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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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a car careened through a post office will bring you the latest details live from the scene still digging out much of these girls remains paralyzed by the major winter storm. plus have the rolls come through in overflowing gesture of compassion. thanks to a plea to help people in flint michigan dealing with that water crisis the news that four starts right now the breaking news coming out of your town where told a mobile home was on fire there on george washington memorial highway. right now newport news fire crews are assisting are told three people are heard right carol is at the scene right now in bryan with contents with activity
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starting to wrap up a little bit to see them right here behind you see the trailer that was involved right behind that you can see there is not much left of that trailer we do know this started around one ten this afternoon is when the call had actually come in firefighters are telling us that there were seven people total who were in the mobile home to win and then five children i did talk to a neighbor who said he actually helped one of the women out of the home on the other side unity with the other side you're looking down one of the opposite side. we also see some of the wall and all that over there has been taken out to sea we can show you where that woman was over helpful that woman out as well as a deputy who was here and off duty williamsburg much involved several other departments actually help to make a little out here some walking by the fire trucks just see it now but they got her out she really went to riverside regional she since has been taken over this in turn norfolk general hospital they have stabilized for now
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the other woman is that lee's sister cities are sisters who live here with the children that other when they went to the hospital treated for smoke inhalation when the other man who was out here also had to be treated amazingly t know how sometimes the mobile home parks are very tight together as for the actual trailers themselves. it did not spread to any of the other homes here but again a lot of people just jumped in started ripping off the side of that wall down there in the bedroom and pulled that york county brian carroll thirteen years now. i swear i will say on this story now seven people are hurt after cars slammed into a test of the post office built happen this afternoon around twelve thirty a north battlefield blvd near volvo parkway. eric caine joins us live from the post office and eric anyone seriously hurt from this no janet fortunately not police say everyone should recover here but paramedics treated seven people and you can understand why when you look at the damage here the front of this united states post office completely
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show you some video of what it looked like he can see the mercedes completely inside the building this happened around twelve thirty this afternoon i talked to a couple of people who were inside the post office at the time they see the car was parked outside. then slowly started moving toward the store front a witness said she heard the mercedes scraping against the sidewalk before the car suddenly came crashing through the rowing people aside and sending glass and wood flying everywhere i turn to look to see what was going on and i saw this car just loving this site. oh my god and i watched a woman being pinned up against the counter all i have never seen anything like this before it was i don't ever wanna see anything like that again and a live look outside you can
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what happened police are not identifying the driver but charges are pending against or witnesses say it just seemed as though she hit the accelerator for some reason. interestingly enough this is not the only time a car has crashed through the same exact post office will have more on that coming up at five now reporting live in chesapeake erik ainge thirteen years now. well it is a gorgeous afternoon out there right now but snow is still sticking around in williamsburg what you're seeing here is a view from the capital cam provided by colonial williamsburg. now we saw some snow in the barrels live shot your county several school districts closed today newport news hampton and many other so we had a lot of melting today right we did have a lot of nothing captures her doubts the fifty degrees today and will be up near sixty tomorrow i'll certainly do a number on some of the snow that is out there a lot of folks might be concerned about e that's left of this still sticking around
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freezing as we had here the overnight hours the most part two's live skyview in virginia beach came at the beach corps resort and the snow along the oceanfront thousand along the sand along the grass in front of the hotels that is all melted as far as the live radar you can see that things are clear out there right now just a few high thin clouds streaming overhead as we went to the day to day fourteen i were calling for generally partly cloudy skies overnight lows in the lower thirties and in one spot upper thirty s to near forty degrees across the coastline to norfolk in virginia beach even off twenty or thirty seven gloucester thirty seven in newport news thirty eight in hampton and thirty seven of an alpha across north carolina far in one spot stamp has been close to freezing in a husky thirty three degrees forty dollars the city incurred and forty five out towards kill devil hills. but i am tracking that one of tomorrow's high temperatures near sixty degrees and then another chance of rain and possibly a little bit of snow. i'll have details on that in the seventy forecasts coming up in a few minutes. our thanks and then we were fortunate this weekend most
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crippled today from that massive storm that blew through just a couple of hours north of us in the nation's capital washington d c remains snowed and abc's elizabeth hart has the latest on the aftermath of the east coast blizzard cities shut down by the blizzard from dc to philadelphia and new york city are beginning to show signs of life. thank god we have a warmer day with the sunshine earlier that's going to help melting off some of the snow making it easier to clear but still you gotta exercise caution but officials are pleading for patience with many secondary streets still impossible just really really really that have never seen like this before in a long time and with many cars still buried officials warn the danger isn't over yet. the storm related death toll more than thirty including a seventy eight old woman in new jersey who according to officials
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in the snow on friday found dead in our car this morning this time last video from virginia shows just what millions throughout much of the east are up against digging out cleaning up from this historic storm that dumped feet of snow we knew that we would have with twenty four inches of snow and the district in very cold temperatures throughout the week last several days of cleanup ahead of us. airports are also scrambling clearing out and trying to make up for more than twelve thousand flights canceled over the weekend as crews along the jersey shore are using heavy equipment rebuilding the sand wall to protect homes here in new york officials are now getting creative trying to clear out all this snow offering to pay new yorkers to shovel thirteen fifty in our lives with her abc news new york you heard elizabeth talk about air travel. it continues to be a mess across the east coast today many
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canceled at airports that bore the brunt of the blizzard hurdle is missing thousands and you can include norfolk international neck group fights going to and from baltimore new york tell us they've been waiting hampton roads air travel is expected to get back to normal as we headed to the rest of the week fingers crossed. thirty is now a quarter percent is for take out as a live update coming up on thirteen years now at five and a particular traffic conditions for the afternoon rush hour we actually have pretty good flow on the interstate easy behind me here a lot of deep green up making its way across hampton roads a few spots we'll slow down just a little bit mainly around the tunnels will give you a live look now at thirteen years now traffic cameras did this a sixty four westbound his passport you and you can see come a minor delay as you're approaching the bridge headed to the tunnel expect about three miles of slow traffic which is pretty good for the hr bt if you're headed to the peninsula about traffic network maps of the issue
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accidents in standing water in a few spots of surry county of the standing water report on bacon castle and burton mail the road is still close in both directions been close since this morning a couple of accidents here and to sixty four has a zoom out from here to sixty four i should say and one out in virginia beach as well so for full details on that twitter and facebook to track to begin with you coming up just a few minutes i only own thirteen is now a mother's desperate plea for help or twenty five year old son is seriously hurt after a shooting that happened overnight. he was struck several times on smiley road and is now stable and the hospital. the search is still on for the shooter ellie's brown spoke exclusively with the victim's mother i spoke with the victim's mother here at the scene she's in shock and is begging anyone with information to come forward and the worst pain on this
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the light that you keep and one to go on a painting she doesn't want to experience never been to anything like this you are shooting around midnight hampton police found a man who appeared to be shot multiple times on smiley road rushed to the hospital at first police that his injuries were life threatening but now they say he's in stable condition there was an eighteen hole in his mind on that for share their all time or on sham or she believes the shooting happened while her son was walking back from the store she says he is the parent will do anything to help people in car at the road carrying a gal can you hang around but somehow get married is like that. tired of the senseless violence she's asking anyone with information to come for tea
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unleash a little thank you dan whitten the important thing made of one little piece that we use the money sweeney me more you know your child. police are investigating if you have any information can call the crime line any hampton elise brown thirteen years now toxic water at home still not safe to hampton roads is helping the people of flint michigan in a big way meanwhile there's new information emerging from this crisis what leaders are
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side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. . pic of elements on the flat water prices the attorney general there says a former prosecutor and a former head of the detroit fbi will play key roles in his office's investigation into florence water crisis high levels of lead have been detected in flynn's water sense official
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it to be drawn from the flint river this crisis has touched people here coming up in a few minutes we will show you how a plea to put out there have been roads is resulting in huge generosity truckloads of water being sent to families in front of a trust in charge at the center of a mass shooting has a new pastor reverend doctor betty d's clark led her first sermon at the mandalay in may in charleston yesterday she delivered a message of hope to congregants and she also is the first female pastor clark succeeds the interim pastor who took over when reverend clement a pygmy died in the shooting last june and dylan roof is charged with killing us supreme court justices rejected a pennsylvania inmates appeal to brand the death penalty in the last. the request comes from death row inmate cassandra walter waters appeal reference as justice stevens liars dissent in june
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the death penalty after a botched execution in oklahoma fire was also the lone justice willing to give a last minute reprieve to an alabama death row inmate who was later put to death a class action lawsuit against the cigarette company will be heard by a jury smokers in the suit one philip morris usa to pay for long cancer screenings. they allege the company manufactured effective cigarettes while knowing there were safer options with fewer carcinogens. a jury will decide if philip morris made marlboro cigarettes unreasonably dangerous and the case will head to trial this week in federal court in boston at the site mcdonald's all day breakfast strategy is really working out for the company the company b fourth quarter earnings estimates today all day breakfast rolled out in october the change helped the golden arches record a second straight quarter of sales growth after a seven quarters of decline. mcdonald struggled with profits as
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on healthier eating habits it has certainly been nice to see the sunshine the past couple of days after the rain and snow on friday and saturday and that's an even warmer temperatures coming up as we go through the day on tuesday that changes once again we head into wednesday and thursday first live radar within clear out there right now we had some of those high thin clouds streaming through we're still seeing that out there right now those came overhead as we went to the day today no rainfall produced by any of those clouds just enough to be in the sunshine just a little bit or watching the next storm system out towards the west you can see it spinning around right here to parts of eastern iowa pushing off towards the east northeast. that's the next storm system while that will pass us by to the north will put in the front through the region to give us a chance at a few showers and start to drop the temperatures wednesday into thursday and with summer cold air that will be a couple times coming up over the next week will be right on the borderline between freezing and freezing we
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or two mixed in maybe if you sleep palatable time about a lease to the next couple days here with future cast first of the evening hours of those high thin clouds temperatures above freezing in the above freezing in most parts of the overnight hours we start things off tomorrow morning notice upper thirty s around forty degrees in coastal areas low thirties and one spots and if you're back in western southampton county back closer to him corrie i ninety five that close in richmond there could be a few slick spots out there once again tomorrow morning before just not the rest of us temperatures above freezing so we're now looking at any kind of re freezing later that is out there. also notice an isolated shower too the southern outer banks in north carolina as we go through the day partly sunny skies by noon already up into the mid fifties we should see highs topping out in the upper fifties to near sixty degrees as we go eco friendly approach from the west on wednesday notices we stopping here and seven a m wednesday mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the forties a little to cold
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the snowflake or two trying to mix in say north the williamsburg james city county up towards west point as we go for the day temperatures will fall as that front moves through a chance at a few showers mostly cloudy skies will look for temperatures falling as we go through the day on wednesday can see those high thin clouds out there right now our camera there at the chamberlain fifty degrees was coming on the south and nine mph forty nine franklin forty six in surry right now forty three now find that the wallet on forty three man u and forty degrees and current top forty and fifty in portsmouth and forty eight in williamsburg. so for tonight a few of those high thin clouds partly cloudy skies thirty six for an overnight low anthem are partly sunny skies high temperatures up to around fifty eight degrees increasing clouds tomorrow night down to forty three wins a chance for some those temperatures in the forties and falling into the thirties and then we head into thursday temperatures topping out around forty three degrees a few showers scattered around with the cold air coming in wednesday night and again thursday neither could be a
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expecting any kind of accumulation with that at this point but certainly a few snowflakes are possible coming up of the next few nights and warmer once again into early next week back up into the upper fifties to near sixty. can i thank you up next an amazing gift from our community to help people whose drinking water is toxic jenna only we were there for tremendous act of kindness and compassion waiting to see
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. i welcome back everyone you're about to see hampton roads come through in a big way. only we were there as tons of residents showed up with a bunch of bottled water to donate to people in flint michigan. they've been dealing with a water crisis out there that can't drink the water at home it's loaded with lead a group called partners in the community put out the call to help and what happened next was
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this the rally with his never imagine the name and help the people of flint the shower without a job out of the overflow of generosity sixteen hundred cases the water and two hundred gallon containers all donated units that have died in culture media works and a pad of way and the many people so little to volunteer to load all that water onto the truck did not give the parties the community can drive it all out there and back in time a tremendous amount of volunteers out here that's been the gravy in the uk so that we are going to get them up on finding another job. oh well enough that it was truly uplifting to see so many people so dedicated to the desert to live in
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couldn't agree more the net when thinking about to cross the country. rodney has family in flint hot it's been rough to breaking out in rashes of the property to take maps the form the report again it was the pastor's father and siblings on flint to win the one that's not fall out so flat mates again i jus might be in two years to accomplish what they decided it would close the moment i juz wanna thank you from the bottom the top and every aspect of mam art with two others were all you know what it gets even better because all that water you saw was just collect it at just pick juices on military highway in norfolk near military circle mall and now they still have to collect donations from nine other locations. it's so much more they had to get someone to donate eighteen wheeler on a drive out to flint michigan
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there on thursday when an asa tmr so yeah absolutely they need every bit of that water to all you are struggling in the job. well guess if you want to help you miss that big after lasalle just talk
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the warmer temperatures are here after the weekend snow there is still a few icy patches here and there on the roads in some places including newport news. this is a picture from today in newport news a lot of snow still on sidewalks and driveway so use caution out there have been stored as more on tonight's weather conditions. that's right no other places are happy for this new course on the ski resorts this is the live view resort cans are common homestead in hot springs virginia earlier we saw few folks coming down on some of the snowboard and looks like
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come over that little mobile right there of course their liking this new mount mitchell in north carolina the highest peak in the eastern half of the country sixty six inches of snow so really nothing like this all out in the mountains out there around here we're looking at mainly clear skies and a clear sweep on the radar and overnight lows tonight not expected to drop below freezing so there's still some slush out there on the roadways were not looking and a widespread freezing event later tonight as temperatures in franklin dropping back around thirty three degrees same thing week about forty enough of forty two in virginia beach thirty eight in chesapeake chapters in the thirties along the eastern shore later tonight. some think a part of the peninsula from leesburg to hampton matthews gloucester the middle peninsula of torture ban and sunny bank around thirty five degrees and back towards a husky about thirty three thirty nine hartford forty in all of the city forty one card at forty five in kill devil hills and forty four in many of the high pressure off our coastline tomorrow is coming out the southwest will push temperatures up into the upper fifties to near sixty degrees ako pro move through tomorrow night will bring some cooler weather
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chances for a few wet snowflakes to mix in as well weeden twenty nine and again thursday night i'll have more on that in the seventy forecasts coming up in humans a crime alert in hampton tonight police are looking for a couple after they beat and robbed a good samaritan this crime happened in the neighborhood in broad daylight a morsel of reason spoke with neighbors love being extra careful tonight police say a man was just trying to help a couple having car trouble on the side of the road was in a second that man had a gun pointed at him and the couple robbed in broad daylight very shocked very shocked shocked after someone trying to do good was robbed on this quiet street and he knows why people keep driving people are shocked when ever the people don't stop to help anyone to lease a sunday morning a man pulled over to hela couple he thought were having car trouble. within seconds at good samaritan who stopped had a gun pointed at him. the suspects beat and
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time that's usually pretty peaceful require people are either goes to church usually get ready and leave another neighbor who didn't want to show her face on camera says she found out about the crime when police came knocking at her door. it's a very scary i mean we have small children we walked them to and from school i mean just going out to my car and thinking twice no suspects were last seen on beale in seward drive neighbors help police catch them soon carry anything i mean it's it's sad to think about happiness in your neighborhood in hampton marcella robertson thirteen years now things are downright dull and the traffic department the oath always good when i get to just sit back relax and actually watch their top that the traffic department life in a monday afternoon you know yeah that was that so i think that's why traffic is a little bit more calm. we'll see if it stays that way through the rush hour now that the roads are starting to kind of folks are getting back into the swing
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a look now at the traffic network map you can see a lot of green where we don't normally see green green is what we like to see so still a few spots we'll see a bit of orange maybe a speck of red here on the map but other than that we are i pretty decent shape the duo had to a spot we will slow down and that is in hampton six sixty four northbound just about the way you're as you're making your way toward the sixty four interchange now we have ongoing road work there that road work will be happening well into april of this year and so what is causing a delay there as you approach the interchange expect about one half mile slow down between powell tn and the sixty four split then after that you should be in decent shape as you had sixty four west hampton little bit further on the traffic network now to talk about what ltd worried about the mention of the beginning of the show though slight delays there and from norfolk to hampton sixty four westbound at the hr bt fifty eight westbound norfolk into portsmouth at the midtown tunnel things like the lazy around cali avenue hampton boulevard as we're approaching the title of an actor working in virginia
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winds town that's the book of the information i have right now he might win it right away that innocent intersection i should say if you can and then again just a reminder out in surry county bacon castle and burton mail and this has been going on i got his report this morning and it's still in effect through the dod now the road closed in both directions due to standing water and that's probably due to some of the accumulations over the weekend of the jordan bridge ahead a heads up in chesapeake should be in progress right now the list was scheduled for four thirty so i'm thinking the brits are probably still be up at this point if the bridge lift as clear can see delays out there so i might be best if you're about to head out the door now to just take the high rise bridge that's clear on both sides or you can head to the jordan bridge was also nice between chesapeake and portsmouth track together right now of course the key posts on twitter and facebook and of course for thirteen years now. com thanks ashley amtrak is on a modified schedule today with fewer trains traveling through the northeast. passengers holding reservations are
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conditions and make necessary changes in advance of their scheduled departure. no turning back to the flint water crisis celebrities are helping residents a bottled water company owned in part by sean puffy combs and mark wahlberg is pledging to donate one million bottles of water to residents. this is after high levels of lead was detected in the flood water system this happen since official switch from the detroit municipal system and began drawing water from the flint river as a cost saving measure. well eminem whiz khalifa and big sean are among other celebrities who have pledged to support and donations to assist clients in water crisis tie in flint residents with this water crisis is pastor john church in suffolk and he about his effort thank you so much thank you for having me a hard look at that video of
4:32 pm
and you just feel so sorry for the people that are having to deal with this tell me why you felt compelled to get involved you know when i looked at the news i was in amazement of the crisis that's going on in flint michigan job reminded of what doctor king said in nineteen sixty three said the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of confident convenience the way he stands in moments of challenges and controversy so as i begin to look at the people of flint and seeing the kids while their parents who are suffering it brought me to to to really talk heart to yours to see what's going on right here in america in two thousand and sixteen. yes they actually are. how can people get involved knew what it what are you doing now you're starting to collect the water right yes. so what we're doing all across him to enroll saw churches are coming together collectively businesses who fraternities sororities were all coming
4:33 pm
we can sin water to flint i'm so what we're doing is all one j ward thirty first at three pm right at our church at the experience church and supple. we're going to be having a water drive and a connoisseur to collect donations so that we cannot sin water to flint michigan ok our ceiling for volunteers help can collect all the years we we need everybody we need we need everybody's support. i now believe that you know virginia is a wonderful stay and we all come together things work better when we ought to get amazing things happen amazing. yes it does yes and a new connected with the church there yet how you can get the efforts iso of the church actually in flint michigan archery church and so we're going to do here with one lol. all the water and we're going to send it to trinity and dad wanted should be all the water so the connection is working and our weak side about a bottle
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we here to help on and as a whole as a whole the job well done. thankfully she ate that when i tell people how they can help we have some information right there you said sunday january thirty first. the event will take place at three o'clock in the afternoon at the experience church and there's your address their own prudent boulevard in suffolk that's forty one sixty five come one come all yes okay yes thank you. yes thank you have in the south all right thank you janet resembling an airplane crash from two years ago this was happening in the headlines for you right now on usa today dot com malaysia is sending a team of investigators to inspect debris found on the southern coast of thailand are looking for possible link to an age three seventy that's the malaysia airlines flight that vanished almost two years ago fisherman found a large piece of white curved metal japanese rocket maker mitsubishi heavy industries says that the metal is likely
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japan flight mh three seventy disappeared after taking off in quality for malaysia on march eight twenty fourteen two hundred thirty nine people were aboard the niagara falls be turned to a trickle. listen as new york state officials are holding a public hearing this week and the plan is to replace bridges that are one hundred fifteen years old millions of people walk across those bridges that link the american mainland islands right next to the falls we can get some really great views but that got to do this they might significantly significantly reduce the flow of water on the american side of the falls. speaking of water a phenomenal journey is making news today for female british rowers arrived in north queensland today after rolling all the way from san francisco. if you're keeping track of the nine thousand seven hundred mile trip growing get this they started in april they wrote twenty four hours a day in two shifts they stop only
4:36 pm
not absolutely dead in samoa for up to a week at a time to restock before setting off again i can even do those well right around the side of the day how their job. yep i've had an awesome thing is we are still in a snow emergency in washington dc and i'm operating under a state of emergency in the district as well recovering from the weekendnd snowstorm and one of the country's biggest cities
4:37 pm
i in the sprint into the iowa caucuses is on we're just one week away from the first votes in the race for the white house today the presidential candidates are focused on the hawkeye state. and this afternoon there's word of another billionaire might jump into
4:38 pm
mountain is in washington with willingness to battle for iowa law they want to be part of a political revolution caucuses in the hawkeye state in a week new hampshire's next two weeks the candidates including gop frontrunner donald trump or logging a lot of miles between both states it's crunch time folks in the one i want to win iowa and iowa recent polls have dropped leading tech crews don't get to him bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton i hope to earn your support on in the caucus on monday the possibility of trouble for clinton has her friend and billionaire michael bloomberg considering an independent run a decision he plans to make after super tuesday in march but only if it appears there will be a sanders general election match up against trump or cruise. meanwhile the republicans are due he no doubt that our hands from his recent remarks including his
4:39 pm
two corinthians right two corinthians two corinthians walk into a bar the chris christie took on this controversial comment from me over the weekend. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters i don't know whether that's true or not but it's pretty amazing to say isn't it now the endorsements are rolling in for the candidates today former texas governor and gop candidate rick perry endorsed his fellow texan ted cruz snow cleanup. nbc is expected take all week that word from the city's mayor miro bows or a decision is expected later on whether to reopen schools and the federal government tomorrow we are making a lot of progress where it now as i mentioned are thirty six hours since the snow stopped in our poll out yesterday and last night was to continue to make our major streets in
4:40 pm
on our most recent assessment we feel like we're making a lot of progress there officials say the metro is working on a limited rail and bus service with free rides for anyone venturing out browser also says that the city is still under a state of emergency. thousands of north carolinians still have no electricity after the big snowstorm that swept through the east coast over the weekend. duke energy reports more than eleven thousand customers were without service earlier today at least six people have died in north carolina during the storm. all six victims died in traffic accidents and take a look at this time lapse video of the weekend winter storm. this is washington d c going from barely any snow to a blizzard warmer temperatures are now melting some of that snow
4:41 pm
several school districts were closed today including hampton newport news and evan stewart has the forecast an unlikely it will likely see more snow melting as we go through the day tomorrow with high temperatures near sixty degrees and we got some rain to roll in on wednesday in a few isolated showers on thursday so that'll help put a dent in some of the snow that is still on the ground in our northern areas live satellite and radar showing a clear sweep here locally and will be the case we've had a few high thin clouds streaming in as we've gone through the day today and those as they moved overhead just in the sunshine a little bit but it captures from reaching fifty degrees today in the next storm system is out towards the west see it spinning around here the northern parts of missouri eventually appear in the eastern iowa while the main global passes by off towards the north this trailing cold front will pick up some of the gulf moisture bring us a chance in a few showers as we head into wednesday and even slight chance of a shower to go into the day on thursday as well to see that her future cast partly cloudy skies this
4:42 pm
clouds. the stench is really not dropping as quickly as we saw with the clear skies last night as we start things off more morning. the only sponsor will be close to freezing or some of the foreign locations right around ninety five corridor most places should see temperatures above freezing freezing so other than a little bit of slush and some slick spots on the roadways now looking at widespread black eyes for widespread re freezing of anything that's out there by five o'clock tomorrow morning there might also be an isolated shower or two across the outer banks of north carolina as we go to the day with wins coming on the south and southwest. when the mid fifties by the midday hours into the upper fifties to near sixty two the afternoon that's what those warm southwest winds ahead of the cold front will slide through tomorrow night to see that front as it approaches as we go into wednesday morning. mostly cloudy skies will start the day with temperatures in the mid forties to some the rain showers moving through with some cold air from the far northern locations say north of the james city county had a
4:43 pm
the port in northern mexico me a few wet snowflakes trying to mix in a little but not expecting any kind of accumulation but as the colder air works its way and temperatures will fall as we go through the day still above freezing for most spots will see just mainly few isolated showers as we go through the afternoon and as we head into wednesday night and again thursday night with temperatures down close to freezing another chance at a few snowflakes are a few snow flurries not looking any kind of accumulation. coming up here of the next few days but after all snow we had some folks might like that his life scott of your camera atop the table in those high thin clouds giving us a nice view of the sun out there if you're fifty degrees winds coming out of south and nine mph fifty two inch sb forty six in surry forty six into purdue's forty one of the no twenty two and many a forty nine back and husky forty indeed still twenty nine in hampton forty three degrees and watch creep up on the eastern shore the forecast for tonight partly cloudy skies not as cold an overnight low of thirty six degrees was coming on the south at five to ten mph and won fifty eight
4:44 pm
this time of year because the south westerly winds ten to fifteen mph tomorrow night clouds will be on the increases the chance for showers possible late in overtime over forty three degrees and the seven day forecast calls for another chance at some scattered showers on wednesday falling temperatures and again wednesday night and thursday night with some cold air can't only rely on an isolated snow shower or two things clear up nicely for friday forty eight degrees not the fifty four saturday fifty eight sunday and monday for some warmer weather as we head into next week at my bus or a whopper of a food fight is blowing up online and i got ten runs in marathons is surprising everyone on social media analyst as those stories and more people talking about african stories today guys. there's a virtual throwdown going on right now on twitter between wendy's and burger king to collect it all started with your everyday tea from wendy is saying this the ragging and
4:45 pm
january twentieth well the very next day burger king snap back with a one up tweet about the company's five for four dollars because of course we all know five is better than four. so needless to say that jack didn't sit too well with wendy fans as you can see here. they asked if the chain would fight back and of course when he did take a look or a here we did annabelle fill out the huge overhang i'm back and forth the old fashioned hamburger may still be a wendy's favorite but when the social media sites is anything but outdated so it's definitely been interesting to see those ppl i'm back to work today i won alabama dog can add a marathon runner to her list of accomplishments after curiosity led her into the middle of the race earlier this month. take a look the same her picture right here and durable to one half year old bloodhound ran the entire get this thirteen point one mile oakmont half marathon after she what wondered out of her backyard
4:46 pm
of the race the rain that so the runners they were like bull we really know what's going on the thought that they were the top of the stock was one of the runners owner so the doc ended up placing seventh overall. much to the surprise of her owner who describe her is actually pretty lazy but really there are yes and finally a man in maryland has tried one of being one of washington's biggest celebrities take a look i'm sure you guys and feel the need for this weekend but jeffrey friends dressed in his hand if you and challenge actual giant panda bear tnt into a snow battle saturday i was of a month amid the weekends with their tops of the smithsonian national zoo had posted video of tnt and playing with ella so the father for marilyn decided he would use is banned in sydney down for about six years put it to good use and in a video declaring the challenge pres
4:47 pm
the powder tossing up a near even putting his foot in his mouth. jeffries kids tonight was the witch in every way this one was a realtor and the schedules of the aisle have a panda suit is hanging up in our closets i think the answers or by commenting on abc and all new episode of the bachelor starts at eight o'clock followed by the batch of long lived and ten and then join us again for thirteen years now and up next a look at the damage from this past snow storm and were on the scene of breaking news several people pull a woman from a burning trailer a york county. we have a live report on the amazing rescue
4:48 pm
the aftermath of the weekend
4:49 pm
of the docks and marinas in kentucky's lake cumberland and restore damaged this weekend likely costing millions to rebuild hundreds of dots in other parts are twisted and partially or completely collapsed part of the problem was so much weight due to the snow on top of the ice and the heavy winds didn't help either i for smithsonian museums will open tomorrow for the first time since all that snow in washington smithsonian museums are generally open every day of the year except christmas is in shutdown at noon friday and were close this weekend as the storm dumped nearly two feet of snow and the washington wizards in the boston celtics game will take place tonight in spite of all the snow. monday's game begins at seven o'clock at the verizon center in ticket holders are unable to attend wizard guest services representatives will send ticket exchange information directly to the team's season ticket members write this all we have for you today and for
4:50 pm
straight into a post office in chesapeake coming to a car smashes into a post office sending customers scrambling and this isn't the first time the lobbies witness this scene was or might be over but travel remains a mess across the country how folks here at norfolk international airport are dealing with the many cancellations and delays plus another town finds lead in the water supply we have a look at the latest water crisis updating breaking news we fall for the last hour several people hurt after a fire at a trailer park number of fire crews responded to the fire off of george washington memorial highway in yorktown firefighters tell us a woman in a trailer had to be rescued brian carroll is live in yorktown gathering the latest information and
4:51 pm
mobile home park where we're standing the scene itself is quite simply that which is why we are able to get as close as we are when you take a look back here. this trailer that is actually one of the people who was in sight was trapped at the time a number of people actually work to pry the wall off and pull her out through the back and essentially of what is this trailer was this trailer ready to walk down to the little dip right at twenty two feet and you'll see some of the damages were on the way partly also walking this way because neighbors believe the fire actually started more in the living room area down here but you can see there really is nothing left of this there were seven people home at the time we're told from neighbors that these are two sisters who live here with five children one neighbor actually was describing things is that she looked at when she realized with the screaming was connected to look out so one of the sisters lowering the children out to win to get them out to safety. there were a number of people who kind of jumped in to try to see the people who were inside including two people who live in the trailer park here. there was an off duty deputy ansari off duty
4:52 pm
and also york because a
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