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tv   13 News Saturday  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. a good morning everyone thanks for joining us on thirty news now daybreak on joe flanagan news sports and more coming your way over the next two hours but first we begin this morning with your weather authority forecast right now those skies are clearing up over hampton roads with a live picture from our studio overlooking downtown over after last night's downpour most of the rain cleared out overnight euro legislation scott clearing skies above temperatures and her nor the arrow and the curry yesterday afternoon and here i was drenched. you know what it was that we had some downpours we had lightning a few people reported under as well so it was an eventful night for sure and we've got
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today but look at satellite radar put on a six hour loop so that you can see the rain that moved through and now actually nice and rises i take a look at radar here than it is not releasing much of many things are heading out early this morning we are nice and dry it will remain that way as we had for the day. well look at these temperatures were at forty seven degrees right now in norfolk forty five in korea are coming at forty eight and kurds had the morning on the eastern shore you're a forty five watching three forty six and gates bill were fifty right now in virginia the day we will see those clouds clearing out this morning call it partly cloudy as we head into the afternoon hours. look at those temperatures highs and the upper fifties by this afternoon near sixty degrees that's well above where we should be for this time of the year but i am tracking some colder air that will move into the region as we head into your sunday and the chance for some wintry precipitation will talk about that coming up in just a few minutes joe r i thanks asia
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find the latest weather alerts with just one tap your finger. download our weather caster app you can get it for free through the app store or google play. well now to breaking news in over a man is dead after an early morning shooting police responded to a noise disturbance around one this morning but instead of loud music they found something more gers it happened on her turn again avenue near east little creek road in chesapeake boulevard police say they found a man suffering from apparent gunshot wound. medics pronounced him dead at the scene investigators designated the case suspicious so far police have not released the victim's name or said if they have any suspects or working to learn more about a gunshot victim maneuver news that happened just before eight last night we say a twenty three year old williamsburg man was shot in the leg on warwick boulevard near bland boulevard after the victim reportedly walked to his
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campbell road. the victim told police he got into an argument with another man who shot he described the suspect is having a five star tattoo on his neck and being a black toyota camry with two other men also never news police are still looking for the second suspect in a double murder incident happened thursday on wickham avenue and fourteenth street police found the two victims shot to death in a van detectives just identify the victims as thirty eight year old connor grey and thirty year old quintin kelly the other suspect in the murders is still in the hospital after police after police officer shot a witness recorded the police shooting on a cell phone he says the suspect was on his back porch when it happened piracy homestand is a simple he's run a note telling you to get down he lays down reviewed the shot the thirty
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the shoulder in the abdomen and the shorter the investigators say he had two guns on him. the officers involved in the shooting are on leave when developing right now several chess big massage parlors are shut down this morning was busted at least six of the businesses and arrested ten people they're accused of operating beyond normal business hours and violating city law member of the city's planning commission who helped initiate the lawsuit or a parody lebeau some of the businesses were open until morning. brenda harvard is putting the finishing touches on her bakery holy rollers preparing for its grand opening which is right next door to a business that was blasted on friday for operating illegally they are starting here that this is a nice a very nice shopping center. this massage parlor off a battlefield blvd in chesapeake is one of six that federal agents and police have shut down. police say
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without proper permits doing a little for the massaging their customers and living in the buildings. it was a pre drawn into the roof until all hours of the morning. last year the chesapeake planning commission held golan place to crack down on these businesses. i'm told to make sure prostitution and trafficking. when i happening behind these doors we decided to bring forward some regulations in the planning commission from a zoning perspective to give the council some tools to be able to police the behavior and to determine if these are appropriate for say ten people have been arrested in connection with these cases perry says is a first step towards keeping the city say nothing good happens after dark. reporting time ariel both thirteen years now we have information on our late night gas leak in virginia beach beach fire crews secured a gas leak involving a propane cylinder and have on jarvis road in congo were told of four hundred and
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was overflowing crew safely remove some like gas from the tank no one was hurt the homeowner was evacuated but no other homes were affected this morning sailors all of a navy ship came to the rescue of a distressed ship on deployment. navy officials say crew members on the guided missile destroyer uss vocally spotted the stranded boat in the gulf of oman. officials say two men in a small fishing boat were waving their arms and make sure flags of both police and the visit board search and seizure team to help them. the team gave them food water blankets and then waited for the coast guard to arrive of oakley is based in offering its currently deployed with the harry s truman strike group. well still ahead on daybreak a terror attack overseas the at least twenty three people are dead after taliban militants attacked a hotel in west africa the season is
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have the breaking details plus a frantic search for twelve missing marines after two helicopters collided in hawaii. new this morning we're hearing from witnesses and then an amazing rescue of baby selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good . that morning and welcome back everybody we are off to a mild start this morning look in these numbers is the twenty four hour temperature change mat around fifteen degrees from this time yesterday morning and suffered ten degrees in norfolk and thirteen degrees and in korea so we're off to a mild start and were consistently mild conditions as we head into this action you know satellite and radar was sleeping nice and dry the ground is still wet so the roads are wet you may notice some pining on
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moved out of here this is long gone now off to the north and east behind it though we've seen those winds pick up generally shifting out of the north and west and it is a quite breezy especially in some spots in newport news reporting ten miles right now reporting twelve in hampton and thirteen in virginia beach it will remain breezy today with winds anywhere from ten to fifteen mph fifty eight degrees this afternoon it could be a really nice day again those wins out of the west as a drying when fries will see decreasing clouds with the fifty eight degrees is well above where we should be for this time of the year we should be in the forties if you're traveling today all across the region were looking pretty good alot alot more sunshine than what we've seen the past couple of days fifty five in richmond and to the sixties as we head into south carolina into columbia thirties farther to our west with more cloud cover i am tracking cooler conditions for the second half of the weekend and as we head into your mind with the king holiday will take a look at that with a seven day forecast coming up just a few
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a show right now the red cross is helping victims of an apartment complex fire in alabama. fire officials say two people died and ten units destroyed the fire sparked thursday night invest in the hills but new this morning we're hearing about an act of bravery that save the life of an infant. fire officials say they help several traps residents escape including a four month old baby paramedic reeves says someone tapped her on the shoulder and passed her the infant she immediately jumped in and started coaxing the baby back to life. reeves says this case hits close to home. honestly being a mama to the who cares. it really affects you but yes but emotions aside i mean this is what we train for year around you know i first got home i see my two children that's when i got hung on them love on world professional reeve said this was the biggest fire she's assisted on it was
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handed a baby. well still ahead a story you will want to miss every saturday until your family do not have the right thing you don't mess with her daughter destiny hope a former gang
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breaking overnight about seventy five u s troops are in burkina faso right now after al qaeda militants attacked a hotel in west africa. government officials say at least twenty three people were dead witnesses say two car bombs exploded outside the splendid hotel last night. mobile gunman reportedly attacked the building taking hostages heavy gunfire erupted again this morning as french forces work to free an unknown number of hostages still held inside already a hundred twenty six hostages have made it to safety officials say for the militants are dead meanwhile in whole why the search continues for crew members who are bored two marine helicopters that collided family members of the twelve marines say they're still hopeful that their loved ones survive helicopters collided off the coast of oahu thursday night during a training mission this morning we're
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heard the collision jumped up in her doorway where i'm standing now and heard three booms my first thought was either as a training exercise or some bad happened and then once didn't see the look of his demise though some bad happens there's no immediate word on the fate of those aboard or what caused the accident. a coast guard helicopter spotted agree to a half miles offshore. hours after officials are seeking before asking people to immediately report any sightings of possible debris later today a story of redemption not so her family was about to grow bored because if i did not do anything doesn't want to turn just a few hours former inmate shaka saying gore will speak to jail inmates in the chesapeake city jail yesterday he spread his message about turning your life around at norfolk newport news city jails video
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i found out the ex con has quite a story to tell about finding redemption in prison is not fair but no doors right now. the care buck t rex it's up in the bed the night he make them feel safe tonight shocking saying gore called is sitting in the norfolk city jail daycare compared to nineteen years he spent in the joint for her the detroit drug dealer was even in solitary confinement he was so frustrated and angry but he also knows spent that time writing htory lnd as it turned out it turned his life around that's exactly the thing we talk about re entry in rehabilitation. this guy's not the same guy was twenty years ago he said the bill kill the gear these was what to do the speakers group ted talks recruited shock and his youtube speech had over a million hits his book is due out in march even oprah
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his street smart speaker who also spoke to inmates in newburgh news said that it was not only one of the best interviews that she's had a marker ribbons won the best of places that are light as he writes in our top our interview was held responsible if you bought it as you can afford to get a debate not just for yourself a foot and two amazing guys shock as a parent to have the rose was a partnership than overture bomba came set up with super new sheriff tim morgan and chesapeake sheriff james o'sullivan the theme from shocking to those inmates. no excuses and change your thinking well hampton is giving residents a chance to weigh in on future projects in the city can vote online on a range of projects from new schools public safety equipment the survey is available at the city's website more than a hundred million dollars with the projects have been submitted for the next five years which is why city
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residents a donation worth thousands of dollars will help women and children feel more at home at the natasha house. bassett furniture donated ten thousand dollars of furniture to the home in yorktown the furniture will fill four bedrooms at natasha house a transitional home for homeless women and children two of the bedrooms had recently been damaged from flooding and we had quite a bit of rain overnight and even had some lightning and thunder reported in some areas we have seen the rain moves out of here and so we are seeing drying conditions behind that system here's a look at satellite radar put a six hour loop on it so that you can see the moisture moving out of here and now we're off to a mainly dry start this morning the roads and the ground still pretty wet so just take your time on the roadways but still not as that counterclockwise spin there's the area of low pressure as it continues to
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east and then behind it we've got mainly dry conditions but the clouds still holding on as we go through the morning hours we will see the clouds gradually i decrease we will see increasing sunshine today by lunch time temperatures are starting of miles this morning so by lunch i will climb into the mid fifties will top out in the upper fifties as we head into this afternoon. even some sixties on the map and then if you have plans this evening temperatures dropping back pretty quickly into the forties i mean as we head into your sunday things will get rather interesting here we are sunday morning at five o'clock starting off with most locations in the thirties the clouds will build back ends although they will decrease later on this action in the evening will start off with clouds fire sunday morning notice what happens as we head into sunday afternoon here we are at lunchtime which track in an area of low pressure that's going to develop along the gulf state and we also have some colder air that's going to push in from the north and west so what that means for us as we could be looking at the possibility
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mix as we head into sunday it really depends on where you are on this mat a little bit farther south. all rain a little bit farther north some light snow showers but notice temperatures tomorrow dropping back into the forties so it will be rather mild for any of that snow to stick again not expecting any accumulation with this system but definitely something that we're going to continue to watch. temperatures right now are in the forties very mild at their forty eight degrees in norfolk as well as chesapeake forty three an emporia with forty six right now hands and i go mourning for joining us in virginia beach or fifty degrees. so for today is a really nice day a lot more sunshine highs in the upper fifties read about fifty seven newport news sixty in williamsburg on the eastern shore hill climb to the mid fifties and the northeastern north carolina he'll likely hit sixty degrees as we headed to the action in right about sixty and gates bill supports a mile but temperature dropped fifty two or forty two degrees i should say again were watching and we're going to be tweaking this
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time right now are teaming up about a fifty percent chance of light snow or maybe a mix as we head into sunday morning and early afternoon and then once that system pulls away look at those temperatures dropping back into high in the thirties overnight lows in the teens and twenties and then will moderate as we head into the end of the week don't say it ain't snow on our own you'll just have their thirty two game home winning streak snapped. coming up in sports weekend they're going to tell us how they expect to start another one when they play
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. american sports news it's another game day for all you basketball have a big conference game coming up this afternoon for
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the highlights in your sports weekend the mission from the units this week and start another home winning streak defending conference champion uab just snap the old street at thirty two on thursday night in a thriller of a game that went into overtime but still a loss for old dominion coming up this afternoon it's middle tennessee a nemesis for the monarchs who has never beat middle tennessee and the blue raiders have knocked over you at the conference tournament the last two years coach jeff jones is hoping to take thursday night's game as a learning experience. we have an opportunity to work and whether we will or not is up to us that we played a good game and hopefully we can play a game of life we deny it is militancy which is also another big physical team on the way we come alive and come out play like we did against uab in the first in
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game. our allotment by the positive right now honestly sometimes you gotta loose or something. alot alot alot guys away so i can see the emotions body with the killer high school mates from last night green not against freedom on the back end of that value for the stallions then damon showers and to the steel with this land this one was never close. another still coming up and justin barnett would convert a twelve point ten rebound double double and the stallions won convincingly one o three thirty four at northview jack baker is more in common or taking on the pilot's baker looking for his seven hundred twenty third career win dante johnson with the three for norv you who have the early lead then lamont a store with a steal and slam however more he would take
6:24 am
williams helped them to a one point lead at the break let's cover the fourth quarter. more are still up by one when johnson on the drive got found and gave the pilots the lead with just over three minutes ago seven seconds to go in the game brian phillips scored the game winner for the commodores thing one forty three forty one broke the news nowadays great time stuck at bart scott thanks so much will be ready for temperature roller coaster warm today that freezing tomorrow. wow he sure is tracking the temperature changes and or forecasts plus i got tons of emails and call someone when rachel made his announcement to form for me to go for another potential candidate going for scott rachel's congressional seat
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the morning thank you for joining us on thirteen years now they break up joe flanagan and ann nicest guys just talk annoys you about weather conditions outside for events there's a forward peace march in lafayette park in norfolk. the third annual what's going to be like for those marked or not temperatures not bad the rain has moved out of here so will be dry but the ground will be wet so just keep that in mind the temperatures and the low fifties as we head into mid morning here's a look outside overlooking downtown norfolk the clouds still holding on a steady across the area will see are clouds decrease as we head throughout the morning so by this afternoon we will see a lot more sunshine look at these numbers though were off to a mild start this morning forty eight degrees right now an orphan forty seven in newport news. we're also reporting forty a m with the city and now for years sitting and the low forties so good morning to everybody and the rain has moved out of
6:27 am
this morning we're actually looking pretty good so the rain moved out that system is now off to the north and east behind that system we do have some breezy conditions. notice in newport news reporting ten mph also into current at sea also a lot closer to the houses were seeing the winds pick up a little bit more. twelve miles right now in hampton and thirteen and virginia beach it will be a breezy day today with winds ten to fifteen mph so here's what we can expect as we head into mid morning temperatures by afton by ten o'clock into the low fifties will climb into the upper fifties by this afternoon for afternoon highs a lot more sunshine today specially compared to yesterday. i mean as we head into the evening hours will drop back into the forties know i am tracking so much colder conditions for the second half of the weekend and that rates for some wintry precipitation talk about that in just a few minutes coming up joe. our thanks asia another name to jump into the race for congressman scott riddle see
6:28 am
won't be seeking re election now state delegate scott taylor announced he is considering a run for the second district seat she knew her or talk to taylor about his decision. the race for congress in its coverage of seat is open just one day after he announced he is not seeking re election to names have already come up richmond native and attorney pat cornwell is getting in the mix if the people the second different things on the right person for the job and they're going to vote for me if they don't vote for someone else and delegate of the eighty fifth district scott taylor announced his consideration for original seat once that came about. we are to look at this position before and i'm a former navy seal on iraq war veteran small business owner represent the district really well. taylor a licensed real estate broker was elected to the virginia house of delegates in two thousand and thirteen. he says his passion for international relations national security measures and experience as a delegate
6:29 am
when that became available we looked at we talk to family talk to local folks and friends and it's ah it's it's a great fit for me as the race for original seat starts to attract mates taylor says he'll pursue the position with what's best for the second district in mind we're moving fall are moving in that direction we're going to the paulson everything is looking really good and the people the second district one a former navy seal iraq war veteran a small design to represent them in congress are home we take that position in virginia beach she knew her thirteen years now. no information on the appeal of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell as the supreme court that will review lower court rulings that upheld the convictions based on what mcdonnell says is an overly broad definition of bribery mcdonnell and his wife maureen were convicted in twenty fourteen of doing favors for wealthy businessman in exchange for gifts and loans they both remain free while they pursue
6:30 am
everyone is happy about the decisions member of the jury that convicted the gal says she's surprised about the new development a little frustrated aggravated and six weeks listening to testimony and went through the whole process and now it looks like it may be overturned. i found him guilty and as his wife. yes we did the team once again legal analysts believe the supreme court will hear the appeal sometime this spring with a decision coming in june encounter thirty news now to bring you the latest developments. well new this morning controversy in the general assembly a local lawmaker who compare slavery the same backlash this morning from the n double a c
6:31 am
richmond reporter mike tia has the story. it was kind of belief in hashem that ignorance that poured down the mountain. it's a comparison that evoke outrage and support evil of slavery became institutionalized in america. it was all our national send every era has its evil every era has its national sin and evil of our time is abortion. richard morris comparing slavery to abortions while criticizing the current black large measure campaigns. we sit and look at the video statement you say where is he just bravely with the way she pee expressing disappointment today think abortion should be debated on its own. he does not need to drag and slavery and black glass mat at that time that an app or demeaning and degrading jess chris henry with pro choice
6:32 am
women making comments that i would have been enough for accessing reproductive healthcare services. i think i understand where people might be upset and they think they have every right to be questioning about where the conversation going the vegan cheddar with virginia society for human life is an important conversation to have and agrees with where the delegate was coming from the one and all human life as deserving of protection under the law then you can make a connection that was martini reporting virginia delegate richard morris covers district sixty four that includes parts of isle of wight southampton sussex franklin and suffolk. well texas senator ted cruz is in the hot seat this morning he issued an apology for
6:33 am
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welcome back everybody were starting off with a look at our spot on forecasts this is a friday no rain at norfolk international that's what o r f stands for before three o'clock we did not have rain at norfolk international before then so that puts our street back. add wine and then the spot on forecasts for today. fifty eight degrees well above where we should be for this time of the year i stuck with that
6:36 am
a pretty nice start to get there. we are nice and dry this morning but the roads are still wet so watch out for any pondering on the roadways look at these numbers forty eight degrees right now and williamsburg the winds now out of the wes was still pretty breezy in some spots about eight mph right now in williamsburg so mile search the day it could be a mile into the day but that's gonna change without some colder air off to our west noticed temperatures in the teens even zero right now and to bismarck not quite that call but we're going to tap into that westerly when that's going to bring some of that colder air into our region to satellite and radar are actually sleeping nice and dry the rain moved out of here overnight again if you do have any plans this morning. you won't need the umbrella you will need the sun shades by this afternoon as highs climb into the low fifties by mid morning that i got in the upper fifties by this afternoon and then this evening will start to drop back into the forties and tomorrow we're talking the possibility of some wintry precipitation
6:37 am
up in the air at this point little more tweaking so definitely tune in to add them later on tonight as he'll get an updated forecast but i'm not shaping up to that temperatures will be falling for the second half of the weekend and even colder for marking day so we'll talk about that we get our attention when you say it went as a sanitation. it's different now yet and we are expecting any accumulation or anything like that so that's some good news for people who do not like the snowball started thinking ok well in just under three hours the doors to the national zoo's giant panda house will open again starting at nine o'clock you can see baby a for the first time the bear cup now five months old is not so little anymore. he weighs in at twenty five pounds and his keepers say he is tough with all the attitude of a toddler wow that's a satellite
6:38 am
shot there. very cool though could not live right well we'll see later on we're home the virginia zoo in norfolk is showing its two new tiger cubs were gonna go out there get a picture that they were born about a week ago and don't have names yet zoo's staff are taking care of them to give them the best chance for survival and a big all goes up in the studio were told so far they are healthy and active well twists and turns as america waits for the powerball winners to come
6:39 am
and the republican race for the white house donald trump looks poised today to possibly win all of the early primaries. the gop front runner is back on the campaign trail yesterday he was in iowa where he's tied to the polls the ted cruz but in the latest national poll trumps lead is nearly double. now trump is hoping a strong push in iowa will lead to a clean sweep the rest of the primary season and to be here so much in the next to him to be sick of the fact is i think we really can come in first in iowa and then it's off to the wrists senator ted cruz was in the palmetto state campaigning trying to regain his footing after an attack on trumpet during the debate
6:40 am
a comment he made during this week's gop debate i think most people know exactly what new york values our cruise was attacking republican frontrunner donald trump and his hometown values the new york daily news responded with this front page headline drop dead ted go back to canada. referring to his birthplace. last night cruise apologize for his comments but not in the way that you would expect meanwhile a federal judge has refused to block a photo id requirement to vote in north carolina law will take effect starting with the march primary elections in double a c p and other voters had requested a preliminary injunction the judge also declined another motion to delay a trial this month on
6:41 am
well the search for the winners of the huge powerball jackpot has led to plenty of drama. the winners in tennessee surface saying they'll take the lump sum two other winners have not come forward and abc's lara lister reports there was a strange twist in the search for the winner in california tonight. this tennessee family claiming their share of the new one dollars powerball jackpot com a little overwhelmed and excited with his one little piece of the time. now i'm really grateful that we got a big piece of the day but the winning ticket at this neighborhood store near their home in a small town of maan first described as hardworking and dependable more common things we dislike our today they can be described as a multi millionaire a couple saying they plan to continue working and pay off their daughter
6:42 am
southern california one hour but we're not as lucky today business and employees believing a colleague at the jackpot a nurse there and mother of seven. apparently it was a prank her family says instigated by her son her daughter telling the l a times this is one big misunderstanding. the owner of the nursing home had doled out eighteen thousand powerball tickets to staff and residents say now if this is a hoax. she deserves a break. what i was thinking with her on the vacation to the destination of choice the third winning jackpot ticket in melbourne beach florida still a mystery to him paul lloyd wright the mystery winners have a year to claim their prize in california less time in florida and in both cases they cannot remain anonymous loren lester abc news los angeles and weather news subzero temps are moving in up north and folks in the dakotas are having to prep their homes because of
6:43 am
they are checking their furnaces and putting an extra insulation because of the cold. experts say an unclean foreigners can end up costing you hundreds of dollars over the course of the winner. just ask my brother in minneapolis. you are here home or prepping for our own cold weather it's warm today but tomorrow we could see snow flurries nation. there's a possibility that some of our viewing area could see some snow flurries as we head into your sunday so we'll talk about that a little bit more in detail in just a few seconds let's take a look outside overlooking downtown norfolk. the rain has moved out and so are namely dealing with the cloud cover so here's a look over downtown norfolk and were seeing mostly cloudy skies temperatures are mild this morning were in the forties in most spots forty three right now in mouth of becoming a forty three as well x more good morning and last year forty six degrees on the peninsula with the forties here as well forty five in williamsburg forty seven in newport news as well as hanson across the south side a lot of
6:44 am
eight in crestwood plaza forty and the chesapeake regional airport forty seven in cape henry and the northeastern north carolina with that fifty in belvedere her for you waking up to fifty degrees and forty eight and outs of the rain has moved out of here now seeing mainly dry conditions but again we do have the clouds across the areas as i zoom out the view i put on my windscreen map so that you can see the coffee counter clockwise flow around that area of low pressure that brought the rain yesterday behind a wreck ceasing drying conditions so it's mainly dry across much of much of the southeast but i am tracking a system that's going to track along the gulf states and that will bring us the potential for maybe some wintry precipitation as we head into sunday for today though we are gonna see dry conditions by lunch time temperatures climb into the low to mid fifties will top out in the upper fifties by this after note with mostly clear to partly cloudy skies and then this evening will quickly fall back into the forties we could have a few sprinkled a special little bit farther north
6:45 am
another front pushes through the area and then we're talking more clouds as we head into your sunday morning temperatures overnight will drop into the thirties and then notice what happens as we head into sunday we got about eleven fifteen or tracking the possibility of some snow showers mainly far off to the north but the adhesive this will be how much moisture waxy work into our new area but notice these temperatures into the forties looking to be cold enough higher in the atmosphere to snow but as the faa's closer to the surface a lot of that warm out so we aren't expecting any accumulation for today the fifty eight degrees decreasing clouds those temperatures definitely above are we should be for this time of the year thirty seven degrees tonight with increasing clouds in the near seven day forecasts were going to drop back into the forties on sunday we're going to continue to tweak that forecast. tune in with chad then i later on tonight you have an updated forecast for you one with the king day plenty of sunshine but cold joke alright i shall thanks
6:46 am
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. it was a job he's held for fifty five years not him it's me but the owner of beach teens see i was offered a job at his store before they close i worked under the watchful eye of a harried nucleus. he was twenty years old when he started he's now seventy five talk about loving what you
6:49 am
the way we think divorce or after five minutes with very good telly as she understand why this man has attracted so many customary for some twenty years at his virginia beach feed and seed on which to grow whether it's knocking off the ice on his fish tanks yes he does sell fishing port least he has for decades or butler or when customers will wide variety of plants seeds and garden supplies harry's job just comes natural. probably what will impose on the mat with the premium gophers will probably the largest open a door in the area of the hard and expensive. i don't open so we promoted that top petsmart how to make money and they open the box over here harry i was working outside trying to rearrange and figure out what goes where you have to multitask and what i did everything from watering the plants taking care of the customers
6:50 am
and outgoing of merchandise cashier in behind the register customer service are right takes care of the cart while scaring the customers and my coworkers are going to miss this place closes february for its. it's been exciting it's just sad to see the closing is everybody so disappointed because this is the place always want to come to define all the stuff in the neighborhood. inside is a huge collection of sports memorabilia. harry is a huge sports fan so what has been difficult during fifty five years ago is not something to me is really wonderful called the deliverance of all the way over here for fifty years is a long time so had to ask if i would make it working for harry and he said yes. he also showed me his nfl socks and wanted to close by offering me a pair of socks. ok joe of course also want to put on cowboy off
6:51 am
about it i was down one way to and harry are a mess we do have one cowboy fan dinner with all the changes coming to that area which dug road and virginia beach scene feed fell victim to the property owners who may have to move into that property. kerry says he'll still try to operate online at age seventy five will this kind of see what happens regarding finding another location great guy great career. well
6:52 am
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