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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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four starts now. i had bundled up it's cold out there and it's not going to get any warmer so right now we have a live look from the top of the west than at the virginia beach town center is really winter here now and the rise to a bone chilling temperatures dollars a night at temperatures will feel like they're in the single digits actually are campers will get down in many many spots into the probably teens a couple of areas right near twenty what can you expect next will a few flurries are possible by late wednesday a big storm is likely for the mid atlantic area friday and saturday and rain and snow is expected across our area depending on your exact location so let's go worry about that over the next few days and start with the cold air and you can see twenty nine degrees by five o'clock already. we are barely in
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most spots and quickly back into the twenties and you can see and this is an average some of the rural spot to be a little colder than this some of the spots near the coastline downtown areas near the water be a few degrees not many but a few degrees above it but it gives you an idea and again these are actual air temperatures when you factor in the wind is going to even be colder in that because these winds there gusting to twenty twenty two mph. so it'll feel like the single digits by out there de bus stop in the morning and then of very cold day tomorrow but after that a few changes including those couple of chances for snow all talk more about those when i come back i just am missing williamsburg boy has been found parents of eight year olds ambrose reported him as missing this morning state police local police and firefighters search for him all day to her has been covering the surgeon will they find thats right guys
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underneath the crawl space of his house fire officials say tonight after searching for several hours are happy this child is back home with his family now fire crews say that several agencies were involved with this search for eight year old said gross far as far as the richmond eight canines were used as well as one state police helicopter to search for a search around a tomar radius from the child's home. they set up a command post here at james blair middle school and several community members also stopped by to volunteer at the cross piece he was found it was previously searched this morning by crews but they didn't find him until the second time around this time we were not so i don't want to speculate you know where he was the fact that matters. he's back with his family now ness we happy about it really doesn't matter to us when where or how he got there but the fact is that he's back with his family that we were happy about the air show which will in williamsburg
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when they found him he had put up a fight or anything like that in all day did not suspect anything suspicious tonight they're just happy he's doing fine not her and back with his family would also check with fire officials they say social services will not be involved by the williamsburg schumer thirty news now ivan is now more than two hundred passengers got up at norfolk international airport an emergency landing left them stranded for more than twenty four hours now they are finally heading home christina's reject the joins us live from the airport and proceeded with the passengers finally get a flight. well their flight took off just about two hours ago if you're keeping count that means they were stranded here for just about twenty seven hours now i want to point something out to you if you've ever traveled to norfolk international airport then you're you're familiar with this site pretty deserted and quiet check in counters but take a look at this video was
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morning here at norfolk international these passengers desperate to get to their final destination of dominican republic many of these passengers tweeting posting and talking to us about their experience the tone has since been incredibly frustrating and many are blaming lack of communication from united airlines for how they're feeling. passengers tell me that on several occasions they were told that they will be taking off in two hours even one time we boarded a plane just to be cancelled again take a listen to what a few of these passengers told us this morning. treating people like the most only because we allow teams and we don't complain. she smelled fine. or maybe she see's the first half but got an e mail from him because he doesn't like the house and they get they get over it the way your night was treating the rest of the company was not right
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the commotion here at norfolk international airport because this plane had two diaper to norfolk for new work and of course if there is no other speed bumps these passengers should be all on the ground and happy about two hours. so what does the united airlines say about this whole experience we reached out to them hear about that in just about an hour reporting live in north or seen her take on their team is now well for what happened to them will not happen to you but for those days when you have a delay or cancellation we can help. we have a flight tracker on the thirty new snow mobile app downloaded any time you're on the go it is free and compatible with both apple and android devices you can also find a tracker on thirteen years now and dot com under our traffic well today is dr martin luther king jr day and for some people passed us another day off but for one norfolk state university professor he wants to make sure the legacy
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holiday always run explains the meaning behind the day and how its celebration has evolved over the years i read the dr martin luther king jr had big dreams from his marches on washington and author selma to the bus boycott. he did so much in the name of equality for african americans doctor king was persistent he was patient and he was committed now the u s is committed to remembering doctor king in nineteen eighty three then president ronald reagan signed dr martin luther king jr day into law making it a national holiday. coretta scott king had worked for many years to get the holiday recognized in past that when it first happened it was
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norfolk state university professor confusion miller says how the holiday is now celebrated has shifted his head more so a day of service and about making an imprint on society dealing with issues with food deserts are with education or career opportunities and access in terms of employment while some view national holidays and the time to get the best shopping deals. miller believes the majority of people will stop and think about doctor king she says his legacy and impact lives on which is quite evident during a program she attended they had fifth graders wrote essays about the importance of doctor king and the first place winner was a little white girl who said that she would have the best friend she has today which of the little black girl. it wasn't for dr k in norfolk elise brown thirteen years now and the spirit of dr king's dream the urban league of hampton roads held its
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martin luther king junior community leaders breakfast hundreds of people across the region gathered at norfolk state university and our daybreak anchor andre senior in seeing the vet several people who've made a positive difference in the community were recognized for their excellence the doctor came and all of those who sacrifice so that we could afford on way home drain and the keynote speaker for the event was wilbur james the president of toyota motors manufacturing and are still events happening today in honor of doctor king if you want to find what events are happening this evening in your city it's all in one place we compiled a list for you on thirteen years now dot com you can find a link to it on our homepage or the praise isn't just here in hampton roads is all across the us in the midwest right now it is in the teens how regions
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buckling down for this frigid
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i know this was illegal in virginia legislative panel rejected a bill to de criminalize adultery in the state virginia is one of about a dozen states where adultery is a crime. marital infidelity is a misdemeanor punishable by a two hundred fifty dollar fine. fairfax county senator scott's or of all proposed keeping that penalty but making it a civil offense. the senate courts of justice committee struck down his proposal but is content with the oscar nominees continues to grow there are now calls to boycott the academy awards. this is because all the nominees in the acting categories are white. spike lee and jada pinkett smith both said today
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year's ceremony many academy observers expected pinkett smith's husband will smith who starred in concussion to be nominated for his performance. place the servicing of american pie in maine a seventy year old don mclean was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge police responded to a call of the singer's home just before two this morning authorities said mclean spent several hours in jail before posting a ten thousand dollar bail there is no word on what led to this domestic arrest the search continues for missing americans in iraq three u s civilian contractors disappeared over the weekend in baghdad the u s state department is working with iraqi security forces to find them. officials close streets in what house to house searching during today's search. there are reports that americans may have been kidnapped while at the home of their interpreter right now we don't know the identities of the missing americans sought weather is
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didn't last much of america is in the deep freeze right now we're feeling the frigid temperatures today and even saw a little snow yesterday a little but most snowfall in some states was much worse abc's elizabeth harper has the story. it was bound to happen now it has the snow drought is officially over from dc to new york city and boston. some areas getting up to two inches of snow making this the first and largest snowfall of the season the new buffalo where there used to snow. this latest round even caught some residents off guard. there was actually not here and there was grass you see green grass on my lawn yesterday it started yesterday afternoon around four o'clock and woke up to it all of this this morning cold and snow creating a mess on the highways. elsewhere leaving some drivers stuck in a ditch the others needing a
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the road in northwest pennsylvania cold and snow coming here to times when a lot more on the way that they like georgia to eleven degrees the windchill here right now. meanwhile freezing temperatures and icy roads in yonkers just outside new york city being groomed for this fourteen car pile up over night out in minnesota is still called on local meteorologists shows you can freeze a wet t shirt in minutes and it was even colder in north dakota over the weekend with a wind chill feeling like minus fifty degrees and here in new york i'm actually right now wearing two scarves two letters that underneath this heavy coat and it is still freezing out but fortunately forecasters say there is relief on the way by midweek it was with her abc news new york. after a really warm november december were finally getting some cold air here in january a week or so goes thirty five for the high
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tomorrow might not even get out of the twenties nothing on radar right now so let's take a look and we are currently sitting right at thirty degrees least on the south side will show you some other areas in just a minute or two wins at the north northwest not too strong but even at nine mph especially some of the gusts that we've seen it feels like its way down into the twenties and that is going to continue tonight. hi laughter this morning. nice clear skies to start the day and wanted to these puffy cumulus clouds during the late morning in the afternoon but again complete sunshine throughout the day just some cold air little bit different to be noticed the first ones were going sort of side to side in this last few clouds started these last few clouds started moving a little bit different angle that eventually is what can lead to slight warm up again not so much tomorrow countries out there right now we talked about the thirty one degree colder now on the pencil east of newport news thirty one in smithfield but a mild quote unquote
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right now looks like that's about the warmest spot on here and even with these there's another thirty six and thirty five in kill devil hills which sp you're about as warm as anybody right now was still in the twenties as we sat on much of the peninsula including also a twenty nine right now in hampton. not just at newport news ratings than on these northwest winds falling later tonight. down through the twenties pretty quickly as we get to the evening and by morning all the way down into the teens and again these are air temperatures when you factor in the wind the wind chill temperature is going to be down in many cases in the upper single digits and even the spots that don't get as much when it'll be in the teens and then he'll definitely need to bundle up big time in the morning as we're going to see readings popping al this is the high tomorrow only near thirty degrees just like we're looking at right now it'll be just about the same breeze that we have out there currently so wind chills tomorrow in the under twenty five all day and probably more like fifteen to twenty
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will talk more about that in a second as you can see by wednesday we'll look at some clouds on the increase late today temperatures moderating a little pet and i think by late today we could even see a couple stray flurries but the jet stream taking a big hit down here across the east pond forecast for tomorrow's for wind chills to be less than twenty five degrees much of the day about fifteen to twenty two when chill forecast for today was in the twenties and that's what we have been as we showed you so start our streak over again with one tonight and twenty one that definitely teens though for the inland area's wind chills in the single digits so really make sure you're careful tight bundle up bring the pets in that kind of thing tomorrow sunny and cold high of thirty wins at the northwest gusting as high as twenty five mph and then the rest of the forecast calls for thirty six on wednesday is that less cold air i start to say warmer but as the warmer air comes in there could be a few evening flurries forty on thursday
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time of year and then it looks like we'll get some rain will be a big storm i think across the mid atlantic friday and saturday will just have to wait and see the exact track of that right now it looks like different types of weather for the northern parts of our area versus the southern section's will just pin down that rain snow line is we get the next few days a little closer to it so some pretty interesting events could happen late friday into saturday guys came we will watch it already done some golf and gets the treat of a
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activism own island are pushing to remove an hpv vaccine requirement for young children. children need to get the vaccine before entering the seventh grade rhode island and virginia are the only states that require children to get the vaccine blocks common
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of virus which could lead to certain cancers. rhode island parents can get an exemption for religious or medical reasons but activists want to do away with the requirement altogether. that's because the virus can be socially transmitted but not through normal school activities i had stopped at trader joe's shoppers a company is recalling their raw cashew pieces. that's because some nuts may be contaminated with salmonella. cashews are no longer on store shelves in sales have been suspended there are no reported illnesses but don't be the cashews if you have any you can either throw them away or return them to trader joe's for a full refund. a deal to reduce the number of horse drawn carriages in new york city is moving forward the plan will now go to city council for approval the deal would also permanently move stables to central park mayor bill de blasio says he reached a deal to reduce the number of courses from
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five the blast the oak legs two and a carriage rides in the big apple when he was sworn into office two years ago workers from logan international airport in boston are protesting for higher wages they want a fifteen dollars hourly rate wage and union rights of farmworkers receive a wage that is one dollar above the state's minimum wage police dispersed protesters today in a terminal and arrested six of them when the workers refuse to leave the sky's the limit for over the ride sharing company may soon reach out to include helicopters a test program will happen this month during utah sundance film festival over will collaborate with the european aircraft company air boss for on demand choppers helicopter rides will include a car ride to the ipad and the price a statement if you would imagine customers have to pay several hundred dollars for the service in the name of
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go the story can be difficult to be a fan of a sports team that's all the way across the country is even more difficult if your team faces off the local team in the playoffs. janet's tv and roll and the third generation seahawks fan who lives in charleston south carolina that's carolina panthers territory ace classmates bullied him when he wore his seahawks gear to school on thursday. you know how the interview with the news today many that i'm used to it now that loves art off the a's mother posted a facebook photo of her son and went viral so viral that the seahawks coaches and a bomb or seahawks terror and tickets to yesterday's blog a while although we lost one thought to the panthers at least ade got a chance to
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i like the seahawks go through our own so the panthers are involved congratulations to the printers also coming up with the winners and losers of last night's democratic
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the clear skies in hampton roads like a live look at nor what the other thirteen is now a tower cam it is quite chilly out there and jeff is going to be a cold winter day and how cold it gets the night last question has to be answered one of two ways you talking actual air temperature or wind chills because it will feel a lot colder than the actual counterpart the reason. clear skies certainly help you during the day to keep warm or get some sunlight right. one night in the clouds act like a blanket to keep some of that he's back in with the clear skies it just radiates out to space it can be colder tonight than it
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some clouds rolling and we obviously don't have that we don't have anything showing up on radar right now the temps are forecast then drops things quickly through the twenties this evening right now are sitting around thirty in a lot of locations will get down some inland areas that most inland areas in the teens. i think low twenties right along the beaches will sorta average announcing nineteen or twenty and then tomorrow only back up again to near thirty just like today but subtract off at least ten degrees from these numbers for the wind out there tonight and you can see we're going to drop into the teens and then end up in the upper single digits a little bit later tight as to how cold it feels to expose skin so make sure you bundle up later tonight and tomorrow and then we got a few interesting things to talk about toward the end of the week. thanks f well where there's smoke there is not always fire a billboard for a property restoration company got a lot of attention that ended with a lot of phone calls to the fire department or cain
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strategy where everything is not what it sees the singed curtains glowing light and billowing smoke coming from this window is drawn a lot of attention along virginia beach boulevard in norfolk at night it really lights up and you can see flames sort of billowing can see the smoke is getting pushed through the window. the three d billboard is part of dell for property restorations elaborate marketing plan that's already turning heads and causing concern the biggest concern we want to kind of convey the public is that the billboard is not on fire over the weekend the fire department had the company turn off the display after several panicked people call nine one one just to the number of phone calls they had coming through their call center they wanted to make sure that they just couldn't it was kind of overwhelming for. so now balfour is trying to spread the word. this three d display rigged up of wires tubes and whites is not real they hope to get the message out before moving along
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week and lighting it up figuratively speaking we want people to recognize that we want to have fun with it but we also want you to be safe out there on the road when you see a bell for plans to move the billboard two different locations over six months coming up at five thirty a look at other places you can expect to see smoke with no fire in norfolk area came thirteen years now the small business administration is still processing low interest loans for superstorm sandy the disaster loan filing period is open for businesses and residents so far the sba has approved more than three point five million dollars for two hundred and forty two businesses and residents in affected areas revise the disaster deadline in north carolina and virginia businesses and private nonprofit organizations may borrow up to two million dollars to repair or replace damaged or destroyed real estate machinery and other business assets the period for filing runs until december first this year topping the headlines the national guard is
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flint as part of an effort to assist in dealing with the cities to drinking water crisis. about seventy guard members are stationed in flint. more than double the earlier number in place officials say teams visited nearly five thousand flint home sunday providing free bottled water filters replacement cartridges and well water testing kits on saturday president obama signed an emergency declaration in france him and left brain dead after a medical trial what wrong has died. the man was one of six taken to the hospital after taking an experimental drug the drug designed to treat mood inside the issues cause unexpected side effects of patients recently diagnosed with a bowl in sierra leone came in contact with more than a hundred people and she died last week twenty eight of those people are at high risk and have been placed under quarantine hundred nine
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assessed a new study is out about tracking chemotherapy breeze was home from the american cancer society is here to explain the study today the study from the nature nanotechnology journal came out reporting about a technique using a common cancer drug. now using a fluorescent molecule to track the drug houses work or g nano particles are very small particles one to ten billion meter in size and the concept has been to hold these out and get a drug to deliver it directly to cancer cell the problem is that these are recognized as foreign proteins to the idea is to take up article and cover with what's called an ex assume it's part of a white blood cell so it doesn't get recognized and you can deliver these particles directly more directly to the cancer cell in using perhaps one out of hundreds of the dose that would be needed. equally
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happening point with the genetic profiles of cancer for example recent study in which a north carolina talked about using a very tiny dose for lung cancer just as importantly nationally as we realize the cancers caused by genes there's a national study in lung cancer called long nap it's a combination a dream team for by the american cancer society and stand up to cancer which is funded by the entertainment industry in this twenty million dollar dream team is looking at the genetic markers so you can take a one can smell able to over a thousand patients nationwide in some of these patients may be only two three or four percent may have a particular gene marker but that may respond to particular agents of the idea is to have targeted therapy for that gene marker eventually directed towards tumor cells in smaller less toxic does my daughter a cancer survivor you are also a cancer survivor and back in the eighties when my daughter was treated. it was something of a shotgun approach crack
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away from the great way to think of it is to think of somebody has an infection. we don't look specifically where the infection is we take the bacteria secret chicken in a block like civ pro isa for sinus infection skin infection long. donald infection or bladder infection and same thing with chemotherapy if one cancer patient has a certain gene mutation for example is one called the raft that usually seen in colon cancers if that scene in the one cancer patient. then they can go ahead and use that particular agent what's happening is that rather have these prolonged clinical trials when they have twenty patients all of whom had that gene mutation that is known to respond to that agent that will happen quickly in india would get more rapid acceptance in use in clinical practice you're right we've gone from a shotgun approach to the single approach for that particular patient their genetic profile. thank you so much for joining us on a great medicine available right here in baker jane
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having us as i get our act the british parliament is debating whether or not to ban. donald trump from visiting the united kingdom this stems from trump's comments about muslims republican presidential frontrunner drew widespread criticism after he called for muslims to be temporarily barred from entering the united states five hundred and seventy thousand people signed a petition describing trump's comments as hate speech. any decision on the band will not come from parliament the home secretary is the only power with authority to bar someone from the country an update to the case involving the man shot and killed by a university of cincinnati police officer during a traffic stop. the university announced the settlement to pay the family of samuel de boasts more than four million dollars. all twelve of the bows children will get free tuitions and fees adding another five hundred thousand dollars to the settlement the university's president
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the family for their loss in mission hill in universities are it is an acknowledgment of the tragedy and an attempt to resolve it in a manner that was fair to both sides by campus police officer shot the bows in july during a traffic stop for not having a front license plate. the bows than i have a weapon the university will establish a memorial on campus and the murder case against the officer remains unresolved are keeping the fidgeting down while turning the creativity. up until promotes physical activity of the classroom while learning where teacher say this is improving
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. and now to politics the countdown clock is running just fourteen days until the marathon race for
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with the iowa caucuses and the candidates are leaving all of the field attacking rivals and urging voters to turnout. abc's on a zach is in washington following it all with just two weeks left until the iowa caucuses the presidential candidates are out in full force university donald trump made his case for the christian conservative vote but the cold is quoting of scripture clumsy after fumbling second corinthians two corinthians three seventeen that's all ballgame where this pair of the lord right where this parable or does there is liberty. his nearest rival ted cruz has been called into question from conservative values who is in fact been a consistent concern or not has adopted conservative language on the campaign trail has walked the walk with iowa poll numbers in flux there is no love lost between the two republican frontrunners the truth is he's a nasty guy as for the democrats they
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each other at an animal ecp of that monday focused instead on the legacy of doctor martin luther king doctor king died with his work unfinished and it is up to us to see it through what doctor king said is we have got to combat racism but we've also got to combat income and wealth inequality a different tone from last night's debate where the barbs were sharp. he voted to let guns go on to amtrak you've received over six hundred thousand dollars in speaking fees from goldman sachs now sanders later said and the debate and that he worked for the president's elections calling the two friends. republican presidential candidate jeb bush is rolling out a broad education reform plan that would shift power and money to states and local school districts and away from the federal government he
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school graduates and their parents finance college and other career training bush released his blueprint to honor the legacy of dr martin thirty saying that access to quality education is the great civil rights challenge of our time a new wave of oil from iran will flow into a global market where prices are plunging to depths not seen a dozen years iran's oil ministers say they plan to start shipping five hundred thousand barrels of oil a day around the world and eventually boosted to two million barrels a day that means you can expect lower prices at the pump but also more drops and the stock market agents and sea ports were temporarily closed today and the developing sand storms and wind gusts the storm heads into turning the sky yellow over downtown cairo body out the sun and limiting visibility and the latest on that avalanche in the french alps and rescue
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who were in the area training have died. the director of the ski area says the location where the avalanche occurred is well known for backcountry skiing and was not known as a particularly dangerous area he says the slopes are now closed for safety reasons the snow we saw this weekend stop before becoming a big road hazard but they can't say the same and parts of new york getting ready to meet the four man responsible for cleaning all of the street and went down. mat bodie has story time dan and another town or in charge of keeping the roads in paris for clear you have more trucks than to get back up the form and make up the piers but highway department responsible for thirty five miles of road this bloke just didn't get to talk on the highway and keep moving don't stop. we tagged along as they started their day even though they
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basketball team to hold their own when it comes to keeping the roads clear they do a good job. yes i say last night when i was having the hardest. there is a plow every couple minutes like saw them so they were really on top of that they do they do pretty good job. just hours ago. snow was an afterthought there was actually not from here and there was grass you see green grass on my lawn yesterday on it started yesterday afternoon around four o'clock and woke up to it all of this this morning we wear green yesterday at five o'clock in afternoon but snow in paris for only makes sense is this the snowball capital of western iraq i would say yes i would say was in the state. no but can i not been anywhere else but here it's an fortunately no snow for us today but take a look at that beautiful view we have right there of the atlantic ocean that is id to camera on the boardwalk cold weather remains in hampton roads with a lot of wind and the oceanfront just
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everywhere it's definitely going to be enough that it's going to feel at least ten degrees colder most uptight than the actual air temperature to expose skin right now as you can see nothing on radar so let's skip right past that take a different look. well no actually this is the same look i thought i had our camera here but this is a shot again shauna few clouds out there out of the gulf stream waters are pretty far in the distance anyway but nothing around here so just breezy and cold that's the big news for this evening under mainly clear skies and there's that wind sustained at ten twenty with gusts as high as twenty five some be setting at five fifteen that's one good thing about this time of year now that we're past the one or solstice were getting at least a minute or even more up to two minutes occasionally in terms of extra sunshine per day the days get longer and longer terms of the daylight captures out there. highs today right at freezing in wakefield most of our areas in the mid fifties but that's a little deceiving because
4:40 pm
most cases during the overnight we dropped down and then only made up to about thirty to thirty two in most spots during the afternoon. so let's talk about wind chills when shall these are evening wind chills it's going to feel again with that when combined with the cold air like the teens and then by morning we're going to be talking about single digits in terms of the wind chill will moderate a little bit tomorrow afternoon but at best we're going to be talking probably mid twenties eventually i think most of the day we're going to be around fifteen to twenty two for a wind chill tomorrow evening and wednesday morning still teens but at least it's not single improvement during the day on wednesday when that slightly less cold air mass though will come a chance for a couple of isolated flurries a much bigger storm possible over the weekend as you can see there's nothing out there up and down the eastern seaboard so blustery and cold tonight twenty one for the low wind chills many locations single digits tomorrow when chels fifteen
4:41 pm
temperatures around thirty but sunny and cold that's the headline wins out of the northwest still occasionally gusting as high as ten to twenty mph and that'll make you feel pretty cold out there lot like today really sun rises tomorrow morning at seven sixteen again getting earlier and earlier and tomorrow night breezy and cold clear skies early partly cloudy skies very late tomorrow night sunset at five sixteen and then the rest year forecast looks like this for the next seven days are cold so cold on wednesday were supposed to be in the upper forties but at least that's better than struggling through the twenties most of the day but twenty percent chance of some evening flurries and then forty on thursday pretty big storms can affect the east coast were confident of that friday and sat in the question is will it be offshore hatteras bring us more the winter weather will come right over hampton roads give us rain in the snow will stay in dissent virginia will pick that pin down that track of the next few days but it looks like mainly rain on
4:42 pm
we get a wintry mix certainly parts of the area probably well that's falling temperature on saturday back into the thirties by afternoon so could be tricky this weekend lot more coming up the next few days are i thank you very much does your child have the wiggle zz this not good when trying to stay focus in the classroom introducing a neat solution that gets students exercise at the same time bikes in class a phrase shows us how the idea is rolling along in new jersey sandstone stay calm but never really works for seven year old richard baskin pedal looks promising the president spoke for five in these first graders described its soothing and waiting while i'm riding my bike whenever i'm with him by his moral acts to win and now with the bike i feel a little crazy. he's handling
4:43 pm
to solve problems with physical solutions people fighting over the last five cars cars cold like going on that consequence of the kids making lists for taking turns only ten day cycles in this classroom since the start of the year but already results excuses to be out of chairs and distractions caused by wiggling are down we want to build meters and great thinkers but you know their little bodies are telling us that they need to be moving valley hospital's community health initiative donated the under the desk idols which measure speed distance calories burned. i read quite a few articles saying that students that are having a hard time focusing on if they're moving more that they have it but it makes it easier for them to focus on the kids can use it everyday all day if we had enough for every child. this is an elementary school but certainly i can see it throughout you know through middle school and high school as well because you know we
4:44 pm
a lot more with kids but we also recognize that they need the activities even adult learners find an effective e cycle costs bout hundred and fifty dollars or even sold on amazon. antifreeze channel seven eyewitness news. we are checking to see they would fit under this up here thirty news all the abc's the bachelor starts at eight o'clock followed by the back to our lives at ten o'clock and join us again and eleven for thirteen years now are coming up it didn't take long for david bowie's new album to hit the billboards what art is he tops for number one then thirteen years now and five the best possible outcome of the search for an eight year old boy in williamsburg. the surprising place officers found the bus right n n hundreds of passengers are finally on
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. sun the boys yelled of wine and some people might
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after a long day but what about combining the two breweries across the country are popping in a new trend offering yoga classes and men beer afterwards. these classes allow yoga instructors to reach new clientele especially men rowing workers say it's a great way to unwind and enjoy a unique community six billion dollars that's how much money netflix is planning to spend in cash on its programming this year the streaming service also plans on adding six hundred hours of original content including thirty one shows aimed at adults some of the most anticipated releases fuller house house of cards and the fourth season of funeral plans are announced for celine beyond late husband rene and oil and oil died last week of cancer. his funeral will take place in the same cathedral in montreal where he married the singer in nineteen ninety
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on plans for diaz brothers funeral he died just two days after her husband passed away a public ceremony for her husband and for fans will be held january twenty first followed by another celebration of life at the caesar's palace in las vegas on february third and just about a week after his death david bowie's last album black star debuted number one of the billboard charts the first chart topper for the late musician since it was released two days after before his death. black star has sold one hundred and seventy four thousand copies according to nielsen music bowie remove the previous number one of dell's twenty five which slipped to number two after seven weeks on top and that's all we have for you today at four thirty news now in five starts now with more on stranded passengers at the airport a missing boy found safe after vanishing
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didn't go far. frustration at norfolk international airport we're going to be dying because of the no one and now for what it took to get hundreds of stranded passengers on their way again the top of the house burned to a crisp a shocking wakeup call for a portsmouth woman knows there's no doubt there's a knock on doors they got the house to the apartment was on fire coats scarves and hats he needed at all today is a cold this afternoon of two thousand and sixteen. we stay below freezing most of the day and it's only going to get colder jeff is tracking the drop in temperatures that we have clear skies out there right now not only in terms of the radar presentation but in terms of the actual cloud cover i mention that last half hour vacation were watching when you don't have clouds at night to sort of act like a blanket you heard the term blanket of clouds
4:50 pm
the clear skies than you would if you had the exact same air mass but somehow the clouds around so for this evening with clean overnight clear skies temperatures will be dropping back from near thirty where they are now back in the mid fifties remember these are air temperatures it will feel even colder than this because of the wind shell and then we're going to get way down into the twenties and there'll be a variation with inland areas well down in the mid teens at least by morning areas right near the beach is probably more around twenty or so i think will soar to average down say around nineteen and you can see those are air temperatures the wind chills will be already around seventeen eighteen nineteen by eight o'clock this evening and then continuing down to the lower teens and in the single digits by morning and then tomorrow even by afternoon will be lucky if it feels like the mid twenties most of the day it'll be teens to around twenty or twenty two degrees so really called make sure you bundle up again tomorrow and then we'll be talking about some interesting developments as
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