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just during the day friday i'll have more on the switch over friday night and saturday coming up a few minutes i dominion virginia power tells us girls are keeping a close eye on the forecast the storm that's coming this way could bring down power lines causing widespread outages or tell dominion has a plan in place that involves extra crews and resources. if your power does go out reported by calling one eight six six dom will help its back to school tomorrow for high school students in mathews county they got out early today because of a heating issue as bell was kate explains the problem is fixed now the problem has been corrected but not before causing some concern and worry. students were just getting settled in for the day when things started changing at mathews high school. the heating system was acting up. the school superintendent said it was putting out he was also about
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open doors to get out into the phone outside than it would have just been too cold an hour to the school day students were being said hole in the school superintendent says at first they couldn't identify the owner so the decision was made to fit the student's home for their safety the safety of this that the money i was in that class was good that i was aware that there is no difference what the pope made for some students going home early it will be more time to study this morning about that and when nd bombardment and as for nsa and its parts no new cert number we can find photos of italy's but we like the back although it is a case targeting patients in mathews county dublin scare thirteen years now as
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local shelters will be trying to get people off the street and inside seek new chapters in virginia beach is dedicated to helping at risk and homeless kids executive director jennifer saw rocky says the boys and girls at the shelter are largely between the ages of nineteen seventeen. jennifer says helping these young people is a critical mission in these freezing temperatures. there are more than a thousand are homeless youth in our community alone is very very important that these this you get to a safe place as quickly as possible especially in the cold weather and what would you do for a warm place to sleep or some food. if you didn't have any you know it's it's a scary prospect to think what what could happen to you on the streets. shelters are open twenty four hours a day seven days a week to get ready for the storm on friday check out our winter weather guide and thirteen is now com includes a breakdown on which weather terms for example the difference
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of things to do to get your home ready for the snow and ice and once the snow starts if you worried about road conditions you can check them before you leave your house just click on the traffic tab and thirteen is now dot com a network issue access to hundreds of live traffic cameras across the area home in hampton is condemned after a truck slammed into it the fire department sent us a picture of the scene last night on carter's grove court one of the passengers in the truck had to go to the hospital till the injuries are minor everyone inside the house is fine. no word on whether the driver will be charged with learning new information on a drive by shooting in newport news police found a twenty three year old man who had been shot in the back two weeks ago and twenty third st today investigators sent us a picture of the gene that police think might be involved in the crime the victim told police he doesn't know why anyone would attack and if you recognize this g call the crime line virginia hospitals are
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the cost of expanding medicaid and republicans in richmond are not happy about it under the proposal hospitals would pay a provider assessment that would cover part of the medicaid costs. gop lawmakers say the virginia hospital healthcare association's plan is unsustainable and a news conference today. several republican lawmakers promise to keep blocking expanding medicaid no matter what we're following some breaking news out of virginia beach along police and virginia beach police have shut down shore drive at independence boulevard this is near joint expeditionary base little creek fort story. we don't have a lot of information were working to get more but dispatchers tell us there are reports of a suspicious package at gate five on the base again we are working to get to the very latest information on this breaking news this afternoon out of look for updates as we learn more on air and online
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eyes glued on the markets all day the dow dropping is becoming a recurring event experts weigh in on the damage this trend could cause and making sure everyone is warm. this tree full of scarves in off moron or two different systems a little bit of snow tonight and then again with rain sleet snow high tide you name it coming in friday saturday and as i continue to monitor backups at the hr bt am on him and i headed to the south side. traffic is now backing up on the south side as we
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thirteen is now can confirm that bill cosby is no longer on hampton university's board of trustees this comes as a number of sexual assault allegations against the comedian continues to rise. cosby currently faces three felony counts of sexual related assault his first court date on all of that is next month. nearly sixty women have made claims that cosby sexually violated than a ten million dollar gifts for the national museum of african american history and culture today it was
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rubenstein is donating the money to a fund raising campaign for the new museum rubinstein will also loaned the museum to document signed by president abraham lincoln the thirteenth amendment and the emancipation proclamation the news and is set to open in washington d c this september arate scientists say they finally have solid evidence that a ninth planet exists on the fringes of our solar system. it's called planet that x'mas officials think the plan is almost as big as neptune and that it orbits billions of miles beyond that tunes past researchers know this without having spotted the planet yet but they anticipate scientists will discover it within five years with new information on that deadly greyhound bus crash in northern california highway patrol is still trying to determine the cause the bus to veer off the highway in san jose yesterday and roll onto a concrete divider but investigators say drugs and alcohol did not play a role
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the driver admitted to feeling tired as he was driving through some wet weather. two passengers died and several others were injured. water worries if entries airfield is their lead at the local airfield there's something in the drinking water out here centrists field on my getting in chesapeake that story coming out and caught on camera snowboarder is swept away in an avalanche and then coming up at six
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there's something in the water if entries feel the navy says there are high levels of contaminants in the well that supplies drinking water at the installation that discovery was made during recent voluntary lab testing the results disclosed to the media today by getting joins us now with details on these disturbing findings what jen and david this has to do with the type of fire fighting foam that was used for training for decades at the entrance. as for solutions the navy has taken one immediate short term step and this is studying some other long term ones. if the naval auxiliary landing field in chesapeake is ever in the news. it usually has something to do with jet noise in the skies overhead not about anything having to do with the ground. the navy did some voluntary testing of
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at veterans field and the results were concerning they found some contaminants called pf c is in the drinking water that's short for proof chlorinated compounds the environmental protection agency classifies them as an emerging contaminants that could pose a threat to humans although actual health impacts are unknown. the contaminants were found in a well that provides drinking water to centrists at levels four to five times higher than the epa is provisional health advisory the testing was conducted december thirtieth results became available yesterday the short term solution providing bottled water to the fifty uniformed and civilian employees at centrists and that was done in an abundance of caution for our sailors and civilians that work in the navy believes the contaminants came from something called a triple after a kind of foam they used to train how to fight fires from the nineteen fifty to nineteen eighties that foam is no longer use for training and is only used in the event of an actual
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environmental director says the service is being proactive when i hear and trust me on a monday on any requirements any state law requirements because you want to make sure that we have high quality drinking water for the sailors and civilians that are on the front row center field and in the coming weeks the navy says it will work with local state and federal agencies to determine if any pf seas are getting into drinking water use by people off base and if so the navy will notify nearby residents of those findings meantime oceanic captain says the navy may look at getting off the well altogether and exploring the possibility of tapping into the chesapeake city by cutting thirteen is now the mayor of flint michigan said she will not ask the governor to resign over the water crisis mayor karen weaver made an announcement today plants water supply became contaminated with lead after governor rick snyder and other state leaders switched the city's water source to save money. some have called fred snyder to
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months for his administration to tell people about the problems mayor weaver said she would rather focus on fixing the problem of professor kent state university in ohio was under investigation for potential ties to ice is julio pino converted to islam and teaches history at the school the feds are probing him after the editor of a student newspaper broke the story and twenty eleven headlines after shouting death to israel at a public lecture given by former israeli diplomat who was visiting the campus everything that i've done for big legal bill might be an american citizen by speaking out on the issue that some people find on the refill a boy. well the professor denies any ties to terror groups the school says they're cooperating with officials the fbi says there is no threat to the campus fireworks explode at a factory in southern china killing three people and injuring more than fifty others one person is also missing the blast was so
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of homes in the area were destroyed. emergency crews moved about a thousand people out of the area right now it's not clear what caused the blast. new video of the mole is an avalanche hit so a group of snowboarders the group was at a resort in california when the snow hit them. the snowboarders had done a few runs on the mountain before the power swept them away and you can see the snow rushing underneath the snowboard as the riders scrambles to stop himself when the slide stop them and was buried up to his chest but he is okay. bitter winter blast slamming the southeast us today take a look at this video. this is what people are dealing with in tennessee they're seeing ice freezing rain and snow many school districts canceled classes because the roads were just too dangerous. the state is getting two hundred and fifty thousand tons of salt ready to clear the highways and we're keeping a close eye on the radar right there as the roads in some parts of
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move our way jeff is tracking the storm system and jeff we can see some light snow as soon as tonight. alrighty seeing it on radar you can see the leading edge already up almost to the eastern shore have been emphasizing talked about over the past few days alot of it not reaching the ground the air is so so dry that it's evaporating. technically it's called sub mating before all the way he gets down here let me show you something those see that circle around the radar site. i have a feeling there may even be a little bit there it's just that the radar isn't looking straight overhead. so let's add raleigh nc and raleigh is picking up little debt and add in sterling a little more so there's a little bit of light precipitation even in this sorta hole in the radar right here near the site so leading edge again moving and but hardly any of this is reaching the ground as we take a look you can see it's moving in from the west but it can take wallace what we call saturate the atmosphere so for this evening flurries or light snow developing in
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some snow showers talked earlier about a dusting in a number of spots in a few locations i wouldn't even rule out up to an inch at all it takes to make roads slippery tweaking i get the stick on the road so be very aware of that late tonight and even into early tomorrow we'll just have to see how much is out there on the roads in the morning but it has the potential lease to be a small fan coating that can cause a few issues temperatures then tomorrow stay cold about like today a couple of degrees mile or more like the upper thirties but we're still going to look in a decent amount of sunshine a little bit of a breeze so certainly won't be a great day but look what happens during the day on friday on track with what we've been calling for we see snow or a mix moving in maybe late morning probably around mid day is the current thinking and and the warm air starts to move in as the wind really picks up and howls at the east by late in the day that would cause some
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the southside for the evening commute but definitely some possible problems with the accumulating snow showed you right now are very very preliminary estimate is one to three inches just from the friday part of the storm on the peninsula before that then changes over to some heavy heavy rain friday night here's that first batch though again moving through this evening so flurries and or lights no pockets moving through it maybe if you have your snow showers twenty eight minus thirty seven mostly sunny remaining cold winds gusting to about twenty and then a forty four degree high on friday but most of the time when this precipitation gets here we'll be in the thirties near freezing for the mid thirties so snow eventually to a mix of eventually late today over to rain watch for problems will have a lot more coming up on that and then heavy rain strong winds friday night. strong winds on saturday as well as the cold air comes sweeping back in and changed it over
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more accumulations possible sadder day than on how much of that again cold air moves and so a lot more coming up of the next few days i caught on camera some terrifying moments is a woman fights off armed carjacking is in florida that woman was getting gas in miami when masked man approached her car and tried to get inside the woman fought back. she close the door on one man been yanked him out of the car her kids were in the backseat and she was afraid the car directors would drive off with them after the fight. the suspects ran off but police later caught a bad new year for the stock market gets worse up next details on the huge drop on wall street what's causing the trouble. then i think i'm going rounds is bracing for snow tonight the peninsula hitting the streets preventing them from freezing tonight the details ahead. fox called leather fire danger of families are homeless tonight
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. a terrible start to the new year stocks took another beating today with a plunge in oil prices sinking the stock market at midday the dow closed down almost two hundred and fifty points abc's elizabeth her as a new york to explain what all of this means the power after the market when the numbers said it all the already nervous investors were in for another wild ride historically speaking when january is down the year is a down year. stocks have been tumbling since new year's day with wholesale oil prices
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not seen in more than ten use me. we're seeing some historically will gas prices including gas for less than a dollar a gallon in michigan earlier this week. great news for consumers but not for energy companies in this woman who lost her job and will compete this month i can't say i was overly shocked only because of the climate. it's been this way for months and if prices continue to drop the biggest fear in the markets right now is that energy companies will start to default on their debt if they start defaulting on their debt it could be something similar to our financial crisis the great recession. another big concern volatility markets overseas especially china asian giants both for the year with less than seven percent the worst in twenty five years. if you have money in stocks. your best bet is to ride it out as oppose to take it out of the market because the people who take their money out of the market
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who lose. so bottom line take a deep breath and analysts say just remember this could be all rocky year for the market was that her abc news new york that's all we have for thirteen years now at five thirty thirteen is now at six begins with an update to breaking news in virginia beach that breaking news at a military base along shore drive in virginia beach military police and virginia beach police have shut down shore drive and independence boulevard. we have learned they're investigating reports of a suspicious package at gate five a joint expeditionary base little creek fort story of us email us this picture of the scene virginia beach police have a suspect in custody with the crew heading there and working to get to the very latest details. our other big story the frigid temperatures return for another day. many people like these odious
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it felt even colder as we move into the evening snow is joining the call and that snow could create some fake issues for drivers tonight so let's check in now with jeff to find out which areas would get hit hardest. well the sponsor get hit the hardest are impossible to predict because it's like predicting what city a thunderstorm is going to pop up and we're going to have light snow or flurries it's going to be fairly heavy aloft but it is so so dry down at the ground that most of that snow will never make at least a lot of it won't and eventually once and leases the atmosphere up enough then all of a sudden it can come down without again evaporating and where these have your pockets lineup. we can't exactly say but we can say that in general with a range across the area from some flurries that don't stick at all. a light coating to any few spots maybe half an inch or tension again exactly where
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for sure but we do know that we're going to expect some snow showers or flurries this evening clearing later tonight friday saturday that storm is going to produce a mass with accumulating snow changing to a mix changing to rain when high tides some flooding likely and then again as the storm moves out a likelihood that we could see a changeover back to some accumulating snow a lot more on that not only coming up a few minutes but over the next couple of days with team coverage as that snow moves in tonight both city and state officials are preparing for snow and ice out there on the road. now that includes data on recent thirteen news now reporter erin came to the peninsula to find out about half are sick keep those roads clear what kind of supplies or crews using tonight. well david is a salt water mix called bryant's for cross the road to keep it from freezing over night public works trees here in
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the peninsula are using it on
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