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tv   13 News 4  ABC  January 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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continue overseas plus only on thirteen years now for al williams family supporting people in flint michigan and will say you have the road resident there right now helping during the toxic water crisis that is the four stocks right now and the breaking news coming out of california this afternoon where authorities capture one of those three inmates who escaped from an orange county prison last week orange county sheriff says bok dong flag down a citizen on the street in santa ana and he said he'd turn himself in the other two missing inmates still at large. we continue to follow a heartbreaking story out of chesapeake six members of the dooley family dead in a tragic murder suicide. we are digging deeper trying to piece together details about the family and what may have led to this tragedy hurricane is working on the continuing investigation and work we still don't know the possible
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police have not given as a motive but we are sort of getting a better idea when this all happening according to police that julie's were last seen or heard from monday evening and multiple sources tell thirty news now that on monday cameron called the virginia beach dive shop where his dad works a retired police officer cameron told them that todd would be able to make it into work the next day because his mom had a heart attack after the family essentially fell off the radar someone called police and asked for officers to do a welfare check on that family that was wednesday afternoon police found cameron's younger brother landon shot to death in the family home on wildwood road that led police to the home cameron shared with his grandma doris a couple blocks away and after a standoff lasting into early morning thursday officers found cameron his dad his sister his mom and his grandma all shot to death
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rocked this community and today we saw many leave tributes for the fam the very most in the midst of the spam all of us and some problems in set like this to happen to anyone i also saw some friends of drug to go to deep creek high school and he broke down in tears they said that school just isn't the same without her just to give you an idea of how impactful this has been for the community of course were still working to learn more as to why and when exactly this all happen we'll stay on top of police to get you that information reporting live in chesapeake erik ainge thirteen years now and we departments across hampton roads the seven major cities to get numbers on murder suicides that occurred in the past few years just because had six s two thousand and nine that number includes the most recent
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family three murder suicides happen in twenty eleven alone in chesapeake. something told us it's had three cents twenty ten cents twenty thirteen in hampton the city had one murder suicide incident. portsmouth told us there and they've investigated no murder suicides in the past two years newport news told us they have had no cases since twenty eleven are the weekend is upon us tdi off right now we have a beautiful eye view from our hampton camera but that's nice the weekend forecast is looking alot better than last week and remember that so how's the forecast shaping up for the seafood all sunny both days and for this evening we had a few clouds but those are moving offshore right now as you saw that picture there was a beautiful shot. here's another one where alot of sunshine is obviously come into creating very very vivid shadows here down at the beach we can see off in the distance some of those clouds. those are the ones that just came through and if you are falling on your weather app you are noticing
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that came through and it looked like it was raining but i couldn't find any reports at least of any of the reporting stations of any of this ever making it down to the ground. i wouldn't totally rule out that there were a couple of very brief showers or light sprinkle but none the reporting station showed that again now it's off shorts that things are indeed clearing out that means for this evening we're looking at nice clear skies but some chilly temperatures and i guess i should call it cold eventually start out a forty three at five o'clock and again these are averages your location might be a few warmer few colder depending on if your world right now the beaches and then falling back down through the thirties and i think we're going to see many many spots in the twenties during the overnight but you talk about the weekend and look at the difference from saturday into sunday into monday second half the week and much warmer than the first half how bout the rain chances well couple of times with these various fronts we will
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about that coming up i know for treasure at the neighborhood's request for continuance in his corruption trial was denied according to our partners at the virginian pilot for foot attorney argued he needed more time to prepare for the trial he said before its grand jury investigation spanned more than two years and there are several boxes of pre trial discovery materials. a judge disagreed the jury trial was set to start in may and could last a month for foot faces felony charges including perjury and wire fraud. a virginia beach and made faces felony charges after sneaking drugs into the correctional center twenty two year old zachary creek more faces charges that include possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and being a prisoner in possession of a chemical compound quick mart probably went through a search process that resembles what we see typically deputies didn't find any drugs and creek more
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the jail on wednesday. later in the day. deputies found a lighter and dance with marijuana cocaine and ecstasy in a cell. deputies think rick moore swallowed governor mcauliffe and republican lawmakers announced a bipartisan gun agreement the law reverses an order from attorney general mark herring herring smash or canceled mutual concealed carry agreements with twenty five states he said those states had weaker laws then virginia. well this afternoon the governor and the republicans toss the order that would have become effective monday the new agreement calls for more background checks at gun shows and keep guns away from people under domestic violence protection orders democrats challenging virginia's voter id law what the trial extended another week. the plaintiff filed a motion for the extension because they say they have so many witnesses lined up they need extra time they say they
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to testify about how the law effective that virginia law requires voters to show a photo id at the polls. some claim the law is unconstitutional and unfair for young and minority voters the trial was stark and the end of next month a new poll shows most virginians support reinstating parole virginia law banned perot back in nineteen ninety five according to the twenty sixteen commonwealth poll seventy six percent of all virginians supported reinstating parole eighty six percent of democrats and sixty eight percent of republicans back it most people in the survey also gave strong support for changes in the juvenile justice system. iranian officials are claiming they flow ice surveillance drone over a us aircraft carrier as part of being able to roll the sea they took precise photograph during this flyover the navy confirms earlier in the month a drone flew directly over the carrier uss harry s
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confirm if this was the scene incident the only us carrier in the region right now is the true man. navy officials say they didn't open fire on the drain because it was unarmed and did not threaten safety. and now we take a quick look at traffic conditions across the area mainly dealing with the laces afternoon a few accidents on the secondary the interstate moving ok in most spots but as we take a look at thirteen years now traffic camera to see hear traffic as the hr bt as we normally expect at just after four on friday is very heavy this is six miles away from the hr bt around grammy st. the delays are beginning almost back to five sixty fourth expect major delays are headed to the peninsula to the monitor merrimack or the g r b which are both and other traffic network mask and speaking of the awe i to be too good to hear the full track a little bit on the peninsula making its way to the south side and it also had to sell to the monitor merrimack you will see that heavy truck traffic headed to supper but
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its way toward newport news a few things to watch out for all have the latest on your delays when i come back health officials all around the world are trying to stop the spread of the virus and there are efforts coming from right here and hit the roads carried by mosquitoes officials say this virus poses some serious health problems. it is now for elise brown spoke with operation blessing in the beach volunteers there are stepping up to help the world health organization's predicting that this virus is really going to explore the victim four million cases in this next year alone. virginia based operation blessing international is trying to get ahead of this due to virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes that spreading throughout central america and now even in places like haiti and threatens even the united states. in fact health officials say a virginia resident who traveled outside of the country tested positive for the virus. however officials say that person it doesn't pose a risk to others because it's not mosquito season. david r with
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team is helping combat the virus abroad. we've responded with the purchase of a lot of mosquito nets were distributing thousands of gnats now in el salvador and in haiti the also were doing large scale few negation. so we're spraying on neighborhoods to kill mosquitoes. they're also testing of mosquito repellent all targeting pregnant women the danger with speakers that are really affects pregnant women it affects the child of the unborn baby and it's we're seeing now lot of cases of babies being born with something called micro safely where they have a smaller head really affects the growth the organization also purchased a portable prenatal ultrasound machines this helps the mother prepare for what could come there may be complications with the birth. this helps the family understand that they are at risk and hope the doctors understand the best ways to treat card says teams are doing all they
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chesapeake. elise brown thirteen years now that a balance on a chicago police officer charged with murder jason van made a trip to court today. coming up details of his hairy
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chicago police officer facing a first degree murder charge for shooting a teenager and twenty four team will return to court in march officer jason van appeared in court this morning for a pre trial hearing van has pleaded not guilty in the death of seventeen year old kwan mcdonald the squad car video that captured the shooting sparked numerous protests and calls for the mayor's resignation. the justice department is investigating the department's practices and policies for news for nissan altima owners a car company is recalling its midsize car for the third time to fix a lax problem that could cause the bird to fly open while the car is
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forty six thousand all to most years twenty thirteen to fifteen nissan says the problem is with the paint can flake off the light and expose bare metal in overtime the alaskan ross and cause of the secondary hood latch to remain open. nissan will notify owners and replace the lines for free starting atmosphere is seen in a stunning new infrared photo released by nasa take a look this is pretty cool. nasa's new horizons probe took the photo by using infrared wavelengths and shows a prominent blue ring around the dwarf planet you can see it there. nasa says the blue ring is created by sunlight scattering from haze particles in the atmosphere the haze is believed to be smart created by sunlight and methane the photo is the latest in a collection of information nasa gathered after its probe past pluto
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proving you're never too old to dab they came together to take a fund flow data into us like their super bowl bound quarterback cam newton. you may have seen their photo and went viral this week the seniors say they don't test them for fon is part of their exercise routine the panthers fans dad daily during their chair exercise routine and we have a good time with that. not just learn and do a race that lake is man from a sports illustrated reports the dance started popping up all over the nfl about mid november especially after panther touchdowns. dabbling in the dance made popular in atlanta last summer in case you're wondering what it means in this line for flaunting. as i mentioned
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sunshine this weekend but very different days from saturday to sunday yes they'll both be sunny but the temperatures tomorrow will be normal for this time of year within a couple degrees anyway a normal sunday. whoa is it going to be nice out there right now are looking at a few clouds moving off with a couple of light sprinkles earlier much are they all made or any of them really made it down to the ground when he put a motion for a new baby lucy came swinging through some of these northern areas now just dying out and moving off into the atlantic countries right now at forty eight degrees colder air getting ready to move and that was the sort of upper level cold front swinging through and now things are quite blustery those are sustained winds of fourteen the gusting up to around twenty and the pressure is rising now that the front has gone through tons and tons of sunshine the first three quarters of the day exactly as expected all of a sudden then around midday in the early afternoon we saw the clouds move and another's clouds are again starting to move out and we have more clear skies out there. so
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six from gloucester down to newport news within a degree of that back inland forty eight from norfolk over the chesapeake forty seven at the beach looks like a little warmer fifty three as you would expect little farther south in concurrently with that number there the showers that are moving offshore temperatures dropping back to the lower forties at the beaches. this is by seven pm upper thirties back across the inland areas will definitely feel a little bit of a breeze as well be blustery so the trio wear jackets appropriate for these kinds of temperatures with wind chills down in the upper twenties here all ready by late evening and then in the morning many spots will be in the upper twenties maybe even some mid twenties when she really bought a roll in and land right near the beaches might only be about thirty or so and then temperatures will start to rise again by nine o'clock it starts out slowly and late in the day is one really can see some southern now winds pushing and southerly winds and that'll push us up near
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fifties a little bit later on in the evening so not too bad today but again fairly close to normal weak disturbance misses us off to the south in the east but not necessarily missing the outer banks for saturday night and then during the day sunday live the kind of temperatures we're talking about up into the sixties during the afternoon and maybe even a little warmer than that just shows there's a big system spinning around moving out now. colder air moving in spite of forecasts for tomorrow is for sunshine today we were talking about the temperature forty eight we actually hit fifty one so we verified three straight forecasts in the seven day looks like this tomorrow sixty four on sunday sixty seven monday and then only fifty six tuesday before upper sixties again wednesday but that day we see some rain and then the country start to cool off again guys. i paced up well the most famous musical mom and aunt arrived
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did away with pharrell williams mom as she came forward to help families coping with the flint
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welcome back only on thirteen years now pharrell williams' mother is one of the latest hit the road residents to come through for the people of flint michigan dealing with that toxic water crisis also only on thirteen years now a big group of local residents in flint right now passing out water that was donated hear what you're about to see if our community can rally to help when people really need us how we make our mark the new field of energy before they boarded the van to head to michigan the part of the community taking but then two thousand cases of donated bottled water bite and said that's not visited they really became a duet gonna ponder loves of her family
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would this effect is going to feel that love and embrace some of the children of flan that the robot battles than redman gets the kids here who made these cards of encouragement to be okay don't let that keep hoping to remember that put a raw tomato into both love to have three closets for a while for listeners responded to shock his request to help including a famous friend or relative william's mother the news from you dear friend and we are donating three hundred and ten case the hits home because it could be your family. it could be your relative it could be your friend you just never know when we want to make sure that we do want park county complex on sunday. robert cartwright from hand to just return from flint. he showed us this video of the toxic
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the time to let them know that you know you have skills about them that love with them that the arrival in office. eleven hours and seven hundred and sixty two miles later the like the present i wanted the end of the week that you and yet as great if all that grew from that initial facebook plea s that just blew up and now they're out there something rotten in the course of the kids wrote for the kids and flip came from semolina willard model and she taught elementary schools and sea tac rec center in virginia beach and shaggy says students at pembroke meadows elementary school came through with a ton of water so it's nice to see the children their partners dr williams and shaggy do so much for our community and now the people find yet i don't know when those are folks in flint to get home to hampton roads but they are certainly heroes in this case has now already. if your kid is heading to
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is coming up fast. you need to have fast the forms c venture back to a time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth (roar, grawl) up-close encounters with lifelike dinosaurs (roar, grawl) adventure zone dino rides bounce houses scavenger hunt tattoos crafts fun for the whole family don't miss dinosaurs! a family adventure february 5-7 hampton roads convention center
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selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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. not just a week after the snowfall in hampton roads now the sun is shining the temperatures in the upper forties. here's a look at skyview at the dq at seventeenth and atlantic but it doesn't stop there and warmer temperatures are on the way for the weekend let's check in now with tough yet tomorrow is not going to be much different than today in terms of the actual air temperature but it'll feel warm because today was quite breezy at times tomorrow we will not have that reason will stay sunny all day tomorrow vs today was sunny the first three quarters of the day so right now on radar the last little bit of clout in this in the few light sprinkles that were aloft mainly never reach the ground as far as we could tell. now moving off shore so that's why the clearing skies are
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captures right now versus yesterday they're up a little bat other virginia beach or down a degree but for the most part we're up to one to three degrees here. temps are forecast then coming up dropping down to the forties this evening and with the wind it's going to feel like the thirties that's the wind chill we talk about later tonight we're going to get down at least in the lower thirties almost everywhere and a lot of spots will actually be in the upper twenties but notice tomorrow we start back up again and as i said with a little less wind it'll feel even nicer but if you think that is nice way to peace in my sunday forecast graphics to grab a couple minutes for that one i think that you might board a new type of airplane for future travel. check out this new development in aircraft technology. this is the boeing seven thirty seven will have that story in a moment you need an airplane to get around this afternoon the above depends on where your hat and we do have the usual delays all say that
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lining in the cloud there but still to be happy around the bridges and tunnels and that's why i'm continuing to watch so it's friday it's four thirty which he expects a let's talk about who we can expect as we head out there you see the red in the game the spots that we can't expect them to be there a couple of them that are a little bit off so that we might not normally see those delays to do i talk about that as well. first though going to head over to the hr bt the last time we checked traffic we check things norfolk to hampton where you live with it a right to norfolk this time around the hinton river bridge was the mile and a half away from the hr bt and that's where delays are starting and kind to king street. so again you're headed to the south the modern era bad for the jr b which both look good on the traffic network maps and just to the self i should say that things start picking up a little bit them are two merrimack at the bridge itself but in terms of actually getting to the time when the bridge it's not too bad the focus though if you are headed northbound at the jr be notices you kind of
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would work. we are seeing a little bit of heavy traffic there just want to point out to you again that the lateness of the year as it looks here but it will be a slightly slow on the bridge as you head to some of these in heavy traffic headed to hampton at the hr bt i'll be keeping an eye on traffic throughout the shower and keeping you posted on facebook twitter and of course right here on thirteen years now. kate nowak guns in the sky check out future trouble. a new development in aircraft technology that is the boeing seven thirty seven max commercial airplane the plane tickets for his flight and ran to the field in washington state today boeing has sold more than three thousand of the plane so far are some possible good news for area shipyards the navy has pledged to provide more stability and predictability on ship repair contract the announcement comes amid continuing concerns about layoffs my coding joins us now with the story what would you know david as we've been reporting for some time now the region is looking at around two thousand layoffs among three of the private yards between
4:28 pm
year it's unclear how many of those job losses might be avoided as a result of this announcement but any certainty regarding workflow is most assuredly welcome under the plan the navy will expedite repair work on the uss gettysburg uss toward tuba and uss winston churchill and it will outsource to submarine maintenance availability to the private sector that churchill is going to the magi that ortega and gettysburg haven't been awarded yet and the subs would go to newport news in a letter to senators mark warner and tim kaine assistant secretary of the navy sean stack lee road the navy shares your concerns about the reduction in fiscal year twenty six game workload and resulting layoffs announced in the hampton roads area the development comes at a critical time with general dynamics nascar looking at possibly three hundred and sixty layoffs over the next several months. newport news shipbuilding announced in december it will lay off seven hundred and thirty eight workers on february
4:29 pm
hundred and eighty jobs it eliminated in september and be a systems is facing up to five hundred thirty job losses around march eighteenth but ba did get some good news this week when it was awarded a fourteen point one million dollar contract to repair the uss normandy regarding the navy's moves ba spokesman carl johnson told thirteen news now it's good news for the industrial base in the port of norfolk we applaud the navy's efforts we don't know what the impact will be shipped their association as two hundred and fifty plus members companies that are here very much appreciate everything the navy's attempted to do but virginia ship repair association president bill crow warns there will likely still be some pain to come it looks as though there's still have the possibility of of those layoffs senators warner and kaine in a joint response ed we appreciate the navy's willingness to undertake the necessary planning to move the maintenance of three ships the senators do know that the changes won't stop all the layoffs but they said
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actions a testament to the value of the hampton roads shipyards and will clash shipyard workers reporting live by cutting thirteen years now. i thanks my core learning more about a series of sonic boom thought from southern new jersey to long island. they were likely caused by naval aircraft testing in the area the naval test wing atlantic conducted routine flight testing in the atlantic test ranges military aircraft routinely conducts supersonic flights offshore in an area called the task to track that try parallels the entire coast of the delmarva peninsula near delaware maryland and virginia right parents listen up the deadline is approaching for high school seniors to complete fast the forms that date is february fifteen. this tuesday ultimate these forms on time possibly will receive money and regardless of income every student may be eligible for some assistance college is expensive right joining us to talk more about faster from access college foundation is president and ceo bonnie son bonnie thanks for being with
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process right there and so what is fast and and who qualifies. ok free application for federal student aid. but in virginia each of the virginia colleges uses that federal form to determine who get state aid said for virginia students it's very important and it's very important to me the earliest priority filing deadline which is coming up every fifteen just right in our backyard old dominion university has one of the very earliest deadlines and of course many of our students to go there so we're encouraging every single family to complete that fast the form by february fifteen that way no matter where they decide to go to college they've met those great deadlines to be in and position themselves to get the most financially possible who qualifies and who might not call we tell every single student and family to complete the form because even if you end up getting one of those the terrible l word loans you can get
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completing the fast the form so and many times colleges determine who they give their money to do based on what you do or do not qualify for with the facts. so it's very important for students of all income levels to complete the form just say that the college has something by which to go to determine what kind of other a they may offer even if you don't qualify for federal or state is a complicated very complicated more than a hundred questions we find that parents even educated parents are gone to college before i was in the world we do at this bank and i but our advisors have been trained by the best surgeons our program director and we've also trained recently the school counselors in each of the district's we serve so that more professionals more individuals will know how to complete the fast in hopes that more students will complete it tonight so paris before you throw your hands and wonder how you gonna pay for it. you gotta get this form completed we have a lot of information on our website there it is the important
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can learn more about it from access college foundation and how you can help you to slide on her website thirteen is now the com. lots of information they're going over what we said today in additional information to help me with this difficult decision an important one thanks for being with us thank you all are equal pay is making headlines right now on usa today dot com the obama administration is expanding and data collection program aimed at tearing out abuses the equal pay laws in twenty fourteen the president directed the labor department to collect data from federal contractors about what they pay employees sorted by gender race and ethnicity the president's new proposal will cover all businesses with a hundred or more workers the government will use that info to help identify companies that should be investigated for failing to pay workers fairly and if you have the cash you could buy your own pope will be on whether to feed us the pope cruise through
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auctioned tonight at nine at the annual philadelphia auto show. bidders can also make offers on mine. chrysler actually donated to pope appeals to the archdiocese of philadelphia and money from the one that's being auctioned off tonight will go to charity to help the city's pork the other but we'll go on display at the auto show until february seven so your computer on a case or a thick as the salesman said yeah i was driven to church on a regular basis the public on the oceanfront well almost a week in the summer ball panthers fans are getting ready. the story of a father daughter duo who just might be the team's most loyal fans and trending widely on social media the twenty sixteen
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the state department says americans should think twice
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travel to iran the new travel warning highlights the danger to americans the rest content in iran the lord comes twelve days after the last iranian prisoner swap that freed american citizens just four days until the pivotal iowa caucuses the republican presidential candidates minus their frontrunner donald trump faced off last night in a gop debate and on the democratic side in a tent by hillary clinton to win over voters ready hit has more on the campaign the it's all hands on deck in iowa. i will stand up and fight for you. the democratic and republican presidential candidates are crisscrossing the state with just three days before the iowa caucuses the only one not deny what donald trump the gop front runner left straight for new hampshire after boycotting last night's fox news debate i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out because of the front page of every paper this though is the front page
4:37 pm
rough night for cruz. i don't think it can have it both ways brings becoming a prime target call center stage at the trot was debate i think you've got a better picture of ted cruz and i don't think that did well for him i think marco rubio in the first hour of the debate had a very good night action a little more time than usual i think of something missing or something so that more time on the democratic side it's a close race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton poll shows clinton just three points ahead in iowa. the national hole she be trumped by seven points that's good we be done by thirteen points that's better she's now breathing in the big guns bill clinton campaigning alongside her daughter chelsea joining this weekend and that was pretty hip reporting there are an estimated thirty thousand voters in iowa who are still undecided is canada's don't just need their support they need to convince them to show
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we have some breaking news out of norfolk a body seen floating in the loft in reverse order time ago the call came in just before four o'clock someone saw the body near avila circle and twenty south st. no for police and divers responded to the scene and recovered the remains right now police are investigating this as an undetermined doubt we have a crew headed to the scene we will bring you more information as soon as it comes at much in coming home to a bulldozer taking over your home while you are out of town that's what happens with him and while he was at his father's funeral in iowa or ohio rather the city of san francisco called his talent his newly bought home had been demolished foundation is still trying to do his job to keep in place it's the hill that's moving turns out a continuous landslide lead the city to demolish the home the landslide caused the house to separate
4:39 pm
the street and to say about a foot was hard to grab those super bowl tickets were people who are going to the super bowl including a daughter father duo that has in this again and all seasoned traveler for and has the story to call the cullen family die hard panthers fans would be a bit of an understatement. they've been bleeding teal and black since two thousand do when they bought their first season tickets and for fourteen years they've attended every panthers home game we had a great time. we never can escape in that they like it's man with a summons but this year their daughter jules a high school senior had a special request from an overseas you know we're a great saying your memory for me oso say she said given all the games and cohen was more than happy to grant his daughter's wish has been just the two of them on the road attending every panthers game this season. jules even put
4:40 pm
hold on to all the memories the sierra for the big one we sat there for the weekend this was the next game we made on tv but for the co is the best memories yet to come as season ticket holders the family was automatically submitted to the team's lottery for chance at tickets to the super bowl. well they didn't win but as luck would have it the family did find the lucky winner who didn't wanna go to the game and sold them their tickets on the screen and when the time of crisis over both the maurice evans at levi stadium doesn't santa clara california one of the clouds of lefty a course they only lasted a couple of hours here during the afternoon and all the rain is now gone off radar as well should get a little while ago but the another look most of it as far as we can tell that not even reach the ground was in a single reporting station that did some of the darker green just briefly there like
4:41 pm
around the cape charles or south maybe near wreck at the peak i wouldn't doubt that you got a brief little sprinkle here the clouds receding into the distance off into the east offshore for this evening then continued clearing breezy and chilly temperatures dropping to forty one but with the winds up in the teens and gusting occasionally to twenty five can feel even colder than that. so these are air temperatures again not windchill subtract maybe ten degrees or so on average for how it'll feel to your body is to expose skin outside and you can see we drop into the thirties continue to drop through the thirties this evening as you're coming home from a movie or something maybe a late dinner at ten o'clock is definitely going to feel at that point already like the twenties and we will have a lot of twenties for lows during the morning with temperatures right near the coastline probably thirty ish ur degree or so within that and then we rise very slowly from eight to nine but all the sudden we start to take off a little bit as you would expect suddenly when kicks and and so it's not until late in the day that we're expecting high temperatures to be a little
4:42 pm
they were today let's say roughly close to upper forties lower fifties exact location a bit of a weak system missing us offshore and then the temperatures during the day on sunday are going to climb well up into the lower sixties i think a few areas probably even hit the mid sixties. here's this little cluster again of precipitation that came through mainly aloft. that's the leading edge of the colder air that settling in here during the overnight hours. so twenty nine will say is an average temperature lot in one spot a little bit colder than that to greer to moderate right near the shoreline but diminishing winds will start out blustery by morning the only down about five mph and then to mild westerly early switching to subtly and so pretty typical chill for this time of year temperatures eventually later in the day up near fifty twenty eight thirty nine mainly clear and not as cold and again now with southwest winds that'll help things a little bit helps set the stage than during the day on sunday he
4:43 pm
know we're getting and minute or so extra daylight each day held up to five twenty five for a sunset that's good news those of you that like to have a little sunlight select only get out of work but this captures fifty degrees and then sixty four by sunday even warmer monday sixty seven for the high and then tuesday we think a little backdoor cold front come through. bring a possible shower them probably lift back to the north again on wednesday both those days it'll depend on what area you're in and where that front sets up a chance for some scattered showers the wednesday and head of the next system will be a pretty decent front so it'll start to drop temperatures to get to the latter portion next week and maybe bring us a little bit of a rain threat as well. that's latest from thirteen years now whether authority. thanks to all of us were michael phelps is back in the news not for swimming though. what's up with this ethically says he has more on what's trending
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all day today so a michael phelps sporting a speedo swim cap and not full of gold medals which isn't abnormal right now for them. yeah exactly but he wore this to a basketball game last night in arizona. take a look at this the ensemble was revealed after phelps surprised everyone in the crowd from behind the scenes of the famous curtain of distraction. no it was a run that again this time in slow mo the area of virginia as the new job at a time. this all almost their ego spectacular sell. this is very famous at asu and set aside another basketball game against oregon state beavers in this study is really making its way around social media today people commending him for this phelps who has twenty two olympic medals he's currently training at asu some kind of makes sense that he was at the game and he will be in the two thousand sixteen summer olympics so can't wait to see
4:45 pm
literally an app for everything these days we know that and now there's one for giving money to the homeless aid hang seng has a solution for that i don't have change response people gave when passing a homeless person it's a card reader. he takes credit cards through square as he works a corner in detroit. this is one player seeing right now and through it people can make contributions to a collection of homeless people and hire them for jobs even according to his website the man has been on the streets for ten years and goes by the name of honesty. the tagline on his website even says my business is being homeless now homeless is my business really interesting story there and take a look at this and eighteen year old german tourist knew that climb egypt's oldest and largest of the three pyramids could result in a three year jail term or something even worse if he missed a step he could have died but he did it anyway and that's what age
4:46 pm
climb all shot with a go pro and the team reach the top in about eight minutes and it wasn't until he was halfway through his climb the police finally spotted him now officers didn't press charges on the terms that all the photographic evidence of that climb the deleted but clearly we're seeing and that's not what ended up happening now the boy says he doesn't care because he didn't destroy anything or hurt anyone but incredible video here. hopefully it will be no copycats of yet not think that all michael phelps gets the better. i kind of music star carrie underwood makes changes to our tour kicking off this weekend what the star is doing for military families up next more details in the chilling chesapeake family murder suicide find out when was the last time anyone saw on the victims. plus after nothing k nine officer was
4:47 pm
. country star carrie underwood is working with carnival cruise lines and operation homefront to honor military families throughout her upcoming tour underwood will meet with selected military families in ten cities and to perform a free concert for hundreds of military families on board the carnival vista in new york later this year. her tour begins tomorrow underwood comes to the hampton coliseum february twentieth and coming up tonight on abc and all new last man standing starting at eight o'clock followed by dr ken at eight thirty then a student who earned a perfect score on his cd as a business idea that can help other people increased their test scores and an all new shark tank at nine o'clock and twenty twenty starts at ten followed by thirteen years now so we have for you today at four thirteen is now in
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the chesapeake murder suicide and often police on the scene right now of a death investigation. someone found a body floating in the lafayette river off the sore girl turning her joins us live from the sea that's right guys we got here just moments ago where you can see here the side roads here near villa circle and twenty six are still taped off the police department is still out here investigating this they tell me they got the call about a body floating in the river about three fifty two nights ago here they brought the police and the dive team to pull the body out of the river now please tell me to pull the body outside it appears that a man who had some blood on his face as of right now it is still an undetermined at the police are still here still investigating what is going on so we'll have all the latest coming up here as we learn more on thirteen years now live in norfolk to her thirteen years now right new information now on the murder suicide in
4:49 pm
of six dead today police identified the fifth victim a dooley investigators say how grandson killed our police went back to the scene of the crime today on north george washington highway they are still trying to figure out a motive. erica's live near the house where those bodies were found david please return here today to gather more evidence and trying to piece together exactly what happened here and today we're learning that cameron may have tried to cover up what he suspected of doing with the phone call to the place where his dad works a chesapeake police forensic team returning friday morning to the home where the two leads were found shot to death. it's one of two crime scenes where loved ones have been leaving flowers and teddy bears the very most of the this could have been any better spam all of us and some problems in the police had not said white twenty six year old cameron decided to take out his entire family detectives say the last time
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