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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the entire tragic story of four starts now. a tragedy in chesapeake six people are dead after a violent murder suicide. all those who died members of one family they were all part of the dooley family the community and those who knew them are absolutely shocked. they simply can't comprehend the turn of events that began to unfold last night somebody who joins us with the latest on this devastating story marcello what do we know right now. well this is it is absolutely heartbreaking and this point we know that the older son cameron dooley shot and killed his entire family before killing himself now this year. this is four of those family members and it's where police had a long standoff with cameron before he eventually killed himself. there is a growing memorial here on the steps of this family home now people
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entire community is is grieving during morning and they're just devastated by the loss of this family now responded to the dooley family home on wildwood road that's when he found cameron's younger brother landon he was the first victim police found and he was shot to death and hours later they were led to the grandmother and of the dooley family and that's where they had that long standoff with cameron be tried for hours to get him to come outside he eventually turned the gun on himself and that gruesome gruesome discovery they found his sister brought his mother lori his dad taught his grandmother doris all shot inside now at this point the community is really just in disbelief neighbors say they cannot believe that this is happening and you will want to leave in just a short short every package you get family members third is really a lot of hurt here in this community at this point
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their head around how something like this could happen why something like this can happen. coming up tonight on thirteen years now at five o'clock you'll hear much more from neighbors about the devastation they're dealing with right now live in chesapeake marcella roberts in thirteen years now our team coverage of this tragedy continues with a closer look at one victim among the lives lost was she was a student and quit deep creek high school and her classmates are absolutely devastated our jimmy lee reached out to them and jimmy i'm sure he was a very somber janitor who is extremely extremely somber just in deep deep sense of sadness here today one student i talked to said that he walked into school this morning in just so so many people crying and hugging each other and really the day just couldn't go on lot of exams were postponed today because of this we know
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at deep creek she lays on the cheerleading team and she was very active and involved a very likable person who was loved by many people so many people took to social media today to offer their prayers and thoughts to family members and friends you know from all the comments and tweets that i saw it was very clear that broke was just an amazing girl whose life was just sadly cut short. i want he can just get a sense of what i'm talking about here one person said. rest easy sweet girl will be missed more than you could ever know another person said i'm so sorry this happened to you broke i can't wait to see you again one day it's at its very heart wrenching because she's going to see who graduated from couldn't do anything since our college well i contacted school officials state officials to see how they're handling this host whole situation i asked
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counselors on site today but he told me that they could not comment on anything at this point because this is an active and ongoing police investigation are now reporting live in chesapeake jimmy me thirteen years now and again right now there's an outpouring of support for the dooley family on social media people are leaving their condolences on line and elise abraham g has more on what they're saying janet i've been keeping a close eye on social media all day i can tell you this the community is really coming together to remember the dooley family as soon as family and friends were made aware of the tragedy this family had been involved in. we started seeing feast of tributes like the ones you're seeing on your screen now pictures of the family individuals posting memories and just simple condolences have filled new cd's today both here in chesapeake and nationally because the family active members of the temple baptist church in chesapeake a handful of their members have expressed their sorrow as well. the temple baptist church has not posted
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media accounts specifically but a friend of the faith family posted about a facebook event that says there will be a prayer ceremony tonight at the church from six to ten p m and a candlelight vigil on saturday at five pm. now if you're looking for a way to leave your condolences we the thirteen years now facebook page has more details unfold in this tragedy all continue to watch social media and keep you updated along the way back to the desk. our thanks elisa stay with is our coverage of the story continues we'll bring you developing updates throughout the night you can also find the latest information online on thirty news now dot com. i caught this guy's today across hampton roads right now we have a live look from atop the westin in virginia town center. beautiful shot there was in store tonight to the pens of whale and northern areas it's going to be a cloudy and unclear southern areas some rain here in the metro maybe a couple of showers you can see the shot should get a lot of
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there at the oceanfront our sky view camera down there the dq camera that we have that done nineteenth i think it is and the boardwalk and meanwhile you can see little better rain out here west of us but for the most part if you sorta averaged out and look at it in general most of the rain has been down to our south as we talked about over north carolina with a little bit every so often creeping up here in virginia that's what the trend will continue to look like this evening with most of the rain to the south but obviously there will be a few areas as this band moves in as well that will see a couple of very brief showers but certainly heavier stuff has been down to the south and continues down or south right now across a or is that earl county and heading up eventually ports or assert central sections of the outer banks right now big difference western part of our state's central parts of virginia and north carolina for that matter below the readings we had yesterday just exactly twenty four hours ago most of our
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degrees however center shows you there's little bit of that front right across this forecast this evening dropped us back into the thirties but it's a slow fall to the evening hours during the overnight will get down some and one spots even a little bit colder than this and then will start to rise back up in the mid forties for the masa not quite as chilly tomorrow and after that a big warm up the only one stick around for when i come back a house fire claimed the life in chesapeake this afternoon the fire broke out in a home on hoover avenue off liberty st. fire crews arrived around noon and put out the flames and when they went inside investigators are on the scene right now no word yet on the cause of the fire reported to her will bring us the latest updates coming up a five and now we head to some pretty big track in trouble in newport news take a listen to this and you'll be headed sixty four west look in the accident scene involving a couple of vehicles actually we can head to our second camera bag not
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running if we do a great week ahead to that camera is actually showing the backup behind the scene of the crash but we do have another pair of running a matchup we do at this point i see the accident scene that still working the next time we checked traffic to clear you can make out what's going to be the big issue for you which is a major backup added to that scene so sixty four westbound lane near industrial park dry we have an accident blocking all travel lanes track to getting by on the right shoulder and here's jefferson avenue two miles back from the scene of the crash we can see traffic is that pretty much a solid stand still at this point and those backups are continuing to grow make sure you stick with us the very latest here just a few minutes and on facebook and twitter as well thanks ashley. on this day thirty years ago a nation watched the tragedy unfold on live television a solemn day as we remember those seven people who lost their lives in the challenger explosion and the highly anticipated gop debate tonight with out to donald trump a look ahead at what's in store and we
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pick pick pick pick. the space shuttle challenger explosion if you're old enough to remember it you probably know exactly where you were when it happened thirty years ago today happened seventy three seconds after the shuttle took off the kennedy space center florida but after those words go with throttle up. one reason so many people were excited about this mission it was the first time the teacher was going into space and there she is christa mcauliffe that smile from concord new hampshire this morning i met a man named dan glass who grew up near concord he knew christa mcauliffe she taught some of his friends and he shared his thoughts only with thirteen news now and he told me that she was a really outgoing person a wonderful teacher and mother really cared about her students and seeing them excel. she was just amazing
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some technical problems with his tape there but that's what he told me this morning was a great conversation nasa determine the shuttle explosion was caused by a seal failure on a rocket booster that allowed hot gas to ignite the fuel tank. all seven crewmembers were killed and they are considered american heroes and they're being remembered on social media today. that's what elisa is tracking force right now lots of people are showing support leaving their memories of that day on social media. it's called nasa's day of remembrance and it's to honor members of the nasa family who lost their lives while furthering the cause of exploration and discovery. let's take a look at some of those messages you can see memories filling twitter here people remembering where they wear when they heard the tragic news. others leaving well wishers and hopeful messages for future missions. i mean a ton of support here today additionally nasa live streamed a special ceremony on their website today and that can be found now on nasa got that from nasa
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and other agency senior officials held in observance and a wreath laying at arlington national cemetery here in virginia as well lots of other nasa centers around the nation are holding special remember remembrance events for employees and the family's loss to slow back to you. i eventually saw tonight's gop debate became a hot topic of conversation ever since donald trump announced he will not participate. now the debate is just hours away. abc's brian d hicks gives us a look ahead as the race to the white house heats up i think it's the final republican face off before the iowa caucuses infrared or double drum is boycotting the event telling bill o'reilly the fox news network has treated him badly and i said how much of this today i have zero respect for megan kelly megan kelly tonight's co moderator stored with trump in the first showdown
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when you don't like fat pigs dogs the slides and disgusting animals your twitter account only realty o'donnell the latest poll shows trouble eating and i was seven points ahead of ted cruz issued this challenge to the gop front runner was on one debate on the intro bout cruz is now center stage which could also make him a target. marco rubio now it's starting to gain momentum in iowa if he does and be careful. marco rubio could come up and finish second before tonight's main event there will also be in the earlier undercard debate at the same time truck is holding a rally nearby for veterans. there is a lot of money for that since each candidate doing what they can to stand out with just four days until the first vote of the twenty sixteen presidential race may not be here tonight but you'll still likely hear his name and each of these candidates is lady pushing hard for face time because even a third place finish
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needed boost. brady at abc news to moines iowa and stay with us on thirteen years now and five report are migrating interview to abc political analyst cookie roberts to preview what's to come in the iowa caucuses next week i was outing no bass aca may county officials answer to offshore drilling. all eight county supervisors yesterday said no to that leasing area off the coast to coast to the federal government for oil and natural gas exploration. one resident even ask the board members to pass a resolution to prevent it. the board cited concerns that it might disrupt the mass eye and naval activities. elise had been previously scheduled for two thousand eleven. it was canceled after the bp disaster in the gulf of mexico. ri we had a few showers around specially north carolina's we won in
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sort of just on the very edges. there's a bastion us pretty much on the far far western part of the area are out near i ninety five now we have another batch with some heavier showers. it's just down south of the albemarle sound all of this is moving to the east and the northeast so we're going to continue watch for a few showers this evening. right now it's forty four there's not much wind out there it's completely calm. it will stay very light as we get to the evening hours time lapse from this morning sunshine very briefly then some clouds with sunshine inn are mixed at times as we continued on in the afternoon more clouds start to see some thicker clouds then as we get to two three four o'clock and that again some of that rain starting to move up temperatures right now he just saw kirk change it looked to me like a drop from forty to forty six but anyway i saw changed to forty six forty five in smithfield forty four is here from the pencil down to norfolk pretty similar temperature right now up there around
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franklin forty seven right now one of the warmer spots out in wakefield same thing in portsmouth although we have a forty eight showing up in virginia beach and a couple forty nine is down there in areas in north carolina. so for this evening we talked about yesterday most of the shower staying south of us but obviously there are a couple of areas we just saw it live on that radar shot and yet future cash shows nothing the next hour or two out west of us so that's going to drift through an effect a very few areas this evening and then as we get about eight nine ten o'clock and we have the best shot here on the south side of seeing a couple of showers but again mainly down in north carolina clearing skies late tonight temperatures down only into the thirties and twenties tonight. in fact a lot of spots won't get too far down in the thirties by the sun comes up and starts to heat things up despite the chilly start. we are going to see some slightly more comfortable temperatures late in the day very slight chance of a sprinkle but in
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mostly sunny skies as a little bit of a very weak disturbance comes to just for an hour or two in the afternoon. notice what happens though with some twenty starting to move and friday night and saturday we call back off a little bit but then by saturday afternoon we see temperatures rebounding a little bit back up again before sunday we get some really warm air so here's that little bit of a front that's going to come through out ahead of that we are seeing it pull some of this moisture up the coastline that'll come through again from our night drop temps are spot on for tomorrow says forty eight degrees today we said forty three so far were forty four so we're going to start over and we're up to two now and terms or streak of best ever was twenty one days in a row tonight thirty six mostly cloudy mainly a couple of north carolina showers ending a little bit later tonight and then the seven day forecast looks like this you can see temperatures of fifty one on saturday that's above normal sixty two on sunday should be really nice monday to an increasing chance of
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week but with summer's temperatures with a sixty three on wednesday. i thank you very much about next sensational seniors playing some ping pong with is saying
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the captain of second of may the comp. they give you loudest cheers are for kenley gets a lot of back handed compliments about the good thing because these are the pinhole plug here as a gift from an organization he created think on for charity this is what brings joy to my apartment over the years paying off a charity's annual tournament has raised the box for organizations that try to improve seniors mental health last year's raise seventy five thousand dollars and can donate all of the ping pong equipment not just westminster canterbury be on writing the checks the word integrating table tennis into the community through retirement communities all have ping pong club sunday actually competing with each other here it's been such a smash hit king kong is now part of the health program will let the papers tell you what the doctors told them that makes of brain activity so every time i raise my pattern my brain fire
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my brain to an intel shop with sharp shots smiles the thanks to ken and his mother in law knew where would where would lead to the head a goal to head to work the word out there and hung out played some pong out a few things and new baby out of the okay okay is often thought of ping pong close the best moment atlantic shores so seniors can improve their brain fitness and ping pong maturity also raises money for the alzheimer's and parkinson's associations vanguard landing which held the intellectually challenged and people in need can is making his mark on dozens of the things we can exit plans to declare our right we
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. now back to the heartbreaking story of tess of the gunn family of six dead in an apparent domestic murder suicide in chesapeake house according to police. all six people were members of the dooley family the family is prominent in the community and members of the temple baptist church of chesapeake police say the twenty six year old son cameron killed his family then killed himself. we have team coverage of reporters talking with people who knew the family. look for live reports coming up to five murder suicide that categorize with homicides or suicides but instead distinct behavior. that's according to the journal of american academy of psychiatry christina's vertigo spoke with the local psychiatrists and learn more about the suicide cases and the answer that everyone seems to be looking for it is and why oh why did came when do we do this to himself and his family today and found out that although these cases
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depression mental illness or mental trauma is at play more questions than answers in chesapeake the community is mourning the loss of the dewey family trying to piece together what led cameron dooley to murder his five family members and then turned the gun on himself. it just sounds like this person was suffering. dr mac angel alley is the chief of psychiatry force and terror health care. he doesn't know specifics behind the duly murder suicide case but says that many cases like this are linked to depression emotional trauma or illness there's usually an emotional problem than two weeks preceding the event in suicide. people become they become desperate that they it's a real sense of despair the tide of hurting they're tired of feeling that the way that they feel and all coping skills are overwhelmed. dr angel alley says warning
4:25 pm
or kept private within the family that's involved in the tragedy strikes it's often too late with warning signs is always easy to look back after the fact this is a very tough time for many who are mourning the loss of the dewey family members' advice from doctor in july leon how you can better cope coming up in about an hour janet thank you very much well after several chilly days were ready for a warm up was the live view from the skyview at the dq at seventy than atlanta games virginia beach and into the waves crashing to meteorologist ed lawson is tracking a return two of some slightly warmer weather and it's just the really short term after that we'll be talking about a significant warm up most of the significant showers that we have seen have been down to the south that's the where the heaviest stuff is located the southern end the current aka areas around nags head little bit north of there
4:26 pm
rain out here in this source west central virginia uri center virginia and that is moving sort of east or northeast so some of this is going to tend to move in to a few of our area's a little bit later this evening we had said the heaviest would tend to be down the south and that's what you're looking at here with all those bright colors but obviously still somewhat weathered times take umbrella if you're heading out this evening you might need it. readings meanwhile the can be chilly tonight but not terribly cold as you can see a couple of every so often couple of times we are gonna look for some rain chances temperatures fall back through the forties in the upper thirties as for temperatures this week as the strike yet today we were mid forties tomorrow upper forties is exactly normal and then there's that slight warmup janet eluded to before we see a big rise for sunday and monday last week it was sunday we saw the biggest rise of the seven day to sell what will go along as warmer temperatures will be rain will be somehow let you know
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they such fascism on a tree a the peninsula in newport news sixty four westbound between the boulevard and industrial park right around the two fifty three mile marker traffic stop only stopped at this point due to a multi vehicle crash and now we have more information about how to get around that the big backups that are truly a place to let it lie to him right now of course if you're not headed that way here's a live look now traffic is shaping up elsewhere making a lot of fools will be impacts on the peninsula by this big traffic issues on head over now for thirteen years now traffic camera just you can see the accident scene itself in the kind of peeking through the trees here but we can still make out emergency crews still on scene trying to see the police are still there may be right around there police are still on scene become a couch by the way you can see part of the accident there in the bottom left hand corner of your screens but the big focus here track it only stops. i'm going to be back here in just a few minutes to show you what exactly is working around jefferson avenue and of course of the big backups between
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that you have to worry about the second image of a stick with us and head over to facebook and twitter as well cause i think so much ashley will people living in rural areas of north carolina will have a new way of getting those driver's licenses north carolina's division of motor vehicles is rolling out a new modern mobile office units the traveling office is stored in a sport utility vehicle. it contains equipment for two license examiners stations the older mobile units are housed and larger rv is three more units are expected to come online to help drivers were the right permanent license offices there is relief tonight among virginia parents who want to decide if or when their kids are vaccinated a bill in a statehouse committee was withdrawn today it would have removed the religious exemption to vaccines and limited medical exemptions those opposed to the bill say it aloud the state to mandate that almost all kids be vaccinated. dozens of
4:29 pm
today to fight the proposal to me is not a vaccine this year and a human rights issue and to be able to run and fight for parental rights and fight for it if you choose pro vaccine delayed vaccine a vaccine has to be able to have a choice and voice means alot to me of the moms in the federal government has a vaccine damage compensation fund that so far has paid over three billion with a b billion dollars in vaccine damages. so don't tell me well the cdc says vaccines are needed to prevent disease in the agency says certain diseases have become rare over the years because of vaccinations. world health officials are in emergency mode for the rise and zi ca virus in the us and other parts of the americas the mosquito borne diseases being lead to major birth
4:30 pm
expectant mothers abc's commitment to enhance the story the explosive spread of the virus impacting families and expecting mothers across the america as a problem because no body are completely safe in brazil baby wild boar with a birth defect that causes abnormal brain development is believed his mother veronica contract izzy got the mosquito transmitted diseases on the rise the sparking an emergency response in the world health organization we need to take actions down whatever we can do in terms of work to control environmental control in the us more than twenty people have a diagnosis several states. nineteen cases in puerto rico president obama met with cdc officials at the white house to emphasize the need for vaccines we spent over an hour and a half with the president talking about the plans of the cdc for the kinds of control
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were contracted abroad there's now a travel advisory for pregnant women told to avoid these twenty four areas where the guy has been detected in all salvador officials about women not to have babies until twenty eighteen by the judge concerned with the possible death of what our future baby long island new york resident russell smith says he and his pregnant wife were having a hard time getting a refund on their caribbean cruise except the safety should be paramount now sega is a major concern for pregnant women but health officials say the virus which is not contagious as less serious for others usually causing mild symptoms such as fever and rash to raise awareness about birth defects the cdc has named january birth defects prevention month birth defects impact one every thirty five babies each year and doctor say birth defects are responsible for one in five infant deaths dr natalie amy the director
4:32 pm
the cleveland clinic clinic says there are steps women can take to help protect their baby during crucial stages of development one of them are common birth defects are neural tube defects or have to do with the development of the spinal cord and for that i may do recommend that the women take the folic acid and consuming up to eight hundred micrograms of folic acid per day during a woman's reproductive years can help prevent spinal bifida. coming up maternity leave for parts of the military cut back a breakdown of the new policy for all branches and is just hours before the gop debates
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i changes are in the works for military maternity leave the defense department roll out new moms twelve weeks of
4:34 pm
the future initiative that doubles the army and air force policy of six weeks but it's a to what's allowed for sailors and marines. you may remember the navy secretary just tripled maternity leave from six to eighteen weeks in august. as for paternity leave service members now have fourteen days of non continuous time off after the birth or adoption of a child that's up from the current policy that gives men ten days of paternity leave for the third year in a row the virginia house of delegates has passed a version of the tebow bill the legislation opens the door for homeschool students to participate in afterschool sports and other activities sponsored by their local public schools the bill is nicknamed for its star quarterback tim tebow he excelled in playing high school football in florida while being homeschooled and it's time now to check the headlines in usa today dot com democratic presidential candidate bernie
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records said his campaign circulated a doctor's note from centers physician the same doctor as care for him for twenty six years now and he's also the attending physician of the united states congress. the doctor write sentences in quote very good health and weighed one hundred and seventy nine pounds at his most recent physical and that was back on november eighteen. bernie sanders a seventy four years old he's the oldest candidate running for president and would be the oldest president elected office if he wins ronald reagan was sixty nine the same age as donald trump and one year older than hillary clinton it's a new day in the fight against cancer. you heard president obama mentioned this in a state of the union address and now he's going for with a plan to create a new federal task force to accelerate cancer research. vice president joe biden is in charge of it. president obama signed a presidential memo establishing the white house cancer moon shot task force
4:36 pm
on treatment and prevention an update now to the flat water crisis look at your screens that's the water in people's homes. the michigan legislature unanimously approved twenty eight million dollars in additional funding to address the lead contamination the water there is toxic and drink in the emergency spending bill includes money for more bottled water and filters and services to monitor for developmental delays and young children. the funds would also help the city with unpaid water bills and cover testing monitoring and other costs. and i want to bring you up to date on something great that's been happening here in hampton roads and i've been following it i have these bags in my eyes because late last night i was with a group of handsome oils resins i featured them in last week on making a market down on foreigners in the community they boarded a van they got out of flint. ok am i just got pictures and video from them distributing
4:37 pm
donate a lot of people don't residence and tomorrow i'm going to put together a special story about hampton roads efforts to help out yet has so many who are stepping up including the owner of the detroit pistons. he offered ten million dollars to resolve florence water crisis a lot of people coming together no time to say alright suzuki is recalling more than sixty eight thousand motorcycles in the us were told a battery charging system can fail and cause the bikes the stall the recall affects fifteen models from two thousand a two thousand and twelve the company says in documents filed with u s safety regulators. the problem was traced to a circuit board in the charging system. suzuki will begin the recall repairs in early march at no cost to customers by one little baby boy in northern virginia couldn't wait to come into his world. alexandria police say the baby was born in the early morning hours as the mother headed to
4:38 pm
spotted the vehicle driving a radically and pulled over the car right in front of the castration as soon as the officer realized the woman was in labor he called for backup from the fire department and the baby was delivered and is doing fine there is a post blizzard controversy brewing in south new jersey officials have suspended a crossing guard but both she and her supporters say he was just trying to protect the kids in her care. chris the only toe has the story. parents and residents are rallying behind running the crossing guard gina brown. she recorded the cell phone video monday intersection that for the straits she sent this text of mayor nick capra toes asking for help to get orchard and first cleared her that she was suspended for two days for insubordination as kind of surprised that i was actually getting the best my belly and trying to keep other people's
4:39 pm
she was told last year the proper channel of contact with says that the sergeant was working that day the mayor declined an on camera interview but told action news he supported brown's message to police and public works to get the intersection clear the police chief wouldn't comment on what he called a person alice you but a statement posted on the department's facebook page says they have specific procedures employees are required to follow that enable the borough to have proper coordinated emergency response as quickly as possible. my first thought was the kids' safety and i caught who i thought would get it on the basis of its late game if you do and if you don't because she doesn't take action and something happens to a child one who didn't condemn her. now a petition supporting the crossing guard is expected to be president of the city council next week so little the rain out there to track we've been talking
4:40 pm
to mainly the north carolina is one little batch that came up parallel to i ninety five that has since weakened and falling apart as you can see the bottom edge that go down into north carolina still holding with not only will shower activity or even that little area of some somewhat heavier action there with the yellows and if we take the movement to the north and the east. i'll put it right up over portions of south side maybe in parts of the pencil but put in our general area here another couple of hours skyview right now. pretty view of downtown that is a little hazy as you can see a lot of planets out there moisture definitely in the atmosphere mostly cloudy some showers this evening likely would be peninsula on northward not much wind out there in fact last hour it was officially conference a light winds sunset at five twenty five the future cast keeping the rain offshore this
4:41 pm
to our south and way off shore. i mentioned earlier attack yesterday s and i thought that the times we see a chance appear even in the hampton roads i still think the same thing definitely the higher odds are going to be the south but as we showed you we are tracking some stuff this evening i think a few areas you might need the umbrella clearing skies later tonight into tomorrow temperatures actually a few degrees above normal in terms of an average low this time of year we're in the lower thirties usually low to mid thirties were going to be mid to maybe slightly above that thirty stand in the morning and then tomorrow afternoon the temps are starting the mid morning in the forties and then during the afternoon getting back up again to more tolerable levels looks like a little bit warmer than today did you see that fast moving band of a couple clouds that came through i would rule out a stray shower here even tomorrow afternoon either saturday i think you're going to like a little bit more as temptress start to climb back up closer to fifty or probably even above fifty
4:42 pm
the next day after that here's the moisture again gathering to our south and you can see it stays on that line pretty much cuts again right across the metro area with a higher risk though little bit more to the south forecast for tonight thirty six degrees mainly from north carolina showers will be ending about eleven twelve o'clock tonight but not just there again. take your umbrella if you need it then you'll be lucky if you don't want to worry about under mostly cloudy skies. glad you had tomorrow forty eight mostly sunny pretty normal temperatures for this time of year on the seven day we're going to see yesterday was still forty eight for an average have a feeling it still is and then tomorrow night thirty degrees clear and cold with some upper twenties and one and here's the seven day sure half the forty eight long before things start to go up anoer i guess less than a week before we had an average of forty nine round the corner technically tomorrow that should save ten percent chance of a shower in
4:43 pm
fifteen percent chance tuesday to twenty some scattered showers likely wednesday into thursday the list captures from forties tomorrow. the fifty ish this lower sixties almost mid sixties monday and then not a whole lot of a drop next week other stuff you play with them i think we all play with them to change the look of an iconic toy to play with barb and no this is the author thomas legos elisa what's trending now. ok we are how the diary out you fans of the army really all like this barbie may now look what i meant more like the rest of us curves and all the towels and all will now come in a new body shapes and types and a variety of skin tones and hair styles. this is the first time the doll will be available in different body types beyond its original stick thin frame that ella has put barbie through a transformation for
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the doll in line with realistic body standards and reflect the diversity of the kids playing with dolls this year's dolls will be available in tall petite and curvy body tights on line sales start today on barbie dot com and dolls will start hitting stores march first with a total of thirty three new dolls rolled out by the end of the year lot of new dolls in stock and is definitely our after decades of building pirate ships race cars and haunted castles lego he goes south and come up with something new the house is a really great story that way maker has unveiled its first ever disabled many figure today you're seeing that right there on your screen. the figure of a hat wearing boy in a wheelchair was first spotted at the nuremberg international toy fair in germany and featured on a lot of family outfits and online campaign hashtag tweet like me has called on the company to produce figures that represent disabled children as online petition
4:45 pm
thousand signatures and income lego's newest design the game very excited to see knows who the stars too. and yes we all played with legos yes we did the right thing solution. well coming up on abc and all newbie on the tank starts at ten o'clock then at nine o'clock the final weigh in for contestants on an all new episode of my diet is better than yours and join us again for thirteen years now and the love from jada pickett smith to george clooney actors spoke out about the lack of diversity at the oscars. up next what president obama is saying about the issue just a week after the academy took action and other team is now at five a family of six found dead in chesapeake we've been on the scene all day and update from investigators on the shooting also hear from
4:46 pm
weighs in on the oscars controversy over diversity the president says the debate over minority actors being left out is an expression of a broader issue adding quote. are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot president obama says the film industry should do what others need to do and look for talent and provide opportunity to everyone the academy awards aired next month here on abc thirteen. what this year's oscars nominees leonardo dicaprio met with the pope today. dicaprio shares the pope's concern about environmental issues as campaign for action to combat climate change. dicaprio was nominated for oscar for his role and the rest of his campaign for the environment for a long time even monsters leonardo dicaprio foundation in nineteen ninety eight to support initiatives aimed at sustainability the row of icons outside the staples center in l a is getting a new addition shaquille o'neal the lakers will honor shack with a statue that will be unveiled next season. jack
4:47 pm
during jimmy kimmel live last night right here on abc seasons the lakers and was tradeto the miami heat in july of two thousand for and that's only half way on thirteen is now at four thirteen is now five starts right now with continuing coverage of the chesapeake murder suicide. tragedy strikes the chesapeake neighbor. i'm sucha high and this is his teammates all six of eight from one family the family of me state here this church a permanent reminder of what he meant to this community and police at this hour still piecing together this heartbreaking tragedy. five people dead killed at the hands of a family member said the shooter later turned the gun on himself. this is a
4:48 pm
two crime scenes that started last night at home on wildwood road in chesapeake and that's where police say camera dooley shot and killed his brother landon then overnight. a swat team found five bodies inside a home on north george washington highway. yet while much of the deep creek community here is just in complete shock at this point. this house here behind me is where police found much and the majority of the dooley family shot and killed it dead inside. there is a growing memorial that's starting here on the front steps of this porch you can see flowers teddy bears people have just been coming showing their support and there will be mourning the loss of this family again the community is just completely heartbroken but what's most heartbreaking for so many people is that police say this was all done at the hands of the family's oldest son cameron who just don't understand it just
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