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tv   13 News 5  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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water is being called in and dropped a bit pumped onto the brick building the office building is just a shell of a structure it was destroyed the battle is with the blaze at the package house loading dock area you can think of anything in that area that would have cost us what may have been from something behind that area meshes with the smoke was coming out of i haven't heard of any reported injuries. coming up on thirteen years now. a woman shares what it's like to watch her place of employment of more than twenty years ago up in smoke live in surrey this case thirteen years now i fighting a fire in these freezing temperatures can be very dangerous suggests just how cold is in right now. well we've got almost all locations right now down into the twenties they are going to drop fairly similar to the types of readings that we got last night but again those are air temperatures with the windchill it won't
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because the winds not quite as bad wind chills in the teens here as we go to the evening hours and then dropping back you can see in staying in the teens but dropping in the low teens and a few spots but that's better than the single digits of that we add around the region during the morning and then during the day tomorrow. we spent eighteen eighty four straight hours today at norfolk was eighteen degree windchill eighteen again eighteen again and twenty one and i think we're back down to like eighteen or nineteen so we barely got over twenty today for a wind chill while it's going to like thirty nice and balmy ha at least that is an improvement and then as we get into thursday night tuesday wednesday thursday morning not quite as cold again so the overall progression is for little bit of improvement this morning here are some low to mid teens for the far inland areas similar readings possible tonight and then i think it'll be a little milder right near the shoreline that'll be the big difference places like norfolk international might not get down in
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at virginia beach so but in general does matter to talk and nineteen or twenty two is going to be downright cold tonight says take some precautions and then a big storm as we approach the weekend in a smaller system for tomorrow night will talk more about both of those my comeback phosphorus role in virginia beach will go out tomorrow night the crews will treat bridges ramps and overpasses normally three drugs go out around two thirty in the morning but because of this forecasts were told that tomorrow six trucks will go out with two more on standby and the trucks will go out an hour earlier if things get worse city leaders say that plan to change. hundreds of people in hampton spent the morning in the cold because of a downed power line. dominion power crews worked for hours to repair the line to rip rap road in north king street. dominion says equipment failure caused the outage as temperatures drop neighbors came up with a
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stay warm and lovely double up on new clothes reminds people of color don't normally get this in cages trying to be safe if your power goes out let them in you know call one eight six six dom help you can also report power issues on their website you'll find a link on our website thirty news now com by this cold glasses cause and ponds to freeze but not all the way which creates a very dangerous situation the ice covered waters can be inviting especially for children. first responders are warning parents to tell kids not to play on the ice experts say the ice needs to be at least four inches thick for any kind of sports. if your child does fall through the eyes called nine one one and try to reach the child with a roper poll don't go in after the child and the weather story says this cold weather and the chance for snow will stick around for a good bit of the week and you want to keep watching thirteen is now for updates as the forecasts can change coming up in a few minutes
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explain how you should prepare your home for this cold snap. police officers from around the state where an offer today to honor a canine officer killed in the line of duty a suspect shot and killed krieger last week. his memorial wrapped up just before three this afternoon eric caine joins us live with a look at today's service eric k nine officer krieger was on the force for three years and right now the american flag remains at half staff at the facility where he was trained and where he was remembered today a hero's farewell for fall in norfolk canine creature before his burial this afternoon a crowd of hundreds gathered at the canine facility to honor him this was now just need a dog police chief michael goldsmith a former k nine handler himself said krieger sacrifice saved two lives this was offer me the spark of something that you want to work with somebody fought
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up every time he got out of the car. it's right that we got here. in honor his sacrifice trying to protect his handler protect the citizens in office the other officers that were there that evening police say keith richardson shot krieger last week during a standoff with officers at his home. an officer fired back hitting richardson and later killing him creatures handler sat quietly during today's ceremony accepting hugs and condolences from his fellow officers loyal to a canine has to hammer the hammer back pass back to his canine the second to none. just incredibly intelligent animals as does another k nine officers from across the mid atlantic braved the bitter cold in a show of unity between man and his best friend. we know that this experience it is hard for the norfolk police department was in norfolk community itself. we just wanted to take our time to acknowledge that and give are definitely heartfelt condolences to them. we definitely got the look out
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over the place to include offering free and the officer who shot and killed the shooter who shot and killed krieger is on administrative duty which is standard procedure. coming up at six we'll take a look at what celebrity is doing to try to better protect these canines from harm. reporting live in norfolk area came thirteen years now or we're following breaking news in mackinac county virginia state police are now on the scene of a small plane crash police say it happened less than an hour ago at mackinac county airport that's on parkway north in alpha. here's a photo from the scene police say the pilot and passenger climbed out of the wreckage on their own. there is that photo right now investigators are trying to determine what caused that crash and stick with thirteen news now as we continue to work this to a story to get to update new information on the suspect shot by newport news police thirty three year old male ratio gansler is charged with killing thirty eight year old
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clinton kelly. officers found the victim shot to death inside a van on fourteenth street and wickham avenue last week police chase gansler from the scene and ended up shooting him a couple blocks away investigators are still looking for another suspect in this case we just learn the name of the man killed in a quadruple shooting in gloucester county. it was just eighteen years old deputies say joshua morrison was shot and killed early sunday morning and the wear next section of the county to twenty year old man from newport news and a fifteen year old girl from yorktown were also shot police already arrested eighteen year old john winner with the crime new information now in a story we broke on twitter last friday to date as of the police release new details on the fourteen women arrested in a series of massage parlor boss the women are charged with either committing a prohibited act in a massage parlor or allowing one to happen
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change in city ordinance meant to crack down on prostitution to learn more on those suspects go to thirty news now. com virginia beach police are investigating a bizarre crime someone stole this crane used on tv and movie sets exactly how they stole it is still unclear marcella robertson spoke with the owner who says the crane is how he makes a living that math and move the crane was stolen in a trailer just like the one here. the crane owner said he believed that the hike the trail up and drove away the sonata makes his living on tv and movie sets. some of his most prized possessions like these cranes have been on sets like transformers and the west wing. well it's my livelihood you know i was just coming back from a horrific accident i was hit on the motorcycle while young lady was drawn i lost my leg above my knee. recently someone stole some of those prized possessions. eighty thousand dollars worth and he
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the trailer with the director has said no that's we notice somebody stole the train i was in shock and utter stole the trailer and the crane was inside the crane stolen is similar to this one here in otto called police and even turn to social media to get the word out. he's now offering a three thousand dollars reward and hope someone will come forward just hope i get it back and do the right thing. somebody didn't know in virginia beach marcella robertson is now thirteen is now staying on top of breaking news the ham plan is on fire in surry county how the company is reacting. plus it is freezing outside and this is what everyone seems to be worried about ice on the roads and ice inside your pipes and reporter christine isn't a cup when you're breaking down when you need to know as we head into their bone chilling night. i don't like talk about cold i'll talk about
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even a stray snow shower that's in the next twenty four hours and then a much much bigger storms we had toward the end the weetrfic conditions the interstates might be accident free but they're not delay free so ignore but here's a live look in the middle of the six mile backup sixty four west
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if we are staying on top of breaking news in surry county firefighters are battling a fire at the edwards hand plan smoke still billowing from the building the company posted a statement online saying the business will be closed until further notice everyone at the plant is say
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there still no word on what caused this fire. bitterly cold outside in these temperatures these freezing temperatures will stick around. christina surgical joins us with what you need to know as we head into christina and the possibility of freezing pipes is especially concerning for those who live or own older homes like the ones we found in neighborhoods like gant here. now we talked a couple of people who are out and about and they told us not to concerned that is until they heard about it actually happening to people like simple math. freezing temperatures plus water equals ice on the pipes equals trouble. we are talking about freezing ever worried about a boy here i mean of course you do where you know for months and which to do is when the weather's really cold just let the word repent
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right that's what experts advise you to do in too many times they say people ignore their warnings. we didn't do that last night but nothing i was pretty worried at all if it continues to be this cold not really and tell him i'd be too late. it was late in the skies had opened up it was an pleasant surprise that charlotte tells me her family had to deal with almost exactly a year ago. what are we out of the sea lane running down the inside of the past as it turns out for pipes burst because of the freezing temperatures we went to try to turn it off had no idea of having just moved into the house that where the main water valve was to get our next our neighbor's house. he finally was able to turn off the water at st. several days of no water service and thousands of dollars for repairs are like said she learned her lesson and is now passing it onto others. every new homeowner should figure
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valves are a fight in bars er so we did this in mind as we head into the night make sure to cover up all exposed pipes and faucets just like you see are right there make sure to leave one faucet inside dripping overnights can keep their home plenty warm ok so we talked about the law what you should do one about why you shouldn't do we'll talk about that in about an hour reporting live in norfolk or scenes or take out their teen years now a crime alert in chesapeake police are looking for the man accused of stealing a car and breaking into several others. this all happened last month on padding laying off a dock landing. police say the man took credit cards from the carson use them at several nearby stores. we're looking at surveillance video of the suspects if you think you recognize these men call the crime line a virginia beach man is behind bars accused in a string of robberies police say nineteen
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the seven eleven on twenty fourth street and the seven eleven on pacific avenue saturday night. he's also accused of stealing from the abc store on thirtieth street in each case police say kyle had a nice pic of the day with nice clear skies out there but it is cold with a way way below normal which puts me in the upper forties to mid upper forties this time of year today we didn't even hit thirty it looks like in most locations clear skies but in case you're just joining us that will be changing both on our sky view shots will certainly have some clouds by this time tomorrow i think is pretty good chance we'll see some flurries or even a couple of isolated snow showers across the region as well so look for that radar perspective to change out there right now down to twenty eight degrees no wind if we keep the calm conditions as we go to the overnight which i don't think we well we would see temperatures at least as cold
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similar to maybe even a couple degrees above now it's my very latest thinking has changed slightly over the last hour or two for tomorrow spot forecast calls for a cold thirty three degrees for the high spot on for today was wind chills of less than twenty five. yeah four straight hours throughout the afternoon we were eighteen eighteen eighteen and twenty one at norfolk international so that counts that's now two in a row will try to keep going for tomorrow between the goal at twenty one day streak we had going recently. all of the twenty seventh just a ton of them out there right now couple of spots near thirty but you can tell the difference between twenty seven thirty if you're outside in it. that means it doesn't matter if you're on the peninsula anywhere these northern locations are you're definitely going to feel just as cold weather southside north carolina or on the peninsula right now everybody it's downright cold and when to get colder you can see dropping this evening i think this a different
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goes out more into the future that's why use that i think these temperatures might be not quite cold enough i would drop them a couple of degrees at least but again doesn't matter if you're talkin' seventeen or twenty or twenty one is really going to be cold again tonight into tomorrow. notice the sunshine giving way to the high thin clouds those thicken up then on in the afternoon and pretty decent area of snow out west virginia come sliding portis and starts to fall apart it will be pretty dry ice to some this might not reach the ground but i still think we'll see a good chance for a few flurries across parts of the area and maybe even a snow shower and then that things start to get interesting not so much thursday thursday will have some sunshine but friday morning. here comes the next much bigger system it'll be a lot of rain for most of our metro area it looks like with snow and heavy snow north and western areas of port richmond but around here we may even start as a brief period of snow before
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then changing back over to some snow so it's a really tricky forecast tonight blustery and cold mid to upper teens in land a lot of spots near twenty three about twenty two in the rest your forecast is going to look like this for the next seven days versus twenty one thirty four tomorrow with some flurries or light snow possible that were possible would fit on that little a seven day their thirty seven on thursday forty eight and one makes possible the onset on friday and saturday falling temperatures from the mid forties into the thirties and that could lead to the changeover back to some snow and more than westerners especially even some significant accumulating snow potentially. ok this january al in wins and high tides were going up some wins to maybe fifty miles an hour was coupled with that room right now right there when the us supreme court will take up the president's executive order that would let immigrants work legally in the us find out when the decision could come down
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added to french and spanish for students in the commonwealth will tell
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. supreme court is taking up president obama as immigration executive order the order allows up to five million immigrants to come out of the shadows and work illegally in the us lower courts blocked the plan from taking effect the supreme court justices said today they will consider on doing that ruling the case will most likely be heard in april a decision would come down in june possibly texas' leading twenty six states in challenging the immigration plan is a bill in the virginia house that would change the foreign language requirements for high school students delegate scott taylor once the computer coding course to count as a foreign language presented the bill today. if passed the board of education would have to come up with the course and the quota requirements. canadian
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the justice department to investigate the other major rail companies and here's why cp says it believes executives from union pacific bnsf and csx railroads violated antitrust rules by talking about cp is offer to merge with norfolk southern norfolk southern has rejected all of cp is offer so far. a spokesman for union pacific says executives talk with other railroads to prepare a petition in case the merger went through and just because it's freezing outside doesn't mean the navy stops working mike getting tagged along with the squadron at naval
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clinton is selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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check the cold very cold who not only is it freezing outside and most are tracking a couple chances for snow. it may be cold but national defense goes on track season is officially here. why you might get stuck waiting for your return thick dark smoke billowing from a hand packing plant in surry the fast moving fire at edwards meat packing facility has destroyed one building in
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weather and faulty fire hydrants were told slowed firefighters down officials say they had to haul in water because hydrants around the facility working edwards meatpacking posted a message on twitter stating the facility will close until further notice to assess the damage will better bundle up it is freezing out there we stayed in the twenties most of the day the good news is the weather authority is tracking some one of a warmup and jeff tonight is going to feel a lot like it did last night he had temperatures certainly are going to be similar but with a little less wind it might not feel quite as bad member last night when shells were in the teens tonight. yes actual air temperatures are going to be fairly similar. as you can see there's nothing on radar but if you're just joining us i've been talking about some inclement weather moving in by tomorrow late in the day in the form of some flurries some of those will evaporate before they hit the ground but in a few spots we can see a couple of flurries and
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