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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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three senior we begin this afternoon with a frantic search for missing boy in williamsburg right now police dogs fire crews and state police out in force looking for the eight year old boy who disappeared from his home said parker's in the newsroom with the breaking details and yet i still a lot of mystery surrounding this disappearance. here's what we do know so far eight year old was as gross as parents woke up this morning realized he was messy but i quickly alerted police who then brought in the fire department and the state was in fact the state police have brought in the dogs they are all white now searching for is out there searching in the area where he was last seen that is at his home on john pick me lame elk or to fire department there's also a command post that has been set up this is about a mile away and james blair middle school that some iron bound road so far no sign of that missing eight year old boy we do have a crew was on the scene of that search for key posts you posted on any possible developments as soon as they come in reporting live in the newsroom center park or thirteen years now hi sandra thank you for that
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the bitter blast is slamming hampton roads right now temperatures are in the lower thirties but actually feels a lot colder than that. yet later tonight the thermometer is going to be plunge even further with whether thirty meteorologist regulars here with details crack how low will it go out temperatures tonight down to the teams get ready for that is going to be very chilly you are looking at some of the wind chills right there. air temperatures pretty cold on their own which factor in the wind it's even chilly here so here we go down to the beach. gosh where all the sunday the years. well i guess when temperatures are in the upper twenties low thirties not a lot of folks at working on their tans the radar is sweeping clear we are dry air temperatures and mention upper twenties around west point hampton and richmond we have lower to mid thirty south side and north carolina even did a little bit warmer but you can see in general we are cooler than we were yesterday a factor in the wind it feels even chile are right now winds are gusting twenty to twenty five even a little bit more than that around virginia beach so
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chills down into the teens and lower to mid twenties in several locations. this is serious cold and tonight we're looking at potentially single digit wind chills very cold is a breezy conditions continue to understand low thirties into the afternoon and falling into the twenties this evening i will be back with the extended forecast for the talk about chances for some more snow across you know when we could see some of that coming up are it's cold outside here critics say but the passengers at norfolk international airport a red hot with anger twenty four hours after their plane made an emergency landing passengers are still stuck here and looking for answers look at that online casinos were j co is live at the airport with its taking so long to fix his issue was the year of two hundred plus people that are still stranded here at norfolk international airport many of them are steaming over my shoulder there waiting to re
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i talked to couple of them earlier scene they told me giving too much explanation of why this is happening to their place in plano plano was available take them to their final destination of dominican republic to this video and this is the scene that was unfolding this morning when we first walked into the airport hundreds of passengers waiting in line to hear an update about their plight here of which the plaintiff the plaintiff had an emergency landing here in norfolk just before noon yesterday. since then passengers say they have told to stay at the airport even boarded another plane one time just to get cancelled again. they were given a small stipend for food but some say was too lazy as many of the airport stores were already closed. finally around three in the morning i'm told that they were shuttled to a hotel just to be brought back here a few hours later. now some are still waiting here as he has
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it's unfair one lady painted this out you can see it. it's been two days this this is not right what it was something really bad happening to one of us here we are going to be dying because of the no one and no four because they know such a reaction they don't know how to run this camp the ladies just past noon now and i've heard they're playing a fake airline officials walking through the lines here telling that the flight may be taking off in just about an hour but as you can see there's still people waiting to check in although some people are expected to be on that plane of course we'll keep you updated on this situation reporting live in or thinker sees the taiko christine thank you so much love around the country people are celebrating the legacy of doctor martin hosted several events of its own today right now
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is wrapping up. participants march from the attic theatre on church street and mlk monument on wimbledon participants wrapped up the moments with the ceremony ceremony and a moment of silence to honor king's work for civil rights alliance eat another event it's one of the longest running mlk ceremonies in the area i'm talking about the thirty second annual doctor martin luther king junior community leaders breakfast is put on every year by the urban league of hampton roads in this year hosted by norfolk state university. unlike last year when i was just a spectator i had the immense pleasure of seeing it this year as president etienne moore junior and congressman scott ritter were among the speakers and developer bruce thompson just one of those honored with the martin luther king community leaders warn the president of toyota urge the community to come together to fulfill king's dreams with the home the identified some of the issues that we need to address the offensive line that's where the urban league of hampton roads is run
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african americans and others strive for economic self reliance will deal the meaning of martin luther king day a local professor professor says that you may be celebrating the wrong way how she says that you should honor his memory next. plus new trouble for donald trump this afternoon ahead which country's leaders are debating whether to ban the outspoken republican frontrunner from entering their country. hillary clinton's democratic nomination is not low is not
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. for some people holidays are time to shop and just another day off work to sleep in the one norfolk state university professor says that is not so for martin luther king jr day elise brown explains the meaning behind the day
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changed over the years. um the dr martin luther king jr had big dreams from his marches on washington and for selma to the bus boycott. he did so much in the name of equality for african americans doctor king was persistent he was patient and he was committed. now the u s is committed to remembering doctor king in nineteen eighty three then president ronald reagan signed dr martin luther king jr day into law making it a national holiday. coretta scott king had worked for many years to get v holiday recognized in past that when it first happened it was extremely fell over torrey norfolk state university professor condition miller says how the holiday is now celebrated has shifted his head more so
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dealing with issues with food deserts are with education or career opportunities and access in terms of employment while some view national holidays and the time to get the best shopping deals miller believes the majority of people will stop and think about doctor king she says his legacy and impact lives on despite evidence during a program she attended they had fifth graders wrote essays about the importance of doctor king and the first place winner was a little white girl who said that she would have the best friend she has today which of the little black girl if it wasn't for dr k in norfolk elise brown thirteen years now. well there is an all out search underway for several americans missing in iraq ahead what government leaders in that country and ours are saying about their disappearance and donald
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the building right now the state department is working with iraqi government to locate three missing american contractors in iraq's capital city. local media in baghdad reported the americans had been kidnapped. the u s embassy confirmed the contractors were missing one official says that that there's their disappearance is being treated as a possible kidnapping. now the official said there was no indication anyone witnessed the kidnapping as more information comes out we'll bring it to you right here and online right now u s officials are in kabul hoping to broker an end to the war in afghanistan four way peace talks set to resume today between afghanistan pakistan china and the united states the talks come a week after
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capital of islam upon the meeting seek to revive a process that derailed last july after the first and only face to face meeting between the afghan government and taliban wraps the taliban though not invited to today's talks now on to politics the countdown clock is running to fourteen days until the marathon race for president begins with the iowa caucuses and the candidates are leaving it all on the field attacking rivals and urging voters to turnout. abc's lana zach is in washington has been following a presidential candidate the influence for spreading their campaigns across only one in new hampshire today ted cruz as if he's president. the lovely donald trump to build a wall on the southern border. if he doesn't he's fired well packed crowd at liberty university in virginia turned out to the national frontrunner donald trump who hasn't been holding back on his thoughts about fruits the truth is in this together but it isn't just
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that matter on the republican side you're going to help determine who the folks in the other forty eight states have a chance to choose from and with just two weeks left until the iowa caucuses the attacks are flying republicans versus republican and democrat versus democrat at last night's final democratic debate before voting begins sharp barbs were exchanged between hillary clinton and bernie sanders you've received over six hundred thousand dollars in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year he voted to let guns go on to amtrak guns going to national parks. he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives in the spin room afterwards the former president offered a review of his wife's perform. i love the last because it combined everything has to be on the side of right or what to do the best the other night most analysts are saying now that bernie sanders came out
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but we'll see what impact that had on voters in iowa and new hampshire when they go to the pool long as zach abc news washington. well no one knew the head of britain's opposition party has invited donald trump to visit london among us there the invite comes as british parliament will today debate a motion calling for banning donald trump and visiting that country. labour leader jeremy corbin made the invite after trying sparked an outcry by calling for bor ban muslims from entering the united states from jess finished speaking at liberty university a huge crowd turned up for the campaign stop the university's president jerry falwell junior introduced run by saying that the candidate reminded him of his own father tom started out his speech by saying he's going to win iowa. everyone says don't say that don't see the agency to do well that's the closest i can do that you know the safe place to say i think what i want to win
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weeks from today we shall see right now we're seeing temperatures in the lower thirties and is going to get even colder tonight as we go through the evening temps are dropping through the twenties and is getting to the early morning hours tomorrow temperatures into the teens get ready for that right now are looking at air temperatures ranging from the upper twenties up the eastern shore how about walt allen twenty five degrees their mid thirties across a southside virginia beach just began in two lives of the city little warmer i didn't in many open obviously very cold across the region despite all the sunshine right at the airport the windchill is twenty three degrees that's with a west northwest wind and nine and the winds have been gusting higher than that we've seen some gusts of twenty to thirty mph and one got scared off a thirty three mph so very breezy upon the eastern shore that's why those wind chills are so bitterly cold to get up there
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degrees around walloped an alpha out richmond with a wind down to the south that's why those temperatures that feeling quite as cold that trust me it is plenty chilly when you step outside right now the skies are mainly clear and the radar obviously sweeping clear we had a few flurries off to the north late last night that sets all gone in the skies cleared beautifully so will take the sunshine. check out the forecast that the wins coming in from the northwest today tonight in really tomorrow even see a little bit of clout in its offshore but over our area skies be clear tonight allowing temperatures to fall and sunny skies through the day on your tuesday as well but we are going to keep close attention to what goes on out to the west i do expect some additional cloud cover to eventually move in after tuesday tuesday's gonna be sunny but as we go tuesday night mainly clear skies giving way to a little more cloud cover out there to the west as we get into early
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still mostly sunny for hampton roads but out over the mountains clouds forming or starting to see just the first indications of maybe a little bit of snow across parts of kentucky and tennessee as we take you through the evening wednesday the clouds start to increase during the afternoon and those clouds thickening up as we go through the late afternoon or evening out to the west across central virginia and back over the mountains potential for some more significant snow in the high country as a ticket through the evening hours most of hampton roads should remain dry but there will be the potential for snow flurries or snow showers overnight wednesday night into early thursday i have to mention it's going to come through fairly quickly. so just in to watch said that our future cast has been pinning on this idea that we could see some of those slain deduce that this morning with daybreak your talking a little bit more will continue to watch it. models can go back and forth a little bit but it is something we're watching that as we look ahead thursday most of
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moves in and on the backside of this is the much colder air draws in from the north and that may set up some additional snow showers or snow flurries mixed in for early saturday so we're going to continue to watch that that will move out late saturday into sunday a nice little break but plenty to watch over the coming days no doubt about that right now looking at temperatures for the most part staying lower to mid thirties but falling off to the afternoon clearing breezy tonight single digit wind chills this is serious sure they've got a warm place nighter make sure and get plenty of batting and a warm place thirty the high tomorrow and then tomorrow those wind chills still bitterly cold as we check out the seven day forecast our temperatures are going to be climbing back up forty five by thursday fifty on friday and into the weekend that chance for the rain friday maybe some snow early saturday with that which
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eighty s january i mean you have contact with the watches are having a signing for a very good cause next a group of men will belt out tunes acapella and in robes how
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the who's that a couple guys from university of virginia this week and will return to hampton roads in for a very good cause. joining us now is christine wilson executive director of wings over america scholarship fund is so much for joining us thanks for having me to what a partnership it is fantastic we are so excited to have the whole of the who's back your him to read. so what are you hoping that this event can do with how much money that he was a month ago to talk about the event benefits friends of america scholarship foundation will provide scholarships to needy dependents across the world germany serves we serve are any dependents and to this concert at the sandler center this saturday january twenty third and this will be the third time that the whole the whos are here from uva and many of your viewers may know them from pitch perfect or sing on the office but this year something new and special we're inviting these sensations that is the female acapella group from virginia tact while joining as well so to be a little bit of a sing off a little bit of college rivalry and to be a very
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to major points to make your one the importance of raising money for needy dependents in our community be it you can even say enough about it there's so much of our backbone. we ask so much of our needy families both the spouses and the children of our sailors and they'd move so much which causes some havoc in their education and even maybe some extracurricular activity challenges and this is our way to get back to them to support them and for them to know that the entire community is behind them not just other needy families but we have great support throughout hampton roads for this concert and that's great how do you apply for when the scholarships and what's the usual contribution to the student the other applications open on our website at elektra mc wings over america dot us and our average cost of the this year's three thousand dollars so that can really make a big difference to students in pain for their college tuitions. some of them are renewals that the twelve
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that we discovered we have a new five thousand dollars scholarship this year as well so we're giving away two hundred thousand dollars this year to students across the country. unbelievable is this your main fundraiser christine this particular event. this is our biggest event on the east coast because we are a national organization of events all of a country that this is our biggest event and i encourage everyone who's watching and to come out to the sandler center on saturday night and support a great foundation and had a wonderful time at the concerts how much the tickets tickets are twenty five dollars discount of ten words that only twenty dollars and it's general admission seat and sit with your friends in picture and best the house as can be a fan's had acapella is just an incredible form of music is so much fun it is so much fun and we've got everybody to eighty and they all looked good till i go cheer for your own university. maybe you're an alum so many cool things happening this weekend. do
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good afternoon we begin this half hour with a bitterly cold temperatures across hampton roads right now it's not going get much warmer either to now in fact the temperatures are going to dip even further later tonight meteorologist greg muller is here to tell us how cold it can get this evening saying it was a downright pain like the oh my goodness temperatures this morning come in and we rebounded the twenties for many years and we really have a warm up that much we are the low to mid thirties for some spots but the temperatures just aren't going to move much in fact russian fall off late afternoon so be prepared it is cool out there. we came in this morning the mid thirties we found around norfolk that's as warm as it was needed a night can see that after thirty one degrees. we will try to get back up to
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afternoon but that's it down a set up a little bit warmer even today many are right now. upper thirties not bad there is a sunny day so it's beautiful but it's also pretty breezy out there and despite that sunshine temperatures here feeling like they're in the lower to mid twenties with the wind so the wind chills right now across the area pretty cold and i just wanna show you again those winds gusting up twenty to thirty mph and eastern shorewood scenes and gusty winds across the south side and into north carolina augusta twenty eight mph there in virginia beach. so again these wind chills very very cold feeling like it's in the teens around gloucester newport news richmond right now the windchill fourteen degrees feels like twenty hs be twenty seven and a husky in temperatures feeling very cold across virginia beach here's the deal it's going to be cold in the afternoon bitterly cold tonight lows down run eighteen single digit wind chills tomorrow will stay near thirty so actually a couple degrees cooler than what we are even
12:26 pm
that temperatures will be warming a little bit but there are going to be the chances for a few snow showers in the next later in the we can assure you more on that with my full forecast coming the crews on standby now just in case of trouble wet roads bitter cold temperatures can create slick conditions on the roadways of the dot spokeswoman tells us that crews spent much of the day yesterday. treating ramps and bridges with salt and brine as the snow fell again they do not anticipate problems but crews will be on standby if they are needed in north carolina and cdot crews are working hard to make sure roads are prepped for any winter weather crews plan to use brine to target bridges and intersections brine mixture of coarse of water and salt supplies or pet plentiful this year since it has been unseasonably warm at least until now. more now on the five americans freed and that prisoner swap with deron the youngest of them is already back home in boston this as we learn more about
12:27 pm
set them free. elizabeth her reports five americans are free at last or overjoyed that he's out of boston university graduate student matthew traffic because the first to return home arriving in massachusetts after being detained for forty days in iran. meanwhile three of the ex prisoners are now getting much needed medical treatment of us military base in germany their first stop out of the rhine was geneva switzerland where washington post reporter jason and diana met a us official who helped negotiate his release resign was held for more than a year and half on charges of espionage. okay i mean he's mostly been elected for a long time former marine and music muddy spent more than four years in the notorious evin prison. his sister beaming with joy at the news he was free the hearts of meeting and hopefully soon on the receipt and pastor saeed
12:28 pm
i told mei cats i will come up in a fat daddy's release from prison in to see him soon. the fifth american chose to stay in iran this as we learn new details about the release. abc news confirming in exchange the obama administration agree to release seven iranians charged with violating us sanctions and to drop arrest warrants for fourteen others this on top of paying one point seven billion dollars to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government the americans were released just after that nuclear deal with iran went into effect about the white house maintains the two deals are stafford adding diplomatic efforts over that nuclear deal actually pave the way for this relief to happen. it was that her abc news new york to virginia manor behind bars right now accused of attempting to join isis police charged twenty eight
12:29 pm
old mohammed amin mohamed a lesson after one of them attempted to board a plane enrichment attempting to travel to syria to join terror group of men is going to appear in court tomorrow man is dead after an officer involved shooting in st louis police say that someone flagged down officer last night in a marked car and reported a robbery at a kfc the officer went to the fast food restaurant confronted the suspect according to police the suspect pointed a gun at the officer and refused to drop it. that is when the officer fired two shots killing the man about forty onlookers gathered after the shooting started chanting against police a police officer in utah is dead and another is recovering after a shootout with the suspect officer doug barney is the first long for snopes in the country to die in the line of duty this year it started sunday morning as officers searched for two suspects who reportedly ran from a traffic accident the salt lake. sheriff says when officer barney found
12:30 pm
shot and killed him off the barn is an eighteen year veteran of unified police department saw lee county sheriff's office the taylorsville city police department proudly serving morality preaching another officer shot and killed henderson. he also suffered a gunshot wound is in serious condition offices later caught the other suspect officer barney leaves behind wife and three children right now a man is in jail charged in a deadly quadruple shooting in gloucester county sheriff's deputies arrested eighteen year old zhang winner of hampton. he's accused of murdering one person and hurting three other people in the ware neck section of the county. she knew her takes us through those events that led up to his arrest cool with whatever happened it was supposed to be a fun night for trevor wilson when he showed up at a party at house in gloucester county sheriff's deputies in the area. turns out they were investigating in nearby
12:31 pm
people three were injured one died a dozen neighbors who took those to happen down so nervous at the party the person killed a good friend of wilson's the accused shooter eighteen year old dijon winner of hampton. deputies say they received three separate calls about the incident the work area near the road and the only caller described a chaotic scene when deputies got there the phone the person who died inside a car or on the same time the second call came in saying they were victims near knowles country store the owner tells us investigators say the victims flagged down and got a right to where is this world that people found at a store near passed out when did the third and final call came from a house that was nearby the girl showed up there and told the caller her friends had been shot wilson others who were at the party see the person who died in waiter
12:32 pm
extremely close they were best friends they're both rooms he uses not erase them are usually artists and have fun in morocco with each other in gloucester county she knew her thirteen years now was cause gay conversion therapy and very controversial across the country. yes some say trying to change someone's sexual orientation is extremely dangerous next a new bill designed to make it illegal and a setback for a
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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today virginia state delegate will reintroduce a bill aimed at making gay conversion therapy in legal in the commonwealth. delegate patrick hope will be joined by a survivor of conversion therapy and many others when he introduces the bill in the general assembly at their pcs to change a person's sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual the bill failed to make it out of the house subcommittee during the last session college officials in virginia and north carolina or banning hover boards because of growing safety concerns in the commonwealth the university of virginia and virginia tech band the motorized scooters duke university nc state did the same in the tar heel state. nationwide more than thirty colleges band hover boards or restricted for use on campus besides the risk of falling or colliding several hover boards have in fact caught fire the boys would
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thing space x launch the satellite to track el medio as launched by the lawnmower space x well the ocean tracking satellite launch sony didn't go completely as planned to launch the launch rockets hobbled over. upon landing on a floating ocean barge after support like a weight that's what's happening right there in this video early this morning mus posted this video on its screen showing the moment the rocket crashed officials say ice buildup caused the support leg to fail. well there is something
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a warning now about the impact of getting too little sleep the american heart association says poor sleep in the elderly is linked to a higher risk of stroke and heart problems. scientists found seniors with what they call fragmented sleep and twenty seven percent higher chance of severe hardening
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researchers say that sleep monitoring may potentially be another way to identify seniors who may be at risk of stroke. well today's the day the chick fil a changes its menu we've been telling you about this for a few weeks now. the restaurant added kale to its menu at all two thousand locations across the country. the super food slide as it's called includes hand chop the broccoli and kale in a low calorie maple vinaigrette paired with grilled nuggets and a diet beverage the chain says that the full meal will weigh in at only two hundred and eighty calories. mcdonald's has been experimenting with kale as well. wonderful filly up the square to see our fries right. well if you enjoy eating out and saving money this is your week its downtown norfolk. restaurant week it started last night and runs until next sunday the twenty four. there are almost twenty restaurants are participating. some are offering special lunches for twelve dollars prix fixe dinners that range in price from twenty five to forty bucks it's coordinated by the downtown norfolk council
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says it is a great time for people to try out any place to eat dinner do think downtown to a lot of new people they say ok let's take this opportunity to go have a great price fixe meal at a restaurant that we don't typically get two so it's a chance for the downtown restaurants really show off sceptical of any plan to take advantage of this week the reservations if you want to find out more information about what restaurants are participating in over our website. thirteen is now. com all right we're going to start with a look at the spot on forecast and yesterday we were calling for snow we knew there was going to be snowed to the north and no major issues for anticipated well we really have any major issues although there was little but that stock the problem with just a spot on forecasts is that we also had snow to the south side and even into north carolina so we reset the streak and
12:39 pm
today with wind chills in the twenties guess what were right there so i already feel good about that one will pick up our street. you know overnight lows tonight dan around eighteen degrees so while temperatures are plenty cold this afternoon with sunshine it's going to get really cold tonight single digit wind chills overnight and then back up to thirty tomorrow. warmed up to forty on wednesday and was in this kind of twenty five percent chance for some preset or really talking wednesday evening late into the overnight early thursday morning there's a chance we could see some flurries or maybe a couple of snow showers especially little farther to the last will get into more on that moment right now the air temperatures low thirties for most of the area of upper twenties to the north and it's a little warmer across north carolina we in the two upper thirties here the sun is out it's gorgeous to look outside in the seventh and michael kay and the more layers i want to get warm you're going to need those layers because it is chilly as i mentioned those wind chills really really cold thanks these winds are
12:40 pm
five mph at that mouth. so in general the wind's been gusting twenty to maybe twenty five mph but we have a couple hired as one to virginia beach or twenty eight mph i concede and around the outer banks low to mid twenties there so it is breezy. we have the sunshine it's cold it is going to stay cold tonight will expand the view and get into the forecast talk about what you can expect sunshine through the day to day temps are staying low thirties low to mid thirties little warmer than in the south as i mentioned overnight tonight though once at sunset but for the temperatures drop back down through the twenties it gets really chilly through the overnight lead us through nine o'clock and already getting close to twenty degrees and along i ninety five into the teens by ten and overnight it just gets really really cold for hampton roads the temperatures dipping into the teens even in norfolk so be prepared for that will expand the view and talk about the bigger picture in the last half hour i showed you the extended future cast based on the gs model. here's
12:41 pm
go through tuesday to see the moisture increasing and is really wednesday doesn't really produce much in terms of the snow but a few flurries or snow showers possible late wednesday night and as we get into the weekend this is the one we're talking about the rain moving in as the system tracks along which are shown in a much colder air in the back side of the system and this is through saturday that one would be a snow maker especially to the north so we'll continue to watch this will keep you updated temps today low thirties falling off into the teens tonight very cold and then tomorrow temps are staying cool with a high of about thirty. it does warm up by the way the chances for rain friday to have to watch that wintry mess in love with those gloves. still i had from the mouth of babes the beads i bought the last
12:42 pm
the wife must not by law the eye and what else these children said when asked what would doctor martin luther king junior say if he were
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and today the nation is celebrating the legacy of doctor martin luther king junior with a special tribute from texas fourth and fifth graders all they are asked what they think the legendary civil rights leader would say in his own campaign speech if he were the one running for president this year. abc's lindsey davis has their very thoughtful answers homeless man his boots moving
12:45 pm
inspiring deletion if the change in you watch the president today saying he was a mess in his campaign speaks with the on the job at the scene. my brothers and sisters i found that he didn't feel a lot more with one another. we have made progress in the twenty first century but we have not overcome the beads at the last lap. not that i live and let not wife must not by law the eye and then the maze and because the series of very very sad because i don't know each other i don't know each other because they don't commit and i don't know why because they are separate today's youth has been the team's message to build
12:46 pm
thoughtful people running for president howard t man found last week but really this is kind of nottingham brings a different team and we should all come together all races all cultures and if it was one thing our nation's kids would tell dr king thank you thank you for helping me be able to understand are right in the wrong things to do in our nation in our society today. thank you for being a role model to me in all of the people around the united states of america. thank you for everything for making our world events as lindsey davis reporting. all right still
12:47 pm
that's the breaking news a frantic search for
12:48 pm
his home in williamsburg right now police dogs fire crews and state police on the lookout looking for the savior would disappear from his home earl said
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