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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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falling to about thirty degrees and staying in the low thirties through the afternoon. how does a little cooler out to the west emporia wakefield petersburg on the upper twenties you factor in the wins and the winds really haven't picked up very much yet but it feels like it's in the twenties. those winds will increase later today in the wind chills will stay in the twenties through the afternoon maybe even into the teens by later this afternoon. right now what the windsor west northwest sustained eight mph and isn't much of the temperatures will drop to about thirty women struggle back up to about the afternoon so that's it plenty of sunshine remember sunglasses and take that heavy coat. time now to find out how the roads are looking and scenery been busy keeping on a few issues out there already. i haven't actually been factored into the back to the one issue that we were watching early this morning that is at route seventy one to get out of the ways you can see the street here this is a situation we've been watching all morning long it's a serious acts of the accident happened at three thirty for the acts in
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out of the way right now the problem is that acts that are damaged guardrail right there the crit and a bridge so right now north and southbound on route seventeen right there in the can which is close. while the dot does that repairs are headed in that direction you want on alternate route you're going to be tied up for sure i would take a look at other spots around the area chesapeake looking good for the down seventeen right there no problems to report right there. also at naval station norfolk normally this time the morning you're seeing it's solid red back to back guess what the holidays annuities had been there we did with our cameras there's a few people who are heading in but otherwise looking pretty good for you right now guys said they did so much onto the bed a blast sweeping through hampton roads we want to show off some of your pictures after the snow yesterday. this one is from yorktown. that's a great picture of lucas creek and envy and then check out the shot from the smithfield station. elise brown is outside right now tracking those cool conditions force see what to expect as you head out the door today she is a live report in our next
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forget we love seeing your weather pictures so if it is safe to go outside take some shots and send them and you can send them via our ad or post them on or social media pages or you may even see them online and on her art and ethics into a new this morning the first democratic presidential debate of the new year is in the books hillary clinton bernie sanders in a tight battle to be the first to win the democratic contest last night the first issue the tackle gun control he has voted with the nra with the gun lobby numerous times he voted against the brady bell five times. secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous i have a d minus. voting record from the end already well the candidates also tackle health care clinton says she wants to improve the affordable care act while bernie sanders says he wants private insurance companies out of the healthcare business this while martin o'malley fought to be heard
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seconds to do with contents of the dominant thirty second rule for new nbc news wall street journal poll shows that clinton is in danger of losing to senator bernie sanders in bold. i want and new hampshire. even still there were some topics that the candidates found common ground on like criminal justice reform. there needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system. whenever anybody in this country is killed while in police custody should automatically trigger a u s attorney general's investigation of the next and the candidates will battle it out will be the pack with box this was their last debate before the iowa caucuses the next time they will face off in person is ever eleventh hole during the debate gop candidates who just had their own face off in charleston put in their
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former florida governor jeb bush said most passionate moments of hashtag them debate are always about who will ban more guns and who will give the government more control over your health care rand paul taking shots at another candidate in his tweet saying hillary clinton is giving barack obama big hug right now in the hashtag damn debate chris christie getting jealous. good morning america is live in south carolina with a full analysis of the debate that's right after the break about forty five minutes. donald trump will make another campaign stop in hampton roads next month regent university just announced trump will participate in the presidential candidate forum on february twenty fourth former governors jeb bush and john casey have already participated in the series which started in october. regents officials will soon announce time and ticket info for trump's events. well it's six o five memorial services are scheduled this week for a beloved member of the norfolk police department tomorrow offices will gather at a private ceremony to honor creature the canine killed an
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told about that the interminable include full honors by the norfolk police guard. condolences have swept through social media the department's facebook page getting thousands of commenters officers mourned for partner or craters that prompted retired navy seal jimmy hatch to launch a fund raising campaign to get bulletproof vests for norfolk police canines. well cnn news anchor right there anderson cooper answered the call donating enough money to buy a ballistics vest for each canine on the force cooper said he would donate the speaking fee from his lecture later this month at christ or how well the no one dispatch system we rely on those operators in times of emergency. absolutely and when every second counts the last thing you want to be put on hold. the shocking reason one caller had to wait on a dispatcher just ahead plus bleach or brawl in this car legend storm in the states confronting a heckler and it's all caught
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good morning right now the temperatures are very chilly we have forties and around richmond emporia long and ninety five to get up to dc at towards roanoke you
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seeds are wind chills the air temperatures single digits out across west virginia so bitterly cold air temperatures in the mid thirties right now at the coast but it's actually going to turn colder than this for the next couple hours and then temperatures this afternoon struggle to make it back up to about thirty two a day when the temperature change in the last twenty four hours remember yesterday morning we started off it was cloudy and on my way to church going it was dry coming out some rain showers and then as the late morning wore on. that's without the transition to snow and we sure did get that snow across much of the area before exited during the early afternoon today sunshine beautiful more sun across the central part of the country very cold chicago ten degrees for a high clouds and chilly thirty four ali twenty five up to d c thirty eight at new bern across our region and afternoon temperatures struggling to get back up to about thirty two degrees or so i expect low thirties to the north for the eastern shore the middle
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the peninsula and then mid thirties for northeast north carolina over the next few days another very cold one tomorrow the high thirty that's after a morning low of eighteen and back up to forty by wednesday. let's check the peninsula with santa. i'm not liking those numbers but i am liking to ride into work this morning. if you have to go into work is not looking too bad for you right now and ever to them and let's take a look you can see all green if you're going up the sixty four you got no problems to report right there and do some good news. jr be looking great right now that's the instant we were watching over near the white county that bridge guardrail that's been repaired right now seventeen right there that's still going on and will go on for probably a little while when state police take a look right now the hr bt not too bad right there that don't take a look at cameras going to see the interchange right there six sixty four and sixty four you can see traffic moving nicely the stuff on the road for holiday known to many but it's moving nicely so that's good news to report coming up
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house situations looking on the southside specifically virginia beach so much the dispatspatcherchinuble for ignoring a nine one call to cheat though the meat of the month for pepperoni the quote you're hearing there right how hunger won
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. artists
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morning on the details a prisoner swap with iran three americans freed from that country including the washington post reporter held for nearly eighteen months arrived in germany on the way back to the us they are at the hospital right now be checked out it's unclear how long they'll be there the release came as international sanctions were lifted on iran's part of an international nuclear deal however the u s treasury department just announced new sanctions against eleven people and companies involved in iran's ballistic missile program. jimmy will have more on how the prisoner swap was negotiated coming up at about forty five minutes of the clock. meanwhile the state department is working with iraqi government to locate three missing american contractors in iraq's capital city. local media in baghdad reported the americans had been kidnapped. the u s embassy confirmed at the contractors were missing one official said that the disappearance is being treated as a possible kidnapping officials said that there was no indication anyone witnessed the kidnapping as more information comes out we will
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developing news now the search for twelve marines missing after two helicopters collided is entering its fourth day yesterday rescuers battled strong winds and thirty foot waves as they search for any signs of those helicopters. officials say the winds and waves disperse the debris and complicated the search the coast guard was notified thursday of the crash by civilian who saw the aircraft's flying then disappear and a fireball the helicopters were out on a nighttime training mission shares apartment in florida said that a nine one one call went unanswered because of a dispatcher was on the other line ordering a pizza last september a man had a seizure passed out in the eye doctor's office in fort lauderdale. several people called nine one but they never got through and never got a call back the investigation revealed that the only dispatcher was available at the time was busy placing a seven minute order for pizza. listen to
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i maybe have a lunch special everything on the other victim a young man in the eye doctor's office recovered and appeared to be alright but according to the share of the dispatcher admitting her mistake and received a written reprimand. experts say if you have an emergency don't let the phone keep ringing call the nearest police station. you can also try texting six exceeded time some unsportsmanlike behavior from a nascar superstar tell you about this morning tony stewart caught on camera barreling into the stands taking on a fan who was heckling him you see right there. stuart has been fined for acting out before the space in a wrongful death suit. sue has yet to comment on this new incident daybreak is giving one lucky viewer a chance to win a trip to new york un friend yes you heard that right includes a two night stay. airfare tickets to see good morning america in times square all of this is a two thousand dollars value to get the watch for the keyword sometime during this hour of
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on to thirteen years now back on you can have several chances to enter all week long we're going to pick a winner after daybreak on friday take a bye into the gap once on the idea never been you know i don't care how old you are or what you think you know anti then headed out amazing. i got up there just that was my first time we went to the last regular either blown away by sunday york. well so those are real with the wildcats will play those funny guys what you were around then you had a great time while you're there so get out and hopefully get a chance to win again opportunities this week right now i'd say it was not feeling so much like a winner with our spot on forecasts because we were calling for snow to the north and we didn't is pretty major issues and really they're works of that element was good but the actual day that snow hit me that it's outside as well so going to start the street today and you can see what's going on with a spot on forecasts were calling for
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in spots later this afternoon very very cold. radar is sweeping clear right now skies are mainly clear it's a beautiful start the day once that sun comes up you'll enjoy a lot of sunshine but you definitely need to have your coat the gloves a hat is going to be cold and pretty blustery as well. now what a shame the future cast here because we do have the sunshine in the forecast today it's going to be mainly clear tonight and mostly sunny again tomorrow. things are looking good. a little bit of moisture could produce some snow showers later in the week i will tell you again to take a look at the expanded view here you're going to see as we get into wednesday some of the cloud cover pushing through. it's possible there could be a few snow showers wednesday evening mainly out to the west will continue to watch at and see with the models do with as we go forward and something or at least mindful of. i want to talk to though good chances for rain coming up friday you see the moisture coming in early friday morning is a seven thirty the rain out to
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will be warming ahead of this next system it will track through the area on friday and then early saturday. most that bush is gone we'll see the moisture winding down by mid day and by afternoon saturday we should see some big improvements next sunday let's really get on the backside that we may even get a little bit of mixing again early saturday so couple areas to watch as we go over the upcoming week right now watching temperatures upper twenties to mid thirties across the region. these are temperatures will drop a little bit of the next few hours and then struggle to get back to about thirty two degrees wind chills for many areas in the lower twenties you can see right now thirty four clear and the pressure is rising that significant national identity today this afternoon around thirty two obviously warmer than that this morning the temperatures drop and back to thirty two listed under eighteen and then to mas high around thirty. very cool stuff just
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came back friday to remove sand and watch for saturday morning was conducted on rats seventy what's up. the ad credits that situation i've been watching for you all morning long we wanna let you know that we've been still keep in i actually just call state police to find out what's going on with that situation the crit and bridge where there was an accident earlier this morning well i'm told again the acting clear but that the dow is still there working on that guardrail that the acts and damage the guardrail in both north and southbound lanes right there on seventeen of the green ridge still close so be aware that if you head out there this morning our last check out some other spots that we would check out for you which is the midtown tunnel which tends to be a busy spot this time the morning because it is a holiday we see an all green which is great news if you have to head out this morning also take a look and chesapeake no problems to report on four sixty four or sixty four so that's great news of your head in that direction. virginia beach looking great right now that the other a camera shot we can show you right now this is right at rosemont road for folks run to sixty four in the this is actually some
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much at all so you've got no problems. nothing's going to tie you up if you have to head out at this time the morning guys and i think sandra oh this is such a sweet story it'saking
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. all one step forward one step back for the space x program today the private
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a weather satellite into orbit orbit but botched the landing exploded literally exploded coming down way too hard on the barge breaking one of its legs when you this morning a cashier to target in indiana woke up to find a picture of himself that he didn't even know was snapped and had gone viral. jealousy is a shrill gilbert helped an elderly customer count out change to pay for her purchase the line was growing and the woman was getting nervous she was taking too long. some customers left for other registers but sarah owen regular who was next in line with her daughter when she posted about the incident saying she and her daughter learned about the value of patience and kindness nineteen year old gilbert says he was flooded with what he learned about the post and how it took off he says he treats all customers the same way he wants to be true. a mom from amsterdam is getting international attention after she needed a full size doll that looks exactly like her sign. they actually worked on together. the mom said that
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always like to spend time with her parents. so a knitted version of them can help parents cope with the change reaction online has been everything from creepy two beautiful boys got a new contest on thirteen has not come to tell you bout u can win free breakfasts for an entire year from the from the restaurant over in virginia beach there are runs from now until wednesday. all you have to do is go to thirteen and is now the comical feature staff to enter to win we've got two words for the wires in a bitter cognac racetrack in temperatures near freezing tales in this full forecast and we're live outside tracking those road conditions for you elise brown is taking a look at what local crews did overnights to battle slick conditions just ahead plus breaking overnight an officer involved shooting in st louis it's already served a
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard.
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(family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. . much of the snow that fell yesterday is gone but now we're keeping
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potential slick spots this point in the nation remembers today we honor the life of the leader of the civil rights movement doctor martin luther king junior thank you for joining us on this mlk day for day break is coming up on six thirty am on tracy and allison was to my favorite first one to check in with meteorologist craig fuller with a lot more on this bitter cold cracked a guy that thought we'd start with a look live down at the oceanfront in the boardwalk there for the dq can that are scattered and seventies in atlantic is he somebody out there walking the boardwalk not minding the breezy conditions here and the cold i can tell you the view from the west and also looking good mainly clears we checked things out from town center. looking back to the east temperatures are chilly this morning with shea those in a moment guys are going to be clear today sunshine on this martin luther king day but the temperatures not so enjoyable if you're going and not too observant yet to travel around this morning it's cold out there temperatures upper twenty s
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thirties near the coast and the temperatures are actually in a fall a little bit and then struggle to get back in the low thirties this afternoon wind chills in the twenties for many areas so again my advice to use you really want to dress to beat the cold out there. skies are clear over norfolk and the winds west northwest at eight mph pressure is rising we got a big year of high pressure a canadian high that will move right across syria as an engine at seeing temperatures low thirties not looking too bad we'll talk more about the cold air coming tonight and tomorrow and then a warm up for later in the week here sans are added with a ton of traffic now actually enjoyed a much welcomed day off so i'm filling in this morning to get where you're going to actually have pretty easy job this one because most of you have the day up your own enjoyment watching us right well if you are headed to williamsburg may be heading out of town on a three day weekend. are you in and no problems on sixty four so that's good news for you right there. also take a look at the midtown tunnel this usually has someone ever seen
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no problems this morning to commute to midtown to downtown any really of the area bridges and tunnels should not have a problem and that includes the hr bt we see little danielle but really it's not that sick look at our cameras and you can see this right you're thirteen you can see there are few cars out there but really no problems to report so that's good news if you need to head out. now's a good time to do it guys are saying that they so much time the six thirty one the combination of freezing temperatures and wet roads could make for some dangerous spots across various rights state and local crews spent last night trying to cut down on the potential danger right now they are on standby just in case they need to treat the roads again or the threat is live in the mobile weather lab with more on those efforts this morning the campaign right now and all over the place we've been downtown in the air right now the mercury blvd there are no homeless legs my neck in
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wherever until cory and amber green spot. they're also in the here and has dedicated three vendors also it's my right and they're also the artist and this time i catch and a good place and he starts to lose control of your car or foot off the brake and steer in the direction he wants to know the scene on an aside why people get their morning workout into the fold no one
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monitoring conditions here at the worst the ground into the eye and one and the well being will not be the end but by the content of that power into such import speech there the nation will pause today to remember the man who sparked the civil rights movement in america doctor martin luther king junior one of them in norfolk the urban league will host its thirty second annual breakfast. it starts at seven thirty this morning in norfolk state university's joseph echols memorial hall. i'll being seeing the event which will honor those who have shown great dedication to the community. tickets to this event costs thirty five dollars there are so many events across the area today celebrating the life of doctor king you can find all of them on thirteen has not
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own letter today virginia state delegate will reintroduce a bill aimed at making gay conversion therapy illegal in the commonwealth delegate patrick hope will be joined by survivor of conversion therapy and many others when he introduces the bill the general assembly so the therapy seeks to change a person's sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual the bill failed to make it out of the house subcommittee during the last session we are still working to find out why hampton man allegedly shot four people in gloucester county killing one of them eighteen year old john whittier is behind bars this morning the cow started early sunday as deputies responded to a series of nine one one calls in the where next section of the city the firsts to lead them to a body in the car a second call that deputies to more victims are not all counties store our country saw rather deputies have not released a motive but a friend of the victim says they had all been at a party we go to the neighbors who told this to happen down the street so
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the party the third and final call came in and i came to nine one from a nearby house a girl showed up there and told the caller her friends had been shot the suspect is being held without bond right now and update now on breaking news out of ohio where police officer died after getting shot overnight investigators just identify the officer as officer tom cole trial officer say that he died this morning just feet away from the police department in danville at about an hour outside of columbus no this is a live pictures state troopers say that the suspect stole officer patrols cruiser after shooting him to retract that statement that is not a live picture that is video from earlier today. officers later found that the cruiser and the suspect about a mile away in a wooded area can look for continuing coverage about twenty five minutes on good morning america video created an internet firestorm he probably remember him showing
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in overdrive re see that there's a new twist this morning in the case why that passenger is now suing his apparent victim was breaking
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i alright chapters across the region right now in the lower to mid thirties near the coast it is cooler
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near thirty around petersburg and franklin he could see wakefield the twenty nine the same at west point low thirties of the eastern shore mid thirties data on many oh and in ten chapters down quite a bit from this time yesterday remember we started off with liquid precipitation that is the temperatures fell in the mid thirties. we saw transition to snow eventually temperatures drop low thirties we did have that snow before things ended yesterday during the early afternoon so very interesting day now all of the wet weather the snowy weather is gone skies are clear of canadian high pressure that is dropping in the region and we had a very cold air mass setting up across the country north of us bitterly cold temperatures chicago today topping out around ten degrees that's it for our area will be a little bit warmer upper twenties to lower to mid thirties across the region this afternoon i know it's about there right now the temps are going to dip a little bit and then climb back up in the lower thirties. this is overlooking
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up in the peninsula low thirties thirty four of williamsburg eastern shore i expect low thirties down along at a bank maybe a degree or two warmer for kill devil hills nags head in many open low to mid thirties. for those areas temperatures colder tomorrow the high around thirty in a warm up later in the week and i see that coming up in a bit let's check in right down the bridges and tunnels with santa right now usually practice of the typical hot spots force the morning but this is the holidays we've got some good news reported getting over any area bridges of health care bt all green right now that never happens at this time the morning so that's great news of the apt and that russian watching the monitor merrimack as well as the james river ridge you are looking good right now if you need to go over either one of those and also take a look at the high rise bridge all green right there with love the holiday don't we know traffic to report back downtown to see the little bitty yellow which means there's a few extra cars on the road there fact let's take a look at our cameras and you can see this is over the brooklyn bridge. not too bad though still no problems to report if you are headed over in that direction. now
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look at the right into the naval base which is usually hot spot this morning but i'm pretty sure we're not having problems but all keep an eye on the void and of details coming up in phoenix thank you right now you can get some great deals at some norfolk restaurant as they break in tis will tell you how you can treat yourself to
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the earliest breaking news to tell you about right now it's six forty four of portsmouth dispatchers tell us firefighters are on the scene of a large house fire right now to more revenue. this isn't far from the intersection of frederick boulevard and d creek boulevard responded to the call just before six o'clock this morning we have a crew headed to the cia will update you as soon as we learn more about breaking overnight a man is dead after an officer involved shooting in st louis police say that someone flagged down officer last night in a marked car and reported a robbery at a kfc. the officer went to the fast food restaurant and confronted the suspect according to police the suspect pointed a gun at the officer refused to drop it. that's when the officer fired two shots killing the man about forty onlookers gathered after the shooting
6:38 am
police for updates ahead on good morning mary lou this morning a police officer in utah is dead and another is recovering after a shootout with the suspect officer doug barney is the first law enforcement officer in the country to die in the line of duty this year it started sunday morning as officers searched for two suspects who reportedly ran from a traffic incident the salt lake sheriff says one officer found barney found our party found corey henderson henderson shot and killed and another officer shot and killed henderson he suffered a gunshot wound is in serious condition officer barney is behind a wife and three children and now the developing story in west tennessee where hundreds of people are searching for a toddler who disappeared four days ago two year old know what chamberlain wandered away from his grandmother while walking in the woods thousands of volunteers and police officers have been searching around the clock despite cold weather and rough terrain searchers remain hopeful and determined to find no one knew this morning you may remember this out of southern california
6:39 am
october. attacking an uber driver another former taco the same driver for five million dollars he is claiming that driver illegally recorded him now back in november the uber driver super twenty five thousand dollars in damages the pastor pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery charges this morning college officials in virginia and north carolina are banning hover boards because of safety concerns that only continue to grow in the commonwealth the university of virginia and virginia tech band the motorized scooters and duke university and n c state have done the exact same thing and north carolina nationwide more than thirty colleges have banned those hover boards or restricted their use on campus and besides the risk of falling and colliding several hundred boards have just caught fire all new this morning could there be a delay for the next generation apple was reality of what stu was a likely headed for martin billing but an online report from techcrunch claims the company
6:40 am
no comment from apple. well this is amazon echo this is the wireless speaker and voice command device that controls smart devices around your home and now it can read to you. no joke you can tell it to resume pause resume we stopped even skip chapters having you read he was free but does sound a little robotic. speaking of robotic google is trading its most high tech robot helper on the house's name is in these six to three hundred and thirty pounds and walks on two legs. he has competed in the us military robot olympics but he's getting really good at rearranging furniture sweeping up and even vacuuming but you can use with these around the house. i mean let's get started. yeah stress of waiting i was telling the closer we get to robots taking out the trash the lesson last man are needed. oh please a women
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on the one that saw the giraffes were high and see the slide ride on the other hand i know but that didn't roll this morning the ladies i love you and within that would never say anything. ha made you nervous yet will the hygienist said i'd take out the trash i'd sold forty six died yesterday heat it should've been very specific move closer we get the more i'm listening i guess i birdied it was the low averages forty eight a record high seventy seven sat back in nineteen forty three had some preset yesterday bowl drain the transition to snow you don't have to worry about that today but we are going to see very cold temperatures through the afternoon the high back around thirty to maybe thirty three this afternoon we've been warmer than that already so you look at the almanac tomorrow will say mid thirties something like that really disappointed temps dip of the next few hours and then struggle back to about thirty two going to talk about a couple little modifications are made to the forecast and something
6:42 am
the show but i've gone ahead and jumped into this and change demographics a little bit. skies clear to date no issues there we will see the sunshine but i was mentioning that late wednesday we be watching depending on what some of the models do there's one the most kind of hinting there could be some flurries or maybe a few snow showers wednesday evening. you can see through the day today were clear tomorrow's gonna be sunny as well very nice but i want to see the increasing clouds as we get into wednesday and as we go through the afternoon and into the evening there is some potential for a little bit of light snow development across central virginia and they could push towards the coast so flurries possible late wednesday evening as we take the future cason run towards the weekend our next storm system with significant precipitation comes in later in the week friday this friday morning through the day friday passes early saturday morning on the wet weather winds down to watch for that so that their
6:43 am
mainly rain maybe a couple flurries in the next on the back said that system early saturday so that's what we're looking at temperatures will warm up though friday was looking at a high then around fifty seven years this morning in the twenties for inland areas upper twenties be a mid thirties near the coast wind chills are in the twenties widespread highs today again this afternoon romp thirty two sunshine thirty two minus forty on wednesday with a chance for evening flurries wednesday evening late in the better chances for rain on friday santa. all right we're still watching the red wings forty this morning specifically that situation that we told you about on route seventeen in the earlier acts and acts it happened almost three hours ago that's been clear but it did cause a problem right there at the goodman bridge is on the nile was around seventeen right before the subject line that bridge has been closed in both directions north and south because of the dustbin out the repairing the guardrail so be aware if you had a map directions when artists take a look at them the other roadways their newport news not too bad this morning looking pretty good if you
6:44 am
direction. all good on sixty four all green no major problems to report on the roadways we got on the ice or things like that it's been watching those roads all night long so that's the good news that we would remind you about. while road work is going on in most locations there is that one spot right there and six sixty four on if we take a look at the camera she considers right near the power to parkway while they are not working they still have the left emergency lane scones also if your head and then to just be where i still gotta watch out for this little traffic barrier so otherwise no big problems to report guys good news on the roads this morning. are they so much our daybreak is giving one lucky viewer a chance to win a trip or two to new york city and today's keyword is you'll need this and higher. now go to thirteen years now dot com and click on the features tab to enter the keywords told you the prize pack includes a two night stay. airfare and tickets to see good morning america live in person time square. you have several chances to enter all week
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lucky winner after daybreak on friday are sixty two that i'm breaking news out of portsmouth were told about the top of the hour dispatchers tell us firefighters are on the scene of a large house fire right now. this is a live picture from the scene is of morrie avenue or crew just got there this isn't far from the intersection of frederick boulevard in deep creek boulevard. now they responded to the call just before six o'clock this morning we are still working to find out if anyone was injured in all this look for an update coming up just a few minutes also throughout the morning america as well. well if you enjoy eating out and saving money then this is your week in downtown norfolk it is restaurant week there it started last night runs until next sunday the twenty fourth there almost twenty participating restaurants some are offering special lunches for twelve dollars prix fixe dinners that range in price from twenty five to forty bucks. it's all coordinated by the downtown north the council. jessica klein or with dnc says it is
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try out a new place to eat dinner do think downtown to a lot of new people cuz they say ok let's take this opportunity to go have a great price fixe meal at a restaurant that we don't typically go to so it's a chance for the denton a sense really show off the plan to take advantage of this week make reservations you do want to find out more about the information about the restaurants are participating we have it all posted on thirteen years now dot com. new this morning a warning for parents pay more attention to what your kids are seeing on all screens both big and small researchers at university of nottingham in england say online videos are exposing and tobacco in particular thirteen to fifteen year old girls are seeing more alcohol more tobacco than any other age group. images of smoking and drinking can influence people's decisions later in life. even right here there
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daybreak including a wrap here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin
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learning about dna the american freedom that prisoner swap with iran free of them on their way home now after some harrowing last minute hitches this morning we're going to talk to the brother of washington post reporter jason ready on about how that deal went down well coming up next hear him at the breaking news to tell you but of course with dispatchers tell us firefighters are on the scene right now we can see right there of a large house fired moore avenue this is a live
6:49 am
still see they're still attacking that please least two hoses right there trying to stomp out the flames here this is not far from the intersection of frederick boulevard and deep creek boulevard. now they responded here just before six o'clock this morning abc still pretty active scene of a close one hour later right now i will stay on top of this information here will let you know of anyone was inside that house pedals her throughout good morning america during the cut ins and out later on thirteen is now noon also this morning. v dot crews are on standby just in case there's trouble the roads dry wet roads and bitter cold temperatures could create slick conditions as you're driving on those roadways of the dot spokeswoman tells us the crew spent much the day yesterday treating the ramps and bridges with salt and brine as the snow fell again they do not anticipate any problems but crews will be on standby if they are needed well the nation will pause today to remember the man who sparked a civil rights movement in america doctor
6:50 am
of those celebrations will be in norfolk the urban league of hampton roads will host its thirty second annual breakfast starts at seven thirty this morning in norfolk state university's joseph e nichols memorial hall i'll be in seeing the event right after this newscast something out there which will honor those who have shown great dedication to the community tickets cost thirty five dollars for this event. fantastic movie great yes it's so not much talk about how much that it was just up the phone with state police remember that instant i was telling about on the acronym bridge earlier accident that guardrail has now been fixed in a match you can see that meet new little son to see the happy of the bridge is now open season tackling a mountain you can see that the bridge is now open so no problems report and seventy for folks are headed in that direction. new problems at all so that's good news. things looking good heading into the base we usually see red this time the morning i read we got green at the downtown tunnel take a look at cameras you can see not to scream their honor on maps but on our cameras it's also sunny out there look at that it's a nice look but we know it's called crack is very cold in
6:51 am
out in the mild weather land this morning she was saying there's some patchy ice across parts of the pencil out to the west is well just want to urge folks be careful on the roads if you do hit a slick spot don't panic don't jump on brakeraskesss ease off the gas and let the car come back under control in general sunshine today cold today and tomorrow look for what weather later in the week thank you much that wraps up thirty news out the recovery good morning, america. the final showdown. the democrats face off for the last time before the first votes are cast. >> i'm going to defend president obama. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling over health care and guns. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. >> sanders fires back on her wall street ties. >> you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> and the race for the republican nomination heating
6:52 am
>> he's a nasty guy.
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