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tv   13 News 6  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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twenty five factor in that kind of a wind and it makes it feel more like temperatures are actually about ten degrees course make sure you bundle up and then we have some storms to talk about coming at us toward the end the week deadly crash happened just before three o'clock this afternoon on blackwater road near the virginia beach city line please tell us a car ran off the road and into a ditch the driver was pronounced dead at chesapeake regional medical center police believe the driver may have suffered from a medical emergency before that crash little boy back with his family and lawyer for tonight after a nerve wracking day the family of eight year old said gross reported him missing this morning saying he disappeared from their home overnight now just before four o'clock this afternoon the little boy time job in the crawl space of his own home. reporter to her has the story to set up
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near the child's home they called this search a race against the clock because of the bitter cold temperatures the day ended with warm smiles for the gross his family and search crews with the cold temperatures kept them on their toes all day as he searched for the missing eight year old was found safe in a crawl space underneath his house there was just happy to be back with his family he really haven't said where he went or why he left and we're going to leave that up to his mom and dad to talk to him about throughout the day fire officials and search crews frantically looked nearly eighty personnel helped along with eight canines in a state police helicopter their biggest concern he left home without a coat so rescuers wanted to find him before the sun went down. obviously due to cold weather we were going concerns going into the night of the search took nearly twelve hours in a fish's on sure if you wanted or was in one spot the whole time. all crews in family
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found safe. i don't want to speculate you know where he was the fact that matters he's back with his family now ness we happy about it really doesn't matter to us when where or how he got there but the fact is that he's back with his family that we were happy about the fire officials say this case will not be involving social services will not be needing any further medical attention in williamsburg to her thirteen years now. it's been a long twenty four hours for some people stranded at norfolk international airport there were some long lines at the united airlines check in this morning these passengers you see right here we're on a plane that made an emergency landing yesterday somewhat became very angry with their long wait for j co talk to some of those frustrated fly drum line at norfolk international airport treating people like the most likely hadn't slept at all two hundred thirteen passengers stranded for close to twenty seven hours after their flight from newark to
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diverted because of problems with the engine. they said first of the plane was going to get the replacement was going to get the f four b anyway the way up the batting and a kid you not in an hour now and then on whiny and we got on the plane but actually also didn't get them far. a spokesperson for united airlines tells us that it didn't take off because cruz exceeded their legally permitting duty hours make us a peace flag being king so everybody going to be accommodating and put him at that i would guess the airport was around four o'clock in the morning and it was just after ten in the morning that the passengers here finally were told by the airlines that varies in the airplane here waiting for them at the gate will be leaving at one p m when twenty four hours since these passengers became strained in the first place a way to unite with reading as fast as
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i don't it's not all units knowing that they can find a customer base the man you people you write then lost all of us most of the enormous increase in ezra j co thirteen years now united said in a statement today saying we apologize to our customers and provided them with meals and overnight accommodations we will also be offering customers a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience a vessel is underway at this hour you are taking a look at a live picture in newport news where family members and loved ones are gathering to remember a man murdered last week family members of one of the victims told us they plan to gather tonight at fourteenth street and wickham avenue where two men were found murdered last week those sorts for the suspects in the case led to a police involved shooting police are still looking for one suspect in this case the other suspect was shot by police and is in custody. still no word on the mode we have a
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bring you more information tonight on thirteen years now and we're working to get more information about a quadruple shooting in gloucester county one of the victims died eighteen year old john whitaker whittier of hampton faces murder and gun charges tonight investigators say early yesterday morning when you're open fire and the wearer next section of the county deputies found the victims and different locations including a car at a store and the house again one of the four victims died on the scene authorities have not identified the victim or a possible nod to families escape a massive house fire in portsmouth that happened early this morning at a duplex on de moines avenue the displaced victims stood outside in the freezing cold as fire crews battled the flames are generally spoke to one of those victims as possible in the people i knew it was about four
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the smell of something burning. my ten hours a day the dow is now thirty minutes later her neighbor who lives on the second floor ran downstairs and started banging on the door as they got the house to the apartment without buying my first answer was that grandma k's the bottom of the house for still rushed back inside to get her godmother was unable to read anything we had moved quickly the media now just in time so i got my damn about them to brag about when cracking down the whole top of the house about five minutes at a starter and that initial interior attack that they are forced to withdraw because of the bottom of our family lived upstairs. also meeting our faith. officials are still trying to find out what caused the fire when i was able to deal with this mode a lame i know the neighbors matt and i didn't even check this out of ideas in fort smith jenny be thirteen years now. now the costs of taking on ice is why some new
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s military operation may surprise a historic church in williamsburg is challenging the nation to keep the church
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our breaking news of a shooting at a mall in los angeles california happen
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say someone shot a woman in the leg. the woman is expected to survive. no word yet on a motive for any suspects united states has been at war with vices for nineteen months and while it's unclear how much progress has been made as a matter of mathematics and is now a known fact of how much the campaign has cost taxpayers and the numbers are staggering my coding joins us now with a breakdown like david and regina hang onto your wallets the cost to date for operation and her resolve is five point five billion dollars according to our tag partners at air force times the air war against islamic state is costing eleven point two million per day. that's up more than two million dollars a day since last year more than ninety percent or more than fifty percent that cost comes from daily flight operations tempo and here's a fact that some people may find surprising. most of the cost does not come from the navy but from the air force in fact of the five point five billion dollars
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percent three point seven five billion or seven point seven million today is attributable to the air force now the navy's cost for the war have picked up substantially since december twenty nine. that's one strike fighters from oceanic again launching airstrikes from the norfolk based uss harry s truman and that was the first time the navy had been involved in about two months because of the departure in october of the uss theodore roosevelt reporting live by cutting thirteen years now church bell that has been silent for decades will find its voice again but a historic church in williamsburg is going to need help from volunteers how you can be a part of this historic effort plus wind chills in the teens and dropping jeff tell us when it will feel more like
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first baptist church williamsburg has an open invitation to people in hampton roads across the country to come and let freedom ring the bell at the historic church has been silent for more than half a century but next month during black history month the bal is going to ring every day now this case has more on the statement that it will be making more than half a century the ballot first that the church in williamsburg
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mechanical problems have kept it quiet. it was silently reverend martin luther king jr and civil rights activist rosa parks came to visit but come february that will change now that a consolation to use with the colonial williamsburg foundation has restored the eight hundred pound steel bell. we used to steam cleaner and that cleaned it really very early and then the next step was to provide telecasts and with its condition now almost like new. the church is sitting out invitation to the community and the nation to pick a day in covering the bell to let freedom reign pastor reginald davis as a few celebrities and religious leaders have also been advised a number of people coming here to really make this oh oh oh program it to see the significance of it while the nation the church that first organized in the years seventeen seventy six. what's the bell to ring
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history month we merely wan our young people to get involved because we walked in on the stand where we come from and how they can now get involved. the dream is there we just have to work it in williamsburg. don't miss k thirteen is now wonderful story there are several celebrations today across hampton roads in honor of dr martin luther king junior that includes the annual marks and some money in norfolk. participants marched from the attic theatre on church street to the mlk monument and appleton avenue the event included a wreath laying and moments of silence to honor dr king's work for civil rights chrysler museum of art an offer to showing off the newest addition to its collection just ahead of black history month is a portrait of african american author james baldwin harlem renaissance artists pull for delaney painted it. we're told this is the chrysler museum's first purchase of work by deceased african american artist delaney has
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grandmother was born in often and may offend a descendant of the first free black columnist on the eastern shore. he thought it was cold today. well you are right but you haven't seen anything yet compared to tonight as we have clear skies on radar so the big news will be right away. let's talk about temperatures and look at the future cast calling for readings to continue to drop quickly down through the twenties where we are now in most spots back down into the teens already before midnight far inland areas mind you but still down into the teens and then most of us will be in the low twenties it won't go a lot below that at least right near the beach as i think most of the sort of metro urban spots with the heat know of the sidewalks in the asphalt can sort of maintain a couple of degrees milder that'll be generally around twenty while again the inland areas will be down into the teens and it
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the single digits will rise up through the lower twenties in the morning despite a lot of sunshine is going to be another very cold day tomorrow and highs will struggle to even get into the thirties notice of the wind coming in here. blue means that at the north some sort of a northerly component and that's what we'll continue with more than northwestern a westerly flow late tomorrow and then tomorrow night and into wednesday we see cold air again maybe not quite as cold as tonight but definitely still cold and then that leads to a little bit of an interesting day on wednesday first of all is the warm air comes in a loft. it'll come up over the cold air to ground. that'll create a few clouds late in the day and maybe a couple of very light very stray flurries so that's the first part of the forecast that gets interesting the second part to see in just a second night twenty one again. that's it the official airport reading many of us down into the upper teens with mid
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chills though in the single digits a blustery and cold the wind gusting as high as twenty five mph tomorrow clear very cold start off again with a temperature around twenty one by afternoon at best thirty i think and then twenty six of clear cold tomorrow evening so it won't drop quite as quickly tomorrow night. twenty three breezy and cold clear skies early leading to a few clouds late wednesday increase in clouds couple of flurries possible late in the day with a high of thirty six in the forecast gradually gets less and less coal right in the end of the week but partly that's going to penn specially friday and saturday on where a strong area of low pressure goes along the coast a bit south of us a lot of us would see snow if it's close to us we'd see a little bit of rain maybe turning back to snow mix will pin down a little more over the next few days but should be a pretty significant swing from north to south in terms of what we
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it whether for a day or night will be watching that friday saturday thing that jeff is talking about before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen is now at day break starting at four thirty my seahawks versus the panthers it was the tale of two hats if indeed your cat your generic and yeah headed home and i think we've got the two best teams in the league now playing for the nfc championship game the panthers in the cardinals meet on sunday evening. those two teams lead the nfl in points scored per game and it was the panthers' piling up points early against the seahawks yesterday johnson store the first touchdown and the defense got into the act luke equally with the interception fourteen loving this point cam newton he was on top his game thirty one nothing at halftime thirty one twenty four the final minute to play a full four quarters to beat the cardinals for ways to complete a full game of football we have been known
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the throttle for us and got a good secularist and see and the steelers broncos fitzgerald toussaint takes one for the touchdown to give the steelers a seven six ladies celebrating but it was his turn over the gut that will help set up the brackets for the game go ahead touchdown. c j anderson wood scored twenty three sixteen broncos tough life for the peninsula is mike tomlin to see another season come to an end. we fought hard is not enough today came a few plays short. such is life does appreciate the efforts of a football team that can only be worn. obviously in this year's not us overcome all the injuries now with the broncos went another edition of manning brady for the afc championship. what's
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for the state of virginia acc hoops is a little upside down right now that's good for hokey store for one the conference. not so good for uva was telling three the two time defending conference champion against fsu last november hard time when on the road as devin hoff and kate henry center predicts in your soul for the good stuff. london printed for three. they actually have a lean the second half with twelve minutes to go in the game the noles just put it to the cavaliers sixty nine to sixty two the final norfolk state this afternoon playing north carolina and paying seventy five to sixty eight this part is what they were down by ten at halftime we'll have highlights of that game and a few plays tonight on the road against the north carolina central on the lights on and that is thirteen years now it's six
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this hour the latest headlines weather breaking news any time of thirteen is
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breaking news tonight. taking sides. donald trump taking aim at ted cruz. >> he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. >> but tonight, key conservatives come out with their own message for trump. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a fierce battle for iowa tonight. the new fallout after those unexpected moments. the dangerous commute. the change reaction crashes. 95 million americans from the dakotas to virginia to maine in the grips of an arctic chill. and now, the next major system moving in.
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coming home, held prisoner in
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