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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the week came out to show support and solidarity show and that we are broken at this time but when i defeated tonight our first look at the two men whose murders led to a police involved shooting in newport news. family members gather in the cold for a candlelight vigil the answer means loving them means let us build while helping the homeless get through a bitter cold night
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the news starts now. winter has finally arrive are in for a bitterly cold night jeff had been tracking the temperatures that with wind chills could drop this into the single digits of how close are we to that right now we'll see in just a second when i checked five minutes ago it was fourteen in terms of the wind chill at norfolk international also only five degrees away from the single digits will see if that is updated now at the top of the hour temperatures out there you can see already really cold twenty in gloucester twenty newport news twenty one in smithfield twenty five is from chest down in north carolina officially twenty four here at the airport twenty four in portsmouth but nineteen already awake and these are the actual air temperatures malice take a look the wind chills in there we go fourteen in norfolk i've mentioned it before but like smithfield is not twenty one wind chill. they don't report a wind also the actual air temperature shows up as the wind chill temperature a guarantee of the actual wind chill there is definitely
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same thing in surrey so we probably ought to try to find something that is a little more indicative but there are a lot of spots that include the wind and the temperature in these outlying areas like hampton and one away from a single digit wind chills so it is really cold out there temperatures will get a little bit colder still tonight drop another few degrees mid teens well and when most of us upper teens to right around twenty call load from twenties right near the beaches and it was probably not even hitting thirty that will feel like the twenties the entire day at the big storm to talk about as we head toward the weekend and maybe a few flurries even before that it's all coming up right after nine as temperatures drop to lowest we've seen all season many people are seeking a safe and warm place to stay out of the bitter cold air kneel or bow has more in our program in office trying to keep the whole is safe and warm. this downtown location is where volunteers
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shelter team will become two bus loads of people one had to just be the other two a norfolk church to stay overnight. those who are homeless are some of the hardest people hit when the weather turns cold as temperatures dip into the teens and one may feel like single digits groups of people are lining up early to seek shelter on the coldest of nights emergency shelters like this one as st pius the tenth church in norfolk expect a full house with trav to church tonight so that way at least close to hundred of our guests are taken off the stream over the last week st pius violence years serve nearly sixty people a night guests are fed clothed and kept warm indoors. it's part of the norfolk emergency shelter team program which urges wrote a weekly during the winter and provide the service while it may not seem like much to those with very little. it's a lot a lot of our guests don't have very warm jackets so they bundle
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nothing else you know it's poses outside his home for maybe ten hours. you know there's a warm place for today's been part of the program for seven years is as he can tell when the homeless problem is being soft fuzzy after year he sees some of the same people but the one thing he is sure of is that the shelters are filling me in norfolk i'm carrying a bow thirteen years now but often emergency shelters run every evening through march thirty first you can call seven five seven eight two three sixteen twenty two for information on church locations. this information is also our story on thirteen news now dot com new tonight a robbery reported at a chinese restaurant and off it. police dispatchers tell us. officers were called to china walk on is princess anne road just after eight tonight. no reports of any injuries police have not released a description of that suspect also new tonight a man refusing to cooperate with
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after he was shot in the foot newport news police say the shooting happened around eight o'clock in an apartment complex in the southeast section of the city they were not able to find the actual crime scene though someone drove the twenty seven year old victim to the hospital there's no suspect information and an investigation at this hour is ongoing to fathers remember tonight days after police found them murder on a city street the families and friends of cod ray gray and clinton kelly held vigils in newport news. investigators believe two people killed the man thursday morning relatives told brian farrell the services were a way to honor the men as well as a way to stand against violence me now and again very soon he is missing her father days after his maria mckee a gray and other members of ca jerry grace family gathering
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newport news police found gray and his friend quintin kelley shot to death inside a minivan near the intersection thursday he was advised he had a bit higher. it was funny in his care for was kelly's family and friends following gray's relatives in what became back to back seamless visuals that somebody else's even if i do think there's a you know they undererand the trauma that people don't have a deal if an arrest today lah as the evening about messages as much as memories with this pile of sand black gloves lost to vomit you know the law says something very hard job. com. so although there's one person in custody you know with prayer for his family as well because not only did the two black guys lose that light. he's also basically lost his life as well that person one of two people detectives believe were involved officers caught up to him shortly after
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custody after police shot and hit him. slight comfort for gray's girlfriend. serve with it people just do these sick days for no reason why i'm not in the span of just trying to get to the bottom justice from both the police still are looking for the second person they believe was responsible for the murders grace family tells us he will be laid to rest on saturday in newport news right feral thirteen years now. the driver may have suffered a medical emergency before deadly crash in chesapeake it happened just before three o'clock this afternoon on blackwater road near the virginia beach city line please tell us a car ran up the road and into a ditch the driver pronounced dead at chesapeake regional medical center police are still investigating the cause of that crash a loss of another music legend glen fry who co founded the eagles s died at the age of sixty seven the statement was posted on the eagles website say it is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our comrade fry died today in new york
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several elements including rheumatoid arthritis and pneumonia. i co founded the eagles with don henley they were one of history's most successful songwriting teams with such hits as hotel california and life in the fast lane the presidential candidates were still on the campaign trail on this an okay day donald trump spoke at liberty university in lynchburg drive some chuckles when he grabbed a reference to second corinthians abc's lana zach has more as some members of the british parliament debated banning donald trump from their country. we'll go from here on the corner of port and cruise hit the republican frontrunner on his inheritance. i don't come from well why don't i didn't inherit millions of dollars the liberty university donald trump made his case for the christian conservative vote that some call this quoting a scripture clumsy after fumbling second
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three seventeen that's all ballgame where this pair of the lord right where the sperm lord is there is liberty with iowa poll numbers in flux there is no love lost between the two republican frontrunners the truth is he's a nasty guy as for the democrats they were fleeing from critiquing each other at an animal ecp of that monday focused instead on the legacy of doctor martin luther king doctor king died with his work unfinished and it is up to us to see it through what doctor king said is we have got to combat racism but we've also got to combat income and wealth inequality a different tone from last night's debate where the barbs were sharp. he voted to let guns go on to amtrak you've received over six hundred thousand dollars in speaking fees from goldmoldmanan sachs ted kerr seem to have a
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trump's attacks to eating out at jackson's video nasty ones at abc news washington. very frustrating flight delay for more than two hundred passengers at norfolk international they were stranded for about twenty seven hours at the airport after united airlines flight made an emergency landing heading to santo domingo yesterday. airport officials tell us the plane experienced engine problems and was diverted as a precaution earlier today more than a day later travelers left norfolk on replacement point but a number of angry passengers told us they were not given any information overnight treating people like me most. they said first of the plane was going to get the replacement was going to get the f four b anyway the way up the batting and a kid you not in an hour united says the statement today saying we apologize to our customers and provided them with meals and overnight accommodations we will also be offering customers a goodwill gesture for the inconvenience triggering
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a line of duty will be laid to rest tomorrow. a barricaded suspect shot and killed the canine last week tomorrow an author please plan a memorial for the animal the two o'clock and they've invited the public to pay the respects along the funeral procession route thirteen news now be at the memorial tomorrow look for our live coverage throughout the day both online and on air the firestorm surrounding a local billboard company behind this ad is trying to put out the fire so people don't continue to panic more details coming about a fire that killed several family members and the loss felt by the entire neighborhood and the sound of the church will
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the makers of this bill the board wanted to grab attention but they weren't expecting calls to nine one one bill for property restoration said of the billboard outside a business in office. it includes a smoke machine in the three d display to simulate a burning house over the weekend so many calls came into nine one one that the fire department had the company turn it off. we want people to recognize that we want to have fun with it but we also want you to be safe out there on the revenue seen before says it plans to remove the billboard or move but rather to i sixty four in hampton next week over the course of six months were told it will come to other
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families escape the massive house fire in portsmouth this morning on the morn avenue the family stood outside in the freezing cold as fire crews battled the flames. one of the victims told thirteen news now their neighbor banged on their door overnight to warn them of the fire they barely had enough time to get out there so i got my mom and then out into menopause related and tracking down the whole top of the houses on fire everyone made it out safely but one family told us they lost all of their belongings and it's still not known what caused that fire chesterfield fire officials released a little more information about a weekend fire that killed five family members for generations of the family lived in the hall victims included a couple in their seventies and two toddlers five other people were able to escape the fire early yesterday. neighbors say they keep reliving that tragedy left a window of smoke came billowing out and
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not only will you come in and didn't discontinue the deadliest fire in the country's recorded history and the cause of that fire is unknown number of celebrations today across hampton roads in honor of dr martin luther king junior one of the larger tributes was the annual march and ceremony in office. participants march from the attic theatre on church street to the mlk monument hamilton avenue the event included a wreath laying at the moment of silence to honor dr king's work for civil rights he yes he staff and the worldly view of her the key following the events of the monument people move to another location for entertainment and food. organizers said they also took this opportunity to share information about nonprofit services available to the community whether three thousand blankets were donated a service project on
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services based in portsmouth distributed blankets to churches nonprofit groups and government and law enforcement agencies were told the group also donated more than six thousand blankets across the area back in november. definitely cold out there i went out to grab some dinner and boy there was a biting wind wind chills at that point were already down into the upper teens and low twenties. it's getting worse nice clear skies out there but again that's just helping temperatures to really drop right now twenty four here officially at the southside airport norfolk international even colder alot inland areas as we showed you earlier look how dry it is to the dew point two degrees high humidity only thirty eight percent and is not only cold but a lot colder even than yesterday were down almost double digits in the metro area and a lot of spots here especially the peninsula back in london even sorta curving back down into areas in northeast north
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ten eleven twelve degrees colder than yesterday some notice these temperatures dropping back again through the twenties ending up probably right around twenty in areas right near the coastline maybe some of the downtown spot but if you get even slightly suburban i think most areas will be anywhere from the upper teens to some mid teens went to get back in a lot of sunshine but again with the breeze is going to be a really cold in the morning even as we warm up by nine o'clock into the twenties and then by afternoon we're going to struggle to hit thirty tomorrow. i debated on whether going officially twenty nine or thirty i think we'll be right about there by tomorrow evening cold again already done your twenty in the inland areas and things wednesday a little less cold it will still be way below normal however with readings only up into the mid thirties a few clouds on the increase i think we might see a couple of isolated snow flurries then during the evening
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seen this house talking earlier about some snow flurries and here comes an area of snow will be fairly dry at the surface so a lot of that would tend to evaporate but we'll watch for that you'll see we have an honor seventy four cast header earlier now. monday again right now things are clear but that is going to change later in the week the big news for tomorrow though when shells less than twenty five that sore spot on forecast for today we said when chills in the twenties and wind chills when the twenty so we're starting a new streak at one lot of talk about this weekend and let me share a couple of things that are going on the big question is this very powerful storm we know we're going to have one. will it be in line will appear near the coastline lot of debate meteorological community about that. i think and i'm starting to lean toward a solution that maybe takes the regional main low west of the mountains and then re forms another one near the coastline now some of the computers are starting to show that that would change the forecast pretty
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virginia that some of the amateur for cash and i've seen some numbers thrown out there. what a lot more of the next few days but again a very changeable situation but could be some gusty winds for us and definitely some heavier precipitation so tonight twenty one blustery and cold but teens for in one area single digit wind chills tomorrow sunny and cold twenty nine ellington think we'll hit the area officially and thirty five thirty six was an evening flurries or maybe even some light snow on wednesday. hopefully that won't mess with rush hour and forty on thursday. this weekend would likely then be rain it may be changing over to a wintry mix as the coastal system pulled out and temperatures fell during the day on saturday are a tough loss to watch for it thank you we're tracking the weather for you day and night before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen news now at daybreak they get started at four thirty i pulled off extended hampton university on the basketball court tonight both away from
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. for more than a half century the bell at
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williamsburg has been silent architectural and mechanical problems have kept it quiet not anymore. conservation team from colonial williamsburg has restored the bell the church says it will ring every day in february for black history month the churches and we really want our young people to get involved because we walked in on the stand when we come from and how they can now get involved. alright the church as quite a history both dr martin luther king jr and rosa parks among people who have visited the church on the williamsburg or overgrowth. yeah i'm way early version of that church was really good stuff. yeah that yeah and even added some more luther king day out program that we have a special edition of maniac monday both of our historically black universities where on the road in north carolina tonight actually late this afternoon. norfolk state against north carolina amt preston bong guy with a lay up for two they were just
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our highlights anyways ona robinson and even other up here. they were down by ten at halftime big second half for the spartans a bun guy alex long lines pass easy layups and they dominated the second hands on guidance in all of the highlights most of the bucket for him towards approval for one of the maniac charles oliver with this land led them with twenty seventy five to sixty eight the final one a wild one hand in at north carolina central tonight handed with the block in the first half esteban presley sent some great defense up at the bryant jordan played his high school basketball a fetus knocks down the three they were knocking down all their shots in the first half during chivas who averages a double double. kansas three pointer from the corner and hand it was up by fifteen points in the first and reginald johnson you me at play of the week drops another three pointer barely got away in the second half
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they got to within one then laurence cook came up big cope with the dr gets in the lane. still they were behind with just seconds remaining in the game central eagles missed two free throws and then quinn she was under the bucket with moments left in the game with the game winner for the pirates eighty to seventy nine the now six are now in the act by the way in the acc duke lost their third straight tonight syracuse beat the blue devils sixty four sixty two just picks justin upton upton was
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justin verlander say hello to justin upton upton and the detroit tigers have struck a deal and what a big deal is for justin upton six years over a hundred thirty two million dollars. he is a three time all star twenty six on lesser points and it works really hard hit home runs in the fourth team in his career he still just twenty eight years old great bridge high alum of course with the former number one overall pick in the mlb draft the golden state warriors took care of business in cleveland on the way to the nba championship. then they took the best of the cavs and the fro showdown this year on christmas day tonight the rematch in cleveland let's go there again tied to okay that was the last time cleveland would even sniff the lee steph curry had thirty five seven three pointers as the routine my friend i could say all his eye lights but they got a great team clay thompson had one of the team's nineteen three pointers tonight they were up by thirty points in the first half. andre in
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including this off the breakaway one thirty two to ninety eight. wow they win for the warriors norfolk tides promotion to name their seahorse mass guys den five names seymour skipper berkeley triton and sonar that i'd facebook page and put your vote in for you think should be the name for the new tides mascot logo i love seeing more i like seymour tides yes i'm sure they would like that to jeff tomorrow to mark old will be lucky to hit thirty tomorrow for a high in the course when chills will be even colder now to start off with wind chills single digits to low teens and up maybe for luck in the twenties and then it gets interesting as we move toward the weekend. yeah but right now we're thinking probably mainly rain for around here. ok all right that's thirteen is now eleven day break starts again at four thirty tomorrow morning jimmy kimmel live is next followed by nightline to
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, sir elton john, and comedian whitney cummings. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you
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