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tv   13 News 6 Weekend  ABC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a big drop in temperatures and evan the possibility for some snow flurries that riley got a call for them to be sliding to a little bit later on tonight bringing in some cooler air and with low pressure off the southeast coastline from moisture our way. there's a chance we could see some snow mixing in specially from our northern areas nothing on radar right now and coming across the mid atlantic things or drive to the next storm system is here with the northwestern gulf of mexico will slide across the northern gulf and set up off the southeast coastline as we go to the day sunday that will be here off the north carolina south carolina coast with colder air working its way and is a pretty good chance that we will see some snow across parts of the area the south china north carolina mainly rain bill could be some snowflakes will be mixing in from time to time with just a day of near sixty degrees it's tough to get any kind of snow to develop across the region across part of the peninsula middle peninsula northern and eastern shore pretty good chance that we will see that rain mixing with and changing over to snow as far as any
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be less than an inch on grassy surfaces say from roanoke rapids a franklin peninsula eastern shoreline again with temperatures around sixty degrees today and not expecting to drop below freezing awfully tough to get anything else other than some of those grassy or elevated surfaces mainly rain with a few snow showers mixed in south london to north carolina a time it all out a little bit more with future cason at seventy outlook coming up in just a few minutes i didn't think he is a major developments at the middle east this weekend iran free four american hostages today in exchange for the release of seven iranians held in the us along with that movement there is another big one in eight states and the european union lifted nuclear related sanctions on iran abc news says that some of the americans released include washington post reporter jason was i an american iranian american rather pastor sy each other d and former us marine amir heck mahdi former fbi agent bob levinson was not released the last time anyone saw levinson was almost eight
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island of kish. the iranian government says it does not know where levinson is his family was devastated he was not included in that swap a fifth american student also was released separate from the hostage negotiations u s officials insist the time the release and the implementation of the nuclear deal are coincidental to people from prince william county are facing terrorism charges one of them accused of trying to go to syria to join my sis the other accused of helping him. fbi agents arrested twenty eight year old joseph iraq yesterday at richmond international airport the plane was headed for chicago but investigators believe his ultimate destination was serious agents also took twenty five year old mahmoud al hassan into custody they say he drove for up to the airport each one faces a maximum of twenty years in prison. they are supposed to appear in federal court on tuesday the delegate scott taylor wasting no time in making a bid for retiring congressman scott rachel's see taylor was
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collect signatures from supporters so he can get his name on the ballot to her has more on the event and the people there had to say to ryan doesn't show to the kenyans restaurants support delegate a look. he announced he would run for congress yesterday a day after representative scott riddle said he would not seek re election. taylor is the second person to know his name in the mix. attorney pat cornwell of virginia beach also said he will make a run for congress at the event to collect signatures today taylor got a chance to meet supporters first hand to his experiences as a former navy seal iraq war veteran and business owner are what the second congressional district needs the and the way till it is the second district in virginia has the largest military and
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the united states he says has backtracked help serve this district to her thirteen years now a person wanted on assault charges in suffolk is in jail in newport news officers arrested shaun robinson last night please pick them up on the court violation. we had in newport news the assault charges in suffolk are from an incident in november. detectives there also want to talk to him about business robberies inner city hundreds of people marched against gun violence today in norfolk the cause extremely personal for many of those people voted journalist mario herrera was there for the demonstration that filled the streets the way the road and you know these matching grant by the increasing number of homicides the pens kept looking through some tables yes we both lost someone close to as chavez cry it out
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by a man that he really didn't know i mean alot to me what i love my friends about run the value of the way that the reason the battery once the other piece that said there is no turning back. we need unity no matter where you come from who you are what faster rate than in years to come together as one close enough to live together senseless shooting the damn me it's competent and know they were not alone in this but at the same time as i say it's ridiculous to know this many people have been by and are still going to the same tragedy is if they have the house is a war of words
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hopefuls ted cruz donald trump hashing it out why neither side seems to be letting up and i'm tracking
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the political fisticuffs were flying between donald trump and senator ted cruz today each one had some heated words for the other abc's very verse tells us that neither side appears to be letting up those are the words between donald trump and ted cruz the escalating in the key battleground state of south carolina today crews wasted no time taking a stab at his former friend and the elevator when the majority of the truck started the day thinking today is on twitter posting ted cruz was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until fifteen months ago lawsuits have just been
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i told you so crews fired as it seems no one has energy and for whatever reason donald doesn't react well when he's feeling down in the pool and he doubled down on his comments questioning in new york values a line of attacks against soft during thursday's debate. if you are offended at my pointing out how much the failed policies of hillary clinton andrew cuomo and build a plaza of her yorkers in which of those policies at a rally in new hampshire last stage of phrases he finally went off the wagon a little bit and went crazy at its very eye misting the great hypocrite the two are locked in a heated primary battle and trust is getting some unexpected support hillary clinton a new york resident and former senator from the state reading just this once it runs right. new yorkers value hard work diversity tolerance and resilience and building
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ask your doctor about xarelto . a mild saturday a lease by january standards we have a high of sixty degrees and when you include in the forecast a chance of snow with a one tenth as it's awfully hard to get the stick to anything other than grass dexter tops of cars especially over the next twenty four hours not really what we're looking at me pretty as it comes down in some spots were not expecting the kind of issues on the roadways because temperatures are expected to remain above freezing overnight and through the day tomorrow. one of the satellite and radar again fairly tranquil across the area today we saw a lot
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the afternoon hours are now fewer clouds started to move in as we mentioned at the top the broadcast. this is the next area of low pressure that will affect us as it slides south and eastward here across parts of the gulf of mexico off the southeast coastline the heaviest of the rain and precipitation will remain off towards our south will just be on the northern fringes and with colder air working its way in as well including the potential for some snow across the region as we get into the first half of the day on sunday the time things out here with future cast partly cloudy skies this evening isolated sprinkle quickly up across portions of the eastern shore with this cold from located right in here i've added the wind streams that can sorta see how the winds are blowing right now out of the west and switching around towards the north that front will slide through later tonight that's the first step for getting some the colder air working its way and not quite cold enough to drop temperatures below freezing so to start things off at five am on saturday morning notice everybody above freezing with cloudy skies as we head towards a seven o'clock hour we start to see
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with temperatures border line out to western parts of hampton roads likely starting out as some snow rain to parts of the south side in northeastern north carolina to ten o'clock in the morning mainly rain temperatures above freezing everywhere but what some heavier bursts of it could last long enough that it doesn't melt before reaches the ground and that's what we're saying in sum now franklin up to newport news know it was the eastern shore. we could see some slushy accumulations on tops decks and things like that mainly south side in the north carolina could be a little snow mixing in from time to time with temperatures well above freezing now looking at any kind of accumulation by two o'clock the rain should be ending in pushing off the coast certainly by four notices winds coming out of the north northwest with temperatures still above freezing so again anything that falls not going to amount to very much not cause any problems out on the roadways. the really cold air will come in tomorrow night and that will be the big story as we head into them are luther king holiday
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coming out of the northwest starting out with temperatures in the ways to lower thirties and testers will top out much higher than the mid thirties and with those gusty winds will feel like the twenties on monday despite lots of sunshine so one cold day to start the week next week. this is when continuing out of the west northwest as we head into the afternoon hours. so as far as any kind of snow potential less attention we're talking about a dusting at most and some spots special as you head up towards the williamsburg emporia area mainly on grass and dax any kind of elevated surfaces not expecting anything on pavement because of the sixty degree temperatures today giving it to warm in the above freezing temperatures overnight tonight and during the day to markets outside in the north carolina could be some snow flakes mixing in from time to time especially as things wind up through the early afternoon but primarily rain south side in the north carolina spot on forecasts for today jeff and connor high fifty eight degrees we hit sixteen we give ourselves three degrees so that's two
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tomorrow. some snow in those northern spots not expecting he kind of issues from partly cloudy skies outside right now fifty one degrees winds are calm and still very mild forty seven franklin fifty one into purdue's forty six now for fifty four million fifteen ft of the hills and fifty one degrees up and watch free. so for tonight partly cloudy skies chilly thirty degrees for an overnight low temperature and time are cloudy and cold rain in the morning with the snow to mix off towards the north a high temperature of forty two degrees and blustery and cold on the hollywood thirty five degrees mostly sunny skies and tuesday a high of only thirty two with lots of sunshine warm back up into the mid forties by the end the week into the week forty six also what makes it well that point. good day for you today mr smith says a day of college to get a rivalry amongst the commonwealth a busy day as we mentioned a wave of mary and virginia tech having to take to the road back here in town the only marks recently had their home winning streak
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by one house on it i feel the remarks were looking to bounce back after having their thirty two game home
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thursday against alabama birmingham to get on a new one they hosted middle tennessee this afternoon the monarchs. oh and five however all time against the blue raiders let's head to the ted where they were a bit of a slow start the first ever actually went scoreless for the first five minutes of the game to get on track and paco nailing a three pointer got within two he would add thirteen points. nice passing year and tallied to jordan baker did branded stuff for the slam i got them within five to ten to five then trey freeman start to take over fried away jumper good and then freeman from out of the beach until high school i so often done during the school goes tied it eighteen a pro by the rope to halftime. freeman clean away with a team high twenty eight points but they would fall for the second straight game at home sixty four to sixty one stop virginia tech are off to an impressive three in one start the acc tech taking to the road this afternoon as
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let's head to atlanta buzz williams and his guys would pick things up second half they were down ten at the break said alan try to keep things close going high up off the glass and narrow things that end allen one with thirteen points and then whoa nice move by exactly the day lead with twenty one points and kari plaques year keeping things close down the stretch hoop and harm and in black sheer want of forcing overtime in this game and tax would pull out the one point win over the jackets seventy eight to seventy seven stalk acc action as well number five north carolina taking a cat barber from a hampton inn is nc state wolfpack. the former crab had nine first at points as the acc's leading scorer with twenty two a game held to just nine as they left i did a twenty nine all second half tar heels star to pull a joe perry the second for three he had fourteen
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thirty six and leading the way the unc there big fella kennedy meeks korea's wafer to oversee my twenty three deals with sixty seven fifty five to five below in the conference. other action around the area women marry they were on the road home are prunes guys at unc wilmington and early on tried to talk to pretty impressive start her down for david collar cone with a nice layout then throw it different and underneath for two we had a quiet first half that got them within one inch tribe trailing by just one of the break thirty five thirty four. call sean sheldon hoop and harm he completes a three point play would add twenty points for the tribe then later pro it off to miss three point shot gathers his own shot goes in for two with his twenty points and tied it seventy seven to go in overtime there. the seahawks
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taking one point lead that revolution over time your final ninety seven ninety four other action around the commonwealth currently the second half. camped in that leading north carolina a t thirty eight thirty one norfolk state up seventy nine seventy one north carolina central virginia wesleyan open by one over randolph christopher newport seventy two fifty three winners over york. let's talk about the capital showdown in richmond richmond hosting vcu rams led by two at the break the t decline in the spider's bounce back to his twenty two points to sixty four sixty one lead. melvin johnson have acquired seventeen points for it and going glass rams take a one point lead. big day coming from to kwan lewis had twenty nine points to lead the way rams would win in overtime ninety four to eighty nine. let's talk other action from high school hoops last night green run on being taken on hickory that's a nice alley oop slam their
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the stallions damon showers the steal and slam and then it was justin barrett is turned off the steel will get the layout had twelve points ten assists stallions roll your final one o three thirty four there now thirteen and oh in the season jack baker is more common are at northview last night. kiana johnson leading the way as normally gets the early advantage with a three for the pilots all commodores in this one is eight hang on to win your final forty three to forty one new england currently leading kansas city in the third fourteen six in the afc playoffs alright with that rain and world leaders might try looks like it'll be as we enter the morning hours tomorrow that could be some snow mixing in the crosshairs of the peninsula north were any kind of accumulation in b minor on cars and expo with temperatures above freezing not expecting any issues on the road still exciting enough to get right after you
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picture since those of you take six or second best interest for now back at
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news, a historic day for the u.s. and iran. five captive americans set free in a prisoner exchange.
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