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i told the mayor you keep serving the citizens of course our view of the courts a spa between america portsmouth and the sheriff still going strong tonight we hear the mayor cited the story for the first time the dover police department is mourning the death of a police canine now a cable news anchor is showing sympathy to a big donation we knew we would make a decision as to whether i was going to run again or not a surprise announcement from congressman scott riddle why he says he's ready to pack up and leave washington after his term is over the news starts now. tonight the attorney for portsmouth mayor kenny wright is talking about his client's arrest for eluding law enforcement by now the video of this week's confrontation a car chase between the marin sure bo
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the country and thirteen is now was the only station to capture this encounter. we've yet to hear from the mayor about the incident but tonight his attorney tells as this was all a personal vendetta played out in the streets. whatever the differences he has with the mayor cited people with criminal offenses is not the answer is no secret that portland mayor kenny write and share bill watson have a troubled relationship. it was until recently when his video was captured that people saw it play out in the streets or there but there is a hold of right that was supposed to ticket for his expired inspection sticker to the turn for the worst he's refusing to stop at the sheriff's commander of be slapped with a felony charge for alluding thirteen years now has yet to hear from the mayor regarding his
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why the mayor's attorney michael massey says he didn't stop he does in a responsible person would do if you know summer is behind you with a weapon it has a vendetta against you to call the chief of police and we cause it even see the police offices on the sea. he stops because now he say i asked massey what exactly the mayor called the police chief was after this attempt to stop them or in this second attempt he couldn't provide me with an answer he says is confrontation never escalated to the mayor facing a felony charge when he's focused on fighting it. samir can focus on the citizens of the city the mayor's attorney also tells me even though this charge for a looting is a lesser felony charge a class six. it's still a very serious conviction he says it could be downgraded to a misdemeanor and a light has chosen to stay out of the press tonight he did attend a community forum about violence in this city it was held at the new mount olive at baptist church
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together and discuss ways to combat violence in the city we think that the foundation of family and communities equally important and that it's on us until we come together and work together as a community as whole but nothing's going to change organizers of the then also say one of their goals is to engage the community and get youth involved to try and stop the violence never aging tonight about a body found in newport news police are now investigating it as a homicide. i showed you the live scene on earring lane during thirteen years now and six we've learned the victim is a fifty nine year old newport news man his friends found him dead in his home in a mobile home park we say he didn't have trauma to his body but no other details were released about how he died to the virginia state police will return to the scene of an ultra light plane crash in middlesex
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around thirty three and wake road this afternoon for total body was removed from that plane. state police say a parachute did not deploy a bomb and arson team was called in to deploy the parachute forestry workers help clear the scene tonight and tomorrow federal investigators will arrive at the scene to figure out what went wrong. newport news police are investigating a double murder and an officer involved shooting that started when police found two men shot to death in a van on wickham avenue and fourteenth street a few minutes later on roanoke avenue police reportedly shot and wounded a possible suspect police believe a second suspect fled the scene and they're still looking for him tonight the officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave with pay when told their bike and videos will not be released at this time because of the double murder investigation police plan a briefing tomorrow morning to release more details thirteen is now will be there to bring you the latest developments. well all of that was going on there was
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near thomas nelson community college in hampton started with a traffic stop on i sixty four newport news trooper stopped the car for speeding one of the passengers got out ran across the interstate and for the college forcing a lockdown. the driver was charged with reckless driving and other traffic violations the passenger who took off is wanted on felony isn't still on the run right now a surprising announcement from congressman scott rigid today he is not seeking reelection when his term ends this year that three term republican spoke with thirteen years now earlier about his decision she knew her has more on what the congressman had to say it's a call no one saw coming in local politics congressman scott ridge announcing he will not seek reelection at the end of his third term this year mitchell represents virginia's second district. it is very special and all forever be grateful and humbled by
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served this amazing community for six years. the staunch military supporter says this discussion came up with his family a few months ago but it was just within the last week when he made the final decision after actually announced met all this to allow for easy transition for those who would take to to hold the seat in an open letter region says his family is in full agreement about his decision he says in his three terms. he's been able to give all he can which ultimately led to this point i would not run again because i believe that the significant accomplishments that i can bring to washington the solutions that i can advance. i think that we've done that as he prepares to finish up his last year mitchell says he hopes to see someone step up and do what's best for his district. this district deserves wonderful presentation only those is to assess my performance but it
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virginia beach. she knew her thirteen news now medic is of killing a young mother in newport news is in custody tonight u s marshals helped police arrest anthony smith this afternoon on del mar lame police say they found him thanks to tips from citizens smith is charged with killing twenty five year old ish and isha rot in our home on heritage way the murder happened just a few days into the new year welsh iraq's children and family were in the home police say shot and smith were in a relationship that recently ended enforcement police are still looking for three suspects who forced their way into our home and shot a woman first told you about this breaking news last night at eleven eleven is in serious condition after the shooting on queen street witnesses say they saw three people running away after they heard gunshots police are asking the public to come forward with information on and shanahan to last night is still in the hospital. we also brought you this breaking news last night at eleven. police found
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drive at the time police said the man had life threatening injuries were told he is doing better now and should survive. there are no updates on what led to the shooting or any suspect information the sweet note that police officers will honor the canine killed in the line of duty and the public is welcome to pay their respects along the funeral procession route. krueger died monday morning. please say a suspect in a barricade shot krieger the officer then shot that suspect killing him. private memorial service will be held for krieger at the norfolk police k nine range tuesday afternoon the dog will be buried at garden the pines pet cemetery in virginia beach. the news of creator's death prompted retired navy seal jimmy hatch to launch a fundraising campaign the bible to prove ask for an office police canines are partners at the virginian pilot reports cnn news anchor anderson cooper answered the call donating enough money to buy a ballistics vest for each canine on the force. hooper said he would donate the speaking fee
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month at chrysler hall encouraging news for a norfolk state university basketball player found unresponsive on new year's day. amber brown is now out of the coma. that's according to a facebook page that the family members started in support of amber a message posted says she is more awake and alert. there's no word on what caused the coma. their sister says amber has diabetes. it appears amber will start physical therapy soon was another chance for the republican candidates for president to meet face to face doubt rob and ted cruz to gain advantage of the opportunity to go at each other and again highlights from tonight's debate. donald trump looking for more face time in hampton roads will tell you about his next campaign stop here and writing on a different schedule tomorrow details on a change to the hatteras okok very mild temps is today even warmer readings
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the republican candidates for president when added to then tonight taking some swings on the stage during their latest debate in south carolina and one of the last opportunities for the white house hopefuls to sway voters before the iowa caucus in a few weeks. anything by
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from tonight's debate the first gop debate in this election year began with across the board attacks on president obama. this guy's a petulant child. any nation that captures our fighting men and women will feel the force of the united states of america just seven candidates made the cut but a primetime showdown ted cruz defending himself on two fronts tonight from a new report that he didn't tell the federal exchange commission about a million dollar loan from wall street banks for his senate campaign and yes i made a paperwork error disclosing it in one piece of paper instead of the other but if that's the best in the new york times has got to go back to the well then the sparring match with donald trump about his accusations that the canadian born susan was not legally allowed to serve as president a menu of great constitutional right to say you can try not to be taking legal advice from
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court tv the trouble claiming governor nikki haley actually paid him a compliment this week i'm very angry because our country is being run horribly and i will gladly accept the mantle of anger brews and not backing down not a lot of conservatives come out and win the world trade center came down i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully more humanely than new york at the site sells personal attacks the debate largely focused on terrorism immigration and the economy the democrats are headed to south carolina next for their debate this sunday. bostic nani abc news washington next month donald trump is coming back to hampton roads with the university announced he will participate in the presidential candidate forum on february twenty four jeb bush and john casey participated in this series last year candidates from
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campaign in order back in october the region officials have not announced ticket information for this upcoming events today former virginia governor and u s senator george allen announced he's endorsing marco rubio for president palin said he believes rubio can unite republicans and inspire people through out the country defense secretary ash carter says it appears a navigational error cause navy bows to stray into iranian waters. ten sailors were detained tuesday night before being released. carter says the sailors were not on a convoy a covert mission they were simply making their way from kuwait to bahrain in the persian gulf defense officials say remains unclear if the crew made a mistake or an equipment failure was to blame for the incident and then tonight the crew of the coast guard cutter dependable returns home to virginia beach that could then go on for about a month protecting waters up and down the coast from new jersey to south carolina before during a deployment coast guard members carried out safety
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fisherman were falling laws related to their catches plan accordingly that's the advice tonight for the north carolina ferry system were told to hatteras okok route will be running on an alternate schedule tomorrow. the changes are because of the scheduled coast guard inspection. i can promise you that by tomorrow at this time. this will not look anything like this and i'm talking about the radar the fact that it is clear question is what time would start raining tomorrow in your city and it's going to vary i think they'll be some spots will start first in general the more south and or west you go will take longer in general for areas north and northeast and the timeframe any time between let's say the late afternoon and sort of knew early to mid evening depending on your exact location right now forty two degrees out there temperatures chilly but not terribly cold you can see it's forty in smithfield
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some colder readings and when the thirties that we've talked about earlier look at the beach though virginia beach. when's of the southeast right now and keeping them at fifty degrees so not going a whole lot lower tonight temperatures will drop a little bit so you won't need the heavy jacket many of you in the morning we certainly want to make sure you have at least the sweater or light jacket on as ratings climb back up through the forty specially kept stay out there while notice here's what i was talking about with the south and west being the first areas to see the rain and that begins to come in three four o'clock and we see some isolated to scattered showers to the early evening but it's really not until later evening that we get some of those heavier downpours that will bring. maybe upwards of an inch or potentially even a little bit more than that across the region. here's early in the morning now on saturday and temperatures behind you often think well as the storm moves at school right in this case it will eventually get cold but not immediately not during the day saturday as will start out chilly in
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above normal and by afternoon the sun actually even earlier that afternoon high temperatures will make it up into the mid fifties at least and we're going to be talking a lot of sunshine making it a pleasant day just like we saw out there today. saturday evening and into sunday we start to see the potential for a few clouds and the chance the stray rain or snow shower but i don't think it'll be a big deal. i'm thinking most vital status out not so with this system though the first one set come through already spreading some of the clouds to the north and you can see that we're talking about again some which are still pretty far down there in the dixie area but it is moving toward us pretty quickly said tonight are other thing we want to talk about hurricane alex this is the first time in seventy some years since nineteen thirty eight that we're talking about the january hurricane yesterday was sort of combination system half but tropical system half the regular area of low pressure now. top winds of eighty mph moving north at twenty two and it's going to
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florida areas of the north atlantic and gradually weaken into just a remnant depression course pre cold air up there so this the water by the way sixty eight. that's incredibly unusual to have a storm over sixty eight degree water spot forecast for tomorrow no rain at norfolk international before three pm probably a little bit later than that even i'm thinking it's going to be around the dinner hour forecast for today was fifty three actually got up to fifty eight starr st anne's hand tomorrow fifty nine early in the morning the rain chances are probably only ten percent or so by afternoon they are up to forty and by evening up to seventy to eighty fifty nine for the high fifty six with a slight chance of a morning shower stall on saturday chilly sunday and then with the monday tuesday martin to king day and tuesday in the mid upper thirties at best while people better bundle up for those marches on monday and told her i think it's tough for tracking a weather day and night before you head out the door tomorrow morning
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at day break starting at four thirty. arnaud du men's hoops back on their home court where they haven't lost in two years but they were in for a big challenge tonight coming up in sports will see if they wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away.
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in a thriller i write none of the winners of the record setting powerball jackpot has come forward yet when taken from last night and ron were sold in california florida and tennessee a seven eleven at the corner of salem road in lynn haven parkway in virginia beach soda ticket worth one million dollars that winter has not come forward yet another store in virginia minnesota hundred thousand dollar ticket there were fifty thousand dollars winners of tickets sold and bought in just a big camp in norfolk and virginia beach all across hampton roads we have a list of those winning tickets on thirty news now com now to something that involves a very small amount of cash not it is is kicking off the new year with the deal just for people who
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code you can get an for this special admission price of seven dollars and fifty seven cents. the author starts next week and goes through the end of february come stop by but i don't have a seven five seven era will get two of which are nine five cal the show i'm in california nine dollars but that doesn't work that way now is that though do you not tremendous game big showdown for the marston and they were up against the defending conference champs uab who might even be better this year than they were last year the blazers have won ten straight but without the constant center for the mocs a one thirty two straight games and a coke got in foul trouble early so this is on the few times we saw on the first half day boat he was five for lee didn't have the lead very much tonight but there's a lot to it than that not more to it. trey freeman had twenty eight points marked down by eight at halftime and instead of the game fifteen points including these two hills and thirteen rebounds but they
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the second half then they got especially freeman marr scored thirteen straight points with just over two minutes ago. oh you took the lead. we went to overtime or banco for three there were six lead changes in the last minute forty ahmad came or puts up a jumper to give owe you a one point game with nine seconds to go. uab one more chance they missed the shot with the flow welcome to whom the floor oh what a way to fall smallest and the court put uab and trey freeman can do it again but this year all dominion falls by one seventy two seventy one the streak is over. you guys certainly by the very end of the big thing when you were leaving the building with his in saturday's start in a straight male is so much fun
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that fell short by a lot of them a teammate so my advice fly guy stuff also with a marvy charleston's i'd like to lady mocs lost fifty eight fifty five and hockey devils beat elmira for one when we
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i welcome at our thursday night tradition. you can't go wrong starting sports spotlight with a
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i am the am order was given the regular season buffalo kicker missed a field goal but he didn't miss here are a direct hit with the helmet face a special day and our state is not for the play which they bought all of the special teams coaches reaction that we have planned fellows must make the transition from football to basketball shelley or for what is this i guess that's basketball. i shot james harman only a great scorer and his passing comes sometimes with a little to be desired. how about this thing hard to follow the puck goes off the boards bounces over
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the net again off the goaltender in the net a little more easily score near the goal keeper actually the goaltender schoolers we can have the one hand this week's edition of sports spotlight and gray highlights the winner goes by we'll see some rain tomorrow but not too late though right at the earliest it'll be in the afternoon i doubt that for most areas it's really going to tend to be more like evening and in the overnight hopefully gone by saturday for most of us getting up early enough that s thirteen is now at eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning. jimmy
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