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been shot one person the fence at the other person and seven looks to be sad of the back. witnesses gave police a description of two suspects seen running from the scene a few minutes later they found him and that she wanted the descriptions officer and a sergeant encountered this possible suspect in the thirteen hundred block of roanoke avenue during that encounter with this male subjects are officers sargent district didn't discharge their firearms. the suspect was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen terms of horseman was happily say that the description they have for the second suspect this very day coming up on thirty news now this is not the type of thing you would like to have happen in front of your house live in newport news from escape thirteen years now and because of the shooting
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schools went on lockdown lockdown is an achievable dream mcgregor elementary john marshall elementary and the head start program at ridley circle and sixteen street ended around one this afternoon and were told classes went on as normal due to thomas nelson community college in hampton were told to shelter at the same time the lock downs in newport news were going on. and here's why. state police pulled over a suspicious car on i sixty four near the jefferson avenue overpass a passenger were told jumped out of the car and ran across the interstate troopers still looking for that suspect jimmy lee is live near the college campus with new information and even i just got an update from city police we now know that that suspect who was on the run was actually wanted on felony warrants to this initial traffic stop actually happened a few miles down this way to the right of me when i'd suspect took off running he ran across
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community college which is why the campus had to go into shelter in place mood which basically just send an alert out to all students and faculty and staff basically telling everybody to find shelter closed doors locked in and stay in place until we get the clear all that was a student on campus today who said that the situation was really scary because he didn't know what was going on at the time i'm sitting in my acting class at all i see right there on we just do nothing pretty much wrapping up ready to leave the valley and we just wanted the yelling the footsteps i guess he was doing something happening. please donate for this guy. now the driver of the car in the initial traffic stop here on i sixty four was charged with reckless driving and several other traffic violations. there was another passenger in the card was charged with possession of marijuana and that third person was still on the rhine is out there police are
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tell me that they will be out here all night patrolling the area as a precautionary measure for not reporting live in hindi nine jenny thirteen is now a major surprise in local politics congressman scott ridgway is not running for reelection he made the announcement on his facebook page just a couple hours ago my getting is here to explain why jenna did you know this comes completely out of the blue ridge or a staunch supporter of the military particularly the navy here locally hadn't given the hand of this in an open letter to his district republican rule said he feels he's done what he set out to do was serve the district now the second district for five years he said he had to make a decision the decision being has a meaningful the difference been made and is a time to go home or is serving in congress a career and the hope is to serve much longer. rachel said he believes in term limits and he's at peace about leaving he just spoke about this at his home in virginia beach but i believe that twelve
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number two terms for sensex terms for a member of the house but that doesn't mean it's that for every member in for me on my turn i became clear to us that this was the time to allow someone else to to have the privilege to serve this district it was time for me to come home. i don't i think it's not good for virginia in the sense that we don't have our congressional delegation doesn't have a lot of longevity and doesn't have a lot of seniority. i mean senator warner warner is our senior senator and he's in senator mark warner cuenca just released a statement after hearing the news and he said warner did that scott rejoice as a friend and a great colleague all miss him as will the people of the second district. i thank him for his service and offer my best wishes fellow senator tim kaine also a democrat
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really miss working with rachel rachel's term ends next january. now as for who will run in his place it's obviously still way too early to tell reporting live by cutting thirty news now just into the newsroom. gary moore senior chair is charged with eight counts of animal cruelty on new year's eve virginia beach police remove more than a hundred pigs from an illegal farm on salem road officers say they found the animals in deplorable conditions all the hogs have been sent to market or placed with local farms crime alert in portsmouth the search is on for three suspects in a home invasion shooting police a woman is in serious condition after the suspects forced their way into our home on queen street and shot her. marcella robertson talk to neighbors who say they're in shock. police say someone forced their way inside the woman's home and shot her witnesses say they saw three suspects run away after the shooting and jump into a
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looking for everyone while riding going away no break in and then my dad but last night police showed up after someone forced their way into a woman's home and shot her today she still in serious condition and neighbors are feeling uneasy there because there were fat. obviously if somebody should note that we're inside your home and have my discount didn't happen to me. portsmouth police are asking the public to come forward with information. witnesses saw three individuals at least three individuals running from the area right after the shots were heard what we need the public to do is to try to give us some tips there a lot of people outside there a lot of people who know what's going on in their neighborhoods but they're just afraid to tell as police investigate neighbors are praying for a swift recovery coaching is where know they support through my prayers go tay in portsmouth marcella robertson thirty news now a man shot in hampton last night is still in the hospital police found the victim on martha lee drive at the time police said
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injurs we'reold t's doing better now and should survive.what led up to the shooting or any suspect information. the man who repeatedly exposed himself to kids in virginia beach is still on the run tonight earlier this week police on a surveillance video of the suspect inside the barnes and noble in virginia beach boulevard police gave an update on the case today christine is for j co is live outside the store with that new information. well investigators tell me that both inside barnes and noble here and the dollar tree that's just down the street from here. the man was allegedly targeting very young children under the age of ten into their parents were not in the aisles with them she did not touch the children but did expose himself to that any suspects who does the things that this gentleman has done at least twice now certainly warrants our attention and the public's attention with a
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identified detective christy curtis with the virginia beach police special victims unit says the man you see in this surveillance video could still be praying on the children of unsuspecting parents in stores in our area sometimes it takes a community in this incident it's going to take a community to get this guy into custody. chris says that there have been at least two instances where she says the same man exposed himself to children verse at the barnes and noble my counts the most recently at a dollar tree store just down the street and the parent left two children in the toy aisle while she was in another aisle and a man approached those children exposed his penis to those children an experience that can dramatize a child for life which is why curtis as peers need to be extra careful while out with their kids in both cases the children relaxed where they were not directly intended. keep your check in with you at all times especially if you have multiple children we
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keep your eye on more than one child however that's why it is important to keep your child within arm's distance investigators also tell me that they understand it could be tough to have this conversation the need to have a stranger danger conversation with your kids this whole experience extremely concerning for parents who shop in frequent the shopping areas here where they told me today coming up in just about an hour reporting live in virginia beach christopher j co thirteen years now. next week off and police officers were on to the canine killed in the line of duty. krieger died monday morning police a man who barricaded himself in his house in the hollywood home section of the city shot rig or a private memorial service will be held at the norfolk police k nine range tuesday afternoon the public is welcome to pay their tributes along the funeral procession route thirteen is now exclusive video of the force of may are getting pulled over by the sheriff is making national headlines so city
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publicity will be bad for local business and big changes are coming to a hampton shopping centre find out what new stories will pop up at coliseum cos if you like today's temperatures you should be happy with tomorrow's as well however the big change. no sunshine in the forecast at least not much and also rain moving in and as we take a look at our thirteen years now tracking camera. still no major crashes on the interstate traffic is still jammed in several spots including this one and a half mile back up and hit in six sixty four
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alas people
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the arrest of portsmouth mayor to be right at the hands of his political rival sheriff bill watson now some city leaders are worried the national attention it has received will hurt business in portsmouth entertain talk to the vice mayor yeh jin and the political drama in portsmouth has gotten so bad people are reading about this and sharing the video all across the world headline after headline after headline portsmouth mayor kenny writes mugshot now plastered all across the national media i mean how embarrassing is this. vice mayor elizabeth santa says the mayor's long standing feud with his rival share of bill watson has gone too far. it's so unnecessary it's childish. you know these men need or have they behave in a professional manner and that obey the laws only thirteen years now was there for the bizarre encounter the sheer confronting the mayor over an
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mayor responded by taking on he was slow speed chase through downtown to look him up the good of a controlled was barnes texas tech it all ended with the sheriff filing of felony eluding charge against the mayor if the share of the us's pass the senate not well i would respond to that with you and did the mayor you know abuse his situation back riding around with an expired sticker for more than six months. simmons says both men are responsible for escalating the situation and she's worried their constituents will pay for it the most i mean how embarrassing is the scene and that you know he he he could help her stay in renaissance hotel tonight and watching local you know getting ready to invest a billion dollars to build something wonderful in the city and they see this on the news they don't pack the bags and go back where
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wright has now returned our phone calls or messages but we just spoke with his attorney who says his arrest is just a political stunt why is he so excited to be a resting may arise if this is the question begs the question he's excited because this is about a person of indiana. this has nothing to do with protecting the citizen of the porcelain against the then mayor's first court date is at the end of the month. eric came thirteen years now. no dishes are common to coliseum crossing shopping center in hampton a developer announced today the party city and most southwest grill will join the shopping center later this year. you're looking at out rendering of what the shopping center will look like after the renovations including new sidewalks landscaping and lighting work is expected to be finished by the christmas shopping season by july the federal government will lay out safety guidelines for self
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anthony foxx says the national highway traffic safety administration will also develop a model policy for states to allow self driving cars on the roads fox also says president obama his budget would provide four billion dollars over the next decade for programs that s cars equipped with internet access. pretty nice day out there today lot of sunshine mild temperatures well above normal almost nine or ten degrees above normal for this time of year kearney and a pretty pleasant night right now in fact it's a little hint of the sunset starting them actually move this over for you see the looks any better to the west the setting up a decent little sunset there were some of the oranges and yellows and reds. so let's take a look at the forecast then specifically for this evening no rain out there at all. we will be tracking rain within twenty four hours at least so might not be over everybody at twenty four
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radar right now still fifty six degrees. pressure is falling is a system slowly works its way toward us are spot on forecasts for tomorrow says no rain to get out your plans your lawn care made huge mulching your garden whatever it is just running to the store picking the kids up from school it will not reign in norfolk in norfolk international i'll say before three pm everything should be after that spot forecast for today was fifty three with yourselves a three degree of leeway so we missed it by one degree so far where fifty seven our streak is going and it and everything else was perfect but the forecast just one degree too much for us so well and that it can tempt is out there right now a lot of mid fifties couple of spots slightly cooler fifty three there's a few fifty three fifty fourth places like the coast and up the newport news and williamsburg. some of the northern areas even cooler was sleek and year forty eight on the eastern shore number of spots right around fifty forty nine in
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hartford fifty seven belvedere a cooler fifty two in elizabeth city so for this evening dropping back then inland areas in the forties by eight thirty or nine o'clock still there fifty of the coastline and then by morning we're going to be about thirty nine or so i think officially in one area is more like the mid thirties that is definitely well above normal again for this time of year just like today was and then by tomorrow it should be even mild our comes on the computers are saying mid fifties i think we're going to the least make mid to upper fifties and i'm going to go fifty nine in the pen in part on how much sunshine we get let's say about fifty seven to fifty nine with the rain moving and at times during the evening a few heavier downpours and then ex sitting by early in the day on saturday maybe a little leftover drizzle or something early in the morning but overall once it clears out later in the morning in the afternoon should be pretty nice. we've got of course clear skies here but there's that system building for the south thirty nine
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skies becoming partly cloudy eventually tomorrow thickening clouds rain developing late in the day highs anywhere from fifty seven fifty nine fifty six with a chance of a morning shower on saturday and then on sunday forty five very weak systems going to pass pipe or south has a chance to bring us a couple light rain or snow showers but i think im hopefully most will miss us so we'll keep our fingers crossed on that obviously have more information of the next day or two thirty seven on mlk day and cole thirty six is well on tuesday thanks to the powerball jackpot is going back down three lucky tickets matched all six numbers last night details on the winners and the tails on the winners are starting to surface and hours from now the top republican presidential hopefuls will face off once again a debate
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. i we all know three tickets matched all six numbers in last night's historic powerball drawing but so far no winners have come forward. the winning tickets were sold in chino hills california month for tennessee and no more beach florida the three winners will have to split the one point six billion dollar prize. as loren lester shows us the huge drying prompted an even bigger celebration of the last night with the party day with the million dollar payday for a store owner who did win the lottery that sold a winning ticket the even without the winner coming forward. it's been a scene at this chino hills seven eleven news came last night the area store sold a winning powerball ticket in the nearly one point six
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the winner has yet to come forward to it. we're here to help you. we wanted to start this wonderful journey with a big cash prize should never ever be a nightmare. other jackpot winning tickets were sold wine in melbourne beach florida publix grocery store we were informed this morning about five thirty that this location to sell when the winning ticket. i have awesome thing is incredible and one sold in month for tennessee city of just six thousand device by the ticket and enjoy it. millions of other powerball players today learning to accept that they need no help in managing a new fortune trying the strategy and if you caught powerball fever but he just kept shaking you can still play the next drawing is saturday but officials say the estimated jackpot to be back down to a mere forty million bucks. lauren mr abc news. chino hills california by someone in hampton roads might be a million dollars richer thanks to
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at where that lucky ticket was sold plus an update of former gov bob mcdonnell's appeal while one local expert
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the powerball mania is over three tickets matched all six numbers in last night's record breaking jackpot drawing and we did not win no one has those tickets here but a ticket sold at a virginia beach store is worth one million dollars. joe flanagan is live outside that store on lynn haven park play in joe do we know anything about this winter. well jenna david we don't virginia lottery officials told as soon as they come in to have to claim the ticket then they'll put out a press release one million dollars lucky they'll upgrade of the results that did nothing nothing at all that was the sentiment for most people after the powerball numbers came out but for one player in the seven eleven at the corner salem road in lynn haven parkway those numbers
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ice or more goals as the day
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