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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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neighborhoods. hopefully since students are working together to make sure everyone is safe. the news starts now. an attempted robbery in hampton ended with the suspect shot and killed in complicating this investigation a second gunshot victim was found right down the street. toys are trying to figure out if the two shootings are connected not just before six thirty tonight officers responded to a robbery call and what's medically boulevard at the langley square shopping center to know her has more on this active investigation canton police says it all started here at this business. one suspect was shot dead and the person with gunshot wounds found just around the corner. it was a turn of events at an attempted robbery in hand to the suspect shot and killed right now it appears that
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the business didn't backfire weapon and shot the suspect canton police haven't confirmed if the shooter was an employee call came in about a robbery at this store just before six thirty a man was found shot and later pronounced dead on scene soon after another man was found yourself and they'll drive with a gunshot wound he was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries right now. police working to find everyone's involvement in this isolated incidents there are no other outstanding suspects and were looking for in all individuals are involved are currently being interviewed and spoken to by police as police went to see neighbors watch on describing the scene it's something they've seen over and over the death of aaron he just might go to mass i are walking down the street is the safest scene full of flashing lights and tape a wish would just go away as his carseat is in hampton she knew her thirteen use now investigators say the person
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killed the suspect is fully cooperating with police and was not injured nor have police are trying to identify the man whose body was pulled from the water near the lafayette bridge. we brought you this is breaking news earlier today police tell us someone called them just before four o'clock saying they had seen a body in the water officers and divers found the body near west twenty sixth street and the circle. the man was pronounced dead at the scene police are calling this an undetermined death as they investigate the cause of death not for detectives call of a major lead in the robbery investigation but they still need your help they believe the man and this surveillance picture rob someone at gunpoint earlier this month on lowery wrote the picture was taken after this man used the victim's bank card and an atm. anyone who can help police identify this man should call the crime line also newton i would have water problems
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dominion university school officials said they're making extensive repairs after a pipe broke at whitehurst haul water service has been shut off of the dorm repairs are expected to continue through the weekend. students have the option of staying in nearby hotels and those who do remain at the dorm will have to use porta potties or go to the rec center to take showers. new tonight as well look at safety efforts for all you students who live off campus. o do you officials call it their knock and talk program students school employees and oh do you police went door to door to talk to off campus students volunteers checked out homes and handed out door alarms light bulbs and other safety education information the midtown tunnel is closed right now and will stay that way all weekend we've been warning you about this traffic alerts. elizabeth river tunnels and the dot said on the midtown tunnel earlier this evening so crews can remove a pedestrian bridge and on the repairs related to the tunnel project this is new video from our traffic camera on the closer
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scheduled to be closed until five a monday morning residents who may hear noise from the construction work overnight friday into tomorrow morning the downtown tunnel meanwhile will remain open this weekend. tonight a car fire on two sixty four caused a backup after the friday evening commute. there you see the video right there happen in the eastbound lanes just before independence boulevard to virginia beach fire engines responded quickly put out the fire. no one was hurt but at least two lanes were blocked for some time before that scene right there was clear. we're continuing to follow the investigation into the murder suicide in chesapeake that claimed the lives of six family members today police positively identified the final victim she was seventy four year old doris duly the grandmother of the suspected shooter here cameron to please return to the scene a deep creek today searching for a motive they say monday evening was the last time anyone saw or
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on wednesday afternoon officers responding to a welfare check found cameron's dad and younger brother the family's home on wildwood road hours later after a standoff police found the bodies of cameron's a retired police officer and his teenage sister brooke there are still so many questions about twenty six year old cameron to leah wood drove him to kill his entire family before turning the gun on himself. thirteen is now dug into julie's past but we couldn't find any court documents or records on him or even a social media page family member who did not want to go on camera told us that cameron had struggled with emotional and mental health issues his entire life we're told cameron was passive the number of violent but a family dispute a few months ago sent him into a rage. police are still trying to piece together the events that led to this murder
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planned for the dooley family tomorrow it is at temple baptist church in chesapeake and five p m thirteen news now continue to bring you developments in this tragic story. one inmate is back in custody tonight in california but authorities are still searching for two remaining fugitives tonight authorities said they believe those skin and nasal rinse and jose abc's martha gonzales reports the handmade to turn himself in today told the senate's turn to call police and smoked a cigarette. twelve twenty four officers to iraq one of three escaped inmates in california back in custody i contacted a civilian on the streets of santa ana and stated i wanted to turn himself around. police say nothing else about bachchan john's capture as they continue searching for hosts a night kari and jonathan chu
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capture the additional two escapees. investigators say the three accused of violent criminals broke out of the central men's jail last week with help from this woman who taught english as a second language at the jail tonight it just might hear from you this shot. police arrest a new sch fer an hr of aki yesterday saying she gave them in maps and other information essential to their escape but investigators believe may have helped the inmates get to a specific address or giving them a better understanding of surrounding buildings and the jail's roof authorities say robot he denies providing anything beyond the maps we don't really know what a mind set was provided some information that other information she has an on again we are still still pursuing pursuing that in trying to obtain more information from police say they are still searching for this white van they believe the men may have been driving and living in sin strong stolen saturday in south los angeles and authorities
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likely still in that area because they have close ties to local gangs there is a two hundred thousand dollars reward for information leading to their capture martha gonzalez abc news new york despite the wishes of the prosecutor and the shower after a texas teen and the so called affluent vick's will be held in a juvenile facility until his court hearing the state wanted eighteen year old ethan couch placed in an adult facility until his court hearing next month found his lawyers argued that their client was spoiled by his pants and he was given probation for drunk driving crash that killed four people federal judge in portland oregon has ruled those armed activists must remain in custody because they pose a threat to the community. the protesters took over a federal wildlife refuge a few weeks ago for holdouts are still occupying the reserve one activist was killed during a traffic stop this week in which some of the leaders were arrested. so local police canines now will
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police canines across hampton roads were fitted today for new ballistic vests cnn news anchor anderson cooper and spikes k nine fund donated money for the gear. hoover also donated his fee from a speaking engagement he had here in office earlier this week. this push came after an off a canine creature was shot and killed in the line of duty. i mean it's very moving and to have something as terrible as what happened in a prior happen in your backyard you actually want to do something about forty canines from several local cities were fitted for those arrested are some free help is available for taxpayers in suffolk the city is partnering with aarp to offer a free federal and state tax return preparation free services are for all taxpayers from her every second through april fifteen and the suffolk workforce development center on north main street. you just need to
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for everyone on the tax return a picture id for the taxpayer you are twenty fourteen tax return and force all your important tax documents from last year something just didn't add up for some crocs and texas authorities say they call them red handed trying to steal something. why the burglars santa brought a tape measure local sailors doing good deeds during their deployment will tell you where they recently brought their goodwill and a car that dad and granny were going to introduce you to one of the carolina panthers'
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chilly out th . the ams in a park admission to join us for the next edition of coastal connections were going to be talking about uncle pete and
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. i two burgers in texas we're thinking big alright maybe to be their blunders the butt of many jokes today they tried to steal a safe house but it was too big to fit in their car the hays county sheriff's office released pictures from the burglary. yesterday afternoon the home i received an alert on his phone from his home surveillance system deputies arrived minutes later and found the burglar is struggling to stuff the safe into the car you would think somebody had a criminal record would think this through a little bit more than trying to go to col de sac with one lane one way out and then try to jam a safe into a small car with
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have a job i said criminal records they were arrested and charged with burglary governor mcauliffe today announced what he calls a historic gun safety deal the proposal strengthen some gun control measures. it prohibits people from having a firearm if they are subject to a protective order for domestic violence offense the governor also delay the implementation of attorney general mark perry's recent order which provokes virginia's mutual concealed handgun permits with twenty five states that agreement will now be effective march first instead of february first. state sen john miller is building its tunes exercising got the nod this week in the general assembly the newport news lawmaker has pushed for years to require some kind of recess to fight childhood obesity. miller wants at least twenty minutes of physical activity every day students in kindergarten through fifth grade the measure passed in the state senate this week just three days until the first voting of the twenty sixteen presidential race the iowa
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first official read of how the candidates are really doing on the campaign trail the races in both parties are tight and the two frontrunners are both looking over their shoulders. abc's brandy had risen to more tired what with the countdown to the iowa caucuses the in the final push for votes ahead of monday's iowa caucuses with donald trump throws another blow at ted cruz was an anchor baby ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada but this time cruz is inquiring back he's welcome to say whatever he likes i like and respect. crews now pushing ahead after thursday's trip was fox news debate and this two moines register headline rough night for cruise the next president of the united states the other democratic side hillary clinton pounds the pavement for votes become part of the state department delivered a bombshell the cleary twenty two e mail she sent from a private server while secretary of state top secret. this is
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and her republican opponents are pouncing. this is unacceptable. this is that this qualifier but clinton's campaign is pushing back because the emails were not marked classified at the time she's in a tight race with bernie sanders who's urging volunteers to do everything necessary to increase voter turnout on caucus night to borrow the nothing illegal while the hillary is bringing out the big guns bill clinton is here in iowa campaigning for his wife their daughter chelsea joins mom on the campaign trail this weekend brady at abc news devoid iowa video tonight of local sailors in action around the world we found this video posted on the facebook page of the uss truman show sailors doing community service a school in croatia while they were in port were told the crew helps clean up graffiti among other projects. one of the teachers at the school says the school
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goes a long way right now chilly temperatures right now the sweeping clearly as expected during the afternoon a couple clouds rolled through little better a non radar looks like nobody ever saw at the ground as people tell me if they did not get any reports of that and i checked all the various sites the official sites nobody did so looks like just a few little things aloft right now at thirty six at least officially at the southside airport wins at the north northwest that's a lot less than we had earlier and will be even less as we go through the night hence the diminishing winds that we have in the forecast thirty five right now newport news thirty four smithfield sonata lot colder but definitely in about five degrees colder here when she get across some more in london broil is on the layers when even more than that say about a nine degree difference from wakefield to areas of virginia beach more so if you consider some of the temperatures down in north carolina spot forecast for tomorrow we're
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sunny and it will be pre summit today in terms of temperature too but i guarantee the sunny part of things but the forecast for today was forty eight actual was fifty ones that makes three forecasts in a row right now a look at those readings again in the thirties to fall back into the twenties in many locations anywhere that's even slightly world should make the twenties right near the water however it'll probably stay more like thirty to about thirty three degrees with that little bit of a breeze coming in off the warm waters and then still rather chilly at nine o'clock in the morning to sleep then he'll find some slightly more pleasant conditions by afternoon today very similar numbers to this but we had a wind tomorrow we won't have as much wind as a result i think i will feel a little nicer than today little bit of a weak disturbance saturday night across the outer banks given them the slight chance the shower but around here will call it partly cloudy and then a nice day setting up for sunday reading
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southerly wind getting up by afternoon into the sixties and still in the fifties even during the evening hours on friday. you can see all these when streams coming out of the north but those won't last for long we're going to start to see the flow of air out of the next system shifting to the south later tomorrow so tonight twenty nine degrees mainly clear skies diminishing winds around ten mph now down to five mph even lessen some of the inland areas by morning ma speaking of the temperatures upper forties sunny skies typical temperature for this time of year almost exactly where we should be my night only thirty nine sonata is called a mainly clear and with that kind of a warm start to the day in a southerly winds sunny and sixty four on sunday sixty seven and pretty nice on monday as the ten percent chance of a shower twenty percent risk on tuesday as a weak front comes through and dropped us back about nine or so degrees and eleven depending on your
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wednesday we think another system moves out is that even stronger and that brings us a much better chance of rain and warmer air again out ahead of it. excuse me and we cool off behind that system and maybe some leftover showers i think just because we are tracking the weather head out tomorrow. check in with daybreak and that starts at six o'clock. all right sports fans might know clint hurdle as the pittsburgh pirates manager coming up in sports will hear from her about his days with
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. we are back with a super ball bat we need to find apartments and denver. now stay with me here one of the vita promises and denver colorado and the other fifteen hundred miles away in denver north carolina that denver's about thirty minutes north of charlotte the firefighters have made a friendly wager on the game if the denver broncos win the superbowl and fire fighters and denver north carolina left to fly
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their trucks and of course that the panthers when firetrucks in denver colorado well they'll have a little different not to one of the carolina panthers' biggest fans. she is ninety five year old mary ward better known as dad and granny she said she fell in love with the panthers' twenty years ago especially cam newton cam would have been six years old at the time. mary has a special new jersey she plans on wearing for the big game and she says she has this advice for coach ron rivera came he pounded it. eat only doing it he downed a gel this year they made her feel like the prev day out on mary says she's never missed a panthers game except when she's had to work that's a fan fanatic i met her on the sidelines. a couple months and then the big news of a start dad granny is based on his ally right now i should have some football here i don't get david's favorite baseball manager wrote that would be
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the keynote speaker at the thirty ninth annual baseball banquet tonight working on your short term memory day would help me with this these are powers manager for the last five years three years they made the playoffs man to year two thousand thirteen last year long term memory when he was a manager for the ties nineteen ninety two nine three of the really good a player with ties and eighty three eighty four eighty seven that was fun but there is a number thirteen harvard to come back to town for the eighty three eighty four season managed here the last game and met park in the first to harbor park it's great to be that it's it's a special place with really good teams of this is a player it's really good teams managed in workouts in with one hurricane of probably the biggest plus is coming back and seeing david's table like the way back. of course dave rose and phil was the longtime general manager for the norfolk tides now clint hurdle and learned a thing or two in his time in
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with the pirates. so when he addressed the only u baseball team earlier this afternoon he had a message i shared with the couple walk up songs i would walk up song but i've got so i did so as if i was making pitching changes now have a walk up song for manager i would have you two i still haven't found what looking for a good stab at cape henry collegiate knew what they were looking for yet another win to add to their impressive resume to start the night they were everybody's number one team however norfolk collegiate is awfully good in the oaks are on their home court tonight so let's go there on program be straight up and we have lost to team south hampton roads in that since two thousand. well they haven't lost an awful collegiate and six years so it was the dolphins up early philip gross seven six dolphins and cape enrage mark seaman and cape emery added twenty to thirteen lead after the first
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the tables in the second period no answer down low for sebastian towns that's his given name or a cause and bash can understand why he had a big night tonight calm and know what a steal and norfolk collegiate would actually jump out to a thirty seven twenty seven halftime lead then fiance and seamus and he put up a jumper in the league with fourteen norfolk lee what's going on around here that comes moment marrow and twenty one going to cut the lead to six events on the closer that the dolphins would give in to get you back to bash doing his thing down low he had a game high twenty six of those things that had happen in a long time will happen tonight the oaks end up beating cape enrage the final score seventy six to sixty two
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. it's been a complete turnaround from the norfolk admirals since the new year started and if you want to tonight's game you got your money's worth against south carolina. they scored the first limited four minutes and then six minutes in after this face all day where overpass with a slap shot and was told nothing after six met minutes and great passing here eventually scott allen would get it. he had two goal night that was ninety minutes into the game three nothing then thirty seconds later greg chase would make it for nothing apples after the first period a mariner ten in the second period
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one he had a hat trick the apples one thing to do what's going on around here the ninth race since the beginning of two thousand and sixteen area. well not a bad week and a lot of sunshine both days cold to start tomorrow upper twenties low thirties to start your day but then not bad pretty typical afternoon for this time a year the high forty nine sunshine and sixty four sunday on the monday night mixed up and added thirteen is now an eleven day break starts tomorrow morning at six o'clock to make him alive is next. the nightline don't forget the news is always on
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zach galifianakis. from "dirty grandpa," aubrey plaza. and music from weezer. with cleto and the cletones.
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