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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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debate of twenty sixteen what the candidates said about the issues including gun control this is thirteen is now at daybreak and six o'clock the top this half hour is rush hour scene know ashley's watching the rose right now for trouble spots and greg is here the check of your forecast that can be a little bit warmer paper forget the pack an umbrella or a meow rain moving in soon i will enjoy all relatively mild day again today like yesterday will be back in the upper fifties and it's going to be pretty warm again tomorrow. big drop in temperature the later the weekend into early next week right now no problems measure out the door on your way to work. temperatures are milder than they had been we'll check those for the moment. this is the next storm system that i'll be tracking it through the area is going to move off to the northeast and that rain is set to arrive here in hampton roads by late afternoon into the evening and the rain overnight may be heavy at times so we'll be watching that as it tracks through the region right now with thirty seven degrees and south southwest wind ten mph
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this morning i came in with thirty four n than thirty six now thirty seven said the temperatures trending up and that will continue today as we see temperatures in the upper fifties we should remain dry through the early to middle part of the afternoon but the rain moves in late afternoon evening and i'll be back to show you that in the entire weekend and just get some for the downtown tunnel. ashley been busy this morning we've already had a couple accidents. what's up right and tricks to watch a couple of accidents and some backups will talk about that in just a moment but first i went ahead to our camera and to see how things are looking not too far from the downtown tunnel now we don't have any issues report right here onto sixty four and one to give you that live before you head out west bound traffic headed up to the brooklyn bridge and tunnel moving steadily also nice if you're headed eastbound coming from portsmouth on the traffic network map let's talk about a trouble spot starting in virginia beach to sixty four westbound just before you get a new town road as the approaching sixty four at least three right lanes are blocked or maybe four at this point due to that accident
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the sea which will slow down just a little bit so prepare for that in newport news jackson sixty four east just before you get the big battle right now just the left lane is blocked with slight improvement because initially we had the two left lanes blocked traffic got moving much better pass that seem to keep an eye on things for you coming up in the next few minutes talking to bulldozer accident and i'll give you a live look at that traffic on five sixty four into naval station norfolk high nash thank you later today it looks like the u s supreme court will discuss former governor bob mcdonald case again that is according to scooter stash blogger dot com this means it's likely the court will take the case last year a federal court sentence mcdonnell to two years in prison for taking gifts in exchange for favors from a wealthy businessman macdonald's wife maureen also is appealing her conviction thirteen years now has covered the trial the conviction of the former governor and his wife from the beginning you can see all of our pasts report on thirteen years now and a calm and expects to update our
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soon as the supreme court makes a decision at six o morning about congressman scott riddle decision not to seek another term in office now governor terry mcauliffe has responded he sent us a statement. here are thirteen years now it reads in part i am thankful for his independent leadership are the people of this commonwealth and wish him the best as he begins a new chapter we spoke to the congressman about a surprising decision to leave he says he's given congress' everything he can. i cannot run again because i believe that this significant accomplishments that i can bring to washington for solutions that i can advance i think that we've done that this district deserves wonderful representation rachel is a three term republican representing virginia's second district he says this discussion came up with his family a few months ago and just made the decision within the past week. turning to the race for the white house now where
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the debate stage last night that allowed for some of the most practice debaters to shine as they sparred over everything from national security to gun control to focus on what the bigger issue it's it is a law abiding gun owners target the efforts for people that are committing crimes with guns and if you do that and get it right you're going to be much better off. mr. president we're not against you work it's your policies town's proposed ban on all muslims entering the us has been a topic of discussion for about a month. he defended the idea while the other candidates called him the reason i want security for this country. ok by the security every time we send signals like this we send a signal weakness not strength and so it was intended. it's the reasons why i'm asking the to consider changing his views the next gop debate isn't the point i was in two weeks it's the last debate before
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the democratic presidential candidates will debate. nbc is hosting the debate and invited all three candidates hillary clinton bernie sanders and martin o'malley there had been some doubt whether o'malley would be included based on his low polling numbers yet he still made the cut. good morning america will have more of the highlights and analysis of who won at seven o'clock right after daybreak. donald trump will make a campaign stop in hampton roads next month. regent university reading university just announced trouble participate in the presidential candidate forum on february twenty fourth former governors jeb bush and john casey have already participated in the series which started in october. reading officials will soon announce a time and ticket information for troops event and will bring that to me when we learn more by the time or accusations are flying into social media giant this morning despite the lawsuit that claims twitter is helping my sis one woman is suing the social media network to get them to
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over the city of chicago one
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i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. . six o eight here it is friday it's friday so even
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the commercial breaks. it's not gonna throw me off the game and still nt friday leave it to the weekend upper upper he she doesn't she doesn't know she's singing it just comes at temperatures by our lunch around fifty five fifty eight for an afternoon high will see increasing clouds chances for rain later this afternoon and evening i really think around eighty five o'clock for thirty five o'clock we start to see the rain filling in across northeast north carolina and then later this evening so if you've got plans this evening make sure you've got an umbrella with you or plan to deal with the rate right now it is dry visibility is excellent skies are mainly clear and we sit at thirty seven at the airport the windchill is thirty eight when chacin these wind chills it's still a little cooler it's not really windy out there but certainly enough to provide a little bit of a bite in the air there with the chilly temperatures now are watching this storm system down to the south and
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the southwest the rain will approach him come through tonight. until then will welcome another relatively mild day temperatures upper fifties to near sixty across the south side peninsula temperatures upper fifties mid to upper fifties for the middle peninsula and the northern neck over the eastern shore to mid fifties as well from alpha nasa wants cape charles and fifty seven and along the outer banks upper fifties sixty occur it at fifty eight elizabeth city and again temperatures upper fifties for those inland areas taking a look at the next seven days tomorrow we remain relatively mild temperatures around fifty seven turns cooler sunday and i will mention running with about thirty percent chance for a few stray showers or maybe a little bit of light mix precipitation the better chances for that mix into the north and west will keep an eye to things over the weekend so stay tuned for updates monday much quarter marking the upper thirties let's check in now with ashleigh i'm still watching a few traffic issues on
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but they're starting to improve to take a look at traffic heading to naval station norfolk this shot is about halfway down by fifty four passing chambers field notes were doing a whole lot better graphics thirsty can just ride around here right before you hit the runway tunnel were not cleared totally just yet. we are getting there's a bit of good news there. the people to drop the morning of the rest of the delay out there for now we had our second camera take a look at newport news an accident scene is still working sixty four east just before you get to big apple right now just the left lane is blocked and traffic is moving fine as it passes the scene that was the traffic trouble in virginia beach now we'll talk about that. welcome back bash thank you new details in the case of the accused serial jewelry feet yet why a
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. and breaking news we're just going to new information from virginia state police on the identity of a man was killed in an ultra light aircraft crashed in middlesex county yesterday another pilot who was the only occupant has now been identified as gilbert dennis gregory he is from glenn's virginia that's in gloucester county emergency responders have used a tease and chainsaws to maneuver through the woods to get to that wreckage. forster workers helped to clear that scene were told last night and later today federal investigators will arrive at the scene to try and figure
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i seem to think you are new this morning twitter is being sued for allegedly helping isis communicate over social media. the lawsuit alleges twitter knowingly allow prices to recruit raise money and spread propaganda. it was filed by the family of a florida contractor killed in a november terror attack in jordan twitter released a statement saying that they are horrified by the actions of extremist groups and have teams around the world working to locate social media accounts belonging to terrorists appears that i'm new this morning a federal of two thousand thirteen surveillance video showing a chicago police officer fatally shooting a seventeen year old car jacking suspect we're not showing the full video because very graphic the grainy video shows said rick catlin running from chicago police three years ago he was suspected of stealing a car the officer says he thought the teenager had a gun. chapman actually had a box for my phone now his family is suing but
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was justified. good morning america will have much more on this story coming up in about forty five minutes from the man suspected of helping a serial jewelry robberies expected in court today. this just the day after the accused mastermind was in front of a federal judge herself asking for bond abbie kemp is accused of robbing six jewelry stores in five states at gunpoint. her lawyers argued that she isn't a threat since the fbi seized her gun but the judge said camp is still a danger to this community and pointed out that no one has yet to recover the four point three million dollars worth of missing jewels she remains behind bars the sprout of a boy a minnesota hockey mom posted this video over sign at the hockey game on facebook. he has now been dubbed the dancing goalie some calling him goalie of the year. the video has already been viewed more than
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times on face as he knows mom film and posted on the net wonder probably know by now that but maybe he's more over so right turning to the webinar craig is over talked about the brain that would be getting late and the rain is coming and this evening our health will be singing in the rain or not but we will have a lot of rain out there falling across the region. it's gonna be one of those nights where if you don't have to do that extra bit of traveling is counted because i think sometime tonight the reason be very heavy i want you to be prepared as we take a look at the temperature trends today upper fifties very mild but as we get into late afternoon and evening will look for the rain move in and at times and especially across northeast north carolina the rain could be heavier right now the radar is sweeping clear so as you're out the door you're in great shape skies had been partly cloudy that actually becoming mainly clear right now so we'll take it down to the south and southwest this is where we have our system this is going to track to
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about this rain coming now we knew it. it's been in the forecast pretty much all we can at times earlier in the week it looks like it was going to linger a little bit in the saturday morning. now one positive thing is it looks like it will keep moving through and quickly exit so i expect saturday to be very nice for most of the area with upper fifties and partly sunny skies. you see the rain though let's deal with this this afternoon into the evening initially down to the south north carolina and out to the west or central virginia western virginia they'll see the rain earlier for our area hampton roads the abc thirteen viewing area. i think we'll see scattered showers kind off and on during the early evening steady or heavier rain down over eastern north carolina and the rain comes through not in general maybe a half an inch to an inch or so of rain potentially across the area but over eastern north carolina those amounts could be heavier snow will continue to watch at it looser ooh and pulls out and then tomorrow skies become
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for our saturday question is what happens sunday as we get another push of even colder air coming in. i really allowed site sunday there could be a little bit of mixed precipitation maybe some snow showers across northern and central parts of virginia but even here in hampton roads a few rain showers or a little bit of light mix precipitation very briefly coming through sunday not out of the question i'm leaving at about thirty percent the chances of that is something we will keep you updated on as we get closer to sunday so i invite you to stay tuned for updates today at noon and then not again chapel had updated tonight i should tomorrow morning and evan over the week right now little bit of you know some time to read about some breaks along the horizon thirty seven in windsor south southwest at ten mph the high today to reach about fifty nine with increasing clouds rain developing late. occasional rain tonight could be heavy at times the low around forty six so we are just talking about rain tonight and fifty seven tomorrow with partly
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normal but falling on sunday a shower or a little bit of light makes possible sunday especially when it's cooler for martin luther king day and tuesday stay chilly temperatures back in the mid forties by thursday i dash to turn your attention to virginia beach been working there what's going on. i just wanna give you the latest on the axe and i'm watching out there on to sixty four as you head west found a paint war sixty four still give you a live look now just before you get to new town wrote this accident here is blocking one two three of your right lanes the good news traffic although kind of picking up in volume passing the scene not seeing substantial heavy traffic out there so he will slow down just a little bit prepare for that one to get past the senior out toward new talent to keep or doing much better shape but again to prepare for a little bit of an extra commuters that accidents to working on the traffic network mapped to one head over now to naval station norfolk where traffic is quickly improving at this
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passed the runway tunnel traffic there drops down to fourteen miles an hour coming from fifty five and in newport news the accident sixty four east before big apple that still working the left lane is blocked traffic is moving well past that scene and coming up in the next few minutes we'll see of traffic is moving just as well on sixty four out and just speak. erin ashley thank you all that pesky mosquito could be holding a disease it's more dangerous than you
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important health alert for you this morning at six twenty four dangerous virus first detected in latin america is now on us soil the first case of zinc a virus has been confirmed in houston texas the illness is transmitted through mosquito bites and has been linked to serious birth defects unfortunately there is no vaccine no medical treatment exists for this. the cdc says that cities like houston and new orleans are ideal for spreading this virus. abc news dr richard dresser will be on good morning america this morning talk about the dangers these mosquitoes pose. coming up in just about thirty five minutes from now on north carolina reported its first flu death of the season the death comes as number of that as the number of flu cases increases across the state health officials believe that debts will be lower this year because the vaccine is able to target
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the flu season typically peaks in february. well now just a heads up for all you pet lovers a new strain of dog flu is spreading across the country. it first surfaced last march in chicago says that it has infected more than two thousand dogs in twenty four states. the good news is that vets say the condition is rarely fatal and a vaccine is available but owner say owners should get the bad get to the vet here we go right away if the dog shows symptoms so in case you're wondering you can not get the flu from your dog however another healthy dog can get the flu from your sick dog so make sure that you are aware of symptoms. well saturday morning at nine o'clock it's time for your cuteness the doors to the national zoo's giant panda house will open again and you'll get a chance to see baby babe for the first time the camp and seeing their little bigger now. prices are still working to get up and walk around but the bear cub now five months
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still cute as you can see right there he weighs in at twenty five pounds in his keeper say he is through with all the attitude of a toddler loose wording about this how we can ask me to pen for my people to write a quick reminder for you thirteen years now wants to help you get a jumpstart on twenty sixteen and will be giving away a special prize every single day this week we have been giving away a very cool prize this one is a membership for your entire family to the ymca for a whole year that is eleven hundred dollars worth of membership fees. so we'll show you that word sometime during this hour of daybreak it hasn't happened yet you haven't missed it took over thirteen years now dot com as soon as we give you that and i were and we can click on the features tab and enter it right there too. it's a lot of value worth the hassle and i love the warm weather is sticking around you can expect temperatures to get to nearly sixty today
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that could dampen your friday night plans lot more that said an officer involved
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. two bodies found in a van a possible suspect shot by police were expected to learn more today about the investigation going on elise brown is standing by with new details and wallets could play a smaller role in re supplying the international space station the options orbital atk is giving nasa a six thirty that friday we made it this is daybreak among very senior members to bustamante went to get right over to meteorologist greg muller with a little bit of a warmer day and when today unfortunately i think a wet evening you know i was just posting on facebook that despite the fact it's gonna be wet tonight and we have a chance for a sprinkle or flurry on sunday maybe a little bit of light mixing off to the northwest on sunday. i'm still embracing this weekend hike our way we got a great one upcoming saturday looks really good by
6:26 am
up right now skies are mainly clear to partly cloudy. what a cool sky over norfolk rain and the pretty as we take a look at the satellite radar images we are seeing them or showing up at the south now rolling across georgia i came in this morning it was still in the southwest of atlanta the last few hours they become what they are to atlanta and this continues to spread off to the northeast so this system that is moving along it is racing through and it will come into play here. by late afternoon into the evening. look for the rain the rain could be heavy at times especially over northeast north carolina right now thirty seven in the winter south southwest at ten we had some mine in when there is a little bit cooler upper twenty s to low thirties out to the west at the oceanfront forty two right now that sushi and a it's it's pretty down there with our lives. sky view from the dq than seventeen atlantic take a look here at the day you're going to see the showers potentially late afternoon good chances for rain this evening i'll be
6:27 am
again tomorrow looks good sunday little more interesting can obtain an accident here's ashley are a crate checking traffic now in virginia beach in updating you on that accident scene still very much working and now causing some backups now granted the six thirty half hour when housework photo journal is written below was actually driving onto sixty four. now it looks like he may have either just passed or is coming up on the accident scene and the delays their own to sixty four so maybe a couple of minutes may seem slow down here looks like right now he still moving pretty well but he is on to sixty four west this morning and that is where the accident is to sixty four west just before you get to new town road as we are now back on the traffic network mask you can see it here right on the maps at this point the laser beginning about a mile back to watch out for that we can head to our second camera really quickly our first game i should say coming from the dock here and this is on us sixty four west and chesapeake went around greenbrier parkway where traffic is moving well on both sides and no major
6:28 am
watching two other trouble spots out there one in newport news and one of the naval station norfolk i have the latest on both of those spots coming up in eight minutes and we've just gotten an update on that breaking news we've been following for you in portsmouth that overnight shooting with watching will police have now determined that the man who came to mary medical center with a gunshot wound was actually shot at the pew or diamond club were told that shooting happened in the parking lot of the gentleman's club which is located on portsmouth boulevard near interstate sixty four have about one thirty this morning the victim were told was shot in the lake and is expected to be okay right now police have no suspect information so if you have any information that can help alicia are asked to call the crime line at number one eight lock u up big so much sandra time now six thirty three were expecting more details about a violent and deadly scene that played out newport news to people murdered and an officer involved shootings are four schools were put online because of this it started when officers found two men shot to death yesterday in a ban on wickham avenue and
6:29 am
minutes later on roanoke avenue police shot and wounded a possible suspect police believe that assess a second suspect took off his brown is live in newport news with more leaves looking tells andre lucy in a couple of hours were hoping to learn more about where this investigation stands and where police are with finding that second suspect at least it is all started around eleven o'clock yesterday they're responding to an accident when police got there they found two males shot dead in a van now as police work the scene collecting evidence a witness told them they saw someone running away as you mentioned police she found that suspect and they shot that person the person was taken to the hospital they were shot in the abdomen and shoulder and is expected to be okay until police were wearing body cameras in right now are searching for a second person again i will be at the police conference that's scheduled
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and will have more for you at noon live in newport news elise brown thirteen years now. early certainly say so much time now six thirty five new this morning while it sounds role in running supply missions to the international space station may get smaller yesterday nasa officials said orbital atk will continue delivering cargo to the iss through twenty twenty four wallets will be responsible for the six of the eighteen scheduled flights but the decision leaves some uncertainty orbital is giving nasa two options for launching to orbit a modified and terry's rocket out of wallets or at least five out of florida you probably remember that last june a rocket exploded after liftoff from walls and try to later today. kroger is hosting a job fair in virginia beach. the company has seven hundred job openings across the mid atlantic. kroger operates in nine of those stories in our area in virginia beach norfolk portsmouth suffolk and downtowns are looking for fulltime or part time work
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the spot interviews though start at three o'clock this afternoon at the kroger training facility on lynn haven parkway. the address is twenty twenty nine lynn hayden parkway should wrap up around seven o'clock tonight and here's today's keyword are you ready for regular workouts. a wayward whale family membership to the ymca with more than eleven hundred dollars one free year for your entire family so go right now to thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab and type in the word workout and good luck everyone d good luck to you out there we got a real drum rolls to hit the giant now six thirty six from time to time classes can get out of control the way now a new
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need any more proof than that? neutrogena. . so yesterday with the ten a m update we have the first hurricane of the atlantic as any of the atlantic season was in the first hurricane of twenty six teams we start off with a word and that is alec so that's the name of the system very very rare in fact with it being for me yesterday the fourteenth of january that is the second earliest hurricane that we have on record the previous
6:35 am
in nineteen thirty eight so this one a hurricane and by the waist or number one back and thirty eight formed on january fourth so occasionally we get one but it's very very rare kissing poses no threat to hampton roads in moving to the north atlantic and a shipping interests obviously paying close attention to this and we keep an eye to things right now it's quiet across the elizabeth river looking across the water over to portsmouth and over norfolk right now the sky's turning to bright and beautiful skies mainly clear and thirty seven as a ticket through the day the temperatures here warming up within the hour to about thirty eight at the airport forty two virginia beach notice a cooler readings and won lots of sunshine early in the day but as we get into the afternoon temperatures up into the mid fifties by noon and increasing clouds pushing into the region as a goalie afternoon evening five o'clock look at the shower showing up with their future cash reign over northeast north carolina and more rain tonight. i think a half an
6:36 am
of the area locally higher amounts potentially in the rain moves out later this through the overnight by sunrise tomorrow things improve by the full weekend for a moment right now going to check in on virginia beach with our tree up and watching an accident this morning for quite awhile in virginia beach to sixty four west before newtown one to show you the delays now making its way to the scene of accident so this scene here is but a half mile as you can see away from the accident itself delays are beginning a half mile before you get to this point it's going to bury stop and go until you pass an accident scene and you approach newtown road so again we're not totally clear of delays or the accident scene itself right now in virginia beach. the traffic trouble to report they are all certainly watch out for that as you report to work or to school on time this morning. now back on the other camera here's one shown here in newport news yet another accident sixty four eastbound just before you get the big battle that was right here in the left lane that has since cleared and we don't have any major
6:37 am
trouble in virginia beach we'll talk about that when i come back. all right ashleigh thank you all right say the magic word is something that so many parents other kids yet and no one north carolina school is banning teachers from saying
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i knew this morning in mackinac county man has been convicted of first degree murder for brutally beating beating and killing a longtime school bus driver the jury convicted forty seven year old michael press this week prosecutors say that he slashed the throat of leon harmon junior in november of twenty fourteen a judge sentence press to thirty five years in prison and he also has to pay out thirty thousand dollars at six forty five later today it's the defense's turn in the case of a man accused of murdering a doctor real estate agents in little rock yesterday the prosecution rested its case police say he killed and kidnapped kid that rather and then killed beverly carter in september twenty four team will show the house authorities found her body in a shallow grave a
6:41 am
lewis think they have a good case. we're going to put on the defensive by only about half a day and i expect in the end will get a good result for the roses estranged wife krista lowery well she testified against her husband lewis saying most of the defense is a lie. this morning one of the three teenage boys pulled from an icy pond in colorado has died the two others remain in the denver area hospital this morning. no word on their conditions right now the police and parker say the boy who did i was underwater for more than thirty five minutes while crews tried to get to him witnesses called nine one one after they saw the boys actually fall into that pond detectives are still investigating why the teenagers even wandered out to the ice. new this morning how would you like this near cal school. don't say please when north carolina school is banning teachers from saying the magic word. officials at druid hills academy in
6:42 am
is to make children child behavior children behave it's called no nonsense nurturing teachers give kids concise clear instructions in a format called and the vp meeting movement voice and participation. it leaves children with zero room for misbehavior. there are also celebrated for following those comments and you'll want to stick around for good morning america after daybreak we'll explore this no nonsense approach to handling disruptive students in the classroom so interesting and very new this morning they say their internet connected thermostats have malfunctioned. ever since i got a software upgrade last month. nast says that the problem has now been resolved for over ninety nine percent of customers. that's right the white house is pushing for more self driving cars on america's highways yesterday the administration proposed a ten year four billion dollar push to help spark the development of the cars. officials say that
6:43 am
eliminate roadway deaths the national highway safety administration will also seek a unified national regulations on self driving cars a check this out. espn is getting serious about gaming. it has launched a new division called espn the sports a special home on espn website will cover the world of competitive gaming including the major ornaments while this is really change has the top gamers can make more than a million dollars a year. i do know that isn't safe while still become an olympic sport you guys won't remember this because i think you guys are still probably in diapers when espn first came out i may be your little of that but not much for those of us that an older and hell yeahh will this turn off carrying all kinds of interesting and kind of niche sports around the world and that's really how they started off is only over time they made so much money they can serve by all
6:44 am
are trying to get back to some mattresses on the world series of poker and amelia also not surprised to see espn tackling game are i am not that old odd fifty three that was the forecasts ips to actually sit da spot on streak ends at ten but the good ron and i think we're going to get hot here again we had our best streak so far about twenty one and i yesterday and it and so will get another one going here today we're looking at temperatures that will top out the upper fifties a lot like yesterday but we're gonna put out on the line for a spot on for cas challenge no rain at norfolk international that's what your f is before three pm so i think we will see and know we're going to rain late late afternoon into the evening but three three o'clock we should remain dry in norfolk and if that's the case we will pick up with our spot on forecasts resetting that street as we take a look here the temperatures as i mention
6:45 am
four o'clock could see showers around the airport it's gonna be kinda close but during the afternoon five six we expect the rain was she the future cash right now just wanna let you know we are dried the skies are mainly clear you get that across north carolina back down towards charlotte n c south carolina that's where the clouds are we have the moisture this step is set to roll in and it is going to build across the region. this is the updated future cast just came in see see the showers here by five thirty. good chances for rain certainly over eastern north carolina and i believe the southside even up to the peninsula by five five thirty we should start seeing some showers more rain out to the west of the system tracks through the area the rain say a half an inch to an inch or so widespread locally higher amounts potentially down or eastern north carolina the rain will move out early tomorrow morning i'd say well before sunrise the rain should be gone. we catch a break on saturday so good looking day for saturday
6:46 am
fine shape. although all that is gonna be wet left over from the rain tonight tomorrow looks good sunday i just have to show you this still the future cast bringing some wintry precipitation some snow showers across central virginia and even here in hampton roads potentially will see some rain showers maybe a little bit of mix with potential for some snow showers don't know if it's going to be that cold to the north but pretty close and we will watch as in keep you updated letting you know as we get closer i temperatures right now upper thirty s to near forty at kinko's and cooler and when you see the highs again tomorrow than much cooler into early next week. haven't update for that accident what's going on now ashley or whatsoever to virginia beach are traffic camera now just to show you what i'm continuing to watch here we can see it together as the camera shops around just in the nick of time right up to move a little bit to see can see kind of in the corner here. what i'm watching so the axe another falling for a while in virginia beach to sixty four west before new
6:47 am
about wrapped up now you might still see some activity often the shoulder you can see the flashing light kind of a kind of in between a government a little but they're still saying about a mile of heavy traffic approaching the earlier accident scene but it does look like our lanes are now open and hopefully the next time we take a look at this camera. things were moving a bit better between independence and new towel certainly keep you posted for now we'll head to a much prettier shots around the station norfolk. all of our delays had cleared and five sixty four west and were moving well that we do have some new delays to discuss will do that now give you one more look at traffic around virginia beach. that's coming up in five minutes to look for that time now six fifty two this morning talk about a cruel prank this was downright wrong the california nurse's son told his mother she won the record breaking powerball jackpot but she didn't. a spokesperson a a nursing home an ounce to one of its nurses won the cash after her son called saying she had the winning ticket from chino
6:48 am
california lottery officials checked it turned out she didn't so far no one has come forward to claim that massive jackpot two other winning tickets were sold in florida and in tennessee after daybreak good morning america well t j holmes will take a look at powerball pranks going viral apparently this is the thing now to watch for their reports starting in just about six or seven minutes from now he knew people would be a new this morning like everyone else andre and i are pretty disappointing. i will not win the one point five billion dollar powerball so if you all till the new bills they wait there to say totally normal we're all suffering the loss to listen to this ongoing that's because a lot of people spent more money on tickets than they should um and thought about how their lives would have changed if the wind sent there to say that losing can be emotionally crushing but it will not sting as badly if you just practise gratitude and celebrate what you already. so even in our times
6:49 am
can get back to our communities interested to know that a sense of appreciation and more and helpful in the community i think is great. we're grateful so grateful that the therapist make no one really needs a billion dollars on one interview that their president and money can buy alot of things but for sure they could not buy happiness so what i have is a very expensive scratch paper set so i got the right people right here there's still much more ahead on daybreak
6:50 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
6:51 am
the morning coming up on him at last night's republican debate the long running romance between donald trump and ted cruz came to a rather abrupt and jordan our team will break down the debate stage showdowns this morning on gma g version and your top story the morning rush we are expecting more details later today about a violent and deadly scene that is played at newport news to people murdered and an officer involved shootings yet started when officers found two men shot to death yesterday in a van on wickham avenue and fourteenth street a few minutes later on roanoke avenue police shot and wounded a possible suspect officers believe a second suspect ran off police are holding a news conference at nine this morning lisa brown will be there to look
6:52 am
looks like the u s supreme court will discuss former governor bob mcdonnell case again that's according to scottish blogger dot com and this means it's likely that that that likely will take up the case if they're talking about in this way last year a federal court sentence mcdonnell to two years in prison for taking gifts in exchange for favors from a wealthy businessman mcdonnell's wife maureen also appealing her conviction well governor terry mcauliffe has issued a statement about congressman scott riddle decision not to seek re election he said a statement to thirteen years now the reason part i am thankful for his independent leadership for the people of this commonwealth and wish him the best as he begins a new chapter. we spoke to the congressman about a surprising decision to leave he says he has given congress everything he can i love that awful night we actually have breaking traffic news report it was just pop in take a look at this camera guys are traveling to newport news sixty four westbound at for
6:53 am
side of your screen that accident involving a tractor trailer has blocked all travel lanes again making its way westbound that is in the direction of williamsburg right now we have a three mile backup extends past the dingy boulevard overpass that's going to continue to grow. stay with the straw good morning america. i have the latest on the scene and will please the ways you can get around that mess is now back to the stage is only after the frustrating and no yellow what weather tonight now today looks ok time to starting off a little cooler in lynn milder the coast at the airport right now thirty nine degree skies mainly clear so not bad. south winds at seven mph right now that the temperatures climbing back into the upper fifties will see the rain moving in late late afternoon into night nicer tomorrow and a chance for some interesting
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