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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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great night. i knew nothing good happens after dark a crackdown on
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several businesses are shut down accused of offering legal services. i got tons of emails and call someone when rachel made his announcement to form for me to go for another potential candidate going for scott bridges congressional seat. tonight we talked the delegate scott taylor about why he's thinking about joining the race. the news starts now heavy rain at times tonight most of having roads experiencing the wet weather all night even some lightning at times and have lawson has been tracking the rain is still coming down out there jack in a few spots for most of the what i would call the metro area ties are not raining or raining very lightly and you can see that certainly includes northeast north carolina south side this is really light even the peninsula very light eastern shore it's not the get up a little bit farther to the north that we have some of the heavy rain
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i said these light colors here are generally just some white areas of the shower activity and i want to get down into south side we don't even have that the storm system swirling around directly over top of us these are exclusive when streams and they show you where the air is flowing in what direction and see how everything is spiraling in right here over chesapeake that's where the low pressure is located right now and it's heading on out so we had some gusty winds at times virginia beaches that line came through around seven o'clock augusta forty one mph heard a couple of people say that lawn furniture got tossed around a little bit. now we're going to see the air switching to the west a little bit later tonight and as the system pulls away it can mean some clearing skies an inch in it and at the airport today almost an inch in chesapeake. three quarters of an inch to half an inch in areas torn or so things definitely starting to improve all have a pretty
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of the weekend and then things could get a little tricky on sunday i'll have more coming up right here tonight a man makes it to his friend's house for help after being shot in newport news happen just before eight o'clock tonight police say a twenty three year old williamsburg man was shot in his leg on north boulevard near bland boulevard after the victim reportedly walked to his friend's house nearby on campbell wrote. the victim told police he got into an argument with another man who shot him. he described the suspect is having a five star tattoo on his neck and being a black toyota camry with two other men also new tonight virginia beach fire crews working to secure a gas leak involving a propane cylinder and this is happening on jarvis road in pune though puerto de four hundred and twenty pound propane cylinder was overflowing. crews have been working to safely remove some of the gas from the taint they've also reached out to a propane company for help the homeowner was evacuated but no other homes were
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take several massage parlors are shut down police busted at least six of the businesses today ten people have been arrested and they're accused of operating the non normal business hours and violating the city's law meant to crack down on prostitution. now a member of the city's planning commission who helped initiate the law says some businesses were open until the morning brenda harper is putting the finishing touches on her bakery holy rollers preparing for its grand opening which is right next door to a business that was blasted on friday for operating illegally and they are starting here that this is a nice a very nice shopping center. this massage parlor off a battlefield blvd in chesapeake is one of six that federal agents and police have shut down. police say the businesses were operating without proper permits doing a little for the massaging their customers he was a paper on the roof
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the chesapeake planning commission held golan place to crack down on these businesses. i'm told to make sure prostitution and trafficking. when i happening behind these doors we decided to bring forward some regulations in the planning commission from a zoning perspective to give the council some tools to be able to police the behavior and to determine if thesesere appropriate for say ten people have been arrested in connection with these cases perry says is a first step towards keeping the city say nothing good happens after dark police are still gathering information in these cases and conducting interviews. what's more details are available they will release them. another name could jump into the race for congressman scott ridge elsie and ridge will announce yesterday he will seek re election. state delegate scott taylor announced he is now considering a run for the second district seat to her talk to taylor about his
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seat is open just one day after he announced he is not seeking re election to names have already come up richmond native and attorney pat cornwell is getting in the mix if the people the second different things on the right person for the job and they're going to vote for me if they don't vote for someone else and just hours ago. delegate of the eighty fifth district scott taylor announced his consideration for original seat once that came about. we are to look at this position before and i am a former navy seal on iraq war veteran small business owner represent the district really well. taylor a license real estate broker was elected to the virginia house of delegates in two thousand and thirteen. he says his passion for international relations national security measures and experience as a delegate can add value to the seat when that became available we looked at we talk to family talk to local folks and friends and it's ah it's it's a great fit for me as the race for original seat starts to attract mates
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the position with what's best for the second district in mind we're moving fall are moving in that direction we're going to the paulson everything is looking really good and the people the second district one a former navy seal iraq war veteran a small design to represent them in congress are home we take that position in virginia beach she knew her thirteen years now. then tonight a federal judge has refused to block a photo id requirement to vote in north carolina the law will take effect starting with march primary elections than in double a c p another voters had requested a preliminary injunction the judge also declined another motion to delay a trial this month on the legality of the law the u s supreme court will hear former governor bob mcdonnell's appeal of his corruption conviction madonna released a statement saying i am very grateful to the u s supreme court decision today to hear my case i am innocent of these
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reverse these convictions i maintain my profound conviction competence is me and god's grace to sustain me and my family and thank my friends and supporters across the country for their faithfulness over these past three years the doll and his wife maureen were convicted and twenty fourteen of doing favors for a wealthy businessman in exchange for gifts and loans they both remain free while they pursue separate appeals. legal analysts believe the supreme court will hear the appeal sometime this spring with the decision coming in june of course thirteen news now we'll bring you all of the developments in this case a federal judge is ordering the boston marathon bomber to pay one hundred and one million dollars in restitution to the victims the order is seen as largely symbolic says joe carson iaf is in federal prison and has no ability to pay the twenty two year old was sentenced to death last year. today the judge also rejected some knives bid for a new trial three people were killed and more than two hundred and sixty others injured in that attack back in twenty
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continues for crew members who were aboard two marine helicopters that collided family members of the twelve marines say they are still hopeful that their loved ones survive the helicopters collided off the coast of the wahoo. last night during a training mission to search crews are dealing with rough water conditions and poor visibility or learning more about the man found dead in his home in newport news police released the name today but no other information about a suspect they are investigating the death of fifty nine year old clifton or as a homicide only say you lose friends found him dead in his mobile home when aaron lay were told he did have trauma to his body but no other details were released about how we die. still looking for the second suspect in a double murder in newport news the incident happened yesterday. wickham avenue and fourteenth street two victims were found shot to death in a van today. police identified them as thirty eight year old cod ray gray and twenty year
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suspect in the murders is still in the hospital after police shocked him a witness recorded the police shooting on his cellphone right there he says the suspect was on his back porch when it happened. i see whom stand in a simple he's run a note telling you to get down he lays down reviewed the suspect who was thirty three was set in the abdomen and shoulder. police say he had two guns on him the officers involved in the shooting are onli more than one hundred servicemembers and civilians i attended a ceremony honoring doctor martin luther king junior today at langley air force base. the ceremony included a guest speaker performances and student brains are members of the langley african american heritage council also spoke about dr king's legacy and his impact on their lives. we have a list of other locally bands in honor of mlk day on thirty news now. com twists
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for the powerball winners to come forward today one of the three winners was in the spotlight. there was also an apparent hoax success on a spacewalk will tell you why the mission was still short and our friendly wager
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. wall street has
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badly and the stock market took another steep slide today the dow is down nearly four hundred points. all three major stock indexes are now in what's known as a correction which is a drop of ten percent or more from recent peaks the market has been mostly down since the start of the year experts blame a slowdown in china and those dropping oil prices investors already are seeing damage to u s corporate profits particularly the energy companies. the search for the winners of a huge powerball jackpot has led to plenty of drama. the winners in tennessee service today saying they'll take the lump sum two other winners have not yet surface but abc's lauren lister reports there was a strange twist today in the search for the winner in california today. this tennessee family claiming their share of the one dollars powerball jackpot on a little overwhelmed and excited with just one little piece of the time. now i'm
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big piece of bubble waiting to get this neighborhood store near their home in a small town of maan first described as hardworking and we dislike our today they can be described as a multi millionaire a couple saying they plan to continue working and pay off their daughter student loans the tough in southern california one hour are the business and employees believing the call we get the jackpot a nurse there and mother of seven apparently it was a prank her family says instigated by her son her daughter telling the only time this is one big misunderstanding. the owner of the nursing home until about eighteen thousand powerball tickets to staff and residents say now if this is a hoax. she deserves a break when i was thinking with setting her on the vacation to the destination of choice that third winning jackpot
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florida still a mystery to him paul lloyd wright the mystery winners have a year to claim their prize in california less time in florida and in both cases they cannot remain anonymous loren lester abc news los angeles have been is giving residents a chance to weigh in on future projects in the city can vote online on a range of projects from new schools to public safety equipment. the survey is available at the city's website more than one hundred million dollars with submitted for the next five years which is why city officials want to hear from residents. no nation where thousands of dollars will help women and children feel more at home at the natasha house massive furniture donated ten thousand dollars of furniture to the home in yorktown the furniture will feel for the band rooms at the house a transitional home for homeless women and children do the bedrooms had recently been damaged from flooding spacewalk was aborted today after a space
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about to replace a broken to cut short the mission went water leaked into the helmet of one of the astronauts turns out to meet the cobra was wearing the same space suit involved in a similar incident back in twenty thirteen. the suit was refurbished and nasa says cooper use that same suit for a spacewalk last month without any prompts. well even as the rain is moving out some clouds are moving in next is me as the clouds in the rain moving out some falling is moving and and you can see it off on the horizon there's a little bit worse in some areas where the reins a little heavier in some spots right near the coast and the reason we have that is because we have a clash of air masses we have very chilly air over running an overriding some very warm areas you'll see in just a second. again most of the precipitation out to the north. for example forty eight degrees at norfolk international is still sixty
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miles to the easter almost sixty wins out of the north northwest but they're still out of the south east across and southwest across areas again of virginia beach and parts the chesapeake so thats because we have the storm sitting right over us the headlines though most of the rain has been tonight and now just a few isolated showers will linger into early tomorrow morning light when we go back to that actually lighter precipitation is possible sunday and very light precipitation but it should be different types from north to south across the viewing area and that may include a few flurries or even a little bit of light snow in a few spots more on that in just a second very cold aloft that would tend to think ok it's going to be generally snow however it's going to be near forty at the surface and that may be too warm it may be snow literally downed a few hundred feet above the surface and then that be enough time to melt will partly depend on how quickly
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it is but right now i talked about the difference in the temperatures you can see norfolk and forty eight fifty nine kirk tuck still fifteen i know in virginia beach last time i checked vaccinated under fifty five but still you can see where that front is located as the very cold air is continuing to move and behind it but with a westerly wind the air tomorrow might start off chilly but as it's coming down the mountains is going to heat up a little bit because sinking air is heating air and as a result with a lot of sunshine developing tomorrow we're going to have a pleasant afternoon a little bit breezy but still a pleasant afternoon in terms of the temperatures. here's the tricky part the forecast been talking about this for a few days thought that the main energy with the storm would stay south and east of us and i still think that but it looks like we will have some of this light precipitation very light moving up across the region and would be a mix again across the area potentially watch tomorrow
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certainly by later tomorrow evan will have a lot more as well but for now we're going to say a little bit of very light mixed precipitation across the region. there's the storm systems pulling out spot on forecasts for tomorrow we're going to guarantee fifty eight for the high. as for today we said it would not rain at norfolk before three pm it didn't start around four four thirty so that's one day and rose we restart our street lights still a few scattered showers around windy or windy and chilly or forty seven then tomorrow increasing sunshine quite breezy and mild high temperature up to fifty eight degrees and then the seven day forecast only forty or forty one in fact forty that's probably late morning for the high by the afternoon the temperatures will be more like thirty eight thirty nine and with that very light precipitation moving in will have to see if it's a little bit of spring collectively are some flurries are exactly what form it takes but just be on the lookout for that and a cold start to the week
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tuesday as well mid thirties actually sell some lightning out there today i saw some nicely to interest an interesting night. thanks for checking the weather all weekend before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen is now at day break starting at six am usually on friday nights around here has encountered another high school football or the admirals coming up in
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i like even if factor is about to go through the roof and virginia zoo in norfolk is showing off its two new tiger cubs were born about a week ago and don't have names yet. zoo staff are taking care of them to give them the best chance for survival were told that so far the healthy and active carol as can be the seattle seahawks. i had a bet with the washington governor. we got to win the bet governor have a corey is playing north carolina peanuts bbq sauce crispy green known as aunt sherry wine on the line is
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governor is offering up the state's wine popcorn and beer in a friendly wager over sunday's playoff game between the carolina panthers and the seattle seahawks got i have to go with the panthers and you know dabble in there pretty good well more on that coming over later but first i want to show you the mission for you this weekend start another home winning streak tomorrow. defending conference champion uab to snap that streak at thirty two last not a trophy game is still a los seventy to seventy one for the monarchs next up middle tennessee who has been a nemesis for the moxie not come at the tournament the last two years the blue raiders knock you out and owen for all time low due against the raiders coach jeff jones is hoping to take last night's game as something of a learning experience we have an opportunity to learn from whether we will or not is up to us that we played a good
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play a game like we did tonight against militancy which is also another big physical team and my income i can come up lame like we did against uab in the first in the first half will do that again our allotment by the positive right now honestly sometimes you gotta loose or something a little awful lot of guys away so i can see the emotions were invited by the time to start getting a little serious about high school basketball green run has been no joke all season they're undefeated and they were no joke tonight against hickory on the alley of the back end of it to my knee was good to nothing lead at seventy start the game and it was a whole lot acts like an all night long game and showers with the steel and the slam more steals more layups next up is just a born into a double double twelve points ten assists one o three thirty four grier on
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thriller jack baker looking for his seven hundred twenty third career win. that's pretty strong as men mari this is his fortieth year wow. dante johnson with a three pointer for northview had the early lead then off to steal lamont a store going to take it for to slam pilots of six early but by halftime anthony williams coming up we're going to give mori a one point lead at the break let's just go to the fourth quarter morris still up by two points when johnson would drive got fouled and give the pilots at thirty nine thirty eight lead with just over three to go let's go to seven seconds in the game ryan phillippe for mari natural game winner the commodores forty three
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i guess for a good nfl playoff matchups this weekend i'm thinking the panthers seahawks game should be the best one by far and i think in my not so humble opinion the three best teams are on the nse arizona carolina and seattle carolina seattle coming up and carolina the number one seed to number one seed is not one single since two thousand three get to the best quarterbacks in the game going into this one. let's get their opinion on the match up you know a lot of guys are even whispering to win the wanted any other way and has come to the must see tv you know younger players on both sides
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what you really care about intervals statistics about you know how hard the journey was or how easy the journey was ultimately you know it's it's it's the finish is how you how you how you finish until you find ways to win just remember if i finish the risk it going right to finish now so that is wrong it was pretty nice day tomorrow we're going to finish the work week with some clearing skies that means the start to the weekend it's a nice summery things could get a
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