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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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right now. we are keeping an eye out for wintry weather the temperatures are cold and we could see snow tonight yet you're saying it right there heading east on the radar so when we see the flurries this evening well see them on radar right now when i go over there and you already even close to us that they're not reaching the ground the stuff that does reach the ground take until probably later this evening i don't anticipate any problems for the evening rush hour day after that could get a little bit interesting again not a big storm but all you need a little coating on some of the roadways like this all week or so ago. that's what we'll be talking about start to see the clouds filter and as you can see high atop the station here are skyview picture. here's what i was talking about with some the flurries already showing up on radar out near franklin southampton county down through her fur. northampton county in north carolina but i can't find any evidence yet that this is reaching the ground if you're watching us from franklin. i'd love to
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see some snow but i doubt you are at this point. then we see a bit of a break until we get more significant snows that's going to take a few hours of this calling to again voice in the atmosphere an uppity enough to can come all the way down to the earth so it'll definitely by seven o'clock be over top of us on radar but it might take until eight o'clock or nine o'clock before we start to see some of these areas again scattered flurries at least and maybe even one or two areas with a more heavy snow shower and then the ex is we get into the overnight hours most it looks like around half an inch but as we learn not to long ago. again doesn't take more than half an inch to make some of those roads quite slick so we have to watch for that likely not for the rush hour but for later this evening and we'll see if it's still sticking around into tomorrow morning we'll also talk about a much bigger storm moving in for friday saturday palin could bring two feet of snow to
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more about that one coming up in just few minutes i think just don't forget to head online for all your winter weather information we have a guide on the weather section of thirteen years now dot com you can find all the information you need and how to prepare for the cold winter during this bitter blast and when you're on the go you can take thirteen thirteen is now along with you download our weather caster app is free and compatible with both apple and android devices you can find a link to download under years now dot com. while preparations are well underway to make sure the roads are safe and clean when that wintry weather blows through cruiser at the ready and are stepping up their patrols. kristen is for j co shows is how in virginia beach when sitting on right now is nearly three thousand tons of sand and salt to make sure that is available for crews to start treating
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ramps in work will begin tonight first set of crews week crews will treat the roads in the early morning hours of tomorrow folks here at the public works department will be keeping an extra close eye on the forecast next couple of days and need me much more of this mixture can be made. of on elena coming up at five o'clock we talk about a snow plan that the city already has in place for friday and saturday reporting a virginia beach to see her take up their teen years now and brokers of the only ones getting ready listen to those workers and area shelters are reaching out to people in shelters in virginia beach today and they serve at risk and homeless kids. how concerned are they right now with this weather is with the executive director told thirteen news now reporter elise brown. there are more than a thousand homeless youth in our community alone
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these this you can get to a safe place as quickly as possible. a safe place like a scene youth shelters in virginia beach executive director jennifer surat he said the boys and girls shelters serve ages nine to seventeen and sometimes eighteen we take responsibility for getting them to school even if it's a doctor's appointment we know we we eat together we know the word shelter on you know is actor but we really are a home home that has space right now. it welcomes people twenty four hours a day seven days a week or you can can the shelter they could come to us through our referral from a family member a teacher they can also get in contact with the group through a safe place which is a story fire station a library that day that carries the safe place yellow sign to rocky says it's important that there's a place kids and teens can go especially in
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would you do for a warm place to sleep or some food. if you didn't have any you know it's it's a scary prospect to think what what could happen to youth on the streets in virginia beach police brown thirty news now a trip to federal court today for norfolk city treasurer anthony barr flood he faces multiple felony charges including wire fraud and perjury thirteen news now reported marcella robertson broke this story on twitter she's live from norfolk where buffets arraignment wrapped and the neighborhood pleaded not guilty to those political corruption charges afternoon he asked the judge for a jury trial that is exactly where this case is now headed to trial date has been set from a third that to all of this birth but is still maintaining his innocence his attorney tells me today that they plan to fight this all the way through the and now the federal fbi indictment that accuses birth but of
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the soul is soliciting gifts i'm asking for money in exchange for his use of power and votes on city council and his position as treasurer of the season a total of eight of his birth but hasn't spoken to the media since the indictment came down two weeks ago but his attorney did speak with us again after court said this afternoon at that hearing is we have to say nothing's been proven anthony says he's innocent he's adamant about that and he's presumed innocent and should be given every man for acquitted and that's that's why we're going to fight the trial date has been set from a store in that will be with the jury now a city leader some city officials have called for burke to step down amid these allegations coming up tonight at five o'clock you why his attorney says that's just not an option live in norfolk marcella roberts in thirteen years now. all were to switch gears now and take a look at traffic conditions especially
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the peninsula to the southside reason being two of the main thoroughfares hear the term bt and the monitor merrimack both j and due to two separate accidents that happened about thirty minutes ago. let's give you a live look at what's shaping up around the hr bt so take a look at this if you're headed from camp and making a way to norfolk to shop here is not too far from king street the delays are now beginning around our midst avenue creeping back to lasalle avenue about four miles of this before even get to the hr bt then again that's due to the earlier crash never thinking of stick them on the merrimack instead let's head to the second cameron will take a look at traffic there a three mile back up kicking off a thirty nine and it's going to be again that stop and go the situation to have the monitor merrimack out to suffolk so if you can make your way to the jr be if not stay with me on twitter facebook and of course when you're thirteen years now i'll keep you posted on your right to the south side. all good advice and thanks love the virginia hospital and healthcare association held its first lobby day at
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in richmond hospital officials from around the state one expansion of medicaid in virginia they're offering that hospitals pick up the state's share of pain for the expansion. republican lawmakers blocked medicaid expansion in virginia and say they will continue to do so they argue the plan is unsustainable. a recent surge in gun purchases in america means more background checks in the fbi just can't keep up officials had to temporarily halt processing thousands of appeals from people denied a firearm purchase the fbi had to reorganize their team of analysts dealt with the backlog of more than seven thousand appeals yet the eyes assistant director says gun sales spike every time there is a call for increased gun control. new evidence our solar system is larger than we think fascinating story here when scientists believe they found
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there be a major ford recall i had the federal probe of a
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. we have a heads up for ford focus drivers there could be a recall in the future u s safety regulators are investigating complaints that doors won't latch properly. the problem is looking into about four hundred thousand cars made in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen seventy three drivers have reported problems with latches including some who said the doors open while they were driving and one person has gotten hard. this same type of recall happened last year for about four hundred and fifty thousand lincoln and casey ford fusion and fiesta models most of detroit's public schools closed today because of teacher absences the public school district made the announcement this morning
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schools that no but last night a teacher's advocacy group warned of closures as teachers continue to protest over school conditions the district's financial condition and work environments. yesterday the governor pushed lawmakers to pass bills to overhaul the school district today republican leaders in illinois proposed a state takeover of chicago public schools proposal would allow the school system to declare bankruptcy and pave the way for the state takeover leaders pitched it as a lifeline. rather than a bailout. the school system is controlled by the city and mayor rahm emanuel ask for financial help the system is facing a four hundred and eighty million dollars shortfall and a possible strike if a contract isn't reached with the chicago teachers union the former drug that made infamous for price gouging is changing lawyers martin skelly former legal team notified and new york giants and change and an
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he called his charges that precious and took issue with claims that he is the world's most hated man. the former hedge fund manager pleaded not guilty to securities fraud and conspiracy prosecutors say scroll eight loss to investors money for bad trades then use those pharmaceutical company to pay them back one of the cars used by pope francis during his september visit to philadelphia is going up for auction the city's archdiocese made an announcement today the model fee on car will go up for bid at the philadelphia auto show next week. proceeds will go to select ministries and the children's hospital of pennsylvania. the pope got out of the black sea out to bless a boy with cerebral palsy. during his visit there he made a point of using modest cars to emphasize simplicity. new research could change the whole way we look at the solar system scientists believe there could be a planned attacks far far away. elisa this new
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us. yeah janet space enthusiasts are going crazy over this potential planet nine astronomers at the california institute of technology say they have found new evidence of a giant icy planet lurking in the darkness of our solar tys orbit of pluto and they're callingt played at night researchers de ri the planet as about five to s as big as the er they haven't seen the planet directly at. but they have inferred it sings existence or recently discovered dwarf planets and other smaller objects in the in the outer solar system so it's like those school textbooks are going to going to need a big update sometime soon. acting with the task is planet that hasend called her last year was adjust its hottest year on record and left a cighry temperaturearks in the dust administration and nasa officials say twenty fifteen was by far the hottest year
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years of record keeping no officials say twenty fifteen was one point six two degrees above the twentieth century average. scientists blame a combination of allen a new and increasing man made global warming. once again starting to see the snow showing up on radar again a lot of this bright white color is not reaching the ground and i'd say at this point the start of that is probably not reaching the ground in most of these locations even where you see a little bit of that sort of bluish color starting to show up. now maybe up and tap my hand at it might be or somewhere near there. we get some of the darker blue but it usually takes an hour or two at least of moisture falling gradually gradually motion was in the atmosphere so right now at thirty six degrees wind lightly at
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point a very dry eleven look at that sunrise beautiful this morning from not just looking to the southeast but a lot of sunshine a little bit of a hike in class from time to time. gradually as you can see going in the afternoon that gave way to some slightly thicker clouds and that's what we're starting to see out there right now. here's what you can expect as we go through the next couple of days. stop by the way c can reduce snow showers or flurries are likely this evening clearing late a good chance we're going to get a dusting in a number of spots and we might even get up to an inch and a very few locations friday saturday storm will produce a mass of snow a little bit of a mix and some rain and wind it is all likely probably back to snow at some point the forecast is very track dependent. stay tuned for details here the temperatures around the rest of the region you can see cole little colder in not much anywhere from the low to mid thirties to the mid thirties at the coastline couple upper thirties like in virginia beach right now is definitely colder than normal through
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everything phil and you say well wait a minutes already we just showed clouds again a lot most of that if not all of it not reaching the ground this is the stuff that will the ground or at least get closer to eight minutes gone already by the overnight i wouldn't rule out a couple of problems may be in the morning on some of the roads if we get that you and it stays cold overnight like we think it's going to sell watched in the morning just to make sure temperatures then tomorrow not warm but a little bit tiny bit better than today with a lot more sunshine that just sets the stage for another system moving again then during the day on friday starting out as a mix but here's the first one swinging through some of this will tend to dry out as it comes down the other side of the mountains so it was forecast for tomorrow thirty seven is what i'm saying for today we said thirty three so far with thirty six so it doesn't go up anymore will have three straight forecasts await the official word
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and light and or light snow with a few heavier snow showers those are the ones that would tend to give us again dusting or maybe even a little bit more in a few spots and then thirty seven tomorrow forty four with snow during the day friday to the north a mix or some snow to mix then to rain around here. then rain back to some snow on saturday really complicated situation hunters falling from the forties and windy and cold on sunday tides could run also up to about the nuisance levels if not even a little bit higher level lot more coming up a little bit later. i paced appetite use caution the three cars a fender bender were talking about the hot now sign along virginia beach boulevard and the krispy kreme doughnuts is jones' job coming up next on
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. they have been a staple in hampton roads for decades known for their high now feature and we are talking about krispy kreme look at that do not know hadn't been running about in the hot grease lot and may not like a fine job as a whole lotta work so i'm told is just a job today. yeah hard work but it is hard work and those guys who do the work they work very hard and i pulled some donuts off for you guys look at these ladies gentlemen can you see how delicious they look during the story of the sample them and give me your opinions don't have processors box up hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these donuts day and night the evolution of a krispy kreme donut mill droppings into the river of cooking oil these are what customers crazy the past through
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eventually these other guys who bought a mop over seven hundred dozen box up on this run. holy krispy kreme with a that you have to be my home the bill which remains the case with sedona got to be able to multitask out of the oven to one more thing to about eleven workers on the day shift in about eleven of the overnights and the drive thru is open twenty four seven you want to wait until they get about life from here for the places try and pick them up nice and free ice water still warm and they're not going to stick to the pot and i was trained to do what the sales clerks to run back to the line to get the hot brown glaze donuts over and over and over again so you can have a problem but rather to get boyfriends this job because it is an attack that i would love to eat them but not on the line on syria to get in between the line
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were a lot like the lucille ball assembly line i don't need to be in a hurry. now it's different if you work out run it tasted very ambitious person takes a big personality smiling to be happy the deal with people every single day. james ramsey was the manager of the store for years known for his generosity for fundraiser every day and this song that was going that well that not bad profession all out and just wasn't really for a couple more weeks and turned and he would fit right in my team member jones john hot now. com and get the outcome in yemen and let's not leave ramsey's son now runs northampton boulevard he gave away so many don'ts for fundraisers is great fantastic guy and there's a new krispy kreme about open in march or metal feeble and
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she told me that again we love any story that has free samples the object i like their win total was the white house our god. yes let's follow the original went to lasalle where everybody are so good in the newsroom is all requested these come right in the andes and get a bath. thank you beth i looking ahead at the future of norfolk more than eighty years to be exact we're speaking with planners for vision twenty one hundred the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals.
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among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . . now hammering the northeast and snow blowers and shovels coming in and aid to clear driveways and sidewalks the radar showing blobs of white creeping towards hampton roads. o do you still is bracing for the call when the weather waiting for the snow on making you want to say our right let's get right to and how much snow
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how little snow show you showing you a live look from the thirteen is now the two cam and that's on nineteenth in atlanta give virginia beach and death is standing by with more on tonight's forecast yet tonight is really very difficult even though it's only a few hours away we know what's going to look like on radar. we know how dry it is that the ground the question is how much will make it to the ground is so dry last that much of this is going to tend to evaporate before it gets down to the earth's surface so right now start moisten up the atmosphere it's going to pick a couple of hours to do that once it starts but definitely a beer tap handle it looks like at least starting to make that process fell where it gets a little bit lower in a little bit lower with each passing hour widening the scope out you can see for those somewhat heavier areas to the north but even under that santa just started my guess would be that we're not seeing it at the ground just yet. and little white stuff coming
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of our viewing area but it's not until you get out in western virginia that we are seeing any of the reporting stations actually reporting snow down at the surface in either western north carolina or into virginia. meanwhile temperatures are up a little bit compared to yesterday but all that means is we're up in the mid thirties still plenty cold for snow you don't need to have a thirty two is need of a thirty two up a few thousand or so feet from there on up because then anything that falls doesn't really have too much of the time to change over and melt so right now we are running warmer than we were yesterday. let's take a look through this evening official forecasts in terms of our ecm ws no potential as the euro model year so much about around half an inch and i think that's a pretty good starting point this is the later stormed the one that is coming on friday into saturday. i'll tell you what i think of these numbers and
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i come back in just a little while right track again a journey to the part about around krispy kreme any price i only appear on a diet is that really the only a problem yes as my new year's resolutions i tried not to look at that story than i really wanted also to look away from the donut that are in the newsroom. i'm telling you right on so we are dealing with some delays on the road some due to earlier accidents and some just to the fact that it was four thirty so well take a look at a few spots we talk at the beginning of the show about the hr bt and the monitor merrimack both j and headed to the south side due to earlier accident so i mention that you should probably head over to the jr b which is still let me start by saying your best alternate route but take a look at traffic as you approach the south end of the bridge on the south sides of this is right before you head over to isle of wight county traffic is starting to jam out there checking to see if there is an accident or breakdown something working out there that could be causing
4:28 pm
southland right now it's about a mile of slow traffic out there at the very end of the g or b on the south in to watch out for that still take underwear back in the tubby tear jm a quick look at a second camera now as we head over to the hr bt on the westbound side tracked again proving there but i'm still saying stop and go delays norfolk to hampton sixty four westbound between grammy street and the hr bt in the shot here that fourth few words about four miles the hr bt in dc traffic on congested there as the rounds the corner and head to the braves a quick look at the traffic network maps again i mention those delays around the monitor merrimack in the hr bt those are still working as you head to the south side and also let you know in norfolk as a kind of crossover from norfolk into virginia beach or the lp around sixty four west to two sixty four an accident blocking the right lane and the on ramp looking at this to watch out for i will certainly keep you posted as things are kind of progress throughout the afternoon doing what you now that we do
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well on thirteen years now dot com has been thirteen years now and hit the track the tab and you can see all of the road conditions there and check them at your convenience guys back to you i thank you very much vision twenty one hundred that's what the city of norfolk is calling its plan for the city's future and here to talk more about this whole process is jeremy sharp enemy see howard from the city's planning and neighborhood department thank you so much for coming on yes that's o vision twenty one hundred. what exactly does that mean is about thinking about what norfolk might look like with eighty years from now fifty years from now how would you describe a second about looking at what the cb a hundred years from now so we're planning a long term and looking at how how would we want to see what the residents want everyone to start thinking about those things now. ok and in what you say are some of the big
4:30 pm
to look at like the sea level rise i'm sure that's probably what are we looking at three things really were looking at sea level rise just that the environment altogether in that environment to the time is changing. looking at population growth population has grown will to continue to infrastructure needs for building light rail were standing by rail. we have a lot of things that needed going for one having it go about trying to figure out what to do a mean you're pulling together what a group of people me how you gonna come up with a plan. well what we want to do is have more assets to become an asset mapping and is really important that we gave citizens from across the city involved one residence we want business leaders faith based institutions there are nonprofits and we want to hear from themat d you really like about the city we like about where you live where some of the assets of the city has with what her favorite things about an orphan because the one to
4:31 pm
years from now can do worry about millennials that may not where i want to be long is i certainly want to make sure that everyone have their input because anyone know what they want because they're more likely to be around during that long far yet period. ok so you have in the series of meetings. ok i think we have information on the first one coming up that first community meeting is tomorrow from five thirty to seven o'clock at night and that said first baptist church. lambert's point and again they're inviting everyone to come out and participate right absolutely ok we thank you so much good luck with it. thank you regina. well it is back to school tomorrow for students at the high school in mathews county a heating problem and mapping site caused officials to close the school in this case has more less than an
4:32 pm
began this morning at mathews high students were getting back on busses and others driving law in in the school day canceled because of a heating problem dead dozens more about her and when an apartment and has written essays and stuff and it's hard to know certain for the heating system was working with the school superintendent says it would be saving for this system was putting out a sad day. they can open doors that lead out into the snow go outside and it would have just been too said that it says that initially they could identify the owner of the decision was made to fit in the air safety and the safety of the staff knew the back although it is today i was in that class and
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by one add them in buckets know the difference. it's not what they are remembering an online password is tough enough but certain passwords come easy the hackers putting your information address will break down the list of the most common passwords then a campaign volunteer
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in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . or. well breaking news out of chesapeake fire forces an adult and child out of their home in exeter circle west indian river park firefighters tell us they got the call around two this afternoon when they got there they found smoke pouring out of a two story duplex. it took fire crews about an hour or half an hour to knock down the fire investigators say the fire started in the chimney and quickly spread. no one was hurt there is something in the water adventures airfield in navy has completely voluntarily testy out there testing a
4:37 pm
water to be installation and the results are disturbing the logos of any type of contaminants known as p f c s r four to five times higher than what is advised by the environmental protection agency the navy is taking steps now to protect affect the sailors and civilians who work adventurous right now these compounds are regulated right now the health effects are completely unknown but as a proactive measure and we are taking the steps actually test for it and if we find it above the provision of health advisories were providing bottled water for sailors to ensure the highest quality water for them. now the source of the contamination is a type of foam the navy used for firefighting and training from the nineteen fifty to nineteen eighties in the weeks i had the navy will work with local state and federal partners to determine if there has been any contamination to any water source is used by citizens
4:38 pm
will notify them were turning to the flint water crisis michigan governor rick snyder admitted during his state of the state address last night that he has failed in flint residents. snyder is pledging to get to the bottom and fix the city's drinking water problem that is contaminated by lead. he also says he will release his own government emails related to floods water in an effort to have full disclosure here the mayor of flint remains in washington d c after meeting with president obama who pledged federal support for the city. the washington post reporter recently freed by iran after being imprisoned for eighteen months sure what he wants to do once he gets back to the us. jason rees be a resident told the washington post for now i want to catch up with what's been going on in the world watch a warriors game or two and see the star wars movie. the reporter whose career focused on writing about the relationship between
4:39 pm
someday wants to get back to writing the us iran story nearly half a million people who legally entered the us remained here after their visas expired last year that's according to a government study the so called visa over stays represent an estimated forty percent of the eleven million undocumented immigrants living in the country but are overshadowed by undocumented undocumented immigrants who sneak across the border according to homeland security over stays represent only one percent of immigrants who illegally enter the country. republican presidential candidate ben carson is speaking about the tragic death of one of his campaign volunteers officials say twenty five year old brain joplin died of injuries in a van accident in iowa three other people were also in that van when it hit a patch of ice slipped and braden johnston was an
4:40 pm
opportunity to get to know him and the thing that impressed me most was how compassionate how caring he was about the feelings people carson says his heart goes out the japanese family and to all of the victims involved in the crash under investigation for possibly supporting my sis a shocking one of america's universities good heavens for you now from usa today dot com the fbi is investigating an associate professor at kent state university in ohio a student newspaper revealed all of this the editor was among those the fbi interviewed on campus about julio pino converted to islam and says he fulfills his duty as an american by speaking out on issues that are controversial. he's an associate professor of history specializing in latin american history and developing nations at least twenty people were killed several wounded after taliban
4:41 pm
a university in northwest pakistan and started firing at least four gunmen were also killed the attack happened at baka khan university which serves three thousand students. the attack happened was six hundred people attended a poetry recital and the florida department of health has confirmed two cases of the mosquito borne virus in miami dade county florida viruses spread to people through mosquito bites. it's been late to birth defects the most common symptoms are fever rash joint pain and red eyes in the cdc is sent out alerts that pregnant women should postpone travel to mexico and countries in south and central america because of this time with family stories are well how well my memory an online password can get tricky with so many different accounts but making the same password for every count. well that can make it easier for hackers to access your information especially if it's a popular pass or like one password. lisa
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the passwords to avoid creating an online password can be one of the most tedious tasks but also one of the most important splashed out our website dedicated to password management has released their annual list of the worst passwords right now so take a look we see one two three four five six in the number one worst passer fried half its money originally mentioned password that's the number two so interesting daily and now star wars had a heavy influence over past reflections this year so we post all these i were on our website on thirteen is now seen go ahead and take a look at those there were two the wife if you have any of those passwords on that list might be worth changing up a bit dun dun wan take a look in the snowy streets in indianapolis now is sweeping across the northeast moving south and it might be in your yard very soon our very own chief meteorologist of lawson is tracking the snow that is threatening to move into
4:43 pm
now from the weather lap with the latest talk about two different systems moving tortoises you can see a lot of snow out there north and west of us and this is the exact same system sliding across the great lakes the ohio valley now encroaching on the mid atlantic lot of the light colors here are the ones i've been tracking for the past hour so absolutely not reaching the ground the air is so so dry that it's going to pay quite a while for first few thousand feet up to get saturated and then that'll leave the moisture down another thousand feet and it'll gradually saturated so and so forth. so maybe in some of these darker sort of a teal colored areas you might be getting a few flakes in here they are isolated them for you. but even then i doubt i would think and take more than just an hour of this to saturate the atmosphere of brown tap handle some of the far northern areas on the northern neck. it's really out in western virginia that we're starting see more that significant snow clouds definitely
4:44 pm
will have some snow tracked on radar here over the next several hours but i think it'll take a little longer than that to actually start to reach the grass that's why i'm not expecting any problems at all here during the rush hour. temperatures this evening around thirty lori's developing a little bit later on this evening and some areas of light snow with a few heavier snow showers i think will at least get a dusting in some spots and there's a good chance we get a heavy coating to even an inch and a very few locations where we get some of those heavier spots if we do get that to say we just get a half an inch of snow across parts of the area that would stick around probably during the overnight you have to watch in the morning so really be careful in the morning and watch us later tonight let you know how things are going at eleven o'clock captures out there right now in the thirties they are going to drop back you can see not a ton of snow showing up here even three seven forty five there will be a little more than this again on radar but i've taken out the areas
4:45 pm
the ground better chance that it will then buy a much later this evening and then exits watch out for some potential slick spots just depends on how much of that stuff that the law makes down the ground tomorrow. he's a man of sunshine temperature similar to today and then during the day on friday hopefully won't be bad in the morning i don't think it will for the morning rush but the clouds will rapidly thickening by morning we're going to start to see some of the rum mixed precipitation moving and it will be snow changing to snow and sleet on the peninsula will stay more snow and sleet in the afternoon hours and then i'll turn over to rain that will continue to move west into the overnight hours and again on saturday really tricky forecast here's the stuff then moving to this evening. you can see already starting to head east of the mountains so flurries and light snow if you have your snow showers tonight lows by
4:46 pm
eight the rest of the forecasting can see thirty seven tomorrow forty four though on friday with snow in spots then a mix then over to rain for many of us and then rain heavy at times friday night for almost everybody and then turning back from rain into some snow again during the day saturday as temperatures fall alot alot more on some possible accumulations coming up i think some guys were already so cold it's all talk about some milk six. i don't enjoy the ride had we had donuts early in the rolla police was back to school now because it's trendy and yet so rc to viewers are going to want to take a good hard work and the tv screen right now this amazing milkshakes the internet cannot stop talking about fatigue lack are a community center as anything else you will find them on club needed to the dentist and was on hand in the simple solution you know while i'm in a troubling
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naive had a second to kyle and wife and two from your face tell you about it's a black tap craft beers and burgers in new york city they created these milkshakes are seeing on the screen and lollipops cool sites cookies and pretzels are just a few of the ingredients used in one of these bad boys can be yours for about fifteen bucks and really delicious looking her age to come right now people are taking the free tours inside the buckingham palace when two expeditions virtual three sixty two or check out your bookie palace this is the official residence of the majesty the queen. i'm going to come with me for toll say please when all you have to do is sign the british monarchy on youtube and you can navigate through the palace. add your own pace by using these controls in the top left corner of the screen you can see the palace state rooms including the grand entrance in the ballroom. all three smartphone or web browser so the key takeaway here is that
4:48 pm
the public right now it opens back up for tours during the summer so this gives you an inside look for free at everything from the comfort of your own home. and finally google has already featured these reality tours for over a hundred fifty other locations so really cool check it out and this last story is really going to make you think twice about what's being taught in our schools do this. judith fish island also known as judge judy. we all know are and chances are we seeing a popular chord show at least once or twice i love the show. well according to a poll from the american council of trustees and alumni get this guy nearly ten percent of college graduates surveyed in a poll believe she serves on the supreme court. kai's us that the supreme court the survey also found only twenty three percent of college graduates correctly identified the father of the constitution as james madison the really interesting findings here kim was a very interesting
4:49 pm
and american yes i wouldn't lie witness is a sign yet of the that sell really interesting study people been raving about it on line wondered why are they thinking. judge to the timing was just as the havre daily show with the pain i have next change with school meals more on the bill that is not talking about tasty food in school than thirteen years now and five the norfolk city treasurer faced a judge today here with the neighborhood
4:50 pm
i pray to the drop the whole grains a senate committee approved a bill designed to make school meals tastier supporters say the obama administration's health care school full rules are too restrictive. many school lunch director say it would help them plan meals that are more appealing to
4:51 pm
have for you today at four thirteen is now in five starts now with the bitter cold blast hitting our area and is around ago now here below freezing and bracing for snow a winter storm is taking aim right at this virginia beach frost patrol is gearing up to make sure the roads are safe how they're stepping up efforts at the same time be done is making sure the interstate stay clear. i have more evidence of the bitter blast hitting us right now you are looking at a picture of a bank sign in downtown norfolk twenty seven degrees. santa dishes are just right to bring flurries tonight we have team coverage of the winter storm that's about the hit show you how road crews are preparing a just a moment but first let's go right to jeff who was tracking the storm's path in this is just round one yet
4:52 pm
very minor storm compared to the two however it doesn't take much to make roads really slick we saw that what about a week ago or even a little less than that. so let's take a look right now we have some snow really starting to fill in on the radar. we've been watching all of this event talking about it here thirteen years now the lab is so dry at the surface and even amid layers of the atmosphere that none of this is reaching the ground we don't believe it may be up and happy hannah coulter written but i highly highly doubt it they are it'll take a couple of hours of this wary as ever so gradually evaporates and then that layer is a little more moist and then the next layer gradually gets some moisture evaporating into it and that becomes more moist. so it's gonna take awhile for all this to come down to the earth's surface as we go to the evening that's the big question all of that could evaporate we could just see a few light flakes that don't accumulate at all or we can get if you have your purse
4:53 pm
it'll probably be somewhere
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