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tv   13 News 530  ABC  January 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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so it just creates this huge mess you have no clue. mrs been ongoing now for control while no one wants to get stuck behind a moving train especially when you have to wait twenty thirty and sometimes even forty minutes for it to pass the new and twenty five miles an hour because this is our residential near the intersection at manson parkway and will write road has been a problem for several years now resident in south they say they have to put up with this sometimes three four times a day i mean we're all have busy la. you don't have time for this mess the city has been developing a plan to build a turn lane to redirect traffic but it had some setbacks because of issues with the design. soon these traffic signs were recently installed as a temporary fix for residents like chad and liz here again say impatient drivers don't abide by them and attempt to make illegal
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know that they're flying out in between the traffic and everything in the patience runs out the city is hoping to start construction by the end of this year and finished by december of twenty seventeen. but officials admit they're worried about the backups the construction process will create by the last one can buy ready to move asap within reason and the city said it is about ninety percent finished with its new design plan to build a turn lane and he said that he hopes to finalize those plans again the next ninety days reporting live in something i'm jimmy me thirteen years now. right now. virginia beach city leaders are getting ready to take a look at homelessness in the city the annual point in time count starts tonight. city staff and volunteers will go through virginia beach trying to find out how many people are homeless in the area the data will help city officials create strategies to help the homeless the result also determines how much federal funding
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housing and shelters throughout the year and there is another effort to help homeless in our community today the city of norfolk held project homeless connect its annual effort on the part of agencies to lend a hand for free joe flanagan joins us now joe norfolk mayor paul frey was wrecking friday be sure was recognized mayor paul frame the first man in the state of virginia to sign the national mayor's challenge to end homelessness for veterans. well today the project homeless connect was all about bringing together homeless citizens with social services dental care was free ways to seek employment and food stamps and even clothing and food services all free on this day there been some pretty amazing success stories as a result of homeless connect that's why it continues each year people like johnny dragons. johnny is hard of hearing he started coming to this event in two thousand and seven when he lived on the streets today he's part of the solution and is one of
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the homeless and homeless connect. i pretended to be included in the village something that i love going every idea and i want to cling to as johnny dragons is walk the walk and now what a great advocate for the homeless by the way the city virginia beach will hold its homeless connect tomorrow at open door chapel thirty one seventy seven virginia beach blvd supportive services will be on hand from eight a m until two pm that's open or chapel on virginia beach blvd live in the studio joe flanagan news now says from a dozen virginia colleges and universities are on capitol hill meeting with lawmakers to talks to dat big issues senators mark warner tim kaine held a conversation with student government leaders to hear about student loan debt and how it impacts young people last week warner introduced two pieces of legislation of graduates manage student loan debt senator tim kaine introduce legislation to help keep the cost of college lo the average virginia college
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six thousand dollars of debt almost eighty percent of the nearly thousand fatal drug overdoses in virginia in two thousand fourteen involved opie leads. that's according to new research by the vcu school of medicine their research goes on to say drug overdoses killed three times as many virginians as homicides common prescription opioid painkillers include hydro code on a generic for by couldn't and oxycodone commonly known as oxy cotton and across the country the cdc says deaths from drug overdoses increased two hundred percent from two thousand and two thousand fourteen. now the issue is getting the attention of lawmakers the u s senate judiciary committee held a hearing today on the heroin and prescription drug epidemic that has unfolded in many communities. lawmakers hope today's hearing will lead to action from congress and thirteen is now took a look at the topic of opioid addiction in our half hour
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virginia's growing killer you can see for yourself and thirteen is now. com have you made your valentine's day dinner plans yet. waffle houses down taking reservations find out where you and your sweetheart can get in on a pretty sweet deal and had some for iphone users a harmless looking lincoln seriously mess up your phone what to look for what could possibly do as well to all of you that temperatures plummeting throughout the overnight into the afternoon today how long does the cold stick around now but this rain on tracking down the south to let you know coming up and with about thirty minutes left in the afternoon rush hour traffic still slow in a handful of areas you see them here and that includes honor thirteen years now track the camera in norfolk to sixty four westbound actually things are fitting a look around the downtown tunnel might see some slight delays out there. the midtown tunnel to portsmouth also a bit slow
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just a little more than a week away from the big game and we're not going we're not go now. our crowds are flocking the san francisco neighbors hope to make extra cash from the football fever by ridding their homes out to services like air be it be right now there are six thousand listings in the region. many renters say they hope to cash in by raising prices for super bowl weekend. now you know people will start to see a huge rise in those inquiries. i know that some of my fellow host that i know online have already received bookings for the superbowl and renters say it's not unusual to see a room going for five times its normal price this time of the year jeremy in maine says the renters demand for this super bowl is roughly three times greater than last years i don't visit christ safari dot com tax experts say just visiting the website could crash your browser or your
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to have a bug that adds a number to your address bar before your computer can keep up. technology experts say the bugs will ruin your phone but you could lose any unsaved data valentine's day is still a couple weeks away but love is already in the air and waffle house restaurants the company is trying to show off its romantic side of the special valentine's day dinner. they didn't know their customers can choose from the regular menu or a t bone steaks then the breakfast chain is now taking reservations only a few locations in the country are participating the closest location the hampton roads you can head on over to petersburg on the way. utility workers in arizona went to incredible heights to help a cat stuck on top of a power pole take a look at this video from avondale near phoenix never say the cat was stuck on the pole for several days before utility crews arrived
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picker to reach the stranded i turns out that captain in a helpless the crew reached at animal it slowly slid down the pole by itself are the flat water crisis has put the community on edge right neighbors stepping up during a trying time and is a crisis unlike any other in the country. now there's an effort to provide an outlet for the hundreds of families going through a stressful time and police and protesters exchanged gunfire in oregon. now authorities make an emotional appeal
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pretty incredible pictures out of the islands and intense fire overnight torch the building in the historic french quarter a fire broke out around three thirty in the four story building was closed several blocks the battle the flames the building is a complete loss. emergency crews say the one person inside at the time got out safely investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire. we're learning more today about that deadly confrontation between federal and state law enforcement
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government group in oregon have been arrested after tensions boiled over abc's re run monday has the latest on the investigation. it's time for everybody in this illegal occupation to move on. that doesn't have to be bloodshed in our community more enforcement officials speaking out on the deadly shootout with anti government protesters. let me be clear it is the actions and choices of the armed occupier to the refuge that has led us to where we are today. actions are not without consequences we're told members of the army who were on their way to a community meeting when gunfire erupted during a traffic stop. investigators say the boy finnegan and ryan bundy refused orders monday the brother of group leader and man was wounded victims family says he was killed i just unloaded on him and
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him. protesters are now in fbi custody. one arrested in arizona although not all of them were involved in the traffic stop. jason patric is one of the occupiers they told us that we could safely leave well the group that was leaving as a dead man and there's another man who left and was in arizona is in custody said peace or resolution whole time so depends on what you believe long portion officials say they will continue to empty the refuge of those who illegally occupy it. the goal is to remove them and the safest way possible so that we the community can heal. ray ray monday abc news new york arizona man arrested is identified as john ritz timer he turn himself in to federal authorities this morning he posted several videos on facebook from the wildlife refuge supporting the protesters it's not clear when he left oregon for arizona previously he organized and
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against the muslim community in phoenix. more fallout surrounding the water crisis in flint michigan a new lawsuit is asking a federal judge to force the state and the city to replace all lead plight pipes and plants water system at no cost to customers. it's at least the fourth a lawsuit filed over flames lead tainted water. the other seeks financial damages in class action status. meanwhile lead testing clinics have been set up across the city families are bringing their children to be tested for elevated levels of lead and organizers are trying to ease tensions at a very stressful time of year activities for families there's the there's math at an event for the family has a very stressful time for family and we want to make sure that level then what so let's switch from detroit water to the flint river in two thousand fourteen to save
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improperly treated for corrosion lead began leaking from pipes in the city drinking water tests have shown high lead levels in some children after the switch for turning to the weather what started the day and the weather authority says to expect more rain tomorrow and some parts of the viewing area so let's check in now which had the best chances are going to be from southside in the north carolina and later in the day into the overnight actually so good news for the morning rush hour and maybe even the afternoon rush again today we had a little bit of rain over parts of the area. initially the amounts in just a minute but it was very very light little heavier got down into north carolina as we discussed the last day or two you can see still a few isolated evening showers not talk and really far and southern areas across the outer banks otherwise just breezy and cold temperatures dropping into the mid thirties for most of us. highs today these are little scene well first of all. newport news the center was broken they took it down much of the day and worked on it so that when you can completely throw out but look
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there's a fifty nine in virginia beach. those were all just after midnight as we discussed and tempers just went down after that and then continued falling you can see a good portion of the area got some of that light rain today and some of this southern areas down south of the central outer banks actually had even heavier precipitation to the evening dropping back then through the thirties some clearing and then the clouds move back in again later tonight into tomorrow morning. some of the far inland areas actually below freezing. i think we'll stay mid thirties for a lot of our immediate area but look at what happens as this system organizes off the coastline. if there's a little bit of light precipitation out ahead of the main batch one to surprise me of when you're watching in the morning a ship going in for craig it should be tracking maybe a couple of light mixed areas of precipitation the odds are against it of breaching the ground if it doesn't even show up just keep that in mind as we get later into
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some of that shower activity moving up and then some steady rain tomorrow night with some heavy rain potentially at times the series in north carolina and i think we might even see some of that back up i'd move that in one just a tiny bit during the night before things then clear out during the day on friday and temperatures moderate that close to normal and then later they get even warmer and warmer as we head through the weekend so you might like that if you don't like the real cold that we've seen here is again that weak system organizing down to the south for tonight then upper twenties low thirties for the inland area's low to mid thirties for most of us and probably mid thirties right along the coastline just the low risk of a shower otherwise breezy and cold ones at the north at seven tomorrow some rain showers developing especially later in the day in north carolina few showers are possible here in hampton roads but then tomorrow night i think we will see some rain showers and they should come to an end. it'll be seasonally cold when completely rule out a
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some mixed in on the backside very briefly either with a low thirty three and then back up to forty eight which is exactly where we should be this time of year and then you can see fifty two on saturday should be a very nice day but not as nice a sunday and we some spots especially along will hit sixty monday looking good in the low sixties as well and then just little bit of rain maybe middle of next week i thank you very much. well the nation's capital is getting back to work after the blizzard of two thousand and sixteen the federal government reopened their offices this morning after a three hour delay federal employees hit the road amid the massive cleanup effort in d c officials say most highway lanes are clear but mounds of snow still lined some of the side streets driver say the roads were just little slick this morning in some spots but much better than earlier this week. the metro's getting working in back on the tracks and getting people moving once again the authorities
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from across the region including every aspect of our recovery ranging from bus transportation rail transportation transit police vehicle maintenance stations parking according to the press georgia's department of public works roadways are mostly passable they're just asking people to use some extra care by helicopter fall seven hundred feet into a busy intersection here why the pilot and a passenger were not taken to the hospital and sixteen old dominion university student shot and was on his way to school now he's talking exclusively with thirteen years now about the attack that put him in the hospital and the norfolk school's assistant principal behind bars and sex crime charges
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i pick from these pictures it's hard to believe two people walked away from this helicopter crash. that's according to police on long island the pilot told officers he was flying seven hundred feet up when he suddenly lost power helicopter came down hard in the middle of an intersection police said the pilot and his passenger only had minor injuries medics didn't have to take them to the hospital president obama welcomes senator bernie sanders to the white house this morning it's the president's first sit down with sander since the senator's democratic presidential campaign shake up the race for the party's nomination. abc stephanie ramos reports from washington democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders got a little taste of the white house with a few staffers and his wife sanders met with president obama in the oval office more than an hour later sanders emerged from the west wing telling reporters he had a constructive and productive meeting with the president's
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domestic issues occasionally little politics but did he ask for an endorsement to a new abc news washington post poll shows his rival hillary clinton leading sanders nationally fifty five to thirty six percent sinners though has cut her lead to the smallest it's been an abc poll today clinton is in iowa rallying support in a bowling alley just days before the first votes are cast you get the first chance to speak out in the entire world about what you're looking for on the gop side a very public rift between gop presidential frontrunner donald trump and fox news is boiling over again trumps campaign says he is skipping the gop presidential debate on fox this thursday will be doing to that day. the real estate billionaire took to social media blasting debate moderator making kelly the same fox news anchor his feud with after the first gop debate trumps chief rival senator ted cruz now challenging from one on one debate if he's on willing to
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with the other candidates that i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me anytime between now and the iowa caucus from fox news rather insists trump is still welcome to that debate tomorrow night. that's it for thirteen is now at five thirty the news continues with the latest on the charges against a norfolk school administrator for the top. portsmouth business owners are demanding a plan to fight crime. we're going to do what we have to do to keep us in the community see now they're taking matters into their own hands and we're hearing from city hall a mother charged accused of knocking the school principal unconscious plus the zig of viruses in virginia what you need to do to protect yourself from the global epidemic. another college
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class the old dominion university student was shot and robbed near linwood avenue in very straight to bullet the twenty two year old in the arm as he recovers from the terrifying experience is talking only to thirteen is now reporter marcella robertson about the attack linwood avenue is a busy street if you ask neighbors love you man who goes by junior owns triple c convenience store along that busy stretch of the labor of love affair with the last night was bad. right across from the convenience store is where someone shot shawn grooms and o u sr. just on his way to class groom says he was headed to ot you when he hit a ball that rolled into the road he stopped to check it out and that's when a group of guys came up to his car before to really say one of them reached through the window and weight stats my wallet out of me and grace
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his wallet back and then
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