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the wind chills and finally newport news. dropping down into the teens but it will feel like the single digits when you factor in the wind so a cold cold forecast track continues tomorrow after that a bit of a warm up in a couple other storms to talk about including a big one probably over parts of the weekend project a billboard it's not up yet is causing problems for nine one one operators in office the sign for a fire restoration company includes a smoke machine right now the sign is sitting outside a business and often told people see it and call nine one one thinking it's a real fire came talk to the person behind the sign bill for property restoration wanted to create a billboard that would grab people's attention but they didn't expect them to call the fire departments at first glance this seems curtains glowing light and billowing smoke might have you believe this window is on fire at night it really lights up and you can see flames sort of billowing and can see the smoke is getting pushed through the window but
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billboard and belle for property restorations wants you to know the billboard is not on fire for the weekend several drivers along virginia beach boulevard called nine one one reporting what looked like a burning billboard. so the norfolk fire department had the company turn it off just to the number of phone calls they had coming through their call center they wanted to make sure that they just couldn't it was kind of overwhelming for now balfour is trying to spread the word this three d display readout of wires tubes and bytes is not real. the designers say this three d ad is one of a kind for the area. this is unique this is the first time using smoked lighting in three d image in hampton dell for plans to move the billboard to i sixty four him to next week and lighted up again figuratively speaking and over the course of six month so come to other locations in chesapeake we want people to recognize that we want to have fun with it but we also want you to be safe out there on the road
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area came thirteen years now and the university center spent a day honoring the life and work of dr martin to king jr soon as march this morning from emancipation drive to ogden hall then held a service honoring dr king despite the cold weather there was a big turnout came out in freezing weather and we still represent a very whirlwind for me this means a lot because it sows me the idea that anyone can go in to assist them with chains on their minds and if they continue to work towards it and assemble people towards a common goal and they can effect change in a positive way. celebrations continue throughout the country near washington dc neighbors say they're fed up with the violence plaguing their communities hundreds of people honor dr king's memory by participating in the martin luther king stop the violence march at fedex field. politicians teachers and community members help
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one person can make a difference and have a whole week on the committee receives on a homicide the left in two thousand and fifteen overall crime has gone down in the county steadily but one victim just too many arrive after the march officials held a forum on doctor king's legacy and the resources available to community members. no day off from the campaign trail for the presidential hopefuls donald trump spoke at liberty university today school's president jerry falwell junior introduced romney by saying the candidate reminded him of his own father made a promise to protect christianity but his speech is prompting a storm of criticism on twitter. trump who has said the bible is his favorite book fumble. second corinthians two corinthians three seventeen that solve all game where the spirit of the lord right where the sperm lord is there is
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also pushed for a bigger military. donald trump will make a campaign stop a regent university in virginia beach next month will participate in the presidential candidate forum on february twenty fourth. jeb bush and john k sick already have participated in the series a time for trump's event is still undetermined. the iowa caucuses are two weeks from today the candidates or crossing the state shoring up their support gop presidential hopeful marco rubio made a campaign stop in the small town of corinth that's not far from the minnesota line on the other side of the race for the white house democratic candidates faced off for the last time before two thousand sixteen voting starts the day she missed last night's debate in south carolina. here are three takeaways from the political experts at usa today hillary clinton pushed the issue of gun control and foreign policy was put on a backburner issue didn't come up until halfway through the debate and given the chance bernie sanders and martin o'malley didn't jab at
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of state and speaking of o'malley he had a hard time getting the word and one point he asked the moderator for quote just in seconds dozens of muslim workers are out of a job after a manufacturer changed his policy on prayer i of the thirty five years in american have never heard a company that is not allowing its employees to pray five minutes that it is obscene in the discrimination on its face it how a company representative representative is defending the change and more backlash over a lack of racial diversity at this year's oscar awards find out who was boycotting the big night cold air definitely in
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dozens of muslim employees say they are out of a job after wisconsin manufacturing company changed its prayer on the job policy as we muslim employees were allowed to leave the production line twice a shift to pray but now the company is asking employees to pray during scheduled breaks company
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schedule does not allow time for unscheduled breaks but some of the muslim employees say it's discrimination. they say the company is basically forcing them out weekly by the time so the sci fi lazy don't play the best time to give us the spin put on them to just believe that ten of the fifty three affected employees wish to stay despite the change may have already left their jobs a hover board bay and from a surprising source the carolina panthers coach ben hover boards from the bank of america stadium in charlotte. and here's why ron rivera says he recently caught players drag racing in the hallways of the stadium the settings were at the players could get her and said no way i this comes as the arizona cardinals in the nfc championship game if ticket to rattle off tickets to sunday's game sold out in just three minutes for more on the big game stick around sports director scott cash
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thirteen years now at six and a standoff immediately following a fast and stick up kids with the officer shooting the suspect dead but bystanders in st louis are not hailing him a hero as the discord between citizens and police continues. plus more trial and error for aerospace company space x the latest rocket landing that ended with a bang but not with success and coming up and six of williamsburg boy found safe in all day
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pick pick pick today russia's economy took a hit as the ruble dropped to a new low the country's national currency was down almost two percent to about seventy nine rubles to the dollar oil prices in the country that they rely and have recently plummeted to less than thirty dollars a barrel that's a thirteen year low. the ruble is also under pressure from economic sanctions from the west imposed for russia's involvement in ukraine crisis today marked the first business day with rate increases at the post office the first warned you about this on friday. the postal service as rates for priority mail packages went up ten percent private couriers are also increasing their rates of postal service spokesman says this is the first price increase in more than three
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class letter will remain at forty nine cents. please say a suspect in armed robbery at a st louis fast food restaurant was killed in a standoff with an officer yesterday. they say someone alerted an officer to a robbery at gunpoint at a kfc restaurant when the officer arrived the suspect raised his gun and the officer fired two shots after he refused to drop it. witnesses say the restaurant was crowded at the time. this act by his sergeant very courageous because a number of not only employees but customers were inside the sergeant took all that into consideration suspect had already committed the robbery with cash on him from the restaurant but local media reports say there are about forty onlookers here that gathered at the scene after the shooting of arsenic is of shooting and killing an ohio officer is in police custody police arrested the suspect just before two
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long search investigators say his ex girlfriend called dispatchers to report the man had a gun and wanted to harm police the ohio ohio the ohio highway patrol says the officer was reported missing while on duty police say the suspect shot the officer stole his cruiser and done. authorities later found the officer's body outside of municipal building police said the officer in utah shot to death over the weekend was working overtime to pay for his cancer treatments and the suspect disappeared from a drug rehab center for parolees the suspect crashed the car ran from the scene the officer later caught up with them and the suspect shot that officer in the head additional officers responded leading to a shootout where bullets hit another officer in the legs police killed the suspect the national spotlight continues to shine on the flat water crisis filmmaker in flint native michael moore and reverend jesse jackson visited
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jackson said they should put tape around the city because when it is a crime scene moore said police should arrest the governor agree with the team knew it was the in the meanwhile the national guard is helping with the city's drinking water crisis the water became contaminated after flip a switch from the detroit water system to the flint river to cut costs. the water last treatment and cars led to seep from old pipes bipartisan u s senate bill unveiled today would revise healthier meal standards to give schools more flexibility in what they serve legislation eases requirements on whole grains and the ways an upcoming deadline to cut sodium levels on the lunch line. the school nutrition association said it worked with the white house an agriculture department to
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agreement. space its founder elon musk posted this video to instagram is yesterday's attempt to land a booster on a barge off the california coast. it failed when a late collapse then it tipped over and exploded the falcon nine rocket took off from vandenberg air force base space x is trying to create boosters that can lay and after takeoff as a way of cutting costs. okay that little bit of snowfall yesterday around the area came and left us like that but the chilly temperatures they sure did stick around jeff is how cold is going to get it can be the coldest night of the year in many spots and actually i should say in the last four or five months so including last december. technically of course january first the start of a new year i should've said winter that would have discovered i guess right and we are talking about some really cold air you can see the little little later in the sky out there even though the sun is that
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or two of daylight every day that's the good thing about when she passed the winter solstice for this evening and twenty seven degrees and average temps around seven o'clock mainly clear skies breezy and cold conditions with those winds there gusting to twenty five i have down and you can see why look our exclusive when streams out of the northwest the more pack together they are the higher the wind so that it shows you this is going to be pretty blustery at times during the overnight hours as temperatures will be falling back again quickly through the twenties and look at all ready by ten o'clock when the talking teens in some of the coldest most rural of locations and then by morning staying in the teens with mid teens but that's the air temperature it will feel even colder than that it feels cold is the single digits potentially without wind occasionally began gusting at up into the twenties and then you can see even here near the beaches were expecting a temperature probably anywhere from around twenty through
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o'clock is you're waiting at the bus stop or a fear even at the end of rush hour not just the beginning but by the end of rush hour is still these are air temperatures mind you not in terms of how it will feel with the windchill. it'll feel even colder as the actual air temperature stays in the twenties all day will be lucky to hit freezing and i doubt we'll even hit thirty and most spots during the day tomorrow. by early in the day wednesday cold but not quite as bad as tonight and then look at the difference the wind direction out of the southwest during the day wednesday that'll bring in some less cold air can really call it warmer air but definitely less cold compared to tomorrow and also bring a little moisture certainly some clouds and a chance of a couple of flurries late today as well and then the cold gradually lifts out as a large system looks like it approached the east coast over the weekend so tonight twenty one degrees and blustery cold wind chills in the single digits actual air
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most of the rural areas tomorrow thirty degrees at most sunny and cold wind chills fifteen to twenty two minus twenty three breezy and cold clear early partly cloudy late at night and then you can see a couple flurries possible on wednesday with a high of thirty six thursday forty friday saturday the big storm moves toward us and i think is pretty good agreement there's going to be a significant system for the mid atlantic question is will it head out over but say myrtle beach or over hatteras or come right over us the track will really determine what we get right now you say some rain at times and maybe a wintery mix or even a changeover some snow but will have a lot more on that system over the next two three even four days so that's the latest from the weather authority righty jeff about a thousand people gathered in the cold in south carolina statehouse to remember doctor martin luther king jr for the past seventeen years civil rights leaders spent the holiday are going for the removal of the confederate flag from the statehouse but over
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the flag after the mass shootings of nine church members in charleston. there was more security this year than in past years because the three democratic presidential candidates attend more than a hundred taxis block traffic in downtown budapest today demanding a ban on over another ride hailing apps several taxi companies blocked lanes of the t intersection in the hungarian capital causing traffic delays. taxi drivers plan to petition the mayor with their demands they want immediate shutdown of the service taxi driver say the ride hailing apps avoid regulations and licensing issues. the taxis have to comply with over says it has twelve hundred drivers and eighty thousand users in budapest the backlash revive from last year over the lack of diversity at this year's oscar nominations. now many celebrities are taking to social media with calls to boycott the awards show and trouble and the friendly
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than twenty four hours at norfolk international airport into troubles and protocols leaving a lot of people angry at an airline family's escape an early morning house fire engine really toss with one of the family members who says they were unlucky to get all the law and good news after a long search for a missing boy in williamsburg he is found safe and is back with his family tonight
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. the critics choice movie awards in los angeles roughed up last night the movie spotlight took the award for best film leonardo dicaprio won best
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larson took home best actress for her role in the room the lack of diversity this award season came into full focus on thursday when there were once again only to white actors on the academy award nominees anthony anderson of tv is black is joe early on about the lack of diversity at the oscars you can go on to win an oscar the for you tracy that means only half of you to go to that show he while anderson was making a joke the critics choice awards winners do often reflect who will go on to win the oscar making the ceremony an interesting barometer for the season as everyone gears up for the guild awards and february. more controversy this year in the oscar nominations. at issue the lack of diversity. again as we mentioned some like director spike lee and actress jada pinkett smith took to social media
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year's awards. abc's lauren lister reports from los angeles the be the last jihad pinkett smith taking back firm statement to a facebook page overnight and in just days after husband will smith best actor oscar snubbed for his role in concussion. none of the academy awards twenty acting nominations went to a person of color providing last year's controversy in the viral hashtag oscars so white they in the scheme diminishes. she's not alone director spike lee voicing his disappointment on facebook writing he will be attending the ceremony expressing gratitude for receiving an honorary oscar show iraq director address diversity in his acceptance speech. the academy's
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november is easy to be a pretty nice taste the black person to be the head the studio was the straight out of compton overlooked in the actor director and best picture categories rapper ice cube for the film is based on speaking out on the wendy williams show. i'm not and i'm not surprised. oscars host chris rock recently treaty out a new polo with the caption the oscars the white bt awards president of the academy cheryl the isaacs who was herself black said she has sought to improve diversity we are working inside the academy in order to make sure we have inclusion both spike lee nj pinkett smith and their messages referencing today's national holiday in honor of dr martin luther king junior lauren mr abc news los angeles and that wraps up thirty news now at five thirty right now at six a missing eight year old boy
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warned us mother nature has a balancing act. after a warm december january is reminding us of how winter is supposed to feel. we now have unseasonably cold weather jeff is tracking the temperatures and jeff you're telling us the wind chill will feel brutal to my head down into the single digits in some spots and everywhere easily get down through the teens as you can see not a cloud the sky this is looking west the sun has gone down not the prettiest sunset i like the ones we get high thin clouds were still very nice looking but again that's sort of adds to the cold in terms of the forecasting of clear skies all what little heat we had taken just radiate out to space what we call radiation cooling as a result we're going to drop back down through the twenties quickly and these are air temperatures not wind chills were going and up into anywhere from the teens for the most rural spots to probably low twenties right near the beaches but you factor in these wins and again they're not super
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