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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the we can't take it might get a proud founding over city leaders are talking about a spike in robberies in what police are doing to fight back and as crews clean up from the record breaking blizzard were getting a heartbreaking look at the lives were lost so this is daybreak. at the top of this half hour gloucester in surrey schools are are on a two hour delay. ashley is watching the road for any trouble spots and there is also a raid on the radar meteorologist regular tracking when we could see it here in hampton roads and good morning as they want to welcome our skyview backup from hampton year in space and data backup online looking good up there know what weather yet in hampton but a little farther off to the north and that to the northwest that we are picking up some showers right now very mild early this morning but the temperatures are trending down as the day continues. west southwest wind right now there's a through the shift the winds
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the region as a luncheon hampton right now dry but you go north and west of that and you pick up some showers the front is out there it is going to push through to get ready again. the changes coming up a little later on here's the next twelve hours chances for showers this morning i slid the scattered will see temperatures falling in the lower forties around and then down to about forty or so by late afternoon thirty eight as we head into the early evening there at six o'clock so obviously a big cooldown come in behind the front. i'll let you know how long cooldown is going to last and what we can expect for a weekend in just few minutes. ash is look what we can expect around the western freeway. try keeping an eye on of course the bridges the tunnels but also just traffic in general as we head to portsmouth and check things on one sixty four here's a live look at the west north bridge eastbound traffic headed toward fifty eight in the midtown tunnel possibly and westbound lanes probably does but not much traffic
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moving very well so good well right now but things pick up a little later the dow this morning when traffic at the midtown site to build at least on the eastbound side won sixty four on the traffic network maps i'm still watching this accident scene thirteen southbound at the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel but leaving the eastern shore and headed to the south side one lane is open. expect minor delays as you head towards virginia beach and the government five ten will have to sixty four will take traffic around jefferson and fort eustis in newport news. new this morning robberies are a big problem for norfolk businesses and the fuel to rise in violent crime last year. that's what norfolk police chief michael goldsmith told city council members last night he explained. violent crime like murder and assault up eleven percent over the past year and when it comes to commercial robberies are up twenty percent you will
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in a row out to be a tell all over the place and not only did it affect us in fact all the years in fact the entire region. here's a mystery bylsma said officers don't know why robberies are up but they are beefing up patrols are also meeting with store owners to teach them how to lower their risk of being targeted on one of the men allegedly involved in a shootout with virginia beach police is set to be in court today. terry on jones is expected to plead guilty that is according to the commonwealth's attorney's office police say the last mae jones and the least vasquez held a customer hostage during an armed robbery at a boost mobile store on baker road the man allegedly fired at police as they left the store. vasquez is set to go before jury next month at five o three new numbers reveal the deadly nature of the blizzard of twenty sixteen at least forty deaths nationwide are attributed to the store from this past weekend full of those deaths here in virginia that includes car accidents carbon monoxide poisoning and heart attacks while shoveling snow. dc had one you see the numbers on the screen
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attributed to car accidents there were twelve in the commonwealth five from hypothermia two from car crashes and several more from shoveling snow. those blizzard ads have highlighted the issues emergency responders experience during big storms even now after crews have started clearing all that snow officials say the people are tying up nine one one lines with routine questions and concerns. that is really tying of public resources to convert on them what i mean what the company now and then you know i'm in the back row it off the block house just like that if you need information there are non emergency lines for each city here in hampton roads that will free up nine one lines for people who need it later today in virginia beach volunteers and nonprofit organizations will canvass the city to find people who are homeless and count the city officials use that data to create strategies to
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determines how much federal funding the city gets for emergency housing and shelters throughout the year the count will be happening today and tomorrow if you'd like to volunteer. we have more information or website thirteen years now. com and in norfolk a neighbor paul frame is getting state recognition for his efforts to end veteran homelessness frame was the first beer in virginia to sign a challenge and that homelessness according to the city homeless veterans can find housing solution on average within fifteen days of being connected to this program well it's a case of road rage that was caught on camera because to strangers at a busy intersection beating eachother up. you see right there. surprising using sticks catch more of the video just ahead. and breaking overnight the suspect is on the loose after opening fire on a homeless camp two people are
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artisan mention thing still dry up in hampton right now are no problems up there as we take a look at nor fixed conditions very good across the south side is well there are some showers farther to the north and west so we continue to watch that one taught you about a small craft advisories are up for the day and for the ocean it's one of those days and again we are going to see a lot more cloud cover today specially down to the south as we go through the day but northwood going to blow fifteen to twenty knots and you get that small craft advisory up sees about four to five feet a little rough out there obviously small craft when a stamp or high tide comes at eleven twelve this morning i swear the cloud right now off to the north they're going to sing south and then set up down to the south is the day wears on it that we may see some clearing to the north late in the day right now it says northern areas richmond back over to stevensville this is where we're looking at the showers extended to
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parts of the northern neck a little soggy early this morning still dry across the south side but that's gotta change at least in spots in an isolated showers to maybe scattered showers a little later this morning temperatures are going to fall right now we're starting off low fifties news because the of those upper forties and one later today when a fall down through the low forties to about forty this afternoon to the stems you see more indicative of early morning conditions the cool downs coming and you know what it's going to stay cooler tomorrow with a high near forty three chances for showers again mainly in north carolina tomorrow and then make improvements friday the weekend looks gorgeous detail about that a few minutes. here's ashley looking forward to that are ethical or traffic right now in newport news. very nice on both sides of sixty four is alive and not too far from jefferson the westbound lanes everything is open as well as eastbound not have any issues right now through newport news not keep an eye on things all the traffic network maps of
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tunnel i do have an update for you just spoke with officials there the accident thirteen south has cleared but a part of the guardrail was damaged from the accident to the left lane is still blocked as crews are repairing that guardrail i'll let you know in that class but for now still expect minor delays as you head toward virginia beach also traffic picking up five sixty four west into the base a live look at naval station norfolk traffic coming up next. all right thank you ashley ahead on daybreak flu or false continues but today isn't about you or the kid yet we're talking about your
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breaking overnight two people are dead and the others injured two of them critically after shooting at a homeless camp in seattle seattle police say that this campus called the jungle not dozens of officers swat teams and sharp shooters responded combing that area. we said that they do have at least two persons of interest that they're looking for but did not release any other information they say that the victims were targeted because of who they were not because they
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travesty to some people use this this tragedy to try and paint all homeless people as criminals the police at this but they do not believe anyone else isn't in danger but again they are still looking for the people that they think are responsible for following the story bring you updates as soon as we get them center harker thirteen is now nice and i thank you later today the so called affluent a teenager could be back in texas even couches attorney dropped an appeal against deportation to the team will return to texas to face charges today or tomorrow. the eighteen year old fled to mexico with his mother late last year while serving probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash while new baby show you of oats or fight of sorts in the middle of traffic in austin texas you gotta take a look at this video watch this it shows a man with a bad approach the driver of another car the other man gets out confronts them and then turns around to get a weapon of his own some sort of iraq the fight didn't last very
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a few seconds later police are investigating and still aren't sure what sparked this competition. new this morning tomorrow night's political action republican presidential debate in iowa on fox will be missing the front runner. donald trump says he is not taking part. he's not happy with moderator moderator megan kelly and called a news release from the network unfair that statement from fox said in part that the network won't have learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and food and both intend to treat donald trump unfairly when the meet with him if he becomes president fox still having the debate without a mess for trump will host an event that night to raise money for veterans and physic see the big night last night for thirteen years now sports anchor brian smith to receive e able to go black award from the norfolk sports club member e award is named after virginian pilot sports reporter go black covered sports in hampton roads for
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honor for brian smith there the award for contribution to local sports coverage brian started working here at thirteen is now way back in nineteen ninety three in congratulations to him for being recognized for this great award. you remember the days of her iowa law review has no way here's a little daybreak trivia for you can point when i was first hired in nineteen ninety seven. brian was actually the male anchor here on every gary and carol hoffman were anchors the women who hold views but he still looks young. oh yeah i believe has been covering sports news and he's reallyy say one thing about brian we know we've had a great relationship over the years i've had a lot of fun but he's a heck of a softball player to our station softball team there the last season i play with them i think he got hit every single attack knowing that those in the last asl lifestyle will pull out i'm like dude your bat thousand
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have for you right now across the area weather conditions are bad but we did some changes coming up a little later on to do a talk about the spot on forecasts and i kept asking and then talking a little bit with jeff during the evening so i what's the deal guys they haven't done one in a little while we get so caught up in everything and really the forecasted storm coverage over the weekend pretty much spot on their friday but we said you know what we were so busy covering all the little details that the storm kind of got away were back to it now so jeff's first spot on forecasts in a few days. this is what working on falling temps to about forty degrees this afternoon and i feel very good about that i was kind of split here's what point did get into the upper thirties probably around five thirty six o'clock will be a thirty eight degrees and rain for much of the afternoon will be sitting close to forty five saves for thirty or so so does turn a lot cooler take a look of the next twelve hours and you'll see three three
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cooler after that so the colder air is going to settle and we have a frontal boundary out there it's pushing through the winds will shift to the north and that she's in the drop in temps now this morning a chance for a few showers especially north and west i think we could see a few isolated showers around here isolated to scattered as we head through the overnight into tomorrow. not bad conditions early on but i do it you know there will be chances for showers over eastern north carolina could see seven that morning and then during the afternoon a little more moisture working back across syria best chances in north carolina but a few showers may try to push a little farther north one set clears out. i think our friday look for big improvements with skies becoming mostly sunny and the weekend looks really good saturday and sunday back up right now we have a very mild start to the day low fifties near the coast we a forties and when the temperatures will be falling as that front moves through wind shift from the west southwest to the north so here's what we
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afternoon temps near forty a chance for showers. look for the following towns was an eight year thirty one and then tomorrow showers possible mainly in north carolina looking at the weekend looks awesome temperatures warming sunday and monday and then showering and possible later on tuesday but check naval station norfolk ashes good look at the ride at right time to check traffic headed to the base and as we've been seeing several mornings made the last couple of weeks probably at this point traffic is already kind of slowing down a bit around the basin kind of early for it to be forty minutes before rush hour begins let's give you a live look at where your traffic delays in starting at this point in the morning five sixty four west just past the runway towel you can see your traffic headed toward the three a making its way toward hampton boulevard already seeing that congestion before this point before the rally title are still moving pretty well but certainly something to watch out for us this morning as you're approaching the base
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make your way to work on time i should say this morning the back of the traffic network map and take a look now. i wrote seventeen chesapeake not seeing any delays in your head between sixty four and north carolina taking away southbound toward north carolina and sixty three passing douglas sixty one at cortland and fifty three at dominion boulevard to not too bad for us as we zoom out again the rest of the area doing well keeping an eye on traffic on the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and will check traffic at the monitor merrimack coming up next. thanks ash big changes are coming to a teen's and while no longer need a debit card and one
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my check one two three a mother is behind bars for allegedly assaulting an assistant principal at her child's school. we're live in portsmouth with what is next for the woman he was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime but it never happened. what is expected to happen today to a travel agent accused of stealing from students and leftover snow and ice forcing two school districts to start later today schools in gloucester and surry counties are in a two hour delay. good morning everyone and lucy bustamante them under ec are still feeling residual i guess all that snow storm we had and a change in the weather expected today
5:24 am
tracking a cooler day and chances for rain crank temperatures are going to drop so i hope you're ready for that yesterday sixty six degrees for a high and that is freakish for this time of year was a record but doubt say and that was a good eighteen degrees above normal were typically in the upper forties right now things are quiet still mild in virginia beach around town center with a live sky view their word ryan or fake everything looking fine right now fifty three degrees skies mostly cloudy in the windsor west southwest at six mph on the front off to the north that is going to push through that'll drive our winds will shift to more on the north the north with about ten to fifteen mph dropping those tenses the afternoon wears on as you can see the line of showers extending from the northeast down to the southwest and it is still just outside most of the viewing area but we will see the chances for a few isolated to scattered showers a bit later on right now on town point park things looking good we give that
5:25 am
north and west temperatures near fifty this morning falling to about forty during the afternoon into the upper thirties with very bleak cloudy skies this evening there will be more chances for rain tomorrow i'll show you where with our future cast coming up and then look ahead to an awesome weekend right now look at the monitor merrimack hopefully the traffic rolling steadily there it really is great as we take a look on the maps first you can see it here deep green of uneven in spots of yellow right balance of sixty four between suffolk and newport news but just driving home for a pardon the pun. you can see her sick sixty four to know her and shout about at the monitor about moving well with no major issues or delays to report back on the traffic network maps i am watching a little bit of heavy traffic around naval station norfolk nothing major about three quarters of the way down past the runway title he dropped down from fifty five to fourteen the rest of five sixty four west is moving very well and hopefully these delays won't last too long
5:26 am
especially now we still have a little bit of a traffic issue with just a bridge tunnel an earlier accident thirteenth south the accident itself has cleared crews are still repairing the guard rail that was damaged as a result of the accident to the left lane is still blocked out there expect minor delays as you head towards virginia beach and the coming of the next few minutes we had a sixty four and check traffic at the high rise bridge is a machete time now spy thirty two later today a scheduled court date for portsmouth mother accused of attacking a school assistant principal at her daughter's school try her name is tracy lawrence and she is charged with assault and battery and disorderly contador leads brown is live outside the courthouse with what today's scheduled hearing could be in florence good morning and remove the judge will formally tell more and tougher charges today in schl be expected to say whether or not she's guilty of this all started yesterday around two thirty when portsmouth police say she went to the school to talk to assistant principal about the matter regarding
5:27 am
unhappy with the outcome of that matter and they say she hit that assistant principal on the head which they say cause this is in principle to briefly lose consciousness about a school resource officer went to the main office of the building looking for porn looking for lawrence. he was not able to find her but however she was taken into custody at her home and again will face charges here at the courthouse this morning we'll keep you updated throughout the day also i wanna mention the police eight children did not witness the incident again so be here in court this morning we'll have more on thirty news now a new live reports and elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you on the docket today the case against a travel agent accused of stealing from students and isle of wight county. augustine auction pong set to be arraigned this morning a grand jury indicted him on nine felony counts of embezzlement back in november russian punk operates great travel in the word and smithfield high school students paid him to take
5:28 am
past summer but that trip never happened later today the issue of student debt will take center stage on capitol hill student leaders from eighteen virginia colleges will be in attendance. senators mark warner tim kaine will also be there our area schools that will be represented christopher newport university william and mary hampton university norfolk state in ot you this comes as the senate debates the higher education act a law aimed at making college more affordable shopping now a legal battle over fifteen hundred dollar fine in portsmouth and partners of the virginian pilot reports councilman bill moody's attorney sent a letter to the city attorney questioning the legality of the fine the city council find moody earlier this month for posting to facebook about a closed meeting moody pay the fine but his attorney claims he did not violate any council was the problem is that the facebook post did not reveal any specific information from a closed
5:29 am
meeting had not even occurred yet but he claims that he was just kidding the people informed that same night the council finds really is when sheriff bill watson tried to stop mayor kenny writes for an expired state inspection sticker. only thirteen years now captured video of the encounter the mayor now faces eluding charges. new this morning to cover station with a group of crooks in norfolk ends with gunfire and a man in the hospital the police tell us several men approached the twenty two year old victim using his car in linwood avenue around seven o'clock last night that's when someone shot him in the arm. the victim reportedly drove back to his house on deer street and call police he is expected to be okay. call the crime line if you can help police at five thirty five a terrorist plot intended to kill dozens of people foiled by the fbi where authorities say them and plan to carry out a mass shooting and how they actually caught him and a
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. or. our chicken looked the day there the general trend calling for those cooling conditions a little bit later on we'll take another look at things out there how about a quick wide sky if you like to do that this time we turn our attention to virginia beach and town center area things looking good still dry there
5:33 am
around richmond really are thirteen years now viewing area still pretty dry but we are seeing overcast conditions here's another way to look at the weather again falling from the low fifties you because we do forties far inland but very mild and there will be the chance for a few isolated showers i seem to scatter what weather off to the northwest mostly cloudy through mid day temperatures falling down to about forty two and then forty for the afternoon invariably cloudy conditions upper thirties after that as i mentioned we'll see those temps continue to fall today out of the water small craft advisories for the bay in the ocean the winds creating some wave action out there this evening about four to five feet. so yeah not a good idea to be out on the water in small craft you are encouraged to stay put with those advisories waves in the lower part of a about two to three feet temperatures are chilly air inland but we're all gonna see the cooler conditions settling in as we go through the day temperatures tomorrow staying cool in the lower forties and then upper
5:34 am
saturday mostly sunny. more as we head through the weekend so not looking bad there hopefully the roads still in pretty good shape i'll say weather wise it's not bad right now actually but those showers could make roads a little what a joke i will keep very close eye on things right now though craig and certainly for you at home you can see traffic at the high rise bridge a good example of how most of the area looks right now my ram pickup in volume east and west found no major issues traffic flowing for offline in both directions so no big problems report here on the map just watching a couple of areas this morning they're kind of minor in terms of issue. labels asian or for traffic five sixty four west just past the really tall way down here that sweet rapid drops down to fourteen the rest of five sixty four west is clear and again the left lane is still blocked thirteen southbound into an accident of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. the accident has cleared but are still repairing the guardrail out that was damaged as a result
5:35 am
in both areas really. and coming up in the next few minutes. nothing new she won six sixty four western branches that will take a live look coming up. all right thanks ashley. time now is five forty one it's blue balls we here at daybreak and it's all about man's best friend and try to hammer debunking the myths about the flu virus and whether your furry friends can before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help pay for her kids' ice time. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at
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well there has been a deadly development into a standoff between federal authorities in the militia took over a federal building and oregon wildlife refuge. fbi agents tried to make an arrest last night shots were fired killing one person oregonian newspaper reports it was the group's spokesperson who was killed robert love life in a calm agents took six others into custody including the group's leader a nonbinding they face several charges the group sees the building earlier this month after a dispute over public lands and coverage of this developing story continues on good morning america that is ahead at seven o'clock right after daybreak. new this morning fbi agents a wisconsin man they arrested plan to commit a mass shooting. sammy hands is accused of planning an attack on a masonic temple in milwaukee. the fbi was originally tipped off back in september that housing plan to travel to israel to kill
5:38 am
reportedly though abandoned it because it was too difficult and instead decided on a domestic attack. good morning america is live in washington d c with more on this still developing story six cleveland police officers have been fired. six more suspended for their roles in the deaths of two unarmed people after high speed chase and twenty twelve officers fired more than one hundred and thirty shots and timothy russell and melissa williams only one of the officers face criminal charges and a court acquitted him back in may. it is not yet clear whether he was among the officers fired the police union is vowing to fight those firings new information now about the doctor who was caught on camera having a meltdown with rumor driver in south florida and ollie ran too soon has been placed on administrative leave from her job the driver says he was picking up another fair in miami when the fourth year neurology resident try to jump into the car video of her jumping into the car and
5:39 am
the window when national however miami police say no incident report was ever filed and abc has an exclusive interview with rent it soon. that's right after daybreak at seven o'clock on good morning america this morning taylor remains the world's top selling automaker. yes the fourth year straight to his claim the title the automaker says it sold ten point fifty million vehicles in twenty fifteen. compare those volkswagen sold nine point nine million and general motors sold nine point eight million vehicles in twenty fifty as flow or false week on thirteen years now at daybreak and were breaking down fact versus fiction when it comes that nasty virus so while we knew that we would like to give you one lucky viewer five hundred dollars visa gift card every single day this week so i stay break during the six o'clock hour you can learn that special keyword then go over to our website click on the features happened thirteen years now back on and enter for a chance to win five hundred
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alot of camera flew north and sanitizer was certainly the deer turned surly oakley listen to or flu or false messages and love will bloom that's the that's the idea of spending money on cool stuff some sense of coming up on that we've enjoyed in the story that we've got some more really fun stuff for the charming we isolate this weather going up and down while getting sick. you know and and i was like hearing her little but not sick but you know there's just some stuff out there that i've got to be mindful of yesterday we're up to sixty six chileans are many of you run around like jack yesterday i was in the mid sixty s died sarah are your camera off the deck the way there and it was so nice yesterday afternoon. even last night for the a walk my wife and i took outside after sunset temps still in the upper fifties to near sixty felt great while we average forty eight degrees and today through the afternoon we're going to be below that were
5:41 am
to about forty this afternoon and down into the upper thirties by late afternoon evening so here we go over next twelve hours to see that trend by six o'clock and the thirty nine degrees it will be turning cooler there's a chance that we could see a few isolated even scattered showers mainly north and west that's where we've been tracking some weather is really not a lot out there across our abc thirteen viewing area and showy the eastern half of the country because what we do have the threat of showers today out to the west high pressure is going to build for a really nice weekend so today we see the threat of showers northern neck you're seeing some of that right now little peninsula you may see some showers it will extend down to the southwest toward i eighty five and then later this morning and into the early afternoon a chance for a few isolated showers and hit or miss a little farther to the south the front settles down to the south the wind shift to the north in the colder air invades so through the afternoon i mention that downward trend in temps skies still very oblique ready this
5:42 am
cloudy late tonight tomorrow little different story moisture along the coast of the southeast u s and that spreads up in the north carolina. i expected to be some rain showers run the outer banks tomorrow morning but look what happens during the afternoon another batch of moisture over taking more of eastern north carolina snow showers again possible tomorrow mainly in north carolina although a few the showers could push up towards hampton roads as well so be watching that that moves out and then after that the skies clear on friday in the upcoming weekend looks awesome and listen more snow back over the mountains into west virginia ski resorts are loving it. folks have to travel it that we need to be mindful some snow over the high country. locally though we're going to enjoy the sunshine friday and saturday so they all look really really good for us temperatures right now in the forties in love with fifties near the coast but that will last like that will be trending down. winds will shift from the west southwest this morning to the north a
5:43 am
afternoon temperatures closer to forty again falling temps close to die down around thirty one invariably cloudy skies and then tomorrow showers possible mainly to north carolina after that the improvements for friday forty nine and mostly sunny sunshine on saturday and sunday mostly sunny temperatures in the upper fifties push and sixty on monday will get out and enjoy that. let's see what we have to deal with that western great right now is ashley trained to focus on that area as greg's been a pretty decent traffic morning and kind of crossing my fingers that we stay that way take a look kind of overview of the hampton roads most of the area looks kind of like how western branch looks right now will give you a live look you can see for yourself one six sixty four shattuck way portsmouth boulevard the bulk of your traffic headed north making its way toward the monitor merrimack maybe eventually southbound traffic headed toward bowers still a little bit calmer but the most part i can see delays on either side right now if you travel
5:44 am
suffolk you will like your ride this morning so the good news there on the trap of network maps and up into a couple spots for you. naval station norfolk traffic improving. we are not backed up with a really timely more are backed up maybe starting near gate three a and then from there to him to boulevard are still singles delays. so looks like things are already thinning out and we're still watching the left lane blocked thirteen south of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel due to an earlier accident and those repairs are still in place and coming up at the top of the morning rush hour traffic onto sixty four in virginia beach. all right ashleigh think you are ten s five fifty one new this morning sure you've heard about humans getting the flu but did you know your dog can also catch the flu incredibles and martin are flu or false week we are looking into this topic canine flu is not the same strain as a human flu and humans cannot contract this virus but dogs in close quarters can easily catch it from one another plus the virus also can be passed on to dogs from humans have
5:45 am
animals. the symptoms very similar to human flow through you have coughing sneezing sometimes you have just heard from the eyes are sore from the nose lethargy or bishop as nagging her normal self or are they have lost appetite though symptoms can also make another illness many dogs catch called kennel cough coming up at six thirty central park to let you know what you need to do to protect your little puppies on major health alert this morning visit the virus in virginia the state health department confirmed the person in the northwest region of the commonwealth tested positive for this virus. we called to try and get an exact location with officials told us the city's name will not be released state leaders also won't tell us anymore about the patient. all we know is that the person contracted the virus while traveling abroad. now there are more than a dozen other confirmed the virus cases in the us physique a virus is a mosquito borne illness that
5:46 am
of mosquito there is no treatment available there is no vaccine available the virginia department of health says that it's not a mosquito season here so that the patient with his ego virus poses no risk to other virginians experts say you are at risk if you travel to warmer climates and countries where z virus is found the outbreak is in many tropical countries including honduras mexico and puerto rico because of the outbreak united airlines and american airlines are offering refunds to passengers with tickets to the affected areas. good morning america will have much more in the story coming up here in just over an hour from now if you are single your credit debt might be to blame did ya know? fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme...
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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the a michigan teenager is in the national spotlight today for the way he can play the piano eighteen year old martell webb says he was waiting to meet a friend at the mall we found a piano on display and started playing the whole capacitor started recording him and then posted the video online votes received hundreds of thousands of views might be surprised to learn that he doesn't have a piano at home and can't read music and taught himself how to play now there's an effort online to get his appeal by
5:49 am
the weekly top himself on the piano as well as twenty years allowance yes amazing the jokester of the move is meant as a video of foods reacting to a dozen fellow radio is going viral online losing is to be in the eye every morning focusing on its own and with the twin seven year old pop in and out was kelly clarkson. i never said that they prefer jazz one even get all deep asking does this all represents the verdict is read in plato or disagreeing with the kids in the resolution of my love doesn't mean by the way for a dal and amazing hollywood career comes to an end guys not leaving this morning ava go to a hollywood fixture for
5:50 am
known for playing sergeant bill fish nineteen seventy series barney miller his daughter says that the actor died in his sleep on tuesday peacefully at her home a new new new jersey is cause of death old age she says noting that he was never sickly and ninety four year old also played stout sco in the godfather crazy story just to lastly people were joking that maybe go to still alive when people thought he was dead right now and then this happened this week on the lawn bowling buddy a nice long life when people read this so great dish was awesome great show. well are you on lucky in love blame it on your credit card at almost half of americans by credit card debt a turnoff to potential partner in the us was recovered early as according to the survey by nerd while it's the winter weary of someone buried in bills. so here's the key takeaway from all of this if you're looking for love for
5:51 am
like if if women have no care the twenty five to the will of the past all that our tickets out of slump in ecuador had to be rescued and see this like making waves in the last few days yet without strength in the middle of a highway that read the commission shared these photos on facebook of the adorable slaw that apparently became frightened while trying to get this up but clinging to a roadside barrier believable plot was examined by a vet and now various tree rat exactly what he should be going to get us anywhere around the edges like this seem like a good idea at the time but now not so much help me and very cute disney movie yes it is a robot or as an e r she think i'm going to clear the stars attending right now stay with us over for news weather
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