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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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. pray the news is out of hand in right now police are on the scene of an industrial accident on wells court. so for all police have said is that the male victim has life threatening injuries. we have a crew on the way to the scene at the hampton club apartments condominium complex. expect a live report as soon as that reporter and photographer are available item or breaking news out of california a lot of people interested in the story naval medical center san diego is reporting an active shooter situation the active shooter is reported to be in building number twenty six at
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there that is in belle villa park according to enable spokesperson three shots were fired at around eight o'clock pacific time outside of building twenty six and these are live pictures from the scene right now obviously developing situation you can see reporter on the scene here's what else we know about this the naval medical center facebook page says everyone inside the building and running high right now that is what they said on their page. all non emergency response personnel are asked to stay away from the compound. some schools in the area are currently on lockdown. we'll continue to follow this developing story that area as soon as we were able to do it for you again switching gears now two of the forecast we have been waiting for. that's right the sun is shining finally the temperatures are climbing you can see plenty of sunshine in virginia beach and downtown north and at the ocean for you see that picture right there isn't a good full as we come to another beach day outside finally finally have a day with the sun is over powering the cold weather meteorologist regulars here
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around crack ri guys its gonna be here this afternoon i'll just point out a couple of things we take a look at this picture if you look really close the school got out there that's a paddle boarder out on is the paddle board enjoying the relatively warm conditions all that water temps are still very cold in a couple of surfers out there in wetsuits as well so really not a bad beach to check temperatures for a just a moment skies are partly sunny. right before he came on at noon i went out and open up the garage to the studios and took a look outside i was tempted to just stay out there so nice right now sixty two degrees southwest winds at fourteen mph so it is very very mild the pressure holding steady sixty three just be sixty four right now in virginia beach so very warm towards richmond much cooler that way we do the mid fifties for areas farther inland so it's a warm day. keep in mind normally wear forty eight. we will continue to see the steps going up a bit more but things are going to
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boundary out to the west that's kind of push or deny giving us chances for showers and i think the big thing here to notice a drop in towns will see highs tomorrow in the mid forties it's gonna stay cool on thursday we'll the future cast for you and then went to look ahead to some more great weather as we get to the weekend stay tuned information about a wild story that we first told you on thirteen years now at daybreak a man leads police on a chase across two cities before crashing into how he got out and there are any still missing at this hour nobody was hurt in this accident and there is no physical damage to the home police brown spoke to the person who lives in that home the homeowner tells me she was terrified she said she's lived here for thirty years and that is the second time someone has slammed into her home. i joined robert went to my cakes are a few years ago so our fellow know now to get a police chase that started in chesapeake
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into linda moore's home in norfolk with both her height is one carried out by oh about a half hour before chesapeake police say at the intersection of berkeley avenue in crystal avenue an officer tried to pull over the driver of a black infiniti a spokeswoman for the police department says the driver refused to stop in a chase began and continued on to sixty four into north took the car chase ended on the side of moore's home at the intersection of stony point north and john hancock asset this whole row of townhouses after the accident the driver bailed out of the car in rain and more with a guard on the big boy by her side wanted to see what was going on and when i think the fatter the house and there it is right next to my family along with the norfolk k nine unit chesapeake in virginia state police searched the neighborhood he added the fast while police say the driver is a man
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report given to more than a vehicle is registered to a woman just keep police say they haven't had any report of the car involved being stolen are investigating the chase and how the suspect is related to the vehicle's owner. the driver of the car has not yet been found in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now. note to another you can see part of that car on fire there the suspect from this high speed chase will be in court today we have learned police force to pull that man and his dog from that burning vehicle police said the driver tried to lure children into that van. officers tracked him down into a neighborhood and that's when the driver allegedly took off the chase finally ended though when as you can see there the van caught fire and tonight cnn anchor anderson cooper will be a norfolk speaking to a sold out chrysler hall of cooper is donating to the speaking fee del by hampton roads police dogs ballistic vests. thanks to
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nine fund all norfolk newport news and court with canines will have s suffolk will get one just before in virginia beach will get a few as well the push for k nine vests follows the death of a norfolk police dog a suspect shot and killed krieger earlier this month. well some little survivors are on the mend after a fuel spill in chesapeake. the docs got covered in oil last week and volunteers and the virginia beach spca staff are working vb spca officials say that they desperately need some towels to care for these birds along with some dish gloves know you go to a website or to use now dot com to find a list of things that they need that you can do to help knowing you are twenty two year old man is recovering after falling off a fishing boat in the oregon inlet. the coast guard men of that hymn to the hospital with injuries to his ear officials say the man fell off the forty three foot vessel early this morning a coast guard boat crew transfer him into a station in oregon inlet friend rushed him to urgent care he is now
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out before the iowa caucuses by candidates are racing to gain support as the campaign only he'd stop organ and taken to the campaign trail for the latest on the race for the white house plus some
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with just six days to go until voters weigh in on the race for the next president fulfill the front runners of both parties in a competitive race in the first up iowa caucus is abc's body cannot he has the latest from the campaign trail hitting harder as the clock ticks down to iowa donald trump and ted cruz accusing each other of vicious attacks on gma saying lie after lie so so it's not becoming. he's got a problem crews on the campaign trail mr. trump's policy prescription what he supports
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sanders style full on socialized medicine a new abc news washington post poll shows sixty four percent of republicans expected donald trump to win the nomination trump has a big lead in the polls nationally but in iowa a statistical tie. ted cruz threatening to block trumps momentum. i think donald trump is an opportunity to do something no gop candidate for president who was an incumbent has ever done which is when iowa and new hampshire if he wins iowa he's on a roll and i think the dominoes start to fall on the democratic side a final face off on cnn before the first caucuses. it's a tough campaign and it should because it's the hardest job in the world frontrunners hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking on the issues and each other at last night's iowa town hall led the effort against wall street the regulation see where hillary clinton was on this issue. sanders admitted
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to pay for universal health care plan. all three democrats and most of the republican candidates are back on the trail in iowa today by zeke nani abc news washington we've been throwing the word caucus around the line wanted to explain exactly what that means for those who don't know yet. a caucus is the way that some state issues a presidential candidates instead of using a primary vote caucus is differ based on what party were talking about a republican caucus works like this voters will gather in her speeches from different campaigns then people write their choices on a piece of paper and handyman democratic caucus is more complicated voters will show up at their precinct gather in different corners for each candidate and after some lobbying to sway each other's votes heads are counted and delegates are assigned to the candidates now the recovery process continues for historic blizzard yes thank you lucy but amid the cleanup grim
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i updating the breaking news out of san diego california reports of an active shooter at naval medical center bell boleh that's in san diego witnesses report hearing three shots in a building just after eight o'clock pacific time. a post from the medical center's facebook page said quote. all occupants are advised to run hide or fight yeah pretty dramatic there lucy officials are asking non emergency personnel to stay away from naval medical center san diego three schools near the compound on lockdown as a precaution right now. naval medical center san diego as a staff of more than sixty five
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personnel say with thirteen years now for developments on the story throughout the newscast forty two deaths are now being blamed on the historic blizzard that shut down federal government offices in dc for a second day schools in d c baltimore and philly all close once again hundreds of flights remain grounded. abc's elizabeth her has the latest in baltimore over night and plowed streets made it impossible for fire trucks to reach this house going up in flames forcing crews to drag equipment down the street in new york this plow truck was no match for the new record snowfall the breaking point just two days after the blizzard blasted the east coast the nation's capital still partially paralyzed with growing frustration in the surrounding suburbs homeowners upset their streets haven't been cleared since friday fun day went
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not have done b crews in dc are back at work today plowing forty four hundred miles away. the national park service clearing three hundred more miles and one hundred and fifty five more bridges metro lines are for the most part back on track thanks to the special rail yard while but there was limited service for bus riders with many of the city's buses still snowed in is getting old real quick in new york. the long island railroad used a jet engine to clear its tracks and while much of teens remains buried in feet of snow. new york city is generally up and running with some commuters even sing praises the delay so very nice right. as for the train was about five minutes delayed but that was about it as a wall that day gal continues officials are urging residents to use caution because of those storm related deaths which would at least a dozen people
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baker abc news new york pretty shocking numbers there also is still on the ground in williamsburg taking a live look from our wii the camera. this is sixty four near lightfoot now while across the country millions of americans are digging out from the six point six trillion cubic feet of snow that much snowfall could fill get this ninety eight thousand metlife stadium this is where the giants and jets play football also take a look at this other kind of surprising stat would fill twenty two billion dump trucks that so much snow the northeast had one more shocking said to share with you if all that snow melted it would fill one fourth of the chesapeake bay while stunning numbers there all right our temperatures today right now in the low to mid sixties you can see the trend later this afternoon in the evening it will kill a little bit but
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right now i'm already making plans to get out and take a walk with my wife at some point this afternoon or evening it will be a beautiful evening for that and then as we go to the overnights more clouds roll in temperatures will bottom out in the forty so will stay above freezing chances for showers late tonight into early tomorrow and take a few more isolated to scattered showers potentially across parts of the area. i say that our future cast in just a moment feast your eyes on these temperatures sixty four right now in virginia beach sixty acre tech sixty three in chesapeake and sixty two in norfolk. now before you are real excited and it's funny cuz i just posted out there alive facebook mention why should some video and some of the folks and hey why's everybody getting so excited know it's getting too warm and we have cold winters. now his head a few days below normal now going to bounce a little bit above and guess what tomorrow in the day after its gonna go back below normal again so cassie song a little bit and that's ok so
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while we have it today know that it will be much colder with highs in the mid forties tomorrow and thursday was pretty chilly as well. in fact thursday there might even be a couple of stray diaries and mixed precipitation there will be chances for showers certainly tomorrow and i think thursday maybe a couple more hit and miss temperatures will be colder thursday morning right now are tracking a system that is moving along the center of the things up from the great lakes region in the cold front extends out down from that that is going to push through our area giving us the chances for showers later tonight and then into tomorrow's nicely in the scanner what weather will pick up the future cash you see the winds on top of this map so the what weather out to the west still a south and southwest flow ahead of that front we ship to the west behind the front and from his position out to us later this afternoon as we take it towards the evening the rush hour partly cloudy very mild across the region not dead. clouds will increase overnight and then as we go late tonight early
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showers ending we will see at least hit and miss showers across parts of the region or early tomorrow morning is well you can see the future cat doesn't really bite on much precipitation tomorrow i did people see some clearing later in the day but tomorrow morning there will be chances for showers and again this model not really depicting much but a few more showers maybe a little farther north of where you see him here even into early thursday so we'll be watching for that failure that omelette from our tower beautiful sunrise this morning and we have seen some high thin clouds working across the area high temperatures today up into the mid sixties very very warm in the partly sunny skies temperatures will be calling tomorrow. chances for a few isolated to scattered showers especially in the morning and a slight chance for a stray shower on thursday night through the weekend there was some talk earlier about another winter storm for friday that was mainly farther to the north for us. the study forty seven beautiful week great graphics look great we have an update to that
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about earlier in the show this is out of hand in this new information is from an incident on well scored police say this morning they got a call and nine one one call about an industrial accident. officers found twenty two year old yorktown man who had suffered a possible work related injury that injury may be life threatening. medics rushed into the hospital police say the accident does not appear to be a criminal incident this point and that the state department of labor will actually investigate not a consumer you need to know bout ford is recalling three hundred and ninety one thousand ranger pickups because the driver's airbag and players can explode with too much force and cause injuries. the recall covers trucks from two thousand for thirty thousand six in the us and canada comes just days after the government announced that a south carolina man died when a player exploded in december automakers will recall another five million vehicles equipped with malty in flavor is made by the staccato corporation us know we all
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to dangerous road conditions but experts say that it can also create safety issues for your children's car seats experts say that a puffy winter coat on a kid can be too bulky when it comes to their safety so check this out. testers but a baby in his snowsuit in the car seats then they removed his coat and put him back in the scene to see how loose the straps actually were on his body. so really this snowsuit added this picture in any event of a frontal crash all the sex or a means of her so much more space for ben to ride up and for his head to the outside the protection of the show which could mean that he could have a head injury. so you can use the same task for bigger kids to see how much room their puffy coats but between them and their harness to the rule is you should not be able to pick any fabric in the chest clip should always be at the level of their armpits so often we think once we put in a car seat it's one one and done thing. consumer reports
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checks as well so what do you do with all those old car seats. if you have next week are going to tell you how you can drop off your car seat and pick up some cash as well
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. or aren't moms and dads you might want to put this on your checklist of things to do next week it's not too late for you to get rid of a potentially dangerous part in car seats in the annual
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sponsor of this great event for joining us is georgie one lane from aaa which is one of the partners for the roundup thanks much for being here absolutely. ok so we have a love hate relationship with these things are so huge and are so hard to put it how you know when it's put in well and we can actually be passed on to a family member or someone. well i think it's important for parents to remember some basic ideas for stuff you do need to read the instruction manual which can be a little challenging sometimes you need to make sure that the seat as tightly as is possible against the vehicle seat is facing the right direction that your child isn't there as you mentioned about harnesses being snug that you can pinch at the armpit like his armpit level yes the kids will get older they'll put it right here in the valley you know you gotta play right absolutely and that's because that provides ride down on in the ideas that if the cars involved in a crash. all of the pieces and parts to the child safety seat will protect that child even in that crash. so we were talking all in the commercial
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durability of a car seat can dance well most of the time manufacturers recommend between six and eighty years there are few seats on the market to have a longer one and those are the seats that tend to go from birth all the way through possibly age eight and in that situation you may have a car seat that has a longer lifespan usually it is somewhere on the seat itself so that parents can not be confused about how long they should be able to use her seat. so tell me why it's a good idea to bring it to the roundup as a post just dropping off to goodwill well for a number of reasons one we don't recommend that people buy organics a car see if they don't know the history of it on someone may mean you know the best intentions but as the sea has been involved in a crash or it's too old or possibly missing a piece of new pair may not realize because their new two car seats. it may actually putting a child in danger rather than protecting them properly. ok we want to get some important points out real quick as we wrap up this
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aaa is definitely a certified installer of your car seats and also call ahead to your local fire department before you just drive on into the fire station safely installed is absolutely okay so once again it is on the very first to the twenty ninth you can get in exchange the whole car seat for a five dollar walmart gift card and you can find a full list the locations on thirteen years now. com and we'll be right back with an update on
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. if i ever hear the usual updating you on following for you right now out of california naval medical center san diego reportedly reported a possible active shooter situation is going on here about ballpark now we've got some live pictures we want to show you from the sea were just getting these in right now than they are live
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the medical center would not confirm that there was an active shooter but does say that authorities are responding to reports of gunshots fired according to that spokesperson three shots were fired or heard of fire around eight o'clock pacific time out from the building that houses officers offices and barracks for wounded sailors and marines as well as a gym this is what we are told right now all non emergency personnel being asked to stay away from that area several schools also in that area now on lockdown and a post on that naval medical center's facebook page said quote. everyone inside the building should run hide or fight one foursome and you can see right there has arrived at the scene in force there their patrol cars that got humvees there they are monitoring the situation searching right now to see if there actually is an active shooter we're going continue to update the developments on the story throughout the day on air and online at thirteen years now dot com thank you for that. yes here at home three people are recovering after a huge mobile home fire
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trapped inside the trailer as flames raced from one end to the other neighbors rest their own lives to save her is brian carroll spoke to them about the dangers rescue as well as another neighbor who looked after the children who live there. look out the window saw o ten fifty foot flames of the trailer you hold down on one one two times a week he's ran towards the shrieking he heard her was no mobile home park monday afternoon a trailer on fire most of the people inside got out one was trapped he spun her two small windows mac n cheese thing please let me burn up in here get me outta here. her sister have and be beside me screaming to let my sister dine here i don't know what to do down there was the tube out for four full on he started banging away making an opening inside the trailer reaching for the woman watching as she collapsed and i tried to get or want couldn't pull her out when i came for a second time
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over and then i can breathe jump outside makes an oh there's this guy here the guy never won remind people of snob too much room for kpo this this lady he's beside me. trav him came n help me with this go in that trailer your bacon i am stubborn i am rolling over or get her feet will pour out here and that's what your cousin sharon stacie and off to the williamsburg fire fire also with a of a help with the trailer open and see for as neighbors join the effort to free the woman who was trapped inside the home others were standing by to help those who made it out of the kids and got a moment here in temple mount then tried to help the girl she kept saying my sister my sister catherine thrower lives just across from the home financing these kids dating much time the men's issues i may have nothing nothing anybody that saw this today what i was all an act the same way that could hurt
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county brian carroll thirty news now. well to people recovering from a smoke inhalation after their house caught fire in virginia beach it happened just before three this morning and refill court that's their first colonial road firefighter centers these pictures fire officials say there was heavy smoke in the second floor bedroom they got the fire under control about fifteen minutes still working fine right now would cost in virginia beach the annual point in time count is scheduled for tomorrow and thursday. that's when volunteers and nonprofit organizations canvass the city and find people who are homeless. the data will help city officials create strategies to help the homeless. the result also determines how much federal funding the city gets for emergency housing and shelters throughout the year if you would like to volunteer we have more to ration our website. thirteen years now. com will help is on the way for thousands of people in flint michigan a group of big beverage makers are sending millions of water bottles to the area and we
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that breaking news out of naval medical center san diego in the ballpark to have
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i love a little more time to fire twenty fifteen taxes the deadline has been moved to april eighteenth the normal deadline is april fifteen but that is a national holiday in washington d c and that is also where the viruses headquarters and don't forget
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through the federal marketplace you'll need to file a ten ninety five form the penalty for not having health insurance goes up considerably this year will be three hundred and twenty five dollars or two percent of taxable income whichever is greater. you know help is on the way to flint michigan a group of beverage making giants are coming together to bring the city fresh drinking water today wal mart coke pepsi and nestle pledge to deliver about one hundred and seventy five truckloads of bottled water to the flint area as the city deals with the lead tainted water disaster that donation will include six point five million bottles of water for schoolchildren. meanwhile today families in flames can get their kids tested for lead poisoning health care system is holding the event for anyone was worried about exposure to lead the people of flights have been without clean water for years after their water supply was contaminated. additional testing is scheduled for next
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you won't wanna miss saigon (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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. new ed noonan on likely winner of the half marathon a two year old bloodhound in alabama decided to enter half marathon without her owner's permission. earlier this month lou divine got out from her backyard and ended up at the start of the race about a quarter mile away his little tongue out right there. she just kept going best of all the divine came in seventh and got a medal to the vines are found out the dog slipped out after someone called from the finish line is hysterical high of thirteen people are safe on dry land after the coast guard rescued them from their sinking yacht. it happened off the coast of fort lauderdale florida the one hundred and six foot yacht started taking on water last night the coast guard sent a helicopter and two boats to rescue everyone. it happened just in the nick of
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moments after crews pulled the boaters to safety gradually took on more more water than it went down by the stern roll over and then finally went into the ways officials think a mechanical problem cause they got to sink the coast guard is still investigating this case well sunny skies and warm temperatures. yes hit the beach like and the changes are coming tomorrow forecast is next and we're going to have much more on the breaking news situation out of naval medical center san diego still reports of an active shooter at naval medical center san diego we do not know much more about injuries
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and now, there's no better time to get fios by verizon. for $79.99 a month online, get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year, with no annual contract. or with a 2 year agreement, get $300 back. and, starz and showtime for 6 months. go to or call 888.get.fios. get out of the past. get fios. addition on the breaking news out of california report of a possible active shooter at naval medical center san diego with my pictures we
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the scene that we're just getting in a spokesperson for the medical center not confirming that there was an active shooter but saying that authorities are responding to reports of at least three gunshots that were heard and there are no reports of any injuries as a spokesperson saying that they are not taking any chances their quote executing procedures that they've been trained for in this kind of situation the shots were heard around eight o'clock pacific time this morning outside a building that houses officers offices and barracks for wounded sailors and marines as well as the chimney all non emergency personnel right now being asked to stay away from that area several schools in that area also on lockdown a post on the naval medical center's facebook page telling everyone inside the bait that bill innovation run hide or fight of course we're going continue to update this story throughout the day on air and online for you at thirteen years now. dot com and we just learned also that store that the room to room search is currently underway right now on the table of medical hospital there and individual buildings in front gates are on lockdown at this
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know but that will soon move on to this other breaking story we have for you. we have the information out about the incident on will score police say this morning they got a call in on one call about an industrial accident officers found twenty two year old yorktown man who had suffered possible work related injury that injury may be life threatening. medics rushed into the hospital. police say the accident does not appear to be a criminal incident and state department of labor will investigate. all i would take a look right now the conditions over virginia beach from town center beautiful out there the sun is shining it feels so good enjoy it now it is not going to last we're going to see some changes coming up over the coming geisha lot of folks thinking about maybe head down to the oceanfront and check it out down there beautiful conditions right now the water temps are still very very cold a few surfers we noticed out there in wetsuits out that the air temperatures lower to mid
12:41 pm
the temperatures falling off in the low fifties as we head through midnight and early tomorrow morning. upper forties for the most part do i mention it's a little windy out there gus and then up around twenty to thirty mph in the eastern shore. not as windy but still little breezy for some of the areas around the south side as you can see augusta twenty two their williamsburg and it was peter for his well so even some of the locations a little bit breezy this afternoon and with the wins coming up from the southwest that striving or temperatures up into the mid sixties here at noon you can see that chesapeake virginia beach very very warm sixty one right now in williamsburg this is all relative to normal. typically we are right around forty eight for highs so enjoy today for like the warmer weather it's going to get back below normal with mid forties tomorrow and thursday due to temperature change from this time yesterday sixteen degrees warmer sixty degrees warmer in virginia beach and norfolk is he very
12:42 pm
well even up to the west well let's take a look at the changes and why they're going to occur you see what's going on said snow on the great lakes region the system tracking by the north. there's some question is whether that we're going to have a winter storm on friday some folks are asking about the social media to know the northeast watching some wintry weather sissy with this is the tracks by the north but for our area the trailing cold front will push through when you've a chance for showers late tonight and tomorrow ahead of the fronts outlets wins behind the front the cooler north westerly and westerly flow and the temperatures will be dropping as i mention we're still dry across syria and should remain that way through the afternoon evening overnight and i think we do start to pick up a little bit of activity especially to the north and west and you see here with the future cass is the brand new updated model she could see the showers are off to the northwest through the overnight and early tomorrow morning. isolated to scattered showers in every possible around here i expect a little bit of activity tomorrow see me wanna keep an
12:43 pm
that things should quiet down and then even into early thursday with the clouds and the south will be a chance we could see a couple of very isolated showers really kind of backing up a little bit the future cast keeps it fther to the south and it makes sense although couple the other models do bring to them or share a little farther north with colder air in place. it's not completely out of the realm of possibility sometime early thursday that we could see ice tray area makes priest if we do get a few though showers will watch for its nothing to get real excited about at this point but it is something we will monitor as we head into friday could see will enjoy a west wind and we should see partly sunny skies the weekend looks great right now with more sunshine and temperatures getting back into the fifties far as rainfall amounts could generally very light precipitation from just trace amounts up to maybe attend to mention a few spots that would be it for today sixteen for partly sunny warm obviously we're going to see the temperatures tonight dipping down into the forties
12:44 pm
forty five says staying cooler tomorrow tomorrow i invariably five years at chance of a stray shower to even into early thursday lecture weekend more sunshine temperatures in the mid fifties looking forward to a
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