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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. the people of portsmouth and a wad of cash to support councilman bill moody only thirteen news now has video of this exchange i and crew still on the scene hours after a massive fire and a hand packing plant even now smoke still coming from the building i and the plane catches fire after a crash with the pilots has caused him to lose control the news starts now that breaking news tonight a woman was killed in a car crash and portsmouth police have been on the scene all evening investigating what happened
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near an apartment complex off george washington highway this is video from the scene into our newsroom just a short time ago. we know two vehicles were involved. no other injuries were reported police are still there investigating the cause of that crash the flames are gone when smoke is still filling the air in surry county tonight. emergency crews have been at edwards virginia smokehouse most of the day after a fire at the plan a long roll of highway. the company listed by the country as how he rather as one of its major the look of utter destruction and the devastating impact still almost a wall of smoke behind me here tonight that smoke could be smelled a good ten minutes away. even into this evening dozens of people what comes next the haze of smoke still thick tuesday night several hours after fire started tearing apart crews from at least four
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stretching out as far as you could see a bunch of people the entire community lives off of this building and is now crumbling before our eyes kristen apple and her sister came to make sure their father a firefighter was alright. everyday you know he goes to work and fight fires but when you see you for your eyes it's very heartbreaking complete devastation just for everyone every everything this is going to affect i grabbed the radio that we communicate via twelve and yelled in there for me to immediately evacuated. jenna mueller was in the middle of running payroll when most people were at lunch she smelled the smoke from the fire then saw it while she mature workers were clear the company's president i'll deny one one the business part of the surry county landscape for ninety years mueller has been here for more than two decades. it's heartbreaking i can't even begin to tell you the heart
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tomorrow will bring at least some of the crew should be staying out here through the night to keep an eye on the situation. investigators still are working to determine the cause in surry county brian carroll thirteen years now. the weather authority is continuing to track the cold weather also keeping an eye on the potential for winter weather this weekend geoff lawson joins us now with the look of the temperatures for two years are going to go down a little bit more they've been dropping pretty steadily. you can see nothing on radar that will certainly change by tomorrow late afternoon or evening some of that won't make the ground lot more on that coming up the big news for tonight certainly the temperatures as you can see we have teens across the inland areas it's not as far down in the teens as the lows were last night and i don't think we're quite get as low for example in suffolk last night we had a temperature. i believe was thirteen degrees tonight we're going to drop our sorta stay steady for an hour to and probably even rise a little bit by about seven or
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right now twenty six degrees should make it down maybe a little cooler than this i'll say about twenty to get the general idea. lower twenties last night was nineteen. some the places like newport news are going to drop down to around twenty maybe one or two spots in the upper teens so it's definitely cold out there and it will feel slightly colder because of a little bit of wind out there. we have tomorrow some flurries to talk about and even a snow shower or two a little light snow in one or two spot but the big news is a big storm will hit the mid atlantic area that includes all of our viewing area friday and saturday with a really gusty winds high tides and both rain and snow depending on where you are the thirteen is viewing area. i will have a lot more on that coming up in just few minutes you may need this as we approach the weekend we're talking about in the thirteen years now twenty one and died there are all kinds of tents there
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safe with other teen is not uncommon to the bottom of the homepage under producers packs on the news side portsmouth residents gathered and informal meeting to pay a fine of four councilman bill moody last week a moody was fined fifteen hundred dollars by city council members for allegedly breaking a wall thirteen is now is the only tv station to capture this video of moody receiving the donation money in the lobo has more on why some residents are fronting mood is fine in front of a packed house in a community meeting in the church and area of portsmouth and with no hesitation. bryant now has dollars to count them in humanity. nasa is going to see the fine in that amount from council saying he had violated a rule adopted by the majority of its members would violate the rule on december eight. apparently with the facebook posts
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outside a closed door session but a day laborers can now create a go fund me page to help a moody's fine calling it the transparency fun to get the feeling from our government currently that that they're trying to hide from us what they're doing more than they're trying to keep us involved in what to do it la kan so members took some steps tuesday night to inform the people and address their concerns. some say there's still a long way for portsmouth to go see that we have couple people in council that are more concerned with home being against the media and taking down the monument been working for the citizens of portsmouth. well a local pastor today till thirteen is now he plans to run for portsmouth city council very random helped organize recent protests against portsmouth there kenny wright saying the man wasn't doing anything to fight the city's rising homicide rate according to the virginian pilot petals father was shot and killed in nineteen eighty one he says is a lifelong portsmouth
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activist and pastor of the church in the brighton section of the city. number one tonight of a man accused of robbing a dry cleaners in newport news. this is an officer's body camera video shows the suspect after arron riyadh man's cleaners and laurent boulevard the suspect dropped the business at gunpoint and then got away on a bicycle police found the bike and its nearby but they're still looking for the suspect there is also new information tonight about a plane crash in mackinac county state police tell us the pilot ferris crowley and bristow was trying to land a small plane a gust of wind caused him to run off the runway and happened this afternoon and the mackinac county airport in off the plane had a storage shed and light pole before catching fire the pilot and his passenger got out safely on the road tonight nettles road in newport news has reopened following a crash during the evening rush hour take a look at this picture
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point road fire officials say rescuers had to remove the roof of his suv to get the person trapped inside the roadway was also blocked because of downed power lines at the scene the suspect shot by newport news police during a double murder investigation is now out of the hospital three year old horatio dance ler was released from hospital today and then taken into custody. he's charged with two counts of first degree murder as well as attempted robbery wrestlers accused of killing thirty eight year old caught ray graham thirty year old quintin kelley officers found the victim shot to death inside a van on fourteenth street and wickham avenue last week police chase tesla from the scene and ended up shooting him a couple blocks away a witness share this cell phone video with us investigators are still looking for a second suspect who got away. we're learning more about the victims and a quadruple shooting in gloucester county authorities say eighteen year old joshua
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the weekend we also learned a fifteen year old girl from yorktown and two men from new partners both twenty years old was shot and wounded eighteen year old design winner of hampton is facing charges. no word tonight and would like for this and now a stuntman required for actor jamie foxx was involved in a real life rescue why some are calling a hero a local man is asking for help he says someone stole something priceless to him and he doesn't know what that person would do with it and later getting ready to be reunited
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the process most people have caught fire after jamie foxx had a starring role in a real life rescue he helped save the man after a car crash outside his home in california. fox told the highway patrol he heard a loud crash last night the person screaming after calling nine one one fox and the good samaritans helped him an escape a burning car continuing with the hollywood theme here someone stole a large crane and trailer in virginia beach daddy think with the news for tv and movie productions while so son otto has used
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including transformers and west wing of this crane is worth eighty thousand dollars synonymous as these are his prized possessions and his livelihood. i just hope i get it back and do the right thing. somebody didn't know he's offering a three thousand dollars reward in hopes someone will come for donald trump receive what some are calling a big bonus today and the battle for the conservative vote receiving an endorsement from former alaska gov sarah palin meanwhile a new poll shows bernie sanders with a sizable lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire's abc's lana zach has the latest developments in the campaign the tea party favorite sarah palin has weighed in with her endorsement for the gop nomination the giving it to donald trump the two former
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admired each other in twenty eleven pale and shared a pizza with trump as she pondered running for the presidency from the party appeal wins endorsement could be critical as ted cruz and trump run neck in neck in the polls in iowa the two men locked in a battle of backhanded compliment as i liked the insults simmering just below the surface last couple of days he's been getting rather than frozen insults my way. i don't intend to respond to his word about his temperament and people are talking about his temperament. i haven't talked about his temperament but he's gotta be careful because his temperament is you know has been questioned a lot while among the democrats a new poll shows bernie sanders with a twenty seven point lead in new hampshire today the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable she did a half months ago
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to capitalize off of those four poll numbers in an email to donors clinton house for their support saying there's a real possibility we can lose those contests long as zach abc news washington president obama is putting the federal government's help with the water crisis in flint michigan the president met with lynch mer today at the white house announcing the health and human services department would coordinate federal efforts michigan governor rick snyder delivers his annual state of the state speech tonight is focused on fixing the water crisis snyder said he plans to appeal president obama is denial of a federal disaster declaration for the area you can now file your state and federal taxes and tax officials say it may take a bit longer to receive refunds this year are carefully reviewing return to try to protect taxpayers from identity theft and fraud taxpayer should think about filing electronically and choosing direct deposit for refunds instead of checks
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tax turns is my second. clear skies out there tonight but it is cold not quite as cold as last night at least in terms of how it feels the wind chills are running is cold. actual temperatures vary as you'll see in just second to start out as usual with radar just make sure nothing's popping up in there isn't right now norfolk international twenty six degrees but the wind only five mph last night it was up and the teams that made it feel a lot colder now these are the actual air temperatures in terms of how much they've changed over the past twenty four hours north it actually up two degrees we were twenty four yesterday at this time virginia beach on change newport news up a few button change the williamsburg softened down a few chesapeake down a few. so it's really a mixed bag across the region and later tonight be more the same we had lower teens inland i think mid to maybe even some upper teens across the far inland areas later tonight and then we'll see temperatures closer to twenty for much of our immediate
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at the coast that early in the morning by nine o'clock the end of rush hour waiting at the bustop. you're going to find readings in the twenties little bit of a breeze will make it feel colder but it will not be a frigid like it was this morning are not quite as bad and then look what happens with and talk about it for awhile tomorrow evening late afternoon evening and into the early overnight we get some of these snow showers or snow flurries to move through it can be really really dry the air mass tomorrow so there's a good chance a lot of this is going to tend to evaporate and not make it down to the ground but i think certainly some spots that will summon say a few flurries and maybe even a snow shower some light snow bring the dusting and a few spots that at least the potential but hopefully it'll be after rush hour and then into thursday morning we see some sunshine returning and temperatures will be cold but again not quite as cold and this is work it's interesting. friday we start out with a little bit of a mix and then it turns over to
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later in the day friday and probably back to some snow on saturday the forecast for tomorrow thirty three degrees for today we said when shells would be somewhere less than twenty five five straight hours they were either eighteen or twenty one degrees today so that's two straight forecast showing you a future cast this is just one model that you can see the storm reporting along the coastline. that'll move the rain snow line first in one port center virginia and then back toward the coastline so i think we will be talking about a really big storm into central virginia western part of the state around here again it'll go from one to the other back to the other will have a lot more on how much coming up but for tonight twenty degrees mid to upper teens in one blustery and cold thirty four tomorrow sunshine and clouds flurries possible late and then by tomorrow evening and into the early part of the overnight maybe some light snow but the family a
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then thirty seven on thursday friday saturday is the big storm we're going to have some hide some really gusty winds and in terms of the precipitation it'll start out in some spots the snow change over to some rain then probably go back to snow sometime during the day on saturday with some accumulations definitely quite possible if not likely especially the farther north you go you get up north the williamsburg again will break down with the band's map for you tomorrow but if you watch this from some of these northern areas could be some real problems stuff to walk out the weather as handy we're tracking the other day and night before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen is now at day break starting at four thirty i'd coming up in sports will head to the general assembly in richmond. yeah the sports guys went to the general assembly where the house and senate honored this year's
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sports. a
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story thirteen is now first brought you over the holidays a world war two veteran in virginia beach is getting ready for a trip to australia to reunite with his wartime law. arab news a line as flying ninety three year old norman thomas to australia next month to see his former flames or enjoy store on hundreds of people saw their love story on thirteen years now and made donations to reunite the pair during world war two loose in london england and thomas was a d day paratrooper he now lives in australia. thomas says he can't wait to give her a little squeeze. well onto another longtime love story was a very special day for a couple in clare moore oklahoma. lois and bill arkin are celebrating their seventieth wedding anniversary today there are highschool sweethearts before they got married yesterday had lunch at the same hotel where they spent their
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ago. we've had a lot of good memories. then one of four who want more human than seventy years wall by bill says he's learned over the years that if you get into an argument and you know you're right. don't say anything so i'd say nothing wrong. you better apologize on his love for the international frenzy many love stories in sports or the article on the one i'll work on at the virginia sports hall of fame announced seven new members for the class of two thousand and sixteen three a from this year's class has strong ties the hampton roads that would include legendary lady of our best ball coach marianne stanley she was a seventy seven eighty seven head coach uw three national championships in a genuine pioneer in women's basketball player temecula today
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general manager the norfolk tides king of baseball in two thousand and fourteen for kyle minor league executive the year cs pink zone charlie stokes he's got a through ball wing ring with the baltimore colts in super bowl five four of the seven inductees minute to the general assembly when they were honored by the state house and senate today. this brings back so many memories and i think of all of the great players in the administrators who are so instrumental in our success and that knowing that this honor the tang be given is really a goof on agn i look at it as an opportunity to thank all those people you know so many people played a sport and a half depleted of basic forgotten but you know it is an opportunity to be recognized by my home state and is intolerant rivers for me to have the opportunity to let those let me know that people steal realize that us older guys i hadn't gone away tuesday the official
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for april thirtieth. that's important of course the virginia sports hall fame is in portsmouth the others in this year's class i haven't mentioned include charles oakley of course nba star virginia union and nineteen years in the nba james farrier a linebacker and uva uva than fifteen years in the nfl to pro bowls two super bowl rings play with the steelers and the jets robert new crop of the soccer star from richmond and then the rich murray becomes a media member the first sports information director the ones that deal with us guys and gals. he's at university of virginia for many many years congratulations all of them when we come back we'll head
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and the struggles were real for uva basketball the last three acc road games over the last two weeks however there were undefeated at home and that's where they work tonight against clemson early on devon hall virginia beach native cape henry along eleven points in the game which is for him as an acc career high and then anthony list is back and forth in the first half anthony gill powered his way and gets fouled uva led by three at halftime thirty one twenty eight not the broad step back three gave uva the lane actually forgot here thirty five thirty two actually they never trailed after that i should say and then brought in slices his way through for two he had a team high twenty they actually went up by thirteen after his great passing play to mike tobey
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got to within three with the breakaway bucket from anthony gill end of story uva won its sixty nine to sixty two they are now three and three in the acc. note from iran mayo hampton native of high school and the new england patriots injured a shoulder is out for the rest of the year won't be able play for the patriots in the and the afc championship game or they make possible what a bummer that losing him a speedy recovery pass on our next task in a chilly morning at the bus stop yet not quite as bad as this point actors will be a whole lot different than what it feels cold because of a little less wind and then i think late tomorrow or deceit least a few flurries and i would rule out a dusting in a couple of isolated spots i faced up to thirteen is now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning to make it alive follows us followed by
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