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tv   13 News 5  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the two leads was monday evening and multiple sources tell thirteen years now cameron called the virginia beach dive shop where his dad worked telling them todd wouldn't be in the next day because his wife had a heart attack or he was a dedicated police officer he was a member of our family here in responding to a welfare check wednesday afternoon officers found cameron's younger brother landon shot in the head at the family's home on wildwood road cameron leaving the body just feet from where the brothers cemented their childhood love in the driveway after a standoff lasting several hours police found cameron in the home he shared with his grandma doris their bodies alongside cameron's mom laurie his dad and teenage sister brooke we don't know why and sometimes we're not supposed to know why last night loved ones gathered at the temple baptist church in honor of the family that touched an entire community and from the deep creek area
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i feel like this my family to police each of the big ten's that were shot and they waited until today to identify door as she is the grandmother. police say that the medical examiner had to use dental records for positive id. we live in chesapeake working thirteen years now. we wanted to know how common murder suicide cases are in hampton roads we reached out to the seven cities for statistic since two thousand ninety s because had six cases that includes this week's case since twenty ten suffolk investigated three murder suicides happen has had one case since twenty thirteen that case happened this month newport news police tell us they haven't had a murder suicide in their we're looking more into the recent the chesapeake case were talking about cameron bill lee who was the one constant to do such a thing. our team really has been digging for information all day to me what can you tell us or gina here's a picture a family picture of
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the way to my right. we've been trying to dig up any documentation on him today but couldn't find any court records anything about where he went to school or any place of employment. he doesn't even appear to have any social media accounts but we did find out the family member could be vital in the hunt to find a motive the deep creek community is left baffled by the loss of the beloved dooley family there are soo many questions surrounding the man at the center of it all. who is cameron dooley and what was going through his mind when he shot and killed his entire family before turning the gun on himself spoke to a family member who didn't want to go on camera but told us that kiran had always struggled with emotional and mental issues she says he was in and out of doctors' offices and the hospital his entire life the twenty six year old never worked again his life
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cameron had been leaning on the second floor of his grandmother's house for the past few years several months ago something happened between him and another relative sent in by rolling out of control a family member told us that he gave them ability of money to buy him a call on the one that never happened. cameron was furious she says that he quote read a danielle and was hopping mad and it went on for weeks. that's when his grandmother doris gave him the money in hopes of calming him down but when karen found out that the money came from her own pocket he became even angrier and doris told him to move out or told camryn was always pass it and never violent and the family is still in shock and disbelief police are remaining quiet on the details as he tried to piece together the mystery behind it all. sad story here
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to mourn as police investigate where it all day candlelight vigil is upon this saturday night at five o'clock at temple baptist church continues now will continue to follow developments in this investigation and bring you more as we learn bright clear skies over downtown office right now it looks like the song will stick around for the weekend jeff is even tracking a little warm up yeah for the latter half of the weekend tours can be a lot like today in terms of the sunshine although we briefly at a few clouds and a couple sprinkles on your weather app but couldn't find any reporting stations at least the never report any that rain actually making it down the ground would rule out that there is a little bit of a sprinkle one or two spots. temperatures this morning can be colder tomorrow that's why i'm showing you these and it was a little chilly this morning with lower thirties and land at mid thirties near the coastline we're going to be definitely below that c'mon this is the reason why winds rushing in at the northwest the system that just came through a sort of reinforcing that corner
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with thirty three mile per hour wind gusts in newport news twenty two down current top twenty or more back across the inland areas some of them anyway. like williamsburg and twenty in suffolk and twenty one so that's the kind of breeze we're going to have this evening which is going to make it feel even colder than the air temperatures would drop back through the thirties and again by morning it'll be in the twenties for many many locations but it'll be clear not just on radar but in terms that sunshine and i'm talking about warmer air for the latter half of the weekend i taste of a burglary suspect is on the hospital and behind bars tonight a twenty three year old kevin dawkins is accused of breaking into a home on goodman street and suffolk police also connected him to an armed robbery of the neighborhood supermarkets on while in st. earlier this month the swat team called hawkins hiding out in a super eights in downtown seoul folk he ended up shooting himself and had to be and has been in the hospital ever since
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following marijuana cocaine and ecstasy that is what virginia beach deputies say they found inside and inmates all now twenty three year old zachary creek marsh faces even more charges authorities but come wednesday on burglary and larceny charges they found the drugs later that day deputies think rick moore swallowed the drugs before his book. operation blessing is stepping up to help stop the spread of the sikh a virus the group of volunteers delivered more than a thousand mosquito nets to el salvador. they also plan to hand out medications and mosquito spray the biggest threat of this mosquito borne viruses to pregnant women can cause unborn babies to have abnormally small head so operation blessing is also sending portable prenatal ultrasound machines which has helped the mother prepare for what could come they may be complications with the birth this helps the family
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understand the best ways to treat the battle against the virus is intensifying throughout the us and the rest of the americas kenneth boat has the latest on what else is being done to slow the spread of the virus preventing the mosquito borne virus in fighting the spread of these images of newborns with birth defects are difficult to see but health officials are sounding the alarm for families across the america is the level of online is extremely high more than thirty cases of the cut in the us all brought back from travel abroad at least three of the people or pregnant women in illinois in new york now under close watch is believed the virus causes brain development problems in fetuses the girls had an explosive spread in brazil more than a million cases four thousand babies affected me to have food sanitation feast
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wave. we have a high level office space in skype today you hear it all despite this together helps to spread the disease after brazil is aggressively combating the tiger mosquitoes that carries the cup but that hasn't stopped the disease are moving north hitting central america the caribbean and now the us we prepare for the possibility of a major outbreak but in reality you have to say we believe we don't know we believe that it is unlikely that it would happen. health officials say twenty people contract is the current u s territories of puerto rico and the virgin islands women who are pregnant or even thinking about having a baby or being advised to postpone travel to affected regions pregnant women in the us are getting refunds from airlines and cruise operators traveling to the caribbean and latin america. the fda is also reviewing the policy on blood donations as the cat continues to spread the smoke
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for the norfolk police department's four legged officers were little again the best quality product that you can get an a is one more piece of equipment that he can see how each of those vests will honor an orphan canine killed in the line of duty busted off a treasure is going to a hard time getting a lot of work done while he's not allowed to talk to some of his employees and is a big part that's proven to be a menace to homeowners in hampton roads now there's a plan in the works to help get red and black vultures skies are clearing the temperatures are falling to let you know how low they go later tonight and when the finally recover this weekend and now to a traffic alert in newport news westbound just before you get to jefferson avenue. you can see here is blocking
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. today canines from area police departments were fitted with a new ballistic vests. this is all part of the krieger campaign joe flanagan was there and shows us the outpouring of support for one by one they came in to double tap military surplus to be fitted with a brand new state of your ballistics want fast fluid with my canine store one character was killed not felt compelled to bring some attention to the attorneys for the boasting best so that's we're going on this canine clear campaign that's really what this is jimmy hatch founded spikes k nine fund a year ago he worked with canines in iraq and afghanistan during a twenty five year military career the it was his contact with
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got this funding ball rolling the cash to cover without a three to seven million followers that changes the game for us so we put aside for math and reading aloud in this way the canine storm company manufactures the state of your best the lightweight cap for both protects the animal and allows the dog to run free canines for norfolk portsmouth to purdue's chesapeake suffolk and virginia beach have all been fitted. you can ask for anything better to leave beautiful amazing things in our support has been given this year in recent times is overwhelming it's touching and we appreciated the best cost around twenty five hundred dollars in the foundation is encouraging citizens or businesses to donate that money and you get your name embroidered on one of the best when you do that any chub s will have k one forty eight on it. that was creatures service number in norfolk joe flanagan thirty news now but they are to get work done and off the treasurer's office that's because the city treasurer at
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with some of his employees a judge ruled for for can talk with any of his employees who might be called to testify during his public corruption trial in the spring for food is accused of taking thousands of dollars in bribes from a developer a judge also denied defense requests to delay his trial more than two hundred thousand dollars will be used to repair and drainage systems in james city county twenty two neighborhoods and the county applied for the clean water heritage grant the money will help solve storm runoff problems the board of supervisors approved the grant program last year the navy is answering your questions about the tainted water nymph entries feel they're talking about plans to sample drinking water near fenton is field looking for pf sees that's the kind of compound can be in carpets paints and it was in the navy's firefighting foam they use for training the navy doesn't use that for many more meetings next tuesday at four o'clock at butts road intermediate school. farting
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in danger right now it is against the law to kill this bird. the new bill there's a new bill that could change that. lawmakers say these birds are a threat for farmers livestock and their livelihoods. thirteen use not a story last year about a neighborhood and tessa being that is sick of the big birds hanging around their trash cans under the bill farmers could only suit the vultures with their herding their animals. portsmouth is trucking along food trucks are now allowed in the city the city council made the unanimous decision tuesday they cannot operate on residential and non residential property food truck operators just need a food handler license and the required permits. nice evening at their limit cool and certainly blustery but response that that this time the right and we've been spoiled at times this year nice clear skies out there way way off in the distance you can see the last vestiges of the clouds moving off into
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left on radar we're tracking just a few light sprinkles earlier not even sure any of those ever made it down to long gone so it doesn't matter. forty six currently with a wind of the west northwest at thirteen gusting hour in most spots we then thirty and one or two locations pressures on the rise now that that front has passed through we're guaranteeing a lot of sunshine. i also guarantee that will be fairly similar to today in terms of the air temperatures and that it'll be even warmer sunny but a guy like that one thing lot of people wondering if it's going to be sunny and it will be the temperatures in the forties there's a forty eight down in the chest peek at the regional airport actually there's a fifty one great dismal swamp and most everybody else in the forties we have forty six in williamsburg right now forty five from newport news over the mental section looks like forty three in grandview forty four downtown newport
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thirty nine parks lee thirty nine and tng year and generally around forty to forty for most of the middle peninsula back to areas little bit farther inland fifties from belvedere down to her for a lot of forty seven forty eight showing up in the rest of north carolina that's fairly similar to yesterday it's up just a tiny bit for most of us a couple spots are on change like in chesapeake and was that city couple of others are cooler but most of us as you can see very very similar meanwhile tempers then dropping the season on those blustery north westerly winds that'll make conditions feel even colder than the actual air temperature by anywhere from five to ten degrees and then in the morning. lighter winds notice how they are not nearly as many of the stream lines left back over land is the route over water so we think the winds will be quieting down considerably by late tonight into early tomorrow still be a little bit breezy just nothing like it is out there during the evening hours and then tempers rising up to the forties and maybe hitting fifty i think we'll be right
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one fifty officially he can see by evening cool dropping back to the forties and that this couple clouds every once in awhile tomorrow night least for hampton roads some thicker clouds and slight chance of a shower for the outer banks especially the southern outer banks and temperatures on sunday. very very pleasant all the way up into the sixties for most of us here that reinforcing shot of colder air coming in the last little bit of that front now moving offshore. so for tonight twenty nine mainly clear diminishing winds at least mid twenties went to get really far inland little bit of a northwest wind of fifteen early but then only five by morning five to ten mph winds tomorrow starting at westerly switching to subtly sunny skies typical chill for this time of your normal highs forty eight should be around forty nine or fifty by thirty nine mainly clear and not as cold and a little bit of a south westerly wind that pushes us right back up to sixty four during the day on sunday monday sixty seven a great day and then fifty six
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cold from a computer could be a pretty big range that day my pk swartz fifties to the north and well in the sixty south of us before the warmer strings backing head of the next major system on wednesday to bring us a little rain and cool saw behind. i picked up a huge f a woman is speaking out after watching her best friend i see names to see fish in a shack in town and went to mj's in and the what led to the deadly road rage attack new developments in the search for three escaped inmates in california one
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. we have some disturbing information just into the newsroom new information
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investigation detectives have ruled a deadly fire as a suicide. the fire broke out yesterday on hoover avenue off liberty st. firefighters put out the flames and found a woman's body inside the home police have not released the woman's identity back to court and the white chicago police officer accused of shooting a black teen sixteen times faced a judge today. officer jason van has pleaded not guilty to murder charges and the death of seventeen year old lohan madonna would have taken a status hearing mcdonald's family spoke out about why they once the location of the wild moose came out today to the case of art. jason van and we realized that this is not a sprint but is america and our concern is that we do not feel that we can get a fair trial. we believe that the state will not be able to
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because this case it's a tragedy this is not a murder it certainly is not above the water. it's a tragedy outside court van dykes attorney and trusted the issue of the officer's dash cam in the case. a chicago news outlet reported the device was intentionally damaged right before the shooting. bennett's attorney says that's not the case then will be back in court in march shot and killed in a fit of road rage brittany daniel was driving a friend home from work in arlington texas wednesday night police say a reckless driver pulled up beside the one daniel and the driver exchanged heated words in them and fired into the car hitting daniel jasmine thomas was in that car as her friend died when mimi labeouf and tolkien planning themes in its meaning. some may think you know we just heard two pops the police say they're still looking for the man who did this. daniel was twenty six woman is sending out a
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while simply removing her nail polish i can remember was screaming jesus help me please help me god i really truly believe and i was on about nine months later she is finally ready to tell her story and we've seen recent
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. the let's address the elephant not in the room tonight with donald trump off the stage the other gop presidential candidates fought for the spotlight three main takeaways from the debate creating some reliability and some certainty for the local ship repair industry a compromise with the commonwealth by governor mcauliffe changed his mind about virginia's gun regulations a much needed dose of possible good news for the beleaguered ship repair industry in hampton roads said navy is well aware of the recent mass layoffs now there is a promise from top brass to create more predictability and certainty regarding support aircon like
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