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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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forio rfor our area again like a wintry mix starting it tomorrow and then transitioning to rain and mainly rain for most of the metro area near the coast but in lanier is out towards i ninety five will be watching for some snow to accumulate out that way some significant snow and there are winter storm watches already in place for the northern neck the middle peninsula williamsburg james city county area down through franklin and into north carolina and the air is out to the west so we are bracing for the wintry weather today the calm before the storm i said that within two or three times last half hour and this is what i want you to know today's your day we could still get out take care of whatever you need if you don't like dealing with the wind in the rain and maybe the wintry mix out for much of the metro. today's your day to get those last minute things taken care of as far as the current conditions go it is very ably cloudy to partly cloudy thirty three at the airport the windsor like we will see
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at about five fifteen mph highs today will reach the mid thirties we will see deteriorating conditions tomorrow i'll show you that with our future cast will talk about snowfall potential through the weekend coming up let's check in now with ashleigh. all right craig went head over now to norfolk and sixty four westbound at the hr bt if you're headed to hampton would give you a quick live look at traffic on the interstates mainly the roads are very odd nice and really good shape right now pretty much all of our interstates are doing fine except the ones about a second but norfolk to happen you can see traffic moving very nicely their thirteenth you know delays report if you're headed eastbound either. now potential trouble spot five sixty four traffic already had its naval station norfolk backed up to terminal boulevard this live look at just past terminal you can see the significant drop in speed there as you head toward chambers filled out the railway tunnel and the base plus slugging see things pick up one sixty four headed to bay avenue as well give you that live with a little bit later on for now back on the traffic network master west of the area on
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the air things doing well. of course as you head out of the neighborhood be extra cautious for couple by few slick spots and the coming up here a few minutes we'll head to fifty eight traffic at the midtown tunnel test the will or whether coverage continues with information that students and parents need to know. school delays the following schools or areas are on a two hour delay right now brooke women's northampton county north carolina her for county gates county and into one schools park place school in norfolk is on one hour delay this morning to get the most up to date closing information or delay information right now in thirteen years now. com and all morning we've been telling you those side roads could be a big problem by sandra parker is live in norfolk with the look of the slippery side roads in santa and tell us exactly where you are willing to actually write here on what is ave right from the station actually this is a site with all of us coming in this morning like a baby so spot has a slick spot right here in front of the station so
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she went on about what we do here. this is right in front of station now it looks like gotta be careful step out here because obviously nobody here on the road this morning back to work. it's a little bit slick you can see the cars have gone through here but it's a little slick not too bad but you know what the side streets are the ones you do have to watch out for guys i came in from virginia beach and really i had no problems like a main roads and i had no issues on the main roads coming through i got on the bridges the overpass and noted that all of them were tree that's all that salt sand mixture that was up on the side of the routes i could tell they'd all been treated so really no problems there but when you get off those main roads and come onto the side streets. this is where you might run into problems that that that you can't really see this one you can kind of the snow on top of this you can see this but there are the way and even actually further into the road there there's a little spot that slick but you can't see because it's the color of the asphalt that ice that
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it you cannot see that's what you need to watch out for and the side streets are the ones that will not get treated because they're obviously focusing on the main routes you definitely want to be careful out there guys are safe are they so much for us to look outside. new this morning north carolina state crews are already working to get the road ready for the winter storms and cdot crews have already been out about since yesterday afternoon applying brine to most of major road so far officials say they've been able to get through most of the interstates and primary routes crews will reply brian throughout the day today and teams will go into active salting one snowfall a few planned on flying this weekend there's a bit of good news for you many airlines are preparing for the winter storm by letting you change your flight without a fee some are even offering you full refunds so he bought a eight on american they're letting you change your flight without a feat southwest never charges for ticket changes delta is offering a free flight change or a refund if you're headed
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somewhere the storm is hitting hard. be sure to check your airline's website for their own rooms are right even in this day in age studies show women continue to make less money than men that's right but who's better at actually saving the question the answer may surprise you and we do to watch the road conditions this morning as you head to
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we are this be a quick look at what's going on as far as a developing storm system set to push into our region. now just putting together some weather headlines we do that when i mentioned the big stories of what's going on. today's gonna be mostly sunny and today's the day to get your pressed on for the weekend so while not everybody's going to do a tremendous amounts of snow there will be the potential for wintry mix changing to rain more time at the immediate area western and northern parts of virginia down in north
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carolina. they are going to see tremendous amounts of snow well over a foot in many locations anticipated from the system as it rolls on through the stove showers and flurries we saw last night that subset of the pictures for today will enjoy the sunshine should be very nice across the region. it's a travel day folks can take care what they need to take care of because things will deteriorate significantly late tonight early tomorrow out to the last and then around here will see a wintry mix developing i think later in the morning with the transition to rain again the timing on all that i will break it down fifi can just give us another five ten minutes or so i'll be back for future cast will talk about specific snowfall amounts for the weekend in just few minutes for today that mid thirties skies mostly sunny said this is the time to get whatever you need to get taken care of around the house good time to do it because the messy weather is coming tomorrow and saturday will see improvements or early next week. stay tune again for all those details in just a
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couple minutes to dash all right craig regular traffic network things are still pretty quiet especially the midtown tunnel you can see here fifty eight east and westbound between norfolk and portsmouth no issues they are actually the only trouble spot this morning is around the base as we head to our second camera shooting trap of i sixty four few minutes ago when she is sixty four and bay avenue to the traffic kind of getting off the exit ramp there and headed down to bay avenue making its way to seeing a pretty substantial delay here on the shoulder headed to the bay avenue exit on sixty four west you'll also see delays on graham street as well have been to the base basically wherever you're headed to naval station norfolk is going to be backed up this morning and already eleven minutes into the five o'clock hour so we're very busy here in norfolk to have the latest for you coming up in just a few minutes all right ashleigh thank you so much will what you get when you mix the concept of stain glass windows with an igloo other pretty cool site
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morning overnight late night trading wiped out modest gains in asian markets a culprit behind the global sell off plunging oil prices yesterday lower prices on wall street saw their worst single day drop since september a barrel of crude oil now less than twenty seven dollars a barrel. those prices haven't been that low since two thousand for stocks bounce back by the closing bell but experts say things will be rocking until the oil markets back to normal. good morning america is taking a look at the wild wire even seeing on wall street cash the report seven o'clock right after the break and then this morning the white house says on average women earn seventy eight cents for every dollar that a man earns but when it may still end up with more money than men so why is this one women live longer so they have more time to earn more money on average women save about twenty percent more than men do and some studies say that women are better at investing because women tend to pick one investment and stick with it. men tend to switch up
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on some profits army the nfl as first full time female assistant coach kathryn smith you see right there. she'll coach special teams and will be the quality control assistant for the buffalo bills head coach rex ryan says she's had done a great outstanding job working in administrative role for seven years with his staff for both the jets and the bills now during the offseason the arizona cardinals. they hired janet walter to help coach in training camp but that was a temporary gate well we've got some snow in the forecast as you know but not enough for this check this out a hockey player minnesota is using his free time to build a light up in the loo on his school's campus. so if you're wondering why he says well why not the college freshman that's probably why college freshman made good use of the recent cold snap. mitch fritz says that he bought five hundred bread tins and
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food coloring all at once this took about two days is that when this is what good art made baskets of candy and right you are like the elephant in the room and i thought the elephant in the room otherwise known as the night of the gene i can about my hips are wondering if it were some of the state the weather had we been having some fun really. you know in having fun not not that we ever want to have to deal with a lot of activity but a lot of folks who binges buzz and encountering heard from our boss is here to the station or newsroom managers coming months and it was it was so everybody wants to know what to get into it because we are going to find some very interesting weather over the next couple of days now. not everybody's gonna see a lot of snow we're going to be some areas that i'd imagine a pri be some folks may be a little disappointed
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parts of virginia and north carolina are going to see way too much so we do have a significant system today mostly sunny chilly. all right but today's a good day to prep for the weekend i mention it was a sad eyed this is the line that i really want people to take away with today's weather i especially if you live in a few about towards i ninety five maybe petersburg williamsburg richmond area sat down to emporia your chances for more significant wintry impact from the system are much greater than for those of us to live closer to the coast virginia beach norfolk chesapeake. i still expect potentially semester whether there's two opportunities for snow. one of the beginning of this system and one at the end. in between a changeover to rain so it is gonna be messy across the region i expected to be worse farther inland and we consider what's going on here. looks like we'll see
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snow and rain and wind all of these different variables going to be likely friday into saturday so plenty to talk about today though the sunshine things are looking really get out to the west is where we had the storm system coming together this energy is going to roll across the southeast us and then pull through our area doing to mention there are winter storm warnings are in place out to the west area shaded in pink and winter storm watch which includes the northern neck the middle peninsula williamsburg james city county surry down to sussex southampton and the franklin area is just out to the west of that high down into north carolina north hampton roanoke rapids and rocky mount so those areas under the winter storm watch you'll notice the metro area in newport news hampton york and these ears easter short not under the watch or advisories yet will continue to watch as we are anticipating more rain near the coast with the wintry weather a little farther inland but here's how things play out with our future cast
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and this is again a beautiful day today chilly but will enjoy the sunshine. overnight the class start pushing it here comes the nasty weather in tomorrow morning i was even late morning we could see some mixing i think the western part serial see it as we go through the day on friday snow pushing over parts of the peninsula middle peninsula northern neck certainly the western part of the south side with maybe rain or a mix around norfolk and portsmouth back into northern chesapeake something that's for that decline will likely occur so we do anticipate a mix and maybe some snow at the beginning but this is we want things up mainly rain and heavy rain at that for northeast north carolina and again the wind picking up as well as the system exits colder air works in the back side we could have some more snow showers wrapping back towards the coast but we'll be watching that watching that moshe very very closely so this is what we're dealing with again not a tremendous amount of snow for the immediate metro based on what we see now that our enrichment in areas west very
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heavy and i think we can pick up a few inches for the western parts of our immediate viewing area as well i here's a quick look at the seven day forecast after the snow moves out we will see improvements late saturday night sunday windy and the nice early next week here's ashley alright critical in a couple of spots here starting with the james river bridge we have not yet checked traffic between newport news and isle of wight county so here's a live look behind me you can see things are just now starting to pick up in terms of traffic i headed north down making its way to newport news. right now traffic southbound doing a little bit better right now traffic moving well on both sides saluted the pickup in volume of course we've been talking about heavy traffic around naval station norfolk as well have that update your coming up in a few minutes the head to a shop that we have traffic actually a live shot in washington d c traffic out conditions we talk about the beginning of the show all the dc got about in jordan to half or so of snow and i can
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see probably mixed with just a very heavy track of the dc normally get into that lie with the trappings that i will certainly arise causing some delays out there in d c is one of course we don't have anything like that here the closest is traffic around naval station norfolk but again what the weather moving in of course tomorrow and saturday will see some treacherous conditions out there remember to take your time take it slow and you could certainly see heavy traffic will certainly keep you posted right here on thirteen years now and then coming up here just a few minutes we'll have to sixty four will see traffic is starting to pick up at the high rise which i attached a kewl this is a
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. the all right we have a live picture to show you we're keeping an eye on the roads this is from our mobile weather lah this live
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picture we're tracking conditions in your neck of the woods class and now is the time to prepare guys the items that should be on weakens whether it is thursday morning and this is thirteen years now it's a break and lucy bustamante time on tracy thank you so much for joining us this thursday morning and at this hour there are several school delays to talk about. you can visit their teen years now dot com for up to date closings and delays. now let's get to what's happening outside meteorologist remote tracking the system that's causing those delays greg what should every window while the snow that we at last night's created of those slick spots still left over they were light snow showers and flurries but there's just enough of the coating on some of the streets because it was so cold leading up to the wintry weather we saw last night while was unhappy what did fall stuck in some places so roads a little sick this morning and happy to tell you all of the snow that we saw last evening it's all gone and now skies are clearing out said today it's
5:28 am
actually going to be much had the snow showers last night really light flurries it took awhile to get things rolling but some spots did pick up a light dusting and that's created the slick spots this morning today skies become mostly sunny my need to take care of in advance of the next storm system that was going to have the impact our region tomorrow into saturday temperatures right now in the lower to mid thirties near the coast we have temperatures in the upper twenties for inland spots and we give the wind chills in the twenties widespread so it is cold out there this morning but not terribly bad but the sunshine coming up a little later today when the north northwest at twelve mph here's a quick look at the next twelve hours enjoy it again bigger impacts of this next storm system and will we come back the next update. i've just updated my snowfall forecasts are going to start with the next update looking at our latest model information that just came in
5:29 am
here's ash r craig a lot of people anticipating that thank you richard traffic now we're about to head out the door see how things are shaping up in a couple of spots starting with sixty four at the high rise bridge in chesapeake not much to report here. eastbound traffic and westbound moving well with no major delays but now speaking of delays we had our second camera. this hot mess behind me on sick people or out in norfolk chesapeake boulevard with a shot here is a westbound traffic of damage in the hov lane in the outside of the blame. no accidents no breakdowns anything like that just a lot of heavy traffic at naval station norfolk five sixty four west of where six people were taken before at bay avenue. you can see were probably two mile jam before you can get to five sixty four that will continue to build all have the latest on your right into the base when i come back. all right ashleigh thank you for that a bitter blast is heading for hampton roads and the daybreak team is staying on top of the road conditions for you know we saw flurries flying from the peninsula to the south side last night included a video only marking
5:30 am
the beginning of things really become our reporter lisa brown is live in the thirteen years now mobile weather lab tracking conditions around the region so elise what are you now and and this morning was park is bordered on chesapeake avenue in the country which the really good this morning haven't seen the slick spots on his show what we are one you can see right here in the great importance no entry road to solving the actual driving what the people for their morning walk i have seen the sidewalks we want to make sure that when you come
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to your morning jog or walk ard the island on the risers that would be no fine and we are in the region continue to drive all around him to have on these road conditions as me you know it's different than the thirteen years now so much by thirty four ahead of this weekend's winter nastiness there are some ways for you to prepare your car for the potential for snow that's why aaa urges drivers to make sure that your tires are properly inflated. also philip in the tank as soon as you can keep your gas tank at least half to prevent the gas line from freezing and when you're warming up your car make sure that you do it outside in not in euchre i'm sure because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and be prepared if you get stuck in your car during a winter storm tripoli recommends you pack a car kit that includes bottled water food and ice scraper gloves boots and a phone charger also make sure you have a flashlight with
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thirteen years now whether caster add yeah you always have access to the latest radars you can download for free in the app store or on one play later today the us in aspen tech center scheduled to depart from naval station norfolk. she is headed to the fifth fleet area of operations that is in the middle east the persian gulf and parts of the indian ocean. so while deployed that the talks and civil service mariners will provide fuel and other supplies to aircraft carriers that are in those waters. the ship is scheduled to leave at three o'clock this afternoon. new this morning a piece of machinery caught fire overnight lumber liquid gators in james city county filling the factory with smoke. officials with the burton volunteer fire department tell us about forty to forty five firefighters responded to the factory off of i sixty four and martinsville road around twelve thirty this morning. york county in new kent county firefighters also responded out of caution there is no structural damage to the building and we know
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time now is five thirty five one hundred and fifty accidents and counting right now snow covered roads causing big problems for drivers in washington dc and not even the president could escape those nightmarish conditions look at that traffic while plus doctors
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. winter storm watches up for the western part of our viewing area williamsburg the middle peninsula northern neck all under the watch down to franklin and we have weather advisories down to weather advisory down to north carolina farther to the south again that's outside of our viewing area here is out to the west you can see and run south boston lynchburg farmville area west they have winter storm warnings and it's out this series they are bracing for a very very heavy snow. i think plenty of snow around richmond as well. our waiver wire rods maybe a few inches of snow up that way and for these areas closer to the day i think while we do have the potential for some minor accumulations were going to see a lot of rain the next is why we keep our expectations lower for the snow now on the show you what's going on here we have our storm system kind of coming together it's going to swing and here's a look at the g f s is the us
5:36 am
government projection with the model here through early sunday morning you can see again the heavy amounts of snow richmond and west around newport news daily two point eight inches three point seven at wakefield and this is just the model's output lighter amounts from norfolk virginia beach chesapeake system the kids really hoping for heavy snow here maybe a little disappointed but it does look like it's gonna be warm enough here were more likely to deal with the mix to rain and it could be a little bit of additional snow on the backside of a system that's what accounts for these couple of inches potentially this is the european forecast model again. the heavier concentrations of snow farther to the west that we are very confident of our shoe you are updated future forecasts no plans for our little player in my next update. temperatures will be warming a little bit on through saturday warm enough for that rain so look for that but on the backside is a cold air moves back and will concede that additional snow a break early next week it
5:37 am
that's for sure his with a look at the berkeley bridge the traffic network maps and then the cameras here craig the focus this morning is going to be getting you where you're going on time so right now the berkeley bridge not going to slow you down to sixty four westbound traffic headed to the downtown tunnel eastbound traffic crossing the bridge at the city hall in tidewater in fine shape but no big issues to report but on the second camera keeping a very close eye on traffic through norfolk ahl and sixty four headed toward naval station norfolk now we see of course this just popped up and see what's working out there. i'm hoping that it's not another accident or breakdown in the midst of the backups at naval station norfolk. but at this point i can't really say for sure so do a check to let you know how things are shaping up right now planned for a lot of delays headed to naval station norfolk nine ashley thank you for that will you have likely seen plenty o' ye a hover board fails trending online yes some are pretty funny but some are not the season's top toys catching major heat from critics because what you see
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5:41 am
even his motorcade got stuck in gridlock. what usually takes twenty five minutes for the motorcade to get from joint base andrews to the white house took an hour and ten minutes last night let's take you live now to d c look at that. look at the gridlock this is a live picture from our nation's capital this morning this is what everyone's dealing with the wet roads in the morning rush hour traffic. brake lights is all you can see right now we're tracking the upcoming storms and coverage of the winter weather continues rob marshall will be live in washington d c coming up on good morning america arena thanks for that new this morning he's been dubbed the miracle man this week twenty six justin smith got a chance to thank the hospital that saved his life. last winter someone found smith nearly frozen to death on the side of the road he had been out there for twelve hours the corner and police on the scene thought he was dead. the doctors use a specific machine to one of his life. weeks went by
5:42 am
up and realize what happened to an elastic remember was waking up thirty days later my family or am i not heard anything like this is it's amazing it's something i've never heard of and i can't thank everyone enough. will smith made a full recovery and didn't suffer any long lasting health effects doctor say this core body temperature was in the mid sixties they think that is the coldest body temperature ever recorded. here's a story that'll have you checking your pants all the time do you even check your pants before you do the laundry will thank goodness. south carolina woman did because inside her husband spence and woman saves the day here with a powerball ticket worth one hundred thousand dollars that's right these you'll be checking his bed for a lot to later discover taken on monday check the numbers and then casted after work yesterday. wow there you go yeah the lottery isn't that a billion. anyway so what you pay exactly what
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milkshake yes new yorkers are battling batting an eyelash at fifteen dollars price tag either because what that honestly blinds half. nyc is behind the cookie and candy laden creations they've got a flavor for every single craving an occasion. it's rumored to take at least two people to finish one of those wow very long. looks delicious meals milkshakes bring all the boys to ya. oh i'm teaching that they have to charge until schools cut their pay and whether the now and again and bring as now we are going to talk about snow most of the sunny chilly today on the wrong kind of love means wrong one i asked if on cue. hi good day to prep for the weekend why because we do have this significant winter storm that is approaching the area here's the deal no i think much of him to read going to
5:44 am
rain and maybe some snow on the backside but it's really looking more more like the heavier snow is going to be a little west of hampton roads still snowing mixed rain and wind all likely across the region and we get two chances for since no one at the onset and one very end of the system with that rain in between. let's take a look right now at today's weather and the temperatures getting up mid thirties maybe mid to upper thirties with the sunshine are spot on forecasts treat receipt yesterday asher that along how we actually reached thirty seven degrees. jeff is going for thirty three today we should be back up to thirty seven and that's where we start the streak again. so what we're looking at today across the region skies are going to be fairly sunny actually it's going to be a good day a great day to take care of whatever you need to take care of in advance that next storm system is rolling and we do have the potential for a wintry mix or snow at the onset of this coming in later in the morning hours and then the transition to
5:45 am
rain and here is two thirty with our future cast in my opinion this terrain near the coast much of virginia beach down to chesapeake was mixing around portsmouth and norfolk and then snow potentially or a mix with snow up in the peninsula middle peninsula and the northern neck out to the west better chances for snow and that's why the accumulation totals will be greater out there. we'll see this continue to move through with more heavy snow for northern and western parts of the commonwealth more mixing maybe some freezing rain or since leaving the next he's very shaded pink we're watching that and then more of a gentle transition to rain friday night into early saturday the rain could be heavy with the low tracking right through the region it's gonna be windy as well talking about winds gusting up thirty five maybe even forty mph it's not out of the question and then the backside of this system with the low tracking ride over as colder air will get drawn in on west side of the system and we give
5:46 am
kind of taper off as snow later saturday and saturday night so this is what we're going to be watching over the upcoming couple of days and certainly some very very messy weather huge impacts for much of the commonwealth around here it's looking like that mix to rain and then and again it's no so this is overlooking that take a look as far as our thinking here probably trace amounts of snow maybe up to two inches and this could include parts of the peninsula up around williamsburg three to four inches maybe a little bit more than that to the west as you run up towards richmond here getting in a six to twelve inch range areas north of richmond twelve to fourteen inches and you go west fourteen to twenty amazing amount of snow out there to the west temperatures right now twenties to low thirties guys are very bleak cloudy we have north northwest winds of twelve and the temperature today staying in the mid thirties to upper thirties it will be mostly sunny so still pretty chilly out there idea that mix to rain tomorrow and the rain and snow on
5:47 am
the backside of the system that winds down saturday night windy on sunday and improvements monday and tuesday we have an accident out there here's ash or click on the last traffic check we checked traffic on sixty four in norfolk that heavy traffic headed toward the base we saw a police car driving through the back up so i did check on it i found it and i spoke with police just to confirm this is five sixty four west led to the police car actually drove through the back of one sixty four had to buy fifty four by fifty four west just before you get to the runway title had a table station norfolk in the accident there on the right shoulder. it's only going to slow things down even more right now the backups headed to naval station norfolk begin on sixty four west hs people of our two miles before you get to five sixty four and the traffic network maps don't forget we still have very heavy traffic on sixty four west headed to bay avenue when a gate for also seeing heavy traffic on grand street headed to the bases well so that's really the traffic trouble of the morning is a roundtable station norfolk. i have
5:48 am
the latest for the ride into the base when i come back to watching that thing so much ashley thomas by fifty two there the popular standup boards led to falls and fires a hover boards are banned from airplanes college campuses and now they are the subject of an ongoing federal investigation yesterday the consumer product safety commission released the list of companies and boards under scrutiny. there are no safety standards for the self balancing boards the chairman of the cpsc says that as of now there are no plans to recall them but if you do use one he warns use extreme caution look for more on the story on good morning america. they also stay on the subject of public boards if you purchased one from amazon and are now regretting it you can get a full refund that offer comes as questions over the safety of the devices continues an investigation by the government not your refund contact amazon online working to get the information up on the thirteen years now what sector can use them to calm so exciting new this morning
5:49 am
forget the cars over his helicopter business may soon take flight over says it's testing the concept at the sundance film festival in utah over chopper was first tested three years ago in manhattan when they were flying customers to inform him tt it's been maybe louisville bull with the new york city because you can win a trip to york city on daybreak we're giving one lucky viewer a chance to win a trip or two to the big apple includes a two night stay. airfare and tickets to see jimmy in times square but you have to watch for the keyword in the six o'clock hour then you will enter it on thirteen years now dot com and we will pick a winner after daybreak on from sokol only one to go with the guests and we did the oriental i closer to one of music's biggest night yet and we have a sneak peek at this year's grammy performers just ahead. and as a potential blizzard it barrels across the east coast or
5:50 am
airlines are offering (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health
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. ok. new this morning a secret health battle for actress jamie lynn singler yet the sopranos star just reveal that she was diagnosed with multiple multiple sclerosis fifteen years ago. she tells people magazine she got the news when she was just nineteen right before the sopranos four season when singler says she wasn't emotionally ready to share it though until now all she won't be getting a
5:52 am
grammy but adele will be performing at the awards show next month. the recording academy has announced its first round of performers for the telecast with kendrick lamar and the weekend both making the less. lamar has the most nominations with eleven and tells blockbuster album twenty five was released too late to get a nod to the show airs live every fifty meters of performing a new starbucks app will let you know what song is playing as soon as you walk in the store the app also lets you like that and wrote starbucks the app lets you create your own starbucks playlists and listen to them and spot a fine the company says in the music services available in more than seventy five hundred locations nationwide. but some people are all like what about the sternum or resources but it's like when i had this garden party for my father's birthday right i said rsvp because it was a
5:53 am
came that life did not rsvp was going on in the movie clue as they came out in nineteen eighty five alicia silverstone played the main character share but what if someone else had gotten the role art that's a chilling how bradley cooper seth rogan and holiday no reading shares lines from the movie that's going on in collingwood fine thanks to w magazine and a dog is going viral for its hugs to its best friend another dogwood is live in border collie was taught to hug by her owner actually going crazy over this one. lottie loves to hug her best friend a german shepherd named grizzly then again can stop watches bmc plan that's outlined his latest one was posted to social media and this morning has been viewed more than no surprise here thirty five million times. here's how cute is this guy with the dc area and the path of a major snowstorm a massive star wars theme snowball fight is in
5:54 am
the works. this is video from another schedule snowball fight scheduled snow often yes. last winter actually the blazers held on by association and the things that are organizing the event set for saturday so if you are not a star wars fan costumes from other major tsai fi franchises like star trek and guardians of the galaxy are also welcomed prizes will be for the best costumes and snowball fight association. yes we get here right. well really the snow hike so we start off a lot of fun but as in a contract with the rainbow yesterday knows the stories trending right now stay with us for much more news and weather and traffic at six. it's another bitter blast here's a look live look from newport news is from a mobile weather lab crews in the area right now
5:55 am
them shortly here on daybreak and if you had plans to fly this weekend listen to this report some airlines are offering refunds early and waivers ahead of the winter storm is just thirteen years now at day break in at the top of this half hour ashley is watching the naval base traffic right now craig is here he's got the all important forecast to be watched them think things over the next few days credit yet temperatures are going to be cold enough to support some snow and very heavy snow across parts of virginia and north carolina for hampton roads could become borderline i expect a mix to develop this is tomorrow changing to rain then back to snow as colder air works in the back side of the system potentially on saturday we look for that's a lot of interesting weather today we collectively catcher brass to take a breath and relax mostly sunny through the day to day you do see these counties and cities out to
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