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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the peninsula hampton newport news to coast and yorktown southside isle of wight and something down through gates and her fur and bertie county so these areas under the winter weather advisory with a winter storm warning areas west of that includes the williamsburg james city county here's the little pants on the northern that we know the wintry weather is coming i think the best way to do this for me to show you with our future cast right off the bat temperatures close to freezing or below freezing across most of the region this morning the moisture is going to take a little while to get here you can see the snow approaching from the southwest. this is nine o'clock with our future cast as we go through the late morning by eleven o'clock we start to see snow overtaken year is specially out to the west the southwest will see that reaching the metro area probably around noon so later this morning the wintry weather moves in but temperatures are point to warm as you can see by two o'clock thirty four thirty seven in virginia beach and what's gonna happen those
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warm the late afternoon so by three thirty were still looking at wintry precipitation starting to intensify snow sticking to the ground for these areas out to the west and maybe a little better on the metro as well but we're going to see the temperatures continue to warm and with that warmth the wintry weather will transition to rain and the rain will be heavy at times the winds are going to increase the tides of the running above normal and we're going to see that transition to rain through the overnight and early tomorrow. now does get colder later the day tomorrow to have another chance for cynics precipitation or some snow later tomorrow i'll show you all this talk about snowfall amounts and everything else coming up right there ready to check on hampton and nasi so far the weather has not had an impact on the roads but that's obviously going to change later today absolutely it will be keeping a very close eye on traffic conditions throughout the day right now as craig mentioned traffic conditions are calm and quiet
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the ride in at all no one had over three seasons warning symbol here in hampton will give you a live look at sixty four eastbound at settlers landing road delivered earlier this morning we did have an accident at settlers landing blocking the exit ramp but about a minute or so ago that crash cleared we don't have any issues that we're watching some roadwork on sixty four the high rise bridge in chesapeake. we'll talk about that when i come back right ashleigh thank you and where to get back to stone what the storm no coverage in just a moment right now we have some breaking news to report out of north korea involving a university of virginia student. it says it has arrested a uva student for quote anti state acts korean central news agency the state run media reports that authorities are investigating otto frederick one b a report says that the student who is in north korea on a tourist visa allegedly plotted to undermine north korea system and has links to the us government in order to keep following this story and
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learn more and now back to our storm coverage now right now there are least thirty two school closures or delays or schools are dismissing early information scrolling at the bottom of your screen right now we can also visit thirty news now dot com we're constantly updating the information there thirteen years now daybreak continues in storm oh the roads are clear right now but that might not be the case later today right across the region the dot crews are out in full force vigil only preparing for the potential of winter weather harley brown joins us live she is tracking conditions on the peninsula elise good morning andrea lucy right now i'm in williamsburg and although it's very chilly out here there's no snowfall in sight i spoke with a spokeswoman from the city of williamsburg she says she wants the very clear with a net gain for the county. add those roads will be cleared by the da and that the city of williamsburg handle own embassy weinberg tells me they are ready
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times of a standard salt makes a save the dough pre treat roads but when the snowfall start to come down to santa cruz with the plows and that's an insult to treat the roads now people across the area are prepping for the storm i know at the grocery store earlier yesterday everyone was there pact is trying to get what they need people are also preparing their cars in case they have to go out into the storm but before you hit the road aaa says there are some things you should check that includes gas window washer fluid and your tires will want to make sure that the tires inflated properly when the places to find a tire prices in the driver's door. elsewhere the front tires need to be a way the rear tires need to be at the other thing we need to look at his trade debts just as yet for will job doesn't mean you have enough tread actually get to snow tonight definitely some good advice but aaa says if you can stay home during the storm that
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williamsburg. elise brown thirteen years now. i always thank you right now virginia north carolina are under states of emergency. yeah the declaration makes it easier for governors to get help once the snow and ice arrives it also allows government officials to put more resources on standby governor terry mcauliffe told us roads already are being treated. then the primary focus will shift to part away from hampton roads where they could see up to two feet of snow a word to the wise ahead of the winter weather vi died in virginia state police are warning
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ri will take a look at the map here to want to show
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winter storm warning is you can see obviously the western part by or james city county williamsburg little peninsula northern echo under the warning and down through the franklin area in southampton and west through i ninety five down in north carolina north hampton. but this one's all the way out through western virginia north carolina west virginia and points to the west of that this eerie shade of blue a winter weather advisory and that includes the rest of the peninsula around newport news york opera co said hampton and then south of that isle of wight in something down in the north carolina gates and thirty county along with her for county so we're watching this storm system is coming in no doubt about the precipitation is going start later this morning and then in the early afternoon or to see persistent mix precipitation changing over to rain later this afternoon and tonight i want to talk about the snowfall projections said we've been very steady state no trace to three inches
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areas around the metro with the heavier amounts out to the last it's been a consistent message and what's going to be a little deceiving as it were to get those types of amounts but the rain is going to knock it down to watch some of the way that this is the latest from the g f s model one of our two models in the one the euro shapes up like this also calling for the snow about a couple of inches from your faith with those have your mouse for men is not that around richmond and areas north and west of that will take a very very quick with a seven day forecast i will break down all this being completely with the next state in the check in our fashion all right we're going to check traffic now around the high rise bridge in chesapeake rates we do have some road work going on there. sixty four eastbound just before you get the high rise bridge right now the right lane is blocked and a quick live look for you you gotta make of years we had to work camera and still be the construction cost of dotting the road there as we approach the high rise bridge and head out to george washington so what's up with that right now traffic seems
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available left lane of traffic network maps rest of the area doing well that includes just the bay bridge tunnel. if you had from virginia beach to cape charles only taken ninety minutes and that's pretty usual for us at the cbt coming up in the next few minutes we'll have the five sixty four and will take an early morning look attractive headed to naval station norfolk i think you'll love some heavy snow really strong winds expected to slam the east coast edit some places that brings travel problems already a standstill in some areas we have
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well although already a month old winter is just now arriving for much of the schools including us here in hampton roads and what an entrance it's making with the storm dubbed a monster preparations are underway in the mid atlantic region were up to two feet of snow may have may fall by tomorrow especially around the nation's capital the mayor of dc has declared a state of emergency the carolinas are bleak reason for sleet and rain with the potential of ice making the roads dangerous for drivers. we have recovered in our neck of the woods good morning america has coverage in other parts of the country they will be live reports during good morning america from washington d c north carolina and new jersey starting at seven am this morning the owner of a driving school in greensboro north carolina
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will have to maneuver through the snow and ice he says the best case scenario when you're following a vehicle in those conditions is to stay far back about six to eight seconds and avoid sudden stops. if you do have to stop apply what he describes as threshold braking that means to put your heel on the floor all of the foot on the brake and apply slow steady pressure pushed down dislike or stopping at a stop sign he recommends leaving eight to ten or eight to twelve seconds of distance in case the car in front of the starts to slide even the best drivers can hit a really ugly patch of ice at four forty but we turned our air travel are new this morning airlines have already canceled more than nine hundred flights in out and within the us through the weekend thousands more cancellations are expected the flight tracking website flight aware predicts at least two hundred thousand travelers will be impacted by cancellations over the next three days. some airlines are
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throughout the storm zone for a list of cancellations visit thirteen years now. com and click on the traffic to and rail travel will also be impacted amtrak says it will operate on a modified schedule with fewer trains traveling through the northeast. passengers holding reservations are encouraged to keep an eye on conditions and make necessary changes in advance of their scheduled departure a new this morning both live and you are reminding drivers to be extra cautious and stay safe on the roads were reports that it is taking significant steps to keep prices from skyrocketing whatever governor declares a state of emergency to replace the cap on the surge as always seventy five percent of earnings go to the driver twenty five percent goes to hoover hoover says it will donate all of its proceeds from the search for the american red cross. i cry joins now this is the big day it's a matter of one's income and it is still coming thurs math at them got this note i've falling out over there wait for it wait for you know we put on once we start covering still in the area now breaking out later this
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interesting because the weather will be changing so much is via warmer air in it's going to transition the mix in the snow later this afternoon back to some rain but there's going to be some other issues as well including very strong winds let's talk about what to expect in general you have what that jeff referred to and i think this term is is just perfect it's a crippling storm for the central and western parts does was northern parts of virginia were talking about a system that will shut down parts of virginia as very very heavy snow is expected and it's going to be one of barry's erie and it's going to take a little while for it to recover for our area were going to see strong winds and higher than normal tides heavy rain for most of us were awesome to see a couple periods of snow one of the beginning as this moves in later this morning into the early afternoon and then again at the end i think we'll see a transition back to snow and snow showers saturday night into very early sunday morning ending sunday during the day will see big improvements in
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look a lot better over the next twelve hours we start off with increasing clouds come in and i wanted to stop and take a picture the movie was so beautiful out there. ok so long then after today we will see it for a little while but i again as the storm system passes the clouds are going to increase and then later this morning around ten thirty eleven o'clock i expect the snow showers to really start pressing in from the southwest snow into the afternoon and then a mixer transition to rain and snow by late afternoon with rain tonight in the rain will be heavy at times we give a live picture we could shave from charlotte north carolina you can see the snow coming down there so this is what's coming will take a look right now the satellite and radar images you can see how they have the snow there in charlotte more moisture coming up a storm system will track across the region and that snow will spread into our area isn't mentioned by late morning here is ten o'clock news the metro still dry but the snow pushing down
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into parts of northeast north carolina see northampton county down through thirteen approaching gates as we get to eleven thirty twelve o'clock the snow pushes into the south side and across the metro area's out to the west of that initially snow showers and some mixed precipitation that will continue for a little bit to end a two o'clock in the three o'clock that makes line starts to push back to the west just a little bit and we get the transition to rain later as we head into the evening now the rain is going to wash away a lot of the snow that falls so it's kind of interesting we see the snowfall projections yet keep in mind it won't be that pretty feel like that gorgeous mantle of white because the rain washes it away in the rain heavier when site will make for pretty raw conditions in themselves i was looking at tides that are on a foot to foot half above normal minor tidal flooding possible and we are near a coastal flood watch near the coast as we take a look here it is saturday moisture off to the north allow the rain some wrapping
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air comes back in bringing about that next transition later saturday. it's in the inland areas where the snow will be more persistent that we're going to see greater amounts of snow out to the west so that's we're looking at it this saturday evening i suspect evan will be covering snow showers across year in an early sunday probably pre sunrise most of it is gone by seven o'clock skies mostly cloudy and will see increasing clouds later on sunday. what's the talk about i know and will continue to keep you updated so total snow amounts may be one to three inches across our area again some of that ol' next changeover to rain then back to snow potentially saturday night three to five inches out to the west part of the peninsula an area that around western suffolk and isle of wight to get out west of emporia to williams for five to eight inches in eight to sixteen inches around richmond even heavier miles west of that again the rain will knock down some of these totals but that's what we're
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twenties low thirties here's a seven day outlook. again lots to watch in the next couple of days and will have more in more detail can not tell you enough how much you want to stay updated with us here and through twitter and facebook as well here's ashley. all right greg we'll keep an eye on traffic conditions as well even though things have not really started yet in terms of the weather things have started in terms of traffic slows give you a live look now at naval station norfolk traffic on five sixty four west just past the runway tunnel we can already see those bright lights especially had to gate three a starting to slow down if you're headed toward him to boulevard to expect those delays starting about three quarters of the way down five sixty four west back on the traffic network map things to bead up and look to be i should say doing pretty well. elsewhere sixty four east and west in williamsburg still moving ok if you're headed westbound in the direction of richmond between newman and help them only going to take you twelve minutes and that is usual for us to come up in the next few minutes we'll see a tropical
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hampton at the hr bt so much it is for fifty one a bizarre accident claimed
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. new this morning portsmouth police are investigating an attempted robbery that happened at the shell gas station on effingham street just before seven o'clock last night lee sells a man entered the store
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demanded money from a clerk the clerk refused to hand it over and the suspect took off empty handed. nobody got hurt but if you have any information on who could have done this call the crime line new information this morning about a deadly crash in portsmouth police identified the victim a seventy two year old dolores clifton officers responded to the crash financial avenue tuesday night investigators say clifton was getting out of her vehicle when her foot hit the accelerator. she was dragged underneath her car which then hit a parked vehicle police eclipses car was still running when they got there till she died at sea while school officials are optimistic they'll receive a budget boost this season all five south hampton roads mares said the letter to governor terry mcauliffe and lawmakers in richmond last week. they reminded lawmakers of the responsibility to adequately fund the state's public schools since fiscal year two thousand on the commonwealth has cut its funding for public education for more or buy more than one billion dollars a quick
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the last day to answer our daybreak contest to win a trip for two new york city and includes a two night stay airfare tickets to see gma in person in times square and watched a break at six o'clock hour to find out the special keyword and go over to thirteen years now dot com under the features tab and enter art for a fifty six is your time as much of these close races for blizzard meteorologist greg miller staying on top of the forecast an article with us right in the storm has potential to bring down power lines resulting in many outages had had dominion power crews are preparing to keep the lights on for you and it's crash time but if you haven't finished shopping here snow supplies don't worry you still have a chance
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but you are and a monster snow storm targeting the entire east coast crippling the nation's capital causing hundreds of accidents of putting people
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the latest on the storm's track and here at home officials are jumping into action preparing for the worst even dominion virginia power preparing for a strain on the grid as people hide from the winter weather center parker is live with the details. ed good morning t this is certain is that they bring only the jump the gun. we just learned though that hampton schools has closed today because of the impending storm that's moving through very soon and update you on that. yes we can have all the closures and delays to meet up this morning but ashley's watching the roads for any trouble spots and of course craig is here with the latest east it's doing what he said it would so that's good. now this storm is behaving as it was supposed to i don't know that when the light gets behavior but at least the behavior so far has been very predictable and nothing is changing we still have this approaching system so far and i'm not able to monitor all of the school district but what i have heard from our producers and i know for my family down in chesapeake we get word that can be an early release it sounds like the school systems are handling this
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calls for the city of
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