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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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i know it new and well in school grounds but not between students bond just handed down from mother accused of knocking over giles assistant principal with a heart that you wanted to be in a local woman killed in a brutal beach attack is remembered for her kind heart as police filed charges for the murder in paradise and imagine being trapped in your car for days by snow. this woman doesn't have to the news starts now. and that breaking news out of south florida where a possible tornado touched down this is happening right now in broward county near fort lauderdale to get you can see right there the damage
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a car sitting on top of another tornado warning had been issued just moments before that possible strike emergency officials say there are no reports of any injuries at this time the national weather service sending a team right now to assess that damage only vacant officially determine if a tornado actually touched down of course we're going keep monitoring the situation to stay with us as we continue to learn more about this and that damage comes as rain moves through hampton roads afternoon a monterey senior class and a part of the sea is on assignment that system is going to affect us but nothing close to what parts of north of fort lauderdale are dealing with right now. yummy roast regulars here to break it all down for us this afternoon a crack in just a few showers around here right now. andre we were talking a little earlier the tornado and the coupling that we saw with the inbound outbound wins earlier when they had that warning issued a very powerful signature again the national weather service to go out a survey that andres point and again that was over the everglades the center of that circulation passing south of
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there a tornado warning for us south florida chairman of thunderstorm warning and again earlier it was looking like is moving in the direction of coral springs actually north of that so our etsy that thunderstorm warning. moving along we will keep a close eye to all of that this is part of an area of low pressure storm system is going to bring moisture to the southeast coast and we had our front pushed through our area for hampton roads nothing severe just some showers in the rain has been light for the most part everyone so i'll find some moderate rain kind of in the next was passing a little farther to the southbound that'll be the trend through the afternoon will see drier conditions a little bit later on but again with that moisture down in florida and for the southeast coast we could see some additional showers tomorrow for eastern north carolina she more that a future cast temperatures now really falling earlier we were in the low to mid fifties right now are sitting forty in norfolk low forties for much of the area
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degrees from this time yesterday. take a look at the forecast hour by hour tense trip dropping down into the upper thirties as we had the evening on the full forecast and brighter days ahead for the week are i think stragglers and new details this afternoon about the poor mother who was charged with knocking out the assistant principal of her child's school yeah just over two hours ago judge granted bond for tracy lawrence will she can be released with strict conditions of the charges assault and battery and disorderly conduct in the incident that took place at lakeview elementary lisa brown was in the court refuses to tell us what happened inside the courtroom today lease on that and a sand at you as this more into space the jacks her family just sitting there distraught he says he called those charges serious he says while she's granted a ten thousand dollars bond. she can have any contact with the victim or witness as tracy moore and his family was clearly distraught in the courtroom
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the judge her husband told the court the mother needs to be home with her children portsmouth police arrested lawrence tuesday after she allegedly became violent inner child school lakeview elementary. investigators say she went there to discuss the matter regarding her child. department spokeswoman says lawrence didn't like indecision to me by the assistant principal and she ended up hitting that administrator in the head causing her to briefly lose consciousness. police also say lawrence was shouting whoever told no children witnessed the incident the judge called the charges against the parents serious setting her bond for ten thousand dollars he says she must to stay away from the victim as well as the schools her children attend unless given written permission. lawrence will also be evaluated to determine his mental health and or substance abuse issues a family member tells me she doesn't have those issues this person office a warrant is a great mom sister and friend there's no trial date set but we will follow up on
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updated. elise brown thirteen years now a new atlanta lisa pass with a county arrested a man on sex crimes darrell walker is charged with second degree sex offense of course the teacher with the queens county school system and there are not many details right now the police to say that no students were involved. walker is in album artist or jail on an under a seventy five thousand dollars bond his first court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow morning new video just into our newsroom a thief used an unusual tool to rob a seven eleven in virginia beach. this happened in october police are releasing hope to get new leaves man walked into the store on south new town road just after midnight with an archery type weapon. there does that video there he got money from the clerk read off no one was hurt. if you can help police find that the call the crime line no information on the murder of a local woman who was on vacation police in grenada say that they formally charged david benjamin jessica coker lived in
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yorktown. she graduated from taft high school back in nineteen ninety four calder was on vacation with her husband this weekend when a man attacked the couple her husband escaped and ran for help first responders did reach her but it was too late her friend say she was a loving person you want to talk to marry this man and a husband a party this cute run to review all of his wife was in danger she was missing again police are still investigating this case they say the clippers husband is talking with the police are also speaking with witnesses who saw this attack. well the burden of student loans continue to weigh heavily on many college graduate yet to come while senators are trying to bring attention to this growing problem i had the trip students from several local universities took to capitol hill to try
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. i well the issue of student debt it will take center stage today on capitol hill it is taking center stage right now in fact student leaders from eighteen virginia colleges are in attendance right now senator mark warner and tim kaine will also be there the schools from our area that have representation there are christopher newport university william and mary hampton university norfolk state and told you this comes as the senate debates the higher education act a law aimed at making college more affordable. announcing this in the race for the white house today democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders travels to the white house to meet with president barack obama the white house is meetings and or says he and fellow democratic candidate hillary clinton are in a nip and tuck race in iowa he says that a successful win with the successful when you begin to see more support from establishment democrats on the other side of the old endorsement liberty university president jerry falwell junior threw his support behind the front
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time the truck pulled out of tomorrow night's debate abc stephanie ramos has the latest from washington apparently he's not joking donald trump campaign says he is skipping the next gop presidential debate on fox news this thursday just days before the first votes are cast in iowa will be doing to the day today on good morning america trumps campaign manager saying it's rather an issue of fairness claiming that one of the debate moderators megan kelly is obsessed with rock appropriate that someone like that on the debate that is it possible that a fear of the name trump re igniting the fuel he had with fox news anchor making kelly after the first gop debate in true trump fashion he posted this message on social media making kelly's really biased against me. she knows that i know that but he seemed caught off guard by the sarcastic response issued by fox news which said in part we learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and two and both intend to treat donald
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press releases point in talking about putin and playing games adult games roger ailes is play on the democratic side a new abc news washington post poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders nationally fifty five to thirty six percent. sanders though has cut her lead to the smallest it's been in an abc poll on what turned out overnight fifteen thousand people showed up to see the senator in st paul minnesota. this is the campaign that has the momentum to take us all the way bernie sanders will get a little taste of the white house today to meet with president obama for a private informal meeting in the oval office before traveling back to iowa stephanie ramos abc news washington. well there was a gunfight at the site in oregon were militia members took over government land at
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developing right now an active investigation is underway by federal agents after a standoff at an occupied national wildlife refuge an organ turns violent and deadly abc's re re monday has the latest on the investigation tensions boiling over between our anti government protesters and law enforcement the end result one occupier is dead one wounded and several more rested. they just unloaded on images shot in like a whole bunch of time and they killed him the door to a protester spokesman avoid finnegan speaking to abc news after protesters say he was shot
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earlier this month. nor can a born again anybody but let's be clear here reported and that may be parted and we will shoot you. we never have a lot. the takedown of the militants conducted by oregon state police and fbi agents unfolding late tuesday afternoon. afterward told members of the armed group were on their way to a community meeting soon there after gunfire erupted during a traffic stop a couple people today booking photos released showing seven of the occupiers arrested including group leader. ammon bundy and his brother what was once a peaceful occupation now turned deadly after twenty four days the frustration growing stronger among community members fled the scene into this. hopefully it isn't in this we're told the anti government protester who was
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is now in fbi custody. most of those who were arrested are now facing federal conspiracy charges. every monday abc news new york no information on a six alarm fire in orleans. we told you about this first this morning on daybreak it's park just after three this morning in a mostly empty four story building on canal street very popular with tourists in that area. the flames spread to a second building fire crews are still on the scene searching for hot spots and monitoring air quality the first building sustained heavy fire damage crews are worried it may collapse of two days after the blizzard of twenty sixty there is still snow in northern virginia you can see the snow right there it's all not lining the highway this is a live picture this is from new kent county that left over snow will it lead to an accident last night on i sixty four virginia state police said a toyota highlander crashed into a snow plow then burst into flames this is the aftermath this picture right here was closed all eastbound lanes while they cleaned up which will no injuries were
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investigating exactly what caused that accident also knew and knew the national guard needed a humvee or rescue women who become trapped by snow in her car this happen in maryland police say the woman became trapped in her toyota camry as the snow started falling on friday a neighbor says the woman had been living in the car for awhile. he called police friday before the storm but the woman refused help. i was surprised that she was still even in the vehicle monday afternoon hours after shoveling and i had still not seen any movement from her all weekend and i decide it's time to call them again and have them do not a welfare check and that's when they decide to come out here and actually take her home to the hospital well rescuers say the woman had apparently run out of food and gas officials say she only had blankets to stay warm. medics treated her for hypothermia right now the car still buried in snow officials say the road is
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had some wet weather across parts of the region range the temperatures have certainly fallen to the forecasts right on target we do that captures interesting the low forties for the afternoon and dropped into the thirties later this evening. it's overcast the roads are damp and when she is a little caution to be out on the roads you consider the next twelve hours those temps stay in no real low and mid thirties overnight skies will be mostly cloudy and smell the breeze is well north winds kicking end up on the eastern shore casting twenty twenty five mph and chest pt augusta twenty three mph gust to twenty one to kill devil hills and a gust to twenty eight mph. add up to cooler and breezy out there as you can see the temperatures are right now in the lower forties for many areas a little bit milder up in newport news forty seven forty five in williamsburg. yes a forty five reported from husky now temperatures are a lot colder
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this time of saying look remember yesterday's high sixty six degrees. we are down twenty two degrees an orphan from this time yesterday at noon. wow what a difference either reason for that difference we have a cold front push down through the area and it is just to our south now i was talking about the severe weather down across south florida while we're in good shape right now here locally. just a few showers are still dealing with some severe weather across south florida that when a tornado warning was issued for a south florida set to move across the everglades again so we'll keep you updated on all that right now the focus on a local weather and the spotty showers in the activity this morning kind of light a little more widespread now we're calling for isolated scattered showers through the early part of the day this will dry out later this afternoon in the evening you can see her picking up around two thirty three still a few lingering showers down to the south as the end of the evening the north winds continue that keeps things
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clear a little bit more to the north overnight tonight partly cloudy skies not too bad and to mark lot of pushing back in there will be more opportunities for showers tomorrow mainly down into eastern north carolina season in the showers breaking by during the afternoon and during the evening i think a few more showers will be possible down that way again this is thursday evening around seven thirty c the next batch of motion moving through most of it will likely stay south of hampton roads but we could see a couple of isolated showers a little farther to the north so we'll just mention that high heading into the weekend clearing skies temperatures warming up as well. looking forward to a beauty saturday and sunday really files for use while it really warms up back in the fifties saturday and sunday not a lot of rain out there you can see a few hundred or seven inch or so that's about it across the region temperatures today right now at forty and staying there in the low forties for the region will see mostly cloudy skies with showers possible in temps
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lows into the thirties tomorrow. forty three the high mostly cloudy and again the showers possible tomorrow mainly in north carolina as we go through friday more sunshine in severance and a beautiful back up to sixty on monday when temperatures cooling and by the middle of next week to stay positive all the snow looking up at a d a s today in a couple bad days to market the weekend was fantastic and the cooldown comes at a january arrest on the right thing so much we know it today and virginia beach. here at noon with that but there we are talking about volunteers and nonprofit organizations are in the canvas in the city to try and count the number of people who are homeless. city officials are going to use that data to create strategies to help the homeless it also can determine how much federal funding the city gets for emergency housing and shelter throughout the year that counting is going to happen today and tomorrow and if you'd like to volunteer we do have much more information on thirteen years now. dot com
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homeless veterans in actual move on to this next story here a special honor for the mayor of norfolk mayor paul frey received state recognition for his efforts to end veteran homelessness cream was the first mare in virginia to sign a challenge and that homelessness the city helps vets in need through the veteran connect program thirteen is now talk to one veteran who says the program helped him find a home after spending several years on the streets now he volunteers for the program that helped him build from getting too had to be the of becoming a volunteer is something that i do actually love doing it at the condition that can be into all the way to go it's dumping that i love going here and i want you to program their will according to the city homeless veterans can find a housing solution
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of being connected to the program also become we're going to join the american red cross are going to get the scoop on a vintage cocktail party with all the sights and sounds of yesteryear i'm sure going to conjure up some nostalgia night to party goers and
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the american red cross is stepping back in time to the sounds of music from days gone by the organization is to be hosting a vintage cocktail
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uniforms are worn during important milestones in history lisa thompson with the american red cross is here to tell us all about it lisa thank you actually come from the american red cross but you work at the red cross in rome the uganda trip here this is a big event slated as anaheim and the coordinator for the entire region the state of virginia that this is a regional in that covering our entire state were hoping people will travel and for this event and it's something we've never done before a vintage cocktail party. even so tell me about this. well if we're doing us to display some of our service uniforms from red cross about the decades on and just the storyboards and what was going on in the world with these reforms more and more and play and also to celebrate service those folks who serve our military our first responders law enforcement in math so we're doing as a salute to service many cocktail party com outdoor girls and light entertainment we have the fabulous acts coming out of south carolina but they've
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and they do a through the decades entertainment singing dance is going to be phenomenal lot of slight war were to big band era. well that is canberra. ok so he directed the details for folks it's this saturday it's gone from five until eight at the half and cruise terminal celebration station. tickets fifty dollars a person other still tickets there are in their tickets online so please go to red cross work and look for events for virginia region and go to ticketing and purchased tickets will be having this available all the happy saturday and all this money will go the race log over to disaster relief services an area which is wonderful we all know first hand here hint about how important having a disaster relief rally as lisa
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. the hazel with her joining us for thirteen years now in new monterey senior asset apocalypse is on assignment today we begin this half hour without controversy brewing in portsmouth two local councilmen are taking legal action against his co workers at portsmouth city council met for the first time sure fail wan such a smear. kenny right through downtown thirteen years there was the least if the captured this video of their right failing to stop and share what is commanded for his expired inspection sticker we are right now faces felony eluding charges for that incident to try terry le beau has more on the meeting and one council members fight against me find my strong suggestion to the portsmouth city council is when you fan yourself a whole don't take out a shovel and start baking attorney ken martin gallagher joining forces with councilman bill moody to bite the fifteen hundred dollars fine handed down to him by mere pity right. some fellow council members and signed
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they say booty violated a new rule that prevents anyone from speaking about closed session issues in public and they said we did that with a facebook post but his attorney says that's not the case. the problem is that the facebook post did not reveal any specific information from a closed meeting and the clothes we had not even occurred yet moody crazy was just keeping the people who board at tuesday night's council meeting several citizens came down on council for enforcing the fine the whole thing is part of the secret court the society has been put together a new tent for them to cover up something else that has been brought to light. margo has several issues with the fine one is whether council even has the legal authority to enforce it and its infringement on moody's free speech rights. if the rule violates free speech guarantees than the rule has no legal force and effect
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council urging them to respond to his client's questions and concerns. so for the action doesn't have to be taken. they need to repeal this role. avoiding eye area both thirteen years now all robberies are a big problem for norfolk businesses and they fuel the rise in violent crime last year. that's what members last night said heard in city council norfolk police chief michael goldsmith told city council that violent crimes like murder and assault are up eleven percent of the past year and when it comes to commercial robberies are up twenty percent usually have a proper shoes is no room at the student fell all over the place and not only did it affect us in fact all region as your goals to say their officers they don't but they are beefing up patrols they're also meeting with store owners to teach them how to lower their risk of being targeted a federal appeals court heard arguments in a transgender student's lawsuit challenging
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that here in the fourth us circuit court began this morning now ruling is expected in a few weeks gloucester junior gavin graham was born female but identifies as male now he's fighting a policy requiring students to use either the restroom that corresponds with their biological gender or private single stall restrooms can cause that policy saying it is stigmatized and discriminatory. after today's hearing he held a news conference saying quote. no kid should have to battle for the right to use the correct bathroom or an attempted robbery turned violent in norfolk and the man is right now recovered from a gunshot wound police said several men approached the twenty two year old victim while he was in his car on linwood avenue around seven last night he shot the officer told he went back to his house on deer street and that is what he called police. medics took him to the hospital is expected to be okay if you have any information about this incident call the crime line a virginia baby on its way to claiming an official state reptile. yesterday the james city county delegate introduced house
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promoting the eastern garter snake house committee accepted a bill in the strategy paid off the committee approved the bill twenty one zero now goes to the house floor for research staffers also discovered that two state symbols or previously erased from our books. bill also aims to restore the cardinal and the dogwood to their exalted positions the so called affluent a team could return to the us today even kept his attorney dropped an appeal against deportation so the team will return to texas to face charges today or tomorrow. the eighteen year old fled to mexico with his mother and late last year while serving probation for killing four people and a drunk driving crash that some new information on the mysterious virus that has spread to virginia the state health department confirms a person in the commonwealth has tested positive for the sink a virus state health commissioner said the patient poses no risk to other people since it is not mosquito season and virginia officials say they will not release the patient exact location but he or she is in
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the state. all we know about that patient is that he or she contracted the virus while traveling abroad or the effects on the flu and man's best friend edward booking miss about the flu virus and whether our furry friends can actually contract and we had some showers out there right now of the activity very light and settling down to the south will let you know what you
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breaking news the virginia state police are looking for a missing child she's a teenager look at your screen this is her picture. this is thirteen year old nicole madison labelle she is from blacksburg but police tell us she is missing and he thinks he is in danger she is about four feet eight inches tall and he was last seen wearing black jeans a gray striped shirt and brown and pink boots. she also has a scar on her throat. if you think you know anything that can help police find or call state police at one hundred weight hundred va child will know at and the fda is holding a public comment period from eight am in an effort to define the word natural consumer reports says the way it used on packaged food products is confusing as sales increase pressures mounting to define a term that has never been legally regulated other four says at least sixty percent believe a natural label means no artificial ingredients but
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. pick pick pick pick. here's further proof you can use your smartphone for just about anything jpmorgan chase is updating the company's fleet of a teen's and some customers will be able to withdraw money using their smartphones ok here's how it works you get a one time pin number to use when you get to the atm now the next space will allow customers to withdraw money by touching their smartphone to the atm and someone to that apple pay technology in my wallet is slowly becoming obsolete exactly noon one newborn baby couldn't wait to come into the world yesterday morning in fact he couldn't even wait to get to the hospital emergency crews had to deliver him of the street. the father called nine one one while the woman
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couldn't reach them in time but the nypd got there responding officers came with an obgyn cats did not have that and the officer who cut the umbilical cord describes his experience delivering a baby on an emergency call for the first time heard of or thirteen years ago when mark was born little different in a hospital and was an amazing feeling you know it's it's great to be part of it and it has to feel good news the beats are having more than a kit or the mother to mother gave birth to baby cola his seven pound six ounce boy crews took him and the mother tree to the hospital which the white house miniatures they're doing great. alright alright you need to get ready though a cooldown is coming yeah craig is tracking that and
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down the biggest flu mists most people considered ought to be a member of the families of making sure they're healthy enough to the other shot is a top priority. yes it is but did you know that one of the shops or dog lightning is a flu shot yet. turns out that dogs get the flu to now it's different than the type that can get the symptoms very similar the ponzi is really only his pride and joy she does everything she can to make sure that he's happy and healthy and that includes getting him a flu shot by me i'm a nurse i'm a believer in vaccines. she plans to put him in obedience class will be around other dogs so the veterinarian dr brian sarah with general veterinary hospital recommended that you get fancy the flu shot. so basically if you're a pet owner has a doggie daycare or more to resist all parts of which only recommend consulting a veterinarian about discussing the flu vaccine dr searle says the dong flu is not
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specific so dogs can catch it from other dogs in the symptoms just like human flu coughing sneezing sometimes you have just heard from the eyes are sore from the nose lethargy or bishop as jack and her normal self or are they have lost appetite girl gant wants to make sure his dog silas doesn't come down with flu it's not required by the state but there's a lot of shots that are required to keep her still a good idea there are two strains of canine flu and so far only one of those trains has been seen in hampton roads but that could change how it's going to help parishioners were here we can prevent disease or the country now that second highly contagious strain of canine influenza has just started started to be seen in northern virginia it sickened thousands of jobs across the u s and continues to spread the best advice if you're concerned about your dog contact your
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not a flu shot is right for them some light rain showers right now down at the oceanfront you can see some of the crews out working on some of the lights are down along the boardwalk and has come a messy day down there will switch up the new ratio a wider view down at the oceanfront in you can see looking down towards the jetty the wave action there still overcast for downtown norfolk. not the prettiest either although our skies are starting to brighten roads are still damp we do have more brightening of the skies up around hampton there's a final skyview to show you right now we'll take a look at the spot on forecasted you know over the weekend with all the actual weather coverage we were doing with the wintry weather got away from it for a little bit although our forecast for that storm was pretty much spot on were very pleased with how that test or behave relative to what we're saying is going to do were picking up again today though and we'll get back to it so here's what jeff is calling for last night falling temps down about forty guess what that's where we are right now i'm going to stay in
12:38 pm
the afternoon winds from the north are gusting and that's going to keep temperatures down so little breezy especially near the coast but sunny and there is a bit breezy as well as i mentioned it is forty at the airport forty three in virginia beach forty four elizabeth city captures bit milder off to the north temple live in the low forties this afternoon and then eventually into the upper thirties and we are mentioning some of the rough weather down in florida earlier in the show even see that moshe kind of streaming up along the southeast coastline will take a closer look at where we still had the sprinkles and a bit of activity right now around the oceanfront to show you that without wives skyview down to the south the showers extend erie's to the north starting to see some thin spots in the clouds we will see general improvements this is a wide view of a shade the european model because i want to talk about the big picture and the weather over the coming days. this blue line can and the wind that marks where it's cold enough for snow and where it's warmer. you can
12:39 pm
i visit we saw the showers out there right now no snow across the area the area of cold air staying to the north even overnight lows are low to mid thirties were going to see the atmosphere warm up or just sprinkle through the afternoon evening but things change up tomorrow will see temperatures again warmed enough lower forties for the most part lived mid forties says some rain showers potentially over eastern north carolina that's double move by and then it cools a little bit and early friday upcoming weekend though we actually have a big warm up coming and notice how nice it's going to be saturday and sunday temperatures climbing to the mid and upper fifties or early next week it's warm as well but there's another storm system is going to take shape in this entry us in both european and the gs models both key on that notice rain showers at late tuesday into wednesday and then that moves out with another blast of much colder air for the end of next week and that's really what i wanted to show you two chapters today topping out
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early this morning low to mid fifties been staying close to forty this afternoon and then down tonight lead in the thirties forty three tomorrow again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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