with the fact that they don't have to worry about managing a new fortune trying the we don't know who won in this store yet in california lottery officials say to the waters have a year to claim their prize and once they do they cannot remain anonymous. loren lester abc news. chino hills california now try to break in the case of an american woman found murdered in italy where police found dna that led to the arrest of a man accused of killing her and we have a lot to talk about some big
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we are staying on top of breaking news in newport news police on the scene of a shooting on fourteenth street and wickham avenue here's a new picture there right now gathering more information we don't know how many people were hurt but we do know three nearby schools are on lockdown. the included achievable dream academy on sixteenth street or glitter elementary on chestnut avenue and marshall early learning center on twenty fourth st we have updates throughout this newscast and also watch for updates on twitter and thirteen news now. com a video showing detained american sailors apologizing for introducing or for intruding into iranian waters was broadcasted by iranian media the country held and released ten navy sailors
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statement from iran's revolutionary guard says that the entry was not done on purpose in the video. an unidentified sailor acknowledges that americans indonesia's national police say that the five people who carried out a terrorist attack in jakarta indonesia today were affiliated with ice and now we know five gunmen are dead along with two others in video shows one of the bombs going off into the starbucks cafe abc stephanie ramos balls a story from washington right now police and soldiers in jakarta on the scene of what looks like a wart needed gun and bomb attacks across the city blown out windows debris scattered across the busy downtown streets of indonesia's capital at least three suicide bombers exploding themselves in a starbucks cafe in jakarta while gunmen attacked a police station nearby. at least one police officer is
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be much higher after the first explosion. chaos erupted in the popular shopping district of the capital is home to luxury hotels and foreign embassies gunfight ensued between the attackers and anti terror police want for more than an hour the loud explosions in other parts of the city could be heard police intensely searching for other gunman so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack tensions have been high in indonesia as new or isis civilian groups overshadow older terrorist groups in the region the u s embassy now issuing an alert to all us citizens in jakarta telling them to stay polite starbucks quickly put out a statement on the attack saying our hearts are with the people of indonesia adding that all starbucks in jakarta will remain closed at an abundance of caution stephanie ramos abc news washington from a gold medal to handcuffs olympic gold
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street is facing criminal charges now she is charged with assault and domestic violence in utah police say that street had a fight with her father in december at home in park city seventy six year old ronald schori told police his daughter pushed him down two flights of stairs and locked in a basement peek a boo says her father pulled her hair but she hopes that they can resolve the matter amicably overnight italian authorities made an arrest in the murder in the case of ashley olsen and the suspect is a twenty seven year old man from senegal who owes olson brought home from a nearby bar and this morning the prosecutor in florence is saying that there was a very serious evidence of his guilt abc's martha gonzalez has the latest on this case italian investigators say they now know who killed american ashley olsen in her apartment in florence arresting a suspect and revealing what they believe led to the thirty five year
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case is rich in evidence between dna probably fingerprints surveillance cameras in i think witnesses investigators say early friday morning calls unless the florence nightclub picture here from daily mail dot com with the man she met a senegalese immigrant they claim and ben in italy illegally for a few months and was known to police for suspected drug related activities. investigators claim both olson and the men were intoxicated on alcohol and possibly drugs walking goals in studio apartment where prosecutors claim they had consensual sex but investigators believe when olson asked the man to leave there was a fight according to italian media the suspect then pushed olson and she hit her head fracturing her skull in two places on saturday her body was found naked on the floor with bruises and scratches on her neck the official cause of death strangulation by a cord or chain a very unsophisticated guy as far as crimes is concerned. investigators say
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on a condom and cigarette in the toilet. the claim he also took her cellphone which helped police track him down and there are reports the suspect claims he didn't intend to kill olson is now in police custody charged with aggravated homicide martha gonzalez abc news new york beautiful weather across hampton roads right now in sunshine and plenty of it it's gonna be gorgeous heading into the evening temperatures topping out in the low to mid fifties our motto here just updated going for fifty five right now and fifty one i don't receive fifty five but that we see about fifty four degrees or so anyway i'll be very close to that i want to show you what it looks like right now outside lots and lots of sunshine gorgeous is we take a look back towards fort norfolk this is the view from not a kiss to show you one more view over downtown
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off to the east there across the buildings it is a mention fifty one degrees in the windsor a little breeze you can see west southwest eighteen mph it seems we got some brown twenty to twenty five mph so it is breezy out there looking at temperatures of fifty former gb fifty five inch sp also williamsburg and peter for both reporting fifty five degrees and you're wondering okay i know it feels pretty good out there is little warmer than yesterday but how much take a look. we are up fifteen degrees from where we were at this time yesterday even warmer than that the temperature change in newport news in wakefield so much warmer air across the region and you know what kind of get a little warmer tomorrow we are also those who chance for showers moving in later that day tomorrow getting to the future cash right now everything is clear last evening jeff loss was tracking just a few light flurries around eleven o'clock or so all that's gone now and you can see how the skies are clear as we take a look at the future
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the southwest in the west across the region today sunny skies and then mainly clear tonight more of this ugly when you see some of the red coloration in a wind streams here that i put on the map she could see that south wind clouds start push in early tomorrow the clouds will thicken up later in the day and then as we get in the afternoon lookout showers will be developing initially down to the south end of the southwest but they're going to overtake our regions of you have plans tomorrow night going to be outdoors or maybe you've got a date or dinner out with somebody you or make sure that you prepare to deal with the wet weather rain moved through overnight friday and at times or could be some heavier pockets of rain i think in general we're looking at a half an inch to an inch of rain before things exit early saturday on this alas the showers really winding down we should see some improvements later saturday and then there's the question as to whether or not we can see a few stray showers sunday mainly then run the outer banks there's another system that's going to track along the southeast
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produce a little bit of what weather on sunday mainly near the coast and down to the south will continue to watch that will keep you updated of the next day or so highs today around fifty four so partly to mostly sunny highs are back above normal it feels great out there listening to thirty eight mainly clear initially and then to mark fifty seven increasing clouds and that rain moves in late take a look at the rest of the seven day forecast the temperatures they will continue to be fairly mild on saturday and then the drops on a martin luther king day thirty seven degrees partly to mostly sunny so if you're going to be participating in observance out there monday know it will be chilly especially in the morning there's different things going on so others early morning activities even cold to get to the setbacks that the breaking story a shooting has placed several schools on lockdown this is a live picture from the scene right now velma skate is his guidance gather some more information about exactly
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have a live report for us coming up at twelve thirty and you develop from the va veterans affairs officials say that they're slowly chipping at a huge backlog of healthcare applications there is a new report out that says the backlog is at about five hundred and sixty thousand requests that includes thirty thousand from combat veterans who should have automatically qualify for healthcare the va officials say that they are working to get people qualified as quickly as they can we'll definitely keep you posted on that after the break hollywood remembers alan rickman more on his life
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with the maker of the lip balm company that's really popular among celebrities are now facing a potential class action lawsuit was one woman said she had a bad reaction after using e o s and claims she's not alone abc's lives in genesis here with the story eighth the egg shaped lip balm touted and hounded by celebrities for miley cyrus i am the toque guard ashley and brittany spears proclaiming their love for the product he owe as evolution of smooth but a proposed class action lawsuit by a woman alleging the product is cause
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or itch burn flake and generate severe boiling and blistering. the lawsuit brought by rachel coleman who claims after using the product for the first time she had a negative reaction within forty eight hours my lips became extremely dry and irritated they were floating all around the outside. according to the lawsuit she contacted me laugh who she says told her to seek medical attention i couldn't fully opening out to eat because it would crack i can smile fully because it was cracking believe in this suit she claims after posting pictures of her lips on facebook. there was a frenzy of responses from individuals with similar experience with the next step will be too late all the people that the similar complaints were similarly situated so we're assembling that as we speak overnight the last telling abc news. we firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit our products are made with the highest quality ingredients and meet or
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standards validated by rigorous testing health and wellbeing of our customers is our top priority adding that they sold several million lip balms last month in the u s and received forty consumer complaints a complaint rate of point zero zero one percent. the suit also alleges that there are no warnings about the ingredients in the left all ingredients to suit claims may cause potential side effects but dermatologists and medical experts we spoke with say the ingredients in this lip balm are not unusual. it can't be certain that the reactions are coming from the lip balm without further investigation wednesday jan is reporting there. british actor alan rickman is directly is best known for playing snape in harry potter and has as hos gruber in die hard his career in film and television dates back nearly forty years alan rickman was sixty nine years old his
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died at the age of sixty nine of cancer developing situation out of newport news this afternoon by several schools on lockdown right now
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. sth. we continue to follow breaking news in newport news where police are investigating a shooting or schools are now on lockdown the season fourteenth street and wickham avenue it's still very active right now build a skate is there's been on the scene while velma would be no witnesses but an afternoon full of violence here in the southeast community and it's taking place at two different crime scenes right now i'm at fourteenth street and wickham avenue and down the road just a bit is a blue van inside that van two men both of them shot and killed a witness told me that one of
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the head of a second crime scene on garden drive in roanoke avenue and then there was taken to the hospital after he was shot. this is unconfirmed but it is a possible officer involved shooting as a result of these two crime incidents for schools are currently on lockdown. if the second incident is indeed an officer involved shooting it would be the second officer involved shooting here in newport news and the last seven months back here at fourteenth street and wickham avenue woman who lives just on the other side of that crime scene tape is unable to get back to her home she says though ironically she just got back from a funeral and now there's more crime basing her at this time detectives are going door to door trying to collect more information. there are also people here trying to get to work on the other side here but they're unable to get to work everything is in a
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live in newport news del escape thirteen years now i tell him thank you very much will to new york college students and the u s health care worker died in honduras yesterday when their bus crashed on the way to the airport. their identities were not immediately release the three people were reportedly on the way to perform a volunteer volunteer work. officials say the bus veered off the road and fell at least two hundred and sixty feet into a ravine. a spokesman for the department said that the crash was believed to be the result of mechanical failure or five people are dead after a vehicle went off an interstate overpass in arizona officials say a car struck a wall and vaulting through chain link fence and fell about fifty feet down onto another stretch of road where it caught fire the crash involved one adult and four children police say the driver may have swerved and lost control of that vehicle frustration over an uptick in shootings and murders in chicago there have been nearly two people shot and killed a day since the first of the year and
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people were shot and killed police say that the majority of the violence is gang violence driven by social media. in addition gun arrests are down. police say that both issues are not caused by recent events surrounding departments who get little of and sometimes no cooperation at all from are victims and those victims of course i'm talking about are victims that have prior criminal history and of the known documented gang affiliations the police union also blames it on low morale and less aggressive policing as a result of the climate listen the day after the governor of michigan activated the national guard the first soldiers were on the ground last night to help with their water emergency plans right now they're suffering from assorted wild during freezing condition their duty is to help get water to residents the guard's presence is designed to free up red cross
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the door to door water delivery efforts a big operation going on and i think it's a collaboration is great and we're happy to be a part of a job to see the need is great. i see a constant flow of people trying to get water several soldiers are on the ground now working out of flint fire station and more will likely be there by weeks end of the countdown is on to oscar sunday they could be a very big year for the rest died this afternoon the academy award nominations while they were announced earlier today and there were some surprises abc's rainey hit report from los angeles the drama the president leads the pack preceding twelve oscar nominations the mad max fury road with it and both films are among the eight nominated best picture nominees are the entire dicaprio in the red and golden globe winner leonardo dicaprio is among an elite group up for best actor including bryan
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says bender and the red mane for his role in the danish girl he took home an oscar last year the air nominated for best actress golden globe winner brie larson spoke to good morning america just minutes after the announcement in the making right now the only thing is only minutes to higher form of flattery in my heels she's competing against keep lynch and jennifer lawrence charlotte brantley and sear sharon and that should be pointed out it's a whitewash in the acting categories white actors representing all twenty acting nominations again this year the blockbuster star wars the force awakens also received five nods in technical categories as the countdown now begins to oscar sunday. this year's host chris rock. somemore surprise straight outta compton wasn't nominated for best picture nor director ridley scott for the martian see who wins oscar gold
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radio abc news los angeles and still to come to poly is aiming to win back its customers after those we call eye out for a deal to you more about their new campaign being launched and how they're trying to earn back the public's trust and vacations are great hidden
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the aaa hopes to put its e coli
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back customers mexican grill will launch a new marketing campaign tomorrow they're going to show more tv ads and send direct mail to customers to pull executives say they're confident steps that the food safety measures taken will prevent future outbreaks. the coal outbreak sickened more than fifty people in nine states with us and say goodbye to those hidden fees added when you book a hotel room the federal trade commission is asking congress to stop hotels from charging what's called resort fees that aren't part of the advertise nightly rates right now resort fees at an average of twenty five to thirty dollars a night to rock a company space x made a remarkable feat last month by re landing a rock. oh it was really cold today they'll
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i just a helping hand from your i phone it
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you to sleep. scientists have known that that balloon life from your phone stops you from getting good sleep rowan's years your melatonin levels to the new version of apple's operating system will automatically change the light to the warmer end of the spectrum after sunset so the night shift features using your clock on your phone and the location to determine when the sun is setting in your area. so in the morning it returns the displays with regular settings. no word yet on when the updates will become available. well today space exploits a test fire the engines of the falcon nine rocket booster that made historic landing last month lending a booster safely allows the team to re use that space x believes it's critical to lower launch costs early this week the private aerospace company announced it would test the land boosters on barges in the ocean a task that would require the team can be very very accurate sometimes criminals can get pretty
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determined and yes snacks see the truck load of carrots that look to reel from a distance will tell you what
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. we're going to go back to that breaking news in newport news where police are working to crime scenes right now leading to four new port new schools being put on lockdown officers found two men dead inside a ban on fourteenth street and wickham avenue officers chased after a suspect from that scene to roanoke avenue that is where the suspect got shocked that person still in the hospital witnesses say there's possibly a second suspect on the run right now and also right now because of the shooting investigation in newport news for schools are currently under lockdown a school lockdown is an achievable dream right now mcgregor elementary john
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the head start program to really circle and sixty three will keep following the story on air and online to search for us on twitter go to thirteen years now to calm me down one lottery player tweeted that he'd won long before the numbers were even picked the st louis rams defensive end chris long here's a photo of long in uniform and in his disguise when he brought for powerball tickets yesterday near richmond. long was interviewed by tv crew that got fooled by his disguise he tweeted that dreams come true finally made the local news tonight. researchers say the appearance of another yellow bellied sea snake on a california beach is thanks to el nino a beach goer spite of the steak on the sand at huntington beach and reported to the lifeguards scary that's exactly what people say what scientists say people should do says the snakes are highly venomous normally the waters
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coast are to call for the species and a couple have washed ashore this season officials with the u s customs and border protection intercepted more than two thousand pounds of pot along the texas mexico border in disguise. take a look at this those are carrots in the back of those trucks that actually marijuana officers stopped the tractor trailer because of a suspicious activity there. officials estimate the street value of the drugs at close to five hundred thousand now. alright so marijuana stuffed in care that's a bad thing but imagine the marketing if we were to take care to put lettuce in their youth old you know dressing on instant salad just like that we can market that high right now in a seance of sunshine we have across the region beautiful this is a live look from the chamberlain hit the roads bridge tunnel rolling smoothly we'll check of
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right now. plenty of sunshine looking across the elizabeth river over towards the hospital there the name hospital in portsmouth. sunny sunny sunny sunny looks good spot on forecast yesterday while we were looking at temperatures in the upper thirties through the afternoon it was right on the money today we're going for a high around fifty three maybe fifty four and tell him yeah it's gonna be close to that some of the inlet there is a little bit warmer but are spot on street with that hot and we should keep it rolling today we attended a row i think in the eleven after the afternoon highs reach the low to mid fifties to mid to upper fifty for a few in one spot i'd sunny skies over norfolk right now fifty one and the winds west southwest at eighteen mph we've been calling for winds to gust up around twenty five mph you're seeing that norfolk newport news chesapeake pretty breezy out there and we've seen some guts out. you are on peter's version west point some of those in when there is wakefield don't typically get the gusty winds there seeing
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southwest flow and the temperatures i showed in the last half hour up about fifteen degrees from this time yesterday quite a change ard so we have more sunshine across the region today as we turn our attention to the south west uganda see clouds streaming in not today but tomorrow morning and those clouds thicken up by around four o'clock or so i suspect we'll start seeing a lot of what weather showing up across north carolina and into the late afternoon early evening to hampton roads rain could be locally heavy at times maybe a half an inch to an issue that'll clear the area a little more disturbed with the slight chance of the sprinkle later on i will say the latest model information coming in for that next coastal low shows that low farther to the south so not as concerned with them on sunday i let jeff take a look at everything this afternoon i haven't update for you with a hundred and fifty minutes of news starting at four here's a quick look at the future cats rainfall you can see the amounts are generally a half an inch to an inch when all's said done
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forecasts it will turn alot chilli or late the weekend marley's king day partly to mostly sunny and chilly with highs in the upper third. he enjoys enjoy these days yet warm for now. yes if you are calling for fifty six thirty news now in newton ex newscaster four pm eleven update for all those situations going on in newport news as well and you
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