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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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tracking the system that's causing those delays great which we know. while the delays are due to the flurries and light snow showers we saw last night i will tell you coming in the roads across the south side were fine for the vast majority of the ride. however i just put out on my twitter account. it's a nice snow and ice just outside the station to some the secondary roads showers in movie last night heavy but enough to coat some of the roads at least for awhile and some of them may have frozen up overnight so some areas you have any problems at all other areas you may encounter a little glazing of leftover light snow or even some patchy eyes please be careful out there wanna stress that this morning will continue to watch those roads and let you find any areas that are really more concentrated as far as the leftover snow or ice temperatures at or below freezing for most of the year is virginia beach and thirty three thirty four
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williamsburg for a couple spots after a little bit above freezing in many areas in the twenties and thirties as you can see the wind chill still in the twenties so it was a cold start to the day we're going to see the temperatures today with mostly sunny skies getting up in the mid thirties so today this is the calm before the storm we give the wintry weather moving in tomorrow. a winter storm watch has been posted northern neck the middle peninsula the williamsburg james city county area and south down through franklin now talk a lot more about that will talk about the impacts coming up in a bit here's ashley sorry craig you really are kind of summed up what's happening during the traffic network as well really the focus is going to be a ride in before you get to the interstate you may see those slick and icy spots on the road but the interstates appear to be in fine shape right now so at this point i'm just tracking traffic flow and a little bit overnight road work so we do have one project in portsmouth to sixty four eastbound just past frederick as we're approaching effing him right now the right lane is blocked a quick live look
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for you can see here it actually looks like it's kind of wrapping up so hopefully the next time we checked traffic. this will be clear analogy now but again you can see the roads are dry certainly on the interstate so a bit of good news there and back on the traffic network maps of course an ongoing roadwork in hinton six sixty four north at sixty four west not seeing any issues right now as it is still very early in the morning. so coming up in on that road work in portsmouth and will head to hampton and check traffic headed to norfolk at the time bt i actually think he'll a very bitter blast is headed right for hampton roads and the daybreak team to stay on top of the condition yet we saw flurries flying from the peninsula to the south side last night only marking the beginning of things to come. our lease brown is live in the thirteen years now whether land tracking the conditions across the region so elise what are
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started on the world are now the only way we share one of the sea in the here the world has been working twenty four hours here for the region will be sure what to do was pretend and ranges branson on family also started him on the tinsel mixture and inherent in the initial stress over the word art on the condition they make and the other investigation continues. so much ahead of this weekend's winter nastiness there are some ways
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the potential for self by aaa urges drivers to make sure that your tires are properly inflated. also philip the tank as soon as you can keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent the gas line from freezing and when you're warming up your car make sure you do it outside he your car in the collage can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and take no this is well get your car prepped just in case you get stuck in the storm out on the road trip lee recommends you back a car kit that includes bottled water food and ice scraper gloves boots and a phone charger also make sure you have a flashlight with extra batteries are right on the docket today cocaine guns and cash the man arrested expected to appear in court in portsmouth court officials tell us that kenneth meeks is expected to enter a guilty plea on weapons charges. atf agents arrested meeks and his father kenneth matthews in august after searching his home in yorkshire road. court records reveal agents found
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cocaine and thirty five guns we also found more than thirty thousand dollars cash inside. no word on when matthews will be back in court at four thirty five later today the person charged with killing a man in virginia beach barbershop is set to head to court this morning preliminary hearing is scheduled to take place for every brooks. this will determine whether there is enough evidence for the first degree murder case to go to trial. police say brooks stepped a man outside the members barbershop and salon in virginia beach blvd in november. the victim darrell stevens died at the hospital brooks is currently in jail without bond. well one hundred and fifty accidents and counting right now snow covered roads pose big problems for drivers in the dc area and not even the president could escape the nightmarish conditions plus doctors are calling a
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. i r i would take a look right now at the national picture and talk about what's gonna happen here with the weather for our region we give the storm system that really coming together down across parts of the south central us and get some energy kind of rapping right here's an intense five and is going to come into play here bringing with it the initial max and i think a transition back to rain and then some snow on the backside into saturday we've been talking alot about this and the rules specific impacts to our region will be largely depend on the exact track that this system takes weeks of the system is coming together get that energy is going to develop and push to our area we do know that parts of virginia and north carolina are going to get hit very hard with heavy amounts
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of snow for hampton roads especially close to the coast we may not see a lot of snow maybe more of a mix and then rain and maybe some snow on the backside but you get into central virginia and western virginia as well as parts of north carolina and off to the north the snow could be very very heavy and that would take a look at the snow potentially get. we did some minor amounts through the overnight last night those flurries coming by in the snow showers but you take a look at the projected totals and this is one of the models e g fs model showing fourteen inches or more off to the west northwest of the richmond area light amounts near the coasts half an inch two inches all the g of fats is projecting i see one more model here and this is the european and again you see the heavy amounts richmond west we're talking maybe eighteen to twenty twenty four inches of snow back up over the mountains so a lot of snow there but again here in hampton roads. maybe an inch or two and all is said and done so plenty to
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the future cason exact timing in. basically we're looking at a mix to rain and then rain mixing makeover in changing the snow with wind over the weekend improvements for early next week but we've got a pin out what's going on friday into saturday and i will show you again at future cast in my next update here's ashley a lot to anticipate their craig really not much on the traffic network you can see here in hampton traffic sixty four eastbound passing that was when he heads the hr bt moving very well. as well as traffic sixty four westbound if you're headed in the direction of six sixty four on the traffic network maps we keep the good news going in portsmouth have an overnight road work to sixty four east just past frederick that have clear we don't have to worry about any delays either so than coming over the next few minutes we'll see if traffic is starting to pick up on five sixty four had a table station norfolk ty nash think so much we've likely seen plenty of hover board fails trendy online yet but now the season's top toys
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that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. all night...
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later today the u s department of housing and urban development secretary sets making major announcement in norfolk secretary julian castro is expected to discuss the details of a nationwide funding award for disaster recovery and resiliency efforts governor terry
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paul frame also be in attendance it is set to begin at two fifteen this afternoon at the grandin village learning center. we're going to keep you updated after the announcement is for forty five now new this morning a piece of machinery caught fire overnight at lumber liquid gators in james city county filling the factory smoke. officials with the burton volunteer fire department tell us about forty to forty five firefighters responded to the factory of i sixty four and bore him of arms mill road around twelve thirty this morning. york county in new kent county firefighters also responded out of caution there is no structural damage to the building and no one was hurt. winter weather is wreaking havoc on the roads overnight authorities reported more than one hundred and fifty crashes like this one here in washington d c that area typically traffic is cleared out for president obama but even his motorcade got stuck in all that gridlock. what usually takes about twenty five minutes for the motorcade to get from joint base andrews to
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and ten minutes to put that in perspective only an inch of snow fell in dc last night so you can imagine what will happen friday and saturday when a major storm arrives the storm is expected to bring one to two feet of snow to the dc region coverage of the winter weather continues on good morning america. oh man this morning he has been dubbed the miracle man this week twenty six year old justin smith got a chance to think the hospital that saved his life. last winter someone found smith nearly frozen to death literally on the side of the road he had been out there for twelve hours the corner and the police on the scene thought he was dead but doctors use a machine to one of his blind weeks went by before justin actually woke up and realize what happened to be the last thing i remember was waking up thirty days later my family or am i not been heard and this is it's amazing it's something i've never heard of and i can't thank everyone enough smith made a full
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recovery did not suffer any long lasting health effects doctor say that his core body temperature was in the mid sixties they think it is the coldest body temperature on record. i must really be a miracle that a piece of art know that our amazing very full so it is or i gave allison anderson what i have to say you know irl it is one of those things where we see how things play out now we know parts of virginia are going to get a nail just like last night we had some light snow showers and flurries forecast really very good for last evening with a light pre set the salad did though in northern virginia yes or no yes and yes there are crazy around here not so bad we didn't have a few but we are going to continue to watch these conditions and there's a winter storm watch that is in place now for the northern neck the middle peninsula james city county and williamsburg down through the franklin and southampton
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areas in north carolina areas west of there. basically that's the edge and west were looking at some of the tent for some significant snow and some wintry weather with rain some freezing rain and ice in the next is well for our area it may be more rain then snow i think we will see an ex was some rain. there's some question as to the transition back to snow on saturday to planning and talk about right now. today's weather the calm before the storm you hear me say this several times guys right now partly cloudy to mainly clear depending on where you are as able to enjoy the moon driving it is beautiful. we will see a lot of sunshine a day temps in the mid thirties so doesn't warm up much to be watching this storm system that bears down on the area said today if you need take years and things around the house great day to do is make sure you get what you need is far to travel in the rain or the potential wintry weather over the next couple of days today's your day for press as
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kathy does remain quiet today tomorrow we start off the clouds rolling in the precipitation still out to the west or early morning but i think is the morning wears on. we'll get reports of wintry weather cynics precipitation some snow for those inland areas. keep in mind you keep going last series i grow now back at a talk about traveling back sixty four through west virginia we make this drive quite a bit everytime we go back to st louis to visit family back in the midwest this series going to be slammed with potential very heavy snow back through eighty one sixty four toward stand these areas set for a prolonged period of intense snowfall here in hampton roads that wintry mix starts to transition to rain as temperatures warm up a little bit. some areas may deal with more of this now and maybe some sleet or some freezing rain in the next is well again it's very tricky forecast that it is so track depending on how that low progress is through the area
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so we're going to watch a storm system moving through temperatures should warm up for mainly rain for most of our viewing area as we go friday night into early saturday then on the backside of the season with the colder air but allow the precipitation may be pulling off to the north was so more snow and around richmond and petersburg maybe out towards emporia maybe lighter amounts closer to the coast. that's why we're still pinning down the actual amounts that we will see but it looks like light amounts mixing with rain near the coasts and heavier amounts at towards i ninety five north and west of i ninety five that's where it's going to be very heavy across the region eye toward images right now in the twenties and thirties wind chills in the twenties is we take a look here here put the winds are calm right now but we will see those winds generally five to fifteen mph. tonight's load and run twenty eight mainly clearly becoming partly cloudy late and then the wintry mixed about
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changing over to rain for the metro area in you because that wintry mix lightly continuing farther inland and tomorrow night what though for norfolk and hampton roads tomorrow night with a low near thirty eight here's the rest of the seven day forecast now as we look ahead saturday we see that rain changing over to snow speciality years but i think even close to the coast we could see a brief next will be watching and pinning it down for his sunday skies partly sunny mostly sunny monday little warmer tuesday and a chance for rain showers on wednesday night that soldier was to check on naval station norfolk with ash or you're on the traffic network my main focus this morning craig and for you as well course will be a course record picking up making its way into work this morning and already we're seeing delays not even on the map says you can seem to agree on five sixty four. once again on five fifty four headed to naval station norfolk. you're going to slow down will give you a quick live look now i just passed the runway tunnel already for even five o'clock yet we're already seeing delays we headed to
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gate three am this morning things are starting to back up to chambers field some people are very close eye on traffic conditions around the base and i'll have the latest for you they are coming up at five o'clock nine ashley thank you all time now is for fifty two what if when you called for instead of a car coming to
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ours to make one for fifty five there the populist and billboards link to falls and fires is no big deal. hover boards are banned from airplanes college campuses and now they are the subject of an ongoing federal investigation yesterday the consumer product safety commission released the list of companies and boards under scrutiny. there are no safety standards for the self balancing boards and the chairman of the cpsc says that as of now there are no plans to recall the boards but if you do use one he wanted to use a lot of caution that for much more on this developing story on good morning america. here's what amazon is doing if you bought a board from them new this morning. if you got one of those boards from their website now regretting not going a full refund that offer comes as questions about the safety of the devices can t be investigated by the government not you want a refund contact amazon online working to get this information up on our website thirteen is now back on and
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new this morning forget the cars over his helicopter business may soon take flights over says it is testing the concept at the sundance film festival in utah over chopper was first tested three years ago in new york flying customers between manhattan manhattan and hamptons very cool. and speaking of new york city daybreak is giving we're lucky viewer a chance to win a trip or two to the big apple would be telling about this and includes a two night stay. airfare and tickets to see gma in times square but you have to walk for the keyword in the six hour they'll enter the keyword on thirteen is not the common will pick a winner after daybreak on friday. well one two punch of winter nastiness the first round of snow has moved out of the meteorologists treadmill is tracking another system coming our way and preparing for that winter weather in the tar heel state the department of transportation says it has stocked up on supplies and ready for anything and as a potential blizzard barrels towards these co some airlines are offering
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in. blast here is a live look on the road somewhere across hampton roads are tracking some of the weekend weather that could bring more snow than throats and had plans to fly this weekend lists and some airlines are offering refunds now and some waivers ahead of the storm this is thirteen years now at day break at the top of this half hour ashley is watching the rose for any trouble spot and we turn things over to craig right now he's here with a look at what we can expect over the next couple of days in your forecast. yeah lots of interesting weather to talk about that is for sure a storm system going to bring some wintry weather and then transition to rain maybe some snow on the backside of the system around here i could tell you other parts of virginia western virginia northern virginia central western parts of north carolina is set to get socked with heavy snow so it's going
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