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for comfort. it appears that there's a big deficit and public draws on hundreds of portsmouth citizens looking for some direction. they're hoping a former city leaders may be able to provide some help for the city's future the news starts now the pain is still palpable tonight in a test of the community in the last hour services broke up a temple baptist church for several hours people went there to try and make sense of a murder suicide that took the lives of six family members well known and much loved dooley family was found dead in two whole sets was so shocking ending to the hours long swan situation we first brought you last night and eleven. since then we learned and twenty six year old cameron dooley were reportedly killed his younger brother landon inside the family home on wildwood road. place a camera and then murdered his parents
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the grandmother's home near by the medical examiner told his camera and shot them all in the head then turned the gun on himself the prayer service at temple baptist took place just steps away from the home where the family was found on the lobo has more from people who attended the service they say the family will be greatly missed. those who came to pay their respects to the duly say they were a whole or in this community and longtime members of the search just just so shocked by something like that have happened such a wonderful person. we don't know why and sometimes we're not supposed to know why but something good will come of this. it wasn't long before the parking lot at temple baptist church in chesapeake feel that people throughout the community and even the police department showed up for prayer service to honor the dooley family wheezing night police found
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shot to death. the matriarch doors to the husband and wife todd and lori and siblings brooke landon and cameron police say the older son cameron shot and killed his family before turning the gun on himself. all members of the family's bodies except landings were found inside grandmother doris is home right across the street from the church. she just a wonderful wonderful person a bright white smile and it's very shocking that the great thing is we know she's with god. william says doors was a woman who exemplify the love of christ even though he didn't know the other family members well by the outpouring of people at the church she was thirteen so the family takes lives throughout the community in chesapeake i'm hearing the ball over thirteen years now there are still many questions about what happened but today we learned a little more about what we believe happened there at three thirty five p m police got a
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a home on wildwood road that's where police found landon to lead at the investigation led police to the home on george washington highway around seven pm police and the swat team arrived and started negotiating with the person inside. negotiations lasted for hours but when police entered the home around two o'clock this morning for victims and the suspect were to the community will continue to mourn as police investigate were told a candlelight vigil is planned this saturday night at five o'clock at temple baptist church thirteen news now will continue to follow the developments in this investigation and bring you more details as soon as we learn more new tonight a robbery being investigated a metro pcs store in portsmouth please tell us it happened just before seven o'clock at the store on george washington highway near victory boulevard were told the suspect was armed with a handgun but that no one was hurt police have not released a description of the suspect also tonight two people taken
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in newport news. it happened just before five this evening in a townhouse on town square drive fire officials tell us crews found smoke coming from the first and second floor two people were inside an adult and a small child but got out on their own were told they complained of smoke inhalation and were both taken to hospitals as a precaution firefighters contained the flames to the kitchen area but the homeless can doubt there is no word on the cause of this fire a fire today in chesapeake turned into a death investigation broke out at home on hoover avenue off liberty st. fire crews arrived around noon and put the flames out when they went inside they found a bonnie authorities are calling this a death investigation at this time no other information has been released. nearby residents are also wondering what happened was just with
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the time it was in and hide different than what we usually use to. no word yet on the cause of this fire of the identity of the victim found inside was a portsmouth residents gather to speak about the future of their city. many say they're worried about the city's leadership including the very public a recent confrontation between the mayor and the sheriff earlier this month people in portsmouth are voicing their opinions at a meeting hosted by the group called people for portsmouth organizers estimate about five hundred people were in the audience knew her spoke with the guest speaker former city manager john breaux about his thoughts on portsmouth its future hundreds of people came to hear former city manager john rose speak at the people for portsmouth meeting his message moving many of scottish rite building in fort smith sees a little more
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nearly all seats were full the leadership starts the time. that's what drew does in the crowd to the meeting to hear former city manager john rowe speaking up for smith's local governments and why it matters relevant discussion given recent events that have put the city's local leaders in the hot seat. i don really that out very well right now we just look again at the public conversation that's going on in the newspaper and social media it appears that there's a big deficit and public trust for the course of government during his speech a row stress the importance of this november's elections and the difference the audience can make at the polls. i really think that there's some right days the portsmouth a head butt is gonna take leadership he says he believes portsmouth is seeing it down swing in the relationship between government and citizens right now but it's a matter of time
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serious about governing in portsmouth to verse thirty is now city officials one points with residents to know that they have three important meetings planned this saturday maybe include a budget planning meeting at eleven a m at the woodrow wilson high school and also a community forum with the police chief that's at one pm an icy north from high school noon to night shots fired near norfolk state university of your share of the cell phone video of the incident. norfolk police tell us it happened shortly before noon. someone walked up to an msu police officer and told him that he had been shot and fired on. we are told that no one was heard to both an issue and norfolk officers chased down the suspect and took him into custody. that's what you see in the video here the incident is under investigation. we do not know if any charges have been filed. also new tonight a third gang member has been convicted in a gang related murder in newport news a jury
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of ninety six years for tyrone back to teens were shot and killed back in two thousand a as they walk by huntington middle school that is the final suspect in the case prosecutors say that and marcus williams and floyd tabor on our gang members and thought the victims were members of a rival gang new information tonight in the search for those three escaped inmates in california authorities say a teacher has been arrested on suspicion of helping the inmates escape from maximum security prison george county sheriff's department says a woman who taught english as a second language to inmates may have supplied maps to the men before their escape last friday about ten people have been arrested so far in connection with the breakout authorities believe the men are still in california and maybe living in a stolen van and turn us all how will this oh say does a cold virus is spreading explosively there could be up to four million cases over the next year the world health organization
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next week to decide if they should declare an inter national health emergency the mosquito borne virus has been leading to a spike in a rare birth defect in brazil and countries presidents as there is no medical defense against the virus and called for a crusade against mosquitoes instead u s health officials have advised pregnant women to postpone visits to brazil and other countries with outbreaks of the virus. the hampton roads based in charity operation blessing has launched efforts to combat that seek a virus outbreak today will announce plans to combat the virus and central america and the caribbean with concentrated efforts in el salvador and haiti. operation blessing has delivered more than one thousand mosquito nets to also the door the organization will also distribute medications and mosquito spray were told there are plans to ship a portable ultrasound machine
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may carry disease a virus. us geological survey says a series of sonic booms not an earthquake awesome loud noises and shaking today booms were heard and felt from new jersey to connecticut a navy spokeswoman says military fighter jets were conducting will total nine booms occurred over the span of ninety minutes across the country people pause astronauts who died when shuttle challenger exploded thirty years ago special remembrance was held at cape canaveral today just a few miles from the spot where the shuttle blasted off among those who took part in today's ceremony was christa mcauliffe son scott who was now thirty nine scott and other children of the challengers crew laid a wreath at the outdoor memorial the final report came out today on the explosion of the seldom arcade and off it shows last april's blast happened outside the building's main power feed a contractor hitting a power line cost report called the explosion
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but city leaders are looking into the possibility of selling and trust the lord tonight from the dot to the eye to sixty four a west offer absentee ballot on boulevard will be closed next week crews will be performing maintenance work sunday through wednesday from nine p m to five a m the following morning. drivers should expect minor delays a detour will be set up redirecting traffic to cap a solid road onto onto sixty four east signs will be posted the final republican debate before the iowa caucus the ever controversial donald trump was not there but still managed to dominate the headlines and last weekend's major snowstorm experts now ranking among the top five biggest snowstorms to hit the country will tell you how they came to that conclusion and with same video of the northern lights before but this time it's different a para glider gotten up close view and i've
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of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. how do you show up your political rivals when you're on but no show. that's what donald trump try to do in iowa tonight from skip the debate days before the crucial iowa caucuses in protest over fox news moderator megan kelly instead he put on a counter event
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head tells us what happened not in the room tonight a republican showdown like no other in iowa economist on that road i have not insulted all personally don't intend to but rather a double top boycotting the fox news white where we'retrong and instead holding his own rally for veterans at the exact same time so we raised over five million dollars in one day. donald trump gave one million dollars truck clearly still upset over his feud with co moderator megan kelly i'm not going to do the debate out of respect for myself. across town from its closest competitor in dialect eighty crews moved front and center on the debate stage and everyone on the stage is stupid fat and ugly and then you're a terrible certain now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way
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on foreign policy when i'm president we are rebuilding the u s military because the world is a safer place when america the strongest military the tonight's doing events too much to resist republican candidate mike huckabee and rick santorum after their early undercard debate. they join trump on stage the keep this in mind both santorum and huckabee won iowa in two thousand and twenty twelve but did not go on to secure the republican nomination will find out it ran smooth tonight hurts or helps them than i would cast their votes in just four days said in office trying to spread the word about its real estate tax relief programs for homeowners who are senior citizens or disabled the application period starts february first and runs through june first city has numerous information sessions planned to help explain the benefits of the program along with the application process with information for you on crew of the coast guard
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in portsmouth today the crew spent the last two months patrolling the eastern pacific and helping keep drugs off the streets of the u s coast guard officials say crew members helped in two seasons seventy five hundred kilos of cocaine and meth during their deployments exciting news for local military families for students from virginia beach are in the running for this year's military child of the year award. operation home front tells us they are carson butler to return to washington. gavin martin and jordan garvey there among ninety semifinalists thousand from a poll of more than five hundred children. the winner will be flown to washington dc for a gala in april the winter storm that hit the east coast last weekend was the fourth worst to hit the u s cents at least nineteen fifty one says the blizzard was a category four storm eating its impact was crippling but not extreme millions of people saw between twenty and thirty
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ranking is based on snowfall geography and the total population impacted it does not take into account death toll or economic impact notices the blizzard of nineteen ninety three was the worst storm to hit the us and check out this some unique perspective right here the northern lights in norway a spanish para glider took to the skies during the beautiful sight becoming the first person to take flight during the natural phenomena. the man said he chased the aurora borealis until the timing was just right after the flight he said flying in the dark in the cool temperatures was a big challenge for him but that everything came together well for most of us here in hampton roads the chilly and cloudy evening with a little bit of a spritz of rain here and there every once in while not so if you're watching us from areas around nags head and down across parts of the outer banks even a little bit north carolina. she had
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showers later this afternoon and in the evening but now he's gone late evening into thehevernight he can see a lot of rain moving up again three north carolina little bit that we were tracking in i couldn't find any official reporting stations will look like actually made it down to the umbrella few spots here of the certainly right now forty two degrees wind is calm viewpoint thirty six of these memories up there a little better captures forty two as we said here but thirties when she get anywhere north and west of us thirty six in gloucester thirty nine smithfield thirty six in surry forty five right now in chesapeake so there's that line of demarcation where from hampton roads south and east in the forties lot of spots though obviously went to get in line in the thirties tomorrow should be a little bit milder than today were calling for forty eight as our spot on forecasts will guarantee that for tomorrow today we said forty three the actual threat is not right and despite that
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degrees today so that's another one we make about two in a row after streak and a little while ago couple days ago to be exact temp was then this evening as i said falling back most of us will be in the thirties some areas than the south might stay near forty but definitely thirties with lower to mid thirties and one area's most of us in the mid to upper thirties and then rising up to the forties during the afternoon still that slight chance of a shower that we talked about with a very fast moving little upper level system i'd put the odds and ten to fifteen percent of anybody seeing a sprinkle and then saturday morning we're going to start off cold we know that we've been saying this saturday afternoon we thought temperatures than when get back closer to fifty now i'm thinking maybe be near the water at least we are going to stay farther down into the forties like maybe some mid to upper forties and then most areas will be closer to fifty so watch for some minor adjustments potentially in
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forecast but even if we do that we're going to talk about temperatures on sunday that are very very pleasant same thing on monday. here's that system just skirting across eastern sections of north carolina now heading out to sea for tonight thirty seven then the rain in north carolina the outer banks ending otherwise mostly cloudy conditions winds becoming westerly ma forty eight mostly sunny and isolated showers possible early in the afternoon again i'd only put the odds that one can see him right here when i bring up the seven day in the same ten percent to the north fifteen to twenty percent down the south so called fifteen percent risk still forty eight of lowell got a little bit for saturday and sunday kept sixty to sixty three on monday an attempt to stay pretty mild as well mebbe later next week but with a chance something works i say something i don't feel books paid a business trip to boca raton tonight coming up and sports will find out if the weather was
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people in north carolina are hungry due to their panthers tried all kinds of concoctions are popping up ahead of the super bowl helping fans when their appetites for the big game and this show support for their teddy bears the panthers smack a roo non celeb one bakery blueberry and chocolate flavored band bad bad daddy's bbq joint you can order the wham bam thank you camera. i love to say that piled high with meat and veggies. other restaurants are also offering their own versions of the carolina panthers burger complete with silver of all rains like that. usually when i see stories about food makes me hungry but not so much not so much that makes me feel blue i got a boost or yarrow do blue kindness toward us. after having an uncommon struggle at home where they lost three and four. oh he was hoping to regain their form on the road tonight at florida atlantic
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they did regain their form brandon stayed inside for true they never trailed in this game trey freeman netted nine points to really reach the one thousand milestone in his own new career he had twenty eight as the fast game or other trey freeman scored at least twenty eight points he started campbell so he's close to two thousand points in his career seventy eight to sixty six. oh you wanted and the caa tonight william mary traveling up to take on the fighting lands were adjustable hence my not so much fight in them. that was david count here comes terry to rp one to slam the door apply for the tribe was in really turned it on the second half only twenty three points nine assists ninety four seven nine with a merry one it lady mocs at home against florida atlantic tonight. this was never close landmarks playing maybe the best game of the air kiana brown lafayette high school with a spin move
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the shooter's bounce on the three pointer five players in double figures including destiny young who missed the jumper here eighty five to forty five a lady marks one in late march or back home saturday against florida international and
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. fire thursday night tradition we don't usually so much of the world's game but let's
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soccer. i am a an the am i am a am. i am am the in the whole route is operated three the news the port city of brownwood on white porn is more than apparently check this one out it's worth watching again point eight seconds left in games where the catch and shoot the same but in australia awesome shot this is tennis and it's a two fer i want theirs behind the bike has one eye. i've only ever seen just one trick shot but he's got another one coming up for this one between the legs and many finishes off with a shut down the line for a suite of the australian open at andy murray cohen takes a hatchet he finally gets seriously injured for spotlight phil mickelson eleven when they
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home with live at the health bill miller left they get a lot of the significant to fema's there was one here. oh gosh i don't need to explain with the thing that you like it always hurts. and finally i was talking about hurting ufc with the way and it's a pleasant way and no stare down here. he got flowers and in return of the sunflower seeds something special going on there. the swing would not have that none of that effort has got a ride tomorrow clearing out tonight so tomorrow just a lot of sunshine or the next couple of hours briefly in the early afternoon that could be a sprinkle. temperatures are moderating a bit. it's just on normal actually it's that blend on high banks of
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> jimmy: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - ewan mcgregor, "this week in unnecessary
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