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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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i am right now hear from those who say they knew the six victims of the mass shooting in chesapeake police calling it the result of a murder or suicide. it all started yesterday afternoon when officers were called to wildwood road to perform a welfare check. one person was found dead in that house five more than other home just blocks away an entire family in chesapeake murder. we have team coverage of this story marcella robertson tracking down the details of what unfolded overnight but we begin with lees readily spoke with those who live in that neighborhood. that's right on trend with the neighbors are truly at a loss for words however they had nothing but kind words to say but the family who live in a small misstep by the way the home is now boarded up and police left a short while ago but officers had been in this neighborhood since about
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afternoon the state started over a family dispute. when officers went to check on a purse on wildwood drive they found a body that was the first body after investigating they went just blocks away here to the intersection of winter green and george washington police and armed person was barricaded inside the home neighbors say they didn't see the swat team out here police department spokesman says they told that person to come out tops or say when they went inside of the hometown to find bodies including the suspect police say all the victims are related and that they believe the suspect killed around two years before officers arrived i spoke with neighbors this morning there in disbelief and trying to find the words describe how her rethink the situation is i'm still in shock i and is on. oh no it is is to mix the can and very sad situation here we will keep you updated as we get more information throughout
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elise brown thirteen years now so much elise fourteen coverage continues with more soul robertson marcello you're looking into the family at the center of all of this and neighbors are telling you that one of the victims as a police officer. yeah well you know neighbors tell us that the dooley family live right here in this house behind me on wildwood road. i can tell you me here in this neighborhood that they are absolutely devastated that they're in shock on a i don't think it's really sunk in for a lot of neighbors here yet but again we have learned about the dooley family that you know that the daughter broke the mother lori via father and tied on that brother is a land in cameron and the grandmother doris are all dead and this is really just on iraq this community here we did find out that the father time was a member of the chesapeake police department officer there he was with every dive unit is what neighbors and family friends tell us at this point i'm still a very hard day for the chesapeake police department as well we've also
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a pillar in the community a pillar in their church right across the street i did speak with the interim pastor tells me that the grandfather allen do with the pastor there for years since the nineteen seventies and until he passed away in two thousand and ten it's obviously devastating for the church community with one neighbor who says she just thought i'd outside yesterday and she's gonna miss seeing his patrol car out there she's really just in shock just like a lot of neighbors out here this point the neighbors in themselves are all just tuesday an inside take trying to take it and trying to figure out why not. my big and i guess me and still my biggest is why and why that's what a lot of people are asking out here right now i'm in and hoping to get some of those answers soon but obviously this is just as tragic as it had such
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people here in the community family friends in the church school but honestly a very tough time for the chesapeake police department as well now we are expecting and hoping to get an update from tess people easter soon once we do get that will be sure to pass it on t will be following this story is really heartbreaking tragic story on throughout the rest the day once we learn more we'll be sure to pass it along to you in our lives in chesapeake marcella robertson thirty is now or so thick you will have continuing coverage of this very tragic story autopsies being performed right now to the victims as you heard marcella to say the police are hoping to give us an update later this afternoon lessons we get that information we'll pass along to you in this newscast and thirteen is not common on her way from your tv you can get the latest updates on your smartphone with a thirteen is now app then tune in for complete coverage from thirteen years now. before moving on now police say that a former faculty member at a hampton school took indecent liberties with the students investigators say the twenty
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now faces charges the charges stem from two incidents involving a seventeen year old male from hampton high school. the incidents were reported back in november the police just released the information today. a driver careened out of control and slams into a newport news home these pictures from the fire department shows why the family who lives there will have to find a new place to live you can see the damage. the driver lost control while exiting i sixty four before careening into the house on chestnut avenue near sixteenth street were told no one was hurt in the cracks the house has been condemned. another family forced out of their home this time because of the fire firefighters responded to the home late last night and said more row that's not far from diamond springs road and weston drive were told that two adults and two children were inside the home and get out in time but one of those adults suffered injuries beach fire officials say they're still trying to figure out what sparked the fire and right now volunteers and nonprofit
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canvass the city to find people who are homeless that's right the call is to count them those numbers help figure out how to best help these people and also determines how much federal funding the city gets for emergency housing for the homeless shelters and finding throughout the year if you would like to volunteer we have much more information on thirty years now dot com untill the portsmouth based cutter northland is back home the crew spent nearly two months at sea while underway the north and was part of a drug seizure operation combined crews took more than seventy five hundred kilos of while on patrol in the pacific as part of an international operation. well donald trump says that he is sitting this one out the gop debate drama taking some wild turn to the front runner says push him away from the debate and we're still following that breaking news story out of chesapeake six people found dead in apparent murder suicide and then coming up in our second half hour that may
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they they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to i would be cam newton speaking out he says why he thinks he has become a
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tonight gop presidential frontrunner donald trump will be a no show at the republican debate hosted by fox news is right is of a fiasco is playing out just four days before the iowa caucuses. abc's kenneth mode has the latest from washington from the report card to get on the stage like a number of months ago for the first of may i get a variance request it from somebody but we don't even talk about the third the gop frontrunner talk about it on the very network even a bitter public feud with taking on bill o'reilly on the o'reilly factor. i have
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moderator making kelly out she wryly suggested trump turned to his christian values golden eye for an eye i guess also you can look at the knowledge to good nutrition the idea that is why when i let ted cruz is demanding trying to beat him one on one saturday when you went ahead. i don't think he's afraid of making the depression is afraid of the people of iowa is one the democrats hillary clinton bernie sanders or the statistical tie in a new nbc maris wall street journal poll. sanders is back in iowa after his white house visit with president obama the energy the enthusiasm besides the momentum for sanders can be seen throughout iowa the clinton if they let bernie sanders when i what he will win new hampshire and then this race totally reset and it's in a
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political analysts as his supporters are sticking with them on this the big boycott drop of the dueling event and i what a night a fundraiser to help veterans both abc news washington and armed robbery takes an unexpected here just moments as he had had enough i know what happens when he fights back and i'm tracking quite a bit
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i still think that other breaking story of chesapeake dead in apparent murder suicide police were called out to wildwood road yesterday afternoon to perform a welfare check in
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by their investigation led them to a nearby home where an armed person was barricaded inside the standoff ended when officers go into that house and they discovered five more bodies including the suspect or michelle roberts reported earlier in the newscast that her that this is the dooley family she'll have an update throughout this newscast and making a desperate plea to find the person or people their loved one. christopher alan's family is now offering a ten thousand dollars reward for information leading to an arrest. allen was found shot in a house on waverly way earlier this month. now that same night another man walked into depaul hospital with a gunshot wound. detectives believe that the cases are connected if you know anything at all call the crime line the reward money is separate from the ward associated with crime line tips virginia beach police is teaming up with beach schools to make a new push about the safety of social media and the result of video new video reminding
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posts have real consequences when harassment turned to threats we get involved people may think that they're anonymous but they're not and we will track down where the threat originated this is part ofthe be social be smart be safe campaign the district started the effort last year after dealing with several online school threats none were credible but police did arrest a fifteen year old student from making a threat church lane middle school in portsmouth could be denied accreditation that recommendation coming from the state superintendent our partners at the virginian pilot reports that the state board of education will meet in richmond today to vote on that recommendation comes after the division requested a partially credited rating for the school. so if that request is denied the division will have to sign a memorandum of understanding with the board to develop strategies to improve the school's performance around or go and
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schoolchildren today marks the thirtieth anniversary since the space shuttle challenger was destroyed by an explosion less than two minutes after take off all seven crew members including teacher christa mcauliffe died. yes is hosting a day remembrance honoring the challenger victims as the columbia and apollo one and other nash bash not skilled in the line of duty the search continues this new for three inmates who escaped a jail in california police have five people in custody who they are hoping will lead them to the criminals the three inmates escaped or disappear from the orange county jail on friday they were awaiting trial for several violent crimes including murder we're looking at internally we're looking at our policies and procedures where looking into the escape itself and how that occurred and whether there was any outsider inside help. officials say they expect more rest soon. an
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the clerk started fighting back take a look at this video from oklahoma city the suspect allegedly asked for cigarettes and then pulled out a gun to the store clerk was not intimidated at all he grabs a crowbar. it starts to swing it at the suspect the two ran back and forth across the front of the store several times before the suspect finally took off police are still looking for that gunman whether they're the afternoon everybody we have had the clouds around almost all day in the clouds will continue as we head into the action in the evening hours here's a live look at downtown norfolk cloudy skies at the bit on the cool side as well we've got temperatures generally in the forties forty five degrees right now and mouth were at forty two and is still coming in and the low forties in gloucester was was still holding at thirty six and so will that after starting off in the twenties
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forty six right now in hampton and upper thirties and downtown newport news. we do have some warmer air trying to push into the area where fifty one right now and centrists forty seven increase of about forty five right now nk rattan for joining us from northeastern north carolina are also mainly in the forties we got forty seven belvedere forty seven as well in hartford and forty six encourage have such chilly day and we're going to keep the gloomy conditions around and notice satellite and radar showing the clouds we also have a few light showers pushing mainly in north carolina this is all out ahead of the system is much is riding along this boundary this is the cold front that moved through yesterday is now stationary and we've got a lot of moisture riding right along that boundary so we're going to have chances for rain today so i would assure you that feature cast as we go through the rest of start to see the ring a little bit closer to our viewing area if you joining us from say north eastern north carolina. you'll have the better chance of seeing rain today also some of those
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the south side but the heavy steady rain will stay mainly to our south across northeastern north carolina and as we head into the overnight hours that system will pull away pretty quickly we're going to see klaus decrease later on tonight and the showers will come to an end across north carolina will start off friday with a lot of sunshine about going to continue as we head throughout the day on friday and it will be a little bit warmer with temperatures near fifty four today though temperatures generally in the mid to upper forties with about forty five and north of forty six enhancing the farther north you go on the lower the rain chances are you'll note is not thinking of one too many rain chances here across the middle peninsula also the eastern shore of northeastern north carolina you have a better chance for rain today temperatures climbing near fifty degrees forty nine and all of this city as well as current tab so here's a look at the seven day forecast not looking that forty five degrees today again the rain especially the heavy steady rain mainly in north carolina as we head
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to climb near fifty degrees the low fifties on saturday we're going to start to climb a well above what we should be for this time of the year which is in the upper forties and a lot of sunshine in that dry stretch will continue into early next week before another chance for rain arrives on wednesday sold at the really good weekend compared to last week and yes we had all of this snow not out is to actually do all right thanks alina how the state of virginia my busted still budget on just last week's storm alone governor terry mcauliffe told the state could end up spending two hundred million dollars on salting and plowing and removing the snow that would leave only two million dollars in this year's snow budget for the governor says quote whatever happens we're going to spend it we've got to keep commerce and virginia moving and as d c digs out some drivers may find an unwelcome surprise lurking on frozen windshields. the city handed out more than a million
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tow charges. new figures released by the city show that nearly fifty five hundred cars were parked along snow emergency routes all of them got tickets at two hundred and fifty dollars a pop another six hundred and ninety cars were towed. tack on another hundred bucks that take its class in power and storage fee of twenty dollars a day. wow how this bottom of travel between norfolk and portsmouth elizabeth river tunnels will close the midtown tunnel. crews will work to remove a pedestrian bridge and two other appears related to that of the project and that means the two will be closed from eight friday night until five monday morning were told nearby residents may hear noise from the construction work overnight friday into saturday morning new marching orders from the leader of an armed militia i love you. let us take this fight from here please stand down. that's the attorney for ammon bundy
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for militants are militia there to stand down from a they've been holed up in it for weeks after the break we explore what led up to the shootout with authorities
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major developments this new in that weeks long standoff in oregon between armed anti government
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overnight police making more arrests as one of the jailed leaders calls on the remaining militants to stand down and go home. abc's milk or whiskey is in burns oregon with the latest three more protesters and arresting each facing one federal felony count of conspiracy and two still occupy the federal land in oregon a message from the group's leader. ammon bundy now speaking out from jail through his attorney. i love you. let us take this fight from here please stand down bindi and seven others were taken into custody yesterday another member. the boy finnegan was shot and killed by law enforcement following a traffic stop. i didn't have to happen we all make choices in life sometimes our choices go bad authorities so far giving no details about
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emerging about how he died avoid any as they have murdered the day had his in target along with nominees communication with remaining militants now so grounded by federal agents local residents echo bunnies police to his supporters. it's time to go home. i'm just kind of upset and the kids didn't listen to the majority of people and with it reportedly there are three with just five militants now out of the compound as for that did the shooting police say a full investigation is underway. it was that her abc news new york hi we are getting much more new information on a murder citing murder suicide in chesapeake. yet we are going to the race about who the victims actually we're in this case the six victims here were looking into who they are and what happened here and update a live update
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. a costly updating information here community shattered after entire family of six is found dead people are saying that this was a fantastic family police say it's the result of an apparent murder suicide. neighbors tell thirteen years now that the dooley family or prominent influential kind people in the community members of the temple baptist church in chesapeake neighbors also say the father todd dooley was the chesapeake police officer already there's been an outpouring of grief for the entire family or live team coverage continues this half hour. elise brown is at the house you've been there a lease for hours today were five of the family members were found and you actually spoke with those neighbors that knew them pretty well i just cannot believe this
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neighbors are just heartbroken they can not believe what happened here they had nothing but kind words to say but this family let the scene not long ago right now the house is boarded up. please see this whole situation started around three thirty yesterday he said he got a call about a family dispute and went over to wildwood that's when they said they found a body inside and then will match the first body after investigating they went in just a few blocks away to the home here on the intersection of george washington in the winter green police and armed person was barricaded inside the home is a people officers tried to negotiate with that person from for several hours. witnesses say they saw the swat team outside the home. once officers went into a moment now to find bodies and that includes the suspect police say all the victims are related and believe the suspect killed around him before officers arrived nice talk with neighbors this
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and are trying to describe how terrific today truly was okay i just don't have that video right now but we will be see what these could be describing how they were feeling today at the scene they said this is a wonderful family that would help any of their neighbors again we'll keep you updated throughout the day live in chesapeake elise brown thirteen years now and we would tell you that police are with god there conducting an autopsy the medical examiner is performing autopsy to positively identify this family who can tell you we have reporters fanned out covering the story and neighbors and loved ones are going to find the same until you tell who they are with their names are exactly and also reaching out with the go fund me page. even a friend from church of a young girl that was also killed in this we have calls out the chesapeake police. our team coverage continues but so far the neighbors tell us that the victims or doris
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the name todd lori land and brooke and cameron and we know that brooke dooley was a student at deep creek high school on twitter and facebook we have seen people posting condolences and remembrances for broke and the entire family thirteen years our reporter tammy lee is at deep creek high school with more laundry it is just as sad as somber day here at deep creek ii school in tweed that i just arrived from this shooting here said that the tears are just flowing and there is just a deep deep sense of sadness here today and from what we've gathered on facebook today brooke was someone who was dearly loved by many she appeared to have a lot of friends she was on the cheerleading squad here she seemed to be very active and involved and the cheers what actually has its own facebook page and a diet changed its profile picture morning i just got so many comments from people talking about broken how she was such
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great of a person she was just a deep sense of sadness of people are still in disbelief and shock about the school district this morning to see how they're handling this situation obviously a lot of students are affected by this i asked him if they are sending grief counselors to the high school today but they tell me that they could not comment on anything at this point because this is an ongoing active police investigation so we are going to try and stay on top of this and find out more about brooke and her family. so shd be sure to follow us both on air and online at thirteen years now dot com for now reporting live in chesapeake i'm jenny be thirteen years now and we reset of the school district is well with her back normal i can only do we'll have continuing coverage of this very tragic story test the police tell us they're hoping to have an update for later this afternoon as soon as we get that information we'll pass along to you if we do get in this newscast we'll bring it to you also have
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media correspondent leash for him he also has treated at the go fund me page information for this family if you are interested in helping them out as well alright moving on to lighter news he is the most polarizing figure in super bowl fifty. up next cam newton explains why he thinks he has become a lightning rod for criticism class they call this mixture to a shine and it starts innocentlx_ aha!
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that may scare a lot of people because they they have to see nothing that they can compare me to. he's a lightning fast the look feel and a lightning rod for controversy carolina panther superstar camden speaking out as he prepares for the big game on many praising his natural abilities at a young age. others still really critical of him in the things he says it's something that noone blames on race. abc's ryan snapped pics of the story he's been called everything from a showboat as an extended celebration of your opponent to ensure that this morning cam newton the end zone getting super been impersonating quarterback of the super bowl bound carolina panthers insane reason behind some of that criticism is the color of his skin after american quarterback that may scare a
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they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to the iss the ticks of the noon saying wednesday his on field exuberance is nothing new that despite the criticism he staying true to himself i'm doing exactly what i wanted to pout want to do it when i look at a mere this means his comments lighting of the internet some cleaning hypocrisy the end zone dances of white quarterbacks are celebrated not malign other saying of newton a pre rehearsed dance is never classy regardless of race the panthers' coach saying he identifies with his star player he was tagged as hispanic it took less money guy just took out the he wants to be known as an african american quarterback i think he has been on the court of great wanted that but for newton. he says there's another reason his critics have in their
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that were winning rhinos reporting about you a candy bar that he is the next reality show star ok to watch though that's a question i don't know maybe to see the world health organisation
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i we're back this noon important warning for parents is growing in popularity among teenagers. this has already been blamed for the death of two young people in tennessee and the calling to shine. it is a homemade cocktail of mountain dew and drag racing fuel the fuel is nearly a hundred percent methanol and is extremely poisonous and initially methanol can create the same effects of alcohol but it can also cause na xia seizures coma and death just two tablespoons can be deadly for a child is affecting things
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makes the acids in the batman beyond so that one can become blind. if you don't know what senator don't know how poisonous it is then you should take. doctors say they're treated for cases just this week alone to all of them were in the same area of tennessee and other health alert now the world health organization is warning that the z virus is quote spreading explosively in the americas they are meeting today to determine the next course of action and fighting this virus. there are now twenty confirmed cases in the of this week a virus in several states in the us those cases are connected to people who travel to countries in south and central america where mosquitoes carry the disease is the guy is linked to four thousand cases a micro separately a birth defect that causes unusually small heads and brains really scary to hear that because obviously you know being pregnant like the number one thing you worry about is my baby be okay. come out
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the fda and other federal agencies are working on protocols to protect from his ego virus it will likely include new guidelines to screen and restrict blood donations from travelers visited regions where there have been sica weeks after a very chilly week some warmer weather is on the way it's coming just in time for the weekend isis god has your
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. the oscar diversity controversy rages on a tray has made it all the way to the oval office with president obama weighing in with i think that when everybody's story is told and that makes for better or makes for better entertainment. it makes everybody feel part of one american family. i think the oscar debate is really
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broader issue of are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot and this year none of the academy awards twenty acting nominations went to a person of color creating the viral hashtag oscars so whites the oscars air one month from now for every twenty eight you can catch in right here on abc thirteen. there is a new member of the budweiser clydesdale family. mac was born at warm springs ranch in missouri this week he joined the herd of more than one hundred and sixty mac will live at the ranch while he learns the ins and outs of being a budweiser clydesdale amazon is making its super bowl advertising debut with its first ever big gain commercial that features actor alec baldwin and football great dan marino the teaser for the ad shows baldwin getting help planning a super bowl party from merino and the amazon echo
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retailer's wireless speaker was a chilly and cloudy day on this thursday afternoon but we are going to see some changes as we end the workweek and headed to the weekend and that will come with the warm up of laos of you aren't a fan of the chilly temperatures does hold off a few more days here to look outside overlooking virginia beach this is from our dairy queen candidates seventeen in atlanta it is quiet is chilly as well with temperatures and the low forties we do have that wind out of the north that's helping to keep our temperatures at bay. here's a look at raleigh tavern in williamsburg also holding on to the cloud cover and you can probably seems i just snowfall that's not gonna last much longer as temperatures climb over the next several days forty six degrees right now in williamsburg the winds are reporting causes speaking of the wins they coming and northeast fairly light only about five mph in norfolk six mph in virginia beach and seven mph in kill devil hills but with that northerly wind that's keeping
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chilly today. satellite radar showing the clouds across the area were starting to get some showers starting to approach the rocky mount and a portion just south of the haas you know the zoom out of you you'll notice i am tracking this frontal boundary this with a cold front that moved through yesterday and we've got some moisture riding along that boundaries as we go through the rest of the afternoon note as most of the moisture future cast once the heat most of that moisture down to the south. i do think we can see some showers sneak on the south side portions of the peninsula but the majority of the rain staying to the south temperatures falling back into the low forties by this evening and as we head into the overnight hours we're going to clear the clouds out nicely. the showers across northeastern north carolina will come to an end but it will be a chilly start here friday with temperatures generally in the low to mid thirties and as we head into friday afternoon while mostly to partly cloudy conditions and with some cooler air moving and we could pick up when a shower or two mainly to the north again not a big
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saturday morning we're going to start off very chilly temperatures near freezing with onesies closer or farther and when i should say today forty five degrees mostly cloudy again those scattered showers across the area mainly in northeastern north carolina with some of those could sneak on the south side as well. thirty five degrees tonight showers ending with decreasing clouds and i talked about the warm up we are going to see some warmer temperatures as we head into the weekend. you know is that green they're finally moving back into our area. here's a look at the seven day forecast forty seven degrees for friday when a woman to the fifties and sixties over the weekend with plenty of sunshine and that will last into the early part of next week. heatley with roses given callously gonna feel like a heatwave especially compared to last weekend for sure. oh what joy a welcome change. oh yeah throw this out there's going to feel like winter in miami six at the deadwood now it's finally
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