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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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everybody. huge flames shooting out of a mobile home a woman trapped inside sitting on the cow herder shriek scream here from the brave people who pulled her to safety i and a former pastor caught spying on a woman and her daughter as they undressed now you have to pay for its crimes. no school again for some students here tomorrow but for federal workers in dc it's back to work for a table recovering tonight after a huge mobile home fire in york county one person was trapped inside the trailer as flames raced from one end to the other neighbors are racing to risking their own lives to save hers. brian carroll spoke to them about the dangerous rescue as well
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after the children who live there. look out the window saw o ten fifty foot flames of the trailer you hold down on one one time when eddie hayes ran towards the shrieking hurting her was no mobile home park monday afternoon a trailer on fire most of the people inside got out one was trapped he spotted her two small windows mac n cheese thing please let me burn up in here get me outta here. her sister have and be beside me screaming dilemma sister dine here i don't know what to do down there was the tube out for four full on he started banging away making an opening inside the trailer reaching for the woman watching as she collapsed and i tried to get or want couldn't pull her out when back in for a second time after breather couldn't roll over and then i can breeze jump outside makes an oh there's this guy here the guy neighbor watering mundo dijo lo. it's not too
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this lady he's beside me a crab then came n help me with this go in that trailer you begun i am stubborn i am rolling over or get her feet will pour out here and that's what your cousin sharon stacie and off to the williamsburg fire fire also were there to help with the trailer open and see her as neighbors join the effort to free the woman who was trapped inside the home others were standing by to help those who made it out of the kids and got him over here in temple mount then tried to help the girl she kept saying my sister my sister catherine thrower lives just across from the home financing these kids dating much time the men's issues i may have nothing nothing anybody this all this today when i was so naggy same way we could all live different in york county bryan cheryl thirty news now new tonight a soothing scent to man to the hospital in portsmouth. both victims walked in to marry the hospital around nine tonight police say the men were shot in the cavalier
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they're trying to figure out what street we're told both men will survive. no word yet on the motive for the sitting a foreman of a pastor who secretly videotaped a fellow pastor's wife and daughter will spend two years behind bars forty five year old michael jones was sentenced on two counts of taking nude video and two counts of burglary prosecutors say jones broke into the victim's home back in twenty fourteen and installed a camera in the bathroom he installed two more cameras a few months later jones was the pastor at north apostolic church. new tonight crime tape surrounded a skinny dip frozen yogurt place in virginia beach this was the scene of the providence square shopping center around nine o'clock tonight police dispatch tell us a man with a gun robbed the place and that no one was her man a surgical mask robbed a credit union to close and today is a picture of the suspect inside a langley federal credit union
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say the man handed the teller a note demanding cash and once he got it he ran police said the suspect never pulled out a weapon he drove off were told in a dark green car a nasty situation in york county the sheriff's office posted on facebook word of an issue with the sewer system the problem centers around old sanford road and see for anyone who lives in that area should limit their water usage until further notice we are told will let you know when that issue is fixed no classes again tomorrow for several schools york county gloucester county surry county and williamsburg james city county schools will all be close. crews are still working to clear the roads of snow and ice isle of wight county schools are on a two hour delay. those closures are screaming at the bottom of your screen there's also a complete list for you on thirteen years now. dot com the winter storm has kept virginia state police very busy tonight we have a better understanding of just how
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new craft numbers since friday troopers have responded to more than eighty four hundred calls for service that includes classes and stranded drivers monster blizzard that hit the east coast is now being blamed for at least thirty seven deaths some cities are beginning to show signs of live tomorrow federal workers will have to go back to work in dc elizabeth or is in new york with a look at how people are digging out there. this new blouse no match for the record breaking snow in new york city where many secondary streets in queens remain the lead in the snow oh i forgot about us the in all eighty million americans on the east coast were blasted by the blizzard of twenty sixteen baltimore recorded its snowiest day ever and when jerry west virginia slammed with forty two inches of snow so heavy the roots of this church in pennsylvania and this apartment complex in virginia
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dangerous when did claiming dozens of lives including this new jersey mother and her one year old son killed by carbon monoxide poisoning inside their car exhaust blocked by snow. any snow that covers your tail pipe you want to shovel of snow before you start to be in washington. this is what we do national look like in the middle of the blizzard and now sunshine and heavy machinery melting and moving all that snow. services will be limited for at least another day along the jersey shore instead of snow residents are dealing with some flood victims calling this work in superstorm sandy here in new york we are told the process of piling and melting all the snow is officially underway but as you can see some of the snow mouth almost as tall as i am and i'm five foot five so officials admit their work is far from over. it was with her abc news new york but a storm has created an
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platelet donors the american red cross is this month alone more than three hundred blood drives across twenty states were canceled because of snow and ice and how our area eleven drives were canceled if you're able to donate your urge to make an appointment we walk you through that entire process and thirteen is now dot com. airports are still trying to get caught up from the thousands of accounts with flights from the big blizzard over the last few days close to thirteen thousand flights were canceled across the country. some passengers have been stagnant for tds passengers we talked to at norfolk international say they are just trying to make the best of the few people were canceled or delayed game and how difficult it sometimes gets the go around pointing to yes of course on where to begin to unfold the airport authority tells us they expect everything to be back to normal by tomorrow i'll remember you can track
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the thirteen news now app and click on the flight tracker link go to college is ready for his closeup the governor tweeted these pictures today of him dressed up in revolutionary war era garb complete with a way that's the governor is shooting a scene for the amc television series named turn washington spies a call of plays general robert lawson and has one line the scene shot today will air in june to nine charges are pending against a driver who plowed into a post office in chesapeake. you can see there the damage to the building on north battlefield blvd the force of the carson shards of glass and pieces of wood everywhere seven people were hurt in that crash one man went flying backwards here with things breaking into a rhythm and pinned him between a car in and the counter and had blood all over his face. yet everyone here is expected to be okay now a similar accident happened at that
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twenty fourteen carmel art and aunt and that's where police are looking for a couple whom robbed a man at gunpoint police a sunday morning a man pulled over to help them and what many thought were having car trouble while within seconds the good samaritan had a gun pointed at him. the suspects beat and walk and then took off. neighbors say it happened on the streets that's unusually peaceful she knows why people keep driving people are shocked when ever the people don't stop to help me wipe the sauce masa last seen on beale and see what dr and virginia beach the annual point in time count will take place wednesday and thursday that's when volunteers and nonprofit organizations canvass the city and find people who are homeless the data will be used by city officials to create strategies to deal with the homeless the results also determine how much federal funding the city goes for emergency housing and shelters throughout the year if you'd like to volunteer
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on thirteen years now. dot com or call about a stolen car ended with a shooting at a north carolina mall but the suspect did after firing at police and him falling twenty five feet to the ground and hillary clinton is reacting to the possibility of billionaire michael bloomberg joining the race for the white house to see how a gym is using arm wrestling help troubled teens turn their lives around and on tracking a shift in the wins that will push temperatures
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. suspect in a mall shooting in north carolina is in the hospital tonight with serious injuries police said the suspect fell twenty five feet to the ground after jumping over a retaining wall and estonia investigators say the man is accused of stealing a car when officers spotted the suspect who shot at them and ran police said the officers did not fire back. weber shot a twenty five year old hampton man elected eyes on the run tonight. police said the victim is doing better but still in the hospital with serious injuries police found the man shot several times on smiley wrote overnight police have not released his name thirteen is now talk to a neighbor who just visited the victim hours before the shoot and the extent that even though about what he does then is
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police say there is no known motive for the shooting the leader of an anti abortion group that secretly recorded video inside planned parenthood clinics is facing felony charges of grand jury indicted david delight in this afternoon the secretly recorded videos trying to get the handling of fetal tissues include carter and clinton clinics the grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing. the lighting is charged with tampering with government records and buying fetal tissue responding to that are just delighted set by fetal tissue requires a seller as well the campus climate at the citadel is going under the microscope this comes after pictures surfaced of cadets with pillowcases over their heads resembling the kkk the president of the citadel says he will create a taskforce to study life on campus for minority students. the panel will also look for ways to increase student and staff diversity
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sixteen hours in iranian custody are back in the u s that's according to our partners at the navy times there's still no word on why the sailors mistakenly steered into iranian waters earlier this month the navy says the sailors are in good health were also told the sailors were never harmed while in custody and the race for the white house since the final push in iowa the iowa caucuses only one week away on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders delivered closing practice tonight in a nationally televised town hall there is a possibility for trouble for clinton her friend and billionaire michael bloomberg may be considering an independent run. that decision would come after super tuesday in march i had the highest respect for him and i'm gonna work hard to get the nomination so he doesn't have to jump into the race. meanwhile more than a thousand people turned up
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to see sanders today president obama weighed in on the raise he praises centers for energizing liberals while saying that clinton's perceived dominance is both an advantage and a bird republican presidential frontrunner donald trump is putting a lot of miles these days between iowa and new hampshire and is continuing to take aim at texas senator ted cruz every other senator thinks she's a whack job right you know you have to make deals get along that's the purpose of what our founders created and ten cannot get along with anybody he's a nasty person so far crews is refusing to trade insults with donald trump my approach to donald is the same as it was before then i will not engage in seoul today former texas governor rick perry endorsed cruz sperry was the first of the major twenty sixteen
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the race. high temperatures today topped out around fifty degrees will tack on a good six seventy degrees so that tomorrow with temperatures pushing up near that sixty degree mark for coal from blues to tomorrow night dropping temperatures once again giving us a chance at a few showers and maybe a couple chances of snowflakes to get too excited about thirty we had all the snow over the weekend but things are starting to look a lot better especially for next week and likely see the seven day forecast we'll have live radar though sweeping clear with a few high thin clouds streaming overhead during the day today just enough to dim the sun shine a little gathering strength out organized system can see the very low pressure spinning around to hear pushing up to the great lakes and this trailing cold front will slide to hear during the day on wednesday so look like a few scattered morning showers. i expect the radar looked very much like this with showers scattered in the region will be an organized area of rain sliding through a few showers and cooler temperatures as we head to the middle part of the week salt on all of you a
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the overnight hours partly cloudy skies temperatures in the forties to around forty degrees of the coastlines the mid upper thirties in one spot to notice and no one is really showing any sub freezing temperatures are now looking at any kind of big issues with black eyes. later tonight. now some of the slush and the still out there on the roads off towards north likely be little bit slick but we're not looking at widespread black ice or freezing event later tonight. five o'clock tomorrow morning those a few clouds along the outer banks isolated shower or two as we go through the day though southwest wind will push temperatures up to the mid fifties to the midday hours and i knew that sixty degree mark close a few more clouds start to roll into the afternoon to partly sunny skies and mild tomorrow my clouds will continue to thicken up my midnight will look a chance a couple showers to the region there is at midnight temperature right around fifty degrees and as that from start to slide through will see falling temperatures during the day on wednesday. here's a line of showers out towards the west pushing off towards
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cold air in place some northern locations might see a few wet snowflakes mixed in singapore's the middle peninsula the northern neck over towards the eastern shore during the early morning hours of notice as we head towards the noontime hour under that shower activity starts to fall apart for those temperatures will continue to fall into the upper thirties as we head into the afternoon in the evening hours. skies will start to clear out a little bit on wednesday night and then thursday will look for another system they'll try to make a run for the coastline some computers are saying it'll be will be close to the coast some bullet farther out to include a chance at a few isolated showers as we enter the day on thursday depending on when exactly though showers pop up towards the morning hours or late into the evening hours could be a white snowflake or to mix in melted down the seven day forecast the moment forty degrees outside right now subtly wins a ten mph thirty eight in franklin thirty eight in surry thirty six in gloucester forty one of an elf and fourteen was the city money at forty one in hampton and forty degrees and watch a pre so for tonight partly cloudy skies overnight low around thirty seven with southerly winds up to fifty
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skies clouds thicken up tomorrow night wolf a chance to shower around midnight or thereafter forty three for an overnight low temperature as we look ahead towards wins a chance of scattered showers mainly in the morning with falling temperatures during the afternoon thursday's more watching the potential for that system riding up the coastline on for only about a thirty five percent chance of showers during the day on thursday early in the morning when temperatures cool in the thirties or late at night as we had an early friday morning there could be a snow shower to mixed in not expecting any kind of accumulation with this attempt is really such a warm back up for friday forty eight degrees fifty four saturday fifty eight sunday and fifty eight on mondays so after we get over that little speed bump in the middle part of the week looking at a very nice weekend coming up and after last weekend when i think we deserve. i think we do knock on the beach at the seven day so a quick reminder there are still a few school closings and delays for tomorrow. george county gloucester county surry county and williamsburg
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will be closed. isle of wight county schools are on a two hour delay a complete list is on thirteen years now. dot com if any additional closures come in overnight the thirteen news now daybreak team will update you starting a fourth part of it someone day in january there's a good chance it's back monday with a basketball
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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the from what is a new way to help troubled teens trying to overcome addiction and turn their lives around the centers around our mess laying a new team in austin texas looks like a normal jam with dumbbells and speed bags but is what they teach that sets them apart. a man who goes by the name big ball might open the gym to help teens from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center the teams train with top arm the state on exchange for good grades and good behavior
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strength to ultimately help themselves and help other people. the bomb i can ride the arm wrestling team believes it's their chance to become role models and inspire teens to make a difference together. whatever whatever works right. yes yes yes our taylor's been working here around our area in basketball. good times for hampton and norfolk state basketball they are one two and a media conference standings both a nationalist over the pirates to store the night undefeated in conference play they were at home hosting south carolina state law to close games this year. tonight's game was a close game grind our drive to the holy gaddafi was high school we had thirteen again after a quick start the ball movement here inside the quincy miss your maniac conference player of the week six to two about twenty of twelve points nine rebounds a steal here are a key mitchell and hampton jumped out to
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cold till the time i turn thirteen the second half then made a comeback. reginald johnson on the lamp after this deal he had nineteen a game high for hampton. they got to within one in the second half and had a chance to tie up but they missed a three pointer late in south carolina state. hans hansen their first loss of the season in the act sixty seven sixty two norfolk state against savannah state and state charles oliver has been a real go to guy lately. he scored the first seven points in the game tonight for norfolk state including this report are all your other shots are long range shots because they were when they were sizzling in the first half deaf short he used to be the only option this team had off and get a lot of help particularly tonight sean taylor another three pointer they tied a school record with fourteen three pointers on saturday tied the record again tonight. they have fourteen more tonight planning to celebrate
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three pointer they were playing nineteen twelve minutes into the game we get one more coming up back to oliver who finished with a career high twenty five including six three pointers love his reaction. a team high in scoring this year in office they won ninety two to seventy three in second place with a six and one record a place you on saturday jim lehrer negative and one three was first five games against it while at miami miami never used to be duke they were playing the night alley oop to sheldon mcclellan number twenty four miami number fifteen in the country and they show and tonight's miami rolls over duke one more time eighty to sixty nine coming up next we've got a former hampton crab are going to the nfl pro bowl tailback
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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if you are probably gets a pretty long odds in the beginning of the season if i tell you tie rod taylor would make the nfl pro bowl its app in the back of the baltimore for four years got his chance with buffalo this year had a very good season and with cam newton on to the super bowl they need to replace him for the pro bowl so guess who's going to hawaii. of course is a hampton alum and a virginia tech alum said the bill's rushing record this year for quarterbacks again on sunday we talked on to that level that tomorrow for you at six in lebanon say that australian open quarterfinals serena against maria share a poll that serena has won the last seventeen times they played and eighteen of twenty overall the last time maria
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two thousand for this is serene in the first efforts at very good. serena won it six to four. this is the sf point the first set. she's won six australian opens that's time for them. that's not the most at home and she's one and here is match point she won the second set very easily six for six won eighteen straight times that cp to reassure pro one other reason i think she's been because that is not no love lost there. she really gets up for this match when they play last year when she had some slip ups on the weight of when the first three grand slam she said no trouble at the australian open so far she is caught up. he writes greg scott i were looking at tomorrow tomorrow looking of mild temperatures in the upper fifties to near sixty degrees and showers wednesday morning and then is when a third a few showers possible early enough in the morning or late enough tonight to be a wet
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mostly sunny with a fifty seven and that is thirteen is now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning. jimmy kimmel live is next after that is nightline to forget that is always on the thirteen is now dot com
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