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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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we can warm up. you're looking live right now get ready for some warmer temperatures the weather authorities said that when he hit temperatures in the sixties pots all the republican candidate for president are campaigning here in the hawkeye state today except for one who's missing and why i'm a busy one as backing of all those details coming up but we begin in chesapeake will we continue to follow the tragic loss of a well loved family the investigation continues this nude into what caused cameron to leave the shoot and kill his entire family happily say that cameron shot and killed his father todd his mama lorrie his little sister broke his grandmother doris and brother landon is well not before he turned the gun on himself. arcane is working to find out more details about this case he joins us live from the house where the bodies of five of kansas family members were found deandre we are still trying to piece together
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haven't given as a motive yet or a timetable and many here in the dp community also have a lot of questions about how this could happen but they also have a lot of love for this family has a better way to show you some of it there's a makeshift memorial outside of this boarded up home this is where many of the two lees were found shot to death overnight loved ones also gathered last night at the temple baptist church that church has been with the family for decades cameron julie this is what we know cameron dooley shot and grandma dad sister brother and mother before turning the gun on himself that reggie tragedy for many is unspeakable but loved ones at last night's vigil are holding on to memories of this family that contributed heard a lot of outpouring of support from friends and some family last night and again we're still trying to press
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could have happened and when this couldn't happen we know that there was a large standoff with police cameron and police overnight on tuesday but we don't yet know when the murders happened we're going to stay on top of that for you. reporting live in chesapeake thirteen thirteen years now. esoteric thirteen years they'll continue to follow this tragic story look for updates throughout the day on thirteen years now. com as well as on facebook and twitter will also have complete team coverage coming up on thirteen years now for something years to the weather plenty of bright blue skies as we head into the weekend as friday show scott is in the weather lad in for craig and we're going to warm up this weekend. oh yeah we're going to warm up pretty nicely as we had over the next several days i would take another look outside this is overlooking downtown norfolk from our tower cam we do have partly cloudy skies and talked about this during daybreak we're going to see a few more clouds as we head into the afternoon hours temperatures that have actually climbed pretty quickly with that westerly wind forty nine degrees right
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nine on the peninsula in newport news the afternoon of you joining us from elizabeth city you're coming and already in the low fifties and we've got forty five on the eastern shore and now but now the winds have picked up throughout the morning as the system has moved across the area and you'll notice these are sustained winds seventy miles and corey also franklin ten miles right now at the airport in norfolk where up to twenty one mph in virginia beach and twenty five and got so here's a look at satellite and radar again the clouds associated with that system pushing through the area but it hasn't been producing a whole lot of rain but any of the rain that we're saying is just on northern fringes of our viewing areas are really pushing to tap a hand in this little batch of rain will continue to push off to the east. approaching the eastern shores of this weekend looking absolutely gorgeous temperatures and the fifties on saturday sixties as we head into sunday that's well above where we should be for this time of the year and the upper forties i have your seven day forecast coming up just a few minutes i see big so much before heading out
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weather caster after the power of the weather authority with you wherever you go download for free at the app store or on google play explosive that's how the world health organization is describing the spread of disease the virus the virus spread by mosquitoes has been linked to babies being born with abnormalities like small heads the cdc reports thirty one cases of infection among us citizens to travel to areas affected by the virus health officials from around the world are trying to stop the spread of disease virus right now carried by mosquitoes officials say that it poses serious health problems elise brown spoke with one local organization that is joining forces to combat the world health organization's predicting that this virus is really going to explore the chicken four million cases in this next year alone. virginia based operation blessing international is trying to get ahead of this due to virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes that spreading throughout central america and now even in places like
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the united states. in fact health officials say a virginia resident who traveled outside of the country tested positive for the virus. however officials say that person it doesn't pose a risk to others because it's not mosquito season. david r with operation blessing says their team is helping combat the virus abroad. we've responded with the purchase of a lot of mosquito nets were distributing thousands of gnats now in el salvador and in haiti the also were doing large scale few negation source preying on neighborhoods to kill mosquitoes. they're also testing of mosquito repellent all targeting pregnant women the danger with sneakers that are really affects pregnant women it affects the child of the unborn baby and it's we're seeing now lot of cases of babies being born with something called micro safely where they have a smaller head really affects the growth the organization also purchased a portable prenatal ultrasound machines this helps the mother
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there may be complications with the birth. this helps the family understand that they are at risk and hope the doctors understand the best ways to treat guard says teams are doing all they can to help save lives in chesapeake. elise brown thirteen years now. i took another second half hour we have explored the global response to the growing zeke a virus crisis and what the fda is doing to protect the u s blood supply from possible contamination. he was a no show at last night's debate but his name was heard loud and clear. donald trump donald trump donald trump donald donald donald trump donald trump may go gop presidential contenders addressing the elephant not in the room as they make a final dash ahead of the iowa caucus and keeping our canine officers covered the generous donation that will help keep them safe and coming up in our second half hour it was billed at the trial of a century now. a groundbreaking doctor is making a bold claim
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of it all and how it played into oj selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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. it is a final campaign frenzy in iowa today the candidates are crisscrossing the first state in the nation to vote for presidential nominees yes but don't rub absent from the gop debate last night. his absence from the state altogether abc's lone sock isn't the boy in with the latest with donald trump boycotting the debate the new candidate at center stage was under fire would note that the last four questions had been ran plays attacked at marco please attack ted chris plays attacked edge and please attacked and the me just say this is the debates are i will now tell a guy if you guys say sas one more main question i may have to leave the stage after a
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everyone on the stage is stupid fat and ugly. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way the night got rough. that's the assessment of cruise by iowa's biggest paper of the de moines register i don't think it can have it both ways. meanwhile just a few miles away the national frontrunner held his own event didn't want to be here i have to be ons and here in iowa he isn't anymore the only republican candidate to leave the state today campaigning now in new hampshire uk lead official on his absence a boon for marco rubio. don't worry i'm not leaving the state no matter what you ask me that today many iowans say they will be taking a second look at marco rubio remember a strong third place finish here would position him very well heading into the rest of the campaign long as zach abc news to mind. what an
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for dogs on duty from two police divisions getting fitted for potentially lifesaving ballistic vests find out why it wouldn't have been possible without a generous donation from a big name and plenty of sun overlooking downtown hampton this noon get ready for some
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some local four legged officers have a little bit more protection the snow yes i do both norfolk and newport news canines spent the morning getting fitted for their new ballistic vests full protection right there
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getting fitted for his rest the money from the newport the new press came from a generous donation from cnn anchor anderson cooper and spikes k nine fund. cooper also donated his speaking fee from an engagement in norfolk earlier this week the donation came after suspects shot and killed nor for k nine officer craig later today democratic governor terry mcauliffe is expected to announce that a deal has been reached with republicans on gun legislation yet here's what we know at this point the governor agreed not to revoke reciprocity agreements with two dozen states for concealed handgun permits in exchange republicans added a measure that prohibits a person to subject or subject to a permanent protective order from having a firearm state police will also be present at gun shows for voluntary background checks the general assembly still has to approve this deal. now governor mcauliffe also set to unveil to economic development deals the governor's office isn't saying too much about these what companies will be
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has made economic development a top priority during his time in office he has introduced over five hundred and fifty new economic development projects projects with more than nine billion dollars in capital investments. the virginia board of education granted up partially accredited status for dozens of schools across the area. the list includes two hampton schools two in newport news five in norfolk and schools in portsmouth and suffolk and virginia beach as well. this is only one step up from what denied leaders say this new status is for schools that are on the track to full accreditation within three years with the schools don't keep making improvements or status will be downgraded our fight for accreditation continues the virginia board of education voted to deny the school accreditation yesterday after recommendation from the state superintendent of the division will now have to sign a memorandum of understanding with the board
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improve that school's performance than other public school division could be in hot water for reportedly breaching federal grant rules that's according to a recent audit obtained by our partners at the virginian pilot the report reveals a division broke. title one rules by failing to maintain adequate teacher student ratios or proper documentation for their programs according to the audit in norfolk will improve its reporting process by including more managerial oversight and will remind you by construction alerts elizabeth river tunnels will close the midtown tunnel this weekend. this is a live picture of it right now crews need to remove a pedestrian bridge related to the total project the midtown will shut down from eight o'clock tonight until five o'clock monday morning keep in mind were told if you live nearby you might hear loud noises from the construction work well i finally had quite a
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the forecast today but the clouds have moved and if you are with us on daybreak we talked about this and the possibility for a few stray showers farther north will talk about all of a coming out to look at kill devil hills and got a lot of sunshine in the little bit on the windy side as well. you can see the eye when stuck in there blowing but the farther you go south. the clearer it is the farther you go north the war clouds that were saying so here's a look at satellite and radar you'll notice we are starting to see the clouds pushing to allow the city also on the southside the peninsula and the eastern shore but the rain and it's very light in nature it's mainly across the middle peninsula and then we've got a batch of the pre light showers pushing on to the eastern shore. this is all associated with the disturbance that i'm tracking that's moving through the region. allie helping to spark though showers but also the clouds will quickly push to our nice and we're going to see some drying conditions as we head into the evening hours to go through the rest of this action will have the clouds in place and i thought i went stream so that we can show
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are coming from so by this evening six seven o'clock the clouds will push out of fear we will see drier conditions but colder conditions working into our region known to start the day on saturday we're going to start up with a lot of sunshine it will be breezy but turning a little less breezy as we head into the early morning hours but a lot of sunshine that will continue throughout the day on saturday and then look what happens our winds will switch out of the south bay to bring in some slightly warmer air. not only saturday but looking. it's looking like we could see a big warm up even as we headed to the second half of the weekend temperatures right now though are forty nine in norfolk where forty eight emporium are honing in the mid forties on the eastern shore nothing right now forty five with that mid fifties i am eating since there were singers warmer conditions a little farther south and as we had over the next couple of days we're going to continue to see these temperatures warm here's a twenty four hour temperature change compared to this time yesterday were up five degree the newport news six degrees in norfolk also suffolk and eight
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have not been outside ish yet it is quite windy out there we've got wind gusts up to twenty six mph in newport news eighteen enhancing or in virginia beach use me. twenty six and hansen and thirty one mph and up to what that system passing through the area helping to pick up our wins as well so by this action you will see temperatures right around fifty degrees in norfolk low fifties as you had a little bit farther south. even some late fifties and in the mix of forty nine degrees and mac is a little bit cooler on the eastern shore forty four degrees and mouth and northeastern north carolina he'll climb into the low to mid fifties by this afternoon so here's a look at the seven day forecast today and saturday were back in the sixties for the second half of the week and plenty of sunshine as well but i am tracking some showers as we head into next week but we've got some time to get there so let's just enjoy this very nice weekend. can't talk
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about the phone all the late eighty s as part of our era taxation or less we can store was the fourth most powerful snowstorm hit the northeast in the last sixty years a blizzard dumped snow from louisiana to maine only touching hampton roads for most part most powerful storm on the list is the storm of this entry that had back in march of nineteen ninety three more than thirty inches of snow from mississippi to me of thousands of d c residents who were handed tickets for parking on snow emergency routes will not have to pay that penalty yesterday we told you that the city handed out more than a million dollars and parking tickets and fines in dc on now the city is reversing that decision and is even issuing refunds to those who already pay their fines avoiding them will cost the city get this seven hundred thousand dollars well now is the time to start planning those summer home improvement plans that's because the coastal virginia home and garden show is only
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joined by the organizers to
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i am a coastal virginia home and garden show was only two weeks away and that is where you can find something at every turn decorating ideas demos shopping home services displays workshops food spirits so much more to talk about. so today we welcome steve cunningham and leslie
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association to tell us more guys think he had a vision now you're actually mother also in the program chris and sam. ok so tell us what people really go there to see you offer so much when it were the biggest attraction a license of insured contractor do remodeling for the house whether it's for a day or addition they would put on catches of bass are always a great revenue stream and equity builder in what is the value of meeting other mothers in person is at the portfolio presentation but would you say is the strong point of going there instead of just call calling you to really meet the person you know so much stays them that fast ma fan you really get to interact and get the sense of who's been working around shirtless to talk about exactly what the show offers as well however great want to share we have a gentleman named brian santos is known as the wall was turned on he has these really amazing tips on how to make the painting your bathroom or whatever he has had enough they are but i've seen like three in their amazing us with him coming we
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coming has been to speak about chicken spaghetti like all the range. yes she's going to tell us things about chickens we don't already having them as pests homage to it's a really big movement these days people really want to live out of their home and depend on their home for the food that the pardon saying well how much of a t tnd has that turned into an inch think and so we think coming out tonight to meet her she seems very knowledgeable and excited very cool. i'm even have a dog fashion show. i have since learned how to integrate on pets. clayton something like your home in to make them or pass the word is from the same organ ami and so you're not going in on the very same thing. ok well you know they're in the night of the ladies and casually capsule. yes very full details are let's give people a stats when does it start
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at the hampton roads convention center and that and saturday and ten the sec something on sunday awesome ok well it's a fantastic to go i am so glad this stage in life are like the buzzer sounded really need to hire star somebody or a thank you so much thank you becca rees are they so much lucy will the battle against the z virus is heating up the world health organization holding an emergency meeting to discuss the outbreak still to come. the details of that meeting and what us officials
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i we have made a mess at least a friday here's a live look from our sky view camera overlooking the blue skies over downtown
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the huskies expected to stay with us through the weekend that's the good news i scowl have an update to your forecast in just a few minutes were pursed her lips were top stories this afternoon the investigation continues into a murder suicide in chesapeake condolences are pouring in for social media pages of people try to cope with the dooley family tmr. you can see people play out flowers teddy bears are at their home with a camera dolly shot and killed his parents siblings and grandmother before turning the gun on himself investigators still do not know what prompted cameron to take his family's lives. some local four legged officers have a little bit more protection this afternoon try both norfolk and newport news canine spent the morning getting fitted for their new bulletproof . so a donation from cnn anderson cooper and anderson cooper he would go henderson and her writing table and spikes k nine fund helps pay for these pass the note the donation came after suspect shot and killed
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krieger and then the twenty sixteen presidential candidates continue to campaign in iowa ahead of monday's caucuses republican contenders made their case to iowa voters last night during their seventh debate in des moines now with donald trump not present. ted cruz became the biggest targets while the other candidates fielded tough questions and immigration on immigration and national security while fighting the z virus the mosquito borne diseases on the rise with more cases being detected here in the us oh yeah very dangerous if a pregnant woman to seek a virus infection could have disastrous consequences her abc's can of motor shows us what's being done to slow down the spread. the battle against the virus in the mosquitoes carrying the disease a major concern for pregnant women including a new york mother to me was contracted the virus level is extremely high more than thirty people have the good in the us all brought back from travel abroad the virus
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development issues in pieces is spreading through the america as brazil home of the summer olympics is ground zero. abc's dr richard dresser is in rio de janeiro so far more than one and half the cases more than four thousand babies born with severe brain dead pregnant women have been told to postpone travel to affected area as the cut is not contagious person to person but there's still a rescue if someone is in fact even comes back to the united states and by mosquito that mosquitoes can bite other people be infected than the u s territory of puerto rico about twenty reported cases of the gaza health officials are warning people to use bug repellent and mosquito nets over beds mosquito control is pretty difficult and the mosquitoes that are spreading zeke a virus bite during the daytime and they're pretty aggressive fighters more airlines and cruise the caribbean and latin america offering
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people who travel to affected areas that have mild symptoms of fever rash and joint pains are being told to get checked immediately. both abc news washington the search continues this tune for three missing inmates in southern california. and meanwhile police announce another arrest in the case they accuse forty four year old new shock fear and run by gm aiding in the escape of three inmates were by g taught at the jail. police say that inmates are back and want jonathan to you and hussein the area that the state a week ago. they are considered armed and dangerous now the so called affluent a teenager heads to court in the us today ethan couch was booked into a texas juvenile detention center thursday today's hearing will determine if you ever see bond or be moved to an adult prison couch and his mother were subjects of an international manhunt after he missed a mandatory probation meeting they were rested importantly at the last month. couch was put on probation after killing
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driving accident in twenty thirteen trash bins and disappearing from a virginia town officials are calling an alarming rates more on the unusual crime that has they were fed up and forcing them to open their wallets will explain and it's the netflix documentary that is taking the country by
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in one of the most infamous court cases of our time. a startling new theory about o j simpson to come from a doctor featured in the movie concussion he's convinced the fallen stars years on the football field gave him a brain disease. abc's ryan smith is here with that story of a better bet you must acquit infamous football player in sports history acquitted of double murder o j simpson's trial for the brutal killings of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman how inspiring the new tv series the people versus o j simpson the supply the beach this morning twenty one years after the so called trial of the century and intriguing new claim about the man at
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na suffered from cte dr banda de malo the doctor responsible for discovering product american symbol of the b or c team in nfl players from repeated blows to the head believes simpson is a victim of the disease true portrayed by will smith in the film concussion the world renown for in the pathologist has examined simpson personally and cte can only be diagnosed after death but dr avalos says he can identify the telltale signs of cte behavioral symptoms explosive impulsive behavior in that judgment i mean all of the tom tom was decided but the strongest evidence o j may have cte says his college and eleven year pro playing careers. it was exposed to paulsen of blows to his head back that assertion simpson himself was
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concussions as part of a legal strategy after his two thousand e convention armed robbery and kidnapping in las vegas once far according to espn during an appeal of his thirty three year maximum sentence. simpson's attorney reportedly filed a sworn statement that he suffered numerous blows to the head and or landed on my head violently while playing football so he never relied on the concussion defense force appeal a new trial was nine. well doctor amal stresses that cte doesn't excuse the criminal behavior that landed ot behind bars he does want the case to serve as a reminder of the life altering damage the sport can cause new twist in that case in italy was abc's ryan smith reporting. still ahead it's the murder mystery everyone's
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i hundreds are
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protest over the convictions of steven avery and brendan destitute in wisconsin. it's like arguing that the two were wrongfully convicted in the death of a woman their cases were thrown into the limelight after a docu series on the case came out last month on netflix. no one business owner in town says that whatever the people's views are. it's more than just a trending topic. this is a tragic story and i try to keep reminding myself of my crew that that the dough as marketers we tend to look at things as opportunities in this case now this is this is a tragedy in a family. so earlier this month president obama's administration responded to a petition saying a pardon for the man has to be performed on a state level the governor has since denied that request police say the central virginia town have a mystery on their hands trash bins are disappearing at an alarming rate in hopewell and no offices are trying to find
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responsible for this. city officials say the thefts are happening to three times more often than surrounding communities. meanwhile renters are left on the hook to pay for replacements the cost of a noob in sixty bucks. homeowners are supplied with new bins free of charge. still neighbors are frustrated and confused i think is a disgrace will go around the city still a chance to discuss why would she do to city officials are putting forth a proposal that would grant of free trash bin to homeowners and renters every five years. what a difference a week makes it bad that you may all of the snow that we had last week and weekend when we get a break from the winter weather authorities as we get hit temperatures in the sixties this weekend
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weather this weekend means that you can take a break from hibernating for at least a little bit. oh yeah got last year her tournaments is we get one of them can help you jumpstart your spring cleaning. try to gather up all those old gadgets and then head over to the virginia aquarium on general booth blvd for their wintery cycling event the aquarium is partnering up with good will to collect old person computers as a personal computer and satellite now drive without phones printers in much for her first interview friday from all of us. the event is tomorrow from ten o'clock in the morning till two o'clock in the afternoon we do have a link with much more information information posted on thirteen years now dot com under links in the news personal computers and personal on stage this weekend the virginia stage company presents the hand to the years it follows the true story of two students and their professors during their
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the nineteen forties the production takes a look at society's expectation surrounding african american artists as the students challenge their place in society by defending what it means to be an artist tickets are still available. also this week in portsmouth residence can be part of the civic process by weighing in on who should be the city's next police chief as part of a certain selection process the city is inviting community members to attend a forum with the final candidates it will be held i see more from high school at one o'clock tomorrow afternoon for thinking of starting your weekend with some peeps out you're not alone a new poll shows that when it comes to food americans cannot get enough pizza to the poll asked what's the number one delectable that makes your mouth water. one guess the top at the list of fifty percent was pete's son number two and twenty s shot later i followed by ice cream mac and cheese and potato chips
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were hamburger steak popcorn pasta and mexican food and fun. i know it was an honor as hungry as i am right now i got to stick all of it as lily's garden around those that i was struck by the weekend forecast looking absolutely gorgeous. let's talk about the numbers birds because we are still a bit on the cool side especially on the eastern shore. we've got temperatures in the low forties right now and now we're getting that wind off of the base of keeping the temperatures a little bit cool on the eastern shore where fifty right now in glass or fifty three in kroger on the peninsula were coming in a fifty four the williamsburg jamestown airport fifty one in langley fifty two right now hansen and on the south side we've got mostly fifties fifty three in deep creek fifty three or fifty i should say in thalia and fifty four no shi en and northeastern north carolina also sing fifties on the map but a little bit warmer fifty four in hartford as well as belvedere says to
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i sort of doom that give you a little bit but that's a really cool cold temperatures up to our north the west warmer down to our south we're going to happen to that warmer air as we head into the weekend as the jet stream live on the way to the north of that can allow this southerly flow to bring and that warmer air. here's a look at what's going on right now satellite and radar we've got the partly cloudy skies across the area and the rain that were saying it very light in nature is mainly on the northern edge of our viewing area so salute them you're seeing a very light shower right now. also starting to pass just east of nasa why take that show continuing to push off to the east are they the map of you here's a look at what's going on we've got this disturbance of the continue to push the region. that's what's creating the windy conditions the clouds and also the very light showers but it will continue to push offshore so will see the clouds clear as we head into the evening hours talking mainly clear conditions overnight and as we start the day on saturday we're going to stab with a lot of sunshine but it's
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there's a view having plans definitely bundle at temperatures will start off in the twenties and thirties by saturday afternoon plenty of sunshine then that will continue even into the second half of the week at thirty degrees tonight mainly clear but very cold the winds will start to relax a little bit for your saturday is a little bit milder than today and again those wins at the south and southwest will really will boost those temperatures into the mid sixties sunday we're going to stay in the sixties as we head into monday and then our chance for rain the next best next best chance for a good look of a mid week on wednesday you know i think this is why and i now it's done on size five. i am with the kids are
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the book and read happenings only in dreams bernadette out a new college sports team is headed to the seven five seven baseball lovers listen up very carefully. the bryant stratton college bobcat sports program is bringing eight new miss baseball team coming up this fall and to join us talk about it. eric blackwell is the bobcat athletic director and or b wilson is the director of operations for bse men's bobcats baseball thinking so much for joining us so exciting. the price trend started with a basketball team. of course and now a baseball team. erik white well you know that baseball is used in a state of the day is specifically and that our water and wanted to create another option for local
12:42 pm
basketball team over last three years of being ranked in the top twenty several times in a laundry list of all the accolades that we had a refill of baseball was right they especially do so well in the classroom so we were privileged to have all we feel like as mr. baseball player ty water i told wilson to help us get off the ground nor be it it's really exciting that you're involved in this program and today you're actually see him being a very special honor for all the contributions to the sports to tell the viewers a little bit about yourself and down and this esteemed honor that you're getting today. thank you fer storm extremely honored on the seine. i would muster when he was coach you know a million back in the late sixties early seventies i was over there all the time i thought the world and to be getting an award in his name means alot to me. congratulations say in the players are you looking for. well we're looking for were looking for kids one of the students that might not have been students in high school but they will
12:43 pm
we're hoping that during that baseball in front of them will make them the good students and so we're looking for kids that want further their education and play baseball after high school what an exciting opportunity here locally so eric adventure sounds fantastic when does the semester begin if somebody is interested in this what exactly does a dance class a star march nine so you gotta do is give us a call in virginia beach are happening campus and wanted to process my classes are close in closing fast. ok so anybody who's interested this new opportunity that needs to take action and make the call will happen when they make the call of william top of our missions representatives in milwaukee for the whole process if you want more information about athletics program go to bsc bobcat stack ah okay to rip that is terrific information if you're interested in baseball the cheque when you click on the recruitment on group pac very good alright so here are the details if you are interested in the new
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brian stratton head over to the website bsc bobcat stock com click on recruitment and if you're interested in continuing your education call brian stratton so that you can register in time for
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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