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tv   13 News 5  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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disbelief in this decree community is just a short read. how can you get that family members and always a well known well loved family gone to be there to move her to markham be there. police say the older son cameron dooley shot and killed his entire family before killing himself. when state police found his younger brother landed dead inside the family home on wildwood road hours later is when police were called to the grandmother's home just a block away he tried for hours to get cameron to come out. i have never seen so many police officers in one area why it was last night the standoff ended early thursday with twenty six year old cameron turning the gun on himself inside his home is where police made a gruesome discovery. cameron sister brooke mother lori has dad tied and grandmother doris
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live next to you lisa for years can understand how something like this could happen. neighbors in themselves are all ages tuesday an inside take time to take it and trying to figure out why not. my big hair and i guess me and still monday's is why pray together just pray now and then out here all day what we have seen so far just really a community that is hurt khamenei that is broken and neighbors and family friend sammy all they can do with this one is just brain and be very lean on each other for support live in chesapeake marcella robertson thirteen years now what marcella thank you in our team of reporters is working to learn everything we can about the victims. we've learned the dooley family was very involved in temple baptist church of chesapeake in their cane is live outside that
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who use to work with the father. that's right the father used to be a chesapeake police officer he recently retired and began working at a dive shop in virginia beach co workers there say he had a passion for diving. much like a passion for helping people and this church behind me is a permanent reminder of that the deep creek neighborhood mourns the dooley family name associated with serving the community city just across the street from the horrific murder suicide scene that left the family of six dead is the permanent reminder of their lasting contribution telling duly served as a pastor of the temple baptist church since the nineteen seventies before he died in twenty ten his son todd. among the dead found overnight recently retired from the chesapeake marine patrol units to the dedicated police officer he was a member of our family here in the harding stretches to virginia beach at the dive
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working after retiring from the force we're a family here unless you know we're just kind of banded together and share in some just a story about art and trying to wrap our heads around the law before coming on as a repair technician julie spent a decade training with his fellow officers in his last day i love the atf and i am just how beautiful it was or i'm just glad that he was able to do so is your time here his staff are left wondering what could have caused us on to allegedly turned the gun on his father and the rest of his family on the words for but they remember julie's positive presence and lasting impacts those light up like a little grandma under his big beard smile that he could see it in the wee hours the everyday no matter what. we did speak to other loved ones and family friends they told me they
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this coming up at six here from a former supervisor on the chesapeake police force he says he's still in denial reporting live in chesapeake erik ainge thirteen years now there's a huge outpouring of support for the family online a family friend started to go fund me page this morning the effort here is to raise money to cover funeral costs already people have donated more than four thousand dollars the youngest victim was a cheerleader for deep creek high school in chesapeake soon as the tragic news broke or friends took to twitter to post memories and prayers generally spoke with some of brooke's friends yesterday they brought was a senior here at deep creek and she was only five months away from graduating high school she had so much life ahead of her and sadly it was cut short by her very own brother you know there was a deep deep sense of sadness here at deep creek high school today students were in shock and disbelief once tonight trying
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emotional and speechless and a loss for words. she's a great person. they had a lot of friends and she loved a lot of people. she was warm caring and always had a smile on her face as humans is really bubbly will eat our hearty you know made me laugh all the times is just brighten up everybody's day every time she was around but julie was only seventeen years old when her oldest brother cameron shot her brother landon and her parents before he turned the gun on himself and insists on sunday and have been at her and see the king and senior charles me since as he walked into school this morning to so many tears and sadness. terry and heartbroken people expected to have people who know her
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deep creek was very active and involved in sports. she had many friends and loved ones and will be dearly missed. it's at its very heart wrenching because she's going to see who graduated from couldn't do anything since our college now another student told me that the day just couldn't go on as normal today some teachers taught their lessons. others stayed in but just to name just couldn't concentrate because they were so emotional and son told that some exams actually had to be postponed because of all this i did reach out to school officials to see how they're handling this situation but they say they could not comment because this is a police investigation reporting live in chesapeake i'm jenny bean thirteen years now and very soon people start gathering to remember the dooley family temple baptist church is holding a prayer service tonight from six until ten the pastor tells us this is a common goal type service
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five the church will hold a candlelight vigil and you can count on thirteen years now to stay on top of this heartbreaking story in the next half hour investigative reporter laura geller will take a more indepth look at the dooley family impact on the community and you'll also hear from a psychiatrist from sin tear about how to cope with this type of tragedy a the attention of police started inside a home on hoover avenue near cascade park at noon. once firefighters got inside they found a body to her is live at the scene does the entire thirteen hundred block of hoover avenue is basically taped off you can see the crime tape all across the street here. that's the house where the fire was and the body was found investigators still in the front yard there was the police and fire responded at about twelve o'clock this afternoon to this house police and fire units were able to extinguish the fire
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once it was out neighbor say this is a quiet neighborhood and seeing this in many emergency vehicles here is unusual. tonight they say they're still a bit shaken up knowing someone died in that fire as saying i see from the fire guessing from the small eh you know asking a lot of people police officers indicted thing i love the stuff going on a police only there was no one else in the home at the time of the fire we will have more information as it comes in on thirteen is no dot com and thirteen is now right now this is still an active hurt thirteen news now has a rash of burglaries and gloucester county the sheriff's office says johnny horse lee and james massa go are the pair behind the home break ins in the middle of the day deputies tell thirty news now the crime spree went on for about five weeks investigators worked
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upping the police presence in those communities. a virginia lawmaker is pushing to hold gun manufacturers accountable will break down senator tim kaine spell and hear from both sides of this issue plus it's a day that's hard to forget thirty years ago the challenger exploded seventy three seconds after launching see how the country is honoring the legacy of the seven astronauts who might need the umbrella and a few locations this evening but you definitely need less cold weather gear over the extended forecast and now to an update in newport news as we head to our first camera the left lane is now open the crash scene possibly both lanes at this point or maybe the next few minutes sixty four westbound just past the boulevard following the crash. there was a defeat or three miles back at jefferson that detroit has
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the breaking story we've covered since late last night the twenty sixth row man shot and killed five of his family members inside to homes in chesapeake police say cameron julie then turned the gun on himself. lots of people told us the dooley family had a huge impact on the community the suspects dad todd dooley was a recently retired as a police officer the suspect sister brooke dooley was a cheerleader at deep creek high school will share more about the victims coming up in fifteen taking aim a gun makers and dealers senator tim kaine and several lawmakers are pushing to repeal a more than a decades
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the gun industry from liability by gooding tells us not everyone supports this idea that is right david as with seemingly every gun proposal that comes along these days there's opposition this time is no different supporters call it the equal access to justice for victims of gun violence act the measure is designed they say to ensure the gun manufacturers sellers and interest groups are not shielded from liability when they act with negligence and disregard for public safety senator tim kaine richard blumenthal and chris murphy's bill would repeal the two thousand and five protection of lawful commerce in arms act a companion measure in the house of representatives was introduced by adam schiff manufacture should be subject to the same safety standards standards that other industries are and no should be based on state laws not of a federal sweetheart deal that makes them accountable to laws that other manufacturers in other industries have to follow the nation's largest gun
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the national rifle association opposes the bill saying it is false that there's any blanket immunity contending that manufacturers can be sued for negligent design and dealers can be sued for knowingly selling a gun to a prohibited person you're talking about suing the manufacturer for the legal use of a product it be like suing for a drunk driver hits a pedestrian it's not the manufacturer the dealer that's a fault it's the person is actually committing the act. senator can acknowledges that getting such a bill through is very tough he said the chance of this passing is slim because congress has proven unwilling to even embrace reasonable rules that the public support but that doesn't mean he said that we shouldn't keep trying reporting live by cutting certain news now the mother of noah thomas is trying to keep gruesome photos of her son's death out of the courtroom police found a virginia boy dead in a septic tank back in twenty fifteen the judge overseeing
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will today. the photos of thomas' body are relevant the five year old's parents ashley white and paul thomas both face felony abuse or neglect charges in connection with this case six hundred people will make up the jury pulled aside bill and ruth state twenty one year old confessed to killing nine people during bible study at emmanuel m e church in charleston south carolina last year the judge says a pool that large is needed because the case is complex juror interviews are set to start in late june and the trial is scheduled for july eleven an emporium man will spend eight years behind bars for bringing heroin and guns at the hampton roads. a judge sentenced calmly sank he was the second highest ranking member of the bloods street gang known as the redstone riotous franklin police say saints and his partner philip murphy have sold heroin for years a major construction alert this weekend elizabeth river tunnels will close the midtown tunnel. crews need to remove a pedestrian
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project. the midtown will shut down from eight tomorrow night until five monday morning were told if you live nearby you might hear some loud noises from that construction work. well we saw some sunshine at times today through some filtered clowns especially the farther north you went the more you saw that farther south the pic of the clouds pretty cloudy out there right now and you can see why still some moisture showing up on our local radar here. notice right now though couple of areas of the sort of focus on northeast north carolina that's where most of the shower activity is ben today and right now the really isn't a whole lot down there just a little bit just west of us right now forty four degrees winds lightly at the north following their metric pressure as the humidity is up to seventy one percent spot on forecasts for tomorrow says temperatures should be a little bit milder than today. today so far looks like we were forty four
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hours. maoists a forty eight just two days in a row now back up. meanwhile temperatures as you can see a lot of forties but there's a fifty adventurous thing to see a fifty here on the other side down there to areas of the great dismal swamp to the north not going to find any fifties in fact are couple spots that are in the forties but just barely like yorktown right at forty eustis will be long before you drop down into the thirties same thing with a bunch a lower forties here across much of the eastern shore and there's the thirties a thirty eight degree reading right now lewis said in a couple of thirty nine from saluted and delta bill with forty mob jack and whites then see you too will be dropping fairly quickly this evening through the upper thirties north carolina few more the fifties so definitely a difference from north to south meanwhile you can see that showing up in the temperature change graphic from today yesterday southern areas are up several degrees northern
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degree or so this evening first thing i want to show you is that obviously there's a little bit of a band already out here to our west so the fact that it's not showing up on future cast leads me to believe that maybe this is a little bit under done i don't think a lot a lot of rain this evening i do think a few areas here will see some showers again the farther south you go definitely especially sort of mid to late evening northeast north carolina stands a much better chance of rain than anybody else. by morning will be cleared things out temps will be dropping back to some chili level someone call a do especially as the little bit of a breeze is going to contribute to making it feel even colder but i will see the sunshine bring us back up in the lower forties a very weak front comes through tomorrow during the afternoon so a lot of sunshine tomorrow other than about two hour stretch. we could see a little bit of a sprinkle and then temperatures tomorrow evening fall back down to the thirties in the twenties
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then saturday afternoon will rise back up a little bit warmer still in the lower fifties and wait until you see the sunday forecast coming up. so here's that moisture again sort of creeping here along eastern barely in the central portions of north carolina that'll take a swipe at us but mainly north carolina showers will be ending a little bit later this evening was by morning about thirty six mile forty eight mostly sunny normal temperatures for this time of year and the rest of the forecast is going to go like this. thirty how early saturday so little colder for the morning temperature but then a little less cold for the afternoon up to fifty one sunday sixty two monday sixty three just a fifteen percent chance of showers tuesday fifty eight sixty three again wednesday in a better chance of rain again. middle part of next week so again tomorrow afternoon maybe a brief shower a brief sprinkle but otherwise is not a bad day could not make you think today marks thirty years since the challenger exploded
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board including a teacher and we're taking a look back at her legacy and new information on a massive animal shelter bus to north carolina six hundred dogs cats and horses seized tonight we're learning just how bad the living conditions
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it was january twenty eight nineteen eighty six when the nasa space shuttle challenger exploded thirty years ago today seven crew members died including the first teacher in space christa mcauliffe joe more on this sad anniversary joe that's right david janet many people to remember where they were what they were doing on this day thirty space center in cape canaveral florida held a special memorial service are the challenger crew they were honoring that crew which included christa mcauliffe the first teacher in space and there are also honoring who perished working in
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years ago there was an air of excitement as the twenty fifth space shuttle crew boarded the shuttle challenger. but seventy three seconds into the flight the orbiter broke up due to an o ring booster failure the words go with throttle up was the moment it exploded at the memorial today at the kennedy space center the back of teacher christa mcauliffe. barbara morgan spoke of her mentor and said she was a teacher to the very end krista was also still working with her students and up through the last day she made time in crew quarters here at ksc to write college recommendations for some of her students very sad day thirty years ago for the high school students in christa mcauliffe school in concord new hampshire that school has since been renamed in her honor live in the studio joe flanagan thirteen years now heartbreaking is really the only way to describe a murder suicide case in chesapeake. six people are dead police still trying to
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learning more about the victims and their
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. we're
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chesapeake to crime scenes and six family members dead in a murder suicide police found one body on wildwood road yesterday afternoon they found the other five bodies inside a house on george washington highway and winter green drive after an overnight standoff with police the medical examiner just confirm the cause of death for four of the victims is a gunshot wound to the head medical examiner says the shooter shot himself in the chest the lily family is at the center of this tragic case and police ellis twenty six year old cameron dooley shot and killed five of his family members they are all well known in the chest of the community and at the temple baptist church more galleries here now with a closer look at the victims and the impact that they had in the community. well this was a family that truly made a difference in their community everybody knew who they were because the julie serve the community in which they
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their lives to the spiritual
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