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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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execute search warrants at massage parlors in chesapeake reporting live with the latest suspect is still in the run after a double homicide newport news police recap of violent day in the city your favor to pull a wide open for lunch in february why stores nationwide are closing for an afternoon plus of course the hospital. see the beauty with this unusual visitor help the patient fight cancer than are the four starts right now and that breaking news coming out of chesapeake where police are executing multiple search warrants we were first to break the news online and we have exclusive video you'll only find on thirteen years now rates are happening right now at six different massage establishments and were told more businesses could be rated by selah robertson joins us live from chesapeake
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anything about the nature of the war. it's all i can tell you that at least six establishments again like you mentioned are being searched right now besides being one of them investigators are still inside the surgery started around two o'clock this afternoon and we do know is that the search warrants are related to prostitution ordinance that was passed by chesapeake back in july. now take a look at this video that we shot you can see investigators coming in and out of these establishments some coming out with evidence i can confirm sources tell me that this is all part and related to a much larger network an organization out the warnings that we're talking about was put into place again to try to curb prostitution in some of these illegal establishment some of those walls that were put into places that these places can operate past ten o'clock at night but no one is allowed to live in these establishments. so right now that's really what investigators are trying to figure out. now this is a part of the chesapeake police are investigating and homeland security investigations also out here that's really because they investigate crimes such as alien harboring and human
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to figure out of any of that is going on here at this time again six different locations here in the great bridge area all massage parlors are being searched at this point again the surgery started around two o'clock this afternoon and most of them have either wrapped up or wrapping up at this point. coming up tonight at five you'll hear from legitimate business owners who say they've had concerns about these these establishments for months now live in chesapeake marcella roberts in thirteen years now i tgif the weekend is right around the corner but so is the rain showers on the radar there you see it right there quite a bit agreements and yellow little red mixed in looking live outside as well as our downtown office tower cam and jeff looks like the rain is going to stick around for awhile yet you definitely not can we want to travel out on the roads tonight as it will be some pretty heavy rain at times you can see a lot of low clouds nye any raindrops here showing up on our screen here with our sky view camera but we are starting to see
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move up here across the metro area the leading edge though again not reaching the ground it appears like in most places it will not be long however before it will start to rain and then especially down here in north carolina all of this is moving to the northeast and that means some heavy rain at times during the evening hours member yes they were saying that could be an inch or even more in some spots later this evening overnight before things and hopefully in time for your weekend lot more on that one of the rainfall amounts in terms of the rate actually not the amount of rainfall rates one thirty inches per hour down across rich square almost three inches an hour and some of these darker reds here just to the northeast of woodinville down across areas of bertie county to a point for almost north of windsor those are the areas that are moving toward us and that's pretty heavy rain maybe not as heavy as the thunderstorm but definitely some heavy pockets of precipitation as
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through the evening and even in the overnight at the big news again very wet conditions. watch out for putting on the roadways around a little bit later on i jefferson to be to turn a pack cardwell announced his candidacy for virginia's second congressional district seat. this comes a day after congressman scott rachel's said he would not seek re election. reporter eric came with two card wells announcement today and his report is coming up at four thirty and no this afternoon police released the name of the victims and yesterday's double homicide in newport news thirty eight year old padre great from norfolk and thirty year old clinton kelly who use to live in newport news were found dead in a van an officer shot one suspect but another is still on the run at a news conference today the police chief gave more details and thirteen is now reporter elise brown was there the police chief praised officers for their hard work yesterday there was a lot going on he says police
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a difference. newport news police chief richard myers praising witnesses for helping police thursday. it's a great example of what can happen when the community get involved and gage and provide this information officers responded to what they thought was a car crash on fourteenth and we come inside of the van police found two men ages thirty and thirty eight shot to death based on witnesses. meyer says please or a due date descriptions and directions of travel for two suspects at eleven o nine the sergeant here or the two suspects in the thirteen hundred block of roanoke avenue. meyer says and that sergeant confronted one suspect who police say had a gun. the sergeant gave commands to the suspect did not comply and the sergeant discharge his department
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the thirty three year old suspect and then ran away in allegedly shot his gun in an unknown direction. a second officer and then caught up with the suspect who police say was still armed and outside her residence. meyer said the officer told the suspect to drop the weapon the suspect did not comply and the officer fired her department issued handgun. meyer says two handguns were found by the suspect they say he was taken to the hospital in newport news. elise brown thirteen news noun chest deputies in york county are searching for people they believe stole from a car here are the suspect photos deputies say these two are suspected of stealing from a vehicle on richter lane near coventry boulevard in yorktown last month told the suspects may have been in a nissan altima or maxima with chrome trim around the door frames contact the crime line if you have any information. and now let's take a look at the road
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backups working an accident on the interstate will talk about that just a moment first let's get to those backups will give you a live look now at traffic leaving him to making its way to norfolk sixty four eastbound right around the hr bt the shot is a mile and a half away from it and you see that's just about where the delays began. maybe a little bit before that at this point to expect about two mile delay for taking the hr bt out to norfolk and our second camera we head to virginia beach and two sixty four. if you're headed eastbound that's right we get to the oceanfront. here's the exit to burden the road you can see an accident there is partially blocking the exit ramp. well that you can still come and go around the accident and get all what bird it out there but might be something that will slow you down to watch out for this afternoon. coming up the next few minutes we'll head back to the traffic network maps will talk about the rest of your friday afternoon delays nasa cnn if you're craving to pull a lunchtime rolls around on one day february a few out of luck because stores nationwide schedule employee meetings to talk about food
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with some the details here haley is an ancient holy letters were freaking out this morning when they saw this news on facebook but i'm here to clear the air for you the company is working on a new strategy to win back customers after recent scares over your whole life and the norovirus also a police source in the us will close for a few hours on february eight for a company wide meeting in which workers workers will discuss changes being made to improve food safety manager for the college avenue location here in norfolk tells me the restaurant will close for lunch time but will reopen for dinner. the jubilee twitter account has been extremely busy today as you can imagine responding to concern customers and the set officially on their twitter account here but they will be closed until three pm back to the desk by the search continues in hawaiian waters two marine helicopters collided off the coast of
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the breaking news the u s supreme court will review former governor bob mcdonnell's case scone is blogger just posted the decision last friday thirteen is now reported the supreme court had neither granted nor deny to hear mcdonald's petition mcdonnell and his wife marine were convicted of doing favors for wealthy vitamin executive in exchange for more than a hundred and sixty five thousand dollars in gifts and loans so the breaking news is now the supreme court will hear his case which means for now he stays out of prison by the search continues off the hawaiian island of the law who after two marine helicopters collided the crash happened just before midnight thursday a total of twelve crewmembers on board the helicopters the aircraft are based at marine corps base hawaii rescuers spotted a debris field but so far haven't found any survivors. we still don't know the cause of that accident. north carolina governor pat mccrory announced to put one hundred
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the persian gulf war exhibit money came from the kuwaiti government in nineteen ninety six to help build something to honor gulf war vets and those who died in the conflict the state museum of history will create a traveling exhibit about north carolina's role in the war it should be completed by late summer seventeen north carolinians died in that war a report from our partners at usa today claims you safety failures at an army lab led to anthrax mistakes a dozen people including a bridge. brigadier general who led an army bio defense lab are facing potential disciplinary actions. some may even lose their jobs. a review found top officials at a lab in utah as doug way proving ground failed to take action despite signs of safety problems. this led to accidentally shipping live anthrax samples to other labs people upset with chicago mayor rahm emanuel's leadership protested an annual martin luther king
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after last night's release of a twenty thirteen officer involved shooting video which sparked more protests in the city today seventy pastors invited to the interfaith breakfast boycotted the event they say they've had enough of politics as usual. this is wrong is the pain is very real and people are choosing this is a new day in chicago where we at least all say we want justice and people are using the voices in using the resources to make sure that that message gets across very manual said the breakfast isn't about him but about celebrating dr king's achievements two hundred and sixty nine walmart stores are closing in more than half of them are in the us. this will impact in thousands of us workers no stores in virginia are affected the company's move comes three months after its ceo told investors he would review the store fleet after increase competition. one of the company's biggest rivals
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the store closures will happen to smaller walmart express stores and they watched as a test program in two thousand eleven the numbers are out for holiday shopping while many people shopped online the overall sales in november and december were disappointing. according to the national retail federation sales rose three percent as below the groups of three point seven percent forecast overall online sales continue to grow you'll have to spend more to post office soon the postal service as rates for priority mail packages will go up about ten percent starting sunday private delivery services are also increasing the rates postal service spokesman says this is the first price increase in more than three years you will spend more on smaller male however the price of a first class letter will remain forty nine cents a day has new strain of dog flu is spreading in the western us a dog in montana recently tested
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the washington state health department is also putting out a warning to pet owners after possible exposure at a seattle area kennel last year the dog flu spread so quickly in chicago that many shelters had to close two thousand dogs and twenty four states became infected last year a dog flu vaccine came out in november. have you ever heard about the so called man flu it's a theory. men complain about suffering from sickness more than women. or maybe actual science to back about a study released in the american journal of physiology says men are at a disadvantage because of their lack of estrogen researchers say the female hormone protects women from more aggressive flu symptoms they found estrogen reduce the virus reduce the virus in female sales but not in sales from men. now researchers may
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fight the flu a lot of rain on radar but not all the air reaching the ground the very lightest colors of green here are some of the locations where it is not reaching the earth's surface but that isn't very many of you certainly the eastern shore parts of the peninsula back down here to south side but very quickly you're going to see this study are heavier precipitation moving in in really giving us a soaking look at the heavy heavy amounts of moisture stretching from northeast north carolina now right up to the state line there with virginia north carolina and headed for us are currently at the top of the hour it was not raining yet. it was just cloudy and fifty four wins out of the southeast and the pressure is falling now as we continue to watch an area pretty potent low pressure move toward this time lapse from this morning but i think linus give us a nice sunrise and then a lot of sunshine to the day at least in terms of sort of a filtered sun and then that was only really morning and midday before the thicker clouds started to move and
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pretty ominous looking out their temperatures in the fifties until you get out west and have some forties are sort of south and west in other words in windy areas although there's a forty eight watch a pre but most of us in the fifties is the rain continues at times and again heavy at times as well in a few spots during the evening russian on in the overnight but by morning. certainly all the heavy stuff will be gone if there is anything left over in the morning and i talked about this yesterday it's that last little batch of energy in the upper levels the atmosphere that if this were any other wind direction i would still call for some drizzle or some light showers in the morning but because it's coming out of the west that the drying wind direction for us. i think even after some on radar it probably will not affect most of us so don't expect any heavy rain and hopefully no mist or drizzle or anything left over either in general we know for certain is going to clear out during the day and it should be a little breezy but a nice afternoon
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about this yesterday how it looks like i think the heaviest parts of the storm are going to miss is to the south but i still think there's a chance we're going to see at least some sprinkles or flurries or maybe even a period of light snow or light areas of mixed precipitation again not from the first system this was all rain as it moves out but the next one coming in on sunday a week sorta southeast coastal system spot for today or tuesday for tomorrow is for fifty eight for today we said no rain at norfolk before three haven't even gotten to yet officially as of four so that's definitely one day in a row after streak ended yesterday night occasional rain could be heavy at times but by tomorrow it should be gone in most areas are maybe fifteen percent chance of a couple of very light stray showers early in the day and then sunday is a little iffy this is not a sandstone forecast minus a fifty percent chance of some white snow or light makes possible temperatures
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but the ground with forty forty one anything that does fall again with pretty much melt on contact so we'll get a closer look at that later tonight and then again with both eyes shut and evan over the weekend back to you all i thank you very much. up next the hospital surprise that will melt your heart wait until you see what
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. welcome back we think you will love this the focus unfairly hospital and often surprised when other patients in a big way that they allowed her horse to visit the hospital. sure you might think this is strange medicine but you won't believe how this while jester of the woman fighting cancer. they made their mark
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period and consensus that and that's a lie and jagged aloe has a lot of love for her husband brian and the daily therapy dog and other animals sometimes i run my hands and mind our ps and she loves to laugh. it helps. she has to be so tough in a fight against cancer. ryan said the sonoma race cyanide tom said with a six time i know it's a rotten in venice happened to parnassus about him on the agenda could never imagine what would happen to her. it's a terribly hospital for my heart because i knew that this was what was going to make or break or get better the robot not only loves dogs. she also loves horses in sono really loves
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than just an hour on her and she loved riding rodeo since i am so surprise guess what doctors and nurses trotted out for special visit by the goose nom la fe is new for people says that the focus of terror the hospital due in jan and brian say their love was the best medicine and thirty seven that could crack the case here. yes they do guys get this. jenna says after that surprise visit her blood counts actually started coming back up and within the next three days she was well enough to go home or can imagine that days a we knew coursing around the center of the hospital would pay off one in the madison absolutely nice story on friday handed yesterday i think you by congressman scott riddle will seek re election so what does that mean for the future of his district. also breaking
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hear bob mcdonald's appeal on
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. a little bit of a change just the last few minutes when i showed this shot a couple minutes ago. no rain at all on the lens are now starting to see some so obviously we're getting more more moisture moving and you can see those areas with the heavier precipitation pretty quickly now spreading here up across the metro area's started out with some filtered sunshine. they quickly gave way to the thickening clouds and our in store for some rain and some heavy downpours that that although this is moving quickly enough that it only last a few hours then we'll have a bit of a breakdown little bit more rain most of the rain is tonight an isolated shower is possible in a few spots are isolated little bit of drizzle maybe
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again for the most part saturday should be pretty nice. the next thing we have to worry about light precipitation is possible on sunday and if we get it it'll be different types from north to south. it'll be very cold aloft which would tend to mean snow. however forty degrees at the surface may mean that it has a chance to melt forget all the way down so tricky forecast which i will address in more detail for sunday when i return but for tonight. make sure you have the umbrella handy i think you will race to replace congressman scott riddle is already heating up less than a day after angel unexpectedly announced he wasn't seeking re election a candidate already through his name in the ring or cage talk to him today and eric he's an unfamiliar face ye jin and his name is pat cardwell he's an attorney who moved to virginia beach only a few years ago. he's the first candidate to publicly announce he's running since rachel called it quits yesterday. the congressman served in dc for six years he said he accomplished all that he wanted to in the nation's
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come home. well now the race is wide open to replace ann and cardwell says rachel didn't fight hard enough for conservative values he says he was already planning on running against regional before the congressman's announcement yesterday it was my belief that we needed to put some fresh blood up there and it's not about electing republicans it's about electing the right republican and the right republican somebody who's not going to forget about the people in the district. well that newly redrawn third congressional district did slightly impact original seconds district and that could change the way a candidate is nominated. more on that coming up at five thirty one the newsroom. eric came thirteen years now roger talk more about where the second district might be headed is jim have founder and editor in chief of bearing drift virginia's conservative drift website jim thanks for being with us before we talk about the second district let's talk about the news of the day which is the supreme court is going to hear bob
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and i'm incredibly is just within last hour finding out that supreme court will actually hear this but it makes a lot of sense considering past ruling said the court has regarding campaign finance and how i've read much question we have are eyeing what's right what's wrong in terms of what can be accepted as an elected official i can't and so we had this conversation all through this trial and that the u s certainly ethically there were some issues but was there any quid pro quo is there anything i was given to johnny williams by the state specifically by the governor an adventurous really wasn't proven so interesting to see with court rules in june right let's talk about the second district were you surprised by scott rodgers announce that i absolutely us coverage will promise that we ran in two thousand and eight headley was going to have something this treehouse and eight that he would limit himself in terms of the number of terms that he would serve i believe that the term his self imposed term limits was going to be
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only had three but that being said congressman robert hurt in the fifth district. i'm also elected the same year then the same thing on and i so so we've seen that kind of where the party is with the challenges between tea party wing of the party and some that might be called more modern more establishment and you see this play out in the debate last night on you when you can get done as a congressman has is really difficult and nine and i think that that's what we saw exemplified by the fact that both her and rachel decided you know what now's not the time for us to continue our service we think that we've done that week week and class new ad on the whole time. redistricting conversation when we noticed a certain kind of look like on after its side after the supreme court's probably specifically gets involved with the third year we're also hearing somewhere that it's possible that randy forbes could run in
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you tell us about that i think they're a lot of options center open to re form surrounding when he specifically wants to do but i think it's really important particularly for us in hampton roads to have someone on the house armed services committee specifically term and the sea power can any image or any you know as a republican in the majority party on concealing sandakan on behalf of hampton roads and so on ensuring that ready for stays in congress i think is going to be a priority for republican spot a question i need a number is an answer how many republicans you see getting in on this flyer nino of four and there were seven last time so i think we're going to definitely see six alabama for their health by surveying with this thanks for your perspective on both of those norms david truly appreciate it thank you thank you by one man is brain dead and three others are facing possible permanent brain damage after volunteering to take part in a botched drug test in france the paris
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investigation and the private bio trial clinical lab the drug trial was testing a new painkiller compound that has involved ninety healthy volunteers six male volunteers are in the hospital and all the other volunteers are being contacted the first flu death in north carolina is being reported the death comes as flu activity increased across the state there were twenty six deaths associated with the flu this time last year a north carolina public health director says debts may be lower this year because the vaccine is able to target for strains of the virus health officials are still urging people to get vaccinated and the flu season usually peaks in february there are plans to demolish the d c mansion that was the scene of a quadruple murder investigator say back in may this a populace family and their housekeeper were held captive inside their home four hours before they were beaten and stabbed to death during which faces
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degree murder in connection to the deaths and no word yet on a flight attendants condition after experiencing severe turbulence on an american airlines jet. she was taken to a miami hospital early today a plane traveling from new york to miami encountered severe turbulence at an altitude of about thirty four thousand feet near vero beach florida. upon landing five passengers were evaluated by paramedics and released centers for disease control is considering new guidelines for pregnant women traveling to areas where the z virus is present that's a mosquito borne illness. abc news' chief health and medical editor dr richard meserve explains the illness in a gma interview with the virus is spread by infected mosquitoes most people get the infection is going to flu like illness fever and muscle aches but you get the infection and you're pregnant it's good he can lead to miscarriages in damage to the developing brain in brazil where the star less made it seem more than three thousand
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your advice to pregnant women well if you can put off travel to the affected areas i think it's a really good idea if you absolutely have to go to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes especially during the day with mosquitoes carrying the summit activities to work the cdc was being done right now to control this. yeah i talk to them yesterday they have two teams going next week to set up labs to studies to look to control another team leader later in the month the focus right now is on and on reducing those bites from from from infections from infected mosquitoes but the big concern is the olympics are coming in brazil is being hit really hard and tight so far there's one case of the seeker virus confirmed cases in houston texas. i turn into traffic right now starting to rain we know that that does not bode well for the ride as it never gets a bad combination right fighting traffic and rain so we do have a new accident report can confirm that is due to friday afternoon traffic or rain but i would
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now at the mass person to give you a quick look at where you may be headed this afternoon the interstate starting to see those delays in several spots especially around our bridges but let's go ahead and take a look at our camera now and discuss the accident is the norfolk sixty four eastbound was white at the two sixty four interchange can see the outside to blame the two right lanes are blocked right now to one half mile back up to northampton boulevard that will continue to grow until the accident clears make sure to stick with us on twitter at twitter and facebook as well will be back in just a few minutes on people's with the very latest right now the rest of your delays again or under bridges and tunnels else they too are you stay tune rather about people's on how things shape up or drop a friday afternoon the tea the tea are coming up a change and tour dates for janet jackson's upcoming concerts and that's including one at norfolk scope details on the reason that smacks them they hits and misses
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. the fact that an alabama judge is resisting is just a temporary gesture by this judge which will be rapidly over the last president obama of following up on his state of the union address on youtube youtube personalities interviewed president obama live on the social media site today a leash abraham g has more details. the interview was conducted by youtube personalities destin family and ingrid nelson ended our date for the hosts included questions submitted on social media using the hashtag youtube asks obama right now you're seeing some of those questions and behind the scenes photos. the white house no doubt hoped for lots of eyeballs on this because a lot of final scene of the union got the smallest audience since nielsen started keeping track in
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can re watch the full interview if you missed it on the white house youtube channel or three days after the president revealed a plan in his state of union to find a so called moon shot to find a cure for cancer the disease that claimed the life of joe biden son of vice president is taking action today biden visited pennsylvania philadelphia to be exact for discussion at the university of pennsylvania wants to increase funding for cancer research and get re searchers working together to find a cure. time now for space walk making history. it's also making headlines right now in usa today dot com or talk about tim peake is a former british army major. today was a different mission accomplished when he became the first astronaut to perform a space walk wearing the union jack. it happened when he stepped outside the international space station to replace a failed voltage regulator the british got some american assistance from u s major tim culprit this was his third space walk the armed group that
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wildlife refuge organ is back in the news today the hosting a community meeting to explain their position and announce when the leaves becomes as resentment toward the group grows among the residents of burns oregon you may recall they arrive january second to show support for two ranchers convicted of burning public land but then took over buildings at the refuge and refuse to leave an email a ball of cases now confirmed in sierra leone the government there is now rapidly responding to a team is in place trying to stop it from spreading. a spokesperson says tests on a woman who died earlier this month were positive for the virus the government is trying to send the message out to citizens that the country's level of preparedness is high and there's no cause for concern this confirmation by the way of a new ebola case comes just a day after the world health organization said the outbreak in west africa is over and kyle soares also tied to gop candidates for president are back on the campaign trail today repeating many of those attacks are heard in last
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seventeen days to go until the iowa caucuses. abc's baa second on is in washington with the latest a new type of campaigning for donald trump you know like you're going to be a millionaire making his second attempt in a week at retail politics meeting with voters in iowa pizza shop after celebrating his debate performance at an earlier rally. i've won every pollen everett of a trump is still hammering ted cruz for being born in canada. cleaning crews might not qualify to be president as a natural born citizen who has got a problem you can run is a doubt is to speak speak out. cruz hit back in the debate back in september my friend donald said that he'd had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue that the constitution hasn't changed but the poll numbers but the issue isn't going
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is now filing a lawsuit asking the courts to decide the matter after it runs a fierce attack on jeb bush last night. you don't need a weak person being present in the united states about a week jeb bush is getting revenge with the highly sought endorsement of south carolina senator lindsey graham are you to support someone that has the tools in the leadership skills and a proven record to fix it or are you going to basically follow so called strong man trump is getting some unexpected support after crews attacked him for having new york values democrats hillary clinton and new york mayor bill de blas will agree with talk that those values are admirable leash as more on the gop debate as it's being played out on social media. anytime there's a debate social media reaction right away let's take a look at a roundup of the most popular tweets from last night's gop debate as illustrated by twitter. so
4:38 pm
the debate performance various gun issues in the economy. i want to show you this the top tweeted moment proved to be when christy so boldly said he's going to get president obama is rare and out of the white house again i wanna break down even further for you and show you this image shows a minute by minute twitter conversation and how that conversation unfolded last night you can see from nine pm to eleven thirty things started heating up on life around ten pm with almost sixteen thousand tweets per minute about that christie comment a lot of interesting data here you can find all this under the act of twitter handle back to you are turning now to that lead contaminated water crisis in flint michigan the white house as a request for an emergency declaration will be considered quickly. late yesterday the governor made the request of president obama for federal financial aid for both individuals and government agencies involved in assisting slender as residents already feel the personnel are there providing support including handing out bottled water
4:39 pm
contaminated after the city switched its water supply to save money while under state financial management and local officials first declared the public health emergency in october. we went from having no rain at the start of this show to having rain meant that we could hear hitting the roof but we could see our camera lens the high atop our sky view and now all this said we can hear it which means it's starting to get pretty heavy when we can hear on the roof and you can certainly tell that look at where course downtown here and were just starting to get some of the yellows here downtown indicating the heavier precipitation not yet a whole lot of heavy rain up on the peninsula but starting to get a little heavier for you as well and will begin to pick up any minute now the crosshairs of the eastern shore but the really heavy stuff is just inland from the albemarle sound and across eastern and northeastern sections of north carolina and that is
4:40 pm
so a very wet evening although by later we're going to start to see a few breaks and then certainly overnight will see even less rain that's good news for the weekend forecast released this saturday outlook is will see him and you can see from the oceanfront not terribly heavy the precipitation there just yet from our dq camera there. meanwhile along the boardwalk forty eight for temperature this evening with rain developing windy and mild conditions. highs today fifty nine degrees exactly what we had said so that's pretty cool fifty six in newport news sixty two virginia beach so we had spots that were quite mild the rest of us were just pretty mild for this time of year. notice this evening we continue to look for those areas of brain again through the evening with pockets here and there of heavier precipitation every so often readings then dropping back slowly through the forties or fifties into the forties and then by morning will be down most spots in the lower forties and low and mid
4:41 pm
upper forties right near the coastline in case you're just joining us i mentioned it earlier. this is an area of really low level clouds not stuff that would be high up in the atmosphere produce any heavy rain but i think there could still be a little bit of light activity within this pocket before it moves out so we get up early in the morning there's a slight chance to run into a few areas of wet weather but by afternoon by midday should be a little breezy but very nice and then sunday is rather interesting. temperatures will be well above freezing almost ten degrees above freezing will be so cold aloft in this week's system comes through. i think there's a decent shot of us getting at least a few flurries and or some sprinkles are some light rain showers will just have to fine tune that part of a forecast of the next few days here comes the first system rumbling through again during the overnight leaving us by tomorrow so here's your forecast fifty eight tomorrow sunday forty one with some light snow or mixed possible i put the odds about fifty
4:42 pm
martin luther king day on monday thirty seven thirty five tuesday and then a little more tolerable the middle and latter portions of next week back to you all you can hear the rain yesterday the court has ever tried returning items online on the easy foil know now was it easy for one woman as well as our listeners plan because our deal is actually trending now this is a crazy story anyone has tried to return something the bottom line knows it can be stressful least it is for me and you guys agree right. all in one woman tried to return home she ordered before christmas joe different experience take a look she shared her story on facebook and in her post she wrote. she's one of the best customer service experiences of her life after deciding to return the coat to do lily when she called customer service and asked how to return an open coat the agent said he would refund her money immediately and after not to send the comeback by instead to donated to someone who needs a winter coat or to charity
4:43 pm
the woman thought he was joking at first but when she realized he was serious she was brought to tears. amazing story a girl suffering an asthma attack who accepted an inhaler from another girl faces a one month in alternative school. listen to what one of the girls as mothers her mother had to say i mean the hollister tories they suspended her on top of students alternative school i mean how could you do a key ally that this happened at a texas high school the girls suffering asthma attacks as she had no idea she was breaking the rules by accepting the inhaler from her friend both girls are a b honor roll students and the district said thirty days at alternative school is the initial automatic punishment for sharing a controlled substance including prescription drugs like inhalers until the principal kenny with both the girls and their parents to this story has caused a lot of drama i can see why yes parents students all weighing in so we'll have to
4:44 pm
know definitely make you think you buy another reason to eat your veggies up next what the healthy food could do for your eyesight and new information on the story broke on line six massage parlors rated by chesapeake police today live a live update on thirteen years now and five and new video taken
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tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . another recall for seok life chrysler the company is recalling nearly three hundred and eighty nine thousand jeep and dodge suv in the us for second time because an electrical short in the sun visors could cause fires. the recall covers dodge durango jeep grand cherokees from the two thousand eleven through two thousand and thirteen model years. the same vehicles were recalled in july after the company found that wires for a mere light can shorten overheat company worker say adjustments to the first recall didn't work. repairs
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new research my condition to put more veggies on your plate. researchers at brigham and women's hospital found eating vegetables could cut your risk of glaucoma the leading cause of blindness people who ate the most green leafy vegetables were twenty to thirty percent less likely to develop a coma been those who consume the least. scientists say veggies contain high amounts of dietary nitrate which helps blood circulation kroger is sponsoring a career fair this is to help fill more than seven hundred vacancies in its mid atlantic division full and part time positions are available the fair takes place today until seven o'clock at the kroger training center at twenty twenty nine lynn haven parkway in virginia beach on the spot interviews will take place. janet jackson is postponing her tour dates for part of her unbreakable world tour the track will now pick up may fourteenth in las vegas jackson postpone the tour last month after being informed she would need
4:48 pm
ailment. the european part of her tour kicks off march thirtieth in england and she will now have her concert at scope on june tenth so we have for you today and for more on an all fake meth lab and thirteen news now and find new cell phone video shows the suspect in a double murder in newport news on the ground after getting shot by police the home planet is a simple he's run a note telling you to get down he lays down review the uss george h w bush setting an example for the rest of the navy. why the ship was singled out for excellence of massive system is sitting over us right now you can see a few raindrops are quite a few are sky view camera over downtown norfolk live radar right there and it's covered
4:49 pm
the rain is expected to last the rest of the night i listed right over to jeff and jeff is really coming down yet from park to hit the roads down into north carolina very heavy precipitation actually the heaviest of all the rain right now is up around richmond but of course that's not in our viewing area so of the stuff that is moving into our immediate area the heaviest is definitely here. cross outside virginia northeast north carolina and then just sort of south and west of the albemarle sound is moving north easterly soared after deal with this for awhile unless you're watching from some of these areas on the interstate or inland areas here around south and thirteen in north hampton north carolina back down through some of these interior counties. you're actually going to get a little bit of a break even around haas keel see a break here fairly shortly but we'll see more the rain later notice how again it's just all filling in across the region some heavy downpours at times during
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make sure that you drive
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