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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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battering . breaking news ahead in surrey where a company that makes the world famous virginia is on multiple fire departments are there helping out right now the flames are creating huge plumes of thick smoke in the sky and the state joins us live from the scene of the one we know about the fire so far as you just may do just about every available fire department in this area most of them volunteer are here battling this blaze at smokehouse there is a building up their building that i'm told used to be office space that is now just a shell of a building and now the firefighters are focused so what is the package house when the fire started i'm told there was reportedly an explosion of some tight as you might imagine out here in the country water is an issue of our chai chee for fire chief rather told me there are fire hydrants at the municipal building and at
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reason they aren't working and he didn't know why but he said they were working on them so they've set up for drop tapes and taker trucks are hauling in water dumping it in what look like large swimming pools so that this water can then be pumped out and onto the burning building i haven't heard any reports of any injuries but there are people showing the vocal close family members of our volunteer firefighters and they're wondering if they're worried about their safety two young girls or park near where their fathers track is part they say that when he comes out this week and know that he say this smokehouse is a very important business in this area. everybody has some type of tie to it in some way or another lived in surry county douglas k thirteen years now. our thanks donna we will stay on this story we're also following breaking news in mackinac county state police on the scene of a small plane
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less than an hour ago and at the nye county airport that's on the parkway north in nassau police say the pilot and passenger climbed out of the wreckage on their own right now investigators are trying to determine the cause of the scratch starting with thirteen is now four days another freezing day and handing roses no break from yesterday jana hai zi mo spots than even make it into the thirties today it feels even colder than that right now. some places including my yard still have snow on it from the weekend sunday snow and we saw the snow and on with life and sorry. and they're probably especially tomorrow evening if you know whether spot to be a few more flurries and then a much bigger storm to talk about our weekend but we'll get to that in a little while we had a lot more time let's start off with the short term and what you can expect during the evening you can see clear skies and we mentioned yesterday. clear skies one of the factors that helped to facilitate even colder
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if you had clouds over yet but the big news again nothing out there on the radar nothing in terms of the class right now compared to yesterday. yes it was cold but were running a little bit colder right now than we were yesterday at this hour so the big question is there but he says will it get even colder tonight than i don't think so yes and thought would be a few degrees above yesterday or this morning's lows. now i'm thinking it'll be fairly similar cell again don't expect it to be colder but it will feel pretty much like a day early this morning although not as windy so i guess i should say actually that enters will be similar but it shouldn't feel quite as cold as the wind won't be up as much for dropping down from the mid twenties are on next hour or so through the lower twenties and then already as you can see in the overnight hours some spots near twenty. i think the teens and some of the very rural areas by about and then in the morning readings again very similar
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make sure you bundle up and we will have a lot more on the upcoming weekend storm when i return i say with us throughout the week for our winter weather coverage whether authority is keeping track of any sign of whether that could impact your day and slow down your commute we also have a winter weather guide online and thirteen is now the calm ocean abraham she will walk us through the features in that guy in a few minutes today the norfolk police department remember the life of a dedicated member of the team they played k nine officer krieger to rest today krieger and diagonal line and did the last way his memorial wrapped up this afternoon reporter aaron came into the service department remember crater to the average in before the barrel there was the memorial here at the k nine units here you can see the flag at half mast in honor of fallen officer creek are a couple hundred people braved the cold will show you
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respects here during the memorial service. among those were a dozen other canine handlers who brought along their four legged the procession in the memorial the burial they were all very similar to as if it was a human that had died the police chief michael goldsmith he spoke here he is a former k nine handler himself he said that the loyalty between a canine and its handler is second to none. this was no just mere dog. this was awesome and his partner summer they want to work with somebody fall with some who backed him up every time he got out of the car it's right that we got here in honor his sacrifice trying to protect his handler protect the citizens and often the other officers that were there that evening krieger was shot and killed by a suspect in an armed standoff with police that
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killed by an officer coming up at five to have the latest on where the investigation stands. reporting live in norfolk air came thirteen years now. now today we learn more about a man arrested in connection with that double homicide in newport news thirty three year old low ratio down slope from newport news is out of the hospital after police officer shot him last week he remains in police custody and his charges include two counts of first degree murder one count of possession of a firearm by convicted felon and three counts of attempted robbery now last week police found two men shot to death inside a van. police tracked down dance lar who had a weapon after he allegedly ran from the scene. the search continues for a second suspect live elements and canadian pacific's attempt to acquire norfolk southern canadian pacific executives want the justice department opened an investigation they want to see of other major
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opposition to the merger the companies in question are union pacific bnsf gas and csx canadian pacific execs believe that leaders from those companies may have violated antitrust rules norfolk southern rejected all of canadian pacific's offers so far and now we take a first look at traffic across hampton roads for the afternoon rush hour kicks off with traffic trouble on six sixty four to take a live look at thirteen years now track the camera here's a live look in chesapeake six sixty four north right around military highway and take a look at all of the stop and go traffic we had an earlier accident at dhaka landing road about a mile up from here that accidents since has cleared as you can see the backup has knots were jammed all the way back to bowers hill that to sixty four sixty four split and run sixty four east you will see those delays back to military highway as we approach bowers hills was definitely a big delay to watch out for this afternoon on the trap of network map you will see
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on six sixty four southbound a little bit coming from newport news is due to heavy traffic. minor delays northbound from the earlier breakdown and six sixty four north at sixty four west to the ongoing roadwork was even see some heavy traffic a few of our other bridges and tunnels talk about that when i come back with us and as for talks and will depart from naval station norfolk on thursday the replenishment oil or will head to the fifth fleet area of operations in the middle east to support u s naval forces there the butt tucks in return from a six month deployment just before christmas during that deployment the crew helped with many tasks including feel replenishment sand delivering supplies. this deployment the ship her crew will perform a similar role are we now know who that one million dollar powerball winner is in virginia beach the lucky guy showed up today to grab his loot take a look congratulations to teo philomath sin of the virginia lottery presented him with that big fat check for one
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check that out. he's the person who bought the lucky ticket at the seven eleven on the parkway new salem road another person also won a million bucks that winner is in salem virginia hero know what's in the future hold for the city of virginia beach tomorrow night you'll get the chance to have your voice heard as the city fine tunes its comprehensive plan at the meeting city planners will review the comprehensive plan draft. this is a planning document that describes the future for many neighborhoods and business corridor as the meeting starts at six thirty p m the tall one high school on kim's film road we have a link to the comprehensive plan draft on thirteen years now dot com underlings in the news as he can make in there and there are two other meetings later this month an unusual ending to a police chase in california dots on the loose on the interstate
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updating our breaking news out of story county where several fire departments are fighting a hand plants fire in surry county right now there are no reports of injuries but we've heard from family members of employees who are still waiting to see whether their loved ones are ok we will bring you the latest updates as the story continues to develop the supreme court will review president obama as an executive orders on immigration the president's orders allowing two five million immigrants to work legally in the last justices and today they'll consider ongoing lower court rulings and block the plan from taking effect in the middle of the presidential campaign attorneys will most likely argue the case in april a decision may come down in late june highway chase in orange county california came to a bizarre ending last night. highway patrol
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six dogs that jumped out of the suspects mercedes after the pursuit the dogs ran through the lanes and held up traffic on the interstate and had a dog pursued here in hampton about a week ago well after officers finally rounded up the dogs they took them along with the woman who owned them into custody in the charges against the woman are still pending. can you imagine not having heat on a day like this hundreds of people hit the lost electricity today after a power line fell to the ground dominion power crews worked for hours to repair the line elise brown spoke with neighbors out there who did their best to stay warm and windy and very chilly outside neighbor say scary losing power in weather like this is not out like a big boom around in the morning with some of the global north and in the soda sparkling like a warm up then down power lines due to equipment failure left
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street hand in reaching for blankets according to dominion power crews found not one but two issues with the power line the grade nine and now i will be like them. never in danger he said clark is thankful her daughter had school today is me and how i can deal with but it is does with her in any of a van with a wooden bead good as temperatures dropped inside homes neighbors came up with a plan b on how to stay warm and lovely double up on the clothes very much like a little late getting this in case just rather be safe safe and warm any hampton police frown thirteen years now and staying warm to be tough on this cold winter day safety is on top of our minds now we can help you with our handy winter weather god you'll find it on thirteen years now
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of great information here i kind of great information you know your smartphone and i've had a great ways to get the thirteen years now that comcast when you're on the go i felt i had an android apps because so easy to get up to date information in your hands when you need it the most so that's step one in keeping safe and in the now now step to moving on here for cold weather safety guy to like frostbite we have information on here for you how to avoid frostbite how that you know keep safe stay inside during severe cold if you must go out try to cover every part of your body ears nose toes fingers and cetera you know this isn't a joke elise brown you you just out there she actually got frostbite last week so you know this guy is really gonna help keep the day safe. it tells you a lot of other information about first age required to remedy your body if you do get frostbite and a bunch of other hacks to kind of keep you safe if you scroll down here you're gonna find more hacks something you may not even think about during this time how to keep your four legged friends safe as well so all that information is posted in
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head over to thirteen years now dot com the link is on hold each. so much to talk about cold air around us how much the warmth we get levels of the atmosphere two different storms in the next three or four days so let's get right to it you can see there's nothing on radar that will change by this time tomorrow. again not everybody will see at some of you will see some of the snow flurries maybe a few snow showers right now twenty nine that is as high as we have entered a time lapse shows you lots and lots of sunshine throughout the day once the sun came up and see a cloud in the sky in many locations right on through the afternoon and certainly that is borne out by this one shot as you can see that takes us right up to the present time and see a single cloud on their part about twenty nine here about twenty eight newport news thirty one of the warmer spot to the mall thirty warm down there in chesapeake meanwhile twenty eight in
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beach looks like it might have the honors of being the warmest as we get to the evening then we're going to continue to look for the clear skies talked about the temperatures very similar to this morning. maybe a couple of degrees less cold but still teams for the inland area's most of us upper teens to lower twenties and then a couple spots maybe even lower to mid twenties right on the beaches within the first lets say a block or two as you can see going into tomorrow afternoon will start to see the clouds on the increase and noticed this week system comes through and it'll tend to dry out coming down the mountains but we should still at least have something to track on radar weather that all makes them the ground is still open to debate. i think it will i in fact i think a couple of spots knows how to little head you're off to the north i think a few the northern areas might even get as much as a dusting or a half an inch but again that would be generally more likely the farther north you go and
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we're going to see a pretty decent day. not quite as cold below normal but not quite as cold and then here comes the next big worry for the weekend this'll be a big storm across the mid atlantic and there will be a huge range from heavy snow in western may be sent to virginia to heavy rain across parts of northeast north carolina it'll start out probably a little bit of snow or a mix in a few spots changeover to rain then change back over to a little bit of snow there is starting to organize in the central u s so spot on forecast thirty three for tomorrow are forecast for today was when she was less than twenty five and that's exactly what we had at norfolk it was eighteen eighteen eighteen twenty one over the past four hours and for tonight twenty blustery and cold lower teens in one or lower to mid teens probably a seven day forecast thursday chilly but not bad friday in one mix at the onset and then some rain rain over snow in northern areas friday night into
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of falling temperature here so a lot to discuss of the next several days with that system guys i diced up with some news just into the newsroom new information about the victims in a shooting in gloucester county farm people were shot in the week and one fatally eighteen year old joshua morrison of yorktown died from his injuries authorities say a fifteen year old girl from yorktown and two twenty year old man from newport news are recovering from gunshot wounds. eighteen year old gage on when aaron hampton is in jail charged in the case. no word tonight on what led to the shootings now i'm feeling just forecast few minutes ago it seems like the pretended that
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we are taking you to the beach. it's the perfect day for right well we're kidding but some caring kids a grass hill high school or not we're there when they did their own version of the polar plunge trying to help out. area veterans get ready for cold making a mark with operation freeze it looks like a beautiful beach day but with you doing to the max is looking at the chance to jump in the water in january of new archive this after that we provide to rest of the national high school air force jrotc all about making his last as they were jumping in the water to help vets they call it preparation trees at collected pledges to raise cold hard cash for votes not switch my shelter and programs to get troubled veterans back on the fee when you get bits off the street
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back to work in a living the life we are there for veterans no matter what the odor that we should all just be thankful for all we got the elbow those who needed during this i really really appreciated that you have something to be proud of for the rest of you know i brought an emotional high i think this is great. we are not thinking of ourselves and helping other people for the greater good not expect anything in return the love i love and after safety message and together russians are those in battleground is that the recall should the role yes sir and i could help
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for us. anyway back to . he wasn't going to resume the you know what is definitely on the resume those kids raise two thousand dollars of that house and for the record there are no storage and energy that was you that the fat out of dayton cold that today i saw that on saturday was much warmer than it is right now okay thank goodness that are still dedicated awesome kids often slow things down i we are closely following a hymn
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. updating our breaking news and i'm sorry multiple fire departments in rice to battle nasa flames and the adwords meat packing company. there are no reports of injuries this evening we don't know how the fire started and wood smoke hours this afternoon it will be closed until further notice
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we will bring you updates as they come now stepping inside you might want to bundle up temperatures are in the twenties but it feels like the teens take a look an offer for our thirteen news tower cam. geoff lawson has more on your evening forecast yet temperatures tonight are going to be generally around where they were last night maybe a degree or two cooler in a very few spots and agree or two miler and a couple of spots overall not a whole lot of change clear skies is you just saw. we are running a little colder right now in most locations compared yesterday but i don't think will fall quite as quickly again when little bit later this evening into the overnight our lows this morning give you an idea far inland areas well down into the teens. i think will be about those levels late tonight. norfolk nineteen might not get quite that cool right near the shoreline might be more like twenty twenty one and the bottom line is what a degree or two among friends right is going
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difference will be the wind chills last night we had a lot of single digit showing up tonight or in the teens are going to drop into the teens and stay there in terms of a wind chill or how it feels to your body to be outside and then during the day tomorrow will see the wind chills a little better than they were today as well so overall things are starting to improve a little bit in that respect we have some flurries to talk about or snow shower too and then a bigger storm even after that for the weekend i'll have a lot more coming up. ok thank you very much the chances are most people who went to school or work at least got to be inside for the most part but for local military personnel comfort was not an option. the mission has to go on and my getting spent the day with one squadron at naval station norfolk in this arctic blast may have developed hampton roads but the business of defending the nation goes on as they're putting out the hard way today here at the a w one twenty the grey hawk squadron has an important mission
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hawkeye and c two greyhound cod aircraft and flying on their way to wallop silent for fleet carrier landing practice that work goes on cold or no cold and make no mistake a twenty six degrees at high noon it was plenty cold. every local sometimes you get on the fly line is pretty brutal cold weather wind blowing everything off the list of mission accomplished and accomplish if they did airplane after airplane safely checked out and ready for flight is is i don't do hands get cold you get stay warm and a guest a woman much like when it's hot when it's cold an important key is staying hydrated drinking plenty of water are also key making sure the airplanes are warmed up properly before taking off this certain parts of the engine in certain parts of the hydraulic systems connecting india and this is about as warm as it's gonna get today tonight it could drop into the teens with wind
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at the a w one twenty will still be flying if that's what the mission calls for a nail station norfolk mike getting thirteen years now i have some cold weather temps from dominion power. if you use a space heater to supplement or he'd be careful to use a heater with safety features and never leave it unattended. if you have used your fireplace recently the boat out to make sure the flue is closed. check the water meter and many water heaters are set to one hundred and forty degrees one one twenty one twenty five is enough for daily use reducing your energy consumption is very important and consider adding insulation to your having to keep that warm air inside was a virgin is now dot com to stay ready for the winter we have our survival guide the guide shows you more tips form prepare your vehicle to protecting your plants therein for then speaking of vehicles are out on the roads right now lots of traffic yeah they are not keeping an eye on accidents too. we do
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working kind of clearing up with the backups are not as bad around the accident as they are from the tunnels so i do hate to ask the guys there. exactly and then you know afternoon rush hour that's really see the delays but i will tell you where those accidents are again one of them have come to sturgis wrapped up in one of them is in the clearing stages we have not yet talked about one on the peninsula out in newport news. so what had now for thirteen years now traffic camera and you can say is i mention it's clearing up here's the accident right here sixty four eastbound at jefferson avenue in newport news as you can see behind it. not major delays at this point i think hopefully in the next few minutes or so the crash will be cleared and everything will be up pretty good out there but back in the traffic network maps you can see as we zoom into six sixty four very heavy traffic headed to the earlier crash a dock landing on six sixty four north hills state on twitter and facebook of course when you're thirteen years now the very latest for you ride
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accident involving campaign workers for one of the republican presidential candidates is making headlines right now in usa today dot com free student volunteers and a staffer for ben carson's campaign were injured and were told one of them is quote gravely injured then carson has temporarily suspended his campaign activities that happen in iowa today according to a statement released by the carson campaign of and transporting the three volunteers at a campaign field director quote hit a patch of ice and flipped on its side was struck by another vehicle this happened around eleven am central time for an hour behind us. ben carson is flying to the hospital to be with a gravely injured moment here watch out for task and the u s the barber of the treasury turned to us to get the word out to you. officials say people are pretending to be irs agents and they're making ruthless aggressor phone calls telling people they owe back taxes and threatening that they don't pay up. now if you do get one of these
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and contact the irs irs agents never threatened or call you asking for immediate payment or for your credit card number if you do owe back taxes they will always send a letter first. and here's something that could make you feel warmer today look as the tennis grand slam season is officially underway in sunny melbourne australia where for the record it was seventy two degrees today you know what is already a major upset superstar rafael nidal lost his first round match to ferment over bosco at the australian open. we'll see if anybody can make a run at the grand slam this year winning all four majors in accounting year likes the rain i almost did last year. regina are basal cell us officials are in kabul participating in the afghan peace talks with other officials from afghanistan pakistan and china. norfolk state university political science professor carol harlow joins us now to talk more about what the u s in expect from the stalks thank you so much for joining us in
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today the afghans are saying progress has been a how do you define progress here i think that's a very good question um first of all we have had the situation with the taliban refused to come to the negotiating table so progress would be the actual involvement. the second thing is that you're looking at they they of course on monday revealed a total hand but the service about al qaeda because if they win out or if they move along then here comes how kaden so the best thing for them to do is to know what's on the table and what they're negotiating strategy can be from what is actually on the table so that is some progress at least they are beginning to shift the other part of this is that they have agreed i think sometimes next month to talk
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sudden like the in between on negotiator he said the next set of talks set for next month when to expect to see and hear. ok well obviously we expect to see them the on the table will be afghanistan and that's a very nervous area for us because we are of course hoping that we can get them not to me they are but on the other hand it's better the devil you know than the one you don't know and we don't want allocated to fact all we have looked at the possibility of troop withdrawal and i think last month or maybe two months ago the president said no we even went from thirteen thousand troops to nine thousand work on a hole right through it to see what happens at the table and so that's probably about it my awesome challenges and he's another from think you can dance ii coming of the coldest weather we've seen so far this year temperatures below freezing jeff is tracking just how cold it was that and imagine
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can't use because of lead contamination last one has when residents filing new
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. i more now on that water crisis in flint michigan the city's mayor traveled to washington dc today to meet with president obama to try to get more federal funding. this is angry residents filed a lawsuit this afternoon against the governor and state health officials. abc's elizabeth her has the latest made the mess you clean it up to fix the problem claiming they are taking emergency action for emergency relief were talking that desperate people everyday. it's sad it's tragic. lawyers representing families from flint michigan confirmed they have now filed three class action lawsuit seeking damages and an injunction to
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they could not use our people need financial aid we need it now this announcement comes as a brea residents continue to rally some even demanding the governor be arrested the state is now under investigation after it changed its water source from the cure on to the flint river to save money. exposing residents to toxic levels of lead but allegedly waiting five months to warn the public monday that we cannot choose from baby in the water out like i did my baby can drink national guard troops are now on the ground passing out water and filters president obama has declared a state of emergency in white house officials say more federal aid is possible the epa meanwhile is defending its handling of the crisis and what the system has been switched back to leak you're on the pipe system is so badly damaged water is still not safe to drink. as for governor rick snyder he
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initially know the severity of the situation as expected to address this matter directly at his state of the state address tonight now to that growing controversy over this year's oscars the academy's president not promising big changes to help improve diversity. this comes after minority nominees were overlooked for a second year in a row and calls for a boycott to gain steam. this is lauren meserve reports from los angeles today the hollywood heavyweight calling for a boycott of the oscars over a lack of diversity getting a reaction to the academy awards after actress jada pinkett smith posted that video on her facebook page monday and director spike lee announced on instagram she cannot support it. the academy in response president cheryl boone isaacs in a statement overnight admitting she was heartbroken and frustrated
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and promising the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership we really need to support the industry. we still missed our david o yellow bow at a ceremony honoring isaacson l a last night joining the critics of the twenty missed opportunities to recognize a person of color in the acting categories for a second year this last one for that to happen again this year is unforgettable. some of the actors scene is overlooked this year either sal buffer beasts of no nation and jade is leading man will smith for his role in concussion. as for the boycott oscar winning filmmaker michael moore treating support for peace mckinley senior enjoying then adding i believe the academy will fix this now while the academy doesn't release information on demographics of its members according to a twenty two thirteen was angeles times investigation the academy is ninety three
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one person from twenty twelve with african americans making up only two percent. well some breaking news in the race for the white house former alaska governor and twenty in two thousand and eight vice presidential hopeful sarah palin endorses donald trump pale enjoyment trump in ames iowa on tuesday just two weeks before the iowa caucus is from said he's honored to receive palin's endorsement cold weather as blasting the northeast snow in pennsylvania. cold temperatures in chicago and frosted white appliance in connecticut. there's no stopping them in cold weather is dominating and finances while geoff lawson has details in the forecast today is going to be a cold when we have two different areas of we should worry about the first was a very minor system late in the day tomorrow. the next one a very big system as we head toward the weekend you can see made
4:37 pm
the horizon. most of the directions i looked our tower cam i could not see anything out there so blustery and cold under mainly clear skies for this evening wind chills in the team's actual air temp was dropping back in the mid twenties north westerly winds ten to fifteen but the sting especially near open water as high as twenty five mph highs today twenty nine in norfolk twenty eight newport news and hampton twenty nine and suffered a slightly less cold freezing literally from virginia beach down to chesapeake same thing down and even ten through the evening them will not see a big change will see definitely this country slowly dropping getting back into the upper teens by late this evening for the very rural areas and then falling down to the mid teens by morning last night we had some thirteen sport beans probably be similar to maybe a couple of degrees above but the bottom line i mentioned earlier. doesn't matter if you're talking fourteen or seventeen or in close to the coastline if you're talking nineteen or twenty
4:38 pm
cold and you can see those readings then under thickening clouds rising up only in the mid thirties during the day tomorrow. late today a chance for a couple of flurries and then it looks like we'll probably see a flurry or even a snow shower tomorrow evening. best chance for snow showers may be areas a little off to the north when completely rule out even nasa mary's getting a dusting but again hopefully that'll not be a big problem for the rush hour will keep a close eye on that for you and then as we get into thursday again high temperatures mid thirties which is our mid to upper thirties a little better than tomorrow but still nowhere near normal here's the first system coming through. i said earlier that was the a week and some that is not in this post that is actually the storm that's going to give us the flurries later tomorrow the west coast is where the storm is this can affect us this weekend said tonight's low temperature of twenty little colder in one blustery wind chills down into the teens better in the single digits last night sunshine giving way to clouds
4:39 pm
possible late and maybe even a couple of snow showers a few flurries the gal there does same thing tomorrow evening into tomorrow night a few flurries maybe a snow shower some light snow mainly to the north only down twenty six minus seven day forecast thirty seven on thursday forty eight on friday could be a little bit of a mixed bag at the beginning of the storm and then some wind rain is going to be a prince love how powerful and potent system. friday night into saturday when we could see a changeover here back in the metro area over to some sort of winter weather on the backside again as temperatures fall from forty five now northern and western areas will have a longer duration of the winter weather you can have some accumulation sent virginia is going to get up looks like a lot of snow off into the western part of the state have a lot more on that of the next couple of days back to you. i think shuffle already nervous about groundhog day fasten the back
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about this call popular app is now for a free is always a good thing. yeah and guess what the garden. i don't know why did you all and you two are about to see the first garden in space it's all trending now while yet it is so bad for me as gifts were some of your favorite cell phone apps right now move on well the essay has a great new app pants with an easy check on her flowing in from overseas. yes that's hopeful that we can scare got my husband and in the sport. ok there are golf is the use and now it seems the tree the other guests. okay well what's after that the burden of the castle is a very popular messaging app and they announce today a long post was that that they were moving fees what i from various versions of that. so the messaging service previously charged a dollar fee per year after the user's first year but this is a huge deal because this is a service many use to communicate with family and
4:41 pm
are free some really great deal and i ran a story that we're talking about earlier the international space station's this out to the home they have discovered a new life form a thriving zinni out with a beautiful orange yellow blue ski season commander scott kelly showed off his gardening results over the weekend and did a pretty good job he posted photos of the fall of the flower on his twitter account check out last month kelly had to fight off mold that threaten to kill all the flowers in the space station's mini greenhouse the mission control gave him free reign and he managed to save some of the crop. so here's the even cooler part is these are just for looks nasa says they're good precursor to tomato plants as well. wow really cool stuff and finally people online are kind of scratching their heads about this last one it's an issue that's becoming more commonplace after a loved one dies who owns what we create our mind when you die for. well a canadian widow's husband just
4:42 pm
led to this question to a tech giant apple demanding a court order. so this is what happened. the husband passed away in the way he's trying to download an app on their shared i pad she can remember the apple id password. oh well though she wanted to do was download a game to play but you know the password incorrectly advised her to get a court order was that information ever increasing soc more more that yes if you know that only raises a lot of questions about the ownership of those online accounts that we create so hard to keep my eyes on this one free i really know how how to answer and well in the abc learn more about this history and iconic super hero captain america and marvel's captain america seventy five whole years and starts at ten o'clock followed by marbles agent carter at nine o'clock and join us again and eleven for thirteen years now i am coming up the impact ride sharing companies are having on young drivers that story
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follow breaking news ahead and plant burst into flames why workers say. timing played a big role in keeping everyone safe this is in surgery plus an emotional day for dover police as they
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the study is raising concerns for automakers according to the report young adults are ditching driver's licenses and relying on line sharing services to get around researchers in the university of michigan transportation research institute say only three in four people between twenty and twenty four years old have a driver's license. this shows a sharp decline from previous years researchers concluded cars are becoming less important or less accessible to millennials after years of menus expanding several chains are now cutting their list of offerings a look of the nation's top five hundred restaurant chains show
4:46 pm
year both the number of appetizers and entrees has been cut by eight percent desserts and side dishes have been cut by five to seven percent. the kids menu already smaller as been less affected only about two percent in cuts staying in peter gabriel are teaming up for a summer tour the monthlong trek dubbed rock paper scissors will launch in columbus ohio in june it will conclude a little over a month later in canada staying and avril will perform both separately and together at the shows and seeing says in the statement i'm very happy that were taking the chance to experiment this way i think people will be intrigued i certainly am and that's all we have for you today and for more on the industrial fire in surrey at five a freezing night ahead road crews are taking any chances with city officials are doing to keep you safe. loyalty
4:47 pm
to describe the norfolk police k nine killed in the line of duty the community pas is to say goodbye to krieger someone stole a massive crane and trailer in virginia beach it's a critical part of this guy's livelihood. i just hope i get it back and do the right thing. somebody didn't know. that breaking news a massive fire at him plant in surry county. smoke billows four miles from the edwards meatpacking facilities several fire departments are working together out there to put out the fire escape is live on the scene at times the smoke is so heavy so pink is so dark we can even make out the package house and which employs about forty seven people thirty six of them working in the package house and in the office the west work at the retail store. we
4:48 pm
ourselves that one building is a complete loss and it looks like the package houses on its way to being a loss the fire reportedly broke out around lunch time so most of what they should have been out in the package house but jenna mueller was in charge of payroll says she started snowing a lot of snow and it was very strong smoke was coming from the loading dock in places where it should be coming from and so i quickly turned around to the canon on have some call nine one one water body out the fire was burning fast and loose hope to be seen from miles away but how we came outside which was maybe thirty or forty seconds later there was such a black smoke coming from the plant that is choking you just get your part was that fast that strong. there are fire hydrants at the municipal building and that the industrial park but a fire chief says they aren't
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