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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. that breaking news out of western virginia blacksburg police confirm that missing thirteen year old nicole madison labelle is dead and that of virginia tech freshman is charged with her murder tuesday police found the girl's body in surry county north carolina that's just over the virginia border. troopers put out an alert that she was missing and in danger on wednesday the day she was reported
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eisenhower who is accused of abducting and killing a thirteen year old investigator still trying to determine the nature of the relationship between the two of them just want you to know we appreciate everything that screwed on and said on behalf of the church and just want you all know that on this family was active and very faithful to the ministries the church thanks and remembrance tonight in deep creek for hundreds of people honored the dooley family. it was just a few days ago the chesapeake police a camera and only kill his parents siblings and grandmother then killed himself. the family was a fixture in the community the community continues to show just how important the lees were and how great of a loss their tests have been to her was at a vigil for the family were one relative open up about that loss the candlelight vigil drew hundreds to temple baptist of chesapeake many
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over the tragic situation but he still wanted to come out and show support for the family candles lit up the parking lot temple baptist church of chesapeake trail of lights made its way around the streets of the brentwood neighborhood with the dooley family lived tonight is basically some people who got worn out and wanted to show their love and support for brooke as well as the family division held to remember todd lori cameron land in brooke and doris interim pastor jerry greco says that julie's always were active in the church where todd's father was a pastor for years he lived out their christian faith making a difference in the lives of others. the crowd of people here is a testament to that they took it from here walked to the community in other communities were in the back to them. among those at the vigil. todd's brother michael julie. one thing all of our friends and family community church and everyone
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during this most difficult on please continue to put them in prayer but do not have the words to express the depth of our sorrow we're encouraged by the outpouring of love and support of our family friends community pastor greco whose close with the family says the deaths have left many people toward the faith will help light the way to healing as we see this great tragedy that has happened we want to know that god has not taken by surprise he doesn't slumber nor does is sleep and update the still strong in chesapeake. she knew her thirteen news now says the shootings we have talked to a number that all his relatives in what we have been able to find out is cameron struggle with mental illness for most of his life but was never violent. he was living with his grandmother helping to take care of her her health was declining her family plan to move her to north carolina and that new camera would have to move home to his parents' place the family met with him to tell him that this week relatives believe the news caused something in him to
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that led to the killings a woman is dead her son charged with her murder. norfolk police officers found forty three year old sonya hunter outside a home on west cliff drive this morning she had been shot a number of times they took her son shawn hunter into custody at that point his mother died hours later at the hospital. hunter is in jail with no bond said three children who are related to the hunters were near the home of the time the children are with their parents tonight. hampton police say eighteen year old timothy johnson is the person who was shot and killed when he tried to rob a business on west mercury boulevard last night. officer c johnson and another person plan to hold a gift card atm across from langley square shopping center and police shot both of them. johnson died there officers from the other person down the road he is in the hospital expected to recover. he will face several charges. no word yet if a person involved in a standoff with him to police will face any charges. it happened this afternoon at home on the record off of holland drive officers got a call about a domestic problem when
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woman and child were outside police say a man with a gun was there too. he went back inside the home refused to come out. members of the swat team were there a negotiator talked to him. police really taken into custody about two hours after they got to the home neighbors were happy to see a peaceful ending knowing that i guess they got him in the windows got her to go because my family those otters we don't know at this point who the man is or again if he will face any charges. flames tore apart a garage tonight in hampton that was filled with vehicles of your senses video the fire on north mary people are fire crews got there around eight forty five took awhile for them to put out the fire and as hot spots. investigators are trying to determine what started the red cross is helping a family of four after fire destroyed a home in chesapeake this morning firefighters were on sparse tree with a knock down the flames about thirty minutes after we got to the home family members were not there when the fire started they came back to
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in front of the house turned up the walls everything the legacy we lose our lives can be replaced investigators are looking in the cause of that fire as well. repair crews finish their work in the water is back on and adore middle dominion university. a water pipe broke thursday at whitehurst hall which houses about six hundred students school thought repair work would last through the weekend the mister has opted to stay with family or friends or stay in hotel rooms which the universe people at no charge the midtown tunnel closed in both directions this weekend it should reopen by five am on monday crews are taking out the pedestrian bridge above the entrance to the norfolk side of the tube was in her title says the removal is part of new flood protection from a town where crews are installing a second to the crossing new pedestrian bridge will be in place before the project is complete the united states coast guard help get people off of the ground a ferry in hatteras inlet today. roanoke got stuck this morning coast
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transfer pastors to a boat that took them to hatteras coast guard said plans were underway to re float the roanoke the republican party of virginia is bailing on its requirement that people acknowledge they are republicans before voting in the primary in march the state central committee is asking the board of elections to cancel the gop loyalty pledge the party originally wanted all voters in republican primaries sign a statement guaranteeing they were republicans before they could cast a vote he does not require you to register by party me know that that means anyone can vote in any primary many republicans hope the players would keep democrats from influencing the primary. the scc believes democrats currently in government reworked the statement of affiliations wording making it confusing even intimidating the board elections is supposed to take up the request next week the iowa caucuses begin in less than forty eight hours in the final poll leading up to the republican donald trump least ted cruz by five points. democrats hillary
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a statistical tie the candidates are hitting parts of iowa all weekend trying to sway the votes of undecided voters. here's abc's brady hit the it's all hands on deck in iowa. i will stand up and fight for you the democratic and republican presidential candidates are crisscrossing the state with just three days before the iowa caucuses the only one not deny what donald trump the gop front runner left straight for new hampshire after boycotting last night's fox news debates i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out because of the front page of every paper this though is the front page of the des moines register rough night for cruz. i don't think it can have it both ways brings becoming a prime target call center stage at the triplets debate i think you've got a better picture of ted cruz and i don't think that did well for him he's not surprised that i am not
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favorite and i am working to be the candidate the american woman on the democratic side it's a close race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton poll shows clinton just three points ahead in iowa the national hole she be trumped by seven points that's good we beat them by thirteen points that's better she's now breathing in the big guns. bill clinton campaigning alongside her daughter chelsea joining this weekend is there an estimated thirty thousand voters here in iowa who are still undecided. these candidates don't just need the support they need to convince them to show up monday evening to caucus rating at abc news to moines iowa two dead two others seriously hurt after gunfire exploded inside a home north of richmond what investigators say late to the shooting. plus the keys leaders of the militia occupied a national wildlife refuge are behind bars and will stay there for the time being when a federal judge says has to happen before she'll consider releasing
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a decision about retired general david betray us find out at the former c i a director will get demoted and
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. two people are dead two others hurt after a domestic dispute in caroline county sheriff's deputies got a call about a shooting at home last night when they arrive. andre didn't integrate it. we also found an eighteen year old and a seven year old who had been injured have even worked in our house i've done in addition he put on his house as she is named in his garage and has seen the signs of family problems. this is a stone in the two surviving family members are in the hospital with critical injuries. one person died several others were hurt after a fight that involved
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convention center in denver it happened at the colorado motorcycle expo a source tells our station in denver that the incident involved rival motorcycle clubs. we cannot confirm at this point officers have not made any arrests. a federal judge says she won't release the main players involved an armed standoff at a wildlife refuge in oregon she believes the group's leaders including ammon bundy pose a threat that in community the judge said the only way she located the release is if the standoff ants start weeks ago over with a group called ranchers rights for people still are occupying the national wildlife refuge monday is urging those people to go home to prisoners who escaped from a jail in southern california are back in custody for cisco police arrested hussein. kari and jonathan to this morning in golden state park person saw a parked van that matched a description of an investigator said the prisoners may have had
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has hussein barre fled the area on but officers discovered the other escapee jonathan to hiding in the van another prisoner who escaped with some bach tom turned himself in yesterday a woman who worked as a teacher at the jail is accused of helping them escape the pentagon says it will not promote retired general david betray us last year that ray has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified information while he was the c i a's director the incident stemmed from an affair he had with his biographer department of defense told a senate committee that the army completed its review and is recommending no additional action defense secretary ash carter says he quote considers this matter closed well we are looking at a warm weekend with temperatures tomorrow up into the upper sixties and by monday high temperatures will approach that seventy degree mark before cold front moves to drop things off a little bit of groundhog day on
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the satellite and radar love fifteen this morning bright blue skies we saw lots of sunshine today just a few fair weather clouds a little bit earlier but high pressure sliding off the coast line giving this one's on the south and southwest to warm things up as we head through the day tomorrow of course with the clear skies tonight we had the moonlit skies where i know at the third quarter moon but around six fifteen six twenty with several reports of a fireball in the sky those reports originally from toronto canada down towards fayetteville north carolina had reports of around two and a newport news chest big novel likely a meteor that went through were not in any kind of peak meteor shower season right now or go here to the next week or so it certainly had a few reports of value not a phone call sandra parker called in so we did see that out there again likely meteor little bit earlier this evening if you saw just around six fifteen six twenty. clear skies will continue tonight with overnight lows dropping back to around forty degrees and thirty one spots low to mid forties across the coastline to not as cold as it has been
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of sunshine today on sunday by the midday hour up into lower sixties we should see highs topping out around sixty six degrees or so some spots up around sixty seven sixty eight. we head into tomorrow evening mainly clear skies men to the overnight a few high thin clouds will start to stream into the blog is partly sunny skies on monday starting things out of the upper forties to around fifty degrees and afternoon temperatures will reach the mid to upper sixties some spots again near seventy degrees before the next cold front slides through the services of these clouds thickened up out towards the west and by late monday evening monday neither could even be a passing shower isn't from those who are dropping those temperatures as we head to the day on tuesday outside right now are mainly clear skies is a camera atop the tower here and often you can see the chrysler museum there's the legs of scope out there who look all the way out towards the southeast town center virginia beach so clear skies out there giving us a great view out there this evening forty three degrees winds coming out southwest at ten mph forty
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produced thirty nine right around surrey thirty nine and husky thirty seven hartford forty one was the city needs and forty two in portsmouth and hampton forty degrees and watch a preview on the eastern shore for tonight mainly clear skies not as cold an overnight low around forty degrees holy ones of five to ten mph to sixty six degrees tomorrow mostly sunny breezy and warm winds coming out of southwest forty eight degrees tomorrow night with partly cloudy skies and partly sunny on monday night after sixty nine degrees that is more than twenty degrees above normal for this time of year you can see a normal high this time of year is forty nine degrees as well as we head into monday's sixty nine degrees echo from moose to monday night into tuesday giving us a passing shower for groundhog day. much cooler high temperature of fifty two degrees to sixty eight on wednesday as another front approaches some scattered showers maybe even a thunderstorm and things cool off back to the more typical levels in the forties for thursday friday and saturday at home when they pull chess be chucked out of the ground or punxsutawney
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groundhogs that are out there probably will see his shadow with a plan in this early in the morning that he might not make me very confused by all this up and they'll try he might just go back in there for me to skim or skip spring was going to summer he made a banana was gone without caps tune or two on the roads pretty well when we come back eleventh ranked virginia with an impressive road win for the bluegrass state and back here ten huge game as
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. i it was a collision course in the me act tonight between two old rivals separated by the hampton roads bridge tunnel. norfolk state winners of four straight on the road at hand and a win by the spartans and they have the conference lead outright over the pirates the hq converse skate comp cases the electorate and i packed house both sides represent in some star power in the building. former hampton part now washington redskins defensive tackle chris baker sport in school first as pirates finishing up the half strong loyal job on presley when he expected the play is a slightly torn achilles we had a slam there and then before the end of the half. the tampa native brandon routh weingarten nailing down to three led forty three thirty seven yet sixty second ad spot to make an early push to sean taylor nice fade away good part of a six over any at seventeen then for the lane swim back and for taylor the outlet to jeff short who gets the land the old physical there an
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front one short letter with twenty three knocks down a three pointer for fifty six fifty five the pirates and reggie johnson cans a jumper for one point lead sixty one sixty. then johnson getting defensive. the steel that leads to lay open a seven point advantage. we had a game high twenty nine points one more for good feeling when chavis with sixteen points. pirates over spot to eighty six seventy six their first in the bn was enormous and the moms being a mom a resident in the new evidence that the president is so great news coverage of the most of the barber to learn some stuff about herself in this environment but i think that will be will be more on eleventh ranked virginia is write a three game win streak themselves that included a game winning
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kuai force today. those on the road against sixteenth ranked louisville to the bluegrass state cavs known for defense has shown early anthony gill the steel is quickly headed the other way just like that the emphatic fleischer who's with us for nothing lead later virginia beach is devon hall starting to warm up spiked up to three. it's good seven three lead over the cardinals then london parenthesis of three pointers all in our thirteen five prentice had nine malcolm bragg. he also got into the act is jumper good as the lead at halftime twenty nine fourteen second half much of the same drive that tied for team high honors with thirteen points. joining him was killed off the devon home as well with failing to assert a virginia roll sixty three to forty seven the new
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the start. erin paco the peninsula native knocking down three four nine three advantage if the team off the bench as the lead back to the break that off the mess that spread and stephen for the fall of slimy and thirteen another consistent night for trey freeman the former cal night with twenty five minutes with mike out of sixty four sixty over the golden panthers we mention virginia was a one point the winners over roanoke seventy three seventy two. christopher newport bottles psu harrisburg ninety to forty one and houston ovaries carolina ninety seven ninety three at old dominion four relay mark basketball players and coaches honored the program's recent one thousand when in history among those can get just a candidate dr tisch lines or less still played the early nineties. jen does of newport news day of the great all american and donovan from the eighty five title team alone head coach marianne stanley well put the program on the map is not very very special you not been wanting
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couple years now using must schedule didn't allow brandon hansen time this area and it was so green that now that i knew it was important every year as we come back he's even nice to everybody but this one's really special and really raise the fact the lights is healing my sisters ages represents no celebration of all the success of the excellence that has been a part of aldermen in basketball over the years when we come back will of course got the lady monarchs if they were taking on florida international s a g on a smith knocking down a jumper a three pointer from the right side how about the left side she fared pretty well today with a jumper she had thirteen points jenny sam stop the thousand point mark in her career she wanted canning the jumper she had twenty three points and kayla simmons to dress the young they roll eighty four to forty nine when we come back
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that's larry vickers their head coach in a room that is they were taken on the lady pirates the early jumper by briana daniels the child is thirty seven then she bonded as low with a bucket inside the steel that scare in the lord's turn to for eleven points. she goes behind the back but too much of malia tate afraid its game high twenty four all lady pirates your final seventy three to sixty two in that
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. after coming off their best offensive night of the season the norfolk admirals got back to work for the second night in a row before hosting south carolina they were hoping to maybe get a cold they were down one of thing. however you see chase coming into your view tying the game at one apiece as his fourth goal in two games and a hat trick last night but too much of the stingrays how about five nanswered goals and they would want to be eating
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one and a stunner from down under women's final australian open top ranked and defending champ serena williams toppled by germany's angelica curb or she did it in three sets six four three six and four williams was trying to tie steffi graf smart for most grand slam wins the open era with twenty two social have to wait to try to do that stuff the weather before you go we're looking at somewhat mild temperatures coming up for the next day warms and take a half with a mild sixty six degrees tomorrow. sixty nine on a monday cooler onto the back of the sixty wednesday than cooler for the end of the week is couple of days coming up here very confusing so it was a cute red sari that's good if russ remembers thirties now the very start of its six in
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