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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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started around three thirty yesterday with monsters found a body on the wildwood road they went there go check on someone after investigating officers went a couple blocks away here to this home on george washington in wintery announcers got here they said he found an art person negotiating with that individual for hours police and then she went into the mist to the door looks like it was a busted down officers say they found five bodies including the suspect again police say all six of victims are related and that they are family again they're working to learn more information in what led up to this and will keep you updated throughout the day live in chesapeake elise brown thirteen years now we will stay on top of the story continue to update it throughout the morning we're also talking about a social media will also have information on thirty news now dot com switching now to the weather that we're expecting outside and what you should expect today there was sleet when we walked in here downtown norfolk this
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i just got in for craig this morning and she's got a look at the very unsettled weather good morning aneesh good morning melissa and andrea good morning everybody were off to a pretty quiet start on this thursday morning i wanna take a look outside is overlooking downtown norfolk from our tower cam we've got mostly cloudy temperatures as we had a little bit farther south we got the forties a little bit farther north we've got twenty six twenty seven right now and now for the eastern shore road forty one eleven city good morning in norfolk you're coming in at thirty seven and newport news just below freezing at thirty degrees so here's a look at satellite and radar jackson had a few sleet pellets mixing and early this morning not to cause any issues on the roadways but we do have a mostly cloudy skies and the showers that were sitting right now pushing off of the coasts of the showers will continue to track generally to the north and east more rain down to the south all of this moisture generally heading off to the north and east so we will have chances for rain today and better chances along northeastern north carolina so here's a look at
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will shape up temperatures by mid morning climbing into the low forties i think will top out right about forty five maybe forty six degrees by this afternoon but the bulk of the rain will hold off until this afternoon in this evening but before then we could just see some of these isolates got showers moving through the area. i am tracking a big warm up as we head into the weekend and all ten of those rain chances play with each pass. coming up in just a few minutes ashley alright asia it is the beginning of the morning rush hour and usually when i say that behind me we see spots of red orange bc warning symbols take a look at this as a nice start to the rush hour. not much working at all across hampton roads on the traffic maps now courses soon as i say that so hopefully nothing crops up here and we stay as nice as we are right now through the rush hour for now we'll take a look at traffic in western brand john six sixty four years or southbound traffic passing dock landing wrote does a pretty good right now maybe a small pickup in volume as you head towards our skill but nothing
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northbound traffic had in the direction of the modern era back in very nice shape it's about time travel network maps a couple of things to make note of for later on today the high rise bridge opening at eleven o'clock this morning the coleman bridge opening and one this afternoon and then again at eight o'clock tonight but other than that again we do look good across hampton roads and coming up just a few minutes we'll see if we're still us pain pretty well in terms of traffic sixty four westbound as you leave norfolk and had to have been using the hr bt and we're also following some breaking news out of newport news right now the fire department just weeding out these pictures take a look you can see this is a truck that lost control exiting interstate six sixty four another truck hit a home on chestnut avenue this is right near sixteenth street were told that no one was injured but because of the damage from this accident. the fire department had to condemn the whole winter following that story will update you as we learn more. thanks angela new this morning the family
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norfolk is now offering a ten thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest christopher allen was found shot in the house on waverly way earlier this month that same night another man walked into depaul hospital with a gunshot wound detectives believe that the case is connected if you know anything call the crime line the reward money is separate from the ward associated with crime line tips you this morning one person is recovering right now after a fire forced the family from virginia beach home. firefighters responded to the home late last night on said moore road it's not very far from diamond springs road and weston drive where told that two adults and two children inside that house did manage to get out one of those adults suffered minor injuries beach fire officials say they're still trying to figure out exactly what sparked that fire you this morning virginia beach police teamed up with the school districts to make a new push about social media safety they released a new one harassment heard the threats we get involved. people may
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but the knot and we will track down where the threat originated this is part ofthe be social be sparkly say campaign this week started the effort last year after dealing with several online school threats are credible but police did arrest a fifteen year old student for making a threat later today the portsmouth based cutter north wind is coming home after spending nearly two months at sea in orphan was part of the drug seizure operation combined the cruise took more than seventy five hundred kilos of cocaine and methamphetamine while on patrol in the pacific as part of an international operation will pull into the ports with coast guard base around nine o'clock this morning this morning the state of virginia might might bust its snow budget on just last week from alone. governor terry mcauliffe told w t o p radio that the state could end up spending two hundred million dollars on salting plowing removing snow that would leave only two million
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budget but the governor said quote. whatever happens will spend it. we've got to keep commerce moving thirty years ago the world watched in horror as the challenger space shuttle exploded right after liftoff. now nasa is remembering those asbestos
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i but there is a morning everybody wanna take a look at our school day forecast for today just in case you're getting the kids ready to go at the bus that they will be a bit on the cool side so definitely bundle them up. temperatures in the mid thirties and keep in mind a little bit farther north will see those temperatures little bit lower farther south a little bit warmer right about forty three at lunchtime and then we'll top that by recess and the mid forties were the chances for rain better chances for rain along the south side and northeastern north carolina here's a look outside overlooking virginia beach this is from my western terror can and it's quiet this morning we do have mostly cloudy conditions but temperatures are a bit chilly as i mentioned before we've got twenty little bit farther to our north and out to the west twenty nine right now and wake there were twenty eight in emporia where thirty seven and norfolk and recovery is still in the low forties and virginia beach as well as elizabeth city satellite and radar were sleeping again mainly dry but we do have the clout
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showers move across the south side this morning even if you sleep alex smith mixed in and you'll notice there are more showers down to the south generally tracking shots of the north and east of the better chances for rain today will be across north and northeastern north carolina and the south side of the farther north you are no lower your rain chances afforded a forty five degrees mostly cloudy scattered showers the heaviest and northeastern north carolina will talk about a big warm up coming our way and the time of those rain chances for you with future cast coming up in just a few minutes passed the house hr bt shipping right now the job bt looks great i use especially on the southside here haven't seen a big pickup in volume just yet. here are your westbound lanes the one headed toward the door bt these two lanes here you can see your traffic passing forth you all four miles away from the bridge in the tunnel but very nice this morning as well as for eastbound traffic in our heads were photojournalist with the locals out on
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believe he's on top of the producers trying to tell where you can entirely here where he is exactly but it looks like grass. i look at what's a good twenty five sixty four x in trying to see the area around that does kind of appear to be five not even close nor about the interstate and it looks good working in a good example of how things are not that is five sixty four coup that wasn't the really tall right. either way we're going to find out you're just a few minutes with traffic that would get out there and going to be good where you are headed to because interstates aren't very nice shape this morning but they are picking up around the midtown tunnel so many that live look when i come back right ashleigh thank you so much a whirl told to get the flu shot but
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. rebecca lovell a scene of a still a breaking situation in chesapeake this morning you can see via the blue police light reflected off of that home that is the second scene of our police say is a murder suicide six people dead in all of this and they're is this homely looking at is that the intersection of north george washington highway in winter green drive now officers found the body and another scene earlier in the night elves on wildwood investigation led them to this how cc there about a block away when officers finally entered this home
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learning all those victims of course and he said are the scene right now trying to get the latest details about what happened here who that family might be. she got an update about fifteen minutes all right thanks andre later today nasa is holding a wreath laying ceremony to honor the seven crew members who died in the challenger explosion. today marks thirty years since the space shuttle broke apart seventy three seconds after liftoff from cape canaveral. later investigators concluded that the joint a joint causing shuttle tanks to explode. it is six fifteen later today police in california say they're going to arrest more people who might've helped three dangerous inmates escaped. officials in orange county arrested five people last night they see the people arrested are familiar to the prison system they also say the suspects who escaped themselves are on the run still were told the inmates escaped a maximum security prison by song into the plumbing system in repelling down the side of
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using a rope made from bedsheets you this morning carolina panthers quarterback cam newton spoke with the media as he gets ready for the matchup against denver. someone asked him why he seems to be such a polarizing personality in the nfl he says he thinks it's his rights as citizens they won after american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to see if he wins the super bowl super bowl fifty that is new to become only the third african american quarterback to win the super bowl. well after daybreak gma will have more on what mutants as breaking down why he so confident of getting ready for one of the biggest games of his career. the carolina panthers have a lot of support to a sixth grader is in the locked in north carolina even wrote a poem about it for class assignments called twas the night before the super bowl. downey is l says he wanted to write about his favorite team going for
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hopes the team can hear the phone before gameday in me really good look from a very sweet guy and his good to me in awe right so kind of crazy weather week but some things before tat we do we have a really nice weekend so look for to plenty of sunshine but we've gotta get through the clouds and the chance for rain today so let's take a look at what we've got we're also starting off on a chilly know this morning especially as you had a little bit farther to the north at twenty seven right now in gloucester or come in a twenty seven as well and mouth and thirty two and watch a parade on the peninsula to joining us from st newport news. even places like and sinful colors and i you're at thirty four degrees right now are coming in at thirty seven enhances or chili starts the morning definitely bundle up if you're heading out the door on the south side we've got mainly thirties what of the upper twenties in longview thirty eight right now and out in downtown suffolk where forty two and fincher is and forty right now in cream and northeastern north carolina mostly in the forties with the forty one elizabeth city were
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now and gets healthy bundle the kids up as well as they had to bust out this morning they will need the jacket here's a look at satellite and radar were off to a mostly cloudy start and mostly dry as well but we do have a few showers will notice. working from the southwest to the north and east and they're going to continue on some of that north easterly trend. so the southside also northeastern north carolina you'll see the best chance for rain today and this is all had a head of this system are tracking this stalled boundary and we've got two areas of low pressure developing along this boundary they will converge and then head out to the north and east so with that system being so close to our region that will bring us chances for rain so as we head through the rest of the morning by lunchtime we could see a few showers out there but most of the areas to remain dry. what a little bit cooler than the model so mainly the low forties by lunchtime will top out in the mid forties by this action known and unknown his future cast resin all that moisture down to the south
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i do think we can see some showers especially along the south side native eastern shore as well but temperatures will quickly follow as the system exits and pull away overnight will see showers ending. we're going to start off the day on friday with plenty of sunshine chilly numbers though and one a little bit lower than this model will start off with temperatures generally near freezing for most spots but will climb near fifty as we head into tomorrow afternoon reported a forty five degrees mostly cloudy again scattered showers. the heaviest of the rain should remain along with the northeastern north carolina thirty three degrees tonight. showers ending with decreasing clouds and here's a look at the seven day forecast forty pints a day forty eight on friday low fifties on saturday were back into the sixties sunday and monday and i'm tracking chances for rain by the middle part of next week to look at your weather forecasts ashley it was an accident so far this morning that's right i should this just popped up another first traffic issue of the morning
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now crappy camera. this is in chesapeake six sixty four to northbound just past the two sixty four and sixty four interchange as are approaching military highway to see all this activity here on the left hand side we do know that this is an accident involving a tractor trailer is blocking the two left lanes so it appears traffic is down it looks like it should still be too available lanes open there might be down to one lead at this point as it passes the scene notice the heavy traffic making its way past the scene as well. i am seeing delays creeping back up through the two sixty four interchange a little bit on sixty four as well as you come to bowers hill and you're making a way past this will definitely slow you down for the morning can you give yourself enough time to get through that delay and speaking of delays on our second camera. here's a live look at the midtown tunnel moving much better. of course they're not the traffic around the accident on six sixty four in chesapeake. ah but certainly still slowing down a little bit leaving portsmouth headed into
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delays there. i'll stay on top of that anna had the latest on that accident scene in chesapeake and sixty four north just past the bowers who later changed coming up here in just a few minutes okay. each girl's rock beach girls rock a side aches line and right side and i had the opportunity to do a really cool event this past saturday for the two share a couple of pictures with you here. these are the cheerleaders of callum high school they were a part of the beach girls rock event of the chalk is a picture with and thus they do but the whole event is about empowering the young ladies carry out in virginia beach with two high schools actually came together and we talked about all getting ready for life isn't all to be successful and being confident and loving yourself and always telling yourself you're beautiful now that reason i was younger person for this year and element of the beach the house yet
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may not overlap with what a great event and a great time to just a special shoutout to all those lovely ladies austin texas are a new warning this morning about the dangers drink that kids
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new this morning at six twenty five doctors are warning about a toxic
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the deaths of two teenagers called to shine it's a combination of mountain dew and auto racing fuel the fuel contains methanol which is extremely poisonous ingesting just two tablespoons of the stuff can be fatal so far four cases have been reported in tennessee two of which have been deadly. it's important to know about and do does make a product called to shine but that's entirely different from the combination the kids are using in calling the exact same thing. well doctors who prescribe the kids antidepressants could actually be making the condition worse s according to a new study out of denmark and found that there's no significant risk between eight a depressant and aggression in the pulse button kids the risk of aggression and suicide doubled when we're in america breaking of the details of this study had a break record a recruiter seven o'clock and today's keyword keyword memory already reading
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oh my yes store giveaway that is for the giveaway i had thirteen use the com click on the features tab and enter that keyword i just told you about four chance to win a five hundred dollars visa gift card giving away one of those gift cards today and tomorrow there's a right to it tomorrow and so on yet another chance to win tomorrow as well so going into the keyword our website our time now six twenty six there was some light sleet coming down we got to the station this morning but it's got the gracious god is in for prac today she says that we should expect the weather to be a little bit and battled but we agree we can have details ahead also an update on breaking news in chesapeake. two scenes here. six people dead an apparent murder suicide according to police a live look from the scene. this is
6:25 am
and in what can only be described as very tragic situation in chesapeake. we're learning that six people are dead an apparent murder suicide. all victims related in this case police found the first body
6:26 am
hundred block there. after combing for clues. swat teams went to a house nearby on north george washington highway in winter green drive there was a standoff with the suspects they are in when swat teams went inside they found five dead body. lisa brown has been on the scene all morning long gathering latest details she joins us live from the second scene where investigation has been going on all night long lease lucy and raised in very sad scene on your pleas and went in and this home for several hours behind me and actually just minutes ago a truck pulled out and started wheeling in what looked to be her knees again police have been on here for several hours. also in the mornings that were open but police shot them just a short while ago you could see a family portrait hanging on the wall the officers have since closed the blinds again police are calling this a murder suicide thing the victims our family. this started around three thirty
6:27 am
the first body on wildwood road when he went to go check on someone after investigating officers when a couple blocks away here to this home on george washington in winter green when officers got here they say they found an armed person barricaded inside the home police say they negotiated with that person for several hours the swat team eventually won and it looks like they busted through that front door officers found five bodies including the suspect now police are saying all six victims are related that this started over some sort of domestic dispute again police believe the suspect killed those people before officers arrived. we'll be out here throughout the day and keep you updated as we get more information live in chesapeake. elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you so much for still learning to find out the identity yes of all these family members who stay on top of this information bring it to us we learn more right now we want to say good morning everyone i'm lucy
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serious thursday another cold day is on tap we had a little bit of sleep this morning as we drove a near downtown norfolk that's all gone now though meteorologists isis got in for greg and could we see rain in parts of the regions in asia. that's right andrea good morning you guys good morning everybody in iraq to a mostly dry start this morning we did have some sleek palettes on dixie and with some of the light showers that we saw earlier this morning satellite and radar right now and again mainly dry we do have the clouds in place and watching this batch of very light showers tracking generally up to the north that isa really that's what we're going to be dealing with this morning but there's more moisture off to the south riding along a frontal boundary that's going to continue to head off to the north and east of the dies that the decrease our chances for rain was starting off chile as well temperature the twenty eight right now emporia where thirty seven north of the morning to you were coming in mainly in the twenties farther north and then farther south we've got mainly forties on the map forty one in my apt as well
6:29 am
forty four right now and that now with winds coming out of the north and northeast pretty light this morning about five in newport news as well as portsmouth and seven in virginia beach that can help to keep our temperatures that day so you had to work early this morning temperatures in the upper thirties for most spots a little bit farther and when it will be cooler because a few light showers this morning the better chances for rain later on this afternoon and evening i'll detail that forecasts for coming out with magic as it will take a look at a big warm up for the weekend that's in just a few minutes ashley alright i usually just before the six thirty half hour started. i do unless you know we have an accident is working in chesapeake in that report came in just minutes ago i haven't update for you now on how things are shaping up a bit of good news bad news is we head to our camera six sixty four northbound just past the bowers hill interchange to sixty four and sixty four when it transitioned over to six sixty four accident right and they are involving a tractor trailer. initially the two
6:30 am
this point just the left lane is blocked so a bit of improvement. now we talk about the bad news and that is the backup headed to the scene of this accidental a tie for second camera and here is sixty four just past military highway on making its way to our zoo interchange. that's two miles away from the scene of the accident. so that's going to continue to build at least to the scene clears i'll have the latest on your delays and delays elsewhere. coming up are ashley thank you jefferson middle school in portsmouth could be denied accreditation and that recommendation is coming from the state superintendent our partners at the virginian pilot reported the state board of education will meet in richmond today to vote on this recommendation. this after the division requested a partially of credit rating for the school if the request is denied the division will have to sign a memorandum of understanding with the board to develop strategies to improve the students' performance. the board with mother accused of knocking
6:31 am
bail. tracy lawrence posted a ten thousand dollars bond last night she is not allowed to have contact with the assistant principal or anyone who witnessed the alleged attack at lakeview elementary police say lawrence was unhappy with what the administrator said during a meeting and hit her in the head causing her to briefly lose consciousness today in virginia beach volunteers and nonprofit organizations will canvass the city to find people who are homeless and count them as city officials use the data to create strategies to help people who don't have a home and also determines how much federal funding the city gets for emergency shelters and housing throughout the year so if you want to volunteer in that count. we have much more information on thirteen years now. com dunno six thirty names will be at tidewater community college in virginia beach to help launch a program to help military veterans transition into civilian careers the east coast institute is part of the nonprofit group the honor foundation transition institute aims to help members of the naval special
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operations forces communities transition into careers in the private sector governor terry mcauliffe and virginia beach where will sessions scheduled to attend a day since age two are very popular event often seems to cost a lot more y selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach.
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and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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i welcome back
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look at ascot on forecasts of four wednesday temperatures falling to about thirty eight degrees by five pm the actual was forty degrees and again keep in mind as long as were written three degrees. then we have a correct fecast so that makes wine and i think today we could see another correct forecasts will definitely watch those numbers death of this together last nine forty three degrees for a hike today i did bump up the number two degrees to forty five so we'll watch those numbers closely here's a look outside this is our overlooking downtown norfolk we've got some clouds out there as well call it partly to mostly cloudy across the region as temperatures is chilly as well thirty seven in norfolk were coming in below freezing right now in newport news where forty one allows the city or in the twenties on the eastern shore and now has to be heading out early. definitely bundle up and bundle the kids at heading back to school here's a look at satellite radar can we do have the clouds in place they will stay in place and we've got some showers tracking mainly
6:36 am
stretching just southeast of elizabeth city and we've got this line of very light showers continuing to head off to the north and east are heading out early you will definitely need to take the rain here are you likely needed maybe this afternoon especially if you are joining us from northeastern north carolina or right along the south side. highs will climb to the mid forties by this afternoon under mostly cloudy skies. i am chatty even warmer conditions for the weekend and will come of those rain chances for you coming up in just a few minutes. ashley ladd as an accident. yep still watching the accident but out popped popped up on the our radar come around six twenty six twenty five something along those lines and it's still working at this point six sixty four northbound just past the bowers hill interchange in chesapeake you can see here the ball the tractor trailer is blocking the left lane still at this point the backup is three miles back to sixty four almost a george washington highway that's going to continue to grow until it clears and stay with me aka choo around it and i hopefully will have to deal
6:37 am
your way around town now on the traffic network maps you can see the rest of the air into pretty well for the most part if you delay to discuss and some bridge with later on today i'll cover that coming up in the next few minutes our intensity so much will it slow or false week on daybreak. and we're debunking many myths about the virus the head or ashley smith spoke to the experts about the most common flu strains used to create vaccines and we're following breaking news out of chesapeake were six people are dead in an
6:38 am
i in verses forty four the scene of that murder suicide that we were telling about six people dead and the reason we're showing you video not a live picture that is because elise brown a reporter on the scene just told us that police are getting ready to pull greece out and we did one show on tv so instead went for bbq that we shot just earlier this morning from the scene now lee said at a scene where five of the six bodies were found. that was the final scene involved in this murder suicide and at one point suspect negotiation case the scene started over at wildwood ended up on winter
6:39 am
on wildwood road first then their investigation led them to the house that was showing you about a block away when officers finally entered the home after hours of negotiating with the suspect they found that he had killed himself was assuming that he killed himself and the other people in the house a total of five bodies in there with learning all the victims our family our lease brown has been on the scene all morning long we can have an update live from her in about fifteen minutes and we're also watching other news breaking overnight the fbi in oregon state police say they've arrested three more people connected to that armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge fbi says that the men turned themselves in ages. overnight now agents didn't arrest eight others late tuesday that includes the group's leader in bundy one person died during those arrested monday released a statement through his attorney urging his followers to leave. fbi officials say
6:40 am
the safest way possible you can request for more on this developing story coming up right after daybreak on good morning america. i sent a thank you later today several presidential hopefuls will take to the stage in iowa for the latest gop debate. one key figure will not be there donald trump says he is skipping the fox news debate to host a benefit for veterans. it comes after trump demanded fox replace moderator megan kelly who he says treated him unfairly later tom blame the fox news release as his reason for dropping out. meanwhile senator ted cruz is accusing trouble dodging him but for much more on the debate on good morning and it is coming on six forty seven new this morning an investigation into the ticket industry in new york reveals the average fan has almost no chance to buy taken at face value. the new york state attorney general's investigation found less than half of tickets for concerts sports and other events are reserved for the public. most are held to the venue the performer the promoter or a pre sale to insiders
6:41 am
what is really stands up with brokers who resell at a markup and coverage of this markets continue on good morning america that's coming up in just over ten minutes from now after daybreak this morning a new first for amazon the company is running an ad for superbowl sunday the commercial features alec baldwin and dan marino from the cough and sore as i know the north from miami are planning a super bowl party with the help of amazon echo the retailer's virtual assistant. very interesting samsung may be getting ready to launch its own phone upgrade program reports say that the tech giant will allow customers to lease their devices for a year then exchange it for a newer model apple has a similar plan for the page take this one it's on me yet i have time after more to get so hot. yes we are at our we did have what wonderful weather apps are for home with us the news but
6:42 am
your forecast than right here right at center channel thirteen. you know what we're talking as an unsettled weather today but then we've got a bit warm up just in time for the weekend but on the chilly side this morning so we'll talk about all of it over the next two minutes or three minutes. here's a look outside overlooking virginia visas from our western camp we do have a few clouds out there but those crowds always make for really pretty shots thirty seven degrees right now an orphan tracks below freezing and newport news for coming in at forty one right now is the city every down to that's one teas on the eastern shore and now let's take a look and satellite and radar we had a few slight showers in a few sleek palettes i mixed in with some of those showers earlier this morning. most of the area acts and dry with the exception of a few very light showers stretching across portions of northeastern north carolina also elijah south and west of the husky were dealing with some of those very light showers they will continue to push on generally to the north and east. here's a look at what i'm tracking
6:43 am
boundary this is actually the cold front that moved through yesterday we've got two areas of low pressure developing right along it they will sort of converge and then head off to the north and east so with that system being so close to the cows at the sam meister our way says we had for the rest of the day we could see just a few very light showers just like what we're saying this morning to rain chances this morning about twenty percent as we head to lunch time again most of the moisture still dance works out but a few showers not have the question and in future cause was to keep all this moisture across northeastern north carolina but i do think we could see some showers on the south side as well and then even into the evening hours will continue with the chance for showers mainly across northeastern north carolina and they will finally clear everything out as we head into the overnight hours skies will clear as well so by friday morning we're talking a lot of sunshine plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day on friday it will be a bit on the chilly side a little bit warmer than today. so here's a look at rain chances i want
6:44 am
because for the south side about a thirty to forty percent chance of rain rain chances will fall as we had a little bit farther north and then better chances for rain across northeastern north carolina as high as forty percent. so here's a look at the forecast for today in the mid forties for most of the area northeastern north carolina he'll climb near fifty degrees for forty five today forty eight on friday we climbed back into the sixties as we headed to the weekend to look at your weather forecasts ashley has a chubby to shipping are focusing on the hampton to norfolk right eye you should because at this point we are seeing some delays as you head off from the potential to the south side will give you a live look now at our camera. this shot here sixty four eastbound at settlers landing road and to really make out as traffic approaches now history their heads the hr bt thats when things are starting to really slow down to watch opera that a half mile of heavy traffic right now as you head to norfolk and our second camera we still are watching this accident six sixty four north in chesapeake involving a
6:45 am
bowers bill dies you can see it does appear that the scene is clearing up and right now we still have one lane blocked and traffic is backing up to sixty four i would say right now with the approaching military highway so i would say about two miles of very slow traffic this morning headed to the bowers hill interchange us stay tuned i will certainly give you one more level contract in the delays coming up here in the next few minutes all right we've been debunking flume it's all this week on daybreak if you ever actually had the flu the most pressing concern may be preventing that from ever happening again and medical experts try to keep you from getting the flu as well. by designing new vaccines each year from data collected around the world. dr david bradshaw would be a mess as that data is then analyzed to identify which blew by restraint are circulating that season how they spread and how effective are the most recent vaccines
6:46 am
at and been typing the strains to see are the a influenza a influenza b are they an age when in one like the last pandemic was over then a three and two and what strains you are circulating right now that we think might be affecting people. the next year that of analysis that goes into this so the season's most common flu virus strains are the ones that are used to create the vaccines nearly every year and usually two types of vaccines are created to kick off each flu season so one protects against three strains of flu so they are picked based off of the two strains known as type a in one strain known as type either the most common for that season. that's called a tri bail and back seen the other type of vaccine protects but protects rather against four strains of flu to type a strains and to type b strains and that is called a quad reveal and vaccines are two things the kind of ah
6:47 am
are planning to get her vaccine dr bradshaw said. in addition to getting the vaccine protect yourself by sticking to the basics take anti viral medications always cover your cough and remember to wash her hands as a somewhat there's still much more ahead on daybreak including an update on that breaking news out of chesapeake a lot information
6:48 am
our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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i saw on gma gop frontrunner donald trump boycotting tonight's republican debate and overnight taking directly at fox news and megan kelly the latest live from iowa this morning just days away from the caucuses there next to me and we had back to the breaking news in just the two scenes here murder suicide six people dead all victims related try police found the first body on wildwood road twenty three hundred block after combing for clues swat teams went to a house nearby about a block away at north washington and north george washington highway in winter green drive there was a standoff with the suspect for hours and then finally swat teams entered the property in inside that house they found five bodies including the suspect ryan elise brown
6:50 am
the details all morning long updating us and she joins us now at the second scene where the investigation is underway links and remove seeds and berries as you and your stories. jess rolled or even to the home and then take a step aside officers have been here for several hours police are calling this a murder suicide thing the victims our family is in it all started around three thirty yesterday officers found the first body on wildwood road when they went to check on someone after investigating officers went to a home a couple blocks away here on george washington in the winter green when officers got here they found an armed person barricaded inside the home police say they negotiated with that person for several hours the swat team eventually when it looks like the front door was busted in as you mentioned officers found five bodies that's including the suspect police say they believe this all started over some sort of a family dispute again saying all the victims are related we will be out here all
6:51 am
as the story develops live in chesapeake. elise brown thirteen years now. the sad story there were still trying to learn the identities of those folks who the victim to this murder suicide here will let you know what happens throughout the day right when i look at the traffic out there yet a bit of good news at that accident scene that i was watching just because we had to our camera looks like the scene has cleared a bit of good news there but i would still expect about two miles of heavy traffic at least until you pass that scene again that six sixty four north just past the bowers hill interchange on the traffic network now to do a couple of leis one east of the hr bt and one east of the midtown tunnel over to the high rise opens at eleven o'clock this morning and the coleman bridge hope the coleman bridge i should say opens at one this afternoon and then again at eight o'clock tonight but other than that the roads are pretty calm. elsewhere things are starting to improve even in terms of our delays great i need one more messy day raining yet and you know it will have the rain mainly across northeastern north carolina to keep that in mind some showers on the south side of the question
6:52 am
today forty five degrees and then once we get rid of the system ran for a really nice weekend and a lot of sunshine highs in the fifties and sixties and that will continue into early next week and test. yes they're planning year we had a much different last week the snow alright well that will wrap it up for us here on thirty news now at daybreak on red hat are back with updates to tough the reason i don't forget there is always donald trump standing his ground overnight firing back at fox. fox. you take? >> and megyn kelly. >> i think she's highly overrated.
6:53 am
him to a one-on-one debate
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