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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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were shot and robbed on the way to class. a mother of three accused of knocking out an assistant principal the details from court after today's arraignment. big cuts ahead for norfolk southern how many employees may lose their jobs and helping our heroes how one of our cities is leading the way to end homelessness among veterans the news that for stocks right now. where it started out a warmer than usual day in hampton roads right now we have a live look from our camera in the active just a blink my eyes my temperature dropped like that it will continue to fall through the night yet temperatures we dave and i were just looking it up fifty six was the high today at midnight and then by morning we were continuing to fall and we've just fallen since then look it out here though you can see some shadows look at the cars
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some shadows the sun making a return appearance after a couple of sprinkles a little while ago and now some of the sprinkles are still right here across eastern virginia beach down into chesapeake northeast north carolina most of this not reaching the ground but again it is slowly clearing out the five o'clock we're going to be at forty degrees thirty eight thirty six thirty for two go to eleven o'clock this evening with some continued partial clearing. i want to talk down to thirty three so again we've slid from the mid fifties or mid upper fifties back down to upper thirties and low forties and i were going to continue to be rather chilly again as we get through tonight and then another round of wet weather could be white weather. well probably not but i'll talk more about that as another system is moving there's a slight chance actually actually chuckling in the background more coming up in a minute are issued it leaves an old dominion university student with a
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the shooting unfolded last night and the wind in what section of norfolk and right now no one has been arrested for the crime ursula robertson spoke exclusively the o k marcella was john graham says this all still doesn't feel real he tells me it was driving to class and a group of guys came up to his car within minutes he says they stole his money and shot him and grooms is okay in this again all happened last night about six thirty on linwood avenue groom says one of the man reached into his car and grabbed his wallet will bruise got out of his car to try to get back when he did he try to drive away and that's when someone shot him at triple c convenience stores right across where the shooting happened the owner says he is shocked and lydia luke who is soon going to turn loose of most of the day of the job even know who would go well done and grooms was able to drive away and call nine on one he
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coming up tonight on thirteen years now and five you'll hear firsthand from grooms about this terrifying experience and his recovery marcella robertson thirteen years now. idealists are a lot of people are talking about entering into day four points with mother accused of assaulting an assistant principal tracy lawrence allegedly hit the assistant principal so hard she briefly knocked her out today a judge said lawrence can be released under strict conditions elise brown followed today's developments inside the can for tracy moore and his family was clearly distraught in the courtroom today as she went before the judge her husband told the court the mother needs to be home with her children. portsmouth police arrested lawrence tuesday after she allegedly became violent inner child school lakeview elementary investigators say she went there to discuss the matter regarding her child department spokeswoman says lawrence didn't like a decision made by the assistant principal and
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administrator in the head causing her to briefly lose consciousness. police also say lawrence was shouting whoever told no children witnessed the incident the judge called the charges against the parents serious setting her bond for ten thousand dollars he says she must to stay away from the victim as well as the schools her children attend unless given written permission. lawrence will also be evaluated to determine his mental health and or substance abuse issues but now a family member as telling us why it's doesn't have those answers. this family member also says lawrence is a great mother sister and friend right now is facing trial date has not been so right now. eight norfolk public schools assistant principal assistant principal is in custody accused of a sex crime against a child. authorities arrested sixty four year old gary jordan on monday he starts with taking indecent liberties with the child according to the norfolk sheriff's office website
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ago jordan is an assistant principal at madison alternative center in norfolk we reached out to the school district but have not gotten a response yet. and jordan's due in court next month and elizabeth city man is behind bars after police arrested him on a sex charge forty one year old darrell walker is charged with second degree sex offense. what wasn't eaten with perkins county schools there aren't many details right now but police say no students were involved walker is an album a different jail on a seventy five thousand dollars bond his first court appearances tomorrow morning a transgender gloucester high school student took his bathroom battled to an appeals court. gavin graham identifies as male but the school board banned him from male restrooms graham either had to use a female bathroom or single stall bathroom bathroom. the u s justice department took graham's sign that the policy was discriminatory but i don't think federal judge ruled against him. graham's
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appeals panel today for that ruling to be overturned and a decision is expected in the coming weeks about two thousand norfolk southern employees will lose their jobs that's four percent of the workforce more than half those cars are expected by the end of this year the world's fourth quarter profit slid twenty nine percent part of that maybe from a slowdown in freight deliveries and the middle of all this canadian pacific continues to offer deals to march with norfolk southern norfolk southern executives believe the company will fare better as the railroad the stays independent and now let's take a look at the roads across hampton roads and see if you have any delays for the afternoon rush hour commute would do if you as you can see behind me a few spots of red and some oranges well we'll dive right into one of the major spots they're seeing a lot of reading the monitor merrimack effect where cameron allen see what's working. take a look at this and you'll be leaving the peninsula headed
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is six sixty four south at thirty fifth street and two and a half mile away from the mighty merrimack. we had a disabled vehicle about three thirty or so stop traffic completely about fifteen minutes ago traffic started moving at the two but as you can see the damage has been done so maybe next time we checked traffic hope within to be moving much better but right now we would head over to the jr be ahead to the south side. instead on the traffic network maps a few other delays working right now six sixty four north of sixty four west sixty four west of the hr btn out to hampton a little bit around the downtown tunnel that the traffic looks right now have the latest me a ride from newport news this up look at the eminem when i come back on as a cnn special on over norfolk mayor paul frame he was the state recognition for efforts to end veteran homelessness mayor frame was the first mayor in virginia to sign a challenge to end veteran homelessness the city helps vets in need for the better connect program thirteen years now top with one veteran who says the program
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he spent several years on the street now gives back to the program that helped him from getting too had to be becoming a volunteer is something that i do actually love doing at the condition that can be into all the way to go into something that i love going here and i wanted to do it quite to the city homeless veterans can find housing solution on average within fifty days of being connected to the program last night was a big night here in office cnn anchor anderson cooper was here he spoke at chrysler hall for the norfolk for anderson cooper recently made headlines for donating money for ballistic vest from norfolk police canines that's not only spoke about a leash for him he was there elisa this was a very big night a lot of people excited to see him here they are definitely excited and social
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cooper again and this time because of his visit to the norfolk four and it was a packed house at chrysler hall he talked about alot of things his career his relationship with his mother gloria vanderbilt and even cracked a couple of jokes along the way cooper acknowledged norfolk police officer ryan mcmahon and his wife who received a standing ovation from the crowd towards the end of the forum it opened up for audience questions before mass people to tweet their questions for cooper and they certainly poured in to see more coverage in here some sound bites from cooper's talk it over to my twitter page where you'll find lots of videos and facebook page where you can find the full version of cooper's opening remarks so important to note that this was the first nor for foreign speaker to donate their entire appearance fee to charity. back to the death i'm so proud of anderson cooper called andy. yes i was an incredible discovery in oregon what construction workers on earth under a
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. iranians held in naval drill near the strategic strait of hormuz and warned a u s warship to leave the area navy officials denied their operations in the region were affected. they say rainy and rails like this happen annually the drill took place over an area of three million square kilometers. this was the first iranian naval exercise since those u s sailors were detained for going into iranian waters and those ten sailors completed their reintegration process back home today and maybe spokesman says the sailors have re united with their families they received ongoing medical care and counseling tomorrow the sailors report back to their unit they entered iranian waters two weeks ago after what officials say was an unapproved shortcut at a refueling ship iranian forces held them for sixteen hours recorded a propaganda video
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asking a federal judge to force the city of flint michigan to replace all that points in its water system the complaint filed yesterday also says officials should replace surface lines water mains into homes at no cost to customers. it's at least the fourth lawsuit filed over france's lead tainted water the plaintiffs include three and the bush with advocacy groups and one resident the other suits against the city seek financial damages in class action status. another driver died in a crash involving exploding to ca to airbag but it's unclear whether the inflated kill the person u s government documents revealed the driver of the two thousand seven hundred civic died last year in india they say the inflated exploded in the crash and sprayed metal fragments but the cause of death is undetermined if the inflated it was the cause it would be the eleventh person killed worldwide by two kata airbags. the two thousand and seven civics in
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in the us won his last neurons are investigating reports of unusual activity on credit card swipe and some restaurant locations the company says fraudulent charges may have occurred on cards used legitimately and some of its locations and says it has launched an investigation with the help of cybersecurity experts one days also says it is cooperating with law enforcement in the meantime the company officials are asking when these customers to closely monitor charges on their bank statements. just in time for the super bowl the budweiser clydesdale have a new family member the first fall of two thousand sixteen back was born yesterday at a ranch in missouri the name is a nod to the company's tagline proudly of macro beer and because he's the smallest of the budweiser clydesdale was at least for now. mag join sa hundred and sixty horses the budweiser clydesdale tradition started
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the horses were gifts from one beer maker to another as a celebration of the end of prohibition a mammoth discovery and a construction site and oregon state university will mean that literally construction workers on earth mammoth bones while renovating a football stadium. they dug up the bones no one in the end zones. workers also found my sin and camo boats will be able to show the public in an intact femur from a mammoth who traverse the willamette valley ten thousand years ago imagine that now of course abbas were not discovered when the stadium was initially ballots that's because during renovations right now workers are digging ten feet deeper into the ground. i live in a clearing starting to work its way and for the north nothing working its way in from
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difference we talked about from the overnight hours to the morning and from the morning now on in the afternoon and has continued to fall cup low light sprinkles out there as we show you. not really reaching the ground from what we can tell you might have one or two little spirits is hitting your windshield but that's all moving off to the northeast right now forty one degrees winds of the north northeast and the pressure that's falling from thirty point one three inches of mercury time lapse from this morning. you can see who live in sunshine early and then we saw sort of a mixture of clouds and sun throughout the day as i mentioned a very few spots all little bit of very light shower activity especially when you're down in north carolina you a little bit more that's going be the case again next day or so as system sort of skirt by the south but from the fifties earlier now are down to forty one degrees forty one email file little warmer in the forties when she get back in one although hamptons a forty one forty five right now in virginia beach but can temperatures
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back down here the next couple of hours into the upper thirties and that clearing trend continues from the north as well tomorrow not a whole lot of breeze but enough it'll make that thirty still slightly colder even than the actual air temperature and did you see one or two little green areas pop up very briefly in the morning there's a slight chance of a stray shower. if we get something that actually with these kinds of captures has the potential to be a little bit of a light mix again. i don't expect much but it doesn't take much to just be aware that we could have wanted to be a little spritz is of a flurry activity or couple of sprinkles something like that for the better chances going to come later in the day and by then it's chilly but at least warms up enough especially mid levels of the atmosphere and the sword middle layers that we should be looking at just a few showers around here with a little bit better chance for some steady rain down across areas of north carolina and then clearing out as we get into friday and temperatures
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into the upper forties even warmer readings in my extended forecast so here's that little bit of moisture going by and now notice how the back edge starts to get this little ball janet that's a low pressure forming and heading toward a sauce pot forecast for tomorrow says forty three for today we said temperatures falling overnight in the afternoon down your thirty eight by five pm so far we have hit forty four a low so that's one or our starting over again after a couple of nice long streaks the seven day forecast for forty three tomorrow. forty eight on friday fifteen nine by sunday and sixty two monday so we're in for some warmer air as we head to the next week guys i was a hot day. you know that means this nose job day here in thirteen years now going to work and painted a store that caters to women but of course he had an ulterior motive. coming up
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. just sent to the newsroom we have an update to a virginia based stabbing investigation police alice mccall rene scott turned herself in today where it all deceased at the man yesterday on atlantic avenue outside the old belvedere hotel at thirty sixth read that man will survive. scott is charged with assault on a family member i sifting gears here working in retail is a demanding job for the job can be inspiring in the case of one store. well today is joe's job was learning the ropes at a dot sins and joel decided that some stores have a unique philosophy really doing it can inspire you i think of your work there because they believe in donating a portion of their profits every month to nonprofits that i love this philosophy the local small
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award for all of this job not too big to load the day today. it's good for starters we had off of the small truck at the aid options on college ave around and you see a store which in fashions and fanfare owner allison anderson is the force behind three stores and she says i am unique trying to do jokes job here are a lot of estrogen when they're here thirty plus employees an eco ideas that you now we can probably it probably is one one around here. what is striking about this place is their idea to donate a portion of profits each month to nonprofits were very big into taking us in giving more that's our mission we always want to be able to give back to the community and she's amazing and in fact they got to just one five thousand dollars and a huge nationwide independent we stand contests from steel for being a small business that care and they took the five thousand dollars in cash rather than invest it back in
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her shelter. that's right this store that contributes each month to nonprofits gave away their whole award for her shelter we knew that they're building a new shelter out in weston ranch area so we want to make sure they were able to get off the ground in the hammock matching sponsor so when you gave that five thousand is returned and ten thousand i knew i would enjoy working in here. love these people to walk in you'll see each section has its own thing so i definitely stressed the importance of understanding are different stories and why we have much a nice group together and are actually selling a product in here called who truly puts up with this lexi so cooper e is what we call the marriage saver. it's all essential oils herbs gave her some success on it see before you go spray gifts you don't find so how it is we'll do the same here. i think you might have a tough time
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run for money. i don't think that was ever been said on television to the hoop around her and hold a valid savor this right wiles and you do a great job they average around fifteen hundred dollars each month to places like the food bank of south region and then to give away the five thousand to the her shoulder free spirited out and we love them a dotson start out thinking i'd there are new recommendations for depression screening but what
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. i would take a quick look at the raider absolutely nothing to speak of the most part the second out with yet a couple of things were tracking not even reaching the ground it appears in there just light sprinkles you can see the blue peeking through some of the high and mid level clouds here. this is from our hampton skyview beautiful evening up there although chilly temperatures
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overnight in the morning and continuing down but clearly we had a lot more precipitation out there earlier even then it was only scattered isolated showers panera location. now most of that is gone look at the difference though from yesterday when i was on here newport news you're only down three degrees but that's deceptive their gauges been broken most of the day so that's not really an accurate reading. thirteen williamsburg twenty and suffolk twenty three degrees colder also both in norfolk in virginia beach twenty two down in chesapeake. so the temps are forecast going to this evening continuing to fall from near forty or the low forties back down pretty quickly into the thirties lower thirties i think most areas will be low to mid thirties a little bit later tonight and tomorrow back up only in the forties so it does take quite chilly but again him and now it's a little cool out there right now the sun come out pretty typical for this time of year guys seen this in those days getting longer. we have very nice to
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traffic troubles well we've been talking about traffic on six sixty four already headed toward the monitor merrimack right but you're not doing much better head away from the monitor back either because i have that ongoing construction a lot of looks like i'm getting used to it by now but the delays are still just causing havoc that you make your way toward sixty four cell just to recap what's going on out there hampton sixty four north at sixty four west ongoing roadwork it will be happening until april of this year so just expect for there to be delays when you hit the rush hour making a way toward that area will give you a live look at where the delays began southwest about the way here you can see here this is right around power ten parkway so about a mile and a half of the stopping the traffic they're headed for the interchange. you may want to use another route this afternoon and of course for the rest of your delays and accidents on the secondary and over to facebook twitter and thirteen is now dot com i thank you very much there's a heavily traveled intersection that has a railway railroad crossing and thus causing
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that man's been parkway and will roy road intersection in suffolk residents tell us that cars get held up for twenty to thirty minutes several times a day and they're tired of it. our january joins us now live to explain his hand in and told three or four times again it's going at a really low speed because this is a residential area. so here is part of the problem. once those gates come down obviously cars on and imparting want to make a right turn cans because of that moving train and the cars behind them were trying to go straight can go straight because they're stuck behind a course you want to try to make a right turn so it creates this huge back to bed goes down a mile down the roads in something sometimes people get agitated because the weight mail and we can go nowhere twenty thirty and sometimes even forty minutes rolled by
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behind a moving train seen a lot of time. oh you know it or they go ballistic on here they go crazy but the bad part about the bad part about is there's nowhere to go and hear again and his wife lays see the backups are so bad and frustrated drivers who just can't wait any longer for making illegal turns to get aroun sizable i now hear going and the other lane ok to make the iranian tag the people of the world or a road coming this way and hit him head on when they got to go. there's nowhere to go something nice to me that if there's some weren't safe space you have to crunch our home late thursday when he got me this you can go in the city has been developing a plan to build a turn lane to redirect traffic but it had some setbacks because of
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frustrating. it's been going around for very long time people are worried the city is hoping to start construction by the end of this year and finished by december of twenty seventeen but officials admit they're worried about the backups the construction process will create. i told my husband can buy ready to move that except for the reason i'm sick of you don't have time for this mess from now until the train didn't come through here earlier this morning and another one suld be coming by sometime soon hopefully we can catch a show that we can show you what it actually looks like there are five thirty newscast for now reporting live in seventy nine jimmy thirteen years now and the rose is showing a growth in population that's according to the mom prefers from the university of virginia richmond parts of northern virginia joined hampton roads and population gains in addition to the seventy six thousand people in twenty fourteen to the commonwealth
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the population gains in those reas overall population growth in virginia has remained steady since twenty ten. as of july of last year the total population in the commonwealth reached nearly four point four million people. president obama is calling for faster research to diagnose prevent and treat those econ virus the president met with is how the national security officials about the mosquito borne virus. the white house says president obama was briefed on steps to protect americans. lisa abraham g has more on the icy cold virus and the sum to a lot of people on social media are reacting in fear and uncertainty with the conversation surrounding the disease a virus. people are changing travel plans as a result pregnant women are being advised to take precaution and some are just confused as to what the virus truly entails. so here are some fast facts from the cdc
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confusion when five people infected the one in five people infected with the virus become seriously ill. some of the symptoms include fever rash and joint pain can just divide is muscle pain and headaches unfortunately there is no vaccine or medication to prevent or treat the infections the cdc suggests getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of you it's coming up tonight at five christine is for j co talks to him a specialist about the possibility of this virus popping up in hampton roads are in the u s preventive services task force is recommending primary care doctors screen all adults for depression nearly seven percent of american adults or about sixteen million people had at least one major depressive episode last year and according to the national alliance on mental illness and joining us is medical director of patient first in great bridge of chesapeake is dr rebecca front jean osborne thank you so much for coming on now screaming all adults here
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simple as just giving everyone a questionnaire absolutely given a simple questionnaire ten or twenty questions asking about their mood and feelings over the last couple of weeks ago that every patient that they come in and it can be a great tool to figure out who needs a little more help and maybe someone ate many medications a referral is a lot of people are getting the treatment is a bit they don't even know that they actually have depression. exactly and they feel like there's a stigma attached to me but if you do it this way it is sorta includes everyone plays everyone people may not know who to go to about it or may be afraid to mention it but if it's brought up to every single patient they can have the opportunity to get to and what are the some of the treatment types that are out there. so definitely there's counseling with produce and host of psychologists have counseling and therapy there's medications. some people do a combination of both in one thing that's been very popular lately in the news is common to behavioral therapy is the type of therapy that looks at changing your behaviors and thoughts to
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trained therapist and cognitive behavioral therapy is there any particular cause of depression i get sick and so i mean there's some talk that can be genetic as you can see it in families that some people are more susceptible than others but is not really a good answer to that question is it more common are you seeing it more often or more where they are asking more questions about it and people are less afraid to bring it up and realizing that it's something they they can get help for those less stigma and shame about bringing it up. it's been more accepted as a regular medical illness like diabetes or hypertension. right right if you suspect that someone in your family might be depressed. what should you be looking forward to some of the symptoms so they made have change in interest of the things that are normally like they may not be as interested anymore so maybe they play a lot of games and they just don't seem interested. changes in sleeping the sleep more laughs. they may want does not want to do the things that they enjoy they may seem to be crying more often it is withdrawn ok thank you so much doctor appreciated for
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thanks janet. president obama plans to ask congress for twelve billion dollars over a decade to help feed children from low income families during the summer the president will include the request in the twenty seventeen budget proposal nearly twenty two million low income children receive free and reduced price meals during the school year but a fraction of these kids receive meals when school is out the white house says the disparity put those children and risk for hunger and poor nutrition during the summer coming up the close call for students at a florida college when a tornado blows through and
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. the we're back now the headlines way from usa today dot com the fbi is now established checkpoints around. now your wildlife refuge in oregon that's where
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during a standoff with authorities now in its third week police arrested the leaders of the small group. the arrest happened during a traffic stop or gunfire erupted in one man was killed only ranchers who live in an area surrounding the preserve will be allowed to pass through those new checkpoints. iran is trying to get back to the good graces of the world today after meeting with the pope the president of iran is now in france it's the first visit there by an iranian leader in seventeen years and is part of a european trip meant to usher in a new era after that landmark nuclear deal with iran. fill me with the french president and give a foreign policy speech and meet with french corporate leaders and an emotional comeback from the boston marathon bombings. this woman you see here is a professional ballroom dancer who lost part of her leg in that attack. she's now training to run all twenty six point two miles and this year's race age and has let davis has been doing it to help raise money and awareness for limbs for life
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amputees her training is going so well she's running up to ten miles now on my last year she danced the foxtrot across the finish line so you know see a lot of beer and yet on how an inspiration she sure is a marathon is in april so should be making more headlines a lot of people certainly will. president obama welcomed senator bernie sanders for the white house this morning it's the president's first sit down with sanders since the senator's democratic presidential campaign shake up the race for the party's nomination. abc stephanie ramos reports from washington democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders got a little taste of the white house with a few staffers and his wife sanders met with president obama in the oval office more than an hour later sanders emerged from the west wing telling reporters he had a constructive and productive meeting with the president's foreign policy issues domestic issues. occasionally
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ask for an endorsement to a new abc news washington post poll shows his rival hillary clinton leading sanders nationally fifty five to thirty six percent sinners though has cut her lead to the smallest it's been an abc poll today clinton is in iowa rallying support in a bowling alley just days before the first votes are cast you get the first chance to speak out in the entire world about what you're looking for on the gop side a very public rift between gop presidential frontrunner donald trump and fox news is boiling over again trumps campaign says he is skipping the gop presidential debate on fox this thursday will be doing to that day. the real estate billionaire took to social media blasting debate moderator making kelly the same fox news anchor his feud with after the first gop debate trumps chief rival senator ted cruz now challenging from one on one debate if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates
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donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me anytime between now and the iowa caucus now fox news is insisting that trump is still welcome that debate tomorrow night. well a texas team known as the affluent the team could return to the last by the end of the week isn't ours has stocked his appeal fighting deportation from mexicali the less in taxes with his mom last november after a video surfaced that kind of bananas he violated his probation. a jury convicted counts of killing four people while driving drunk. a judge gave him probation police car counts and his mom in mexico last month the federal government is expanding the habitat for endangered north atlantic right whales the expansion will include more fleeting and birthing areas. noaa says the expansion will cover the wells north these feeding areas from north carolina to
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rules do not add restrictions or management measures for commercial fisherman new video from a storm in florida an apparent tornado touched down near broward county college in coconut creek police say most of the southbound lanes of the florida turnpike are closed with a tractor trailer flipped on its side in the roadway faculty members and students say they had seconds to get ready to get away from the storm the computers went off the power went off thankfully no one was trapped in their vehicles the students were able to assist and that's a good training for them meteorologists say they believe a tornado did strike but they walk make and must make an official determination until they perform a storm survey a few rain showers out there earlier in even at the pop
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i was tracking a few sprinkles and now there's hardly anything left down there a couple little blips of to get up close to the tv screen or you have great eyesight can probably see does one write about over knotts island just offshore but as i put all into motion you'll see we went from a few light showers around the area heavier showers earlier today specially north carolina but then those of now really been weakening a beautiful picture here from our sky view in hampton this one looking i believe off to the east but anyway a lot of sunshine for this evening then temperatures dropping by mid evening for around thirty six degrees a few isolated evening showers again mean least to our south but even then most of us will absolutely not see anything other than breezy and cold conditions. when starting to pick up at the north about and in some spots near the open waters much as fifteen say we go dropping back this evening with readings falling through the thirties continuing to fall by morning but not a
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we go during the ten o'clock hour and you can see we're a little above freezing and frankly a little below freezing in emporia and wakefield and we saw a hole roughly at those levels in the morning hours on the same official oh probably somewhere around thirty to thirty three and then some inland areas again slightly cooler than that notice we start out with some clouds slight chance of a stray shower and head of the main source of energy tomorrow if we do get that there's a slight chance it could be a very light very brief shower of snow or sleet or a flurry or something but really it's for the most part just going to be a day where we see the clouds thickening some patches of rain here and there sorta like the day it's going to tend to be a little heavier down to the south and then as we clear out later tomorrow night and friday will gradually see some milder air filtering in on the backside of the system back up at least mid forties during the day friday probably been a little bit more than that so here's the system coming through
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smattering of rain across the region earlier today. now things falling apart and i mentioned earlier but in case you're just joining us this little sort of curve on the back edge this little bubble right there in the cloud pattern that means new low pressure is forming that's the one that sliding again just offshore little bit later tonight so few isolated sprinkles early a low risk again late tonight is that next system begins to develop tomorrow some rain showers developing for north carolina a few showers possible here in hampton roads temperature around forty three degrees by nine thirty three showers and eating seasonally cold and then the forecast does show some milder air forty eight on friday saturday and the two fifty nine on sunday and sixty two monday a great lookin' few days there and then a shower possible on tuesday fifty five for some scattered rain looks likely on wednesday but still sixty
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the weather authority. i just think a lot. let's go to the super bowl. yes that's the plan no one notice when we snake and the unfortunately were not part of this first story home but it's trending right now and ever gonna love this story to get favorable story and so this is what's going down on social media right now. come super bowl sunday the offices of both the carolina panthers in the denver broncos in the empty because both team owners are sending their teams and plays in turn included hole to super bowl fifty california to watch their teams face off every seven so owners of both teams are taking care of suitable accommodations for the entire team on their whole staff employees interns and even some part time workers to that are going to get a chance. i know we should unify korea also the rain switching gears now today is international holocaust remembrance day. lots of people have been tweeting about this on social media and i had some of those tweets pulled up here but looks like its network of their ego. ok this is the day that the united nations has
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of the holocaust during world war two six million jews were murdered by germany's nazi regime along with five million non jews who were also killed. you can see some of the things people are tweeting right now to honor the victims using the hashtag holocaust memorial day additionally the u s holocaust memorial museum in washington is holding two separate events today both of which have been live streamed live on the museum's website and go back and take a look about for yourself and finally have you heard of the dock to challenge a washington teen is recovering after taking part in this new trend that challenges others and it went horribly wrong this time the so called duck tape challenge involves wrapping duct tape around a person's body and seeing how long it takes for the person to escape to take a look at this picture it wasn't the first time this team had taken the challenge but this time things didn't go as planned. the boys struggle to get out of the duct tape and fell forward striking his head on the corner of
4:43 pm
slamming into the concrete floor the ball shattered the boy's eye socket and sheep bone causing him to have an interest in mind so you know these challenges can up all the time on social media kids are so excited to do them but you know this one is an important one to pay attention to because with the effects that can be picked and the always dangerous exactly know why some are up next more on a new app that might change how you withdraw and deposit money from the atm thirteen is now in five exclusive interview with an o d u student who was robbed and shot on his way to class hear him describe the moment the gun was shoved into space and after a violent year in portsmouth the community
4:44 pm
the am i am the am. and new jersey governor chris christie is calling for a state takeover of atlantic
4:45 pm
finances and decision making he says the gambling resort is incapable of getting its finances together after years of overspending atlantic city's mayor initially opposed the takeover but decided to accept the state's help me look good will of the option and basically have to watch and do nothing and have a state takeover file bankruptcy will form a partnership not hard to figure out what you want to do much space for atlantic city and the state of new jersey two years ago four of its twelve casinos went out of business atlantic city's casino revenue has fallen from five point two billion dollars in two thousand and six to about two point five billion dollars last year a new way to take money out of the atm. jpmorgan is rolling out what could be the next generation of the tmc ones that don't require a debit or credit card they're called e a t m's and they use a
4:46 pm
deposits and withdrawals the new atm straddle the withdrawal amount limit from one thousand dollars to three thousand and users can also withdraw one five twenty and one hundred dollar bills that they planned a wide rollout later this year and that's all we have for you today for thirteen years now and five as he tells of an attack on an assistant school principal a new used and robin shot on his way to class. that's on the peripheral it be that there was a gun and he just fired as i sped off. he's telling a story only to thirty news now nearly a month ago portsmouth mayor said he would unveil a plan to fight rising crime but where is it coming up we'll have the details. iranian military boasting on camera about a new standoff with the us maybe we're
4:47 pm
the facts are not lining up to an old dominion university student is home in northern virginia recovering after a terrifying experience. police say two men robbed and shot twenty two year old sean groom's last night in norfolk it reportedly happened while he was driving on linden wood avenue grooms told us he was on his way to class at the time and bruce talked exclusively to marcella roberts ip says he's still in shock and can't believe this happened to him tonight he tells me he doesn't want to be made out to be a victim instead he wants is to be a warning to others. linwood avenue is a busy street if you ask neighbors love love you man who goes by junior owns triple c convenience store along that busy stretch of loveable little bear with me last night was bad. right across from the convenience
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shawn grooms o u sr. just on
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