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you do?." the air that breaking news a man fought back after three men robbed him in virginia beach avenue outside the mcdonald's on bonnie wright and south independence boulevard brian carroll is on the scene bryan police say the victim fired a gun at the suspects he did he did not hit any of the people who were involved for the actual with the actual robbery should say they've been out here for about two hours you'll see the tape of the next quarter they are of the parking lot it looks like where the robbery actually took place police are saying it was about nine o'clock when this happened the man who was the victim in this case had come here thinking he was going to buy a cellphone to cellphone from at least one of the people who was involved with this police say instead there were three people with minimum roughed him up he did have some minor injuries to rob him take what he had on him and then started to run off when they were running off that's when they say he fired the gun at them he did not hit any of them at this point he pours got checked
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police are looking for again three people involved in this was right around nine o'clock if you happen to see anybody taking off around that time on foot running in the area again mcdonald's ride around town center gave police a call to live in virginia beach by feral thirteen years now i do portsmouth now the city council met for the first time since sheriff bill watson case mayor kenny right through downtown thirteen years now was the only station to capture this video of matt wright failing to stop as sheriff watson's command for his expired inspection sticker may our life now faces felony eluding charges for the incident. our new logo has more on tonight's meeting and one council members fight against being fine. it's been two weeks since councilman bill moody was fined fifteen hundred dollars by his fellow council members and now he's hoping to buy that bind and appealed that decision. my strong suggestion to the portsmouth city council is when you fan yourself a
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and start baking. attorney kevin martin gallagher joining forces with councilman bill moody to fight the fifteen hundred dollars fine handed down to him by mere pity right. some fellow council members and signed up by the city attorney. they say booty violated a new rule that prevents anyone from speaking about closed session issues in public and they said we did that with a facebook post but his attorney says that's not the case. the problem is that the facebook post did not reveal any specific information from a closed meeting and the clothes we had not even occurred yet moody kind he was just keeping the people who board at tuesday night's council meeting several citizens came down on council for enforcing the fine the whole thing is part of this secret society has been put together a new tent for them to cover up something else that has been brought to light. margo has several issues with the fine one is whether council even
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enforce it and its infringement on booties free speech rights. if the rule violates free speech guarantees than the rule has no legal force and effect he's issued a letter to council urging them to respond to his client's questions and concerns. so for the action doesn't have to be taking the need to repeal this role. avoiding eye area both thirteen years now. thought a portsmouth woman is accused of attacking an assistant principal police say tracy lawrence had a meeting at lakeview elementary today about a matter involving a child investigators say lawrence apparently been like with the assistant principal had to say hit the administrator that are discussed a scene in the main office and then laugh. she's charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct. a woman with ties to hampton roads was attacked and killed while vacationing in grenada jessica coulter lived in georgia but grew up in yorktown. she graduated from taft high school in nineteen ninety four. coker was on
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this weekend when a man attacked the couple her husband escaped and ran for help when first responders reached or it was too late when you the police the man turned himself into custody yesterday claiming to be responsible for the deadly attack virginia beach police are investigating a stabbing at the oceanfront were told a woman stabbed him and this afternoon on atlantic avenue outside the oberoi hotel at thirty six st. investigators say the victim should survive police believe this is a domestic related crime summit shot a man in all fake on berry street tonight police dispatch tells us the bullet hit the man in the arm medics rushed into the hospital. no word on a motive or any suspects in the case. we now know what sparked a massive trailer fire in your county you see it right there. investigators say kids were playing next to a space eater and some paper caught fire three people were of the victims was pulled from the burning building the trailer is destroyed
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there will have to find a new place to stay. welfare has a cold virus is in virginia the state health department confirms a person in the northwest region of the commonwealth tested positive for the virus. we called and tried to get an exact location but we were told the city's name will not be released. state leaders also want alice any additional information about the patient. all we know is the person contracted physique a virus while traveling abroad in prague there are more than a dozen other confirmed the virus cases in the us right now has a cold virus is a mosquito borne virus that is transmitted by a certain type of mosquito is in the same disease family as a yellow fever virus in west nile there is no treatment or vaccine available the virginia department of health says since it's not mosquito season here are the pace and wet the sake of virus poses no risk to other
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you travel to warmer climates and countries were zeke a virus is found right now has a virus outbreak is in many tropical countries including honduras mexico and puerto rico because of the outbreak united airlines and american airlines are offering refunds to passengers with tickets to the affected areas. now there's a cold virus symptoms include fever rash joint pain and red eyes but the cdc says eighty percent of infected people do not show any symptoms. the biggest concern with the cold virus could cause life threatening brain damage to unborn babies. so u s officials are urging expecting moms to stay away from countries where there are infections you're pregnant the cdc says don't go but for other people. if you go use repellent to reduce the chances you get bit is no vaccine but the less government just started researching one don't
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soon. vaccine developments typically takes years to my virginia beach as a new city manager vote by city council was unanimous to promote deputy city manager dave hansen hansen will replace jim spore who is retiring as it has been with the city since two thousand and six and will start his new job immediately told us she is ready to hit the ground running to be innovative to be frugal in our efforts to be trustworthy and to earn the respect and confidence of our citizens and says contractors for two years and he will earn a salary of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars according to online records for sally was a little less little more than two hundred and twenty five thousand tomorrow senators mark warner tim kaine will try to tackle the issue of college debt to host a roundtable with leaders from fourteen virginia university's that list includes christopher newport university william and mary hampton norfolk state and oh do you. this comes as
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education act a law aimed at making college more affordable on the state level lawmakers are considering new laws to try and fight human trafficking in the commonwealth of virginia beach justice initiative is leading this effort. one bill the general assembly is considering would require teachers and police officers receive training in human trafficking in order to become licensed to know the science to recognize and then over to call what to do the educator student empower them. the city passed a law in july that gives police more leverage to crackdown on illegal activity and massage parlors that led to a massive raid with fourteen a ross is a law that virginia beach justice initiative believes should be statewide something man is behind bars in his ten texas accused of setting a father and his son on fire thirty two year old curtis holland is charged with murder last week houston fire crews pulled two badly burned
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picked up a trace of fuel at that home. investigators later learned that during a fight with the victims solomon allegedly threw gasoline on the father and son and then lit them on fire the sun did not make it his father is still in the hospital. no information on a deadly bus crash a school principal died after the boss had her find of the heroic act as he performed right before her death and donald trump saying tonight he's ditching the next gop debate why he's threatening to boycott the event the cnn anchor anderson cooper is an orphan tonight before he spoke at a forum he took some time to meet with the norfolk police officers and right now we have some rain on radars in the center virginia heading
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. breaking news of a deadly shooting in that weeks long standoff in oregon the fbi said authorities arrested six people today who are part of the armed group that has occupied a national wildlife refuge for more than three weeks we've learned during that arrest shots were fired one person from the group died but the fbi did not release the name of that person the armed group sees the wildlife refuge earlier this month as part of a long running dispute over who owns the land. tonight a popular elementary school principal is dead after pushing students out of the path of a school bus in indiana that principle you
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the scene police are still trying to figure out why the bus suddenly jumped a curb in lawrence township near indianapolis. the driver said she watched the principal push several kids out of harm's way before being hit the bus it to ten year old students they are in the hospital tonight with serious injuries the reworked nc double a concussion settlement has gotten the green light from a federal judge the new deal between former college athletes in the nc double a includes seventy million dollars to test for brain trauma. the settlement also pays benefits to athletes outside of contact sports the deal also protects the nc double a from a concussion lawsuit but the judge says that needs to change before you get the final stamp of approval the lockdown and one of the nation's largest military medical facilities is over so was the threat of a shooting naval medical center san diego sat down for six hours today after getting a tip about a possible gunman on the campus. a doj employee
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three gunshots but the navy found no sign of a gunman or something on the campus. well the navy is trying to make good sailors a little more ship shape that is the goal of the new go for green program healthier menus will come to have a shore command vessel in the fleet the menus are color coded green is cut it off in yellow is okay in moderation. red means a rare the labeling criteria is based on saturated fat percentage of calories from fat amount of fiber in the rest of the artificial sweeteners and wholesome ness of the product. ok what happens to the navy's lighters. we went all the thinking behind the plan is and sailors eat healthy they will keep themselves mission ready. the pilot program launched this week at naval station a few firsts for tech giant apple the company is bracing for its first decline in sales in
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sales to fall for the next few months compared to the same time last year analysts say the latest iphone models are selling reasonably well but those sales are not providing the boost apple needs to match last year's massive sales growth and the race for the white house you probably won't see donald trump at this week's gop debate fox news is hosting and papas protesting the wise guy comments from the fox news anchors this comes at a crucial point in the race the iowa caucuses next week friday had chosen is how the candidates are working to shore up last minute support them and please welcome the next president of united states donald j trump a bombshell from donald trump just days before the iowa caucus is let's see how much money. fox is going to make of that debate without me. ok really trumps campaign now confirming he is bailing out of thursday's republican
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and kelly who starred with tom that in august your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. most bible senator ted cruz saying the one hundred dropping out of the debate shows a lack of respect for voters and issued this challenge if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates that i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me anytime between now and the iowa caucus. still the republican front runner continues to lean conservative endorsements including arizona state is tough talking sheriff joe arpaio even as his opponents attack the noise. what is it reviews all this questions is in the new space is always politics of the democratic side bernie sanders and hillary clinton's campaigns are energized and also
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next monday we will win here in taiwan if the voter turnout is high if you go to the caucus on monday night and stand up for me there i will work my heart out for you as your president. free hit abc news los angeles millions of americans still are digging their way out of this weekend's monster storm after three days life in cities along the east coast well getting back to normal the metro in washington d c started running again today but students in d c baltimore philadelphia don't have school didn't have school rather for a second day and hampton roads there are two weather related delays for tomorrow gloucester county and surry county schools will start two hours late. if any more delays command will update the list on thirteen news now meanwhile if anything we're going to see some rain moving in with this next system we certainly are going to see snow. it is a
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out ahead of the system quarter coming eventually behind that they'll be talking about some changes but again out ahead of the readings as you'll see in just a second are really warm right now for this time of year here that south westerly flow at a couple of showers way down across the southern outer banks earlier this evening. those have moved offshore. the next batch it's taken awhile as we mentioned getting closer and closer their center virginia is so gonna take awhile to get here in the eastern part of the state right now we are still eight fifty four degrees said earlier i thought we'd be around fifty at midnight that would go down is the high for wednesday. well my team b fifty two but anyway the point is the temps are just after midnight tonight a little over an hour is going to be a high with the south south westerly winds will gradually drop down then through the forties in the morning and then we'll see temperatures tomorrow afternoon continuing to fall as a cold front right there we see the light blue and the dark blue delineate sch and that's where the front is
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here later tomorrow so temperatures falling are spot on forecasts say early morning we're going to be well up into the forties and then we're going to fall to near forty. by late in the day so big difference of what you feel at the bustop at seven am verses later in the day even a little bit of a difference from seven a m to nine am as you're heading out to work or school tomorrow they would go during the evening and are doing the overnight temperatures dropping as we said back through the forties in most locations that rain will still be out a little bit west of us into this more like central virginia and then far far northern areas and talking up east of fredericksburg is the cold air comes and chance a little bit of a brief mix but around here we're just looking at rain showers and not a ton of them will be isolated at least meaning not a whole lot of them at the least or at the most scattered meaning a few more of them somewhere in that sort of range between isolated and scattered readings falling back to the thirties and then the front doesn't get very
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stalls and new low pressure rides along it and that's going to mean some inclement weather during the day on thursday slight chance early in the morning that the leading edge of this could be a little bit of frozen precipitation but it looks in general warmer air is going to try to come and we think it'll mainly be a little bit of shower activity here across hampton roads definitely some rain maybe some substantial rains across areas of the outer banks temperatures by afternoon up a little bit over forty probably lower forties thursday night dropping back to the thirty so here's the first front coming through. you can see on the mountains a little bit of winter weather for us tonight increasing clouds lows forty four to maybe forty seven by morning showers possible late mainly far northern western parts of the viewing area for a few showers likely though blustery and turning colder temperatures falling back through the forties and anywhere from around thirty eight of forty two late in
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thirty one degrees and that leads to a little bit of moisture during the day on thursday the heaviest rain north carolina will probably get a little bit around here i've only forty two though and fifty on friday fifty two saturday in a really nice look and sunday with sixty seven. we are tracking the other day and night before you head out the door tomorrow morning check in with thirteen years now at day break starting at four thirty i have been so anti riot alias to take a working vacation in hawaii coming up
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. a cnn news anchor anderson cooper is an offer tonight he spoke at chrysler hall touch on a wide range of issues including donald trump's twitter's tragedy to the water crisis in flint michigan thirteen is now social media coordinator lisa abraham j was at the event and she posted several videos online which you can watch at thirteen is now dot com and before his speech cooper met with an often police officers the department wanted to thank her for donating money
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the k nine officers and a big night for thirteen years now sports anchor brian smith he received the gold black award from the norfolk sports club jam marie the award is named after a virginian pilot sports reporter gold glass covered sports in hampton roads for sixty three years the award is for a contribution to local sports coverage. brian says he is humbled by the honor. i never considered work has been enjoyed covering local sports in hampton roads into a google adwords. it's the embodiment of putting in the time not just how much time brain started working at thirteen years now. in nineteen ninety three but it was only fifteen years all their eyes and to try to do bring to our everyday the hardest workers i know brian smith and all the honorees tonight was the seventy first edition of the norfolk sports club
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buck showalter as the guest speaker he was terrific. a quick rundown of the list of those honored include jeff jones trey freeman mark reynolds davis ceo carol watson graham holley smoke myself and others. i wanna also thank the norfolk sports club for all they do all the work they put in funding scholarships to young people in the hampton roads area great night. i'm thinking the whole why this time of year would be good. tyra tells about the fine at himself as he's on his way to the y to play in the pro bowl for the first time ever his career. of course he's a former hampton crab or m virginia tech okie for years as a backup for the ravens this year was in a three way battle for competition at quarterback and buffalo been a whirlwind season it's been a great year with the bills we caught up with them last night and the first thing we asked was about making the pro bowl was the way the world of the site was
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as big as the mayor doesn't believe having eyes that that's tie rod taylor think we'll do more but will pass on that and now his bills can stay healthy that can be and maybe a major player next year in the nfl when we come
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. we have a do over i totally have more direct taylor we do let's listen in part by the pro ball and more excited than desirable as subsidizing its a bit of us opted to purchase as big as a dozen
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hampton high and then at virginia tech wonder if he envisioned the kind of success. he's enjoying now look back over to the work of art both as a kid even twenty six this english and also strive to meet the everyday to build twenty eight and six in games in which tie rod played they finished strong to go eat any as a team overall. they have a lot of talent especially at the skill positions with the big question about the details as we have to keep with the war in iraq has a super bowl ring already backed up to baltimore that gave him up because the stakes become the champion and a fellow devotee been on those teams of you see what it takes to
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every way but the main things it seems that there was a long season long goal to do week by week day by day that i just added to the goddess of the leadership in the acc tonight let's get right to uva against wake forest you be looking for the first road win of the season i thought to be easy pickens against wake forest not so fast let's get their turn the ball over uva weight farce was up by fourteen at this point the second half. the demon deacons won six in the acc a minute twenty three to go way far stop by and with them in a twenty three goals to look quite seven with fourteen seconds to go in the game mariel shy act one from the corner that's good then it knocked and robin would knock one down a three pointer with four seconds ago and for danny manning had to wait for sale every group i've got to the line to the court with four seconds
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for the game winner from
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