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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the different sky views can help a little that i would ask her to switch a few the views up will start with a look at the oceanfront some mixed precipitation and some sleep there as we take a look at town center and thank you so much a shoe for passes for one thing i can do switches cameras live on over the wall so she's taking care of me there you can see the snow flying across town center will take you to norfolk right now and as we take a look. how about this town snow covered as snow continues to fall across the area now the route was initially sleet and ice pellets his transition to snow flakes and as we take a look. finally our norfolk hour can you get a feel for the conditions out there many the parking lot secondary roads starting to get snow covered bramble to devaney still in pretty good shape right there as there's been traffic can keep the road a little bit warmer and again you see the traffic and mixing things up but the snow is coming and we're going to see more of a take a look at
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i thank you so much for all information that we've been able to share with our viewers through social media this morning. it's been great now are seeing the snow up on the peninsula metal pans were seen out to the eastern shore snow really intensifying across norfolk and we're going to see rain transitioning to that that switch over to rain later today summit heavy at times and this isn't like a tremendously heavy pocket which are getting some ice pellets in the next and that's a brighter return on the radar but the potential is there for very heavy rain a little bit later on and i wanna share with you just a have been coming in we've been watching this as well and will continue to see other reports of snow out to the west. let's take a quick look at a couple of the storm reports coming in this one around emporia a couple inches of snow reported right there the city of emporia two point seven inches reported down to the south we've had reports down that way of freezing rain and ice covering some of the bridges so we'll see more local storm
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the afternoon continues in the snow totals go up across parts of the area i back to the maps with the radar we go you could see again series of heavy snow now across western virginia beach norfolk and portsmouth northern suffolk up in the peninsula it's really starting to come down now and heavy snow continues at toward i ninety five basically as we go through the day were set this up last evening were mainly clear this morning we saw the increasing clouds and the snow will begin here's a chair for the rest the afternoon. that makes pre sip and snow intensify its gonna pick up we're going to see some accumulation the grounds that it scored a changeover to rain that's going to wash away some of it near the coast but the inland areas will continue to stack up. then later tonight as warmer air mixes in much of the precipitation will change to rain still snow for places like the northern neck areas between williamsburg and richmond continues and the winds will pick up that's going to push the tides higher heavy rain tomorrow morning and as we go through the overnight and early
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flooding expected so this is a look ahead and look for the rain to potentially change back to snow tomorrow night into early sunday plenty to talk about i will have the future cast will talk about snowfall amounts a lot to share coming up state i think you are one place that may get hit really hard by the storm is williamsburg yesterday crews are out on the streets right now keeping the roads clear they started pre treating those roads days ago our reporter lisa brown has lived is it looking wow look at the snow behind you. lucy and riyadh. first the snow was on and off and now it's really coming down and starting to kick people in the city here have been preparing for days truth in the city of green card say they're ready for what comes their way. we've got a hoot and so was going to call our ship starting today. superintendent of
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fowler said he has around four hundred tons of sulfur in santa but this morning he put in their quest for more as we start using materials everyone's going to start asking for replenishment of material so we had made a phone call this morning mass for another hundred tons of sand while thinking about history faith that the college of william and mary are stocking up on food like we will stuff like that in the kitchen in the dorm patrick price can't wait to have some fun in the snow even hills here we're ready to sled when it comes to you by the ira money from home not only students are excited about the weather to why go hails from china she says last year was her first time experiencing snow fall. now she's kind of over it when it's not okay it's gross yes and it's slippery everywhere nobody likes to sleep again
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the roads to make sure everybody stays nice and safe in williamsburg. elise brown thirteen years now heartily thank you so much well the storm system is affecting air travel across the country nearly three thousand flights nationwide canceled norfolk international airport has it shares of problems too. she knew her is live at the airport with the latest does numerous flights here to norfolk airport are canceled or delayed this morning to look right hit the flight information were behind me lots of red across the sport for canceled or delayed flights officials say it's because when flights are headed or come from the weather is looking pretty bad mood cities most affected by these delays are philadelphia new york city dc and charlotte these delays are expected to continue through tomorrow. especially with cities north of hinton wrote of the most delays this morning were with american airlines and southwest united and delta are starting to
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according to this flight info we encourage folks that are either passengers or that are waiting for somebody to arrive is due out the check directly with the airline and airport officials say they don't think that any of these flights will be taking off until sunday. if you want to check the information we encourage you to sell online have linked to that at thirteen years now dot com levin or fiction to her thirteen years now. vacation you remember you can always check the status of your flight before heading to the airport we do however have a flight tracker tracker on the thirteen years now back on traffic page you can also use the flight tracker on our mobile app makes free download that is very useful right now we're tracking breaking news out of chesapeake families forced from their homes because of fuel leaking from a tank. we actually got this video showing the fuel gushing out of the top of the container
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live with the latest in on itunes was just left then we are now starting to see residents returned back to their homes in this south norfolk neighborhood let me you really what we're seeing out here you can see that chesapeake fire department is still out here they're working hard. they tell me that the fuel gas leak was contained quickly dull four was in the top of the tanker that fuel use are gushing out was caught by the firms that are round the tanker they're now full to the fire department had been working hard in working closely with the owners of the tanker in figuring out exactly when it will be safe for residents to return and finally about fifteen minutes ago that evacuation has been lifted as far as people who live in this neighborhood. well you can imagine they were extremely upset this morning they tell me this is not
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this has happened in their neighborhood. many of them had to leave their homes on told me they like about medication without any clothes but finally things are starting to fall back into place here first. we'll else to balance reporting live in chesapeake and see if we take out their teens now whether rose is not the only area taking a hit from this winter storm. not at all yet to see the damage from
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again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! we are not the only region dealing with all the severe weather in fact twenty two states on alert right now and some of those states are still trying to recover from a storm that hit yesterday. abc's on a zach has a look at how people in both places are trying to stay safe today seventy million americans stay in the path of extreme weather six states of emergency
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capital bracing for power outages roof collapses and worse we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications washington today beginning to lock down drivers asked to stay off transportation system will be you need to be where you're going to be throughout the store up to thirty inches of snow predicted here with fifty mile an hour winds and store shelves reflect the concern outside of washington philadelphia airport canceling all flights in the new york area are some technical difficulties with that story will try get two more that later in this newscast i am preparing for the approaching storm means more than just stocking up on groceries. yeah for some parents a concrete unexpected hardship will explain and
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. it is a massive storm system dumping snow and rain all over the southeast thirteen years now is in store mode as the system slams hampton roads and northeastern north carolina where storms keeping a lot of people at home today i got dozens of closings and cancellations all of them listed on our website and swelling of the monitor screen right now and while some students may be pretty happy about this close schools can make parents really have to scramble to take your kids. sandra parker knows all too well the way we do what we all know how important is to repair before a storm gets here but you know somethings you just
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closing or getting up earlier than expected. preparing for the storm for most people means a trip to the grocery store to get the necessities like bread and milk. i did not do the doomsday prepping but i may be regretting that later. simply find lives within walking distance to grocery store so running out of food during the storm is not what concerns or ideas about the power ladder we have a generator but that's always tough but little can with no power in the cauldron and a trap house found another concern for many parents today is dealing with an unexpected early dismissal or school closing poses a big problem for parents because if parents have to go into work the name that means they've got kids coming home at noon today and they've got to worry about where they going to be heard again to be with all that stuff but as someone who works in the school system she knows it's always a difficult call to make this a difficult decision for school officials to make and while they know keeping children in school learning is important they know keeping children safe is even more important and that's why they want to send them home early and get them
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could get dangerous center park or thirteen years now i think santa snow is already starting to accumulate on the peninsula. oh yeah that includes downtown hampton laura geller is there with an update on conditions by laura geller we're off on the peninsula in hand everything is going right now it started as rain but it's been like this snow coming down for the last hour looking for but the key sticking to the cars will take you live to the streets we can see in some areas there is some thinking but mostly where the cars are going over the vote repeatedly not seen any accumulation on the craft the snow sticking and a little more accumulation through that that's going on right now here we have been looking at the snow and having it come down and is pretty large quakes for about the last hour we're going to be keeping an eye on the conditions for you
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down and the reports i keep getting over and over and over about one on facebook come from great rage changes in the largest flakes i've ever seen i just got a call from my god i know a friend of mine out in virginia beach around lynn haven he said to sixty four it sticking to the radisson craig this is incredible it's like he sees flakes coming down it's like little quarter inch plops of snow coming down the windshield what's going on to the troopers fear the at the atmosphere is a little bit closer to freezing it's not super super cold aloft and what's happening is some of the snowflakes are forming the camera wet coating around on that and other snowflakes colliding you get these big floppy giant snowflakes and this is what's being reported may come down and that's what we call a heavier or a wet snow so to speak now temperatures are pretty close to freezing give or take a little bit we're actually up to thirty four thirty five
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the airport but that heavy these heavy large snowflake to continue to fall and it's going to make for very difficult travel conditions especially the inlet areas notice the rainbow near the coast and there is going to be that transition to wet conditions later this afternoon into the evening as warmer air wraps into the system there will be more of a transition to rain and that's good to wash away some of the snow that does develop so you see again the warmer air pushing in later this afternoon for a while though we are looking at snow enough to coat the roads secondary roads especially am concerned with but we get that little layer of snow or maybe even some i sleep and sleep pushing it now reaching parts of the peninsula up through the middle peninsula are just a matter time before these areas really start to see those snow totals going up down to the south with the warmer air comes into the mix for going to see the transition to rain that's going to wash away what falls
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that transition to rain still though wintry weather continues to the north and west and we have this snow continuing the snow totals go up significantly and we have the potential for some other issues with maybe some ice for me in some areas were certainly the snow weighing down the branches or could be some issues with power outages off to the north as the winds intensify around the area of low pressure tracking through our area early tomorrow morning overnight tonight winds could gust forty two even fifty mph that's going to drive our tides above normal in c minor tidal flooding tomorrow morning with o'clock and tools point eight or eight thirty at yorktown and then again tomorrow evening levels will be high but a little bit lower. take a look at this as the colder air wraps back around and you could see what we have showers saturday up to the early afternoon by late afternoon evening and stewart will have you covered tracking the transition back to snow and this snow may add
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accumulations maybe an inch or so for some areas of hampton roads going to bed saturday night waking up ready for church. there could deal with it will clear out sunday so we'll see improvements. i want to show you a couple of our models is the g fs snow potentially see very heavy snow. this is through eleven o'clock tonight so while we don't expect a tremendous amount of snow least the model is projecting a lot. keep in mind more rain near the coast better chances for snow around here a lot of this will get washed away but i want to show you as we go through the late evening hours saturday and early sunday. you could see another inch around norfolk and this stuff could linger on the ground into sunday morning we're watching that again heavier amounts up to the northwest i don't know that rich was going to see that much but that's what that model was projecting his european and european output again calling for another inch or so from norfolk late saturday into sunday so basically we get the snow now
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have to go out don't do it stay up the roads were going to see the transition to rain and then again it switching back to snow saturday evening take a look here at our current conditions reported nor think we have snow we have snow up in newport news raine elizabeth city are mixed right now at thirty seven degrees and twenty nine claudia wallis temperatures will warm through the afternoon the snow next it's already here. they will continue to develop and then changeover to rain this afternoon rain in winter night ad running high tomorrow. forty four look for that change back tomorrow night with additional snow showers. i think to improve sunday guys so much talk about in crazy amounts of snow to northwest of our viewing area and we're continuing to get reports that it is helping situation be sure and stay tuned for more to write so much time oh yeah i think i was video that is circulating online. a woman appearing to attack her overdrive is right but today we're getting the full story behind this violent clips and
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i now to a case of an overdrive are being attacked this time by a doctor in miami. all right you know this is beginning a lot of people are talking about the anti confrontation caught on camera abc's rita nine as
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through the parking in the rating at times seemingly violent up this morning the woman seen here in a confrontation with an uber driver on sunday identified as anjali rom too soon. a fourth year in urology resident in miami florida the one who jumped into anywhere that wasn't hers the customer who did order the hoover started recording the encounter beginning the following clash and see which one to suit me in the driver even throwing her down the eye the wounded student was the passenger seat and one point not to mind before walking away
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speaking to local station w t j that action was like screaming cursing you know calling me names. this is the first time an uber driver has been attacked in october this video surfaced of a former taco bell executive attacking his driver from behind. as for brown to soon she did not respond to requests for comment and miami priest telling abc news there was no incident report nor was she arrested however her employer's jackson health system releasing a statement overnight saying she's been placed on administrative leave. adding they have launched an internal investigation to determine if any disciplinary action will be taken up to and including termination. that was reminding reporting over says it has canceled the woman's account and banned her from their service. all right coming up on thirteen is nowhere in store mode or coverage continues. i can
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and when it starts smacking right into halves rosa see right there is something snow and rain on us right now and more dangers issues may be on the way god is greg muller has led our coverage of the storm all day long. you know right now i have on the phone with me jeff lawson just call jeff will live on and on the new show and post game but i will relate. jeff just said how big the snowflakes t or c and virginia beach are just too when she allowed no kidding we just talked about a good jump into the update now k is and say absolutely sticking talk about those two are snowflakes he said hey i saw your explanation awesome in that why the snowflakes are so big. here's a guy that's been covering weather for a
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seeing flakes this day and i get his view with the one for the atmosphere up a little bit basically the snowflakes are you know that they're starting to melt a little bit and then other snowflakes collide and they just become these giant flopping flakes so it really is coming down folks. yes it was awesome to hear that from najaf you know we all communicate here with our forecasts we share information i appreciate jeff taking the time to share that from virginia beach right now you see the snow coming down over north thick and the roads bramble to nanny still in pretty good shape traffic slowing down and ashley smith is going to be in through the afternoon to cover the traffic situations as the roads are quickly deteriorating in many areas so going to continue to watch that as we take a look at the conditions of the next twelve hours we have the snow right now we're going to see the snow continuing for a while with some accumulations been talking maybe a couple of inches across the south side with heavier amounts as you go farther west something
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head out toward i ninety five via the opportunity for much more snow out that way. now eventually we are going to see more rain mixing in and that's going to wash away what falls and the rain is going to be heavy at times overnight the winds will increase as well temperatures will continue to climb we were around thirty four thirty five at the airport we dropped a thirty two and will climb back up upper thirty s to low forties as we head through the overnight so tomorrow we're going to have rain across the region and the temperatures are going to be warmer we're looking at temperatures tomorrow in the lower to mid forties but it turns cold again on the backside of the system in receipt of additional potential for snow late tomorrow and maybe some ice issues early friday morning or early sunday morning. so saturday night into sunday with that potential for re freezing right now rain down across with these north carolina at the cosi outer banks we had the snow here again the large snowflakes coming down and the snow really intensify now for our
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williamsburg seeing the action now middle peninsula northern echo of the eastern shore. it continues to develop and the atmosphere really more sitting up so we're going to deal with that as you can see we do have the snow reported from norfolk and newport news we have rain in elizabeth city thirty seven degrees here in twenty nine it was stay tuned we're going to talk more about the tides the winds that will at times tonight just forty to maybe fifty mph from the north so that's going to create some other issues as well. i'll pin down the future caster sunday morning i will talk about additional snowfall all of that in just few minutes late. i think you travel right now both virginia north carolina are under states of emergency but what does that mean exactly when because of the potential for damage from the storms dollars terry mcauliffe and patric corey want to make sure they can help get help quickly to people as fast as they can with emergency declarations allows government officials to put more resources on
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hit areas with less rent a beach cruiser on the road right now trying to clear out any ice or snow on the roads pre treating started earlier this week crews first got to work on the interstates and they have plows and salt trucks prepped and ready to go right now we spoke with rep paula miller this morning during daybreak she says the apartment is ready to respond to what ever comes our way to prepare you know all the variations of from your weather activity from snowfall changing to rain on throughout the region but now we're got resources and personnel ready to respond for any event even though crews are working to clear the roads the dot is asking people to avoid traveling as much cost of the storm is keeping state police officers busy in the last twelve hours troopers responded to sixty eight crashes across the commonwealth just ten in our area most of the crashes were in southwestern virginia near the tennessee line as the police are still advising
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all possible stay home and stacey and stay prepped no matter what this winter storm brings log on to thirteen years now dot com and check out our winter weather guide will tell you what all the different weather alert terms mean and give you tips on how to stay safe during storm of drinking while flying a jet filled with passengers yeah that's the accusation that led to criminal charges against this pilot more on the shocking case. plus the valet takes
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. he really is a shocking case of former airline pilot accused of flying drunk and now police have arrested the pilot and charged him with flying under the influence of alcohol abc's katie whitworth is here with more the alaskan airlines pilot facing federal charges for allegedly flying commercial flights while under the influence of alcohol sixty year old david hahn our sin arrested wednesday at his california home accused of piloting two flights in june of twenty fourteen while intoxicated with a statue has an eight hour rule a bottle to throttle. investigators say he flew from san diego to portland and then back to california when he was selected for a random drug and alcohol tests prosecutors say both has performed so he had a blood alcohol concentration of point one three four and
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point zero four most airlines say not at all according to court documents are sinful officials an alaskan airlines he didn't know how it was possible because he had not had anything to drink but in a statement to the alaska airlines says arson resigned after the incident before he could be fired up the scale we're supporting that pilot is currently out on bond well new developments in the legal battles for bill cosby the comedian scored a victory in court but his troubles are far from over will explain better storm
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and we have breaking traffic news now in virginia beach a course with the weather moving into the into the area should say we will see those traffic troubles increase in right now you will have a big issue on sixty four west as you had four to sixty fourth with a
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able to see an accident that's working involving an overturned vehicle and possibly other vehicles again sixty four west right before you get to the interchange right now the two right lanes are blocked and as we had my second camera when she were the backups began take a look at this and you'll be traveling between indian river and to sixty four here's a look at indian river road traffic it only gets worse as it approaches the interchange there because of that accident. delays are creeping back to greenbrier parkway so if you're headed out about in the area try to avoid that stretch of the interstate i will keep you posted throughout the day as we continue to track the traffic conditions with the impending weather as much you are thank you so much ashley. well a new video of the wilder wreck a valet crashed a jeep through building and it will pull this crazy you see it right here with the windshield wiper still i'm has happened in cambridge massachusetts ballet was asking for help no matter how the valet who crashed the cars that he was
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rog got stuck under one of the petals of a song which he lost control the vehicle sped off to the wall of the condo building right into the indoor pool the driver got out on his own and went to the hospital with minor injuries police have not said if that will be any criminal charges or legal victory for bill cosby a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the comedian the federal judge made the ruling yesterday a woman accusing copy of sexual assault filed the civil defamation suit suit she claimed that cars be defamed her. when he said she lied about the assaults a judge disagreed. cause we still facing several other civil suits over sexual assault allegations. he also faces criminal charges in one of those cases all we are bracing for snow and ice this afternoon to get outside now for a live look at the oceanfront virginia beach that there's snow in
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ri will take a look right now and alive skyview this is over here count center princes and our two new virginia beach blvd independence there and what we're looking at the road in pretty good shape but notice the parking lots over there around the mall you can see that we do have some snow sticking and you know they're going to be some very slick spots for awhile until the snow that's out there change is over so i think as we go through the day today you need to be prepared for very very messy conditions how about merchant square up in williamsburg going to show you this thirty degrees right now and snow on the ground this is a webcam cca updating every so often that folks out there walking around merchant square when july from the east northeast but the snow is out there in blanketing the ground at the williamsburg right now in norfolk we have conditions
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roads are becoming snow covered and more snow continues to fly. notice those north northeast winds picking up at the airport right at twenty two mph will see the winds building twenty to thirty mph sustained later this afternoon this evening we could see some sustained winds around thirty five gusts forty to fifty mph from the north and that's really want to drive the tides of now there have been a few breaks in the precipitation down across southern parts of virginia beach chesapeake a little break but by no means is this over we're going to continue to see opportunities for snow showers this morning and i are in the early afternoon i should say not a tremendous amount near the coast really were to see more of a transition to rain here the end when there is a snow continues and that's where those totals will continue to go up as we take you through the afternoon and into the evening you notice the snow continuing to the west northwest we get more rain in the next. by late afternoon evening
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the mid thirties upper thirties near virginia beach and then into the forties for northeast north carolina that warmer air wrapping as we go into the evening still cold enough for mixed and freezing precipitation out toward i ninety five northern areas northern neck middleton so those areas had been under winter storm warning still snowing up there was a mass now we go into the evening were not the thirties anymore we're getting up into the forties and obviously at that point you're looking at rain the rain washes away whatever snow or slush is left out there and t go far north and west still snow in freezing conditions up here with the mass. looking ahead now we get the center of the low tracking through on the backside of this colder air gets pulled down back into our region. so while we have potential for impact of heavy rain and heavy downpours to saturday morning most of the snow at that point is much farther north and west but as we go later saturday pack comes
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that wraps back around falls over our region saturday night the seven thirty notice the snow showers out there in the wind down to the overnight maybe one more blast of snow showers and then as we get into the pre sunrise hours the last of the snow winds away skies clear out during the day on sunday. so what are we looking. well we've already seen trace amounts of snow we can pick up another inch or so before everything winds and maybe a couple of inches across parts of the south side right here. more likely to strain at the coast but we're going to transition to rain is going to wash away a lot of it. heavier amounts obviously a little farther to the last to get out towards richmond he could really come down hard. keep in mind these totals also take into account another inch or so. sunday early sunday morning pre sunrise so we can wake up to some icy conditions on sunday we are concerned with that beverages a day coming up to the upper thirties that change to rain for the metro areas east and south still snow and wintry weather
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forty the low tonight with heavy rain i say low. guess what that temperature keeps going up so it's not a loner temperatures will warm to the overnight and tomorrow snow tomorrow night and then improve its leaders this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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the law to help the economy and range to get out. are you looking for a way to look slimmer and more tan without a lot of downtime. well there's a new procedure might be excited about it said virginia dermatology and skin cancer center and were joined today by dr brian johnson. he is here dr johnson thank you
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something called cool sculpting explain what cool sculpting is go to the fta non surgical procedure used for fat reduction to use in patients who are unable to lose fat in certain areas mothers who does have pregnancy and trying to jumpstart the fat reduction rate no song man who work out quite a bit and try to lose the love handles that it is currently at the bella can be a real problem for men in particular never looking at pictures here explain what we're seeing from the station this is peyton had a cool scoping one session with from the abdomen and also the love handles so just one session how long does it take. he says in part it's about our cat in sf before we need to see the dramatic amount of weight with us and so for for when that doesn't yet it's amazing so for women or four men who choose to do this exactly how does it work how long the wise take four weeks whose scope is a procedure that uses intense cold to
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freeze the fat those fat cells die and then absorbed by the body was so stress so that they never return. so given all the fat will get rid of the substantial portion of fat and you're the best candidates for surgery like this. the scan is of people that do work out and can't use certain areas of fat mothers that just went through pregnancy and trying to jump start losing fat and also of males that are very concerned about their love handles that they can to rid the country the diet a bit of a concern but what if and as you said what if you you don't work out is this a big motivator for people because i am sure they really get damn one can't lose this certain pockets they just walk away. this is only in certain areas no matter what you do you can lose and so this procedure is very good for the can is non surgical no needles no cutting no downtime so big he said sometimes you can even go back to work on the same day or correct me because you not
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the bruising in the stand will really result quite quickly. some people are going and how much does this cost whatever the cause was very unusual as it depends on what areas you want read on we like to get to it for a consultation so we can see with two goals are what's about to type this and with the buzz it also can be used on the neck as well as them we have a new hand piece that works with those who have a ministry season. wow i write so if you're interested in the cool sculpting procedure that's the information that you need to now that there's the phone number and there is
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