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tv   13 News 530  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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shower. so here's the jet stream taking a big look at dallas sixty six degrees just a little bit north and east of there couple hundred miles it's thirty six in little rock. we have a big swing again down here across the east giving us this really cold air mass and that setting the stage for a couple of minor disturbances or one minor disturbance come through first and major system to swing to a little bit later temperatures as you can see right now are in the twenties are going to drop back down again nothing at all on radar so how much will they drop well as i said pretty similar last night but it's really the snow chances we want to focus in on now is well with devon stuart standby outside. well jeff we do and the cold temperatures but we are tracking a couple of storm systems that could bring us the snow the first one is moving to the middle part of the country right now all moved in here tomorrow night in a couple of flurries maybe a bit of light snow into more northern areas but the next system now watching
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getting all the buzz online you've likely been hearing about is just now moving on shore of the west coast that's the one that will slide across the country this week as we head into friday and saturday will see them mix of precipitation here in hampton roads likely starting out as a mix changing over to rain then back over some rain and snow that was still five days also a lot of questions on to the exact track in the intensity the weather rain snow line might set up but certainly we had a very warm december now looks like winter is making a comeback here in hampton roads. david most of us could escape the cold today but didn't have to work outdoors. that's the case for many members of our military there is no choice due to calls by cutting watched up close is one local navy squadron battled the big show the this arctic blast may have developed hampton roads but the business of defending the nation goes on as they're putting out the hard way today here at the a w one
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has an important mission getting that e t c and d hawkeye and c two greyhound cod aircraft and flying on their way to wallop silent for fleet carrier landing practice that work goes on cold or no cold and make no mistake a twenty six degrees at high noon it was plenty cold. every local sometimes you get on the fly line is pretty brutal cold weather wind blowing everything off the list of mission accomplished and accomplish if they did airplane after airplane safely checked out and ready for flight is is i don't do hands get cold you get stay warm and a guest a woman much like when it's hot when it's cold an important key is staying hydrated drinking plenty of water are also key making sure the airplanes are warmed up properly before taking off certain parts of the engine in certain parts of the hydraulic systems that law. sadly won't be getting any warmer as the day moves in tonight the temperatures
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on and the sailors of the a w one twenty will be out here for however long it takes however cold it gets my getting thirteen years now breaking news out of course met them and organize the protests against the mayor last month barry randall confirmed that thirteen is now that he is running for a spot on portsmouth city council randall led a demonstration against mayor kenny writes silence on the city's rising homicide rate. late last month with the norfolk airport authority says it's closer to sealing a deal with over right now over drivers are banned from picking up or dropping off passengers at norfolk international under virginia law over must sign a contract with all airports and over will not agree to norfolk international's terms left dead. the norfolk airport authority told us today there's been some progress but there's still a few sticking points thirteen years now will let you know as soon as this deal is done time to get your tax forms
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season starts today you can also file your virginia taxes starting today. state leaders say when it comes to identity theft and tax return fraud they are being extra careful this year so that means it may take longer to get any refund you're entitled to speed up the process they recommend you file electronically and get your refund by direct deposit not by check. the deadline to file twenty fifteen virginia tax returns is my second well today we saw the end of the line for several proposals to expand voting rights in virginia according to our partners at the virginian pilot the bill that would allow universal early voting up to twenty one days before a general election was voted down today by the house of delegates subcommittee the same group voted down a bill to allow sixteen year olds to pre register at the dmv when they get a driver's license and the race for the white house america's largest lgbt organization is endorsing hillary clinton. the human rights campaign says it will work to mobilize its one
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and supporters ahead of the general elections and the primaries last year the u s supreme court ruled to allow all couples to marry and many of the lgbt community fear the decision could be reversed if a conservative president is elected and there's a push to get the so called affluent the teen tried as an adult find out what national group was behind the idea and what's next for caitlin jenner the deal in the works to help tell her transformation story and again we're tracking a couple of systems a weak one for
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. i two people are dead after their bus crashed in northern california this morning investigators a greyhound bus rolled onto its side in the bad weather in san jose nineteen passengers were injured investigators are looking into what caused that crash. the group matches demanding the affluence of teen be tried as an adult during a press conference this morning a mad director said forty three thousand people have signed a petition demanding the court's move ethan couch to adult court he was sixteen when he killed four people in a drunk
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thirteen mad presented prosecutors with the petition before a transfer hearing today we're working with the victims in this particular case of course they're very upset by the original sentence in his review to help them support them no justice system to see the edge is held accountable he killed four people has never held accountable for that and we're trying to make sure that that doesn't happen again. authorities say couch and his mother fled after video surfaced that appeared to show ethan at a party consuming alcohol. of course is a violation of his probation a tv show and now a book deal kaitlyn tanner just signed a deal to publish a memoir with grand central publishing the book is scheduled to hit the shelves in spring two thousand seventeen according to the publishing company the memoir will fall generous transition from bruce to caitlin and a statement jenner said that life is moving so quickly she said she welcomes the chance to slow things down a bit and
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reflect on this journey. pete rose is being inducted into the hall of fame. no probably not the one you're thinking about how the cincinnati reds are honoring him after being denied yet again back into baseball and there's a lot of protesting going on in oregon while armed rangers couldn't rangers continue to occupy public land in protest. now protesters are rallying against spam and coming up at six a smoke house in surrey destroyed by fire. no miss
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the breaking news from north carolina elizabeth city police are looking for a missing sixteen year old girl no one has seen ih arouse and since eleven o'clock yesterday morning. ross's mother returned home at eight o'clock last night in the teen was gone police say she did not show up at school today and her family hasn't heard from her call is the city authorities if you have seen the young woman place in new york say distraught ex boyfriend stabbed a young woman and man and then killedimself according to police the man recently broke up with a woman after a three year relationship he brought a large knife to the home and stabbed both victims in an upstairs bedroom police said the killer called his father told him what happen then he took his own life. the two victims or state university of new york classmates and
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spoke out about the tragedy which he did for our team in within her role on was with something that's not measured in the record books or in order sometimes even a final score was a tremendous human being. suzanne has waited to be in some good. the school provided counselors for students faculty and staff police are still investigating the incident a scandal in the world of tennis media reports allege some of the top stars are involved in match fixing and officials are turning a blind eye to it. the report says the governing body of tennis was warned about sixteen core players number one ranked novak djokovic added fuel to the fire when he told reporters he was offered nearly two hundred thousand dollars to throw a match and lose in two thousand and seven he ended up not taking
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not approached a directory of course we we threw it away right away i mean you didn't even get to me. love to hear names unknown then at least it's cold concrete stuff and connection debate about the match fixing scandal in pro tennis is overshadowing this week's australian open tennis officials are denying the allegations while many of the top athletes are demanding answers. heroes is headed to the cincinnati reds hall of fame. rose's ban from baseball and not in the hall of fame in cooperstown iran's announcement today came after baseball's commissioner last month rejected roses application for reinstatement to the game the commissioner pointed out baseball's career hits leader continued to bet on baseball even while trying to and the lifetime ban. the reds team hall of fame induction set for june dozens of people say they'll take part in a rally in portland oregon they want to show support for public land announced the armed occupation by local ranchers. some say they're worried the ranchers will hurt the wildlife refuge
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a century there to protect local tribes say they are grading the land the armed ranchers took over the refuge of the day after new years there advocating ranchers rights and protesting federal land use regulations a natural gas leak in southern california might and ahead of schedule right now crews are working to seal the well and take it out of service but it still could be the end of the month before the area is safe again. the leak started in a damaged well twelve weeks ago and it is the largest natural gas leak in us history and the largest disaster since the twenty ten bp oil spill. tomorrow morning five of our solar system's planets will be lined up many that that hasn't happened in ten years mercury venus saturn mars and jupiter will be able to see it tomorrow morning but the planets will keep that formation over the next five weeks so for all you star gaze was the best time to see is right before dawn temperatures had been hovering near zero in
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forty hours so on minneapolis man decided to have a little fun. he froze a pair of pants in just a couple of minutes even took a picture posted it to social media. don't they always do that and the idea took off neighbors are now well freezing their pants jeans and all kinds of clothing just a unique way to illustrate how cold it is things in my pants off that's not the cold weather is in full effect right now and the wind chill makes it feel even colder let's check in with jeff to see if he's freezing his pants off and the rest of the luckily no but we are talking about obviously some very cold air out there. i earlier thought we'd be a degree or two cooler and then last night in some spots to maybe about the same non thinking the same couple of degrees above what we saw last night nothing on radar but it is going to change we will be looking at some flurries tomorrow at this time whether or not they make it to
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of a question but as you can see we had a nice clear sky earlier now. darkness is set in but it's just a cold evening as the bottom line temperatures over the next hour or two dropping to around twenty five twenty so i think the last time i look so it's going to be a slow process. wind chills will be in the teens on like last night where we had wind chills down in the single digits now again last night inland areas got all the way down into the lower to mid teens tonight i think it'll be more like mid teens to maybe some upper teens and then for a lot of the metro area probably near twenty that's what i've gone as an official temperature and then maybe even lower twenties right near the water so at the airport for example with the official reading his cat might not quite get down to the nineteen that we saw last night but the really big news it doesn't matter whether it's again in the upper teens or lower twenties. it will be dangerously cold it will feel slightly colder with a windchill but tomorrow we start to look at the next
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after that. notice we have a pretty significant area of snow out some moderate snow in central and western virginia later tomorrow is that comes toward us it's going to tend to dry out the air mass is very dry so it's not a certainty that this will make it down the ground but in a few spots i think it probably will. and there's even a slight chance of a heavier snow shower that can give us a coating and then look at that northerly wind keeping us not quite as cold is still way below normal during the afternoon on thursday and then getting into friday is when we have to look at the next system but as you can see it's clear up and down the eastern seaboard lows tonight than mere twenty mid to upper twenties in the teens for in one area mid to upper teens excuse me and him in areas that are in line tomorrow thirty four sunshine giving wby to clouds and flurries possible late in the day quite a few flurries him a little bit of light snow or snow shower north especially low of twenty six and then
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changing to rain for most of our immediate area high of forty eight when the friday night very windy high tides and that is the system pulls away on saturday we could see a changeover back to some winter weather that canceled the north and west but even here in the metro area that is a distinct possibility of a lot more of the next four days as we get closer to the event i din update the breaking news we just brought to elizabeth city police say the missing sixteen year old girl has been found safe no one had seen eyes arouse and since eleven o'clock yesterday morning. police did say where she was located but we again are told that she is okay right now as cold temperatures move across maryland one county will enforce its anti cruelty laws for dogs and other animals under the law a residence there are forbidden from tether in dogs outside or in circumstances that endanger its health safety or well be the law carries a five hundred dollars penalty and
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of extreme heat or cold veterinarians right here in our area have some tips to protect your pets from the cold they say the most commonsense step is don't leave them in the cold too long try to use pet friendly diy servers for your sidewalk and don't leave your pet in the car during a trip to the store and remember pets can suffer from arthritis is well so make sure you provide them drive soft bed. it appears the bird flu is back in the united states the first reported case since last june has had a turkey farm in indiana department of agriculture says this is a different strain of the one that hit last year that strain cause the de population of seven million turkeys forty two million chickens and cost federal taxpayers about nine hundred and fifty million dollars with this current infection the usda has quarantined the birds at the southwest indiana far less than two hours ago small plane crashed in mackinac county the pilot and passenger escaped
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gathering the latest details the state police continue to investigate and saves and quadruple shooting and gloss or the suspect in custody as police released the name of the teen who died. new information and double homicide and lock down parts of newport news late last
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. the if someone in colorado most subtle like the side of the steelers flag flying outside the man's home imagine that somebody stole it while he was on fire fighter duty but that flag holds special significance the owner's father passed away in twenty twelve and that flag was one of the few members he had left of his father he hopes whoever took
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sympathy that person probably didn't know what they're doing probably what they were taking our i forgive that it's you know whether the flag ends up in my front yard tomorrow with no questions asked to be fine with that man filed a report with police but he says is willing to let bygones be bygones is someone just returns the flag and arkansas student pled not guilty today after being charged with harassment following the release of this video gone viral video shows the eighteen year old students blowing smoke and a teacher's face the police report says the teacher claimed the student blew smoke in his face three times he also said he had to remove the student from his class on several other occasions during the school year in australia one car owner stopped a would be thief from stealing his ride when he turned into a ninja check it out and happened at a gas station he saw stranger trying to steal his car and
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side window with both legs the flight fixed on the thief who took off running police finally caught up with him and arrested him as thirteen news now at five thirty right now it's six more information on that massive fire in surry county fire's been burning for several hours in surry county it happened right at the edwards meatpacking facilities some of our departments have been on the scene all afternoon then nineteen year old facility will be closed indefinitely following today's fire escape is live on the scene with more on what happened and how this will affect the employee's this far has been burning for at least six hours and i'm told just a little while ago they brought in an excavator to knock down a wall and if that happened that's why we were able to see flames shooting up from
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were able to see that the war this is where forty seven people are employed thirty six of them in the package house and in the office the rest at the retail store the fire reportedly broke out around lunch time so most of the workers in the package house were gone. that's when jenna mueller was in charge of payroll so she started snowing a lot of smoke and it was very slow smoke was coming from the loading dock in places where it should be coming from on and so i quickly turned around to the canon on have some call nine one one water body out fire was burning fast and the smoke could be seen from miles away near a fire hydrant in this building and at the industrial park but a fire chief says they aren't working. he didn't know why so water is being called again and jump in profit a
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building the office building is just a shell of a structure destroyed the battle is with the blaze at the package house loading dock area you can think of anything in that area that would have cost us what made them from something behind that area meshes with the smoke was coming out of miller has worked for edwards in payroll for about twenty three years watching her place of employment the liquid smoke brought tears to her eyes. it's heartbreaking i can't even begin to tell you my heart has just crushed my life is no tomorrow will bring you this is something else is weighing heavy on our heart nor mind and that is yesterday was a holiday so she was unable to do payroll so she says she's not even sure what she's going to be able to do for workers come friday workers who now have no place to work and may not get a check on friday. just
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