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tv   13 News 530  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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cruel out in our mobile weather lab is checking out conditions in some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the storm from now until sunday the weather is going to be all over the place best way to put it. first a round of snow and ice than heavy rain strong winds will even see some tidal flood and death is tracking all of this so jeff let's start with what's happening right now well and as i said yesterday that i could say it again today that can be an entire half hour show just with me there's so much across the region that differs from location to location but right now as you can see not a lot of precipitation right here downtown are skyview picture you can see the white covering the ground but not really so much on the roads here's what i mean when i say a different mix of precipitation for a while the airport had freezing rain will course we started with snow then we got a little the sleet mixed in then we went back to some freezing rain that's what these different colors are as sweet
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freezing rain and we've seen that mix throughout the day gradually shifting more and more to the north now maybe even a little bit mixing in here across extreme southern portions there of matthews and gloucester parts of the peninsula we know have already restored to report a little bit of sleet at times and is partly related to how heavy the precipitation is the heavier it comes down the more cold air it drags and it might snow for ten minutes and then all the same as it gets less than it has more time to melt we get a little this leader some rain mixing in so it's again doing that transition that we had talked about moving progressively and land right now temperatures at thirty two degrees northeast winds at twenty eight gusting to over forty five mph and what that means is we go through is that these warmer temperatures are going to slide and change it all over the rain and wash away the snow for most of us other than far northern areas and then on the backside we're going to get some snow moving back and so we will be talking about that when i come back in a few minutes
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system is hitting the east coast are here's a live look at conditions on i ninety five near washington d c snow on the road barely anyone out there. wendy's see that that air is expected to get the brunt of the storm hurricane talk to drivers coming from dc is live in newport news with their stories. well david just give you an idea of the conditions we're experiencing some freezing rain out here a new party is outside city center to give you an idea of house like it is look at this light posts here it's completely encased with tyson of course if this is frozen over you can only imagine what the roads might be like the j clyde morris blvd so you want to take it slow as you mentioned a bit is like up and down i ninety five we went in you can say speak with some divers who are coming up from north carolina and coming down from dc and they say that corridor and parts of i sixty four were a mess. virginia state police checking on car after car
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i sixty four friday afternoon as driving conditions deteriorate around williamsburg people knew they would ride the four wheel drive and you know just as you go don't mean you can stop we caught up with many drivers heading to hampton roads from high ninety five to escape the worst of this or that i've typed i can probably thirty five car wrecks two tractor trailer axle richard pennington left fayetteville north carolina and slowly made his way up in icy and treacherous interstate and i was right in the road i slowed down and when i got past the truck i saw two people had a gentle non interstate giving cpr to some place was too surreal some coming down to hampton roads from richmond were used to the winter weather now is that they sell couple cause it it's good though he was surprised that knew that while others were glad to be speaking to virginia beach from the snow slamming ninety five corridor where paul says the house in
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has been together for the weekend ahead researcher do so by chanel or earlier and public works crews here new port news are working twelve hour shifts and they will be for the rest of the weekend as long as the storm continues the good news here is it supposed to warm up overnight so this freezing rain said turning to just rain. reporting live in newport news thirteen thirty is now acting in coverage moves to virginia beach watching a live look at the conditions from our sky view camera and town center on top of the weston hotel every lebeau is live there now where some friday night events were canceled. that's right joe and italy on friday night and again the sounds it is bustling with people but that's not the case right now but we are starting to feel some of that rain and sleet fall here. geoff lawson was talking about we take a look on the ground can see there's still a coating of snow on the ground is actually turning to mush as a ms or slash and then mix it with some of that rain because of these dangerous conditions
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the city had been canceled or postponed including here at the sandler center tonight's production of into the woods has been postponed until sunday now as more that rain and sleet is expected to fall here in virginia beach aaa is advising people to be aware of black ice forming on the roadways you can find the latest update on the weather is foul and bars closing their concern on our website that is now done when i'm virginia beach on in you both are juniors now i would have more storm mode coverage to come will show you the storms and packed up and down the east coast and is a picture from a viewer in franklin you can see snow covering the ground there we'll check in with emergency management crews in front to see how they are handling the store and i must be a fairly old picture because they have a significant amount of snow more than that at this time i think we'll see in just ten minutes anyway a lot of different types of moisture
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a health alert and virginia beach the city posted a
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city workers found the data one unicorn drive in the ocean lakes neighborhood if you or any of your pets may have had contact with the raccoon call the health department. rabies is fatal if left untreated is a story we've covered since december two men abducted and robbed the woman in virginia beach now mark outbreak the second in her hay sobre are charged with robbery carjacking abduction and conspiracy both are in jail without bond. police say on december twenty first the suspects allegedly grabbed the woman at the sam's club and virginia beach boulevard near north plaza trail. they forced her to take money from several atm before eventually letting her go unharmed routine traffic stop turned into a drug bust in dare county last week we told you a deputy stopped a driver for speeding in the east lake area the sheriff's office says the deputy looked into the car he saw a bag of cocaine a full search of the car turned up more cocaine and heroin to
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and michael abbott were in the car both tonight facing felony drug charges a uva student is arrested in north korea. otto frederick warne there is in jail. our partners at usa today posted this picture of one beer according to the korean central news agency the young man is accused of committing hostile acts against the north the state department said it was aware of reports of u s citizen being detained in north korea but it has not released any more information. it's not just oss dealing with winter weather right now millions of americans are under winter storm warnings to look at how they're preparing across
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the thirteen years now is in store mode our crews are fanned out all across hampton roads tracking this winter storm for eleven updated forecasts stay with us in just a few minutes several states across the east coast had to brace for this winter storm today and seventy million americans stood right in the path of this extreme weather the snow began in the south lake in north carolina where the panthers practice for the nfc championship game on sunday people worried if they can get there in d c the nation's capital on shutdown metro lines closed today and city leaders are asking drivers to
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forecasters expect up to thirty inches of snow with fifty mile an hour winds and the same in new york hundreds of snowplows are ready as officials are warning the public to hunker down and stay where they'll stay off the roads they will not only be snow filled and slippery that to be whiteout conditions literally meaning a driver cannot see what's happening from them for the delaware and new jersey beaches the storm is the biggest hit since hurricane sandy. nasa satellite shows the monster snowstorm growing by the hour and dominion virginia power officials say they have crews positioned to respond quickly in the event of outages during this winter storm dominion says access to trouble spots could be very tough but their crews are prepared like going joins us now with those details mike bennett demanded says that by this evening which now it is evening they will have four thousand people deployed across the state ready to
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it's all about about power lines all around the state they really don't know what condition they're going to be and once the storm is all over with here in hampton roads dominion says it will have two hundred crews working two twelve hour shifts ready to restore power if needed as crews check their vehicles for possible response duty in the hours to come for the time being anyway it was so far so good for dominion by late friday afternoon out of two point five million customers statewide just fourteen hundred had experienced outages. the plan was to be ready come what may. our local offices are fully staffed by local crews have started a twelve hour shift around the clock. the number one priority is right here in canton road in northern north carolina and even when we're out of the wood that we don't have any problems with the big right. they may be available to help out another area in the operations center on cromwell drive in norfolk workers kept a close eye on the big picture monitoring
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and keeping track of outages here in hampton roads and around the commonwealth and all those southeastern virginia isn't expected to get hit anywhere near as hard as other parts of the state there are still some concerns here ice is always the enemy to our i mean it's always a big problem but i think our biggest concern right now is snow in the heavenly treat areas and then later it's going to escalate into a warmer winter than the strong winds and strong winds can also wreak havoc on our minds because they can topple trees and tree branches in the parliament in bringing down the dominion says in the head of any kind of power outage you have a best friend most likely if you have on your cell phone especially to smartphone you can use it to access to millions a website to report an outage to check on the status of repairs and to be involved with twitter and facebook with the men they say your cell phone can be your best friend reporting live in norfolk by cutting thirty news now whether authorities working
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most accurate forecast s lawson is keeping a close eye on the snowfall across the area but first we begin with isis caught in the weather last year we are starting to see things change over just the bits i want to talk about the snow totals because we started off with snow this morning heading into the early afternoon hours so in korea this is thus far and korea picked up almost three and half inches just over three inches in franklin to a half inches and weigh fill about two inches and newport news and an inch and a half so we wanted to continue to send us your reports either on twitter or facebook pages or you can send them to jeff and i will try to get those reports out to you as far as how much snowfall i we've seen thus far no as i mentioned we are starting to see that transition to mixed precipitation even some rain jeff where are we seeing that so far. well the bad news is that we're getting reports in fact i e shes the one that just told me about franklin now reporting some freezing rain we saw
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earlier our live shot up on the pencil in newport news not frozen rain frozen rain that already frozen waterfalls that's what's leading as freezing rain is looks like just regular rain when you're out there falls on your wedding be the umbrella but because the ground is cold and then freezes and a layer of ice nobody else was talking about that over the past few days before the storm i said yesterday that we have a problem with some of these areas getting a little bit of freezing rain as well and that is the bad news we are seeing at the good news is that as temperatures warm up this evening that will go away. we're going to see that transition over to regular rain occurring fairly quickly here this evening some heavy snow still in northern areas you can see parts of the middle peninsula now starting to get a little bit of a mix as well but still snowing from the east side of richmond back over here through portions of middlesex county up into the northern neck a mixed bag of precipitation now again in newport news at last check they were getting a little bit of light freezing rain
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coating on everything cf to scrape the windshield and some spots if you're heading out a little bit later going home from work so again that's the bad news but the good news is the warm air is streaming and changing that mix over to rain it'll be very windy later tonight with high tides wind gusts over forty five probably been to fifty mph at times future kass calls for more the same tonight with the rain coming down heavy at times very windy conditions than most of the precipitation leads late tonight and early tomorrow will have some relative calm with the wins in the morning it'll just be breezy and then as the storm heads off you can see here is spinning around east of cape charles in eastern southern and eastern shore. that's when that cold air is going to come wrapping back in after highs early in the morning of fifty forty five to fifty anyway look at other arty down to forty then as we go into the mid day and i think these are overdone. i think it'll be more like mid thirties already by the afternoon hours and
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wraparound backlash precipitation as we call it on the backside of the system likely overwhelm definitely over the snow if we have been around and i think we will have been talking about that for days. i think we can have an additional one to three inches depending on your location as that stuff moves through here. later tomorrow tomorrow night i did souls point not a problem tonight three point eight feet above mean lower low water but up near five puts it right in that minor category would be too surprised to see a cup into the lower end of the moderate category at some point at least a few isolated spots say is the system organizing and moving to the north tonight and snow mix to rain already happening tomorrow thirty five windy and becoming colder and then those rain showers from north to south changing over twelve mix or some snow. first in the north late in the day or at least afternoon at the earliest on the southside
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to three is possible that our thinking at this point and then sunday maybe a flurry early high of only thirty six with increasing sunshine in the afternoon forty six till monday and fifty four is actually above normal on tuesday another storm middle to latter part of next week alright you may have an emergency kit for your family but what about your pets still ahead what experts say you need to have on hand for man's best friend then coming up and six are some old coverage continues including one vinod is doing to keep the roads clear the doubt as saying on the clock non stop so that you won't have any problems on the highway and we all live with the mobile weather lab tracking conditions across hampton
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sometimes the eye bracing for a battle with mother nature we're tracking a winter storm is dumping snow and sleet on the area we are in store mode and will update your forecast in just a few minutes but first. norfolk police are reminding you to keep your pets inside during a snowstorm police tweeted this picture a police canine nacho catching snowflakes before he received a warm treat for this public service announcement to make sure pets come inside. humane society says blankets in a doghouse will keep them warm enough. also when you make an emergency kit for yourself make one for your pets to stock it with extra water and extra food that's it for thirteen is now at five thirty our storm coverage continues at six with an updated forecast on the system had enrolled in other parts of these cows are being battered by record
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been warning you about the changing conditions right now that snow is giving way to sleet making it harder for you to get home tonight at these live pictures are from the mobile weather lab to tell the weather story this is why state police have been warning people to stay home thirty news now as a team of reporters across the region tonight film escape is in williamsburg where v dot crews are out in full force clearing the roads to her is tracking conditions at norfolk international airport where many flights are grounded and christina's for j co is in chesapeake or fire fighters battle not all the elements today but potentially the exposure to an explosive situation. let's get started in the weather lab isis goddess gathering snow totals from across the region and monitoring the latest conditions. we begin with chief meteorologist jeff loss all let's get started by showing you again a shot here from our sky view that does not show a lot of precipitation you can see we're in a little bit of a lighter area right
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that rain snow line continuing its march back to the north and the west that we've been talking about for a few days now seeing not only some sleet mixing in at times especially here on the peninsula but some freezing rain and some of these inland areas back from franklin to williamsburg to mention a few minutes ago where the only station to talk about some potential for freezing rain with this system coming in and now are saying that that's the bad news the good news is that with the warmer air is going to be turning over pretty quickly to just rain and melting everything so we can make it to the next few hours things will be improving dramatically. but then get bad again tomorrow night meanwhile this evening three point eight feet of total water in the base and that'll get us up just approaching some nuisance levels of flooding around the hay in that kind of thing some of the very lowest spot but then by tomorrow well up into the middle of the minor category around five feet and
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bit as well. some of the area's once we shift to a north westerly wind like the lynn haven in life that's going to tend to drive some of those levels up side the film you can even approach the moderate flooding in a few locations on the west side maybe around cape charles of the eastern shore western side there of the outer banks with the sound water can come back and these are total snow amounts and again you're going to see in some cases the amounts diminished by some sleet and a lot of spots this will get completely washed away by rain so we had anywhere from an inch to maybe as much as three inches or so here and this band again. that'll get washed away and then we'll have some additional like one to three inch amounts tomorrow late today and tomorrow night forty eight inches around williamsburg some of what you've seen already will get compacted and then you have a little bit more added on top of that so the entire mass continues to roll through tonight the big news rain
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strong winds guys much jeff will stay off the roads thus a message from state police tonight so far troopers have responded to more than four hundred crashes. that's just a like number in this afternoon and the majority of those crashes reported in the richmond area here in hampton roads updating those numbers state police tell us they responded to more than one hundred and twenty five accidents and trooper say most of those crashes involve damage to vehicles only. well right now traffic is moving but slowly on the interstate vinod has crews working around the clock to keep the interstate and the highways as safe as possible. the mosquitoes live in the williamsburg area where there has been a steady snow fall into the bus ride it started snowing here the williamsburg area late this morning trading like an
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that pretty snow has since
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